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New Article Posted


MHFM:  This is a new article.


Antipope Francis’ Heresies from Interviews in 2013


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article.  It contains updated guidelines and thoughts on the issue of where to receive sacraments in view of the current situation.  Catholics should read this article.


Where To Receive Sacraments


Catholic History


Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


An excellent presentation.  But if this church is the true church and formed by Jesus through Peter, how do you explain the thousands of years of tyranny, blasphemy, oppression, sodomy, hording of wealth, supporting of wars, waging of wars, turning their back on genocide, supporting genocide, etc....  It is a dirty dirty history and I think you should understand who the founder really was and note that there are is no cross on his victory stela…


Jack Crabb


MHFM: The Catholic Church did not engage in “thousands of years of tyranny, blasphemy… sodomy,” etc.  Those claims are not true.  They come from anti-Catholic propagandists.  Were there some bad popes in history?  Yes.  But the Church itself never taught anything false, evil or blasphemous.  Lies and distortions abound in regard to Catholic and papal history.  The widespread misconceptions (and blatantly false claims) about the Crusades and the Inquisition are cases in point.  You should see our materials on those issues.


The Catholic faith is the only true faith of Christ.  That’s proven biblically and historically.  Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church upon St. Peter.  See the section of our site which refutes Protestantism and proves Catholic teaching from the Bible.  It’s necessary for salvation to embrace the traditional Catholic faith.






Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


I am agnostic but I find your videos wildly fascinating. You are very articulate and knowledgeable about your faith. It's admirable to say the least.




MHFM: We’re glad that you watch some of the videos.  However, you really need to become convinced of God, Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.  Otherwise, you will lose your soul.  A person considering the information honestly and sincerely will be drawn to the Catholic faith.  We recommend that you begin to pray Hail Marys for the grace to accept the true faith.  If you do so sincerely, you will receive the grace to embrace the truth about God and the Catholic faith.




Subject: Update, apostasy, etc.


Thanks for the important update about where to receive communion. It is really true to say that the apostasy is getting worse month after month, and after the "canonization" of the beast JPII the apostasy has even reached a new awful dimension. Yes, we really are in the very final stages of history. 






Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the extremely interesting and important video, The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned.  It makes such a critical… point: that to venerate "St." John Paul II is to be implicated in idolatry.  It is a sin against the first commandment.  Apostasy.  The Catholic Church's teaching is very clear about who God is and what He commands.  There is absolutely no salvation outside the name of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and the sacrament of baptism.  The true popes had strong words to say in condemnation of idolatry.  Pope Leo XIII quotes St. Augustine: “Let no one say, I go in deed to idols, I consult fortune-tellers and soothsayers; but I leave not the Church of God: I am a Catholic... you blaspheme His [Christ's] Church” (Satis Cognitum).  Other popes spoke of "the danger of idolatry," (Ex Quo, Benedict XIV) "the deceit of idols," (Qui Pluribus, Pius IX) "the darkness of idolatrous insanity... the wooden images of satanic idols," (2nd C. Nicea, Hadrian I) that "[pagans] polluted the holy places with their idols... [and] idolatry indeed was punished by the sword [in the Old Testament]" (C. Florence, Eugene IV).  Pope Pius XII remarks that at Cassino "Apollo was worshipped by the foolish country people... The man of God [St. Benedict] coming to that place broke the idol, overthrew the altar, burned the groves, and of the temple of Apollo made a chapel of St. Martin.  Where the profane altar had stood he built a chapel of St. John; and by continual preaching he converted many of the people thereabout" (Fulgens Radiatur).  Pius XII also wrote about St. Boniface who "traveled through all Friesland, ceaselessly preaching the word of God, banishing pagan rites and extirpating immoral heathen customs. With tremendous energy he built churches and overthrew the idols of the temples. He baptized thousands of men, women and children" (Ecclesiae Fastos).  The same pope quotes St. Ambrose: ""For who," said Ambrose, is so callous, unfeeling, hard-hearted and cruel that he does not want men saved from death and women from barbarous attacks worse than death... the service of pagan idols..." (Exsul Familia Nazarethana).  Pope Leo XIII wrote that through the Blessed Virgin Mary "every misguided creature held in the thrall of idols is led to recognize the truth," (Adiutricem) and that the English race "illuminated by the light of our holy faith, which expels the darkness of error,... has with free mind trodden under foot those idols to which aforetime they were subject in foolish fear" (Amantissima Voluntatis).  Pope Benedict XIV wrote: "He [Petrus Angelus Bargaeus] contends that they [theatres, temples, and baths as well as the many images of idols] were demolished by the Roman Pontiffs, especially St. Gregory the Great, and others so as to remove completely from their presence all remembrance of idolatrous worship and the provocation of superstition" (Apostolica Constitutio).  Pope St. Celestine I said to "… pray that the faith may be granted to infidels; that idolaters may be delivered from the errors of their impiety..." … It shows how antipope John Paul II was the satanic Beast of the Apocalypse, the Antichrist, and how far removed from and opposed to the true faith the Vatican II sect and its antipopes are.

Psalms 95:5 - "For all the gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the Lord made the heavens."

God Bless,


Mr. & Mrs. White




Dear Brothers,


Thank you so much for your new article/ where to receive true sacraments… Next month, October, will be an important month.  Also I wonder if God is punishing this wicked state of California, with a very severe drought, and we just had a very brutal heatwave recently.  California legalized sodomy, and gay ‘marriage’ is legal - and all the other demonic sick activity that goes on in our state. One only has to read the paper… God bless…


Mark V




The Vatican 2 sect works precisely in the way deadly viruses work. They entered the live "cell"… and using the living "cell" machinery (seminaries, schools, universities, parishes, dioceses, monasteries, publications, etc., etc.) started spreading their own poisonous "enzymes" in order to create many copies of their apostate/heretical "cells" and destroy the Living Cell.  Those newly created "copies" are packed with heretical/ apostate 'DNA" genetic material, which further creates more deadly virus cells...




North America


Dear Brothers,


Your quote about Saint Isaac Jogues, posted on the feast of the North American Martyrs, reminded me of something:


“…[As a young man] St. Isaac Jogues (1607-1646) was attracted to the exercise of virtue, to a practical charity, to a militant hostility toward Calvinism that was prevalent in Orleans, to the frequentation of the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist... and he was more than ordinarily devoted to the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God.”


A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of what those martyrs faced as obstacles in trying to convert the natives from their diabolical paganism.  I had met up with an acquaintance, and, because this acquaintance knows of my Catholic Faith (but doesn't fully share it), the subject always comes around to religion.  I asked this person the precise location of the local "Religious Goods" store, as I hadn't been able to find it when I looked for it (in a not-so-good part of town).  This person, who has lived here all her life, and goes to the Novus Ordo (sometimes), didn't even know there was such a store: "Unless," she suggested, "you mean the ones (meaning stores) where you buy 'Mexican candles'?"  "Mexican candles?" I asked.  She explained that 'Mexican candles' are candles people burn to keep away 'bad spirits' (my words - she used a word unknown to me), and evil spirits that one's enemies send.  These same stores sell voodoo 'tools', "so you can protect yourself'" or "make things happen to other people" and "things like that," my acquaintance informed me, laughingly, yet matter-of-factly.  I was shocked.  So, the natives of North America have reverted back to the practice of diabolical paganism.   This is the result of the spiritual pandemics of the Novus Ordo Vatican II religion and the plague of Protestantism: the only two 'mainstream religions' practiced in this city; and which, according to their adherents, go hand-in-hand with voodoo and other evil occult practices - just exactly as John Paul II demonstrated, over and over and over and over, etc., etc., etc.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a must-see new video.


The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]




Subject: Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception




Your video exposing the unnatural and evil birth control method touted by the world as 'Natural Family Planning' is one of my favorites.  I guess I like it so much partly because no one else has exposed it so well, if at all.  I actually took a little time today to look up the Vatican II Sect's so-called archdiocesan marriage planning to see if they all recommend NFP, and, as expected, they unanimously do!  Not only is it recommended, but it is required.  They are all doing it:  Houston/Galveston, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Omaha, St. Paul/Minneapolis, Baltimore, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle, and on and on -- it is part of the official marriage preparation for the whole V2 Sect.


This is because, according to the 'Archdiocese' of Cincinnati, the so-called USCCB has requested it be promoted to every couple seeking marriage.  And according to the Saint Paul 'Archdiocese' website, the USCCB says NFP Awareness Week is July 20-26; and the Seattle 'Archdiocese' website says: "The USCCB website offers a wide variety of resources on NFP including liturgy & prayers, articles, couples' stories, and Church teachings."   This mortal sin, this abomination is taught and believed as 'de fide' in the entire Vatican II Sect!


It is so unbelievable that this Antichristian 'morality' is peddled as a necessary part of marriage, when the truth is just the opposite; yet this devilish idea has pervaded the entire world, except for a tiny number of souls.  This is shocking and devastating and is a hateful lie for them to call it 'Pro-Life Activity'.  The Vatican II Sect is filled with lies!


Loss of faith


Subject: “St.” John Paul II’s Heresies [video]


Thanks for the video. I feel sorry for the Catholics in Central and South America that are losing their faith because of Protestant missionaries. Post 1962 Vatican II - Judge by the Fruits (all rotten).




MHFM: It’s certainly true that heretics contribute greatly to people losing the faith and their souls.  However, the people themselves bear ultimate responsibility for their own souls and their own loss of faith.


Magisterium on the Antichrist


MHFM: It’s interesting to note that not only does the scriptural evidence obviously support the position that Antipope John Paul II was the Antichrist, but the teaching of the Magisterium points us in that direction as well.  Perhaps the only teaching on the Antichrist in the official declarations of the papal magisterium is the following:


Pope Pius X, E Supremi Apostolatus (#5), Oct. 4, 1903: “While, on the other hand, and this according to the same apostle is the distinguishing mark of Antichrist, man has with infinite temerity put himself in the place of God…”


Pope Pius X declares that the distinguishing mark of Antichrist is man in the place of God.  Well, as we’ve shown, John Paul II’s distinguishing heresy was man in the place of God.  (That’s covered in detail in this video: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed)


In fact, John Paul II’s incredible first homily – in which he bluntly declares that man is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, mentioned in Matthew 16:16 – was officially dubbed as “marking” the beginning of his “pastoral ministry”!  Thus, from the very beginning of his anti-papacy, John Paul II was officially “marked” by the very thing that Pius X identifies as the distinguishing “mark” of the Antichrist.  So, while it’s obviously not an official teaching of the Magisterium that Antipope John Paul II was the Antichrist, the teaching of the Magisterium (in addition to the scriptural, factual and prophetic evidence) points people to the conclusion that he was the Antichrist. 


Antipope Francis


Dear Brother Dimond,


I listened to a few of your videos last night and found them very informative.  I watched… some videos about antipope Francis.  It is so obvious to see about Francis as he denies everything papal. It is really amazing…


Thank you.



The Antichrist


Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


Dear Brothers,  


This new video is a brilliant explanation of the intricacy of the end times deception of the Vatican II apostasy and the Antichrist Anti-pope John Paul II.  I also appreciated the compassion and charity you displayed in explaining how certain souls could be unwittingly implicated into committing idolatry and apostasy such as the hypothetical situation of the 14 yr. old who could have been caught in this cruel world wide deception… It’s a powerful condemnation of this incredibly evil counterfeit of the "Catholic Church" which basically fully supports the wholesale slaughter and perdition of countless children through abortion and doesn't care one iota about the young… It shows the tragedy of these end times of the numerous souls that could have been saved had not basically every member of the "Catholic hierarchy" completely sold out the Faith for the kingdoms of the earth…


Nathan Barton


Great Apostasy


… Your whole website delivers so much proof of the Great Apostasy that is happening right now that one has to be really blinded, bad willed and hard-minded not to see that…




Proof for Creation


Subject: Proof for Creation


Soft tissue find in dinosaur excavation in Montana


Once again proof that the Bible is the truth and it is sad that many have fallen for the evolutionary lie.  I was on a hike with a Federal Park Ranger who was spouting the 1.4 Billion years ago evolutionary myth as they all do in Glacier National Park and other parks.  I pulled her aside and tried to tell her that this myth was ridiculous not only in light of the Bible but in light of other scientific facts.  Her answer was that it was what the park wants them to say and that it doesn't matter how much the time frame for the creation of the earth changes (as they rewrite the myth every few years) because most people know that it will change.  She claimed it was like discoveries in medicine that are always changing. I pointed out to her that the difference is that this myth is destroying people's faith in God especially young people who hear her. To which she stopped talking to me and moved ahead of the line of hikers. 

I also tried to point out to those around me in the group that this evolutionary myth was ridiculous and some react by saying they don't believe it and others just don't talk to you anymore. Most that do believe in creation, don't want to talk to you about religion.  I still try to give out your information when they will take it.  Thank you for all your great books and DVDs.  Praise God, we have some good information to give out to those who will receive it but it saddens me that they are so few. If they only knew what they are refusing.

I found it interesting that when I checked there was only one ranger who was a geologist in the entire of Glacier National Park and when you ask questions of others they just claim they are doing what they are told by the park.  Sadly, they don't realize or care that they are selling their souls.

Thank God and the Blessed Virgin and all the Saints for your ministry in these times.
Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne




Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


Thank You for this latest Video - putting everything in CLEAR focus as to what IS happening!  My Son even went to Confession, after viewing it!!   Wanted you to know that your messages Are getting through.


In my prayers,


Carol D.


Benedict XVI, Bro. Roger


Subject: The Heresies of Benedict XVI (video)


You have taken Ecclesial and Papal documents and the writings of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and treated them in the same way as Protestants treat Sacred Scripture. Taking odd quotes and using them out of context is NOT a valid argument. This is one of the many reasons why Protestantism is wrong and why this video is deeply offensive!  Br Roger of Taize had converted to Catholicism during the reign of Pope Saint John Paul II but on the advice of the Holy Father did not make this known publicly! 


Daniel Kelly


MHFM: First, the fact that you can watch that video (or any substantial part of it) and not be convinced that Benedict XVI was a complete apostate proves that you are a liar.  You really do hate Catholicism and the truth.  Just consider all the attacks on Catholic dogma, Sacred Scripture, the sacraments, etc. leveled by Benedict XVI (as documented in the video).  You defend those awful heresies.  Typical of heretics and liars, you don’t give any examples of quotes ‘out of context’.  That’s because there aren’t any.  If you tried to get specific, your claim would be refuted. 


You do get specific on one thing and, not surprisingly, you are totally wrong.  You say that Bro. Roger (to whom Antipope Benedict XVI gave ‘Communion’) ‘converted to Catholicism’.  Your claim is false.  It’s refuted in this article:




The article also points out that even if Roger did convert, and he didn’t, it’s a fact that the Vatican II sect officially teaches that Protestants may receive Communion.  Wake up.  Moreover, in the very same sentence in which you articulate the Bro. Roger falsehood, you endorse the idea of ‘converting’ but not professing the faith in the external forum.  But it’s a mortal sin for someone who believes he is a Catholic to present himself as if he is a non-Catholic.  So, in your attempt to defend heresy, you endorse another evil.  You also call the idolater John Paul II a ‘saint.’  You should see this video: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


It really is amazing that complete heretics and truth-haters such as yourself actually think that you are Catholic. 




Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


The False Traditionalists cannot honestly refute the facts in your new 'Antichrist Revealed' video.  They cannot refute the fact that: John Paul II built temples to false gods, even 'converted' property of the Catholic Church into temples for false worship.  He gave a forum to representatives of every false religion existing today, and he himself took part in public prayer to false gods, invoking their 'favor'; thereby denying the one, true God and His exclusive, revealed religion.  As you said, John Paul II "was a missionary" for false religions invented by the devil; and to venerate John Paul II as a saint is to "worship false gods" and to "profess that false gods have the power to sanctify" their followers, as you further logically concluded in this stimulating video.




Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned [video]


This video just helped me make a painful decision. Thank you Brother Dimond.


Walter Metrick




… I’ve learned from your materials about salvation without baptism and it’s appalling to know so called Catholics are believing in this doctrine. I want to say I now hold the sede position from reading and watching your material and I commend you on a job well done. At this point I’m praying the rosary everyday… Thanks again...






Subject: Antichrist Video


I think you did a great job on this video… Thank you again for your great insight into these awful times. 


Sincerely, Virginia Unterreiner


Note on the issue of where one may receive Sacraments in this time


MHFM: All the time we receive the question about where one may receive sacraments.  In light of the current ‘ecclesiastical situation’ (i.e., the general situation with priests purporting to be Catholic in our day) and recent events in the world, there are some important additional considerations on this matter.  In the next few days we hope to post some thoughts on the issue. 


Antipope Francis


Subject: Antipope Francis’ Heresies from October to December 2013


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article exposing Antipope Francis’ Heresies from October to December 2013.  Spreading heresy is Francis' full time job.  He fully endorsed the World Council of Churches.  What a completely foolish heretic… They have 345 member churches and they probably think that is something to boast about, when it simply proves that Protestantism is a satanic joke…


Francis then praises the Lutheran apostates. He commemorates 500 years of the denial of the sacraments, the Real Presence, the Papacy, Dogma, Indulgences, monasteries, etc. and of the multiplication of Protestant sects like a plague of locusts (Apoc.9:3).  Lutheran locusts.  Francis the Fraud then promotes and honours the Christ-rejecting Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Center… Francis' comment about "various religious groups, which make up the wealth of that land [Iraq]" demonstrates again that he is a total apostate. Francis shares his "spiritual closeness" with the "Orthodox" schismatics. He is even so foolish as to say they are "United in Christ," when they reject the principle of unity in the Church of Christ, the Papacy.  What a schismatic.  He then says the "Magisterium" spoke about the "fundamental right of religious freedom."  "Religious freedom" is a heresy.  The Magisterium cannot contradict itself, contrary to what many false traditionalists believe.  The Magisterium is like the Virgin Mary, immaculate and without error, whereas Francis' false "Magisterium" is a harlot…  Even if Francis offered a baby to Moloch at Bohemian Grove the false traditionalists would still call him "pope."  He then praises and prays for the satanic communist and fellow comrade, Nelson Mandela.  Then to top it off he joins in prayer with non-Catholics on Christmas day.  What an abominable apostate!

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article.


Antipope Francis’ Heresies from October to December 2013




Subject: Striking


That was such a striking example you gave about the young man of 14 who is a professing Catholic and hears about antipope Francis "canonizing" antipope John Paul II. Obviously the spiritual devastation sets in when the young man gets the idea that building temples for the worship of false gods can lead to true sanctification. Vatican II heretics writing about the first Assisi event (1986) as good and acceptable to the true God (Jesus Christ) because "John Paul II was a 'saint'" would be the precursory reason for the young man accepting the condemned activity and becoming guilty of it by believing John Paul II to be a saint. It is truly the frightening and sad message that St. John the Apostle reveals by his use of the word "wonder."






Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Dear Brothers,


Thank you very much for an outstanding, extremely important new video.  May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of La Salette and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary guide and protect you always.




Conversion from Islam


Subject: Conversion from Islam


Dear Sirs,
Peace be unto You!

I am an Iranian man, being born and raised a Muslim. Through years I have had researches about Christianity and now have an introductory familiarity with the Bible. Having a spiritual interest in many aspects of Christianity I consider conversion to Christianity. I would like to know more the truths and mysteries of your faith, and every evidence that can be given to prove Christianity. I would like to hear more the viewpoint of your church and denomination about the reasons for Christ and his religion. To tell more about me, my name is Amin and I am 30 years old.

God bless you!


MHFM: Amin, Jesus proved that He was God by His miracles, His Resurrection and His fulfillment of prophecy written in the Old Testament before His birth.  Islam is false because, among other things, it's illogical.  It claims that Jesus is a prophet, but not God.  Yet, Jesus said He was God, as Scripture and the ancient Church testify.  Therefore, Jesus could only be either God or a false prophet, but not a true prophet who is not God (as Islam illogically says).  The truth is that He was certainly a true prophet and true God.


See this video for proof of Catholicism, but it takes good will and honesty.  As Jesus said, "All who are of the truth hear my voice" (John 18:37).


Creation and Miracles


See this video for proof that we are living in the last days, in direct fulfillment of Christian prophecy about the end times.  [This video covers that as well: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned]


It's necessary for salvation to become a traditional Catholic.  We can help you with how to convert if you are convinced.  If you sincerely begin to pray the Hail Mary ten times a day for the truth, you will begin to see the truth.  Prayer attached.  Not long after that you should begin to pray the Rosary each day, and eventually 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  You should also look at the other videos on our site.  It's crucial that you act upon this information.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


[Amin responds]

… I will view the webpages and videos you shared. I said that prayer right now! I was actually familiar with that prayer through its musical performance in Latin. I will continue saying that with my heart. If Christ is the truth, I will have no fear or shame to convert to your faith.

I will contact you again after reading and watching what you shared.

After all, thank you for responding me.



New Video


Subject: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Dear Brothers,


I carefully viewed your newly released:  'The Antichrist Revealed:  The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned'.  One is left to conclude that you were inspired by the Holy Ghost in writing and producing this documentary film.  How appropriate that you released this film on September 19th, the day of the appearance of Our Lady of La Salette; since this dearest heavenly Queen warned the world that "Rome will lose the faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist...the Church will be in eclipse."  While MHFM is informing people of the one, true Church and Her infallible teachings, the followers of the Antichrist kingdom ignore you and carry on with their destructive plans - in Rome, in the Vatican, and in all the false religions associated with that unholy 'seat' (caught in its luciferian world wide web!); true to the Divine Prophecy brought to earth by God's Own Most Holy Mother.


You brought out some extremely valid points in this film.




MHFM: We’re glad that you viewed the video.  The points covered are truly of the utmost significance.  Since you mentioned September 19th, we will point out that if the video had been finished a week or two ago, we would have posted it at that time.  Originally we hoped that it would be finished much sooner.  However, it’s definitely true that the video was not completely finished until early on September 19th.  Is that just a coincidence?  We don’t think so.  The video was almost completely finished around the middle of the week (around the 17th); however, on the 18th we noticed a few final changes that had to be made, and the video was finished on the 19th.  When videos like this are exported and uploaded, one minor change requires an entirely new export and a new upload that can last about five hours (or longer with a longer video).  Thus, a few minor changes to a video like this can delay the release of the video for a day or even for numerous days, depending upon the number of times it is modified.


The Beast


Thank you very much, incredible work!


The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Sincerely yours,






Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


… the new video is SUPER.


Lee Ann




Subject: Video


Dear Brothers,


In your video, "The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned" you have clearly revealed the idolatrous Vatican II sect and its anti-pope leaders. What a sad truth that so many millions of souls are being deceived in this modern world, when electronic information is so easily obtainable on your website…


Your additional articles of the heresies of anti-pope Francis and his predecessors, clearly show how demonstrative Francis and the other anti-popes are/were towards other false religions and their false gods…


God bless your work,

Tom Miles




Subject: Are Catholic Statues Idolatrous? [post]


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article defending the use of holy statues, images and relics.  The history of the Church's battle against the Iconoclast heretics is interesting.  The 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia (Iconoclasm) says that this heresy may have its roots in Dualism – that all matter is evil - from Manichaeism and Paulicianism.  It states that Iconoclasm “caused the last of the many breaches with Rome that prepared the way for the schism of Photius...,” that is, the Eastern “Orthodox” schism.  Pope Gregory II's letter to the Iconoclast Emperor Leo III in 727AD is a valuable snapshot of that time:

Letter from Pope Gregory II to Emperor Leo III, 727AD: “For what are our churches? Are they not made by hand of stones, timbers, straw, plaster, and lime? But they are also adorned with pictures and representations of the miracles of the saints, of the sufferings of Christ, of the holy mother herself, and of the saints and apostles; and men expend their wealth on such images. Moreover, men and women make use of these pictures to instruct in the faith their little children and young men and maidens in bloom of youth and those from heathen nations; by means of these pictures the hearts and minds of men are directed to God. But you have ordered the people to abstain from the pictures, and have attempted to satisfy them with idle sermons, trivialities, music of pipe and zither, rattles and toys, turning them from the giving of thanks to the hearing of idle tales.  You shall have your part with them, and with those who invent useless fables and babble of their ignorance... You ask: “How was it that was said about images in six councils?” What then? Nothing was said about bread and water, whether that should be eaten or not; yet these things have been accepted from the beginning for the presence of human life. So also have images been accepted; the popes themselves brought them to councils, and no Christian would set out on a journey without images, because they were possessed of virtue and approved of God.”

The Second Council of Nicea was convoked in 787AD to condemn this heresy:

Second Council of Nicea, 787AD: “We decree with full precision and care that, like the figure of the honored and life-giving cross, the revered and holy images, whether painted or made of mosaic or of other suitable material, are to be exposed in the holy churches of God, on sacred instruments and vestments, on walls and panels, in houses and by public ways, these are the images of our Lord, God and savior, Jesus Christ, and of our Lady without blemish, the holy God-bearer, and of the revered angels and of any of the saintly holy men... Indeed, the honor paid to an image traverses it, reaching the model, and he who venerates the image, venerates the person represented in that image.”

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Frustrating Family


Subject: Frustrating Family


Dear Brothers,


I am a traditional Catholic who rejects the Vatican II sect and its anti-popes. My family is all Novus Ordo.  In my attempts to convert them to the true Faith I have experienced a mixed reaction. Some are hostile, some could care less but it is the last group that has me puzzled. My parents and my one sister talk to me about it, have read your material which I gave them, and they are disgusted by "pope" Francis and much of the Vatican II sect. We will talk and they will seem like they are going to convert right away but the next day they will go to their Novus Ordo service and my sister even accepted a position on the "parish" finance committee. When asked about this they will say that they need more time. Should I continue to patiently evangelize and pray for them? It’s starting to feel like they are just patronizing me in order to keep the family at peace. And what relationship should I have with the family members who are hostile to me or who simply don't care?  


Thank you and God bless.



MHFM: You should inform them that their position is heretical, and that they will not be saved holding it.  You should inform them that it’s a grave sin to attend the invalid New Mass.  You should provide them with links to some of the key videos on Antipope Francis, the New Mass, etc.  (If they don’t have internet access, you could offer them a DVD or some written material.)  You should also make it clear that you don’t regard them as Catholics, and you should be ready with a good, succinct explanation of why their position constitutes a departure from the Catholic faith.  You may have already done all these things. 


If you’ve covered those points and repeatedly tried to convert them, it’s up to them to embrace the truth.  But you cannot pray with them or regard them as Catholics. 




Subject: NFL – Just Desserts


Dear Brothers:
There is a great deal of justice in the past week's troubles for the NFL.  The NFL is currently being pressured to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence.  If the NFL caves in on this issue, then it also seems likely that they will be pressured into adopting other zero-tolerance policies (such as child abuse and animal cruelty).   One recent headline:

"Female Senators Demand NFL Adopt Zero Tolerance Policy For Domestic Abuse"


The domestic violence issue is especially problematic for the NFL, as it affects many of its players (14 players have been arrested for domestic violence in the past 2 years).  Furthermore, if the NFL adopts a zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence, then many NFL players will be subject to false or manufactured claims of domestic violence from vindictive wives or immoral "girlfriends."
The fact that the NFL is now being pressured to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on this issue, is especially just desserts as the NFL has been pushing their own super-aggressive, zero-tolerance policy against "homophobia" in 2014.   Here are some headlines from 2014:
"How The NFL Helped Kill Arizona's Anti-Gay Rights Bill" "Anti-Gay Bill Could Cost Arizona the Super-Bowl" "NFL Will Have Zero Tolerance For Anti-Gay Slurs" "NFL ready for its first openly gay player" "NFL reportedly tried to get Michael Sam signed after Rams cut him" "The NFL Sets the Standard for Homophobia" "NFL Coach Suspended Over a Single Homophobic Statement" "NFL Meets With Gay Rights Groups" "Better To Be Gay Than Christian in the NFL"


The NFL decided to cast their lot with the ways of the world and to worship at the altar of paganistic "political correctness".    Now that very same spirit of "political correctness" has turned on them and bit them… Serves them right - just desserts.


- Mike






Apocalypse 9:4 says this:  "And it was commanded that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree: but only the men who have not the sign of God on their foreheads"


It says:  "....only the men who have not the sign of God on their foreheads"


The "baptism of desire" heretics are defeated again and again and again; for the above infallible verse does not in any way suggest that those without the sign of God on their foreheads (meaning the unbaptized) would be preserved or saved, but just the opposite.  There is nothing in Sacred Scripture to support "baptism of desire", but that heresy is, as already said, defeated again and again and again and again, etc., etc.


It's similar to your refutation of false traditionalists (who obstinately defend manifest heretics, schismatics and apostates as having supreme authority in the Catholic Church by downplaying - ignoring and denying, actually - the evidence against them).  Your refutation put the evidence right in the faces of the false traditionalists and their bad-willed followers, e.g. the "suspect-of-heresy" segment - again and again and again, etc., etc., etc., etc. If that evidence wasn't enough for those unbelievers, then nothing will convince them; but they have set their course for Hell, alongside the "baptism of desire" heretics, and they're not turning back for anything - not even to save their own souls.  These wicked liars would take many more souls to Hell with themselves if not for MHFM's apostolate.  The Church's teachings must be defended and Her members must stay united against their real enemies: the enemies of the Faith.


Adoration, Statues


… I recently read some of the post in your website and I have started it when I found a video in YouTube entitled Is the World about to End? And after that I tried to read interesting topics on your site.   By the way, I was raised as a Catholic when I was young but I am not sure what kind I belong to since I’ve read that there's a traditional and new one (I am not that familiar with all the technicalities, sorry about that).   Again, I was raised as a Catholic but I’ve been missing church masses for some reasons.   One of the reasons is the one I am about to tell you.  Anyway, I have written this, and I've been meaning to ask this particular question to any Catholic member since it has been a looming over me for a very long time - is there any passage in the Bible that pertains to adoration (I'm not sure of the word I’ve use because I don't want to use the word worship) of religious images and sculptures. Do you have any video on it that clearly answers and explain this one?

Most of the Catholic churches I've been to in our country have this, on varying sizes and kinds.

