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Three Vatican Senior “clerics” back more European mosques


“Muslims should be allowed to build new mosques in Europe, provided they respect local communities and adapt to host countries' way of life, three top clerics said on Thursday… Religious freedom requires the faithful to have their own places of worship. This applies to Muslims and Christians alike, both in Europe and in Islamic countries," said Ricard, quoted by the Italian Conference of Bishops' SIR news agency.”


This is total apostasy.


14 former students file abuse suits against V-2 Sioux Falls "Diocese"


“In several lawsuits filed this morning in Minnehaha County Circuit Court, 14 former students at the Marty Indian School accuse Catholic priests, monks, nuns and others of repeated sexual abuse.”


Community sued over Nativity scene


Abortion pill to be made available in Italy


“The RU486 abortion pill is to be made available in Italy next month despite objections from the Vatican and the ruling centre Right, which described it as "legal back door abortion.”


This is really bad.  Also, don’t be fooled by the Vatican II sect’s supposed opposition to abortion.  If they were really opposed to it, they would excommunicate the multitude of public figures who claim to be Catholic and support abortion.


Benedict XVI says separation of Church and state sign of "progress"

“Church-state separation is one of the signs of the progress of humanity, says Benedict XVI. The Pope affirmed this Saturday when he visited the Italian embassy to the Holy See.”


This is heresy.  As Pope St. Pius X put it:


Pope St. Pius X, Vehementer nos (#3), Feb. 11, 1906: “Hence the Roman Pontiffs have never ceased, as circumstances required, to refute and condemn the doctrine of the separation of Church and State.”


"Churches" make Christmas carols politically correct


“Churches are making traditional Christmas carols politically correct by removing words such as "king", "son" and "virgin", it is claimed. Enduring favourites such as Hark the Herald Angels Sing and God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen are being altered by clergy to make them more "modern and inclusive.”


"Catholic" hospitals in Boston dispense emergency abortifacients


British prison bans crucifix from chapel to avoid offending Muslim inmates


“A British prison has decided not to include a crucifix in the décor of its new chapel for fear of offending Muslim inmates. The ‘multi-faith space’ at HMP Lewes is divided in two sections, according to the Daily Mail. One half-features heated footbaths for Muslim worshipers; the other side, dedicated to Christian prayer, features a removable altar and a plain wooden cross – also removable.  Plans to include the traditional Christian crucifix were erased from the chapel’s blueprints on the advice of a Muslim imam, the Daily Mail reported.”


"Catholic" hospital in Toronto displays "gay pride" flag

“St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, a Catholic hospital, is flying the gay pride flag in its lobby...  The Toronto Catholic hospital has a history of supporting the gay pride agenda. In 1999 it was revealed that the hospital was listed as a “bronze” level sponsor of Gay Pride Week in Toronto, having donated a significant sum of money to the event.”


Planned Parenthood offers gift certificates for abortion


“This holiday season, Indiana's Planned Parenthood is offering an unusual stocking stuffer: gift certificates redeemable for health services at clinics throughout the state.”


10,000 Polish women get abortions in Britain


“Thousands of the women are thought to have come to Britain specifically for the procedure, which is illegal in Poland. People coming to Britain as temporary workers are given a National Insurance number, which allows them to register with a doctor and have NHS treatment.  Britain is thought to be a particularly popular destination as terminations can be carried out as late as 24 weeks into a pregnancy. In several other EU countries, abortions cannot be carried out after 12 weeks.”


Woman told to remove Christmas lights to avoid offending non-Christians


“Dorothy Glenn decorates her home in South Shields, Tyne and Wear, with hundreds of festive lights every year, including a giant tree...  But this year she was astonished when an employee of South Tyneside Homes called at her house and informed her that the decorations she was displaying might be offending her neighbours.”


Gay couples gain birth-certificate rights


“State officials will now let married same-sex couples list both their names on their children's birth certificates in a policy shift deeply important to many gays and lesbians.”


Anglicans give  Christmas a "multi-faith makeover"


“It may have become traditional for angels, three wise men and the baby Jesus to play a starring role in the festive season. But now Hindu snowmen, a Chinese dragon and a Jewish temple are also to be included in an attempt to make the celebrations more inclusive of Britain's diverse communities. Westminster Abbey will unveil life-size snowmen that Anglican clergy hope will help to improve relations and dialogue between other faiths.  Dressed in turbans, with bindi dots on their foreheads, they are intended to demonstrate that Christmas should not be exclusively for Christians.”


Court considers ACLU demand for Bible ban

“A federal appeals court is considering a Missouri dispute in which the American Civil Liberties Union challenged a school district policy that treated the Bible the same as other books and demanded the authority to veto what would be handed out to students. 


“The controversy arose over a request by the Gideons to distribute Bibles in the South Iron School District, which has a neutral policy that allows distribution of outside literature by various groups under set rules, irrespective of whether the literature is secular or religious… Staver… said the lower court's ban targets only the Bible. The Quran is OK, and other kinds of religious texts; just not the Bible. The Bible alone is impermissible in the public school," he said.”


Georgia clinic did secret abortion on daughter without consent


“Victory and Genevieve Patterson may have been able to help their daughter find an alternative to abortion, but they say the Northside Women's Clinic never gave them the chance. They sued the abortion business saying it broke Georgia law by doing an abortion on their daughter without their knowledge or consent.”


Obama figurine appearing in Italian Nativity Scenes


“President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are appearing in Italian nativity scenes this year, alongside the baby Jesus and wise men, according to Naples craftsmen selling figurines in the run-up to Christmas.


“The production of handmade figurines for nativity scenes is big business in this southern Italian city and has been for centuries.  But beyond the thousands of angel, sheep, Mary and Joseph figures filling market stalls before Christmas, craftsmen say Obama has become a top seller.”


Gay band to march in Obama's inaugural parade


What an abomination: “President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden have officially invited the Lesbian and Gay Band Association to march in the Inaugural Parade. One of the association’s web sites reports that the group will also march in September as part of the homosexual “Southern Decadence” festival infamous for its public lewd acts.”


The Church does not teach that Mary is Co-Redemptrix


This is not in any way to diminish the unique role of Our Lady or any of the truths about her or the necessity of devotion to her.  It is to state the truth about this issue.  See our E-Exchanges for more of an introduction to what these items contain.  They will also be found permanently in our “Many Other Topics.”


Why it is not Catholic teaching that Mary is "Co-Redemptrix" [37 min. audio]


Catholic teaching shows us that Mary is not to be considered "Co-Redemptrix" [new short article]


Christian license plate program halted in South Carolina


“A federal judge says South Carolina must stop marketing and making license plates that feature the image of a cross and the words "I Believe."


Vatican opposes outlawing homosexuality


What a surprise that the Vatican II sect “does not want to outlaw homosexuals… the head of the Vatican press office, Father Federico Lombardi, said on Thursday.”


Benedict XVI’s recent heresies


Benedict XVI's most heretical statements in October and November 2008


School choir forced to pull out of Christmas concert

“A school choir was forced to pull out of a winter festival because their carols were "too religious" for the event.  The children, aged between seven and 11, had spent weeks rehearsing a concert of traditional Christmas songs to perform on the centre stage of the event in Corringham, Essex.”


"Jesuit" university requires abortion coverage for students


“Starting next fall, students at the Jesuit-run University of San Francisco (USF) who depend on the school-sponsored health insurance will be required to pay into a plan that includes coverage for abortion.”


Chicago Administrator: Homosexual High School is "necessary"


“A proposed homosexual-friendly Chicago public high school is “necessary” for the well-being of students, a Chicago Public Schools administrator told Wednesday.”


Chinese committing suicide every two minutes


The bad fruits of godless Communism: “On average, a Chinese person takes his or her own life every two minutes, giving the world's most populous nation a dismal record as it prepares to celebrate 30 years of otherwise spectacular economic reform.”


British TV to show assisted suicide


“A documentary that shows the deliberate act in which a terminally ill man takes his own life at a Swiss euthanasia clinic will be shown Wednesday night on British television.”


Out of food, Zimbabweans eating dung


“Caritas Internationalis is warning that the crisis in Zimbabwe is so grave that people facing crushing food shortages are mixing cow dung with their food.  With pressure continuing to mount on President Mugabe to relinquish his hold on power, Zimbabweans are suffering the consequences of his government’s policies.  Besides the lack of food, people are also suffering a cholera epidemic and crippling hyperinflation.”


Montana legalizes assisted suicide


“A Montana judge has issued a ruling saying residents of the state have the right to doctor-assisted suicide.  The ruling issued late Friday by state District Court Judge Dorothy McCarter makes Montana the third state in which doctor-assisted suicide is legal.”


"Papal" delegation to attend funeral of schismatic


“Benedict XVI will send a delegation to participate in the funeral of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia, who died Thursday at 79.”


This is heretical and contrary to Catholic teaching.  It is to honor a notorious schismatic. 


V-2 "Bishop" will not deny "Communion" to pro-abortion Biden


“Bishop W. Francis Malooly has expanded on his previous comments that he will not deny communion to incoming Vice-President Joe Biden because of his pro-abortion position. Malooly says he can do more good by not alienating Biden and other pro-abortion Catholic politicians.”


This is more proof that one can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect.


Abstinence programs will be gutted


“Count on President-elect Barack Obama's vow to trim unnecessary spending from the federal budget to include gutting abstinence-until-marriage programs in public schools.”


Words associated with Christianity removed from children's dictionary


“Words associated with Christianity, the monarchy and British history have been dropped from a leading dictionary for children… The publisher claims the changes have been made to reflect the fact that Britain is a modern, multicultural, multifaith society.”


"Christian" nightclubs hanging on in Philly


This is another example of the bad fruits of false Christianity (i.e., Protestantism).


"Bishop" of LA "reassures" homosexuals in wake of Prop. 8

The heretical Vatican II "Church" cannot do anything without apologizing to homosexuals and accepting their perverse orientation.  “The bishops of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, led by Cardinal Roger M. Mahony, issued a letter to homosexual Catholics on Friday seeking to ensure them that the Church’s support for Proposition 8 was not meant to diminish their dignity or their membership in the Church. The true aim of the Church’s support, the bishops write, was to “preserve the ordered relationship between man and woman created by God.”


Dad sues after daughter was asked to help with replica of Noah's Ark


“A Queensland father of five has taken action in the Anti-Discrimination Commission after his four-year-old daughter was asked to help make a replica of Noah's Ark at the local state school.”


What an evil and godless man.  Besides withdrawing his daughter from the school and taking action with the Anti-Discrimination Commission, Mr. Williams “intends to sue Queensland Education for the cost of having his children educated by distance education or some other, secular alternative to the state school program.” 


Zoo cancels ticket deal with Creation Museum

“The Cincinnati Zoo has canceled a joint ticket promotion with the nearby Creation Museum in Kentucky, which presents the Bible's version of natural history.  Some scientists and bloggers had complained that the zoo should not work with a religious museum that rejects the theory of evolution. The promotion, granting 2-for-1 admission to the zoo's holiday light show and the Creation Museum's live nativity performance, was on the zoo's website Sunday, but was gone by Monday afternoon.”


Australian commission calls for "intersex" gender designation


“Australia's official human rights watchdog wants a third gender called "intersex" to be created for use on official documents like passports and driving licences, a newspaper report said on Saturday.   The new gender would be another legally recognized option alongside male and female, The Daily Telegraph reported.  The proposal from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission was contained in a discussion paper issued to transgender and transsexual advocates, the paper said.”


Vatican opposes effort to ban mosque-building in Italy

“A top Vatican official said Thursday Muslims should be allowed to build new mosques in Italy, where the country's interior minister… is pushing to ban such initiatives. On Wednesday Interior Minister Roberto Maroni a member of the anti-immigration Northern League party, proposed a moratorium on the building of mosques...”


This is horrible.  Make no mistake about it: by actively opposing such a ban, the Vatican II Counter Church is enabling and encouraging the construction of mosques and the spread of Islam. 


V-2 "priest" criticizes Nativity Scene display


Anti-religion sign joins Nativity Scene in State Capitol


“An atheist group has unveiled an anti-religion placard in the state Capitol, joining a Christian Nativity scene and "holiday tree" on display during December.”


Opposition to euthanasia costs Luxembourg monarch his powers


“The 53-year-old sovereign threw off his traditional political neutrality when he let it be known that, for "reasons of conscience," he would refuse to sign into law a bill adopted by parliament to legalize euthanasia.  In doing so, he triggered a proposed constitutional amendment -- swiftly promoted by Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker -- towards a purely formal Swedish style of monarchy in the small but wealthy duchy.”


Brooklyn “Diocesan” TV enlists Devil as "anti-spokesperson"

“The Brooklyn Archdiocese TV station has whipped up... an advertising campaign.... [in which] the Devil himself plays the role of "anti-spokesperson" in The Prayer Channel's irreverent promos for its upcoming name change to NET (for New Evangelism Television).”


"Catholic" Bishops' Conference praises homosexual film


Swiss Guard open to possibility of female recruits


“The Swiss Guard's new commander said he was willing to consider the possibility of allowing female recruits.  Col. Daniel Anrig, a 36-year-old Swiss police chief and former member of the Swiss Guard, officially took office Dec. 1 after being named by Pope Benedict XVI in August.”


Push for multi-faith prayer rooms in "Catholic" schools

“A document issued by the Catholic Education Service said facilities for other faiths should be made available in all primary and secondary schools if possible.  Catholic schools in England and Wales should also consider adapting toilet facilities to accommodate ritual cleansing, the document said.”


Could the “Catholic Education Service” be less Catholic?  The “Catholic” bishops of England and Wales agree with the document issued by the “Catholic Education Service.”


Florida university bans all Christmas displays


“In Ft. Myers, Florida, the president of Florida Gulf Coast University is banning public displays celebrating Christmas, for the first time in school history. According to the Ft. Myers News-Press: "FGCU administration has banned all holiday decorations from common spaces on campus and canceled a popular greeting card design contest, which is being replaced by an ugly sweater competition. In Griffin Hall, the university's giving tree for needy preschoolers has been transformed into a giving garden.'"


Dublin "Archbishop" says scale of V-2 priest abuse is "staggering"


“Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has described the scale of abuse by priests of the Dublin Diocese as "staggering".  In a letter to priests Dr Martin says at least 400 men and women have suffered trauma as a result of having been sexually abused by a priest working in the diocese of Dublin.”


Study finds growing deceit among teens


“In the past year, 30 percent of U.S. high school students have stolen from a store and 64 percent have cheated on a test, according to a new, large-scale survey suggesting that Americans are apathetic about ethical standards.”


CNN host’s show ends shortly after speaking about the private Federal Reserve


Glenn Beck is a well-known radio host who had a television show on CNN Headline News.  While we obviously don’t agree with everything Mr. Beck says (he’s a Mormon and quite wrong on numerous issues), he began to see what was happening with the financial conspiracy.  He started to talk openly about the move for a one-world currency, and the desire for a new world order around that currency.  In the clip below he points out, on air, that the Federal Reserve is a private bank which is separate from the government.  He made this statement on Sept. 15, 2008.  His show suddenly ended a few weeks later in October.  Is that just a coincidence?  We don’t think so.  The international bankers are in control of the media and he was going a little too far for their liking.  (We apologize for his inappropriate use of the word which describes the place of the damned.)




Some might counter our opinion, that he was cancelled by CNN for what he said, by pointing out that his show will be moving to Fox News next year.  We don’t believe that in any way disproves the point.  He probably won’t have the freedom on his new show to openly discuss the financial conspiracy.  Moreover, if the mainstream media cancelled him completely without giving him another program, then he would almost certainly come out in a major way exposing the media conspiracy.


We’ve also added a separate page on The Federal Reserve.  It will be found in our “Many other topics” section.


Abortion number one cause of death in Spain


“Abortion is now the number one cause of death in Spain, and represents the most common type of violence against women in the formerly Catholic country, according to a new report by the international Institute for Family Policy (IPF).  The report, which was issued on the International Day of Violence Against Women, notes that Spain has one of the most liberal abortion laws in Europe, allowing women to kill their unborn child for "psychological" reasons at any time during their pregnancy.”


Dying "Catholic" schools study charter status


“While it's clear that Catholic schools are losing enrollment — 50,000 students left the system nationwide from 2007 to 2008, said a National Catholic Education Association spokesman — the solution for saving this educational sector that teaches 2.27 million American students is ambiguous.”


Vatican thanks Muslims for returning "God" to Europe

“A senior Vatican cardinal has thanked Muslims for bringing God back into the public sphere in Europe and said believers of different faiths had no option but to engage in interreligious dialogue.”


This is blasphemy and heresy.


UK "Catholic" Adoption Agencies voluntarily accept gay adoption


This is just astounding.  They refused to take advantage of a legal opt-out which would allow them to avoid working with homosexuals. “Catholic adoption agencies in the UK have refused to employ a legal opt-out built into the government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR), willingly opting for secularization instead, a British legal expert has said. In an interview with, Neil Addison, an expert in religious discrimination law, said that the reason Catholic adoption agencies in Britain are closing or secularizing is because they are not interested in remaining Catholic. Moreover, he said, the bishops have been complicit in their unwillingness to fight for the Catholic nature of their agencies.”


"Priests" told not to offend gay worshippers


“The Vatican has warned Roman Catholic priests against using language in their parishes that might offend gay and lesbian worshippers.   Priests have been told by their bishops not to assume that every parishioner is heterosexual, The Daily Mail reported Saturday.”


This is abominable.  It’s another example of why the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.


Who owns the mainstream media?


This is an interesting 5-minute video clip on the mainstream media.  It shows how the international bankers set out to control and did gain control of the mainstream media.  While this is just a short clip – and much more could be said and documented on this point – this gives a person an introductory idea of what’s going on. 



Religious "leaders" urge people to accept sinful behavior which transmits HIV


“Religious leaders and AIDS activists told Tuesday that labeling sex outside of marriage as sinful or having multiple partners as immoral behavior is “biased” – something society has “moved beyond.”  At a telephone news conference in advance of World AIDS Day, AIDS activist groups and representatives of various religious groups said that counseling teens and others to be abstinent and restricting sex to marriage just isn’t “realistic,” and called on churches and the incoming Obama administration to deal with HIV/AIDS in a “truthful” and “medically accurate way.” 


Iowa's gay "marriage" ban goes before high court


“The national fight over same-sex marriage is coming to a peak in Iowa, where the state's highest court will hear arguments next month over whether the state's ban on gay unions is unconstitutional. The debate over the future of Iowa's Defense of Marriage Act, a decade-old law that defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, comes after a ruling by a lower court judge last year.”


Private Virginia Academy abandons Catholic identity


Outrage over Planned Parenthood's Christmas "gift" cards


“In what could easily become the most offensive Christmas offer ever a Planned Parenthood affiliate is offering Christmas gift certificates. Purchasers can use them” or give them for abortions.  


Florida gay adoption ban ruled "unconstitutional"


“A Florida law that has banned adoptions by gay men and lesbians for over three decades is unconstitutional, a judge here ruled on Tuesday.”


"Catholic" Gonzaga disallows pro-life advertisement

“Spokane, Washington’s Gonzaga University is under fire for twice denying a pro-life group the ability to run a pro-life advertisement in the student newspaper.  Human Life Alliance expects secular colleges to give it trouble but is disgruntled that Gonzaga won't allow the 12-page supplement to appear.”


Obama administration reveals plan to advance gay agenda


“Citing what they call America’s “promise of equality,” the Obama administration plans to push for homosexual rights by including protections of sexual orientation, “gender identity” and “gender expression” as civil rights. His office proposes expanding hate crimes statues and the adoption rights of homosexuals while supporting full civil unions for “LGBT couples” to give them “legal rights and privileges equal to those of married couples.”


Poll claims 44% of Canadians would choose Euthanasia over Palliative Care


Study confirms decline of "Catholic" colleges


  • Nearly one of every five respondents knows another student who had an abortion or paid for one. 
  • Three out of five agree strongly or somewhat that abortion should be legal. 
  • 46 percent of all respondents say they had premarital sex in the last year they attended a Catholic college. 
  • 57 percent agree strongly or somewhat that same-sex "marriage" should be legal. 
  • 78 percent say that using a condom to prevent pregnancy is not a serious sin. 


Related: The Deplorable State of "Catholic" Colleges and Universities [PDF File]


Vatican forgives John Lennon and praises The Beatles

“A Vatican newspaper has forgiven the late English singer John Lennon for saying four decades ago that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus. In an article praising The Beatles, L'Osservatore Romano said Lennon had just been showing off.”


This is another example of the Vatican II sect’s endorsement of the heresy of religious indifferentism.  They proclaim everyone justified, including evil occultists and public mortal sinners, who have not demonstrated repentance or conversion.  John Lennon and The Beatles were evil and promoted the occult.  See the video we sell on Rock Music, Rock and Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution, for a thorough exposé of The Beatles and other popular music groups of the past few decades.


Court to decide whether campus evangelism is a crime


“The so-called "free-speech code" of Yuba Community College District is under federal court scrutiny.  California student, Ryan Dozier, decided to spend some time on campus sharing his faith and handing out tracts to fellow students, generating conversations about Christianity. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Heather Hacker comments on the situation.  A campus police officer came over and told him that if he continued to do so without a permit that he would be possibly expelled or arrested, and so Ryan stopped immediately," she explains.”


This is really outrageous.


NYC churches ordered not to shelter homeless


The Private Federal Reserve Exposed in 10 Minutes


We think that this 10-minute video is an excellent quick exposé of the private Federal Reserve System.  This private central bank creates America’s money out of nothing and then charges America interest on top of it.  In terms of secular power, this is the real power in the world.  It is, in terms of secular matters, probably the most significant of all the conspiracies.  Some people have a difficult time believing that the mainstream news media is controlled.  There are a number of ways to demonstrate this fact.  The mainstream media’s failure to expose the privately run Federal Reserve, which is the real cause of the entire economic crisis, constitutes clear proof that they are controlled.  If the media did expose it – and consequently Americans came to understand how it works and that this outrage is completely unnecessary – then Congress would move to abolish the arrangement under which the private Federal Reserve controls America’s money, and America would begin to issue its own money again.  But the media is in the hands of the private bankers who run the Fed.




For more lengthy exposés which provide a more thorough introduction and background, listen to and watch these excellent presentations.  They are also found on our “Watch our videos” page.  This first one is tremendous for an introduction:


The Creature from Jekyll Island: Audio Lecture on the Federal Reserve (1 hr. 13 min. audio) – mp3 version

"G. Edward Griffin exposes the most blatant scam of all history. It’s all here: the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity. It's just exactly what every American needs to know about the power of the central bank."