I have this feeling inside me, that it is wrong, and most of the times it really creeps me out especially the big ones.    It felt like believing in these man-made statues is like idolatry stated in Exodus.   Many people go to them, kneel and pray for them, take care and dress them, and wipe their towels over them as if it would perform a miracle of some sorts.    Most of the Catholics said it is mere representation of whom we pray for but (I would contest) Jesus did not bow his head to any statues just to pray to our Father or any man before him, so why do people need to do it now.   It felt like this practice has been misleading us.    Correct me if I am wrong to think of this matter.

My mother has few of these statues at home (Sto. Ninos, Mother Mary) and lately it bothers me… I hope you could clarify to me about your stand on religious images and statues, looking forward to it.


Thank you very much.

God Bless.


Sincerely yours,

Rheyan L


MHFM: We responded to his e-mail in this short post.


Are Catholic Statues Idolatrous? [post]


Interesting Video


MHFM: This is an interesting story that appeared on NBC’s Dateline.  It’s a powerful example of God’s providence, for those it might interest.  There are a few instances of inappropriate language, which we don’t endorse.


Video: Into the Wild




Subject: Antipope Francis’ Heresies from July to September 2013


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the recent article exposing Some of Antipope Francis’ Heresies from July to September 2013.  Francis demonstrates that the Vatican II sect is the "United Nations of Religions" that Shimon Peres recently recommended to Francis… On September 13 Francis addressed non-Catholic leaders as "Distinguished Representatives of the Churches, of Ecclesial Communities and of the great Religions."  What an apostate!  Francis said to the Muslims:  "We are called to respect the religion of the other, its teachings, its symbols, its values."  So according to Francis we should respect the lunatic Muslims' crescent moon symbol as well as its anti-Christ blaspheming doctrines and "honor killings".  Our Lady of Guadalupe crushes the Muslims' lunacy and paganism.  Francis called the "Orthodox" schismatic leaders "Your Holiness" and their followers "faithful and holy," when they are full of schismatical poison and iniquity.  He quoted… Benedict XVI who said: "The Church does not grow by proselytizing…"  According to Benedict… Jesus Christ's words were not for the growth of the Church:  Mark 16:15-16 - "And he said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned."(Rom. 10:14)  It's another manifestation of the Vatican II sect's foundational heresy, salvation outside the Catholic Church and the rejection of the absolute necessity of the sacrament of water baptism: Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi, #57: "He [Jesus Christ] is the one who, while He always day by day produces the growth of the Church by imparting grace, yet refuses to dwell through sanctifying grace in members wholly cut off from the Body."  Francis also said: "It is we who create wounds!  And if we look at the divisions that still exist among Christians, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants… we are aware of the effort required to make this unity fully visible."  Francis creates the wounds of heresy when he denies the external unity of the Church, one of its four marks.  The false traditionalists who "recognize" the V-2 antipopes but schismatically "resist" them… mirror this heresy by denying Vatican I: Pope Pius IX, Vatican I, Ex Cathedra: "In this way, by unity with the Roman pontiff in communion and in profession of the same faith, the church of Christ becomes one flock under one supreme shepherd.  This is the teaching of the catholic truth, and no one can depart from it without endangering his faith and salvation." (John 10:16) 

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Resignation


Dear MHFM:


I resigned in protest from my teaching position at… Catholic School… this week. I am in breach of contract, and may be sued. My own fault, as I should have taken your advice and gotten out last year.


The last straw was a new principal and a new superintendent. Both are in Common Core comas, and severely lack Catholic identity. Their shaming language and humiliating tactics were extreme. I resigned in protest. I pray for my former students…


God Bless






Subject: God cut off the idol Dagon’s head and palms


Dear Brothers,


"When the Philistines captured the ark of God: "And the Philistines took the ark of God, and brought it into the temple of Dagon [their idol], and set it by Dagon.  And when the Azotians arose early the next day, behold Dagon lay upon his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord: and they took Dagon, and set him again in his place.  And the next day again, when they rose in the morning, they found Dagon lying upon his face on the earth before the ark of the Lord: and the head of Dagon, and both the palms of his hands, were cut off upon the threshold." (1 Kings 5:2-4)"


According to the commentary, "Dagon is the same as Derceto, Atergatis, Venus, and the moon, (C.) and was represented like a woman, (T.) as far as the waist, and a fish below."  The only commentary for v.4 was that "the idol was treated worse the second time".  What happened the second time, though, is very interesting:  "....and the head of Dagon, and both the palms of his hands, were cut off upon the threshold." 


When the Philistines obstinately denied the power of the Ark of God over Dagon by lifting the idol back up, God cut off its head and the palms of its hands, for a sign to those hard-headed people that their god was "less than nothing" (as you spoke of the Sun and Moon gods of the evil Aztecs in your 'Guadalupe' videos). V. 7 commentary says "The ark was terrible to this idol, as the relics of S. Babylas were to Apollo."


Furthermore, God's having cut off the head and palms of the Philistine idol, Dagon, is a powerful message to every generation that there is only one true nation under God.  Ever since the beginning, or, after the fall of Adam and Eve, the truth was kept only by those inspired by God, and they handed this truth down through the generations by spoken and written word.  But in a world whose prince is the father of lies, there have been many false reports about God and about His truth or revelations.  The Father of Lies, and his fellow devils and all the demons, tell lie upon lie upon lie, generation after generation after generation.  This has always been the case.  When the world has for its source of truth a known liar and only other liars with him to propagate their lies, what should one expect to see and hear from the world but lies and more lies?  Jesus Christ came to "set the record straight", because only God Himself can be trusted to know and tell the truth.  All the devils tell their own stories, to their bad-willed sympathizers, and this is why there are so many contradictions and false religions in the world, and always have been.  But God is true and faithful: His story never changes.  While Christ 'slept' on the cross, the Church was born of His side, like Eve from Adam, and in His Church He deposited His Faith, against which the gates of Hell will never prevail.  If one is a lover of the truth, one will seek this Church and take refuge in it, apart from the lies and liars of the Devil's kingdom, whose false religions, like Dagon, have no head (Christ) and no palms (honor, blessings and victory).




Dear Brothers...


I thank God for your existence and the truth you bring to light!


Al Tabar






My name is John… I have recently adopted the Sedevacantist position.  It was a difficult struggle for me having been in the Vatican 2 false religion for so long… I live in Reno, NV... I think it’s important to note that I do accept all of the Church’s traditional teachings and reject modernism… "baptism by desire" and other heretical beliefs. 


Thank you for any direction you may be able to provide me with.  God bless you all at Most Holy Family Monastery. 






Subject: Antichrist John Paul II


Peace to you brothers,


I have been following your material closely for several years and I would recommend your "Is the World About to End?" to anyone claiming to be Christian. In it you express a truth that all false religions and false "Christians" fail to grasp: John Paul II was indeed the Antichrist and the European Union is the "Beast" of Revelation.


The false religions calling themselves "Christian" contain members (especially Protestants) who acknowledge the prophecies regarding the Antichrist but are clouded by the misguided teachings of people subscribing to the "Left Behind" series and the idea that the Antichrist has to be a politician or military dictator. I grow tired of hearing people accuse Obama or Prince William or other political puppets of being the Antichrist. The Antichrist and False Prophet are religious figures and the Bible makes that perfectly clear.


Following the Great Persecution under the Roman Empire, the Church struggled to achieve a balance of religious authority between the Roman Emperor and the Pope. But after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the power was, in a sense, transferred to the Papacy, though they still contended with secular rulers at times. The Papacy was to act as the rock of orthodoxy upon which Christ founded his Church. The Gospels tell us that when Jesus posed the question "Who do you say that I am?", the Holy Spirit filled Peter's words with the truth when he declared "You are the Christ, the Son of God". This truth was supposed to be preserved through the Papacy but in modern times the Papal chair has been vacant. The chair of Peter will be replaced by God's Throne of Judgment and then Christ's throne of kingship over the earth. The Chair of Peter is vacant and will remain vacant, so it is abundantly clear that the next thing to come is the Great Throne Judgment.


The European Union (former territories of the Roman Empire) as your video states, are indeed the "Beast out of the Sea" and the revised empire of Daniel Chapter 2. Many people fail to see that the Beast and the Antichrist are linked but are not the same. One is political, the other is religious.  Their end goal, however, is the same: Demonic control. The Antichrist seeks to replace Christ with a satanic doctrine of man through false religions while the Beast utilizes a worldwide police state to institute control of the masses. I believe the purpose of this control is to prepare the world for global demonic possession. Demonic possession on a global scale occurred one other time in history: Right before the flood of Noah.


The Arian heresy and the heresy of Nestorius resurfaced through the V2 sect.  Those heresies are already discussed extensively by MHFM. Their premise is simple: Jesus is a created being and not the Incarnation. JP II and many others went a step further by teaching that MAN is God and that the Bible is the good news about MAN. Satan desired to be God and led many angelic beings (and later Adam and Eve) to the same sin. How can people listen to JP II, Benedict, or Francis and not recognize in their words the oldest and most notorious sin the world has ever known?


Millions of delusional people were in love with John Paul II. They had (and probably still have) pictures of him in their homes and churches. He was posthumously given the title "The Great", has been beatified by the false church, has gigantic statutes of himself around the world, and Poland even released a coin with his image on it! So-called "Catholics" are devoted to a man who spent the majority of his papacy apologizing for the Catholic Church and its history.


… Christ has painfully watched the Mass turned into a circus, the true words of consecration altered, the destruction of apostolic succession, the promotion of Islam by anti-popes (a false religion that condemns Christians to death), crosses removed from sanctuaries, Protestantism (need I say more?), and the freemasonry-sponsored New World Order into our world. Christ was already merciful to us upon the cross, now he brings fury and wrath. Anyone not convinced we are in the last days is in for a great shock.


God bless,




St. Athanasius


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for your continuous alerts on “What has happened to the Catholic Church”… Saint Athanasius to his Flock in the 4th Century A.D…. strengthens and enlightens the true Catholics of our present day, it reads…..


Letter of Saint Athanasius to His Flock (4th Century A.D.)


"May God console you! ... What saddens you ... is the fact that others have occupied the churches by violence, while during this time you are on the outside. It is a fact that they have the premises --- but you have the Apostolic Faith. They can occupy our churches, but they are outside the true Faith. You remain outside the places of worship, but the Faith dwells within you. Let us consider: what is more important, the place or the Faith? The true Faith, obviously. Who has lost and who has won in the struggle --- the one who keeps the premises or the one who keeps the Faith?  True, the premises are good when the Apostolic Faith is preached there; they are holy if everything takes place there in a holy way... You are the ones who are happy; you who remain within the Church by your Faith, who hold firmly to the foundations of the Faith which has come down to you from Apostolic Tradition. And if an execrable jealousy has tried to shake it on a number of occasions, it has not succeeded. They are the ones who have broken away from it in the present crisis.


No one, ever, will prevail against your Faith, beloved Brothers. And we believe that God will give us our churches back some day.  Thus, the more violently they try to occupy the places of worship, the more they separate themselves from the Church. They claim that they represent the Church; but in reality, they are the ones who are expelling themselves from it and going astray.  Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ." (Coll. selecta SS. Eccl. Patrum, Caillau and Guillou, Vol. 32, pp. 411-412)



In J.M.J.

M.Fernanda da Silva




Dear Brother Michael & Brother Peter (MHFM)


We were blessed to come across one of your youtube videos about 2 months plus ago. Since then we have read quite a bit of your materials and watched quite a number of your videos too.

After digesting much of the materials, we (my wife & kids) have stopped attending the New Mass… Thank You Very Much for All That You Have Been Doing !!...


Warmest Regards,

Alino Franco




Subject: Antipope Francis’ Heresies from July to September 2013


Dear Mhfm,

The new article is really something. The global heretic is just flooding the masses with his heresies. It is happening in massive tidal waves. The freemason, communist, and liberal media is gleefully broadcasting the paganisms and heresy of their fellow freemason. Heretic Jorge Bergoglio praised islam. This is apostasy. He referred to schismatic leaders as holy and their followers as "faithful." This is also apostasy. He also mentions that his sect is sharing places of worship and cemeteries with schismatics. A person who claims to be a Christian that would embrace such an idea is nothing more than an apostate. He praised the prayers and fastings of the false religions, he teaches that the Church (as he construes it) should not convert others (to bolster his position he cited Benedict XVI's heresy that the 'Church' should not attempt to convert others to the Catholic Faith), he persistently teaches the heresy that the Church is not united, he praises apostasy by praising the 1986 Assisi gathering (which constituted a massive global act of apostasy by AntiChrist Antipope John Paul II), and all these statements manifest the apostasy of Jorge and definitively demonstrate he does not have the Christian Faith. He is an accursed enemy of Christ with his huge dark heart.

This freemason's actions are not a surprise. They believe that all "religions" are the same and contain the same primitive "revelation" of nature in different forms (that all "religions" are trying to tell the same story). Pope Leo XIII said in his Encyclical 'Praeclara Gratulationis Publicae' on June 20th 1894 that freemasonry "...has already sallied forth from its hiding-places, where it hatched its plots, into the the throng of cities, and as if to defy the Almighty, has set up its throne in this very city of Rome, the Capital of the Catholic world." So he says that the headquarters of freemasonry is in Rome. He goes on to say "Under the pretense of vindicating the rights of man and of reconstituting society, it attacks Christianity; it rejects revealed Doctrine, denounces practices of Piety, the Divine Sacraments, and every Sacred thing as superstition; it strives to eliminate the Christian Character from Marriage and the family and the education of youth, and from every form of instruction,  whether public or private, and to root out from the minds of men all respect for Authority, whether human or Divine. On its own part it preaches the worship of nature, and maintains that by the principles of nature are truth and probity and justice to be measured and regulated. In this way, as is quite evident, man is being driven to adopt customs and habits of life akin to those of the heathen, only more corrupt in proportion as the incentives to sin are more numerous." Jorge fulfills all this (he strives to remove the Christian Character from Marriage, family, and education of youth by promoting sodomites and their demonic partnerships, by promoting lust "education", by repudiating Church Dogma concerning the evil and invalidity of divorce and so called 'remarriages', he focuses on the so called rights of man and worships nature by thinking that feeding people is more important than the gospel and he promotes communism and environmentalism- in addition to worshipping human nature by thinking that merely naturally good acts can merit even atheists salvation, he promotes pagan habits via syncretism etc, he rejects Divine Revelation by calling proselytizism "solemn nonsense", and he believes that private morality should not affect public policy (prior to being antipope he criticized a politician for the first time in 18 years who at first appeared opposed to sodomite devilish partnerships and said he should not make his private morality affect public legislation).




Subject: Solitude: Behold Where God is Found


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

I was looking at your video Solitude: Behold where God is found and I must agree 100% that one must be alone in order to find God. He's always there, but people don't want to spend time either worshiping him, asking him for guidance, or asking Him how can I grow closer to You. The reason is that people are so caught up in the culture and they're not thinking for themselves, they look to other people for guidance… and have a relaxed attitude on the nature of God. God Is Perfect, Holy, Mysterious, Loving, and by following His Will we as humans walk with the Holy Spirit. When this happens The Holy Spirit grows in our soul because our bodies are temple of the Lord… People need to… fight for their salvation, open up their hearts minds and souls to God and avoid sinning altogether; I call this hope. I was lacking hope, but God gave me hope. Hope that the people I pray for see God's Glory, Perfectionism, His Mercy, and asking God to protect them and guide them to God's Kingdom.