The Money Masters (3 hr. 35 min video)

A complete history…


Private Federal Reserve Refuses to Say Who Gets Bailout


The way that the private Federal Reserve has been able to get arrangements favorable to it approved by countries is by threatening those governments with economic crises and collapses if they don’t bend to the will of the Fed and give the Fed what it wants.  That’s what happened with the “bailout.”  For a good (and quick) summary of what the bailout was all about, listen to the first 7 min. 35 second video clip which is found after clicking on the link below.


The first video clip, of 7 min. 35 seconds, provides a good, quick summary of what really happened with the "Bailout"


CNN, Newspapers Beat the Drum for Same-Sex Marriage


“Major newspapers gave heavy, doting coverage this past weekend to the anti-Proposition 8 protests in cities across the country, and CNN covered the protest before it happened, as it happened and after it happened, continuing to report on the issue through mid-day November 17… The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, and San Francisco Chronicle are among the larger dailies that covered the protests.  The coverage was largely biased in favor of proponents of same-sex marriage.  For example, The New York Times devoted only 66 words, buried deep in a 1218-word article, to supporters of traditional marriage.”


We know, of course, that homosexuality is condemned as an abomination in the Bible and in Catholic teaching.  Considering this matter strictly within the legal context of this country, homosexuals raise the objection that banning gay “marriage” is a violation of their civil rights.  But that argument is ridiculous.  For if it’s a violation of their civil rights to ban gay “marriage,” then it would also be a violation to exclude incestuous “marriages” or “marriages” between more than two people.  The point, therefore, is that if the definition of marriage must be changed to allow gay “marriage,” then any kind of “marriage” must be allowed as well.


"Choose Life" plates allowed in Arizona


“WASHINGTON (RNS) A federal court has ruled that the Arizona License Plate Commission must approve an anti-abortion group's "Choose Life" specialty license plate.  The Arizona Life Coalition applied for the specialty license plate in 2002, but the Arizona License Plate Commission, which oversees the requests, rejected its application…  Many other groups have been allowed to participate in the Arizona specialty plate program. The commission had no legitimate reason to selectively exclude this group," McCaleb said. "We're pleased that the plates will soon be available to the public."


It’s interesting that the Arizona License Plate Commission decided to selectively exclude the “Choose Life” plates, while all kinds of other specialty plates are allowed.  It’s good that their rejection of the plates was overturned.


Bible history to be taught in county schools


“Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen signed into law the “Bible in School Act” after it passed easily through the general assembly. The act authorizes local school boards to offer elective courses that focus on an academic, nonreligious study of the Bible.  Two months later, the Marion County School Board verbally committed to creating Bible History classes for Marion County High School, Whitwell High School and South Pittsburg High School with the classes to begin in Jan. 2009.”


2.    NY “Catholic” school enrollments plunge


“Enrollments at New York Catholic schools are plummeting in a trend that has closed dozens of diocesan schools in recent years, new data show.  The New York Post reports that in the Archdiocese of New York - which operates schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx and northern suburbs - enrollment at elementary and high schools dropped by nearly 6,000 students in one year, to 88,273, officials said.”

Antipope Benedict XVI says that Luther's view of faith alone is true

“Benedict XVI says Martin Luther's doctrine on justification is correct, if faith "is not opposed to charity."  The Pope said this today during the general audience dedicated to another reflection on St. Paul. This time, the Holy Father considered the Apostle's teaching on justification… And it is because of this, the Bishop of Rome continued, that Luther's expression "by faith alone" is true "if faith is not opposed to charity, to love.”


This statement is an excellent example of a heretic employing ambiguity while spreading heresy.  That’s a common tactic of heretics, which allows them to escape detection, as Pope Pius VI pointed out.  Benedict XVI says, on the one hand, that he accepts Luther’s heretical man-made doctrine of justification by faith alone.  Justification by faith alone is a heresy that was condemned repeatedly by the Catholic Church at the Council of Trent; it’s also specifically denounced in the Bible in James 2:24.  Benedict XVI attempts to justify this evil heresy by saying that it’s “correct”; but he then adds an ambiguous comment to soften his endorsement of heresy.  He adds: “if faith is not opposed to charity.”  What does that mean? 


Obviously justification by “faith alone” means faith by itself, excluding anything else.  Therefore, Benedict XVI’s heretical attempt to agree with Luther on the one hand, yet subtly distance himself from him on the other hand – by a meaningless and nonsensical addition – is nothing but the Devil’s attempt to insinuate Protestant heresy under the guise of Catholicism.  Benedict XVI agrees with Luther’s heresy – period.


By the way, both John Paul II and Benedict XVI publicly approved of the blatantly heretical Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification.  This document teaches justification by faith alone and many other heresies.  It also teaches that the Council of Trent’s dogmatic canons on justification no longer apply and don’t need to be accepted.


Related: The Vatican II sect's Protestant Revolution: the 1999 Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification [PDF File]


Related: Justification by Faith Alone refuted by the Bible [PDF FILE]


Evolution proponents descend on state education panel


“AUSTIN — Texas became the latest stage for the debate about evolution and creationism Wednesday, as more than 80 witnesses trooped before the State Board of Education to weigh in on proposed changes in the public school science curriculum.  With few exceptions, the speakers — scientists, teachers, clergy and grassroots activists — took the side of evolution, saying they feared that the proposed changes will open the door to the teaching of creationism or intelligent design… "This is all being ginned up by the evolution side," McLeroy, of College Station, said in an interview during a break.”


Court Upholds "In God We Trust" Plates


“The Indiana Court of Appeals issued a ruling Monday that affirmed Indiana's "In God We Trust" plates are constitutional. The appeals court upheld an earlier trial court judgment against the ACLU of Indiana, which claimed that motorists who ask for God plates get special treatment because they don't have to pay a $15 administrative fee charged for specialty plates.”


The Bible on Praying to and Venerating Saints Audio Cassette Available


You can order the audio here: The Bible on Praying to and Venerating Saints


The prices are 1 copy for $2.00; 15 for $10.00; 25 for $15.00; 50 for $27.00; 100 for $35.00.  People can also order by calling or sending in their order.


E-Harmony to match gays


“Internet dating service eHarmony has officially agreed to begin matching homosexual couples, beginning next year.” 


The article points out that the company was started by a Protestant.  At the beginning, he was supposedly dedicated to marriage and would not match homosexuals.  He was even promoted by James Dobson, a well-known Protestant.  Now that his company has gotten large and he’s being sued by homosexuals, he has completely caved in to the homosexual abomination.  He started a service to match homosexuals and is making all kinds of concessions to them.  It’s another sad example of counterfeit Christianity and a phony Christian.


"Homophobic" Speech Ruling Overturned in France


“A judgment against a French parliamentarian for "homophobic" hate speech was overturned by the nation's Court of Appeals last week.  Deputy Christian Vanneste was convicted in 2006 of "homophobic" speech after stating in 2004 that "homosexuality is inferior to heterosexuality.  If it were universalized it would be dangerous for humanity." He also called the behavior of homosexuals "bigoted."  The French Court of Appeals overturned the lower court ruling, remarking that "if the disputed remarks were able to hurt the feelings of certain homosexual people, their contents do not go beyond the limits of freedom of expression."


Obviously we’re glad that this ruling was overturned.  However, it’s outrageous that this is even an issue in France.  The fact that one cannot criticize homosexuals without running up against some “hate speech” law is a frightening commentary on the state of our world.


In Britain, Big Brother watches your every move

“In one week, the average person living in Britain has 3,254 pieces of personal information stored about him or her, most of which is kept in databases for years and in some cases indefinitely.”


1.    "Diocese" pleased with sales of churches


“Five former Catholic churches are being reused for worship by other religious groups, a couple of them have been turned into museums, and several are being converted into living spaces.  Since its restructuring effort began in 2005, the Diocese of Buffalo has sold about a quarter of the 77 worship sites that have been closed or are slated to close.”


Australian network guilty of subliminal advertising


“NETWORK Ten used subliminal advertising during the 2007 Aria Awards, but the media authority will not penalise the broadcaster.  The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) today found Network Ten guilty of breaching the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice during the broadcast of the 2007 ARIA Music Awards on October 28.”


Benedict XVI engages in paganism


This is a photo from July 17, 2008, during Benedict XVI’s trip to Australia for World Youth Day.  Below we see Benedict XVI endorsing and taking part in the “Sweeping Dance” of pagan Aborigines.  This ritual “symbolizes purification and new beginnings.”  Benedict XVI thus endorses and takes part in a pagan religion.  This is apostasy. 


Homeschoolers seek asylum in U.S. from Nazi-era law


“The Uwe and Hannelore Romeike family fled their native Bissingen, Germany, to escape persecution under a Nazi-era law requiring all children to attend public school to avoid "the emergence of parallel societies based on separate philosophical convictions" that could be taught by parents at home.”


Vatican II “priest” convicted of sunbathing naked


“A Magistrate has fined Melbourne priest Fr Wieslaw Pawlowski $400 for sunbaking naked in a suburban park. The Daily Telegraph reports that Fr Pawlowski was yesterday convicted of willful exposure in a public park next to a school.”  Magistrate Janet Wahlquist found him guilty and pointed out “that most people would find it "immoral and obscene" that a grown man was sunbaking naked in a park where children might play.”


So this is another perverted “priest” produced by the Vatican II sect.  What a disgrace…


Satanic cult behind bizarre incidents at church


“Police are investigating whether a satanic cult could be responsible for a series of bizarre occurrences at a Jensen Beach church.  The Rev. James Moligano of St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church told WPBF News 25's Terri Parker on Friday that he has reason to believe a satanic cult is behind the recent theft of a book of prayers, the attempted theft of some consecrated hosts during a service and the appearance of snakes outside the church.”


The Satanists are doing this because they believe that church represents Catholicism.  Little do they know that it’s not a real Catholic church, but a false Vatican II church with an invalid New Mass and that the hosts they are stealing are not valid.  It’s also typical that the “priest” belittles the malice of the perpetrator: "I'm not saying that this individual was satanic or possessed or anything of that sort, but again, evil exists," Moligano said.


Graphic abortion video rattles Jamaican Parliament


“A graphic video showing various abortion techniques - a last-ditch effort by the Coalition for the Defence of Life to discourage the passing of a law to decriminalise abortion - yesterday made several parliamentarians uneasy.  The video, which formed part of a compelling presentation made by coalition chair Dr Doreen Brady-West, made even the most stoic members of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament contemplating the report of the Abortion Policy Review Advisory Group drop their eyes and shift in their seats.”


That’s exactly what they need to see.


Military atheists want new rules on prayer


1.     "Catholic" Bishop calls for legalization of brothels

“Anti-trafficking organizations have demanded the resignation of Portsmouth Catholic bishop Crispian Hollis after he told media of his support for the legalization of brothels. He made his comments in response to a resolution passed by the Hampshire branch of the Women’s Institute, the UK’s largest women’s organization, calling on the government to legalize brothels.”


This is outrageous; however, it’s not that surprising when one considers the heretical “bishops” of the Vatican II sect.


Obama sought advice from gay Anglican "bishop"

“A conservative… activist says it's a sad omen for the Obama administration and the United States that Barack Obama has been seeking guidance from the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop.


“The Times of London reports that the president-elect sought out New Hampshire homosexual bishop Vicki Gene Robinson for advice three times during his presidential campaign. Robinson, whose ordination in the Episcopal Church has caused a deep rift within the Anglican Communion, was reportedly sought out by Obama to discuss what it feels like to be "first."


Weakland admits to recycling abusive priests


“Retired Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland admitted that he returned sexually abusive priests to active ministry without telling parishioners because he knew they wouldn't be accepted otherwise.


UK Boy Scouts to distribute Contraceptives


“New U.K. Scout Association guidelines have established directives for scout leaders to teach young scouts about sexually transmitted disease and contraceptives in a new sexual health initiative... Leaders will now be expected to speak about the risks of sexual activity to youngsters as young as ten and to hand out "emergency condoms" when they feel that youngsters appear to be on the brink of sexual activity.”


Freedom of Choice Act looms, conservatives afraid


“… the Freedom of Choice Act, or FOCA, would legalize unlimited abortions nationally and would overturn the current laws adopted by all 50 states designed to reduce abortions. President-elect Obama has stated he would sign the FOCA bill as his first presidential act.”


Some Chicago Jews Say Obama Is Actually First Jewish President


Not surprisingly, Obama appointed Rahm Israel Emanuel as his Chief of Staff.  Rahm Emanuel is a Jew.  He attended a Jewish Day School.  His father was born in Jerusalem and was a member of a Zionist terror group.  So that means that the President’s Chief of Staff will be Jewish.  The Secretary of Homeland Security (Michael Chertoff) is Jewish, and the head of the Federal Reserve (Ben Bernanke) is also Jewish. 


Humanists Launch "Godless Holiday" Ads


“The American Humanist Association (AHA) announced the launch of a $40,000 “godless holiday” ad campaign in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday in which more than 200 placards will be placed in and on the city’s metro buses.”


Homosexual Anarchists storm Michigan "church" during service

“During the service the protesters outside the church were beating on buckets, shouting… on a megaphone and carrying an upside-down pink cross. They distributed fliers to passersby. When the signal was given the protesters inside the church rose from their seats and began loudly to disrupt the service. The fire alarm was pulled inside the church, protesters stormed the pulpit and a huge rainbow-colored flag was unfurled with the inscription, “IT’S OKAY TO BE GAY! BASH BACK!  The church was vandalized, obscenities were shouted and worshippers were confronted.”


As this article points out, it’s quite interesting that the mainstream media has not covered this outrageous incident.  If anti-gay protesters had stormed a gay church in the manner described above, surely it would be one of the leading stories on every major news program.


Uruguay Congress allows early abortions


“Uruguay's Senate voted on Tuesday to decriminalize abortions during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a rare move for a Latin American country, but the president is expected to kill the measure.”


Council bans phrase "offensive to atheists"


“[UK] A Wiltshire council has banned the phrase "singing from the same hymn sheet" because the age-old saying might offend atheists.  Workers at Salisbury Town Hall can no longer utter the ancient cliche because its religious connotations could hurt the feelings of unbelievers.”


Benedict XVI expresses universal salvation in praying for Jewish victims

This article is about Benedict XVI’s commemoration of Jews who were killed on a night known as “Kristallnacht” or "Night of Broken Glass" in Germany in 1938.  We want to be clear that we also condemn the murder of those Jews.  We believe that the numbers given concerning that period are greatly exaggerated, however.  


The point we’re making is that Benedict XVI not only condemns the murder of those Jews, but he prays for the Jewish victims.  This is to indicate, of course, that those Jews were saved.  This is heresy and an expression of universal salvation.  The Church and the Gospel teach that Jews cannot be saved unless they join themselves to the one Church of Christ through baptism and the Catholic faith.  If, according to Benedict XVI, Jews aren’t excluded from salvation, then who would be?  If they are saved, then anyone could be saved.  His statement is, therefore, an expression of universal salvation.


"I invite people to pray for the victims of that night and to join me in expressing profound solidarity with the Jewish world," Benedict XVI told crowds at the Vatican.


Obama offers "open door" to "gender confused"


“A conservative activist is expressing alarm over president-elect Barack Obama's plan to expand a Clinton-era executive order that provides special protections for federal employees based on their sexual behavior. The Obama-Biden transition team has included both "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in its non-discrimination policy for applicants for employment in the incoming Obama administration.”


Vatican scientist says belief in God and aliens is OK

“The Vatican's chief astronomer says there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of "extraterrestrial brothers" perhaps more evolved than humans. In my opinion this possibility (of life on other planets) exists," said Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, a 45-year-old Jesuit priest who is head of the Vatican Observatory and a scientific adviser to Pope Benedict.”


Related: UFOs are demons


Demonic homosexuals hassle old woman and stomp on Cross


Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy


“President-elect Barack Obama will reverse U.S. family planning and AIDS prevention strategies that have long linked global funding to anti-abortion and abstinence education, a public-health adviser said.”


Heretic Billy Graham would like to pray with Obama

“Billy Graham has counseled every American president since Dwight Eisenhower. But the evangelist known for his globe-trotting crusades has no plans to mentor Barack Obama, though his son did say his father would like to meet the president-elect and pray with him.”


Billy Graham is famous for his (false) message of salvation by faith alone and eternal security.  These ideas are completely contrary to the teaching of the Bible.  Not surprisingly, the false Christian Graham also has no problem violating the biblical teaching that one must not hold communion with those who reject the Christian faith.  He wants to pray with the pro-abortion Barack Obama.


Benedict XVI speaks of the "effectiveness" of Islam, a false religion


"It is essential that we do so," Benedict XVI said, "lest we weaken the credibility and the effectiveness not only of our dialogue, but also of our religions themselves."  This is heresy.


33% of teachers say teach creationism


“The findings support the views of the Rev Professor Michael Reiss, who lost his job as director of education at the Royal Society, Britain's prestigious scientific academy, after calling for creationism to be included in school science lessons.”


Evolution is a complete hoax.


Vatican II "Bishop" encourages pro-abortion Biden

The article above is from a Vatican II “Catholic” website.  It’s about the Vatican II sect’s Bishop of Tallahassee-Pensacola.  It’s about his supposedly “strong” letter to the pro-abortion Vice-President elect, Joe Biden.  Clearly the article is presenting it as if a courageous bishop is trying to get the abortion politician in line, and delivering strong rebukes.  The truth is just the opposite, however.  “Bishop John Richard of the Diocese of Tallahassee-Pensacola has written to vice-President-elect Sen. Joseph Biden regarding his recent attendance at a Sunday Mass in the diocese.  Commenting on his support for laws that do not protect the unborn, Bishop Richard reminded Biden about the need to examine one’s conscience about his fidelity to Church teaching in his personal and public life.”


Neither this “bishop” nor any other “bishop” of the Vatican II sect has excommunicated the apostate Joe Biden.  The “bishop” doesn’t even say that Biden is forbidden to receive “Communion.”  How is it that Biden, a notorious supporter of abortion who claims to be Catholic, has not been excommunicated?  He has already been ipso facto excommunicated, of course; but any real Catholic bishop would excommunicate him in a flash.  This shows us (again) that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, and that its bishops are complete apostates even on the one issue they claim to stand for. 


The heretical “bishop” even says at the end of his letter: “You are, Senator, always welcome to nourish such a faith within the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee.”  All of this is more evidence of what we proved in our book:


One can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect at the same time [PDF File]


Religious concert draws fire from ACLU


“The American Civil Liberties Union has taken issue with the city’s promotion of “Christian Music and Dance” at its upcoming Thibodeauxville festival, claiming it violates the constitutional separation of church and state… In response to a complaint filed by Thibodaux retiree Charles Mosley, the ACLU’s Louisiana branch has asked the city to give written notice that it will cease participation in any event highlighting the Christian faith.”


Day after “election” Illinois State Lottery hits 666


See the three-number pick for November 5 (11/5/08).


Study: "Catholic" colleges have little effect on abortion views


“A new study finds that Catholic college have moved so far afield from the pro-life teachings of the Catholic Church that they are having little effect on how students view abortions.”


Related article: The Deplorable State of "Catholic" Colleges and Universities [PDF File]


CBS Continues to Promote Gay "Marriage," Offers No Opposing Views


Benedict XVI signs joint declaration with Muslim "believers"

“Benedict stressed the importance of religious freedom to Muslim scholars yesterday while a joint statement from this week's meeting of Catholic and Islamic scholars included a call for an ethical world financial system.  We call upon believers to work for an ethical financial system in which the regulatory mechanisms consider the situation of the poor and disadvantaged, both as individuals and as indebted nations," they said in a joint declaration, The Age reports.”


Catholic teaching is that Muslims are unbelievers, not believers, and that Islam is a false religion.  His description of them as “believers” is one of those subtle expressions of apostasy that flow throughout the writings and speeches of the Vatican II antipopes.  Such expressions are so commonly used by them that people become desensitized to their significance.    


California approves ban on Gay "Marriage"

“Voters put a stop to same-sex marriage in California, dealing a crushing defeat to gay-rights activists in a state they hoped would be a vanguard and putting in doubt as many as 18,000 same-sex marriages conducted since a court ruling made them legal this year.  The gay-rights movement had a rough election elsewhere as well Tuesday. Amendments to ban gay marriage were approved in Arizona and Florida, and Arkansas voters approved a measure banning unmarried couples from serving as adoptive or foster parents. Supporters made clear that gays and lesbians were their main target.”


TV Networks battle FCC indecency rules


“Attorneys for the Government and the four big TV networks face off before the Supreme Court on Tuesday over regulation of profanity on the public airwaves, marking the first time in 30 years that the nation’s high court has considered broadcast indecency rules.  At issue is whether the isolated broadcast of a curse word can be considered indecent and punishable by hefty fines.”


Washington approves assisted-suicide initiative


“Voters approved Initiative 1000 on Tuesday, making Washington the second state to give terminally ill people the option of medically assisted suicide.  The ballot measure, patterned after Oregon's "Death with Dignity" law, allows a terminally ill person to be prescribed lethal medication, which would be self-administered.”


Arkansas passes ban on unmarried adoption


“Arkansas voters have approved a measure banning unmarried couples who are living together being adoptive or foster parents. The vote imposes a ban that the Legislature balked at authorizing.  More than 56 percent of voters supported the ban, said by its proponents to be aimed primarily at keeping gays from becoming foster or adoptive parents.”


S.F. prostitution measure fails


“Voters in this liberal bastion have turned down measures that would have barred police from arresting prostitutes and name a local sewage plant after President Bush.”


San Francisco "Catholic" Charities’ Director contributes to stop ban on Gay "Marriage"

The Vatican II sect’s “Archbishop” of San Francisco (George Niederauer) with Brian Cahill, director of San Francisco “Catholic Charities”


“A high-level official of the Catholic archdiocese of San Francisco made personal donations to a campaign to promote homosexual “marriage,” it has been revealed. Brian Cahill, the Executive Director of San Francisco Catholic Charities donated US $500.00 to the “No on Proposition 8” campaign, which is being voted on today.”


Teen pregnancies linked to sexual content on TV


“Groundbreaking research suggests pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior, compared with those who have tamer viewing tastes.”


First-ever “Catholic”-Muslim forum to open at Vatican

“The Vatican's first-ever Catholic-Muslim forum kicks off Tuesday…  The three-day forum opens "a new chapter in the long history" of dialogue between the two faiths, the head of the Catholic delegation, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, told the French Catholic daily La Croix. Muslims and Christians differ in their concept of God, and follow "different paths to reach this God," said Tauran, the Roman Catholic Church's pointman for dialogue with Islam.”


The purpose of this forum is to put the two religions on a par, and to officially recognize and respect the false religion of Islam.  Also notice that Benedict XVI’s representative says that Islam leads to God.  This is apostasy.  


V-2 “Catholic priest” denies Divinity of Christ

“In a booklet being sold for $20, a NSW priest, Peter Dresser of Coonamble in the Diocese of Bathurst, insists Jesus was not God and did not think he was God. The booklet is on sale at two Brisbane parishes: St Mary's and the Wooloowin/Windsor/Kalinga Parish of outspoken Brisbane priest Richard Pascoe.”


This is outrageous heresy, of course, for which the “priest” has automatically excommunicated himself.  Any real Catholic bishop would immediately remove this “priest” and publicly announce his excommunication.  Probably nothing will be done, however, by the apostate hierarchy of the Vatican II sect.


Related: Where the Bible teaches that Jesus is God


Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship


“AUSTRALIA will join China in implementing mandatory censoring of the internet under plans put forward by the Federal Government.  The revelations emerge as US tech giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, and a coalition of human rights and other groups unveiled a code of conduct aimed at safeguarding online freedom of speech and privacy.”


"Catholic" Diocese pays $4 million in sex scandal settlement


“The Catholic Diocese of Pueblo and the Marianist religious order have agreed to pay $4 million to settle the claims of 23 men who said they were sexually abused when they attended a Catholic high school in Pueblo.  Attorney Adam D. Horowitz of Miami said each man will receive more than $100,000 under terms of the agreement, which involved alleged abuse at Roncalli High School between 1966 and 1971.”


Teacher encouraged kindergarten students to sign "gay pledge card"


“A California school system refuses to say what action, if any, it will take after it received complaints about a kindergarten teacher who encouraged her students to sign "pledge cards" in support of gays.


“During a celebration of National Ally Week, Tara Miller, a teacher at the Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science in Hayward, Calif., passed out cards produced by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network to her class of kindergartners.”


Court rules that prayer in Jesus' name allowed at County Board meetings


“The judges on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have used a case from Cobb County, Ga., to proclaim that praying "in Jesus' name" is acceptable at county board meetings when other constitutional provisions are followed.


“The ruling this week sets up a conflict with the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which concluded in an opinion written by ex-Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor that city officials properly excluded from a rotation of leaders for opening prayers at a municipal meeting a pastor who prayed "in Jesus' name."


Gay Anglican "Bishop" led retreat for gay V-2 "Catholic" priests

Gene Robinson, openly and actively gay Anglican “Bishop”

The Catholic Church infallibly teaches that Anglican orders are invalid


“New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson says he led a confidential retreat a few years ago for gay Roman Catholic priests.  Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church and world Anglican Communion, said the Catholic priest group that organized the meeting had invited him to attend.  Robinson says about 75 Catholic clergy from around the U.S. participated without notifying their bishops or provincial leaders.”


Related article: The Seminaries of the Vatican II sect are unspeakable cesspools of homosexuality and heresy [PDF File]


Planned Parenthood nurse admits some babies survive late-term abortions


“Students for Life of America (SFLA) has released a new undercover video of a nurse at a New Jersey Planned Parenthood facility describing how an abortion would be performed on a 22 week-old unborn child and admitting that some babies survive such abortions.   “It does happen,” the nurse said.  The video evidence suggests that the practice of allowing babies who survive abortions to die without care continues.”


Archaeologists find ancient Hebrew inscription possibly linked to King David


“An Israeli archaeologist digging at a hilltop south of Jerusalem believes a ceramic shard found in the ruins of an ancient town bears the oldest Hebrew inscription ever discovered, a find that could provide an important glimpse into the culture and language of the Holy Land at the time of the Bible.”


6th-grader wins right to wear pro-life T-shirt


“A federal judge in Minnesota signed an injunction telling a sixth-grader's school that it cannot stop him from wearing pro-life T-shirts to class.  As WND reported, 12-year-old "K.B." of Hutchinson, Minn., committed in April to wearing T-shirts with a pro-life message to his middle school every day for a month.


“… his principal and teachers told K.B. – so identified because of his age – not to wear the T-shirts, publicly singled him out for ridicule in front of his schoolmates, removed him from class, sent him to the principal's office, forced him to turn his pro-life T-shirt inside out, and threatened him with suspension if he did not stop wearing the offending shirts.”


U.K. "Catholic" Education Center cooperating with sex-ed for children


“Following an announcement that the Labour government will be installing mandatory “sex and relationship” education for children as young as four and five in schools, the Catholic Education Service for England and Wales (CES) has said it will not only cooperate, but is encouraging parents not to take their children out of the classes.”


Benedict XVI praises Revolutionary John XXIII

“Noting the 50th anniversary of the election of Pope John XXIII, Benedict described his predecessor as a pastor of peace who sowed "harmony, hope, unity and peace for the good of all humanity."


Related article: The Scandals and Heresies of John XXIII [PDF File]


Benedict XVI promotes "relevance" of Vatican II documents


"We are all debtors" to the fathers of Vatican II, Pope Benedict XVI wrote in a message to participants in an international conference on the pontificate of John Paul II. Noting that his predecessor devoted himself to the implementation of Vatican II, the Holy Father said that the conciliar documents "have shown themselves to be especially pertinent to the new exigencies of the Church and the present globalized society."


By this he shows again that he is a complete supporter of the heretical and revolutionary documents of Vatican II.


Abbey treasures auctioned off as Vatican II nuns stagnate

“The order of Benedictine nuns has resided at Stanbrook Abbey, Worcestershire, since 1835. But a decline in their number and high running costs have finally forced them to seek new accommodation… The Abbey itself boasts the oldest printing press in England and has many literary associations.”


Utility paying the price for its homosexual support


“Pacific Gas & Electric shocked and stunned many of its customers and shareholders when it decided to give $250,000 dollars -- a quarter of a million dollars -- specifically to oppose Proposition 8, which is a pro-marriage amendment to recognize marriage between one man and one woman," he explains.
“American Family Association, a pro-family group based in Mississippi, sent its California subscribers an e-mail on the subject and, so far, 4,500 PG&E customers have cancelled service. Dacus expects that number to be 10,000 to 20,000 by Election Day.”


Deadly Day in Britain as House of Commons passes embryo bill


“In what one pro-life leader called a “deadly day in the history of Britain,” the House of Commons on Wednesday approved legislation allowing scientists to create animal-human hybrids for medical research. The bill also allows the creation of “savior siblings” genetically matched to sick siblings and eases access to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for lesbians and single women by eliminating requirements for clinics to consider a child’s need for a father.”


“John Smeaton, director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, responded to the passage of the full bill.  ‘Today is a deadly day in the history of Britain.” he told SIR. “Parliament approved a law that extends the lethal abuse of the more vulnerable members of our society. The future generations will read this macabre law and will wonder how a nation that should be civil may have debased human life so much.’”


Vatican II "bishops" call for official recognition of women readers at the New Mass


This is another example of the Vatican II sect embracing and encouraging something contrary to Catholic tradition and the teaching of Scripture (1 Cor. 14:34).  Having women read during “Mass” is something that already goes on at New Masses all over the world.  But now the heretical Vatican II “bishops” want to make the practice “official.”  Here’s another article on this matter.


Controversy simmers in Australia over Lord's Prayer

Australian Parliament House

“The use of the Lord's Prayer in Australia's parliament came under question Sunday, after the speaker of the house called for debate on whether to continue the century-old tradition.  Harry Jenkins has called for debate on whether the Christian prayer, which has been recited at the start of each parliamentary sitting since federation in 1901, should be reworded or replaced.”


42 "Catholic" college newspapers ran condom ad


Of course the apostate Vatican II “bishops” do nothing: “The online editions of 42 student newspapers from Catholic colleges in the U.S. ran an ad for Trojan brand condoms earlier this month, including a request that those who saw the ad "help us donate 1,000,000 condoms now," the Cardinal Newman Society reports. Among the Catholic student newspapers publishing the ads on their web sites were three from California.”


Prominent Vatican II "priest" convicted of abusing boy

“A prominent former Roman Catholic priest was convicted Friday of taking a boy on religious retreats to have sex with him. Donald McGuire, 78, was convicted after jurors deliberated less than three hours Thursday and Friday in the 2 1/2-week trial. The federal charge involved taking a minor across state lines for sex.”


Couple Gets Bag of Pot With Taco Order at Restaurant


“A Colorado couple found an unusual topping on their order of tacos: a small bag of marijuana.  They discovered the drugs with their order from a Del Taco restaurant and called police, said Lakewood police spokesman Steve Davis.  Twenty-six-year-old Dennis Klermund, who police say waited on the husband when he picked up food Oct. 16, faces charges of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.”


Jury to decide whether paddling was child abuse


“A Columbia County jury will be asked to decide whether a pastor who spanked his 12-year-old son with a paddle committed child abuse.”


Australian loophole awards $5000 for late-term abortions


“Thanks to a legal loophole, Australian mothers who abort their child in late pregnancy can collect a $5,000 bonus designed to turn around the country's plummeting birthrate, reports Australia Associated Press (AAP).  The law allows the payment - normally reserved for mothers who successfully give birth - to be awarded on compassionate grounds to women whose baby is stillborn.  But because late-term abortions are registered as stillbirths, the "compassionate" payment is available to women who choose to abort as well.”


“The Australian parliament recently stated it would be "too expensive" to fix the loophole this year.  According to AAP, policy manager for the Department of Families Mark Warburton said the government would put off fixing its forms until January, despite evidence that some women routinely conceive and abort children in order to obtain the bonus money.”


Audio Cassette on Confession, Purgatory, etc. now available


Our audio programs which prove that the Bible teaches Confession to a Priest, Purgatory, Baptismal Regeneration and Infant Baptism have been combined into one audio cassette.  It’s now available for order.


You can order the audio here: The Bible teaches Confession to a Priest, Purgatory, Baptismal Regeneration and Infant Baptism


The prices are 1 copy for $2.00; 15 for $10.00; 25 for $15.00; 50 for $27.00; 100 for $35.00.  The tape is over 1 hr. and 30 minutes in length.  People can also order by calling or sending in their order.


Afghan journalism student sentenced to 20 yrs. for "insulting Islam

“An Afghan journalism student sentenced to death for allegedly ’insulting Islam’ had his conviction upheld but his sentence reduced to 20 years in prison by an Afghan central appeal court today.”


This is what’s going on in Afghanistan after the United States went there and supposedly displaced the Muslim regime. 


Man killed ten women as "offerings to Satan"


“A Mexican citizen who allegedly confessed to killing at least 10 women in the rough border city of Juarez was back in Mexico today to face justice… Granados de la Paz, 30, allegedly acknowledged to Mexican and Texas authorities that he killed at least 10 women near Ciudad Juarez from about 1993 to 2006 as "offerings to Satan," according to the extradition complaint.”


Archaeologists find ancient “spider-god” temples in Peru

“Peruvian archaeologists have confirmed the discovery of two 3,000-year-old temples in an ancient complex near the capital Lima… The team discovered a monumental staircase 25 meters in width as well as a polychromatic relief with images of the spider god in the archaeological complex of Collud-Zarpan, located some 800 kilometers north of Lima.”

Worshipping spiders is an example of the products of the pagan cultures which prevailed in South America prior to the arrival of the Catholic missionaries in the 16th century.


Town's parade draws fire for dropping Christmas


“A famed fireworks company is pulling out of a holiday boat parade because "Christmas" was dropped from the event's name.  Fireworks by Grucci won't lend its sparkle to Patchogue's Nov. 23 parade — decorated yachts on the Patchogue River — because the organizers have renamed it the Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade. It was the Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade last year, when the Grucci company donated $5,000 worth of fireworks.  The company's vice president, Philip Butler, who has criticized the secularization of Christmas in the past, said parade organizers were "using all the themes of Christmas and plagiarizing all those themes."


School holds surprise "Gay Day" for kindergartners


“Some parents are shocked to find their children are learning to be homosexual allies and will participate in "Coming Out Day" at a public elementary school tomorrow – and they claim the school failed to notify parents. 


“One mother of a kindergartner who attends Faith Ringgold School of Art and Science, a K-8 charter school in Hayward, Calif., said she asked her 5-year-old daughter what she was learning at school.  The little girl replied, "We're learning to be allies."The mother also said a Gay Straight Alliance club regularly meets in the kindergarten classroom during lunch.  According to a Pacific Justice Institute report, Faith Ringgold opted not to inform the parents of its pro-homosexual activities beforehand. The school is celebrating "Gay and Lesbian History Month" and is in the process of observing "Ally Week," a pro-"gay" occasion usually geared toward high school students.”


Number of teens coming out as "transgender" on the rise


This is the abominable result of apostasy and mortal sin.


1.    "No God" Ads to Hit London Buses


“London buses may soon be plastered with ads proclaiming “There’s probably no God,” if a British atheist group has its way. The slogan is the brainchild of the British Humanist Association (BHA), an atheist organization that seeks to promote a world without religion…The complete slogan reads: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”


Psalm 52:1- “The fool said in his heart: There is no God.”


San Francisco weighs decriminalizing prostitution


What an evil city: “San Francisco would become the first major U.S. city to decriminalize prostitution if voters next month approve Proposition K — a measure that forbids local authorities from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone for selling sex.”


V-2 "priest" allowed anti-Catholic film-maker to shoot in church

Bill Maher is a talk show host and “comedian.”  He has viciously and blasphemously attacked the Catholic faith on more than one occasion.  He is obviously inspired by Satan.  He has also recently produced a film attacking religion, and a part of it was filmed at a Vatican II “Catholic” church.  “The pastor of a Catholic church, facing criticism from his archbishop for letting comedian Bill Maher film part of his movie Religulous there, said he actually had been given advance permission by the archdiocese to do so.”  It should also be noted that Maher, whose pathetic (and what they would normally consider “intolerant”) works and opinions seem to get quite a bit of attention from the mainstream media, is of Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side. 

"Jesuit" University to honor co-sponsor of Freedom of Choice Act


“President Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, Leon Panetta, is scheduled to be honored by the Jesuit-run Santa Clara University, despite his strong pro-choice voting record.  An alumnus of the university and member of the board, Panetta also co-sponsored the federal Freedom of Choice Act and later defended Clinton’s veto of a bill banning partial birth abortion.”


Polish "Bishops" issue guide on how to leave the Catholic Church

“If a Catholic in Poland wants to leave the Church, the country's bishops won't be standing in the in the way.  Poland's episcopal conference has released a 22-point document to guide Catholics who want to renounce their baptism and leave the Church, reports Ecumenical News International.”


Consistent with the devilish ambiguity which is characteristic of the Vatican II sect, the “bishops” claim that it’s a sin for one to leave the Church while they issue a guide on how to do so.  Thus, they are helping people commit this sin, and are therefore guilty by cooperation.  The fact is that they don’t really believe it’s a sin.  That’s why they are helping people to leave what they think is the Church.  They definitely reject the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  This new outrageous guide is totally consistent with the heretical teaching of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, that non-Catholics don’t need to be Catholic for salvation.


NJ Hotels Offer Abortion Discounts


“An abortion clinic that performs abortions up to the sixth month of pregnancy has worked out an arrangement with two area hotels to provide substantially discounted room rates for women seeking abortions… Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill offers a reduced rate of $59 for a room originally priced at $109 to those women who provide a receipt from the clinic that says they have to stay overnight. In addition, the Quality Inn in Maple Shade offers a discounted rate of $74.95 for a room originally priced at $99.99 and a free breakfast of eggs and pancakes for women who present a stamped pamphlet from the clinic.”


Anglican "Bishop" says Beatles' songs as effective as Bible


“The Rt Rev Nick Baines, Bishop of Croydon, has urged churches to use hits by bands such as U2 and the Beatles in their services.  In a book backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, he argues that pop music writers can convey deep theological concepts in a way that is more accessible to the younger generation.  Hundreds of evangelical churches have already turned to guitar-based songs instead of traditional hymns, but the bishop suggests that clergy still need to be more creative in appealing to non-churchgoers.”


Like other dominant bands of the past few decades, the Beatles were inspired and used by Satan, as the video we sell (Rock-n-Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution) thoroughly demonstrates.


Benedict XVI prays with schismatic leaders in Sistine Chapel


Chalk it up as another act of heresy and schism by Benedict XVI: “The spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox… prayed with Pope Benedict XVI in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday and urged Catholics and Orthodox to work together to combat fundamentalism and to promote religious tolerance.  Bartholomew's participation in the Vespers service and speech, in the chapel where popes are elected, is a "joyous experience of unity, perhaps not perfect, but true and deep," Benedict said.


American Indian "Catholic" parish fights closure



This is more of the Vatican II apostasy at the local level: “Church bells toll from afar, mixing softly with the beating of the drum that guides the singing and praying throughout the service. Sage, tobacco, cedar and sweet grass fill a terra cotta bowl and are later burned as part of an American Indian cleansing ceremony.  An Indian blanket serves as the altar cloth. Wood, bark, feathers and pottery decorate the church, where sunlight filters through the more traditional blue stained-glass windows.”

NJ parents furious over mandatory flu shots

“As flu season approaches, many New Jersey parents are furious over a first-in-the-nation requirement that children get a flu shot in order to attend preschools and day care centers. The decision should be the parents', not the state's, they contend.  Hundreds of parents and other activists rallied outside the New Jersey Statehouse on Thursday, decrying the policy and voicing support for a bill that would allow parents to opt out of mandatory vaccinations for their children.”


Nativity scene allowed on public property


“The city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, has won a legal victory over an anti-religion group.”


Pro-life activist fights "obscene sign" charge


New Document Refuting Justification by Faith Alone


A Definitive Refutation of Justification by Faith Alone [PDF FILE]


In just 26 pages, see how the ideas of justification by faith alone and eternal security are completely contrary to the teaching of the Bible.  This file uses the King James Version to prove the point.  Just scroll through this file and look at all the proof.  The end of this file also responds in detail to common Protestant objections and passages which are frequently brought up.  It covers and refutes objections from passages which Protestants bring forward from Romans, etc. on “works of the law,” from Ephesians 2:8-9, from John 3:16, etc.  This will be found permanently in our “Refuting Protestantism” section, and it will be part of an upcoming book which proves Catholic teaching from the Bible.


UK Police instructed not to interfere with public homosexual activity


“Public homosexual activity in parks and public bathrooms must not be impeded by law enforcement officials except as a last resort, says a new set of draft guidelines for UK police.  Deputy Chief Constable Michael Cunningham of Lancashire Police, who drew up the 21-page report, titled "Guidance on Policing Public Sex Environments", wrote, "In any event it is not for the police to take the role of moral arbiter." Rather than arresting those who have sex in public, the police should instead guard the "human rights of those people who frequent open spaces."


Large CA Teachers Union donates $1 million to fight possible ban on gay "marriage"


“The California Teachers Assn. donated $1 million this week to defeat a ballot initiative seeking to ban same-sex marriage in California, joining the ranks of wealthy gay rights activists and Hollywood politicos as one of the major donors to the campaign.”


Fisher-Price baby doll utters Islamic and satanic messages

“A doll some are claiming utters pro-Islam and even satanic messages has outraged parents in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. People insist they can hear Fisher-Price's "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle and Coo" mumbling "Islam is the light" and "Satan is king," according to and”


No Jail Time for man found guilty of murdering wife


“A man who was found guilty of murdering his unwilling elderly wife by smothering her with two plastic bags has escaped a jail sentence in a ruling by London's Central Criminal Court. Eric Norton, 86, was apparently in high spirits at the end of last week's trial, and blew a kiss to supporters in the public gallery on his way out of the courtroom, according to Independent Television News.  Last November, Norton smothered his 84-year-old wife Betty, an Alzheimer's sufferer who was in the hospital for stomach pains. Other hospital patients said they could hear Betty whimpering "no, no" as she struggled to stop her husband from killing her.”


Dutch abortion ship sparks controversy in Spain


Sample Section and Discounts on UFO Book


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Read a sample section of the book here


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Lawsuit against God tossed out


This was the suit filed against God which received a mysterious response.


Faith Alone Debate/Conversation


This is an audio of a recent conversation with a Protestant who believes in Justification by faith alone and eternal security (i.e., “once saved always saved”).  He had called us and left a challenging message which essentially stated that we (as Catholics) reject the teaching of the Bible.  The recording begins during a discussion of some of the scriptures which refute his false position on justification.  This conversation is another illustration how Protestants, while they claim to be Bible-believing Christians, completely reject the clear teaching of the Bible.


Interesting Conversation with Faith-Alone Protestant [1 hr. and 5 min. audio]


This fellow happened to be a Dispensationalist-type of Protestant, with very strange and heretical views on how certain books of the New Testament (including the preaching of Jesus) are completely irrelevant to the post-Resurrection Christian.  Instead, they think that only St. Paul’s epistles deliver that actual Gospel which applies to Christians after the Resurrection.  (They like to use and focus on certain things from St. Paul because there is much in St. Paul that can be misunderstood by heretics.)  But, as this conversation shows, when their heretical position on justification is refuted even from St. Paul they still reject it and hold on to their heresy.


Poland to celebrate Antipope "John Paul II Day"


“All the dioceses in Poland will celebrate “Pope Day 2008” this Sunday, October 12. An initiative with spiritual, cultural, and social character, each annual event addresses an aspect of the teachings of Pope John Paul II on the subjects of the “family of nations” and the ‘life of society.’”


John Paul II on March 24, 2000, sitting under an upside-down cross


A student's anti-Bush photo leads to Secret Service investigation


“…the Secret Service came to Currituck High.“At 1:35, the student came to me and told me that the Secret Service had taken his poster… Halfway through my afternoon class, the assistant principal got me out of class and took me to the office conference room,” she says. “Two men from the Secret Service were there. They asked me what I knew about the student. I told them he was a great kid, that he was in the homecoming court, and that he’d never been in any trouble.”  Then they got down to his poster. “They asked me, didn’t I think that it was suspicious,” she recalls. “I said no, it was a Bill of Rights project!”  At the end of the meeting, they told her the incident “would be interpreted by the U.S. attorney, who would decide whether the student could be indicted,’ she says.”


Pennsylvania "Diocese" to close or merge over 40% of its churches


The rotten fruits of the Vatican II sect: “A Roman Catholic diocese outside Pittsburgh will close 14 of its 100 parishes, and 28 others will merge or share clergy in an effort to deal with a priest shortage.”