By praying to God we overcome fear, doubt, and grow in courage. It is beautiful to know that God loves it when we see hypocrites, false prophets, and to see that the culture of 2014 as evil, black slime is everywhere, and the last remaining true Catholics are asking God to guide us away from such evils. With His Love he will protect us from such horrors. Finally the last part of the video states we must sometimes avoid our relatives because they're not for The Truth of God. This case is mine because my family does not follow traditional Catholicism, even though they call themselves Catholics… I've disowned them and it hurts that the family I love won't consider any information about your website. Even though it breaks my heart daily, walking with God daily makes me think God is with me not my family. Each day I pray for His Guidance, His Love, and His Mercy. In return he calms me down and guides me to His Truths. God's Truths are Perfect, Divine, They Will Stand Forever, and in Luke 21:33 "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Thank you for helping souls and may God protect Most Holy Family Monastery.

Roman Garza




I just finished looking at your news links.  One can hardly find the words to describe the extreme corruption of this passing world.  The popes, following our dearest Lord, described it best, using the most condemnatory language.  Regarding Nancy Pelosi:  it seems that woman supports everything evil that comes across her desk for her to sign. Pope Pius XI must have had women like Pelosi in mind when he wrote the words in Casti Connubii:  "Rather, indeed, such false liberty and unnatural equality with man are turned to the destruction of the woman herself; for, if the woman descends from that royal seat to which she was raised within the walls of the home by the Gospel, she will shortly be reduced to ancient servitude (if not in appearance, yet in very fact), and will become, as she was among the pagans, a mere instrument of man."  (Denz. 2248)


Your doctrinal quote by early Church father, St. Irenaeus, is tremendous:


St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, c. 185: “And the heretics, indeed, who bring strange fire to the altar of God – namely, strange doctrines – shall be burned up by the fire from heaven, as were Nadab and Abiud.  But such as rise in opposition to the truth, and exhort others against the Church of God, [shall] remain among those in hell, being swallowed up by an earthquake, even as those who were with Core, Dathan, and Abiron.”




Most Holy Family Monastery,


I found your website last year when researching the proper Catholic response to the Society of St. Pius X against a friend who is a member.  Your opinions on your website are accurate; that if one is going to be a part of the SSPX, one isn't being true to either Rome or to so-called Traditionalism, rather, they are taking a middle ground which negates both sets of beliefs… 


May Our Lady guide you on your way,


Nick Bianco


MHFM: The position of the SSPX on the Vatican II sect is clearly false.  They also hold the heresy that souls can be saved without the Catholic faith.  They don’t have the true Catholic faith.  However, your e-mail suggests that you were researching ways to defend the Vatican II sect against people who have problems with it.  If that’s the case, then your position is wrong as well.  The Vatican II sect is definitely not the Catholic Church, as the material on our site proves. 




Greetings and peace in Christ to you! 


I'm a "Christian" (I believe in Jesus as God) and I was raised a Protestant, I came to "Catholicism" four years ago. And I've decided to become Catholic, but since my parents would not consent I am still awaiting my Baptism (my mother was Anabaptist) I came across some moderate "traditionalists" (those who think Vatican II popes are true Popes, but reject Vatican II and the Novus Ordo (which was even more irreverent than Protestant services I went to) I found serious flaws in their ecclesiology as I did with the Orthodox when I looked in that direction. I found your website... And I was quite surprised, but I'm seeing it now especially with the New Rite evaluated in light of the Anglican Apostasy, and it's divergence even from the Eastern rite force me to accept the fact that the Chair of Peter is Vacant, among other things I could not reconcile Religious liberty with the history of Catholicism. The very abandonment of the Catholic state and Coronation Rite is proof of a satanic plot to destroy Christianity from the inside out. 


Of course the gates of hell shall not prevail. I've also been… interpreting Vatican II in the Traditional sense and I also see one that is impossible given every previous declaration either from the Chair of Peter or an Ecumenical Council with the Charism of Infalliblity. 


Your site has many truths, and I have just one question to ask, I am not yet Catholic or baptized at all for that matter, I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I do not know of any Catholic clergy in my city. Their are Priests with the Power of Orders but they're all Schismatics. Orthodox clergy, Ukrainian Catholic clergy and SSPX Priests. 


How do I become a True Catholic? And where is the True Catholic Church after Vatican II?  Please write back as soon as you can and may God Aid you in your Apostolate. 




MHFM: We’re glad that you found the material.  The true Church exists with the traditional Catholics who maintain the true faith, whole and undefiled.  You should follow these steps to convert:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


You need to embrace the theological positions as they are covered in our material; for they are true.  Also, you shouldn’t let anyone stop you from becoming Catholic.  When you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with where to receive sacraments.   You mention the heresies in Vatican II.  You should see these videos.


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy [video]

Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy [video]

Vatican II’s Intercommunion Heresy [video]

Was Vatican II Infallible? [video]


Francis, ‘Baptism of Desire’


Subject: The Heresies of Benedict XVI (video)


Your arguments are false, just NOT TRUE AT ALL. And you don't have a bit of a Catholic in you. Well maybe you do, in which case, go repent, go try to be a christian, a true follower, that knows the pope Francis is the pope and baptism of desire is possible, simply because holy spirit revealed that to us (Catholic church). Go read the Chatechism. I mean the book's not perfect, but is as close to the truth as it can get. You're forgetting that Jesus came here in order to save us, not the other way around.


David Rubes


MHFM: You say that the arguments are false, but you don’t give even one example to back up your claim.  That’s because you can’t.  Your claim is false and you are a liar.  All the points covered in the video are true, and you cannot refute any of them.


You simply reject the truth and the facts available to you; and, in the process, you bear false witness against other people.  Heretics and liars like you typically make general claims/accusations without substantiating those claims with specific evidence or facts; for if you tried to get specific, it would be demonstrated quite clearly that your claims have no merit.  You’re just not of the truth.   It’s also interesting that in the very same context in which you promote Antipope Francis – and thus defend his complete rejection of Christ and Catholicism – you promote ‘baptism of desire’.  That’s not a surprise: you are a faithless unbeliever who loves false doctrines and lies.


The fact that Antipope Benedict XVI rejected Scripture, Catholic dogma and the Gospel doesn’t bother you.  The fact that Antipope Francis totally accepts Judaism, rejects converting non-Catholics, etc. doesn’t faze you.  No, what upsets and moves you are the facts of Catholic dogma, and the information exposing the Vatican II sect’s rejection of Catholic dogma.  That’s because you are not of Christ, but of the Devil. 


“St.” John Paul II’s Heresies


Subject: “St.” John Paul II’s Heresies [video]


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the updated version of "St." John Paul II's Heresies.  John Paul II was the devil incarnate, as is easily proven by the almost countless blasphemies and sacrileges he committed.  He said that all men are "united with Christ forever" - Universal Salvation.  That the Holy Ghost works through non-Catholic religions.  He prayed for St. John the Baptist to "protect Islam," as if a Saint would protect demonic lies.  He praised Muslims, Jews, "Orthodox" schismatics, Protestants and every single other major non-Catholic religious group: "God... does not fail to make himself present in many... religions."  He went to a Buddhist temple and a Jewish synagogue to worship Lucifer.  His Assisi apostasy prayer meetings for "peace" were totally satanic.  Jesus said, "Wonder not, brethren, if the world hate you," because it is seated in wickedness (1 John 5:19), and Jesus gives His peace, but not as the world gives it (John 14:17), since there is neither peace for the wicked nor for this wicked world (Isaias 48:22, 57:21, Gal. 1:4).  Christ's Kingdom is not of this world (John 18:16), but John Paul II and the other V-2 antipopes are working for the Kingdoms of this world (Matt. 4:9).  John Paul II referred to the "Great religions of the world." What an apostate!  He taught that the Old Covenant is still valid. This is absurd.  When the "Chosen" reject the Chooser - Jesus Christ - then they cease to be the "Chosen."  He prayed at the Western wall, as if he along with the Jews are waiting for the "Messiah". He bowed and kissed the Koran which blasphemes Christ and the Holy Trinity, and said to a descendent of Mohammed the false prophet, "You are a descendant of the Prophet, aren't you?"  He said to Muslims, "We believe in the same God," when Muslims reject the Divinity of Christ.  He said that "any suggestion of proselytism [to the "Orthodox"] should be avoided" - as if it were "mortally sinful" to convert souls - and taught that they can receive the sacraments. What a schismatic and what sacrilege!  He said that non-Catholics have Saints and Martyrs… 

He allowed altar girls to serve, condemned the Crusades, apologized to red China and praised its "social justice," received an award from the Freemasons and said Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are not real places.  He said Luther had a "great impact on history," Calvin tried to "make the Church more faithful to the will of the Lord," and that John Huss was a "man of infallible personal integrity".  What an anti-Christ heretic!  And as if that weren't enough, he taught the anti-Christ gospel that "man is God") as systematically as a devil.  He taught that the "Luminous Mysteries" show that in "Christ [is]... the truth about man".  He said man is Christ, that "Christmas is the feast of man," that "Grace is God... Father... Son... Holy Spirit... also man," that "respect for man [must] be total... every offense against the person is an offense against God," that "God wishes to encounter in man the whole of creation," and that Christianity and the Gospel are the "deep amazement at man's worth and dignity."  John Paul II was not only an antipope, but the definitive anti-Christ.  The false traditionalists who claim to "recognize" the Vatican II antipopes, but "resist" the same, are fools and schismatics; for in accepting the anti-Christ antipopes as the head of their body they lose any real resistance.  It demonstrates why the root cause of the entire Great Apostasy is the denial of the necessity of the Catholic faith and the sacrament of baptism for salvation.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




MHFM: It’s going to be a few more days before the new video dealing with the Apocalypse is posted.  However, hopefully it will not be more than about a week.


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article.


Antipope Francis’ Heresies from July to September 2013




Dear Brothers,


… i was asking about joining the Church. I forgot to ask a very important question though, is my baptism valid? It was done when i was an infant in the very liberal ELCA Lutheran Church. Does it invalidate the sacrament because of that? 


Take care

Zach S 


MHFM: It depends on how it was done.  But you should definitely undergo a conditional baptism, as covered in the file below.  You should follow the steps to convert for those who “aren’t sure whether they have been baptized”.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts




Dear Brothers,


Could you please tell me a good novena to say for a person who is mixed up… A Novena that will help them,


God Bless, Thank you,




MHFM: Here are a few good options for prayers to particular saints. 


Prayers to St. Benedict

Prayers to St. Joseph

Prayer to St. Therese

Prayer to St. Philomena

Prayer to St. Francis Solanus, Missionary to South America [Also interesting quotes on his miracles]


Also, praying three Hail Marys for specific intentions (e.g., the conversion/salvation of people or a particular person, or really for any intention) is very powerful.  And obviously praying the Rosary each day, all 15 decades, is also strongly recommended.


Fear of God


Subject: Fear of God




… of the new mass: "Other things abolished were:  the depravity of sin, the grave offence of sin, God's anger, temptation, wicked thoughts, dangers to the soul, the blows of His wrath, the hour of His death, the loss of Heaven, everlasting death, eternal punishment, Hell, reference to Church militant and the merits of the saints, and much more."


There seems to be a certain connection shared by these abolished teachings. The changes seem to reflect a design to take the salutary fear of evil from Catholics.


And it would appear that this theme, which waters-down the dangers to the faithful, feeds directly into the new doctrine of universal salvation promoted by the VII sect - an utterly false doctrine concocted by Satan.  I find it beneficial to be reminded of the woe that befalls those who transgress God's commandments - because fear of transgression, and the consequences that attach to it, firms my resolve to obey God and do his will. It is of great assistance in the daily struggle to avoid sin.


On this front, I found your video on Death and the Journey into Hell to be an effective 'wake-up-call' to repentance… I once heard a line in a movie somewhere that said 'the greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing people that he didn't exist'. However, it seems to me that Satan's greatest achievement is not convincing people that he does not exist, but in convincing them that they do not need to worry about their salvation - that they can rest assured that God, in His infinitely mercy, will not judge them harshly. 


To my mind, Satan lures people into complacency about salvation in two ways:


1) by falsifying the truth that "many are called but few chosen" (Matt 22:14 - meaning, salvation is not handed out free to all, but is attained with difficulty); and

2) by masking, or concealing, the absolutely horrifying retribution that awaits those who transgress.


The changes made by Paul VI serve both aims. That is, by taking the scary bits out, focus could more conveniently be directed to God's mercy. And the inordinate stress on God's mercy applied by the VII church (where mercy is elevated above all other attributes of God - e.g. Faustina's Divine Mercy) was conducive to the expansion of the promise of salvation from many to all. Or, at least, was sufficient to encourage complacency in the faithful about their salvation.


Moreover, the teachings abolished by Paul VI served another very important function. They reminded the faithful that the consequences that attach to sin are of such gravity that it is wise to maintain a healthy fear of it: "...with fear and trembling work out your salvation". Phil 2:12 


It is 'by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil'. Proverbs 16:6


God speed to you in your work.






If baptism of desire and baptism of blood are true, then the absolute necessity of the Water Baptism for salvation is false.  If BoD/BoB are true, then the absolute necessity of being a member of the Catholic Church for salvation must be false as well.


The concepts of BoD/BOB introduces the relativistic, non-judgmental position which basically says: "who are we to judge?" (who will be -or not- saved). According to it, people may obtain salvation just because they "desire" baptism and that should be enough. Bod/Bob encourages people to be open to the possibility that one may be able to gain salvation without Water Baptism or without being a member of the Catholic Church.  It is a sort of "salvatory relativism".


Proponents of Bod/Bob claim that there are NO objective, absolute, categorical norms/requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to gain salvation.  It all depends on some vague "desire' (or "blood sacrifice"), which by itself should be enough to obtain salvation, and which we should not judge or criticize. Bod/Bob adherents demand respect and tolerance of these "other ways of salvation", which, they insist, to be absolute and universal.  The problem with the proponents of this idea is that the Church, since its very beginning, has the Truth regarding requirements, which MUST be fulfilled in order to obtain salvation. This Truth-- also called infallible Dogma-- very clearly says that a person must have WATER Baptism and must be a member of the Only True, Catholic Church to gain salvation. This Truth was solemnly, dogmatically declared, many times, by different popes and Councils.


Absolute Truth means that something is true for ALL people, at ALL times and ALL places. It doesn't change with time, or it is not determined by majority vote (or by a few deluded theologians or priests). The Catholic Dogma, i.e., the Catholic Truth, says that Baptism of Water is absolutely necessary for salvation.  Baptism of desire and Baptism of blood claim that Baptism of Water is not absolutely necessary for salvation.  These two conflicting statements cannot both be true. If one is true, then the other is false…Ignorance, indifference, apathy about the Truth can have deadly consequences (both temporal and eternal)…






Thank you for your response.


1- Please correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that an unbaptized person who lives according to the Natural Law and whose heart is without guile in God's eyes, will somehow be led to the Catholic Church and will eventually be baptized so they can be included in the Elect. My understanding is that God finds favor with such souls and will not allow such persons to perish without Baptism. From what I have read, this is the proper Church teaching on people who are ignorant of Christ, ignorant of the Catholic Faith, and ignorant of the need for Salvation.  Therefore one can conclude that their ignorance is not invincible, because God will not allow their ignorance to remain….