2.   Colorado teen appeals over Jesus graduation speech


“A Lewis-Palmer High School student who was told she must apologize for mentioning Jesus in a valedictorian speech or not receive a diploma is appealing a federal court decision rejecting her request for an injunction against the school.”


V-2 "priest" accused of sending homemade smut to teen


What an absolute disgrace to the Catholic priesthood is this pack of apostate perverts in the Vatican II sect….  We believe that this picture on the right is an example of the truth of Isaias 3:9: “The show of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not.”


It’s also worth noting that his fellow Novus Ordo “priests” put up the money to bail him out: “The required 10% cash - $15,000 - needed to secure his immediate freedom was collected by his fellow priests at St. John's.”  They did this despite the fact that it’s definite that he sent out abominable smut which he made; the only debatable issue is whether he intended to send it to a teen or an adult.  He claims that it was only for “consenting adults”; but obviously, even in that case, it’s still an abominable sin.  Thus, his fellow “priests” commit mortal sin for bailing him out.  By doing so they are essentially stating that he should get away with this activity.


Abortion provider sues to halt ultrasound law


2.    They definitely don’t want the women to see what they are terminating. 


First-Graders taken to gay "wedding"


“Eighteen first graders traveled to San Francisco City Hall Friday for the wedding of their teacher and her lesbian partner, The San Francisco Chronicle reported. The school sponsored the trip for the students, ages 5 and 6, taking them away from their studies for the same-sex wedding… the public school field trip demonstrates that the California Supreme Court's decision to legal same-sex marriage has real consequences... Telling the Chronicle that the field trip was "a teachable moment," the school's principal believes it is perfectly appropriate for first graders to attend a same-sex wedding.”


Dying Teen at Drug Party begged for help too late


“Australian teenager Melanie Boyd begged her friends to call for help after taking a lethal cocktail of booze and drugs, an inquest was told. But by the time an ambulance was called, three hours after she was found "blue" and “struggling to breathe,” the popular Townsville private school student, 16, was dead. In a tearful apology Thursday, Matthew Aubrey, 20, told an inquest into her June 2006 death that the first-time drug taker wanted to call for help when two fellow drug users at the "pharm party" fell into fits of convulsions.  “Mel had a phone, she said if it's happened to them I don't want this to happen to me," Aubrey told the Townsville Coroner's Court.  But the six partygoers talked each other out of calling for an ambulance — because they did not want to involve the police.”


This is a sad story.  It reminds us that, just like she and others now wished they had stopped or called for help earlier, the people condemned to Hell for sins such as this now wish they had changed their lives and taken care of their souls; but it’s too late.


Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes same-sex "marriage"


Another state allows it… this is really bad.

“The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday that gay and lesbian couples have the right to get married.”


Brampton “Catholic” High School to host pro-abortion leader


“Liberal Leader Stephane Dion is scheduled to appear at a rally at Brampton's St. Edmund Campion Catholic Secondary School this evening between 6:30 and 8 p.m.  Though being billed as "an evening celebrating Canada's multicultural heritage," the appropriateness of a Catholic school hosting an openly pro-abortion politician, particularly one so well known as a party leader, is being called into question.”


Chicago leaders recommend approval of "gay high school"


“Chicago Public Schools leaders said Wednesday that they will recommend opening a campus aimed at these students.  Final approval of the School for Social Justice Pride Campus, designed as the city's first school for gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers, along with 17 other schools, is expected to come Oct. 22 when the Board of Education votes.”


Poll: young "Catholics" favor abortion and homosexuality


“A new poll of Americans ages 18-34 has surveyed the faith, politics, and issue positions of young adults before the 2008 election. The poll claims about 60 percent of younger self-identified Catholics say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 44 percent reportedly support same-sex marriage, a number which rises to 64 percent when religious liberty protections are emphasized.”


Homosexual indoctrination in schools survives appeal


“After mounting a ferocious battle to preserve traditional marriage values, David Parker could only watch helplessly as the United States Supreme Court left intact a lower court ruling that allowed Massachusetts schools to promote homosexuality in the classroom without telling parents or allowing them to opt out.”


Nepal appoints 3-year-old as "living goddess"


“Hindu and Buddhist priests chanted sacred hymns and cascaded flowers and grains of rice over a 3-year-old girl who was appointed a living goddess in Nepal on Tuesday.”

According to Vatican II, these false religions are actually good religions.  According to countless heretics in our day, people who follow these false religions – and blasphemously believe, for instance, that this child is a “goddess” – can be saved by “baptism of desire.” 


Benedict XVI tells schismatic leader they "need unity faster"


The “unity” of which Antipope Benedict XVI speaks has nothing to do with the schismatic converting to the Catholic faith.  That’s why that simple message is never mentioned, of course.  No, Benedict XVI is preaching a new religion and a new and heretical version of “unity” which doesn’t require conversion to the true Church: “Benedict XVI sent a personal message to Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II saying that modern times call for a hastening of the journey toward Christian unity.”


Abstinence-based approach brings down HIV rates in Kashmir


“The Ugandan program, which places priority on abstinence… is regarded by officials in the Indian region – Jammu and Kashmir state – as “one of the only national missions ever to have efficiently fought the contagious disease…”


"Catholic" Diocese sponsors interfaith "blessing of the waves"

The interfaith apostasy of the Vatican II “Church” spills all over the place: “For about 400 interfaith worshipers, the shoreline became a makeshift church as Catholics, Jews and Muslims gathered for an unusual ‘blessing of the waves.’… The service, sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, was directed by a pair of surf-loving priests [Fathers Christian Mondor and Matt Munoz]…”


Macy's selling Illuminati mystery religion shirts


Rabbi, speaking at "Catholic" conference, of course promotes Israel


The fact that the rabbi was invited to address a supposedly Catholic conference (to promote what Jews think of the Bible) is bad enough.  Think about that: why would any Catholic invite a Jew who rejects Christ to promote the Jewish view of the Bible to a “Catholic” group?  The answer is that a real Catholic wouldn’t do that, of course.  Not surprisingly, the rabbi made sure to promote the need to defend Israel and combat rising “anti-semitism.”  In other words, he used the opportunity to indoctrinate the Vatican II apostate “Catholic” bishops with the Zionist agenda.


Counter Church might "beatify" Antipope Paul VI with Antipope John Paul II


“Vatican officials told a Polish Radio correspondent at the weekend that it is possible the late John Paul II may be beatified together with… Pius XII and Paul VI.”


These will be invalid obviously because Benedict XVI is not a true pope.


Acceptance of homosexuality moves forward at "Catholic" Fairfield University


“…the administration at Fairfield has made reducing homophobia and promoting acceptance a priority and has taken necessary measures.” 


ACLU Says “no” to the Nativity


Yoga at school causes stress among some


“…parents and others in the community complained students were being indoctrinated in Hindu rites.”  Related: What's wrong with Yoga? 


Lesbian fights to get 6 year-old taken from her mom


This story is really something: the lesbian might actually get custody of the daughter of another woman.


U.N. "Anti-Blasphemy" Resolution Threatens Free Speech


“Religious groups and free-speech advocates are banding together to fight a United Nations resolution they say is being used to spread Sharia law to the Western world and to intimidate anyone who criticizes Islam.  The non-binding resolution on “Combating the Defamation of Religion” is intended to curtail speech that offends religion -- particularly Islam.”


1.    Orlando will offer same-sex benefits


“Mayor Buddy Dyer announced plans Thursday to offer domestic-partner benefits to gay city employees when the City Council approves changes to its employee health-care policy Monday. Orlando will be the first government in Central Florida to do so.


Hollywood urged to give more to save gay "marriage"


By the way, isn’t it interesting that it was Ellen DeGeneres who, in 1997, became the first openly gay lead character on U.S. primetime T.V.?  DeGeneres… as in degenerate.  We don’t think it’s just a coincidence.  For instance, Degeneres in Latin is literally a subjunctive form of the verb Degenerare, which means to degenerate.  In other words, God saw from all eternity that she would be the one who would bring this unnatural and abnormal abomination to mainstream America, and He had her so named. 


Degenerate = a person who has declined, as in morals or character, from a type or standard considered normal.


For names to correspond to realities is not uncommon in God’s plan.  For instance, in John 18 we read that the Jews had to choose between Jesus and Barabbas, as to who would be released.


John 18:29- “…will you, therefore, that I release unto you the king of the Jews?  Then cried they all again, saying: Not this man, but Barabbas. Now Barabbas was a robber.”


Scripture scholars point out that in Aramaic Barabbas means “son of the father.”  So the Jews had to choose between Barabbas (the false son of the father) and the true Son of God the Father, Jesus.


Benedict XVI's Bible Synod to be "ecumenical and international"


“Archbishop Eterovic also highlighted the large number of participants from other Christian Churches. Representatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate will be present alongside others from the Patriarchates of Moscow, of Serbia and of Romania, from the Orthodox Church of Greece and the Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as from the Anglican Communion, the World Lutheran Federation, the Church of the Disciples of Christ and the World Council of Churches, he explained.”


College students condemn gay "marriage"


“For the first time at a California two-year college, a student council passed a resolution to support a proposed ban on "gay" marriage.  The American River College Student Council, facing fierce opposition and curses from peers Tuesday, voted 8-3 with three abstentions to support Proposition 8, known as the Marriage Protection Amendment.  Students who support "gay" marriage are furious, claiming they have collected 450 signatures to recall the eight students who voted for the resolution, the Sacramento Bee reported.”


Image of Virgin Mary in hospital window?

Group opposes institution of Jewish boundary in Long Island


This “symbol,” called an eruv, which the Jews want to put up, is not just a symbol but actually a Jewish religious boundary: “There's an eruv around the White House and one in Manhattan that sprawls from the East River to the Hudson… Rabbi Marc Schneier, who counts New York Gov. David Paterson among his friends, wants the Westhampton Beach mayor and village board to approve the placement of the religious boundary called an eruv, which would allow observant Jews to perform minor tasks on their Sabbath or on religious holidays like Rosh Hashana, which was observed on Tuesday and Wednesday.”


"Gay Day" bill vetoed in California


That’s a bit of good news.


Archaeological find in Jerusalem bears name in Scripture


“It is the most remarkable find since excavations in the heart of this 3,000-year-old capital of ancient Israel began 140 years ago: a tiny clay seal impression also known as a bulla or stamp, discovered near the ruins of what has been identified as King David's palace and bearing the name of an influential courtier mentioned in the… Bible.”


French Muslims right at home in V-2 “Catholic” schools


London V-2 “Diocese” to sell three churches for $1 each


“The Roman Catholic Diocese of London is now offering to sell three of its local surplus churches -- all with historic designations -- for as little as $1 apiece.”


Newest Heresies from Benedict XVI


Some of the newest heresies from Benedict XVI….


Heresy of the Week


MHFM Newsletter, Fall 2008


MHFM: This is a letter about the recent activities of our monastery.


MHFM Fall 2008 Letter [PDF]


Atheist family challenges minute-of-silence law


Iraq law strips non-Muslims of seats in Parliament


“Parliament last week approved a new law mandating elections in most of Iraq's 18 provinces.  But the law removed a system that reserved a few legislative seats for Christians and other religious minorities.”


Buddhists and V-2 "Catholics" pray together at interfaith service


This reflects the post-Vatican II (apostate) way of “solving” problems. 

Holding “priestless Sundays” in Alaska


The New Church: “Priestless Sunday is the product of “thinking outside the box,” and a creative attempt to deal with the acute shortage of Roman Catholic priests, explained Robert Hannon, special assistant to the Bishop Donald Kettler.  Deacons and lay presiders will be conducting communion services — Celebration of the Word with Holy Communion — both Saturday and Sunday. It is not Mass but will satisfy the Catholic obligation to attend Mass.”


Wisconsin rules that assisting in suicide is "not killing"


New television season to more than double homosexual characters


“America's major broadcast networks are upping their promotion of the homosexual movement, doubling the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual scripted characters for the 2008-2009 broadcast schedule since last year. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) conducted their annual "Where We Are On TV" report on the five broadcast networks - ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.  GLAAD found that the number of LGBT scripted characters appearing in this year's 88 scripted dramas and comedies jumped to 16 from last year's seven.”


Benedict XVI selects rabbi to speak at "Catholic" synod


“In an historic move to reinforce Jewish-Catholic dialogue Pope Benedict XVI has asked an Israeli Rabbi to become become the first Jewish spiritual leader to address a Roman Catholic synod…More than 200 bishops are expected to attend. Rabbi Cohen is to explain to the bishops the Jewish interpretation of the Bible, whose first five books comprise the Torah, Judaism's most sacred writings.”

Antipope Benedict XVI wants to make sure they hear the false Jewish interpretation of the Old Testament, according to which Jesus is not the Messiah.


State bans "Jesus" from troopers' prayers


“Virginia Gov. Timothy Kaine is being called on the carpet by a national religious freedom advocacy organization after his administration implemented a new state policy forbidding state police chaplains from using "Jesus Christ" in public prayers, and half a dozen chaplains resigned in protest.”


Spirit caught on camera in Missouri gym


“Security cameras at a Kansas gym caught a white ghostly image flitting amid the dumbbells in the middle of the night, spooking the facility's owner.  The possible fitness phantom floated around the nautilus and weight-lifting equipment for about two hours in the Overland Park Anytime Gym, which was empty, according to KMBC-TV in Kansas City. At one point, the orb lingered by the dumbbells.”


The above is a link to the video where you can see the spirit moving around the gym.


V-2 "Catholic" Shrine accepts Buddhists, Hindus


“More than 150,000 Buddhists, Catholics and Hindus came to the shrine of the Holy Cross, situated in the middle of a cemetery near the town of Marawila, on Sept. 14, feast day of the Holy Cross… According to Father Felix Colombage, the Marawila parish priest, the shrine is open 24 hours a day for pilgrims. "We keep the place as simple as we can and allow all faithful to pray in silence, so they do not disturb others," the priest said.  He welcomes non-Christian pilgrims. "We know that a good number of Buddhists and Hindus come here due to miracles," the priest said, adding that sometimes "they come and meet us" and "we help them with their vows and offeringswe never ask them to embrace our religion."


This is outrageous apostasy.


Cops: Biker gang masquerades as "Christian" ministry


States resist rule that would protect pro-life doctors


“Attorneys general from 13 states on Wednesday protested a proposed… rule that would give stronger job protections to doctors and other health care workers who refuse to participate in abortions because of religious or moral objections.”


The Case for the Creator


It’s definitely worth spending approximately 20 minutes to watch both of these videos.  They are both excellent.  Part 7 covers DNA, which is just amazing…


The Case for the Creator, Part 6 of 7 [9 min. video]


The Case for the Creator, Part 7 of 7 [9 min. video]


Some "Christian" schools in Netherlands close for Muslim festival


“At least two Amsterdam secondary schools with a Christian basis are to close during the Sugar Feast to accede to their Muslim pupils. Various other schools are also doing so, Reformatorisch Dagblad newspaper reported yesterday.”


Vatican "Cardinal" says "learn from Luther"


“Catholics can learn from the 16th-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity head, Cardinal Walter Kasper says… The cardinal said he also hoped Protestantism would return to the faith of Martin Luther…”

For those who don’t know, Martin Luther was the notorious heretic who started the Protestant revolution.  He denied and attacked a multiplicity of Catholic dogmas and introduced outrageous heresies, such as "Justification by faith alone."


UFO flies into Singer Robbie Williams' recording studio


New Book on UFOs


The new book on UFOs is now available for order.  The price is $10.00 in the U.S. and $25.00 for those outside the U.S. (Prices include shipping).  We also have “Priority Options.”  If you choose “Priority Options” when placing your order, your order will be filled and shipped first for a charge of $10.00 extra.  You can also order through the mail by check or money order or you can call 1-800-275-1126 to place your order.


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11 dead after soccer player used witchcraft to try to win match


“Eleven people have been killed in a stadium riot in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after a soccer player tried to use witchcraft to win a local match, United Nations-backed Radio Okapi has reported.”


Study: Homosexuality strongly linked to depression, suicide


That’s not a surprise.


Blood of St. Januarius miraculously liquefies again


“The blood of Saint Januarius, patron saint of Naples, has reportedly liquefied again in a continuation of the centuries-long miracle.”

The Bible on Praying to and Venerating Saints


This is an important new audio on the Bible’s teaching on praying to and venerating saints. 


The Bible on Praying to and Venerating Saints [New 53 min. audio]


This audio contains powerful evidence.  It covers this important issue from new angles and with unique points.  In addition to covering the biblical basis for the communion of saints, this audio covers the Bible’s teaching on venerating relics, images and statues.  This has been added to our: Refuting Protestantism and Eastern "Orthodoxy" * Audio Programs.


"Catholic" bishop to give keynote address at "Catholic" gay ministries convention


“Soon-to-be Bishop of Sacramento Jaime Soto is still listed as keynote speaker for opening night of this year’s National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries in Long Beach… The National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries, based in Berkeley, is a network of local ministries that has the reputation of taking, at best, an ambiguous stance on the moral character of homosexuality and homosexual acts. The group’s web site… prominently displays the so-called “rainbow flag” of the homosexual rights movement…”


53,000 Chinese babies sickened by milk powder


“Nearly 53,000 children in China have been sickened by milk powder contaminated by an industrial chemical, the government said Monday, dramatically ramping up its previous figures.”


Indifferentism spreading: Hotels make Hindu, Muslim and other texts available


“If you're staying at the Hotel Preston, you can get a copy of the ancient Hindu text for your room from a "spiritual menu" that includes the Qur'an, the Bible and other religious texts.”


Court says school district must allow religious group free access


“A federal court Thursday ruled in favor of a religious group that had to pay to hold Good News Clubs at public schools in Williamsburg, Va., while the district allowed groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to use the facilities for free.”


College introduces "demonic time eater"

It’s quite interesting that they would choose that image, especially because it’s symbolic of what’s really happening with so many people.  The Devil is truly eating up so many people’s lives and their time on Earth with worthless and sinful endeavors.  These keep them from the true faith, the true God, and the knowledge which benefits for salvation.


Transsexual wins lawsuit against Lib. of Congress


Moving billboards of fetuses are allowed


“Two delivery trucks displaying 22-by-7 feet images of aborted fetuses will be driving through Austin's downtown streets today, despite complaints from some residents that the vehicles violate city code and that the images are too graphic.”


Showing people what abortion really is very effective.  That’s why it generates so much opposition.


Australia licenses cloning of human embryos


“The Australian government has issued its first license allowing scientists to create cloned human embryos to try and obtain embryonic stem cells.  The in vitro-fertilization firm Sydney IVF was granted the license…”


Royal Society's director resigns over Creation


The hold that the myth of evolution has over much of this world is truly outrageous. 


Explicit "sex education" pamphlet given to British six year-olds


Italy's right seeks to block new mosques


This indicates how quickly the false religion of Islam is spreading in Europe.


Vatican evolution congress to exclude creationism, intelligent design


“VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Speakers invited to attend a Vatican-sponsored congress on the evolution debate will not include proponents of creationism and intelligent design, organizers said.”


What an abomination… from the pathetic, apostate, faithless Vatican II sect.


V-2 "Archdiocese" gives pedophile "priest" a law school grant


“The Montreal Catholic archdiocese is handing 20-thousand dollars a year as a law school grant. to one of its priests who, earlier this year, was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.”


College bans Christmas and Easter to avoid offending students


“A college has renamed the traditional Christmas and Easter breaks in a bid to avoid offending students from other religions.”


In Finland, Heavy Metal music moves the masses, even in church


“Most teens may not get excited about church, but in Finland they go out of their way to attend in the latest testimony to the country's infatuation with heavy metal music: Metal Mass.”



Heavy Metal is clearly the Devil's music.


Texas High School student told Rosary is "gang symbol"


“A Texas teen claims she is forbidden from wearing a rosary around her neck in school because the Catholic prayer beads are a gang symbol, reported.”


Satan worshippers killed, ate 4 teens in Russia


“The Satanists stabbed each of their victims a terrifying 666 times before dismembering their bodies and cooking them on a bonfire.  Russian police discovered the teenager's limbs, hearts and scalps in a pit in the Yaroslavl region around 300 miles from Moscow, along with the dead body of a small rodent crucified on an upside-down cross.”


Pro-lifers arrested outside of "Catholic" cathedral


Famed "Christian" singer admits he's homosexual


This is another example that “Christian” rock and the like are nonsense. 


France pushes legalization of sodomy


Teacher displays "torture porn" on class projector


“A high school photography teacher is on administrative leave after students say he showed them "torture porn" videos for 20 minutes during class.”


Woman caught in adultery with Vatican II "priest"


Not surprisingly, the “bishop” of the Vatican II sect minimized the evil.  He says that he still respects the “priest” despite the “mistake.”


Facing pressure, Green Bay will ban city's Christmas scenes


Prominent feminist says abortion is murder but still supports it


Top Episcopalian "bishops" unanimously support same-sex "marriage"


“California's six most senior Episcopal bishops Wednesday unanimously declared their opposition to a constitutional amendment on the statewide November ballot that would ban same-sex marriage.”


Illinois "priest" accused of dealing cocaine from rectory


Group offers $50,000 to Jews who move to southern town


British channel accused of pro-Muslim bias


It’s also interesting – and not at all surprising – that one of the Vatican II “priests,” in offering his objection to the bias, makes sure to note that he is not “denigrating” the false Islamic religion. 


California bans "brides, grooms"


"Brides" and "grooms" are no longer allowed to marry in the State of California.  That privilege is only extended to individuals who allow themselves to be called "Party A" and "Party B" on marriage licenses... Doug Bird… was alarmed to find the state now rejects the traditional terms after he officiated his first marriage ceremony last week following the California Supreme Court decision to overturn Proposition 22.  The couple had written the words "bride" and "groom" next to "Party A" and "Party B" because they wanted to be legally recognized as husband and wife. However, the Placer County marriage license was denied.”


This has been done to avoid offending homosexuals and to conform to homosexual “marriage.”


3 out of 4 Spanish marriages rupture


“Following years of pro-abortion and anti-family policies accompanied by a plummeting birth rate, Spanish society has reached a new milestone: for every four marriages contracted, there are now three "ruptures" - most of them divorces.”


Judge approves “God” banners


“A federal judge has ruled against school district officials who made a Rancho Penasquitos math teacher take down classroom banners proclaiming "In God We Trust," "God Bless America" and other sayings, it was reported Wednesday.”


"Cardinal"  promotes ecumenism in presence of Anglican conference


The Directory for the Application of the Principles and Norms of Ecumenism is an outrageously heretical document which was approved by John Paul II.  It’s covered here: The Vatican II sect vs. the Catholic Church on partaking in non-Catholic worship.  In the quote below we “Cardinal” Murphy O’Connor of Westminster promoting the outrageously heretical directory.

"Cardinal" Murphy O'Connor promotes the New Religion - John Paul II's ecumenism - to Anglicans

“In several respects, when we look back now we can easily see how much in those years was positive: Pope John Paul produced his Encyclical Letter on Commitment to Ecumenism in 1995, for example, the first time such authoritative teaching on ecumenism was given by the Pope. As I hope you know, it is full of a zeal for unity, and rich perspectives flowing from the Second Vatican Council that people are still unpacking a dozen years later; and it contains his remarkable appeal for others to enter into dialogue about how his Petrine ministry may ‘accomplish a service of love recognised by all’ (UUS, 95). Two years before that he had issued the Catholic Church’s Ecumenical Directory, a handbook full of the key principles and guidelines to help every member of the Church engage in the search for unity – and I believe we remain the only Church to have produced such a thorough and positive handbook.”


Gay "Masses" continue in "Archdiocese" of Westminster


Under-age pro-life protestors accosted by police


“Bel Air, Maryland, faces a federal lawsuit over arrests of pro-life demonstrators.  The pro-lifers were demonstrating legally, according to Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Kevin Theriot, when police arrived in seven marked cars and arrested 18 people, including his three clients.  They were handcuffed and taken to jail, and our three ladies were actually strip-searched," Theriot explains. "They were subjected to an invasive search where they were forced to lift up their shirts, et cetera, so that the officers could see under their clothing."


McDonalds pays employees to attend gay promo meeting


“In January, McDonalds paid for travel and accommodations for 56 employees to attend the “Pioneer Summit” in San Diego, according to the American Family Association.”


Religious "Defamation" on agenda at UN Rights Session


“During the Geneva Human Rights Council session, which runs from Sept. 8-26, the 47-member HRC will hear a report on the subject, compiled by a special investigator mandated to probe “contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”


Canadian broadcasting accused of bias against Christian-oriented stations


“The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is drawing criticism and allegations of bias for denying two separate applications from an individual and a corporation seeking to start two Christian radio stations in the Ottawa area, just weeks after the commission approved a pornographic television station. The case again directs attention to Canada’s onerous broadcasting regulations which require religious stations to provide programming space for other religious faiths.”


Canadian physicians attack Unborn Victims of Crime bill


Antipope's students plan to launch Ratzinger foundation


“The Ratzinger Schülerkreis, the group of Pope Benedict’s former theology students, plans to launch a foundation bearing his name this November in Munich. The group, which held its annual meeting with its former teacher at Castel Gandolfo last weekend, aims to promote theological studies “in the spirit of Joseph Ratzinger.”


We guess that none of these “theology students” (who apparently paid attention to the writings of Ratzinger, Antipope Benedict XVI) believe in Catholic dogma.  For if they did they would have a major problem with Ratzinger’s blatant heresies, such as his teaching in Principles of Catholic Theology that Vatican I (a dogmatic council) is not binding. The Heresies of Benedict XVI [PDF file]


Pop music star speaks openly about his "relationship" with ex (V-2) priest


Libraries push impure children's books


Anaheim High School must allow Bible club


“A north Orange County high school has been told it can no longer ban a Bible club from meeting on campus and must offer them listings in the school's yearbook and website.”


CA Bill could require docs to inform patients of "right to die"


“A pending bill in the California state legislature could force Catholic doctors and others opposed to assisted suicide to inform terminally ill patients of several facts, including that they have the “right of refusal or withdrawal from life-sustaining treatment.  The bill’s official title is the “California Right to Know End-of-Life Act of 2008,” though the Sacramento Bee has characterized it as “right-to-die legislation.”


Group releases report on "homosexual-friendly" companies


V-2 "Catholic" nuns join motorcycle gang


“‘We're part of a gang,’ the sisters laughed over coffee. They belong to the Sisters of the MMG (Muskegon Motorcycle Gang).”


Upstate NY V-2 "priest" accused of abusing young boys


“Authorities say an upstate New York Roman Catholic priest sexually abused three young children over a three-year period.”


Spike in teenage suicides


This is not a surprise considering the proliferation of dark lifestyles and the loss of the true purpose of life, which is knowing the true God and attaining salvation.


Anglican Cathedral to open chain of wine bars


Britain chooses abortion and contraception movement pioneer for stamps

Baby who grew in mom's abdomen thriving


Growing number of papers print same-sex "wedding" announcements


“While Proposition 8, the Protect Marriage Initiative, falters in the polls, virtually every daily newspaper in California is promoting “marriage” between people of the same gender by publishing same-sex wedding announcements, a rapidly growing practice among publishers that may explain in part what appears to be a sea change in public attitudes about an idea that just years ago seemed unthinkable. About 83% of those who read newspapers in the U.S. are being influenced by the growing trend in the industry to accept wedding or engagement announcements from same-sex couples…”

Ireland is running out of priests


This is another example of the spiritual wasteland and bad fruits left by the Vatican II sect.  Of course this article refers to the Vatican II sect and its priests as Catholic, which they are not: “With precious few candidates for the priesthood and rapidly emptying pews, the Catholic Church is being forced to accept radical changeSo how many are in training for his diocese? ‘None,’ he answered tersely. ‘We have had no candidates for the priesthood for 12 years, maybe 15, no intake in that length of time.’”


Controversial mosque gets go-ahead in Germany


This is an example of how Europe is undergoing the shift from Christian to Godless, Islamic, pagan, etc.


Man swears to God he didn't owe money, struck by lightning a moment later


“China: A man named Xu is recovering in hospital after he was struck by lightning only a minute after swearing to God that he did not owe money to his neighbour. It is thought that he will recover completely.  Xu's neighbour, Huang, claims that he lent him 500 yuan, or about £40, to buy a wedding present three years ago. Huang went to Xu's house and demanded that the debt be repaid but Xu denied that the debt existed.  "I told him that if he dared to swear to God that he didn't owe me the money, then I would waive his debt," Huang said. Xu took him up on the offer and was promptly struck by lightning.”


California prisons prepare for gay "weddings"


New V-2 "Bishop" sings "Drop kick me, Jesus" at installation


Dead Sea Scrolls to go digital on internet


Among other reasons, the Dead Sea Scrolls are significant because they provide Hebrew originals for books of the Old Testament which the Protestants reject.  This further undermines the Protestant position and confirms the Catholic one.


In India religious riots spread against non-Hindus


“Hindu mobs ransacked a church and clashed with… villagers in eastern India on Thursday, police said, as authorities struggled to control spiraling religious violence in the region.”


A Starbucks to be placed inside Baptist "church"


Pro-life billboard vandalized with Joker face paint


“A billboard showing a baby's face and the words "Abortion: The Ultimate Child Abuse" was vandalized in the style of Batman: The Dark Knight villain the Joker.  The baby was made up to look like the arch-villain from the recent Batman film, with black spray paint circling the eyes and red duct tape stretched across the mouth in imitation of Joker's signature grotesque smile.”


By 2015, deaths will surpass births in EU


“Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical service, has released a report indicating that by the year 2015, deaths in the region will outnumber births, and that by the year 2060, for every person above the age of 65 there will only be two people of working age.”


Secular windfall to boost gay influence over sects


80 "Catholic" priests to go on schismatic pilgrimage


They will go to Russia and participate in ecumenical activities with members of the schismatic Russian “Orthodox” Church.  This is heresy against traditional Catholic teaching.


“They will visit cathedrals and monasteries, and participate in both Catholic and Orthodox liturgies. In addition to Alexy II, they will also be received by Archbishop Paolo Pezzi of the Mother of God Archdiocese in Moscow.   The Milan priests will participate in the Divine Liturgy of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary, over which the patriarch will preside in the Kremlin's Cathedral of the Dormition.”


The most sophisticated flying device


FL man battles mother-in-law to remove wife's feeding tube


He’s just desperate to have her die.  In fact, his wife has only been in her present condition for less than a year.


Mexico set to uphold legalized abortion


This is particularly significant because when Christianity (Catholicism) uprooted paganism in Mexico it displaced the culture which featured satanic human sacrifice and the murdering of children.  This was done by Our Lady of Guadalupe.  But now, in these final days, Mexico has displaced its Christian heritage in favor of its dark and evil past.


NBC admits its pro-gay bias


In a full-page ad in the convention program, NBC Universal declared it is "proud to support NLGJA” [The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association] under the bold headline: "YOUR VICTORIES ARE OUR VICTORIES."


Divorcees "remarried" at Vatican II "Catholic" parish


This is about people who didn’t even bother to get “annulments” from the Vatican II sect.  As we’ve covered, most of those are invalid anyway: The Annulment Fiasco - The Vatican II sect's De Facto acceptance of Divorce and Remarriage [PDF File]. 


Veterans' parade cancelled while "gay pride" march goes ahead


Billionaire homo activist gives delegates his strategy to advance gay agenda


13 boys allegedly molested at Australian V-2 "Catholic" school


"Cardinal" Kasper says Bro. Roger was both Protestant and "Catholic"

Benedict XVI giving "Communion" to the Protestant Bro. Roger Schutz

Those familiar with our material know that the case of Bro. Roger Schutz, the former non-Catholic head of the ecumenical Taize monastery, is an important example of outrageous heresy from John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  It alone proves definitively that the Vatican II sect and its antipopes are not remotely Catholic.  In this latest interview, the Vatican “cardinal” in charge of relations with Protestants (“Cardinal” Water Kasper, an outrageous apostate) says that Bro. Roger (who is now dead) was both Calvinist and “Catholic.”  Such a notion is completely heretical, of course.  “Cardinal” Kasper also confirms that John Paul II and Benedict XVI knowingly gave “Communion” to Bro. Roger while being well aware that he was still a Calvinist.  This is really all one needs to see to identify that the Vatican II sect and its antipopes are completely heretical.  They believe that one can be Protestant and “Catholic” at the same time.  Of course, the apostates who wrote the article and conducted the interview attempt to put the most benign spin on this possible.  The fact remains, however, that Kasper confirms that one can adhere to “Catholicism” while not breaking with Protestants or Protestantism.


Kasper also made the following outrageously heretical statement: “Born in a Reformed family, Brother Roger had studied theology and had become a pastor in that same Reformed tradition. When he spoke of “the faith of his origins,” he was referring to that beautiful blend of catechesis, devotion, theological formation and Christian witness received in the Reformed tradition.”  So Kasper describes Reformed Protestantism, which teaches horrible heresies on predestination, etc., as a “beautiful blend.”


For more on the heresy vis-à-vis Bro. Roger, see: The Heresies of Benedict XVI [PDF file]


Noise from Protestant church angers residents


In addition to being non-Catholic (and therefore heretical), some of these Protestant churches are like big party centers.  It’s outrageous.  Their services feature super-loud music, all kinds of dancing, etc.  They are so far away from the true faith.  Since their religion is devoid of true Christian substance (Catholicism), the void must be filled with things like a party atmosphere.


Priest shortage hits Ballarat


"The young generation is not as attracted to the Church as in previous generations."  Considering that the Vatican II sect has nothing of substance to offer, this isn’t a surprise.


V-2 "priest" arranges beauty pageant for nuns


Coca Cola plans to celebrate Ramadan


“Coca-Cola plans to celebrate Ramadan this year by decorating cans with a crescent moon and star – a widely recognized Islamic symbol.”


School Board exploring intelligent design


Evolution is an outrageous myth.


"Catholic" Univ. puts "finishing touches" on Queer Center


“As painters work to put the finishing touches on the newly created LGBTQ Resource Center, the center’s first director, Sivagami Subbaraman, has been working to make a presence for the center as students arrive back to campus.”


LBGTQ stands for Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer.  Think about how abominable it is for a so-called “Catholic” University to have such a center.  For more on the apostasy of the Vatican II sect’s “Catholic” Universities, see our article:  The Deplorable State of "Catholic" Parochial and High Schools [PDF File].


Men ordered to remove shirt, not talk about Bible at gay event


Texas truant students to be tracked by GPS anklets


“Court authorities here will be able to track students with a history of skipping school under a new program requiring them to wear ankle bracelets with Global Positioning System monitoring… Penn said students in the program will wear the ankle bracelets full-time and will not be able to remove them.”


EU Agency calls for redefining marriage and criminalizing homophobia


“A recent report from the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union (EU) has called for binding EU regulations that would equalize the legal status of married heterosexual couples with that of same-sex and opposite-sex couples across Europe.  It also recommends policies aimed at "promoting visibility of homosexuality and other gender identities" and criminalizing homophobia through "hate crime" legislation.”


Large Mirror replaces tabernacle in "Catholic" meditation room


The mirror is meant to get people to worship the “divinity within themselves.”

“The sari-clad nun, 32, began wondering why the room did not even have a crucifix, but then her eye caught a black, wooden sign above the two-square-meter mirror. Written on it were the English words "God within" and a phrase in Sanskrit, "Aham brahmasmi (I am God)."


This is the satanic doctrine of man as God.  This lie rests at the heart of Hinduism and the occult.  It was also a primary feature of John Paul II’s teaching. John Paul II preached the Doctrine of the Antichrist [PDF file]


Hallmark now produces "Gay Marriage" cards


“Most states don't recognize gay marriage -- but now Hallmark does.  The nation's largest greeting card company is rolling out same-sex wedding cards -- featuring two tuxedos, overlapping hearts or intertwined flowers, with best wishes inside. "Two hearts. One promise," one says.”


Infants' organs removed before meeting criteria for brain death


Good: Lithuania bans pro-homosexual truck


KC Diocese set to pay $10 million for abuse


“KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Roman Catholic diocese has tentatively agreed to pay $10 million to settle nearly 50 sexual abuse claims against the diocese and its priests.  In a letter sent to priests with the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese late Tuesday, Bishop Robert W. Finn said the deal is subject to his approval after he consults with two diocese boards.”


V-2 "priest" pleads guilty after attempted homo seduction


A “priest pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors after he was arrested for taking a 17-year-old parishioner to a motel.”


Latest "Bigfoot" hoax fails DNA test


“One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, according to Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the DNA analysis.”


Argentina gay couples get to inherit pension


“Argentina on Tuesday granted gays the right to inherit a partner's pension if they are widowed, extending a benefit that straight couples have long enjoyed.  Argentina is one of several countries moving to bolster gay rights in Latin America…”


"Catholic" Conference in CA displays V-2 apostasy


Doctors in CA barred from withholding care to homosexuals


This is horrible.  “California's high court on Monday barred doctors from withholding medical care to homosexual men and women based on religious beliefs, ruling that state law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination extends to the medical profession.”


College Presidents seek lower drinking age


This is interesting because it shows how significant the problem of drinking is on college campuses.  Countless young people waste their lives and their souls committing the mortal sin of drunkenness, which usually leads to other mortal sins and problems.


Baby comes back to life in hospital fridge


“A stillborn… baby who was pronounced dead by doctors "came back to life" yesterday after spending hours in a hospital refrigerator.”


China confiscates Bibles from Americans


“Chinese customs officials confiscated more than 300 Bibles on Sunday from four… who arrived in a southwestern city with plans to distribute them, the group's leader said.”


"I heard that there's freedom of religion in China, so why is there a problem for us to bring Bibles?" Klein said. "We had over 300 copies and customs took all of them from us."


Possible new tests on the Shroud of Turin


“A Colorado couple researching the shroud dispute radiocarbon dating of the alleged burial cloth of Jesus, and Oxford has agreed to help them reexamine the findings.”


We’re obviously happy about this development.  However, one thing which almost no one seems to mention is the conspiracy part of the previous radiocarbon dating tests.  There was a conspiracy to falsify the test results.  The evidence for this is covered in our video Creation and Miracles, Past and Present.  You can watch it here: WATCH OUR DVDS ONLINE FOR FREE.  The Shroud of Turin is without any question the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Christ.  You can also get another tremendous DVD on the Shroud here. 


Nepal seeks new false child goddess


This is a prime example of why people go to Hell even though they’ve never heard the Gospel.


Schools demand credit for Christian-oriented courses


It should be noted that the first page of this article is, not surprisingly, written with a completely liberal and anti-Christian slant.  It portrays all Bible-based religion courses as unworthy of academic respect. 


Woman impaled on statue of Hindu goddess


It’s interesting that the statue was of the false Hindu goddess Kali, who is associated with death and destruction.


Baptist minister gets jail for stealing members' identities



Massive Brazilian Vaccination raises suspicions of covert sterilization program


“The commencement of a massive, mandatory vaccination program in Brazil has raised suspicions among international pro-life activists, who note that the program is similar to others in recent years that have included a hidden sterilizing agent in the vaccines.”


“The campaign, which was begun last week by Brazil's pro-abortion Health Minister, Jose Gomes Temporao, claims that its goal is to annihilate rubella in the South American nation.  Temporao, who has expended considerable energy to legalize abortion, claims he is concerned about the fact that 17 Brazilian children each year suffer birth defects from the disease, in a nation of more than 180 million people.”


“Rubella is normally little more than a nuisance for those who contract it, with symptoms that pass in a matter of days or weeks.

Although the number of children affected by Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) is less per capita than that of both the United Kingdom and Australia in the 1990s, Temporao is heading a mandatory program to vaccinate 70 million Brazilians, which would make it the largest vaccination in history. “


Loud Muslim prayer calls raise controversy in Morocco


It must be horrible to live in a place where that is done.  Here’s what a true pope said about this type of thing:


Pope Clement V, Council of Vienne, 1311-1312: “It is an insult to the holy name and a disgrace to the Christian faith that in certain parts of the world subject to Christian princes where Saracens [i.e., the followers of Islam, also called Muslims] live, sometimes apart, sometimes intermingled with Christians, the Saracen priests, commonly called Zabazala, in their temples or mosques, in which the Saracens meet to adore the infidel Mahomet, loudly invoke and extol his name each day at certain hours from a high place… This brings disrepute on our faith and gives great scandal to the faithful.  These practices cannot be tolerated without displeasing the divine majesty.  We therefore, with the sacred council’s approval, strictly forbid such practices henceforth in Christian lands.  We enjoin on Catholic princes, one and allThey are to forbid expressly the public invocation of the sacrilegious name of Mahomet… Those who presume to act otherwise are to be so chastised by the princes for their irreverence, that others may be deterred from such boldness.”


HIV positive V-2 priest accused of abuse is dead


“A former priest who was HIV positive and accused of sexually abusing minors in Texas and Rhode Island has died.”


V-2 priest facing 30 sex charges


CA school nixes Bible club


Chicago diocese settles sex abuse for $12.7 million


“The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago will pay $12.7 million to settle lawsuits brought by clergy sex-abuse victims, including boys molested by Daniel McCormack, a former priest on the West Side, church officials said Tuesday.”


Home Schooling grows by 80% in Florida


Abortion horror stories permitted in voter info pamphlet


“A California judge has ruled against Planned Parenthood and its allies who challenged the content of a voter information pamphlet’s arguments in support of Proposition 4, a ballot measure requiring abortionists to notify at least one adult relative before performing an abortion on a minor.”


Report claims that babies harm economy


This is more liberal, “think tank” propaganda.


Satanists going after black cats


“Dozens of black cats are vanishing across Italy every day to be used in Satanic rituals, an animal welfare group has revealed.”


That’s just horrible and evil.


Ohio church: No kissing, tickling allowed


“The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has issued a detailed list of inappropriate behaviors for priests, saying they should not kiss, tickle or wrestle children.”  We happen to agree with this regulation, but the fact that they’ve formally had to impose it is a commentary on the sorry state of their “clergy.”


The Bible teaches Baptismal Regeneration and Infant Baptism


The Bible teaches Baptismal Regeneration and that Baptism is necessary for salvation [New 33 min. audio]

Even though they practice baptism, most Protestants do not believe that baptism spiritually regenerates… They hold that it’s a sign of a conversion or a spiritual rebirth that already happened when one accepted Jesus as the Savior… This audio shows how they contradict the clear teaching of Jesus and the Bible on baptism and what it means to be born again… The biblical proof for baptismal regeneration is one of the easiest ways of demonstrating that Protestantism is not biblical Christianity… This audio covers many verses; it addresses objections (such as from Ephesians 2:8-9); it covers a well-known Protestant’s pathetic attempt to respond to the proof for baptismal regeneration in Acts 2:37-38, and much more


The Proof for Infant Baptism [New 11 min. audio]

This audio shows that the Bible teaches that infants should be baptized and that baptism can be done either by immersion or by effusion (i.e. pouring)


These audios have been added to our: Refuting Protestantism and Eastern "Orthodoxy" * Audio Programs.


Pro-life medical personnel could be forced to support abortion


Benedict XVI admits that he's gotten even more liberal


So, he’s even more liberal than he was when he was a radical heretic at Vatican II and a modernist “cardinal” who taught outrageous heresies. Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File)


University's speech code ruled unconstitutional


Court date set for Wis. suit over Nativity scene


Official language?  "None" listed for U.S.


Major victory for homeschooling


Dept. of Health caving to pro-abortion demands on pharmacists


“A U.S. Department Health and Human Services proposed regulation that would protect freedom of conscience for pro-life physicians and pharmacists will likely be rewritten to reflect pro-abortion demands.”


Large protest against application of Islamic law


Religious art prize judge quits in disgust at blasphemy


Head of Anglican Sect praises homosexual acts


It’s interesting that he attempts to justify his abominable position by the following argument: “In his 1989 essay The Body’s Grace, Dr Williams argued that the Church’s acceptance of contraception meant that it acknowledged the validity of non-procreative sex. This could be taken as a green light for gay sex.”


Members of "Christian" bike gang arrested


We wonder if the justification by faith alone heretics (who also generally believe in the “once saved always saved” myth) would say that their membership in such a gang is proof that they “were never saved to begin with”?


Legislators tell school kids to celebrate homosexuality


Lawmakers give Communists unfettered access to schools


Officials said the bill "will banish from current law the ability of schools to fire teachers for being Communists. It will also allow Communists to use public school property for their meetings."


Network TV promotes fornication, moral degradation


V-2 sect experiments with blow-up beach church


We really doubt they will be condemning the immodesty of dress which is endemic to public beaches.


V-2 "priest" gets 10 yrs. for abusing 3 AZ teens


California hot spot his 812 degrees


“An unexplained "thermal anomaly" caused a patch of land in Ventura County to reach a temperature of over 800 degrees on Friday, baffling experts who have been monitoring the area for weeks.”