Thank you,


MHFM: It’s a dogma that no one can be saved without Baptism and the Catholic faith.  So yes, it’s definitely true that in the case of one who wants the truth and is of good will, God will bring that person to the faith and Baptism.


St. Augustine, Against Julian, Book 5, Chap. 4: “Of the number of the elect and predestined, even those who have led the very worst kind of life are led to repentance through the goodness of God… Not one of them perishes, regardless of his age at death; never be it said that a man predestined to life would be permitted to end his life without the sacrament of the Mediator [Baptism].  Because of these men, our Lord says: ‘This is the will of him who sent me, the Father, that I should lose nothing of what he has given me.’”


But God also knows and chooses, from before the foundation of the world, those who are among the elect.  There is thus no randomness to where people are born.  If people are born into, for example, the complete darkness of an Islamic country or the ignorance of a pagan land, that’s because He determined it.  


Ephesians 1:3-5- “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him.  In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.”


New Mass Invalid


Subject: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


Even with the new Novus Ordo English translation, you still consider the form invalid because of the removal (really, relocation) of "mysterium fidei" and the fact that you're assuming the Novus Ordo is the Roman Rite (Paul VI said it was a new rite, although Benedict XVI said it was just the "ordinary form" of the Roman Rite)?




MHFM: Yes, the Latin version of the New Mass, as well as the ‘corrected’ English version with ‘many’ instead of ‘all’, must be considered invalid, as the video covers.  Antipope Paul VI made it clear that the New Mass was to stand in place of the Old (i.e., in the Roman Rite).


Antipope Paul VI, Address, May 24, 1976: “The new Ordo was promulgated to take the place of the old, after mature deliberation, following upon the requests of the Second Vatican Council In no different way did our holy predecessor Pius V make obligatory the Missal reformed under his authority, following the Council of Trent…”


Well, there is a defined and established form, received from Tradition, in the Roman Rite.  That form includes the words mysterium fidei (“the mystery of faith”).  Those words have an established and declared meaning in the form.  They signify the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  The New Mass purports to be the Mass of the Roman Rite, yet deliberately removes the words mysterium fidei from the form.  It doesn’t relocate them in the form, as you say.  It removes them from the form and takes them to a place outside the form.  It also gives them an entirely different meaning.


When heretics remove things from the form of an established and traditional rite, especially words that signify the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the presumption of validity is lost.  Is it really a surprise that the New Mass, in its original form, would be invalid?  Of course not.  It’s the product of a revolutionary sect and a manifestly heretical antipope. 


Moreover, all the New Masses offered by ‘priests’ ordained in Antipope Paul VI’s New Rite of Ordination are of course invalid for that reason alone, before even getting into the problem with the form which provides an additional reason for invalidity.


Some might ask: if the removal of mysterium fidei rendered the New Mass invalid, then why was the change from ‘many’ to ‘all’ so significant, monumental and apocalyptic, since the New Mass was already invalid?  The answer is that God allowed the mistranslation of ‘for all’ in place of ‘for many’ (which characterized the New Mass for so many years) to make it COMPLETELY OBVIOUS to the masses (at least those among them who care at all) that there is a major problem with the New Mass and its validity.  While comparatively few would recognize the removal of mysterium fidei and/or its significance, anyone can see that Jesus did not use the word ‘all’ when giving the form for the Eucharist.  God allowed that complete mistranslation to alert everyone that the New Mass is defective.  The ‘all’ mistranslation also signified the Vatican II sect’s spiritual whoredom and complete departure from the words and Tradition of Christ.




Subject: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


Dear Brothers,


The Novus Ordo 'mass' is undoubtedly a massacre of the Catholic faith, yielding a vineyard of souls laced with heresy and sin.  So powerfully revealing this video is, it's enough to make one's hair 'stand on end'.  The changes made by Paul VI are ultra diabolical, in that they deliberately abolish and/or suppress whatever was 'too Catholic' in the Mass, hereby rendering it no longer an unbloody sacrifice, but an empty celebration of man.  Paul VI even admitted that his intention was to make it Protestant and likewise, six Protestant ministers helped devise it and, not surprising, the real presence of Christ was suppressed.  Quite ironically, the 1549 Anglican prayer book also removed the words that made a clear reference to Christ in the Eucharist.  Moreover, of the twelve offertory prayers in the traditional Mass, only two were retained in the new 'mass', which were the same prayers that Martin Luther deleted!  Other things abolished were:  the depravity of sin, the grave offence of sin, God's anger, temptation, wicked thoughts, dangers to the soul, the blows of His wrath, the hour of His death, the loss of Heaven, everlasting death, eternal punishment, Hell, reference to Church militants and the merits of the saints, and much more.  These changes glorify not God, but the grave mistakes of Anglicanism, especially the suppression of all references to offering a propitiatory sacrifice.  Novus Ordo and Protestant services are both an abomination to God and, as the Church has always taught, it is mortally sinful to approach even a doubtful sacrament, let alone the evil Novus Ordo. 


The New Rite of Ordination butchers tradition in every dizzy direction and, like Anglicanism, it has removed mandatory references to the sacrifice of the Mass and the true sacrificing priesthood.  Pope Leo XIII solemnly decreed the Anglican Rite of ordination to be invalid and hence, Paul VI's new 1968 rite begets not priests, but simple laymen.  Critical prayers of 'making a priest' have been abolished, such as, "Receive the power to offer sacrifice to God, and to celebrate Mass, both for the living and the dead, in the name of the Lord."  Also abolished, among others, was, "Receive the Holy Ghost.  Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sin you shall retain, they are retained."  In other words, a man studying at such seminaries does not, at his 'ordination', receive any power, nor blessing from God whatsoever… And if that's not enough, deadly changes were also made to the New Rite of Consecration for Bishops, the New Rite of Confirmation and extreme unction…




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new version of our video on John Paul II’s heresies.


“St.” John Paul II’s Heresies [video]




Subject: “St.” John Paul II’s Heresies [video]


… if any Traditionalist… watched any of your videos… how can they still regard John Paul II (or any of the other antipopes) as legitimate Pontiffs?... they invite others (I have personally witnessed this behaviour) to AVOID any "Sedevacantist" material, no doubt in fear of people being made aware of reality. They must be active agents of Satan.


Marco Arecibo




Subject: Being Silent




That was such a touching e-exchange from your reader AJ.  I too am very quiet and shy and have always felt something was wrong with me.  In 68 years of living I’ve had very few friends and always felt the need to be by myself.  Through the excellent teachings of your web-site I’ve become a Traditional Catholic.  Like AJ I find it comforting to be isolated from people who make fun of my beliefs, which is most of my family.


I believe Our Lady led me to your web-site which has turned out to be such a wonderful blessing. 


Thank you and God bless you,






Dear Brothers,


First of all, I want to thank you for all the things that you have done about exposing the VII. You are really a big help to those who are confused of what is really happening in the Catholic Church today. You really enlightened me on all the things concerning the truth about Catholic Faith, especially about the 'Outside of the Catholic Church there is absolutely no Salvation" and much more. I know that God is guiding you in doing all of these things. No words can express how much I thank you for all of these. I learned a lot from all of your articles and videos posted in your website and your youtube channel…


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you all.


Ann M.B.


“St.” John Paul II’s Heresies


Subject: “St.” John Paul II’s Heresies [video]


Thank you for the latest video on the heresies of "Saint" John Paul II.  Congratulations on releasing this video and thank you for all the work that went into making it.  Maybe JPII is a "saint" for the satanists, freemasons, and jews, however he sure isn't one for true catholics:  No. He, the anti-christ is, as Our Lady of La Salette prophesied… practicing, promoting, preaching and teaching the most egregious forms of idolatries--like man in the place of GOD.  The anti-christ JPII was "satan appearing as an angel of Light"---thus the… new "luminous" mysteries, the FAKE apparitions of Our Lady (it was really the devil NOT the mother of GOD appearing) so closely associated with his anti-reign, the FAKE "martyrs" of non-catholic sects he supposedly "acknowledged", the PHONY 3rd secret of Fatima he promoted, and on and on and on with every aspect of his truly nauseating anti-papacy.


… This wonderful video reveals JPII as the master of the synagogue of satan in our times, and Jesus spoke about the synagogue of satan in HIS own day..... Also I notice many, several instances where the camera caught him laughing with an actual belly-laugh, or cases where it is obvious he is trying really hard to NOT laugh outright as he is smiling so hard he has to look down to conceal his laughter AT the catholics and the whole world he is deceiving. Some examples of this are when he is holding the Gospels up in the air with the so called Orthodox; and at Assisi, while holding the plants with all the other devil worshippers he had invited and assembled there with him.  The "Pan" Christian event is interesting because pan I think refers to a Greek god (devil) of music who leads souls to the underworld by mesmerizing them with his flute.  "Pan" is a symbol for the devil actually and it is interesting the anti-christ chose this word for his meeting of apostates, since it had specifically been condemned in that exact language by a real catholic pope.  JPII made a point of doing such things, often.  He wanted to overturn anything and everything catholic...


Ten Times


Subject: Francis, OT, Kramer


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article exposing Some of Antipope Francis' Heresies from March to June 2013.  During that time he praised non-Catholics at least ten times, asked God to help non-Catholics in their false worship at least six times, and asked non-Catholics to pray (to the Devil) for him at least four times.  How can anyone say he is a "Catholic," let alone a "pope"?  It is indescribable bad will.  He is in spiritual communion with all non-Catholics - Jews, Muslims, "Orthodox" and Anglican schismatics, Protestants, etc.  It is Freemasonry, "do what thou wilt."  What a heretic!!

Thank you for the interesting insight about the Old Testament affirming the truth that one can lose their salvation.  God's mercy is available for those who seek the truth and do good, but His justice is also ready to strike those who in their bad will leave Him by sinning.

Great to hear about your debate challenge to "Fr." Paul Kramer.  Kramer rails against Catholic dogma like a schismatical "antipope."  The BOD heretics are total cowards.  They hide behind their computers hurling insults and errors, yet when they are cornered by a debate challenge they whimper and whine before declining.  "Fr." Kramer said in one article that the "denial of BOD" is an "old heresy."  In order to be consistent he would have to say Jesus Christ was a "Feeneyite" since He "denied BOD" at John 3:5 - "Jesus answered: Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."  Kramer also stated that BOD must be believed "under penalty of heresy and eternal damnation."  What a satanic schismatic!  He says this without the slightest shadow of an infallible definition to back him up.  What a diabolical, anti-Christ liar!  BOD is a Kingdom divided against itself.  None of the BOD heretics agree on which version of BOD is "true."  If BOD were such a "dogma" that impacts such a critical issue as the necessity of water baptism then the Saints, Doctors, Theologians and Papacy would have given plenty of counterarguments against the false versions of this "dogma."  There is no such thing, however because it is false.  One BODer says it is a sacrament, others disagree.  One says a BODee goes straight to heaven, others say they go to Purgatory.  One says it Justifies but does not save, others say it also saves.  One says it grants the grace of rebirth, others say it doesn't.  One says belief in the essential Mysteries is necessary, others disagree. One says it is only for catechumens, others say it's for anyone.  One says a Rabbi who rejects Christ can be saved, others disagree.  One says Atheists are children of God (“of the first class”), others disagree.  The list goes on, and the point is that if BOD were a "dogma" (rather than a heresy) that "must be believed... under penalty of heresy and eternal damnation,” as Kramer and the Krameretics "declare," then there would be a unified coherence to this belief because one of the four marks of the Church is unity.  However, there is no such thing because BOD contradicts dogma.  As you wrote: "It’s always interesting when “baptism of desire” heretics attempt to explain their position.  If they even begin to interact with the dogmatic arguments which refute it (a rare occurrence), they always wind up contradicting themselves and/or falling into new errors and heresies.  That’s why they typically choose to ignore all the arguments which obliterate their position – preferring, instead, to talk endlessly about objections for “baptism of desire” that have already been completely refuted."  The only thing the BOD heretics (and "recognize and resist" schismatics) are truly united on is the denial of the dogmas on the absolute necessity of the sacrament of water baptism and membership in the Catholic Church for salvation.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




After having read your site… over the past year or so, I have actually come to believe that the church led by Francis I is in fact apostate and that the Novus Ordo mass is invalid.  I grew up in the 1970’s Vatican II religion and I know it did not help me spiritually or morally…


I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.


Thank you and may God bless your efforts,

Vivian Y.




Subject: Silence


Dear Brothers,


I want to thank you very much on your video on silence and the quotes from saints on the subject.  I should have thanked you a long time ago because you posted the information some time ago.  It has helped me to realize something important about my relationship with God.  Let me explain.  I'm naturally a quiet person with few friends.  I always have been.  However, for a good chunk of my life I have always felt that there might be something wrong with me because I'm quiet and have few friends and keep to myself.  I realize that this is actually a good thing because I can use my time to meditate on the things of God.  I also have learned that it does not matter if I have few friends as long as God is pleased with me.  I find that I cannot maintain a friendship with most people anyway because so many of the people I encounter or am forced to associate with are critical of the Catholic faith or otherwise objectionable because of some moral hindrance.  Because I am naturally quiet it has never bothered me to be left alone.  Although I was raised in the suburbs of New York City, I could live in a quiet rural setting and not be negatively affected by it.  I usually drive without playing the radio and if I do turn on the radio it is to listen to the news and not to music.  I have learned to appreciate silence more and I try to incorporate it more into my life and use such moments to pray an extra Rosary.  Sometimes I play Gregorian Chants in the background to assist with meditation.  I think God has been trying to make me realize this for such a long time and it is just recently at this time in my life that I am learning it.  It no longer bothers me that I have few friends.  I used to have a facebook account but cancelled it after realizing what a waste of time it is.  I notice people who talk a lot can't stand to be left alone.  At work there are certain areas I am posted at that is very quiet with few people to talk to.  When I am assigned to it I feel happy to be alone and away from the worldly and/or inappropriate conversations of worldly people.  Most of my other colleagues, however, do not like to be on that post.  The ones that don't happen to be very talkative.  They have the urge to leave where they are and come to where the activity is so they can chat, even though they are not really supposed to leave it.  They have told me themselves they are bored on the quiet post and cannot tolerate it…






Subject: “Fr.” Paul Kramer



Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  After you posted on E-exchanges the Debate Challenge to “Fr.” Paul Kramer on “Baptism of Desire ”, I sent Paul Kramer a message
asking him if he is aware of the debate Challenge on BOD MHFM sent to you which they also posted on their website… And he replied that… he trashed your message without opening it. So I asked him why didn't he open and read it, why would you have to trash it. Then he said the following:What's to prove, it is patent….so I asked him if that means you are not going to do any debate and he replied that it’s a waste of time to debate Feeneyites. They should be burned…


So I finally told him that since he refused to accept the debate challenge I will have to conclude that he is afraid to face the facts because he already knows that he will be defeated by the Dimonds.

It is obvious that Paul Kramer is afraid to accept the debate challenge because he knows he will be defeated, exposed and put to shame.

Once again I thank you Brothers for the great work you have been putting out there and GOD BLESS.

Yours in Christ

Vanafara Pio


MHFM: That’s interesting.  So, according to him, people who believe that you must be baptized for salvation (as declared by Jesus Christ and Catholic dogma) should be burned, but Benedict XVI (who taught that Jesus doesn’t even have to be seen as the prophesied Messiah and Son of God) is a “Catholic” and “a pope”.  Incredible.  What a demonic fool.




Subject: Paul Kramer denied my challenge to debate you



     I just read your debate challenge to Paul Kramer with much interest.  I also challenged Paul Kramer to debate you at about the same time (in June)… About a year ago, after coming across your and other “Traditionalist” material I stopped attending diocesan Novus Ordo services, but I was still travelling long distances to Latin indult “Masses”.  Then, when Paul Kramer came out against Francis being a valid Pope, I finally took courage and contacted some people I considered my authorities, asking them about Francis’ heresies, and I was either totally ignored or basically lied to.  One person, a traditionalist leaning Opus Dei “priest” I had considered my spiritual director for some time, told me at the beginning of the conversation that Francis was just kind of ignorant, naive and too loose with his words and the good guys in the Vatican were in the process of “getting it through his fat head” to be more careful, and then a few minutes later at the end of the conversation he turned 180 and was praising Francis for being some Jesuit mastermind playing all sides against each other (as if that’s Catholic).  After this I quit the N.O. completely, even ending a serious courtship to do so.  

     Unfortunately, I started attending a nearby SSPX chapel for some time afterwards—it was nice to see a community of young and somewhat large families gathering every weekend for something that looked a lot like the Tradition Catholicism I was robbed of as a child growing up N.O.  I was told by priests and some lay people that I could be Sedevacantist, but I had to basically keep it to myself.  I kept reading your material though, and working through the issues (much too slowly).  When I finally asked some SSPX priests on retreat about the necessity of water baptism debate, I was told it was a “uniquely American problem” (I heard that expression multiple times, from priests, lay people and in books in only a few months with the SSPX) and that BOD was taught in Trent.  I then bought and read “Baptism of Desire” by Fr. Jean-Marc Rulleau because it was the only book on “Feeneyism” at the local SSPX bookstore.  I was shocked to find on page 21 the line, “Baptism of water has always been considered as necessary for salvation.” 

     To have to write a line like that in a pro “Baptism of Desire” book is basically the definition of an “Epic Fail”.  It’s so unbelievably indicative of either utter stupidity or bad will on the part of the author that even now I find myself checking the book multiple times to make sure it’s really there.  It’s there.  As I've written to you before, when I took this book and asked the local SSPX priest about it, without even mentioning your monastery or your names, he jumped up and started pacing around calling you names (“Brother Dingdong”)… He also complained that the SSPX lose priests over this issue, and that it makes him pull his hair out and “want to kill these people”….

    Around the same time Paul Kramer became very vocal… about this issue, publicly naming his adversaries and ridiculing their arguments as “narcissistic lunatic ravings”.  I challenged him in a public post to debate you on the issue, since I was trying to work through it all myself and find good debates helpful. He responded,


Paul Kramer: “Mark: I have made numerous postings on the question of BOB/BOD -- more than sufficient to estsblish (sic) exactly what is the Church's doctrine on the point. The Dimonds are notorious heretics. I do not intend to waste my time arguing with such rabid heretics as them.”


This was interesting, because he had just hours before called me a heretic and was wasting time arguing with me, though I guess he thought I wasn’t as “notorious” or “rabid” as yourselves yet:

Paul Kramer: “Spoken like a true heretic, Mark: The First Vatican Council solemnly declares that the magisterium of the Church is appointed by God to faithfully explain and infallibly interpret the dogmss(sic) of faith; but Mark Nanneman doesn't need that -- Mark preferrs (sic) to interpretet (sic) the dogmas according to his own heretical, Feeneyite mindset.”

I posed several questions and objections to things he and his supporters were saying, for instance I asked them if they thought a hypothetical Catechumen studying under Fr. Leonard Feeney, who died just before being baptized by Feeney--but of course desiring it--would be saved by his desire for baptism.  His fans accused me of speaking “with a serpents tongue”, laying “clever” traps, twisting arguments and even spying on behalf of your monastery and supplying you with Kramer’s (public, mind you) Facebook posts.  The latter accusation has now, of course, become sort of true, but it wasn’t then. 
     Eventually, I posted the quote I mentioned before from Jean-Marc Rulleau’s book, “Baptism of water has always been considered as necessary for salvation,” with the citation to Jean-Marc Rulleau of the SSPX, to one of Kramer’s pro-BOD posts and he immediately “unfriended” and blocked me.  I have received the "When confounded, delete" treatment from other pseudo-traditionalist public figures on Facebook as well, which is for the better because I now have more time to speak with people of good will.    

    Please keep up the good work, and I pray that some day one of these heretics is forced to debate you--so that they and their followers can be refuted and ashamed, and truth can come to light for many souls.

Mark Nanneman




Hello Most Holy Family Monastery,


Thank you again for your responses to my questions.


I have a question regarding the giving money to heretics. There is a shop (which is right beside St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland) belonging to the Vatican II sect Diocese of Auckland that sells Catholic-themed objects, like statues of Mary, crucifixes, rosaries, etc. I'd quite like to purchase a statue of Mary and a crucifix, and it would be easiest for me to get them from there. Would I be funding heretics if I bought things from that shop, and therefore committing a mortal sin? Am I obligated under pain of sin not to purchase things from there?


… Thanks in advance.


God bless,



MHFM: It's okay to purchase such items from the shop.  But it would obviously be wrong to give them a donation.  If you go to the shop, you should give them a DVD or recommend the website.


Debate Challenge to “Fr.” Paul Kramer on “Baptism of Desire”


MHFM: In July of this year (about two months ago), we wrote to “Fr.” Paul Kramer and challenged him to a debate on the issue of “baptism of desire.”  Kramer had repeatedly and aggressively attacked the true teaching of the Church as “heresy” and “mortal sin.”  So, in addition to refuting and exposing his heterodox position in this file and audio, we sent him the following letter.   Not surprisingly, he did not respond to the challenge.  Even though he pretends to be quite confident in his position, he obviously doesn’t want to participate in a debate.  In a debate he won’t be able to escape the real arguments and facts, as well as the many insuperable contradictions in the position of all who support “baptism of desire” and the heresy of salvation outside the Church.  Here’s the letter that was sent to Kramer:


July 9, 2014


To Paul Kramer.  My name is Bro. Peter Dimond.  Our website is www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com  It recently came to our attention that you condemn as ‘heretical’ the position that no one can be saved without the Sacrament of Baptism.  You also condemn those who adhere to that position (i.e., those who don’t believe in ‘baptism of desire’) as ‘heretics.’  In charity I must tell you that your accusations are false and your position is wrong.  Your position is actually contrary to Catholic teaching, as the material we have published on Outside the Church There is No Salvation and the Church’s teaching on Baptism show.  The Church indeed infallibly teaches that no one can enter Heaven without receiving the Sacrament of Baptism and having the Catholic faith.  You condemn the Church’s infallible and magisterial teaching as heretical.  That’s a grave sin and it demonstrates that you are in heresy.  As you may know already, we discuss and refute your claims and your false position on this matter in the material on our website and in this file.


“Fr.” Paul Kramer denies Catholic salvation dogma


Sadly, you believe souls can be saved in false religions, contrary to Catholic dogma.   For example, this paragraph, which is from a book you edited, is a denial of the Church’s infallible teaching on Outside the Church There is No Salvation:


The Devil’s Final Battle, compiled and edited by “Fr.” Paul Kramer, p. 69: “This teaching must not be understood to preclude the possibility of salvation for those who do not become formal members of the Church if, through no fault of their own, they do not know of their objective obligation to do so… only God knows whom He will save (in some extraordinary manner) from among the great mass of humanity which has not exteriorly professed the Catholic religion.”


This statement, which you endorsed, means that souls could be saved in non-Catholic religions.  It is a denial of defined Catholic dogma.  Your position on ‘baptism of desire’ is false and indefensible.  It cannot withstand careful scrutiny or cross examination, as I would show if we debated the issue.


So, I challenge you to a recorded telephone debate about ‘baptism of desire’ or some aspect of it.  Let me know if you are interested. 


If you don’t respond, I will assume that you don’t accept the challenge.  We desire your conversion.  However, as the file above mentions and demonstrates, you are in heresy and deeply in sin for viciously condemning Catholic teaching on this matter.  You are a heretic and on the road to Hell.  Unless you were re-ordained, you are also not a true priest, having been ordained in the invalid New Rite. 


Moreover, your position that Francis is not the pope, but apparently that the previous pre-Vatican II ‘popes’ are true popes, is illogical.  It’s contrary to Catholic teaching as well.  You also probably adopted it because it’s more palatable to men to reject Francis than to reject Benedict XVI, etc., even though the other antipopes were also manifest heretics.  It’s another example of how you don’t have the faith and don’t stand for the truth. 


-Bro. Peter Dimond


Not surprisingly, Kramer did not respond.  He wants no part of such a debate.  In a debate his heretical and contradictory position would be (further) refuted and exposed.  For example, in one written piece, Kramer attempted to address just one argument against his position.  Like other supporters of ‘baptism of desire’, they typically ignore all the arguments against their position.  However, in attempting to answer just one question, he fell into a new heresy and a massive contradiction.  There would be much more of that in a debate.




Kramer was apparently arguing with someone about the necessity of Baptism.  He attempted to address the teaching of Jesus, Scripture and Catholic dogma, that one must be “born again of water and the Holy Ghost” to enter Heaven.  It’s always interesting when “baptism of desire” heretics attempt to explain their position.  If they even begin to interact with the dogmatic arguments which refute it (a rare occurrence), they always wind up contradicting themselves and/or falling into new errors and heresies.  That’s why they typically choose to ignore all the arguments which obliterate their position – preferring, instead, to talk endlessly about objections for “baptism of desire” that have already been completely refuted.


Pope Eugene IV, The Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” Nov. 22, 1439: “Holy baptism, which is the gateway to the spiritual life, holds the first place among all the sacraments; through it we are made members of Christ and of the body of the Church. And since death entered the universe through the first man, ‘unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot,’ as the Truth says, ‘enter into the kingdom of heaven’ [John 3:5]. The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water.”


So, in attempting to explain how “baptism of desire” is compatible with the dogma that one must be “reborn of water and the Holy Ghost” to be saved, Paul Kramer falls into another significant and very revealing heresy.  Supporters of “baptism of desire” typically admit that “baptism of desire” is not a sacrament and does not provide the “rebirth of water and the Spirit.”  “Baptism of desire”, by definition, lacks the “water” of Baptism (the matter of the Sacrament).  To assert that it is a sacrament would be theologically absurd and heretical.  While admitting that “baptism of desire” isn’t a sacrament, supporters of “baptism of desire” will generally contend that the “true understanding” of John 3:5, and the Church’s teaching on it, is that being “reborn of water” is not absolutely necessary.  That contention is of course false and inconsistent with Catholic teaching, as the passage from Florence above and many other arguments prove.  Kramer, however, has invented his own heresy on the matter.  He actually argues that the recipients of “baptism of desire” are “reborn by water and the Holy Ghost”! 


Faced with the evidence in Trent and Florence, that the Church teaches that no one enters Heaven without being reborn of water and the Spirit, Kramer writes:


“Fr.” Paul Kramer: “I have already theologically demonstrated previously, by way of a critical analysis of the Latin texts of the Decree on Justification (and related canons), that Chapter 4 defines that one who has been justified by the laver of regeneration or the votum of it, to have been reborn by water and the Holy Ghost.”


“Fr.” Paul Kramer: “First, it must be noted that Chapter 4 of the Decree on Justification already defined that those who have been justified by the laver of regeneration or the votum of it, have been reborn by water and the Holy Ghost…”


This is an incredible assertion.  He even makes it twice.  His statement is completely heretical.  Many supporters of “baptism of desire” might even agree.  Kramer truly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  In taking such a position he proves, once again, that he has been anathematized.


It’s dogmatically defined (by both Florence and Trent) that the rebirth of “water and the Holy Ghost” involves REAL AND NATURAL WATER in the Sacrament of Baptism.  In Exultate Deo, Florence states that the rebirth “of water and the Spirit” refers to the Sacrament and that “the matter of this sacrament is real and natural water” (Materia huius sacramenti est aqua vera et naturalis).  It uses the demonstrative adjective “huius” (of this) connected with “sacramenti” (sacrament) to define the “rebirth of water and the Spirit” mentioned by Jesus as the one which involves “real and natural water” (vera et naturalis) “of this sacrament” (huius sacramenti).


Primum omnium sacramentorum locum tenet sanctum baptisma, quod vitae spiritualis ianua est : per ipsum enim membra Christi ac de corpore efficimur Ecclesiae. Et cum per primum hominem mors introierit in universos (cf: Rom 5, 12), nisi ex aqua et Spiritu renascamur, non possumus ut inquit Veritas, in regnum caelorum introire (cf. Jo 3, 5 ). Materia huius sacramenti est aqua vera et naturalis.


If that weren’t enough proof that it’s heretical to assert that one can be “reborn of WATER and the Spirit” without real and natural water in the Sacrament of Baptism, we have Canon 2 of Trent on Baptism:


Pope Paul III, The Council of Trent, Can. 2 on the Sacrament of Baptism, Sess. 7, 1547, ex cathedra: "Si quis dixerit, aquam veram et naturalem non esse de necessitate baptismi, atque ideo verba illa Domini nostri Iesu Christi: 'Nisi quis renatus fuerit ex aqua et Spiritu Sancto' [Io 3, 5] ad metaphoram aliquam detorserit: A.S."


“If anyone should say that real and natural water is not necessary for baptism, and on that account should distort those words of Our Lord Jesus Christ: ‘Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit’ [John 3:5], into some metaphor: let him be anathema.”


Here we see that to assert that the rebirth of “water and the Holy Spirit” does not mean real and natural water, but spiritual water or metaphorical water, as Kramer does, is specifically anathematized heresy!  Kramer has fallen into this embarrassing and outrageous heresy, which would put him outside the Church if he weren’t already outside of it, because he is arrogantly, obstinately and pertinaciously defending heresy.  In the same piece in which he teaches the aforementioned heresy, he again condemns people who hold the Catholic position that everyone must be born again of water and the Spirit in the Sacrament to be saved (Council of Florence).  When heretics rail against the truth, God often allows them to fall into even bigger mistakes.  That’s clearly what happened here.


By the way, it should be noted that Canon 2 on Baptism would not be the first passage to bring forward to demonstrate that one must be baptized to be saved.  Exultate Deo from the Council of Florence, Can. 5 of Trent on the Sacrament of Baptism, and many other arguments should be mentioned first.  However, when “BOD” heretics attempt to circumvent the teaching of the Church, that one must be “reborn of water and the Spirit,” they can sometimes fall into heresy against Canon 2 on the back end of the argument, if you will.  That is to say, if, in desperation, they assert that “baptism of desire” somehow satisfies the requirement to be “born again of water,” at that point they fall into heresy against Canon 2 on what “the water” of John 3:5 necessarily and dogmatically means (real and natural water).


It’s also noteworthy that certain “baptism of desire” supporters, oblivious to the heresy being fed to them by Kramer, were applauding his response.  That’s truly an exercise in self-condemnation.  In their blindness, they were only cheering a man for rejecting a defined dogma, distorting the words of Jesus Christ in direct opposition to Catholic teaching, and paving their own path to damnation.  They are truly sons of Hell (Mt. 23:15), enemies of Christ and His Church.