DC approves new restrictive homeschool regulations


“The State Board of Education in the District of Columbia has approved the State Superintendent of Education's final draft of home education regulations that significantly increase restrictions on homeschooling families.  The proposed regulations have been a controversial topic since January, when the State Superintendent's Office created a first draft of new rules that sought to heighten restrictions and regulations on parents who choose to homeschool their children. The first draft included regulating the subjects parents must teach their children and a requirement that parents must permit home visits by D.C. school officials.”


V-2 pedophile religious deported to Australia


Archaeologists unearth proof of biblical story about Jeremiah


Solzhenitsyn, who documented horrors of the Gulag, dies at 89


“Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Soviet dissident writer and Nobel literature prize winner who revealed the horror of Stalin's camps to the world, died late on Sunday aged 89, Russian news agencies reported.”

Solzhenitsyn as Gulag labor camp prisoner SCS 262

The really sad part about this is that, despite some of the good he did, he died as a non-Catholic.  He was an Eastern “Orthodox” schismatic and also an apostate.  Here’s a quote from an interview he did:


Solzhenitsyn: “Of course, one cannot declare that only my faith is correct and all other faiths are not. Of course God is endlessly multi-dimensional so every religion that exists on earth represents some face, some side of God. One must not have any negative attitude to any religion but nonetheless the depth of understanding God and the depth of applying God's commandments is different in different religions.”


This proves that, in addition to being a schismatic, he considered all religions to be more or less good or true.  This is apostasy.  Therefore, his efforts exposing the horrors of Communist Russia won’t help him in the end; for he died outside the Church.  What all of this really shows us is that natural good works – no matter how profound – do not profit unto salvation without supernatural faith.  It’s about Jesus Christ and the fullness of His faith, first and foremost; everything follows after that. 


Even though Solzhenitsyn was clearly a non-Catholic schismatic and apostate who, by all indications, died as he lived (i.e., outside the Church), certain (absolutely horrible) false traditionalist heretics say of him: “R.I.P” (Rest in Peace).  This further reveals their utter denial of the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation. 


To read about some of the extraordinarily powerful things which Solzhenitsyn covered concerning the horrors of the Gulag, see our article: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy.  This is found in the Fatima section on our mainpage.


US House condemns China's abuses and one-child policy


145 Hindus killed in stampede at temple


Hinduism is a false religion of the Devil, as the teaching of the Bible (Psalm 95:5; 1 Cor. 10:20) and the Catholic Church make clear.


Ecuador considers mandatory relativistic course for schools


“The new Constitution of Ecuador currently being drafted could make it obligatory for all schools in the country to offer the course “Education for Citizenship,” which has been rejected by thousands of parents in Spain because it indoctrinates children with secularism, relativism, legal positivism and gender ideology.”


UF must recognize “Christian-only” Fraternity


It should be noted that college fraternities are horrible and should not be joined by any Catholic.


Vatican II sect considers proposal from Anglicans


“The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has confirmed that it is "seriously" considering a proposal for union from traditional Anglicans for "full, corporate, sacramental union".  The CDF is following with "serious attention" the request from the Traditional Anglican Communion for "full, corporate, sacramental union" with Rome, Zenit reports.”


Think about this: it’s not about the Anglicans simply changing their religion, accepting Catholic teaching, and converting.  No, a proposal must be submitted by them and considered by the Vatican II sect.  The Vatican II sect under Benedict XVI must determine how heretical they are allowed to remain while being accepted into “full communion.”


MA lets out-of-state gays "marry"


Vandals hold kicking party at Catholic cemetery


U.S. "Catholic" Bishops say one may vote pro-abortion


University denies students funds for pro-life week


Brazil's plummeting birth-rate linked to influence of soap operas


“Brazil's plummeting birth rate, which has fallen from 6.3 children per woman in 1960 to 2.3 in 2000 and 1.8 in 2006, is being attributed to the influence of pro-contraceptive propaganda delivered to the public through soap operas.”


Vatican "Cardinal" begs heretical sect to stay "faithful"


This is an outrageous heresy, of course, to suggest that a non-Catholic sect, which teaches many heresies, is "faithful."

“Addressing the Lambeth Conference "as a friend" yesterday, Vatican Cardinal Walter Kasper said the Anglican communion needs to find ways to encourage the active role of women in the church while remaining faithful to tradition and scripture.”


Ballooning V-2 "priest's" body identified


“Brazilian authorities have formally confirmed the identity of a body found floating off the coast as that of ballooning priest, Fr Adelir Antonio de Carli, who disappeared during a fundraising flight earlier this year.  The BBC reports that DNA tests on a body found off Brazil's coast this month match that of a priest who went missing trying to set a flight record, the authorities say.”


This was a story we posted some time back, when the priest went missing.  We posted it to show the kind of things about which “priests” of the Vatican II sect are active and aggressive.  Sadly, it’s not about the Catholic faith.  Now he knows what really matters.


V-2 seminary closed after seminarians propositioned man for sex


“The Rockford, Illinois diocese will not send seminarians to St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein for training. Two upperclassmen propositioned a Rockford youth for homosexual favors.”


This is just another incident which confirms that: The Seminaries of the Vatican II sect are unspeakable cesspools of homosexuality and heresy [PDF File].


Nurse gave wrong woman abortion


British Gov says children need condom lessons


"Catholic" adoption agency will allow homosexuals to adopt


“The largest Catholic adoption agency in England and Wales has decided to implement an adoption policy that does not rule out same-sex couples in the face of new laws that forbid such screening. The change in its adoption policy was made with the full support of the bishops who oversee the agency.”


Pro-homosexual proselytism by students permitted in schools


Women appeal to EU Court about Irish law forbidding abortion


Hospital sued for parting lesbian couple


Scary power grab?


This is an interesting 10-minute video.


War with Iran?


A video clip


By the way, to contradict the propaganda in the above clip, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declares: “G. We judge with high confidence that Iran will not be technically capable of producing and reprocessing enough plutonium for a weapon before about 2015.” See the Official Government Report: Iran cannot have nukes before 2015, move to page 8 to see it


Another video clip


V-2 "Catholics" shun Confession but embrace reincarnation


PA Supreme Court rules that "hate crimes" law violates constitution


“On Wednesday the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a short per curiam order, in which it agreed with the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania that the state legislature violated the Pennsylvania Constitution when it added "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to Pennsylvania's "ethnic intimidation" law.”


Benedict XVI continues to give “Communion” in the hand

This is a recent photo of Benedict XVI giving “Communion” in the hand.  There had been rumors and reports that Benedict XVI was going to outlaw the practice or that he was in some way against it.  So much for that nonsense.  It’s just more of the same garbage – an example of the lies and deceptive tactics – that the Devil circulates and promotes to keep conservative-minded but bad willed individuals locked into the Vatican II Counter Church.  A conservative statement here, a false report (that he’s going to clamp down on some evil) there, and some meaningless other things, are all they need to hear to remain blindly attached to the manifestly heretical antipope. They are truly pathetic.


Cash crisis ends “sex counseling” for V-2 "priests"


“Encompass, which treated more than 1100 ‘Catholic’ clergy for psychosexual and other mental health issues, closed on June 30 after the church hierarchy decided against spending $200,000 a year to keep it going.”


Instead of kicking the homosexuals and other perverts out – and not allowing them in by demanding observance of real Catholic faith and practice – the Vatican II sect had a pointless counseling center for its priests who were guilty of abuse.  It’s pointless because their problem is spiritual, not mental. 


LAPD Chief donates to gay "marriage"


“LAPD Police Chief William J. Bratton has come out -- in favor of gay marriage.”


We wonder what kind of uproar there would be if the Police Chief of another major city came out and said Gay “marriage” is evil and invalid. 


P. Parenthood closes abortion clinic rather than deny "faith" in abortion


This is how dedicated they are to the cult of abortion.  Rather than deny their complete faith in it by informing patients of the humanity of the baby, they shut down. 


“Planned Parenthood closed its doors after their abortionists, who are flown in from other states, refused to work under the new law that went into effect last Friday. The law orders abortionists to inform patients of the humanity of their babies and that the procedure could affect their mental health two hours before the abortion is set to be performed. The law also provides that abortionists can be sued if they do not comply.”


Witchcraft killings target specific group


V-2 NY "priest" pleads guilty to raping boys


Baby growing outside the womb shows science can save mother and child


Man arrested with record .491 blood alcohol level


“Stanley Kobierowski was taken to a hospital, put in the detoxification unit and sedated, said Maj. Steven O'Donnell. He was arraigned Tuesday on charges of driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest, and he was released after promising to appear Friday at a court hearing.  "The person's lucky they survived," O'Donnell said. "There's no doubt he would have gotten killed or killed someone if he had continued on the route he was taking."


We post this to show how merciful God is, how many chances he gives to people.  This person clearly could have died (and would have been damned), but God allowed him to live.  One would think that after an incident such as this, a person might reform and change his or her life.  In almost every case, however, the “spiritual awakening” – the recognition of a necessity to change and turn to God – is short-lived.  It usually only lasts a few weeks or a few months, and then a person returns to his or her paganism.


Policeman victimized over opposition to gay pride event


Atheists' suit against Dakota Boys Ranch Dismissed


Darwinists all upset about new education bill


B-16 urges youth to be "prophets of New Age"

Benedict XVI yesterday “urged a teeming World Youth Day final Mass crowd estimated at up to 400,000 to become prophets of a new age…”  The term “New Age” arose with Freemasonry and is important to the occult. 


The Bible teaches Confession to a Priest


This is a new audio which gives the proof that the Bible teaches Confession to a priest. 


The Bible teaches Confession to a priest [New 23 min. audio]


This has been added to our Refuting Protestantism and Eastern "Orthodoxy" Audio Programs.


Wiccan stabs herself in ritual


“A Lebanon woman suffered an accidental stab wound when performing a Wiccan rite at Oak Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, Saturday Katherine Gunther, 36, 500 block of South East Street, pierced her left foot with a three-feet-long sword, Lebanon Police said… Gunther told police she and several friends were practicing a ritual that requires the use of candles, incense and driving swords into the earth during the full moon.”


San Francisco to consider de-criminalizing prostitution


“A measure that aims to keep prostitutes from facing criminal charges has qualified for the November ballot in San Francisco.  The measure, which qualified Friday, would bar authorities from spending money to investigate or prosecute prostitutes for engaging in prostitution.”


Rapping "priest" and V-2 "Catholics" party at WYD


“A rapping priest from New York's Bronx entertained thousands of young pilgrims at Bondi Beach on Wednesday…”.

V-2 "Catholic" Journal has picture of Christ with beer can and cigarette


“A picture of Jesus Christ with beer can in one hand and a cigarette in the other, has appeared as the cover picture of an official journal of a local Catholic diocese in Thiruvananthpuram.”


V-2 "Cardinal" awards notorious pro-abortion politician


V-2 Heavy Metal "monk" "wows" fans


There are some really satanic figures among the evil characters who make up the apostate clergy of the Vatican II sect.  This guy has to be right there with the worst of them.  Luciferian is about the only word to describe him.  He received his “calling” (from the Devil) after attending a Metallica concert.   


Antipope Benedict XVI holds another heretical prayer-meeting in Australia


Just chalk this one up as another outrageous act of heresy: “Fifteen leaders of the Australian Christian church met [Benedict XVI] in an Ecumenical event held in the St. Mary’s Cathedral Crypt on Friday morning. In his address to the church leaders, Benedict XVI called on them to not view doctrine as divisive since that view can prevent Christians from working to improve the world.  Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell represented the Catholic Church, while Rev. Robert Forsythe was present for the Anglican Church. Leaders representing the Syrian Orthodox, Maronite Catholics, Indian Orthodox, Chinese Methodist, the Lutheran and Uniting churches were also present.”


This incident alone shows that Benedict XVI holds that Protestants don’t need conversion.


Academia to CA High Schools: No God allowed


The University of California system adopted a policy last year that basic science, history, and literature textbooks by major book publishers that are allegedly Christian or Christian-oriented wouldn't qualify for core admissions requirements because of the inclusion of Christian perspectives.


However, what’s interesting is that while the California system is refusing Christian-oriented materials, it would “routinely approve courses which add viewpoints such as non-Christian religion, feminism, an ethnic preference, a political viewpoint, or multiculturalism, or that focus on religions such as Buddhism or Judaism… but disapprove courses which add viewpoints based on conservative Christianity," the court filings said.


Counselor fired for not working with Lesbian


The first line of this article is somewhat confusing, but basically: a counselor was fired for not working with a lesbian.  Instead of working with her, since that was against her beliefs, she referred her to someone in favor of homosexual “marriage.”  She was fired.  It should be noted that she should not have even referred the lesbian to another counselor who would tell her what she wanted to hear on homosexual issues.


V-2 Bishop sold home to con-man


25% of students drop out of Calif. High Schools


40 sect members die after "deliverance" prayer


Vatican "Cardinal" wants unity for Anglican Sect

The head of the Anglican Sect (Rowan Williams) and Benedict XVI's President of Pontifical Council for "Christian Unity" ("Cardinal" Kasper)

Just like Benedict XVI, “Cardinal” Kasper (who was appointed to his position by Benedict XVI) wants the Anglican non-Catholic sect to remain united and outside the Catholic Church.


“On the occasion of the opening of the Lambeth Conference in England this evening, Cardinal Walter Kasper, President of the Pontifical Council for Christian unity, expressed hope that the Anglican Communion would have a fruitful meeting that would prevent schism within the denomination….Cardinal Kasper, who will join the meeting as an observer, released a statement saying, "my wish is that they may be able to keep the unity of the Anglican Communion, because no one can be interested in further divisions.”


B-16 WYD festival "Mass" marked by Aboriginal dance


Brazilian law would prohibit Christian teaching on homosexuality


“The Brazilian Senate is considering a bill approved unanimously and without debate by the country’s House of Representatives that aims to promote homosexuality and prohibit Christian teaching on the issue, under the guise of combating discrimination.” 


False traditionalist monks return fully to V-2 Counter Church



“Traditionalist Scottish monks close to the Society of St Pius X have rejoined Rome after canonical suspensions on their priests were lifted.  Catholic Online reports the group of monks asked for and received canonical good standing and communion with the Holy See.”


This was a group which was praised and promoted by certain false traditionalists because their externals (i.e. schedule and apparent way of life) seemed so good, devoted, traditional and Catholic.  However, externals can be deceiving.  A group or a person may seem externally dedicated, pious and penitential.  However, if that group or person doesn’t hold the faith without compromise then that group or person cannot please God (Heb. 11:6).  Whereas other groups or individuals who might not be nearly as externally rigorous, but value what is most important (the heart of the faith) with sincerity, honesty, and a pure intention to love God and help souls, are much more pleasing to God.


New Law in Peru speeds up divorces


NC "anti-bullying" bill masks gay agenda


V-2 "Catholic" school principal caught in gay orgy


Portuguese Physicians Capitulate to Pressure to Allow Abortion


“After months of conflict, the leadership of the Portuguese Order of Physicians has capitulated to government pressure to allow abortions in their ethical code.  At a meeting held earlier this week, the organization's National Executive Council proposed new language that, while condemning any destruction of human life, would no longer specify when that life begins.”


Toward World Gov: Belgium approves EU Treaty


Benedict XVI doesn't want schisms in Anglican Sect


"I am praying so that there are no more schisms and fractures" within the Anglican community, Benedict said.  No, he wouldn’t want the non-Catholic sect to divide.  Nor would he tell them that they need to become Catholic.


"Black Magic" ritual killer executed


“An Indonesian man who murdered 42 women and girls in black magic rituals has been executed by firing squad.  Self-confessed "shaman" Ahmad Suraji, 57, told police he killed the women to improve his magical powers.” 


This man’s false religion is the type of false religion which was represented at the Assisi prayer-meetings and praised by Antipopes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.


Man sues God and gets response


This story was from 2007, but we wanted to make sure we linked to it. 


“One of two court filings from "God" came Wednesday under otherworldly circumstances, according to John Friend, clerk of the Douglas County District Court in Omaha. “This one miraculously appeared on the counter. It just all of a sudden was here -- poof!" Friend said.  State Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha sued God last week, seeking a permanent injunction against the Almighty for making terroristic threats, inspiring fear and causing "widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants."


In our opinion, it probably was God Himself who responded after being addressed in this specific, formal and public way.


Woman battles Satanist for custody of children


“The T in Satan's name inked on Jamie Meyer's left leg is drawn to look like an upside-down cross. The crucifix suspended above his bed hangs upside down too.”


This article also reminds us that, contrary to the claims of certain false traditionalists, the upside-down cross is indeed a symbol used by Satanists.


Gay man sues Bible publishers for verses against homosexuality


This shows that you can sue anybody for anything, even if you have no legitimate case whatsoever.


WYD organizers assure Jews on Stations of the Cross


We have not seen the script, but the organizers have assured us that in the ongoing attention to the details of each station, every means is being undertaken to ensure that the production will be faithful to Nostra Aetate,” according to the statement by a Jewish group. 


This is interesting because Nostra Aetate is the Vatican II document which contains a repudiation of traditional Catholic teaching on the Jews, as well as other heresies.  Thus, Benedict XVI has assured the Jews that his World Youth Day Stations of the Cross will be faithful to the heretical teachings on the Jews in Vatican II.  The Heresies in Vatican II [PDF File]


"Catholic" Univ. awards professorship to feminist theologian


Texas school bible course is allowed


Registrar who refused to conduct gay "weddings" wins case


Priest finds fetus in cheese spread bottle


Statue of Antipope John Paul II for Sydney

This demonstrates how so many are completely oblivious to the traditional Catholic faith and how John Paul II completely rejected it: John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005).


Brazil to place condoms in all public high schools


Brazil has come full circle.  Before the arrival of the Jesuit “Apostle of Brazil” Padre Jose de Anchieta (1534-1597) and other missionaries, Brazil was a pagan land.  It then blossomed into the most Catholic nation on Earth. 


But now, in these last days, we are seeing the transition to the post-Christian era; Brazil has abandoned Catholicism and returned to Godlessness.  “An official of the Brazilian federal government has announced that 400 condom vending machines will be placed in public schools by October of this year in the beginning stages of a massive distribution to the entire public school system.”


St. Louis Diocese pays out more for sex abuse claims


“The St. Louis Archdiocese has paid $467,500 in the past year to nine people who claimed they were sexually abused by six St. Louis-area priests as long ago as the mid-1960s, officials said.  A lawyer for the archdiocese said it has paid $8.2 million to settle 103 sexual abuse claims.”


Sex acts on Provincetown beach spark outrage


Statue of Virgin Mary destroyed three times in three months


It was clearly done by evil heretics who don’t understand the Bible or Catholic teaching. 


Free Bibles available at Beijing Olympics


This is somewhat surprising.


Alberta man convicted of "hate speech" appeals


V-2 "Catholic" bishop supports construction of Mosque

Another apostate “bishop” of the Vatican II sect who has no concept of the teaching of the Church on non-Catholic religions


“Cairns “Catholic” Bishop James Foley has joined leaders of others faiths in supporting the construction of a mosque in the North Queensland resort town. reports leaders from across the religious spectrum have thrown their support behind a controversial mosque set to be built in suburban Cairns.”


Abortions and Sterilizations at "Catholic" hospitals


“An anonymous report providing evidence from government statistics has indicated that 23 Catholic hospitals in Texas performed 39 abortions and 9684 sterilizations between 2000 and 2003.”


New EU report says tougher laws needed to fight "homophobia"


“Tougher laws are needed to combat homophobia in the European Union, a new report says… Better use of EU-wide criminal legislation could tamp down homophobic hate speech and hate crime, the agency said…The agency said transgender people — described by the EU as individuals who live a gender opposite the one listed on their birth certificates — also suffer from discrimination and homophobia and need broader legal protection.”


The Bible teaches Purgatory


This is a new audio which gives the irrefutable proof that the Bible teaches Purgatory. 


The Bible Teaches Purgatory  [25 min. audio]


This has been added to our Refuting Protestantism and Eastern "Orthodoxy" Audio Programs.


Planned Parenthood and the ACLU team up to stop abstinence education


ACLU vying to stop Naval prayer


Boys punished with detention in UK for refusing to pray to Allah


This headline is so outrageous that it’s hard to believe it’s true.  But it is true.


Student discovers Masonic pipe bowl at Washington's home


Gay-"Marriage" opponents to boycott McDonald's


Anti-Abortion group wins free-speech ruling


“A federal appeals court gave an anti-abortion group the go-ahead Wednesday to drive trucks with enlarged photos of aborted fetuses past California schools, saying the Constitution protects the display of disturbing messages.  Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies interfered with free speech by ordering the driver of one such truck to move away from a middle school, said the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.”


V-2 Diocese shuffled pedophile priest


City drops ban on speaking about Jesus


Colorado law: "Publishing of Discriminative Matter forbidden"


Political officials arrested in satanic torture


Lesbians plot death of mother for opposing relationship


Sects are offering drive-in "church" services


Judge denies group’s request to display cross


V-2 Denver Archdiocese to pay 5.5 million in abuse settlement


The evil lyrics of Top 20 songs


“The Institute took a close look at top songs on Billboard magazine charts over a 14-week period and found that a fourth of the songs that made the Top 20 sent a message of sexual degradation, and nearly half included some form of sexual content. Out of the 50 songs examined, 13 were sexually degrading, six contained profanity, and seven referred to drugs and alcohol… Most of the songs examined are listened to by young children.”


Antipope presides over Vespers with schismatic leader


"Catholic" school let killer deal drugs and worship Devil


Sexual diseases double among the over-45s


V-2 Church might give up Irish "Catholic" schools


Man dies after drinking more than 20 shots


The man did all of this while at an indecent night club.  He had also been convicted of breaking and entering in his past.  Despite all of this, his mother actually said of him: "He was a sweet kid. And he tried very hard to do what was right all the time."  A sweet kid, who tried to do what was right all the time?!  This is an astounding statement.  It demonstrates how far people are away from the truth.  They are in total darkness – a state of complete spiritual blindness.  They have no fear of God, no recognition of sin or evil, and they hold everyone to be good no matter what they do. 


V-2 church features puppets during "Mass"


This really shows that the Vatican II religion is a new religion.  They must use puppets to attempt to keep the children interested because the New Mass and the V-2 religion are devoid of any real substance and meaning.   “On a recent Sunday, Tito the puppet announces that he is going to invite Pancholin, a street kid, to Mass — much to the chagrin of his friend, Pati… After the show, kids return to the pews and Solorzano resumes the Mass.”