Another reason Kramer fell headlong into heresy on this point is that Sess. 6, Chap. 4 of Trent declares that Jesus’ declaration in John 3:5 is true “as it is written” (sicut scriptum est).  That is of course directly incompatible with “baptism of desire,” which posits salvation without rebirth of water and the Spirit.  If “baptism of desire” were true (and it’s not), then the proper understanding of John 3:5 would not be “as it is written.”  But in every single dogmatic text on John 3:5, including Sess. 6, Chap. 4 of Trent, those words of Jesus are understood as they are written.  It would of course make no sense at all for Trent to be teaching that one can be saved without rebirth of water by “baptism by desire,” while in the very same sentence declaring that Jesus’ declaration in John 3:5 is to be understood “as it is written.”  That’s another proof that Sess.  6, Chap. 4 of Trent did not teach that one can be justified by desire, as our article on that matter, a careful examination of the text, and a clear grammatical and dogmatic precedent proves.


Perceiving the problem, namely, that the Church (and the very passage of Sess. 6, Chap. 4) understands John 3:5 “as it is written,” Kramer chose to adopt the novel heresy that people who aren’t baptized are somehow “born again of water and the Spirit.”  In doing so he fell under the anathema of the aforementioned dogma against twisting Jesus’ words, and adopted a position that’s rejected by almost all of his fellow “baptism of desire” heretics.  Just as the more Antipope Francis talks the more proof we have that the Chair of St. Peter is vacant, the more “baptism of desire” heretics attempt to explain their position the more evidence we have for why it’s false.


Finally, the reader should remember that the inconsistency and the outrageous heresy articulated by Kramer on this issue arose from his attempt to address just one angle of the argument.  The number of contradictions and errors would only grow in direct proportion to the number of attempts he made to address dogmatic arguments against his position.  There is of course the distinct but related matter of whether “baptism of desire” (putting aside what they think “born again of water” means) even grants the grace of Baptism.  Their attempts to answer that question only yield more heresies and contradictions.  The same could be said of their responses to numerous other dogmatic arguments against their position.  That’s because “baptism of desire” is an utterly false, completely indefensible false doctrine of man.  Only bad-willed individuals and heretics obstinately adhere to it in the face of the irrefutable dogmatic arguments against it.




Subject: An Emotional Construct


Dear Mhfm,


There is a reason the heretics known as ‘Protestants’ embrace easy-believism as a core doctrine. I remember you did a… program in which you basically said that the reason why many embrace Islam and the Protestant heresy is because they simply want to be assured and comforted of their sins. They just want a simple slogan they can utter (that assures them) so that they can continue to live in sin. This catches on with many persons. Protestant heresy is a man-made pick-and-choose creed (that is why they ignore or gloss over verses that debunk their heresies). The whole heretical system of the Protestant heresy is emotionalism and feeling at its base while using what they allege to be the ‘bible’ as a private play toy. When they make use of the term “Christ” it is merely an emotional construct that represents a mass of emotions and personal experiences of theirs. It is not rooted in anything supernatural or rational. That’s why there are tens of thousands of denominations in the Protestant false religion. 


The word Babylon comes from ‘Babel’ which means confusion.  Denominationalism is a mass of confusion… Some heretics say their false “Christ” permits female leadership in worship, while other heretics say their false “Christ” condemns this idea: the southern Baptists in the 1970s passed resolutions that allowed abortion in order to save women’s lives - and this is the position of most Protestants - yet Protestantism contradicts itself by pretending to be against abortion. It is even possible to explicitly deny the Divinity of Christ and still be a Protestant… they consider as “saved” 10s of thousands of conflicting denominations and individual Protestants who disagree with them on fundamental issues (thus embracing that denomination’s or person's particular false “Christ”). For the belief of who is ‘saved’ or not ‘saved’ is tied up with the idea of God/Christ justifying a person. For if they truly believed in One True God (only Christianity does) then they would consider as condemned whoever disagrees with even one doctrine of the True God (they would not be latitudinarian or inclusive with others they disagreed with: they even contradict some of the doctrines of their own heretical originators but still respect them- for instance Luther and Calvin believed in the perpetual Virginity of the Mother of God and also in Geocentrism). In a nutshell Protestantism is a monstrous absurdity – and it is absurdly indefensible biblically- in addition to being a lie of the Devil- a demonic (and emotionally based) fraud that unfortunately sends millions to Hell. 




Video Question


Subject: New Video on the Apocalypse


I was curious to know when you will be putting out the new video on the Apocalypse that covers new points. 




MHFM: The new video dealing with the Apocalypse should be ready, God willing, in about one week from now.  However, we hope to post a different video perhaps tomorrow. 


Once Saved, Always Saved


MHFM: This is just one of many verses in the Old Testament that contradicts the completely unbiblical Protestant heresy of once saved, always saved.  Since Protestants typically believe that justification worked essentially the same way in the Old Testament as it does in the New (i.e., that justification, once obtained, cannot be lost), a verse such as this (and there are of course many others) obviously contradicts their false religion.


It’s truly amazing that Protestants can read verses like this (and the rest of the Bible) and adhere to such a false doctrine.  It’s simply the result of bad will and not wanting the truth.


2 Chronicles 15:2- “… and he [Azariah] went out to meet Asa and said to him, ‘Hear me, Asa, and all Judah and Benjamin: The Lord is with you while you are with him. If you seek him, he will be found by you, but if you forsake him, he will forsake you.’


This debate and our section on Protestantism of course cover many other verses which refute the unbiblical Protestant heresy.




Subject: Robin Williams


In addition to Robin Williams' other morally reprehensible films, he will be in a movie yet to be released where he acts the role of a man who "falls in love with a gay prostitute"...No wonder he had so many demons. He probably couldn't stand to be with himself to the point where suicide seemed like the only way left after the drugs and alcohol he was abusing wasn't enough to numb his guilty conscience.




New Article Posted


Some of Antipope Francis’ Heresies from March to June 2013


MHFM: This is a new article on some of Francis’ heresies in the Vatican’s official newspaper (L’Osservatore Romano) from March 2013 to June 2013.  Over the next few months there will be articles re-capping some of Francis’ heresies that have been published in L’Osservatore from the beginning of his anti-papacy to the present.  (Of course, some of Francis’ worst heresies have been uttered in interviews, and those are covered and exposed in our videos).  These articles will contain the heresies and wicked statements Francis published in L’Osservatore Romano.




I greet this Holy monastery in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ & of the Blessed Virgin Mary for Her endless intercession. My name is Timothy Fidelis Tizhe, i'm a Nigerian. I was introduced to this website by a close friend of mine since 2013 & had been incorporated for more than a year now into this binding, infallible and unchanged catholic magisterium after reading some of your articles & watching some of your videos & also through asking series of questions to my friend and the answers he gave are all satisfactory beyond any reasonable doubt.

Brothers, i have been practicing the faith up the extent of sharing it with people i come across. I started with family, some of my siblings had accepted it & are even saying their rosary, while my parents &
some of my siblings are yet to especially the eldest ones, in fact they became more addicted to v2. Though my younger ones who had interest & have accepted the faith are constantly being persuaded by my dad every Sunday to attend the v2 mass, but i advised them to… say their 15 decade of the rosary & that what they had been doing up till date & i dont know whether it is proper & what will i do?  bcos my dad will wake them & make sure they all take their bath & expel the house in his presence & the v2 mass begins at 6am almost every sunday. We the grown up ones he doesn’t normally disturb us to attend the v2 mass.

Brothers i & my friends that are into the faith are trying our best to see how we can expand our boundary by getting in touch with some quote christian & v2 members just in line with what our mother said at fatima, we are not to save our souls only but also the souls that God has placed in our path & we had been doing that bcos time is not on our side & God has been so kind to us by meeting some people of good will. While on campus, we do say our rosary in group, bcos almost all of us are in the university & some of our v2 friends we had left still eating the piece of bread & drinking the mountain dew & other quote christians see us as anti-christ… others said let meet again i.e how we had been battling them.

Yours in Christ
Fidelis Timothy Tizhe.


MHFM: It’s great to hear about the interest and that you are spreading the faith.  With regard to your question: if your dad tries to get you to go to the New Mass, of course you should not go.  You should encourage others in your family to do the same.


One Baptism, Apostles’ Creed


Subject: Upon Mediation of the Apostles’ Creed


It is no accident that the Apostles’ Creed is arranged the way it is.  In the second part we see the order of salvation as it is.  I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting.  In this profession we profess the belief in the Holy Ghost which we receive in the laver of regeneration which regenerates us into the abode of the Holy Catholic Church in which therein alone is found the remission of sins. 


I find that to be incredible and very telling that Holy Baptism in the first place is the only way by which we can attain entrance into the Catholic Church and achieve the remission of sins unto life everlasting.  


Baptism of Desire/Blood heretics should realize this fact and they condemn themselves every time they chant, recite or mediate on the Nicene Creed at Holy Mass that says, "I confess one baptism unto the remission of sins" when deep in their hearts they confess three.  


God Bless and keep up the good holy work, 






Becoming a Traditional Catholic


Subject: An inquiry about becoming a traditional Catholic




I first wish to express to you my enormous gratitude for all the resources that you have published online. You have thoroughly convinced me of the truth of the real Catholic faith.


Prior to my taking an interest in your videos and website, however, I had already decided to become a Catholic, because I had been shown from Scripture the truth of Catholic doctrine and the falsehood of Protestantism. But, I believed that the Vatican II church was valid, and so I began the RCIA process. I'm actually still in RCIA, and have yet to undergo the "Rite of Acceptance", as it is called. I was baptised as an infant in the Presbyterian Church (which is done with water in the Trinitarian formula), and so I'm not seeking baptism, though please do correct me if I should. Should I remain in the RCIA? If not, how should I receive the Sacrament of Confirmation? Isn't it true that the bishop is the ordinary minister of the Sacrament of Confirmation, unless he has given permission to a priest to do it? I don't think there are any actual bishops who would be able to do that where I live. Can I simply approach a validly ordained priest and ask him to do it?


… I do believe that there is no salvation outside the Church… By the way, I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and so if you could perhaps recommend me any priests or parishes to attend in my region, I would be very appreciative… 


Thank you very much for all you do. May God bless the Most Holy Family Monastery.


God bless,

Andrew Gill. 


MHFM: Andrew, we’re glad that you found the information.  To your questions: No, you should not remain in RCIA.  It’s for initiation into the Vatican II sect, which is not the Catholic Church, as our material covers.  One must completely reject the Vatican II sect and not be affiliated with it in any way.  Confirmation in the Vatican II sect cannot be considered valid.  See this video on the invalidity of the New Mass and a number of the new post-Vatican II ‘sacraments’: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


Confirmation is very important, but it’s not absolutely necessary for salvation in the way that no one can be saved without Baptism.  Since there is no truly Catholic bishop in your area, you don’t need to worry about not having received Confirmation in this situation.  You should follow these steps to convert to the Catholic faith.  You should undergo a conditional baptism, according to the steps to convert for those who “aren’t sure whether they have been baptized.”


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


We also strongly recommend that you pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible, and consult the other material on the website.  It’s important that you become familiar with (and convinced of) the true positions one must hold in this situation.  We can help you with where to make a confession once you follow the aforementioned steps to convert.  Attached are links to some very important videos.


2 Chronicles


Dear Brothers,


Your Spiritual Quote is quite relevant for our own time:


2 Chronicles 12:5- “Then Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam and to the princes of Judah, who had gathered at Jerusalem because of Shishak, and said to them: Thus says the LORD, ‘You abandoned me, so I have abandoned you to the hand of Shishak.’”


I read the passage you quoted, the preceding chapters, chapter 12.  I remember your discussion of Solomon on the topic reported in 2 Chronicles 9:13- "And the weight of the gold that was brought to Solomon every year, was six hundred and sixty-six talents of gold".  That was a most interesting discussion.  The commentary in my Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible says that Roboam was "actuated only by a servile fear.  He died impenitent." (v.14)


It was striking to read who was coming against Jerusalem, for Roboam's having forsaken the Lord, and all Israel with him:  ". . . . Sesac, king of Egypt, came up against Jerusalem (because they had sinned against the Lord) . . . and the people were without number that came with him out of Egypt; to wit, Lybians, and Troglodites, and Ethiopians."  It said "the people were without number"… Egyptians, Lybians and Ethiopians… Troglodites are Arabs, according to the commentary: 


Troglodites, who dwell in caverns, near the Red Sea. Pliny speaks of the city Suca, which in Heb. means a tent . . . "dwelling in tents" which some explain of the Arabs . . . T.--People of this description, without any fixed abode, inhabited the Stony as well as the Desert Arabia."


Another passage that I found to be powerful was 12:7-8:  ". . . . Because they are humbled, I will not destroy them, and I will give them a little help, and my wrath shall not fall upon Jerusalem by the hand of Sesac.  But yet they shall serve him, that they may know the difference between my service, and the service of a kingdom of the earth."  Powerful; yet these are humbling words indeed.




Dear Brothers,

I read the email hereunder regarding Transcendental Meditation in Public Schools that someone wrote to you about. In fact, TM is far more evil than he explained. I am sorry to say that I know from personal experience, when sick of the phony Catholic Church, I sought answers everywhere including TM.

The process is indoctrination first which includes watching videos Maharishi Mahesh Yogi preaching to young people and presented as all wise, which included subliminal messages. The preaching of your teachers will include "information" about such things as how Christ was allegedly taken down off the Cross by his followers before he was dead and escaped to India, presumably implying that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is Christ today or a descendant of Christ. You are shown how to practice TM, which involves simply lying down and repeating a single word [mantra] over and over in your mind. This word is given to you [spoken, not written] by your "Spiritual Teacher", at your initiation ceremony, to which you are required to bring a new white handkerchief for some reason. You are sworn to secrecy on this mantra as you are told that it is yours alone. Mine was HEREM, and as I now know there are only a few different words given out, and for those who don't know, that is a calling word for SATAN as all the words given out are. Basically, Transcendental Meditation is repeated calls for SATAN. It is an utterly Satanic practice, and astonishingly my teachers were two retired 3rd level education lecturers…


MHFM: By ‘phony Catholic Church’ he means the Vatican II sect, not that the Catholic Church (the one true Church) is phony.




Subject: Francis


Your new article on the heresies of antipope Francis is good.  The apostasy is getting worse...like a stone falling down into the abyss.




Transcendental Meditation in Public Schools


Subject: TM in Public Schools


Dear Brothers,


I came across some startling information online yesterday.  Apparently TM (Transcendental Meditation) is being implemented in the public schools.  I was not aware of this.  Years ago I taught in private schools, and this year was asked to teach at a local public school; however, I made it clear that I never would do so by replying:  "I cannot teach at public school because I do not believe in what is taught: it conflicts with my Catholic Faith."