This is “Fr.” Doug of the Vatican II sect.  His case was another outrageous V-2 “puppet Mass,” which was covered on page 423 of our book, The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II.  In this case, “The Children get so excited [at “Mass” about a puppet] they can hardly stay seated in the pews.”


International conference eyes "homophobia" and "hate crimes"


Court rules in favor of S. Dakota abortion warning law


“A federal appeals court ruled that South Dakota can begin enforcing a law requiring doctors to tell women seeking abortions that the procedure ends a human life.”


Presbyterian "Church" moves to enable ordination of practicing homosexuals


“The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Friday to pave the way toward the ordination of practicing homosexual persons to the offices of deacon, elder, or minister. The series of votes begin to reverse the denomination's position on sexual practices that it has held for its entire existence. This highest governing body of the 2.2 million member denomination began a process to amend one of its historic catechisms and its constitution to remove sexual-practice standards for ordination. It also overturned an "authoritative interpretation" that had defined its policy for ordination matters.”


Court denies man obscene name change


That’s good news.


Court: 1st amendment protects Church exorcisms


Neopaganism growing quickly


“… an exploding population of modern pagans give it contemporary twists.  Their numbers roughly double about every 18 months in the United States, Canada and Europe, according to the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.”


New Audio Cassette proving the Papacy from the Bible


We’re glad to say that our audio presentation, The Bible teaches that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope [1 hour and 11 minutes], is now available on audio cassette.


You can order it here - click here for description [1 copy- $2.00/15- $10.00/25- $15.00/50- $27.00/75- $35.00]


This 1 hour and 11 minute audio tape contains the irrefutable biblical evidence that Jesus made St. Peter the first pope.  It also proves that the authority given to St. Peter transferred to the Bishops of Rome.  To hear this presentation, which is now available in audio tape form, go to Refuting Protestantism and Eastern "Orthodoxy" * Audio Programs.


Protestant to take charge of V-2 "Catholic" school


“…a shortage of headteachers led to the temporary appointment until a permanent replacement can be found.”


States say "no" to funds for abstinence education


Teaching religious indifferentism in CA high schools


Insurance Co. rewards gay "newlyweds"


Uproar over prayer service for gays grows


This is an interesting story.  It concerns the recent decision of the V-2 “Archbishop” of Minneapolis to stop a pro-gay service that was being held in one of the V-2 “Catholic” churches in that diocese.  Some defenders of the Vatican II sect are making something out of the fact that a V-2 “bishop” actually decided to stop the service.  Big deal!  Think about the fact that this outrage has been going on in one of the supposed “Catholic” churches in that diocese.  Further, consider that these gays still plan to hold their service in favor of the homosexual lifestyle; now they plan to do it outside the building.  Will they be excommunicated?  No. 


Bayly and other Catholic gays and lesbians will not be allowed to celebrate their lifestyle in the church sanctuary following an edict handed down by Archbishop John Nienstedt, who has barred the annual gay pride prayer service at the south Minneapolis church.  In protest, Bayly and others have decided to hold their own lay service outside the church tonight. They are also calling for a mass rally at the church tonight to condemn the archdiocese.”


An analogy which we believe puts the activity of the V-2 “bishop” in this regard in its proper perspective is this: suppose a group wanted to hold a service for abortion in one of the V-2 churches.  Then suppose the “bishop” stepped in and said, “This is way too far; the service must stop.”  The pro-abortion group then simply moved outside the building to hold their service.  They did not change their beliefs and they were not excommunicated.  Would such a “bishop” be considered to have condemned abortion?  Not really.  He only disallowed a certain form of its promotion, that is, promotion of it right in his face in his church.  But he did not disallow all adherence to it or promotion of it.  The same thing applies here.  This “bishop” of Minneapolis might have disallowed a certain form of the promotion of homosexuality which was occurring in the church building, but the fact that he has not excommunicated them shows that he holds and accepts that one can be “Catholic” and believe as they do.


V-2 "priest" resigns after sex proposal is taped


Spanish parliament to extend rights to apes


V-2 sect makes offer to SSPX


Benedict XVI has offered the Society of St. Pius X full recognition of its group in exchange for full recognition of the heresies of Vatican II and the validity of the (invalid) New Mass.

The founder of the SSPX, Archbishop Lefebvre, who did some good things but also taught heresy against the salvation dogma: The File on the Positions of the Society of St. Pius X [PDF file]


SF "Catholic" Charities hosts crowd of homo marriage supporters


Irish Gov. unveils gay civil partnership bill


Sex crimes, Benedict XVI and the V-2 sect [39 minute video]


This is a rather disturbing, but revealing video which exposes the abominable and sick sex abuse by “priests” of the Vatican II sect.  It also covers how the authorities of the Vatican II sect (including Benedict XVI) allowed it and enabled it.  It therefore devastates the Vatican II sect, for it reveals the evil behind this Counter Church of the last days.  They cannot remove a pervert or a pedophile because they worship man. It’s the same reason they cannot denounce false religions or excommunicate almost any heretics.  They cannot oppose evil men or condemn them or kick them out because they think that offends human dignity.


This video doesn’t contain any immodest visual content, but it does describe some of the things that these homosexual perverts did.  Therefore, it is only suitable for a mature audience.  This video also covers how Benedict XVI was intimately involved in the cover up and the policy of silence which enabled the wolves to continue to operate in sheep’s clothing.  It therefore constitutes a spiritual punch in the face to those false traditionalist heretics who think that the apostate Benedict XVI is a Catholic or a strong one!  What a lie and an outrage.  This sex scandal is so sick, so abominable, so scandalous that it cannot be measured.  It constitutes such a mockery of the true Catholic priesthood and the true Catholic Church that words cannot describe the damage it does.  This damage is done to the Catholic Church in the eyes of those who don’t know that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church or that its “priests” and “bishops” are not true adherents of Catholic teaching.


People need to keep in mind that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.  It is the counterfeit “Catholic” Church of the last days, also known as “the Whore of Babylon.”  See: Is the Vatican II sect the Whore of Babylon prophesied in the Apocalypse? [PDF File].  Thus, the Vatican II sect’s priests are not real Catholic priests.  Also see, The Idolatry of the Vatican II sect is connected with its rampant homosexuality [PDF File].


By the way, one other thing we wanted to mention concerns the video’s portrayal of sex abuse by certain “priests” with young men about age 14.  The video portrays the young men as having been abused or even “raped,” as if they were guiltless victims.  This is done frequently by the media as well.  Sorry, but a young man at the age of 14 who doesn’t run away from, or even strike (if necessary), a homo priest who starts to make sexual advances is also guilty of the abominable activity.  He is guilty for going along with and not opposing the attempted abuse. 


70% of Americans say other religions lead to Heaven


“57 percent of evangelical church attenders said they believe many religions can lead to eternal life, in conflict with traditional evangelical teaching. In all, 70 percent of Americans with a religious affiliation shared that view, and 68 percent said there is more than one true way to interpret the teachings of their own religion…  More than most groups, Catholics break with their church, and not just on issues like abortion and homosexuality. Only six in 10 Catholics described God as "a person with whom people can have a relationship" - which the church teaches - while three in 10 described God as an "impersonal force.”


There is only one true religion, of course.  That’s the Catholic religion, outside of which there is no salvation.  But this survey shows how religious indifferentism has permeated all aspects of American society, with modernist “Catholics” of the Vatican II sect leading the charge.


International pact seen as promoting homosexuality


Clinic operator posed as doctor and performed abortions


Quebec judge overturns father's decision to ground his daughter


“A Quebec youngster has used the courts to avoid parental discipline in a "landmark" case. The 12-year-old girl, who is too young to be named, went to court to force her father to overturn his decision not to allow her to go on a school trip. Her father had decided to ground her after he found out she had posted photos of herself on a dating website against his wishes.  The sixth grader then took her father to court, arguing that his punishments were too severe.”


Switzerland's last executed witch to be "rehabilitated"


“After consultations with ‘Catholic’ and Protestant authorities, the Swiss canton of Glarus is to rehabilitate a woman executed in 1782 on witchcraft charges.”


Pro-Gay Activists move to stop marriage measure


School Board fires teacher for discrediting evolution


“Freshwater preached his Christian beliefs about how the world began, discredited evolution and didn't teach the required science curriculum, the board says… After learning of the board's decision, Freshwater called the consultants' report half-truths and said he never veered from the state standards for teaching science.”


Group files suit over "I believe" plates in SC


“A group that advocates separation of church and state filed a federal lawsuit Thursday to prevent South Carolina from becoming the first state to create "I Believe" license plates.”


NZ IVF law tries to give parents "gender choice"


A New Zealand agency “has attacked proposals to change the law to allow couples in IVF programs to choose the sex of their child.  The Age reports parents involved in IVF programs could soon be allowed to choose the sex of their child if the government follows the advice of its Bioethics Council.”


Schoolgirls in England to get HPV vaccine


“Ministers have selected the Cervarix vaccine, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, which will be offered to every 12 and 13-year-old girl in the country on their return to school after the summer holiday break.”


"Catholic" Charities’ affiliate helps teenager obtain abortion


Spotlight on media's pro-homosexual bias


“Robert Knight of the Media Research Center agrees, saying there has been no objectivity in the coverage of homosexuality by the media. He accuses the media of having the "biggest blind spot or the most committed ideological opinions" when it comes to the homosexual issue.”

V-2 abuse crisis far from over in Vermont


MA High School faces pregnancy boom in largely "Catholic" town


Thailand offers kids "Transvestite Toilet"


“The Kampang School in northeastern Thailand conducted a survey last term that showed more than 200 of the school's 2,600 students considered themselves transgender, said school director Sitisak Sumontha.”


Homos arrested in state park for lewd acts


Abortion rate rises in New Zealand


New York lets troubled kids choose their gender


“New York's Office of Children and Family Services, which runs the state's juvenile-detention centers, has quietly adopted new rules that cater to lesbian, gay, bisexual and "transgender" youth in its custody, The Village Voice reported.”


German Lutherans consider election of first openly homosexual "bishop"


La. senate approves bill promoting critical analysis of evolution


UK schools to hand out contraception and arrange abortion


“Sexual health clinics are to be opened in secondary schools to hand out contraception and help arrange abortions.  Pupils as young as 11 will be able to drop in for free condoms, contraceptive pills, morning-after pills, pregnancy testing and screening for sexually-transmitted diseases.”


Kentucky's homosexual policy


Dozens of gay "couples" prepare to wed in CA


Study: 80% lose faith at college


Man fined for preaching near Liberty Bell


Lesbians arrested for torturing 5 year-old


Anglican sect has first gay "wedding"


Scouts refuse boy who won't swear to Queen for Catholic reasons


While they won’t allow a boy to refuse to swear to the Queen because his family believes it would compromise Catholic faith, “The Scout Association allows young people of different religions to replace the word "God" with other deities, and also allows people of other nationalities in the UK to swear to do their duty to "the country in which I am now living".  But Chris Foster, spokesman for the association, said the rules stated that British nationals must pledge allegiance to the Queen. “


Swiss move to block Muslim prayer towers


We’re obviously glad to hear about this move.  However, the fact that they have had to mobilize against this shows us how quickly the false religion of Islam is spreading across once-Catholic Europe.


Teenager becomes 14th to die from abortion drug


“A new report indicates a teenager died just one week after having a legal abortion -- providing more evidence that legal abortions are not safe for women. Manon Jones, an 18-year-old student from Caernarfon, Gwynedd experienced heavy bleeding after the abortion and eventually died.”


World lawmakers meet in London to fight "anti-semitism"


This has been added to our: Jewish Power and Control Watch. 


N. Ireland's first lady accused of anti-gay "hate crime"


In response to her strong and correct words against homosexuality, “Iris Robinson, considered Northern Ireland's first lady as the wife of First Minister Peter Robinson, has been accused of "hate crimes" and is facing both a police investigation and the possibility of a civil complaint, according to reports.”


Same-sex "marriage" passes easily in Norway


Iowa faces historic flooding

"We are seeing a historic hydrological event taking place with unprecedented river levels occurring," added Brian Pierce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Davenport.


Biblical message now criminalized in Colorado


Trial for naked jogging V-2 "priest" begins


Yonkers V-2 "priest" sent to jail for abuse


V-2 "priest" confesses sex assault to police


When you think about this flurry of news reports about the V-2 clergy, it’s so bad that it’s almost difficult to believe that these are all separate incidents.  It really captures the abominable state of the clergy in the Vatican II Counter Church.  These heretical, non-Catholic, phony, homosexual and perverted “priests” totally disgrace the true Catholic priesthood.


Study shows that modern "Catholic" teens have no guilt


“This just in from the myth-busting department: ‘Catholic’ teens feel no more guilty than other U.S. teenagers.”  In other words, this study confirms that most modern “Catholic” teens are no different from the completely Godless or the pagans.  This is something that’s not too difficult to discover if you examine the level of morality at most “Catholic” high schools today.


Quoting Scripture is banned in library community room


V-2 "priest" accused of drunk driving and vehicular assault


It should be noted that if this would have been a rabbi, it probably wouldn’t even have made the news.  Nevertheless, “A Catholic priest from St. Charles County is facing charges of second-degree assault and driving while intoxicated following an accident in St. Louis County.  Prosecutors say the Rev. John Brockland ran a red light and hit another car last month, leaving the other driver with a fractured clavicle, ribs and pelvis.”


Prayer complaint puts city in hot seat


Brazilian President wants to do all he can to criminalize homophobia


This guy is really an abomination.  “June 5 was a landmark day for the international homosexual movement.  For the first time in history, the president of a nation officially launched a conference with the sole purpose of promoting and defending the homosexual agenda. Lula [the president] then announced his complete support for the homosexual movement, saying that he is "going to do all that is possible so that the criminalization of homophobia and the civil union may be approved."


V-2 pastors removed for insisting on traditional Mass


This shows us the true character of the counterfeit Vatican II sect.


California county clerk takes stand against gay "marriages"


V-2 parish will participate in SF’s abominable "gay pride" weekend


Belgium's dwindling churches converted into mosques


“Churches in Belgium are to be turned into mosques as ‘Christian’ congregations decline while Muslims demand more places to worship.”


"Idols" line up for Antipope


Antarctica base gets 16,500 condoms before darkness


This reveals the general deterioration of morals today.


El Salvador condemns abortion as "abominable crime"


“All 84 members of the Congress of El Salvador have signed a petition condemning abortion as an ‘abominable crime.’”  That’s some good news.


Principal orders students to remove Jesus statue


Group fined $5,000 for anti-gay letter


“The Alberta Human Rights Commission has fined a… group $5,000 for an anti-gay letter that was published in a Red Deer newspaper.”


China's crackdown on religious relief efforts


County schools cave to pressure with Islam book


Atheist game asks players to kill prophets


"Catholic" University hires homosexual director for gay campus center


Cuba approves free sex-change operations


Obscene homosexual book at Barnes and Noble store


Food scarcity "creating New World Order"


V-2 "priest" shortage leads to "Mass" cuts


“The Catholic church has started cancelling masses in Adelaide [Australia] because it is running out of priests.” 

Of course this is not the real Catholic Church, but the counterfeit Vatican II sect.


Argentina's mandatory sex-ed program for elementary school


“Argentina’s Federal Education Council approved a sex-ed program that will be obligatory in all schools, from elementary to high school.”


Oregon plan covers assisted suicide, not cancer drug


Marijuana use shrinks brain


Adoption agency has to stop over "gay rights"


Baby miraculously survives abortion


“A short time after the abortion, Percival felt a fluttering in her stomach. She went to the doctor for a scan and discovered she was 19 weeks pregnant. "I couldn't believe it,' Percival said. "This was the baby I thought I'd terminated.”


Lesbians go wild when told to stop kissing at ballpark


"The women refused to modify their behavior, began swearing at the seating hosts and complained that they were being singled out for their sexual orientation," the club said.  This is another example which demonstrates that homosexuality comes from the Devil: the evil spirits dominating them wouldn’t allow them to control themselves.


Toronto's failing "Catholic" school system


Spanish textbook for 15 year-olds attacks Church


“The association Educacion y Persona has denounced a new textbook that aggressively attacks the Church and supports abortion and is part of the government-sponsored school course Education for Citizenship. The textbook will be used by 15 year-olds.”  What happened to Catholic Spain?


Group threatens S.C. Christian license plate


“Americans United for the Separation of Church and State is threatening a possible legal challenge if South Carolina's governor signs into law a measure that will add a Christian license plate to the state's lengthy list of specialty tags.”


Debate brewing over how to teach science


This article shows us again how people must scratch and claw just for the right to question the ridiculous hoax of evolution.  And people should keep in mind that basically any article on this topic in the mainstream media will be written from a pro-evolution perspective.


Greek mayor recognizes same-sex unions


“For the first time, homosexual couples will receive the legal recognition of marriage in Greece.”  The acceptance of homosexual abomination is just sweeping the globe.  This really tells us where we are in history. 


6th-grader warned to stop wearing pro-life T-shirts


“K.B. reported that he was first confronted on April 2nd by a teacher saying that the shirt "could be offensive." On April 4th he was sent to the principal's office because, his teacher said, the shirt was "inappropriate for class."


Assisted suicide bill passes Calif. assembly


“An assisted-suicide bill that allows doctors and nurses to suggest death by unconscious dehydration has barely passed the California State Assembly.”


Canadian group votes to ban all pro-life campus groups


V-2 "Catholic" bishop backs creation of Islamic state


This is outrageous, of course, and rejects the official teaching of the Catholic Church on the false religion of Islam, which is covered in this file [PDF].


Yearbook has gay theme


Liberals in Belgium want euthanasia for children


Switzerland helps nearly 900 people kill themselves


Men face arrest for preaching to Muslims in England


UN population fund honors abortion advocates


Antipope praises schismatic patriarch


Blue Cross Blue Shield invokes pagan blessing


Law allows men to use women's bathrooms


Benedict XVI changes Stations of the Cross to please non-Catholics


“World Youth Day organizers in Sydney, Australia, have altered the traditional pattern for the Stations of the Cross in a bow to ecumenical and inter-religious sensibilities, the Sydney Morning Herald reports… The text for the Stations of the Cross has also been chosen to avoid language that might offend Jews or inflame anti-Semitic feelings.”


Even though some are saying that the change has been made by “World Youth Day organizers,” it has been done under the auspices of Benedict XVI.


Iran arrests 12 for denying Islam


Soldier suspended over Christian coin controversy


Creation film boosts Academic Freedom bills


Creation School denied certification by Texas


The school was denied because it rejects evolution.


Record Abortion Rate in Scotland


“More than 3,500 of the women who had an abortion in Scotland last year had had a previous termination of pregnancy and 372 were girls aged under 16, figures released by the Scottish government have revealed.”


Team drops "Devil" and starts to win


The Tampa Bay “Devil Rays” changed their name to the Tampa Bay “Rays.”  This season is their first season with the new name.  The Tampa Bay “Devil Rays” were a perennial last-place team, occupying the cellar of professional baseball.  So far this year, to the shock of the league, they are in first place.  That’s pretty interesting.


Coach axed for trying to convert Muslims


Benedict XVI to meet leaders of other religions in Australia


“Pope Benedict XVI will meet Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu leaders during his visit to Australia in July, organisers said Wednesday…the pope would also meet leaders from other Christian traditions including the Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterian…”

He won’t be meeting with them to try to convert them to Catholicism, of course, but to show respect for their false religions.


Orthodox schismatic shares Communion with V-2 "Catholics"


This is another example of how the Vatican II sect, by its false ecumenism, rejects the traditional Catholic faith.  This is also shown in: The Vatican II sect vs. the Catholic Church on partaking in non-Catholic worship.


The Welfare Marriage Penalty


An exorcism a day in Germany

“Up to one German per day undergoes a full scale exorcism, a priest estimates, giving a figure that has shocked the public.  Hundreds of Germans, tortured by inner voices, are looking for priests to help free them from what they believe to be the grip of the devil, according to a radio documentary that has stirred debate about exorcism in the Catholic Church, the Times Online reports.”


This is another example of how the Devil is out there and very active, especially in these dark days.  Many would probably be surprised by how many people have contacted us looking for help with these problems.  For more on these cases, as well as the Catholic principles and lessons one can learn from them, see the files dealing with exorcisms on our video page and the discussions in the Traditional Catholic Audio Programs.


Deaths exceed births in increasing number of US cities


Evil icon worries Mexican town


"Devil Procession" in Spain


“MADRID (Reuters) -A procession of devils, ghosts and zombies through the historic Spanish city of Toledo…”  This shows how far things have come in once-Catholic Spain.  A procession of God in the Blessed Sacrament has been replaced by one of devils.


Britain's mandated homosexual adoptions takes effect


"Queer Prom" held in Chicago


Pilots in danger land near Jesus sign


Vatican plans to celebrate Darwin


This is abominable.


John Paul II on pace to become "saint" in record time


John Paul II was an antipope and a manifest heretic, as we prove here: John Paul II (manifest heretic who claimed to be pope 1978-2005). Benedict XVI, who is also an antipope and a manifest heretic, has no papal authority to canonize anyone.

"Habitat for Humanity" helps Abortion Giant


Court rules that state illegally seized sect's children


While we are obviously opposed to the non-Catholic sect described in the above article, it’s good to know that the government in this country cannot simply do whatever it wants if it looks askance at one’s religious beliefs.


UK: a child can legally have 2 mothers and no father


“In a controversial move both women in a lesbian relationship will be able to have the status of legal parents when one of them gives birth.  It came as MPs prepared to vote on lowering the time limit on abortion.”


Virginia strikes down ban on partial birth infanticide


2 Arrested in Norway for talking about Jesus


Louisiana House unanimously passes Academic Freedom Bill


Phony "Christian" leaders meet to buttress support for Israel


“A delegation of ‘Christian’ parliamentarians from around the world whose countries have formed pro-Israel parliamentary lobbies gathered Thursday on Capitol Hill in an effort to buttress support for the State of Israel.”


Many leaders of heretical sects, which claim to be Christian, go out of their way to support the anti-Christian Jewish State of Israel.  They think and teach that this is the duty of “Christians.”  They go out of their way to support the Jewish nation in which it’s against the law to try to convert Jews. They do this because of their heretical and false theology, according to which the Jewish people in Israel should be blessed because they are still the Israel of God.  This heretical theology rejects the truth that the Bible teaches that the Church of Jesus Christ (the Catholic Church) is the new Israel of God (Galatians 6:16).  The Old Covenant has been replaced with the New Covenant and the Church.  The people of God have been incorporated into the new Israel, the Church.  Those who don’t (or didn’t) accept Christ are not the people of God.


This heresy, which is rampant among heretical evangelical Protestants, is truly abominable to Jesus Christ.  One cannot underestimate the impact it has in strengthening God’s enemies.  One cannot fail to consider how much it damages the cause of Christ by assisting in a significant manner the influence of a nation which wants to limit or eliminate the promotion of Christ’s name. 


China's Earthquake losses compounded by one-child policy


Freemasonry is in midst of membership boom


The Catholic Church has forbidden membership in Freemasonry under pain of excommunication.


Woman bullied for refusing to marry gays


UN will send 220,000 condoms to Myanmar


District drops John 3:16 ban


An unholy stash


Drug dealers are hiding their drugs in a grotto near a statue of the Virgin Mary.


V-2 "cardinal" says gay priests are ok


This is just a tiny example of the fact that if the Vatican II sect ever really tried to impose a ban on homosexual seminarians it would never be put into effective action by its apostate bishops.  Further, they would probably have to clean out a large portion of their “seminaries.”


Orthodox Jews burn New Testaments


“Orthodox Jews set fire to hundreds of copies of the New Testament in the latest act of violence…”


Gov't sponsored Youth Conference promotes Abortion and Homosexuality


“Brazil's first national "Youth Conference", held in the capital city of Brasilia in late April, concluded with a declaration in favour of the legalization of abortion and the creation of an educational system free of “homophobia”.”


31,000 scientists reject "Global Warming" Agenda


Some believe that the Global Warming “Crisis” has been created to impose international control: global domination by the United Nations.  For if there is an international crisis which threatens the very existence of the Earth, then nations can be scared into giving up their sovereignty to a universal body which can impose “safe regulations” upon the world.  It can tell them what they can and cannot do.  Thus, some think that this “Global Warming” furor is just another step toward world government.  For instance, the article notes that: "The United States is very close to adopting an international agreement that would ration the use of energy and of technologies that depend upon coal, oil, and natural gas and some other organic compounds."


Coast Guard allows officer to refuse vaccination on moral grounds


UK votes to allow "hybrid embryos"


This is very bad.  


Thousands of British women have had four abortions


“Figures uncovered by the Telegraph show that almost 4,000 women have had at least four abortions. In a "grotesquely bleak" picture of British society, scores of women have had at least eight terminations.”


Tattoo craze causes surge in hepatitis cases


Vermont V-2 diocese hit with record judgment


B-16 might be questioned for his knowledge of sex abuse crisis


“Attorney William McMurry said Pope Benedict XVI has an unparalleled knowledge of the scope of sex abuse complaints because before becoming pope, he led Vatican offices that were directly involved with the investigation of sexual abuse by clerics.”


Pakastani doctor jailed on "blasphemy" charges


In Pakistan it’s a crime to insult the false religion of Islam or its false prophet Muhammad.  “Under article 295-c of Pakistan’s penal code, ‘blasphemy’ against Muhammad merits death.”


Ontario forces taxpayers to pay for "sex change" operations


Megachurch Baptist minister busted in sex sting


V-2 religious orders ignore abortion at corporate meetings


UC Berkeley staff faces lawsuit over pro-evolution bias


Judge says school must let "Christian" club air messages


“A federal judge ordered the Deer Valley Unified School District to allow a ‘Christian’ student club to air upcoming meetings during Mountain Ridge High School's morning announcements… Erin Krestan, a student at Mountain Ridge High School, said an administrator would not allow her to air an announcement in January… Krestan, a Glendale resident, said she was discriminated against because Common Cause is a Christian club.”


California legalizes same-sex marriage


This is obviously a very bad sign for this world.


EU report charts the collapse of family life


“There is one marital breakdown and one abortion in Europe almost every 30 seconds… Almost one in every five pregnancies ends in abortion…Two out of three households have no children, and nearly 28 per cent of households contain only one person.”


Dallas V-2 "priest" resigns after connection to homo website


Irish V-2 priest jailed for sex attacks on children


Vatican says it's OK to believe in aliens


We will have more on this in the future.  We will have a major project on how UFOs are demons and that the evidence shows that there is no life on other planets.


KY "Holocaust" education bill signed into law


This has been added to our: Jewish Power and Control Watch. 


V-2 "cardinal" says "respect atheists"

The V-2 “Archbishop” of Westminster, “Cardinal” Murphy O’Connor, has urged people to treat atheists and agnostics with "deep esteem."


Pagan prisoners in Britain granted the right to carry "Magic Wands"


Britain's blasphemy laws are lifted


Churchgoing dying in Britain


3rd-graders asked to help classmate in "gender change"


ABC has first same-sex wedding on network television


Academic Freedom Legislation advances in 4 states


Cross-wearers barred from Western Wall by Jews


They shouldn’t be going there anyway, but it’s interesting to see how opposed these Jews are to the Cross.


Man claims Virgin Mary protected him in crash


Teacher expelled for questioning evolution


October "beatification" predicted for Antipope John Paul II


Benedict XVI meets with schismatic leader

Ex-gays afraid to come out for fear of persecution


Vatican newspaper says that God made pre-humans into people


We’ll probably have more on this heresy.


Evil ACLU now targets Ind. anti-porn law


“INDIANAPOLIS - The Indianapolis Museum of Art is teaming with bookstores, publishers and the ACLU of Indiana to sue over a new law that will require retailers to register with the state and pay a fee if they want to sell sexually explicit material. Their complaint names every county prosecutor in Indiana and aims to stop the law from going into effect July 1. The law calls for retailers to register with the Indiana secretary of state. State Rep. Terry Goodin, D-Crothersville, wrote the law to stop companies from deceiving communities with weak zoning laws to set up pornography stores.”


V-2 "Bishop" apologizes for refusing baptismal records to Mormons


They refused the Mormons access to their baptismal records.  But the heretical Novus Ordo “Bishop” of the Vatican II sect apologized for it, of course.  In the process, he expressed his respect for the false religion.


Spanish government plans to liberalize abortion law


"Hell Night" at Fraternity leads to arrests


This is another example of how these college fraternities are horrible and evil.


ACLU challenges law which restricts sale of porn to children


“The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon has joined booksellers to challenge a state law restricting the sale or provision of sexually explicit material to children, saying it could affect constitutionally protected material.” 


As usual, liberals attempt to justify the challenge with arguments about how so many other things would be endangered if children didn’t have access to such things.


Antipope will welcome head of schismatic Armenian sect


John Paul II committed mortally sinful acts of heresy and schism with the same schismatic, as we documented here: The Heresies of John Paul II - a comprehensive presentation [PDF file].


University suspends staffer over view of homosexuality


Chinese orchestra to play for B-16, suggesting warmer ties


Struggling V-2 "Catholic" school system in Boston realigned


This follows a pattern of realignment for struggling “Catholic” schools all over the country.


Antipope to meet head of Anglican Sect


Senate tries to sneak in hate crimes legislation


Florida Senate rejects bill requiring ultrasound before abortion


ACLU attacks principal for outing gay students


The video report explains that the principal called the parents of students who displayed homosexual “affection”/behavior in the school.  She didn’t want that displayed in the school.  The ACLU is up in arms about a violation of privacy.  Well obviously if the students had wanted it to remain private they wouldn’t have been displaying it in the school.


To the astonishment of some, colleges allow coed dorms


This is a reflection of the moral depravity of the culture today.


Benedict XVI approves more heresy in another meeting with Muslims


Benedict XVI’s delegation and the Muslim delegation agreed on a number of points.  Heresy is found in point #5: "Christians and Muslims should go beyond tolerance, accepting differences, while remaining aware of commonalties and thanking God for them. They are called to mutual respect, thereby condemning derision of religious beliefs."  This means that Catholics should accept and respect Muslim beliefs.  This is heresy.  

Aberrant New Church Marian "Art"


Italian teens are top consumers of morning-after pill


This speaks to the decay of faith in once-Catholic Italy, thanks in large part to the Vatican II sect.


Lesbian riot forces cancellation of speech debunking "born gay" hoax


One of the outrageous aspects of this is the fact that police were there and did nothing to stop the lesbians.


Texas demands faith in Darwinism


Anti-Defamation League raps documentary for "Holocaust" linkage


Some of our readers have surely heard about the new documentary “Expelled.”  This documentary exposes the outrageous fact that teachers who propose Intelligent Design as a possible alternative to the idiotic myth of evolution are expelled from teaching positions.  It’s sad to say, but probably one of the reasons that this film is getting such widespread coverage in the media is that the film’s creator is a Jew named Ben Stein.  The Jewish-dominated media certainly gives more attention and more of a hearing to projects which are done by Jews.  This remains true even when the project has some true value, as in this case.  This is simply a fact, so we cannot ignore it.  Obviously Stein was also an actor, but if he were not Jewish we don’t believe that his film would have gotten this much coverage or even distribution.


We have not seen the film, so we cannot offer any detailed opinion about it.  It will undoubtedly do much good, for it exposes the outrage of imposing evolution in the academic community.  That’s why the film is being viciously attacked and ridiculed by many faithless fools in the media.  We shouldn’t believe any of the many negative reviews about the film.  The Devil uses these fools to attack and ridicule anyone who questions the hoax of evolution.  He uses them to make sure that evolution will remain enshrined and unopposed as the false religion of the masses.  (He uses many other fools in a similar way to attack and ridicule those who promote the fullness of the Catholic faith.)


However, one note of caution should be given about this film.  In an interview we saw with Ben Stein, he praised evolutionists and seemed to put the two competing ideas (Intelligent Design and evolution) on the same level.  He put them on the same level, not just in terms of how things should be considered or allowed legally in the classroom, but in terms of the true merits of the ideas.  He seemed to indicate that we just don’t know what’s true, and that both ideas should have the right to be heard or taught.  If the film inculcates that we don’t know what the truth is, then that will also have a very evil and faith-destroying effect, despite the good it will do in exposing the imposition of Darwinism.  Therefore, those who might view the film should keep it in mind that if the topic is presented in the fashion mentioned above – that both ideas have strong arguments in their favor and/or we just don’t know what the truth is – then such a presentation is false and can be very destructive to faith, even if it might have value in other ways. 


But returning to the topic of the above article, the film “Expelled” probably explains how the myth of evolution fits with racist and genocidal ideologies.  This is because Darwin held that certain races are simply lower forms of the evolutionary process.  So the evil ADL is complaining about the documentary’s use of such an argument against evolution.


V-2 "Bishop" will offer funeral Mass for 18 aborted babies


Obviously the abortions of these unborn children is a horrible abomination.  However, it cannot be ignored that offering a “Mass” for these children – who died without the Sacrament of Baptism, and thus in the state of original sin in which they were conceived – is quite heretical.  It’s a dogma that they are not saved without the Sacrament of Baptism, so no Masses or prayers may be offered for them. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Session 11, Feb. 4, 1442, ex cathedra: “Regarding children, indeed, because of danger of death, which can often take place, when no help can be brought to them by another remedy than through the sacrament of baptism, through which they are snatched from the domination of the Devil [original sin] and adopted among the sons of God, it advises that holy baptism ought not be deferred for forty or eighty days, or any time according to the observance of certain people…”


It’s noteworthy the even the group which carries the article (a supposedly more conservative group in the Vatican II sect), clearly has no problem whatsoever with the concept of a funeral “Mass” for aborted children.  This just shows us how blatant heresy against Catholic dogma on original sin, against Catholic dogma on the necessity of the Sacrament of Baptism, and against Catholic dogma on the necessity of membership in the Catholic Church, has been almost universally accepted today by those who claim to be Catholic.


Benedict XVI receives the Koran

On April 17, 2008, Benedict XVI happily received the blasphemous Koran.  He has repeatedly praised the false religion of Islam.  In Sept. 2006 Benedict XVI even spoke of “the Qur’an, for which I have the respect due to the holy book of a great religion,” as quoted in our file: The Heresies of Benedict XVI [PDF file].


Presbyterian sect sides with pro-homosexual "pastor"


"Catholic" Italy lacks Catholic knowledge


Pro-abortionists bomb University to promote abortion pill


Possibly drunk woman killed after wandering into bear cage


V-2 sect welcomes Sikh delegation for interfaith talks


We wonder what they were dialoguing about?  It certainly wasn’t about the necessity for the Sikhs to convert to the Catholic Faith.

V-2 “Archbishop” Vincent Nichols of Birmingham with Sikh delegation


“A delegation of Sikhs were in Birmingham recently for high-level talks with the Catholic Church.  Archbishop Vincent Nichols welcomed delegates to the Third Bilateral Dialogue of Sikhs and the Roman Catholic Church on behalf of the Holy See.  The Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha and the Committee for Other Faiths of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales initiated the meeting on the theme ‘Capacity for Dialogue’. The meeting was supported by the Archdiocese of Birmingham.  In his welcome, co-chairman Archbishop Nichols emphasized that Pope Benedict XVI was ‘a disciple of dialogue.’”


United Nations pressures Poland on Abortion


V-2 "Catholic" leaders invite Hindu leader to further program of indifferentism


In a communiqué, Reverend Francis V. Tiso, Associate Director Interreligious Relations in United States (US) Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote to Zed, ".... I would like to meet with you to discuss possibilities for improving Hindu-Catholic relations... please come for a visit to our Secretariat for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs..." Catholic Diocese of Reno recently awarded a special certificate to Zed for "vibrant interfaith communication".


Girls aged 12 have abortions


Dozens injured as floor collapses at "Christian" rock concert


There is no such thing as Christian rock.


School district bans John 3:16, but allows demonic art


Atheists push humanist holidays


Principal warns parents about opposing homo "day of silence"


Canadian group fined $23,000 for rejecting homosexual employee


Bill aims to expand "hate crimes" for gays


“A senior Senate Democrat said Tuesday that he wants to use a major defense policy bill to expand federal hate crimes laws to protect gays, bring troops home from Iraq and force Baghdad to pay more toward reconstruction costs.”


Florida lawmakers debate offering a Christian license plate


Benedict XVI performs more baptisms of questionable validity


This is covered in our Heresy of the Week, which we just updated.  Traditional practice is that the baptismal water must hit the skin of the forehead.  Benedict XVI’s “baptisms” seem to never hit the skin, only the hair. 

This is a photo of another "baptism" (the one he performed on the former Muslim), in which we see the same thing:

One million expected to view exhumed body of Padre Pio


To read our book on Padre Pio, go here: Padre Pio book online [pdf file, can take 1-2 minutes to load] or order it at our online store.


Judge orders school district to stop Bible giveaways


V-2 "priest" missing after party balloon ride


Man arrested for spying for Israel


"Christian Bookseller" arrested in China


Female gang problem in Australian "Catholic" schools


Twin fetuses survive shooting


"Christian" pop singer/rocker Kelly Clarkson performs for Antipope [video]


We regret to have to link to this, due to the inappropriate dress and music.  However, it really is necessary to expose Antipope Benedict XVI and his false Vatican II sect.  What more does one have to see? 


If this doesn’t capture that he is heading a new phony religion, a new gospel of man, what does?  If this doesn’t capture that this is the counterfeit church of the last days, what does?  This is a performance for the supposed “pope.”  If this doesn’t prove that the conservative things which this antipope occasionally does are simply meaningless gestures intended to fool gullible individuals who are ignorant of his actions and the Catholic faith, then what will?  Sure, the antipope has retained some of the vestments and the external pomp and ceremony.  But when one sees this – in addition to all of his heresies – it should make it so clear that he is a wicked antipope whose sect has attempted to gut the heart of the papacy, the necessity of the faith, and the real message of the Gospel.  It delivers a false religion which embraces the corruption of the world, and doesn’t tell people the real truths they need to know for salvation.  Behold the new religion of man, which has overtaken the city of Rome in the last days, and spread its nest to all the areas where this counterfeit Church has power.


Antipope blesses UN flag

Benedict XVI esteems UN in speech, seems to call for international order


The United Nations is the world’s largest promoter of abortion and contraception, and seeks to unite all nations so that all people can be controlled by a few.  “Benedict XVI said his presence at the United Nations was a sign of esteem for the organization, called to be ‘an instrument of service to the entire human family.’"


Benedict XVI seemed to call for an international government – a New World Order (which he has mentioned before) – in these words: Benedict XVI said that the United Nations "embodies the aspiration for a 'greater degree of international ordering,'" which John Paul II referred to in his encyclical "Sollicitudo Rei Socialis."  This ordering "inspired and governed by the principle of subsidiarity," would therefore be "capable of responding to the demands of the human family through binding international rules and through structures capable of harmonizing the day-to-day unfolding of the lives of peoples."


Antipope prayed with Bush


Children's hospital launches sex change program for kids


V-2 pro-homo priest speaks at Gay Conference


Video of B-16's apostasy in the synagogue


He joyfully receives a seder plate from the Jewish rabbi in a synagogue.  This signifies his acceptance of the Jewish religion.  This is apostasy.  In his address Benedict XVI also encouraged them in their practice of Judaism by assuring them of his “closeness” as they practice Judaism.


St. Ambrose, Sermo 37, The Two Ships: “The faithlessness of the Synagogue is an insult to the Savior.  Therefore He chose the bark of Peter, and deserted that of Moses; that is, He rejected the faithless Synagogue, and adopts the believing Church.”


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Pt. I-II, Q. 103, A. 4: “I answer that, All ceremonies are professions of faith, in which the interior worship of God consists. Now man can make profession of his inward faith, by deeds as well as by words: and in either profession, if he make a false declaration, he sins mortally. Now, though our faith in Christ is the same as that of the fathers of old; yet, since they came before Christ, whereas we come after Him, the same faith is expressed in different words, by us and by them. For by them was it said: "Behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son," where the verbs are in the future tense: whereas we express the same by means of verbs in the past tense, and say that she "conceived and bore." In like manner the ceremonies of the Old Law betokened Christ as having yet to be born and to suffer: whereas our sacraments signify Him as already born and having suffered.  Consequently, just as it would be a mortal sin now for anyone, in making a profession of faith, to say that Christ is yet to be born, which the fathers of old said devoutly and truthfully; so too it would be a mortal sin now to observe those ceremonies which the fathers of old fulfilled with devotion and fidelity. Such is the teaching Augustine (Contra Faust. xix, 16), who says: "It is no longer promised that He shall be born, shall suffer and rise again, truths of which their sacraments were a kind of image: but it is declared that He is already born, has suffered and risen again; of which our sacraments, in which Christians share, are the actual representation."


European Council calls for abortion in all of Europe


Pro-abortion politicians receive "Communion" at B-16's "Mass"


Of course no steps were taken – e.g., no announcements during or before the “Mass” that anyone pro-abortion, etc. must not approach “Communion” – to prevent this.  This shows us again that one can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect at the same time.


Also, beware of the Novus Ordo groups who report on these things.  They are desperate to make a Catholic out of Antipope Benedict XVI, so they make it seem like he and his sect have made it totally clear that pro-abortion politicians are not to receive Communion.  That is simply untrue.  (They also bend over backwards to give the most conservative spin possible to everything else the apostate says or does.)  For the real story demonstrating that Benedict XVI and his sect allow one to be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect, see the section from our book: One can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect at the same time [PDF File].


Dutch news: Marriage registrars must perform same-sex "marriages"


La. declares lone Jesus painting unconstitutional


“Displaying a portrait of Jesus in the foyer of a Louisiana courthouse is unconstitutional, a federal judge ruled this week, siding with civil libertarians who sued over the display.”


Antipope's synagogue visit will be closed to the public


We wonder if that will also exclude select news organizations who would film the event?  If so, that will be a shame; for we won’t be able to see the details of his latest act of apostasy.  Nevertheless, the very fact that he’s going to a synagogue to pray and/or show respect for their religion is an act of apostasy.


Student warned of failing grade if absent from homo "day of silence"


“For example, in one school district a principal told a father if his son was not at school on the "Day of Silence," the student would be given a failing grade for the year. In Indiana, parents were told by public school officials it was "against the law" for them to cancel the program or excuse absences that day.”


Court rules against coach with players prayer


“The U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia unanimously reversed a July 2006 lower-court ruling that permitted Borden, through his lawsuit against the East Brunswick Board of Education, to silently bow his head or "take a knee" with players as a sign of secular respect for student-led team prayer.”


Pro-abortion politicians expected to receive "Communion" at B-16's "Masses"


Related: One can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect at the same time [PDF File].


Antipope lands in US, avoids talk of homosexuality


“I do not wish to talk at this moment about homosexuality, but about pedophilia, which is another thing," he said.

Study reveals evil content on BET, MTV


“The Parents Television Council™, in partnership with the Enough is Enough Campaign, released shocking new data about BET and MTV daytime music video programming.  As recently as March 2008, children who watched BET’s Rap City and 106 & Park and MTV’s Sucker Free on MTV were bombarded with adult content - sexual, violent, profane or obscene - once every 38 seconds.”


Churches crumble in France


“In traditionally Roman Catholic France, fewer than five percent of the nation’s 62 million people attend Mass every week, down from 27 percent a half-century ago, according to a survey of more than 29,000 people published by the lfop polling agency in 2006.” 


That’s quite a stat, especially when we consider that the few going are attending the invalid New Mass.


Girl's drink spiked with abortion pill at High School


V-2 Karaoke "priest" electrocuted


“A Filipino priest has been electrocuted by a defective karaoke microphone after finishing a swim during a beach party. Earthtimes reports that the 32-year-old Catholic priest Fr Roberto del Rosario had just finished swimming in the sea on Monday and was dripping wet when he took the microphone of a karaoke machine in a resort in Morong town in Bataan province, 90 kilometres north-west of Manila.”


This is clearly a sad story.  But from where, besides the Vatican II sect, would you hear about something like this: a “priest” singing Karaoke at a beach party after a swim?


Antipope urges crackdown on handguns


He sure knows how to crack down on the Catholic faith.


Tenn. public schools can offer Bible courses


Photographers ordered to pay $6,000 for refusing "gay" ceremony


SF "Archbishop" to honor abortion and homosexual rights supporter


Popular show censors Jesus


Heavy metal band member convicted of slaughtering goat in satanic ritual


D.C. "Catholic" schools follow national trend


National media more liberal than ever


V-2 Bishop knowingly hired worker facing child porn charges


McDonalds will put full resources behind Gay Agenda


Rome's rabbi explains how V-2 interreligious dialogue and proselytism are mutually exclusive


This article is interesting because it shows that even the rabbi can see that if the agenda is to try to convert Jews, there is no point in dialogue.  Our point is that this admission by the rabbi is another way of demonstrating that the Vatican II sect’s “interreligious dialogue” with Jews, Muslims, Protestants, etc. presupposes an acceptance of these non-Catholics in their false religions.