A short video I watched, promoting TM in a positive light, showed students being interviewed, praising the TM implementation, and reporting their  'improvement' in areas such as grades, attendance, social behavior or 'mood'.  One can see how easily this man-is-god world would accept such a report.  But one with Catholic Faith knows that such a form of meditation leads to self-worship.  What has happened, as the true Catholic remnant knows, is that true knowledge of God has been eradicated from all public and government institutions, including the 'education system', and that an antichrist agenda has been forced upon all who are more or less subject to it.  Without the true, traditional Catholic Faith to govern the hearts and minds of men, women and children, they are easily led astray.  With violence and ignorance convulsing and corrupting the world, because of the void left by the eradication of God's Truth from it, there is a need to fill that void with a 'replacement'.  TM is part of that replacement, for it teaches or trains young persons (and adults) a false meditation: a meditation which does not seek God in Jesus Christ, but seeks self in place of God.  One no longer prays for God's graces; one no longer seeks God's will; one no longer has confidence in God in all of one's trials, etc.  No, TM trains humans to seek in themselves the answers to all of their problems and the problems facing the world; false knowledge, false peace; false charity.  It is totally antichrist.




Subject: SSPX


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comments about the SSPX… The SSPX is a modernist mini-whore, just like the Vatican II sect, only in "traditional" garb.  Instead of basing their teachings on the solid Apostolic Rock of Christ and the Papacy, they base it on their soft heretical minds: modernism.  They think we need some kind of philosophical rules or principles in order to understand or "interpret" Catholic dogmas.  Modernism: Pope Pius IX, Vatican I: "If anyone says that in divine revelation there are contained no true mysteries properly so-called, but that all the dogmas of the faith can be understood and demonstrated by properly trained reason from natural principles: let him be anathema."  They basically think that dogmas are exaggerations and that they contradict one another, when they are infallible truths fallen from heaven (Vatican I & Pope St. Pius X).  They are like the liberals who say the Church has never declared anyone to be in hell:  Pope Clement VI, Super quibusdam, Sept. 20, 1351: "In the ninth place, [we ask] if you have believed and do believe that all who have raised themselves against the faith of the Roman Church and have died in final impenitence have been damned and have descended to the eternal punishments of hell.”  And they are like the heretics who believe one can be saved without the sacraments ("baptism of desire"…), or without being aware of it ("Invincible Ignorance"…), or outside the Church Militant (but not the Church Suffering or Triumphant - BOD) : Pope Clement VI, Super quibusdam, Sept. 20, 1351: "In the second place, we ask whether you and the Armenians obedient to you believe that no man of the wayfarers outside the faith of this Church, and outside the obedience of the Pope of Rome, can finally be saved." 

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




I re-watched the MHFM video on the evils of the Aztec Empire, all the blood-letting, the ripping out of the human hearts, the dead bodies bouncing down the 'temple" steps while thousands looked on in terror... how this was deemed THE most blood-drenched, satanic devil-worshipping "civilization" (??) ever on earth......and how GOD sent the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe---probably the most miraculous image after the Shroud of Turin---to counter-act the extreme wickedness of the Aztec Empire and to help convert it…


Antipope, False Church


Subject: Remorse and Conformity




Besides promoting the "synagogue of satan," this article not only illustrates the remorse people feel when they are not surrounded by the noise of the world, but also how desperate they are to have the "church" conform to man's will…:


"Pope" Francis Brings us the Future Future Chuch






Subject: The true interpretation of the Consecration of Russia


Dear Brothers,


When Our Lady of Fatima told the 3 children of Fatima about the consecration of Russia to her immaculate heart during the third apparition on July 13 1917, if mankind does not stop offending God, a worse war will begin during the reign of Pius XI.  TO PREVENT THIS, TO PREVENT THIS.  I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia.  The purpose of the original request for the consecration was to prevent a second world war, and to prevent the errors of Russia from spreading.  The consecration was already done by Pope Pius XII in 1952.  It is too late for another future consecration as some false traditionalists would have us believe.  The true message of Fatima and context of her message has been misinterpreted and distorted by Satan who does not want us to know the truth, like the real third secret of Fatima has been buried for decades.  Thank you for your video/ the third secret of Fatima and the end of the world, for shedding much light on this topic.  Francisco, Jacinta, and Sister Lucia pray and intercede for us true Catholics.    


From Mark V


European Union Flag


MHFM: This is an interesting article.


The EU's Flag is based on Revelation 12, with the image of Mary Removed


“The best person to ask would be the flag’s designer, Arsène Heitz, who has explicitly credited the passage in the book of Revelation as his source for the image… So the EU flag is indeed a Marian emblem with the central figure removed or suppressed. In retrospect, we note how sadly appropriate that removal is for a political venture that seems determined to eliminate all traces of faith.


Related: Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?


Complicated Situation


Subject: Complicated Situation


Dear, Brother Michael and Peter Dimond,  

I have a situation in which my parents and the majority of my family are Protestant and/or were raised as such, including myself until I was confirmed in the Novus Ordo Church in April and I have been praying and offering my daily Latin five decades of the Rosary for their hopeful conversion to the one true church of our Lord and I've also been talking to them about the faith though I know they will probably just still be Protestant as long as I don't try to intervene in some way that I possibly won't get thrown out of my house if I it really comes to that conclusion even though they may not really do that but at least try to possibly make me leave the faith if they find out I believe no salvation outside the Church. I'm also 16 years old. I just need some advice how to deal with this if you don't mind giving some and of course I figure you’re quite busy and I apologize for the possible inconvenience. Thank you for your time.




MHFM: Graham, we’re glad that you have interest in the most important matters.  We recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day, if you can. 


With regard to your parents, you should tell them that you are convinced of the Catholic faith, and that it’s the one true faith necessary for salvation.  You should not hide it from them.  You should also give them the reasons, even if in a brief form, why Protestantism is not true Christianity.  You can explain the matter tactfully and mildly, but you should not hide your beliefs or the true faith from them.  There is nothing they can do – they cannot even make a movement – that God doesn’t allow.  Therefore, if He doesn’t want you kicked out of your house, then it won’t happen.  We don’t think He would want that to happen if you tell them the truth.


Also, you mention being confirmed in the Novus Ordo.  As the material on our site covers, the Novus Ordo Mass is not Catholic and it’s not valid.  It must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  The New Confirmation is doubtful, and the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.  It’s crucial that you recognize the true positions in that regard and completely reject the Vatican II sect.  In fact, you should be convinced on those points before you present yourself as a believing Catholic. 


Bergoglio Interreligious




I was doing a web search on Mr. Bergoglio and the two following "related search" options came up.  I said out loud, "These words should not even be placed together and should certainly not be in print!"  The fact that these phrases are now in common use shows how thick and heavy is the darkness enveloping the world and souls.  How truly and wisely did Jesus Christ know when He asked:  "But the Son of Man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?"


Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue

Monastic Interreligious Dialogue


That is total madness.  It's like a great fog (or, as Paul VI admitted: the smoke of satan) surrounded the ship and there could be heard a great shuffling; then once the fog (or smoke) was cleared (or so it seemed), there were pirates wearing the captain's and crew's uniforms, pretending to be in charge.  But the King's ship was actually hidden, 'eclipsed', by another, which He allowed the pirates to seize in its place; one without any treasure.  Yes, the King is very wise.  He let the pirates take what they saw, what they could lay their filthy, criminal hands on; but He hid from them the real and incorruptible treasure, safely stored in His humble (but glorious) little barqe, which the pirates are neither wise enough nor humble enough to ever find.




I was just thinking about how bad Fukushima is -- spreading an "invisible" killer posion ALL over the whole planet...the effects however are now being seen and witnessed in so many undeniable ways.  Chernobyl in Ukraine and other nuclear disasters,  plus the fact that on a regular basis,  about once a year,  all nuclear reactors let out a completely unhealthy dose of rad. for about one day or one day and a half, as parts of the plants are "cleaned" and this was just recently revealed in the alt. press.  No warning is ever given to the public on this, which could so easily be done,  so they could at least stay inside and avoid the rain etc on those days!!  Yes we are witnessing the death of this Christ -rejecting apostate and pagan world…
So back to the Fukushima thoughts....as bad as Fukushima is,  it is comparable to the Vatican after 1958--1960 since Vatican 2 and the Great Apostasy.  The spiritual poisons flowing out of the Vatican since that time or earlier can be compared to what Fukushima is doing on a natural level:  total destruction and devastation, EVERYWHERE…  It spreads and spreads.  Everyone is complaining about the miserable state of the world, fulfilling Our Lady of La Salette's words: "The world will be IN DISMAY. the Church will be IN ECLIPSE".  Still, we soldier on.  Praying the Holy Rosary, distributing the MHFM info…


Benedict XVI


Dear Brothers,

Yesterday coincidentally I read this passage: The Inevitable Ill Fate of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 14). Is this ill fate not also applicable for the apocalyptic time we are living in, just before the destruction of the Whore of Babylon?

21 The Lord Yahweh says this, "Even if I send my four dreadful scourges on Jerusalem (the Vatican)-sword, famine, wild beasts and plague -- to denude it of human and animal,
22 even so, there will be a remnant left, a few men and women (the faithful adherents to Catholic dogmas) who come through; when they (the faithful remnant) come to you… and you ( the people who recognize the truth of the sedevacantist traditional Catholic position) see their conduct and actions( of the Vatican 2 sect), you (sedevacantist traditional Catholics) will take comfort in spite of the disaster which I have brought on Jerusalem, in spite of all I have brought on her.
23 They will comfort you (sedevacantist traditional Catholics), when you see their (Vatican 2 sect's) conduct and actions, and so you (sedevacantist traditional Catholics) will know that I have not done in vain all I have done to her (Vatican 2 sect) -- declares the Lord Yahweh."

I watched this morning the video about the heresies of Benedict 16… This man did everything he could to destroy the faith of the catholics.

SSPX, Status, Questions


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for all that you do for our Holy Mother Church, and for instructing us the ignorant.


Could you please advise if I and my children should be conditionally baptized?  We were baptized in the Novus Ordo church (fairly ordinary baptism, no strange wordings or actions) . A sedevacanist priest who came to the city to celebrate Mass monthly suggested we receive conditional baptism, just in case.  


About Enthronement of Sacred Heart of Jesus in our home:  does it have the same effect whether a priest perform the enthronement or we, me and children, perform the enthronement by saying the prayers? Although there are two traditional priests who come regularly to our city, one sspx, one independent/sedevacanist, it is hard for me to invite them to our home…


As for the sspx priest, he is a very dutiful young priest, pious and loving his vocation. But when I ask him, would it please the Lord, who shed his blood to save us, his sheep, to see a heretic and apostate and call him the Shepherd, his answers were vague and ambiguous. There seems to be some political concerns, as if there is a game or some strategy involved in dealing with Rome, I cannot be sure.


Since I found Tradition, by the Grace of God, I often think of the word of the Lord in the Gospel, "why do you call me good, who is good except God".  The good and faithful people I knew, grew close to and befriended, once I brought this great treasure of Tradition to them, and broke the sorrowful news of the great apostasy to them, it suddenly became as if we are so far from each other and a great gulf opening up between us.


My heart is truly sorrowful, to see this evil darkness enveloping all around, as if an invisible hand, barely invisible if one can see, reaching out everywhere to bring up the scourge of the earth, ISIS, Ukraine, China, Russia, US border, Russia-Iran, Israel-palestine...all from the same source.


Can we not pray as the people in ancient Nineveh prayed, fasting, ashes and sackcloth, saying, who knows, maybe God will change His mind and spare us.


Thank you again, and may God bless you. Pray for us.



MHFM: Maria, we’re glad that you are looking at the material.  To your questions: 1. Yes, we recommend a conditional baptism when there is any question about the validity of a baptism.  The form is on our site. The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts.


One needs to agree on the issues before receiving baptism or any other sacrament.  You also mention a sedevacantist priest.  The material on our website demonstrates that, unfortunately, almost all the ‘traditional’ and sedevacantist priests hold heresy on the salvation and baptism dogmas.  For that reason, they cannot be regarded as Catholic or supported at all.  They may only be approached for the sacraments if they meet certain conditions (explained on our site).  One should also not have them into his or her home.  The dearth of priests with the true faith is one of the regrettable results of the Great Apostasy. 


2.  With regard to the enthronement of the Sacred Heart, you can say the prayers yourself.  You should not have the priest do it, for the reasons explained above.


3.  The problem with the SSPX is that they are Lefebvrists, not Catholics.  They obstinately adhere to the false positions of Lefebvre, and depart from the teaching of the Church.  You indicate that the SSPX priest didn’t seem very interested in the key questions regarding Vatican II Rome.  That’s not a surprise at all.  Those issues don’t concern him much, if at all, because he’s not dedicated to God and the Catholic faith. 


With priests of the SSPX, they are primarily motivated by having a ‘status’ and an ‘honor’ as ‘SSPX priests’ with a little flock to lead and guide.  That’s the truth.  Although ‘status’ and ‘community’ are not the exclusive reasons people enter SSPX and similar seminaries, they are the primary reasons.  They are the dominant factors in what they do.  That’s why they are content to remain indefinitely in utterly illogical, heretical and schismatic positions (such as the ridiculous position they currently hold vis-à-vis the Vatican II sect).  Doing God’s will and remaining consistent with Catholic teaching is simply not the most important thing in their lives.  Status, community and externals are the priority.


Like other priests in the SSPX, the priest you mention rejects the Church’s teaching on Outside the Church There is No Salvation, the nature of the Church (e.g., that unbelievers cease to be part of it), and the Papacy.  He doesn’t have the Catholic faith.  Serving God and adhering to the true faith is not his chief concern. 


So, don’t be deceived by the fact that the priest is dedicated to, or even very enthusiastic about, many external aspects of the practice of Catholicism.  Many SSPX priests are.  You could find FSSP ‘priests’ who would display a similar attitude.  In fact, you could find certain EWTN ‘priests’ or ‘conservatives’ in the Novus Ordo, who, although they accept the New Mass, would manifest a similar attitude in many areas of devotion and externals.  But they don’t please God or know Him because 1) they don’t have the true faith and 2) their intention is corrupt.  That’s why SSPX priests can be devoted externally, yet have no problem adhering year after year to false, heretical and schismatic positions.  They just don’t care (at least not much) that the positions are inconsistent with Catholic teaching.  That’s also why FSSP (or certain EWTN ‘priests’) can appear devoted externally, but sell out Our Lord Jesus Christ completely by accepting or failing to denounce false ecumenism and those who promote it.  Their external devotion, effort, etc. does not please God because they don’t have the faith and their intention is not pure.  Without the true faith it’s impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). 


4.  You mention that as you became more traditional, you now hold a different view of many people you previously considered ‘good’.  That makes sense.  Many people view things through the corrupted and tainted prism of those around them.  When you see things more clearly in light of God’s truth and the traditional faith, and you are not influenced by the opinions of others, but evaluate things by the standard of God’s faith, you begin to see the world and many other people as they really are.  


The Society of St. Pius X [Link to Section]



Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) – An Overview of the Entire Vatican II Apostasy

Can a Christian Lose Salvation? – 1 Corinthians 

The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” – Covers the True Doctrine of Salvation

The Latin Text of the Oldest Surviving Papal Decree Rejects “Baptism of Desire” 

What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition)

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope

Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception

Justification Debate with a Reformed Protestant (Calvinist) – Refutes Protestantism

Francis and the Seven Kings of the Apocalypse

Creation and Miracles

Death and the Journey Into Hell

“Saint” John Paul II Exposed  

Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


The Passing


Subject: The Passing of This Wicked World


Dear Brothers,


…  The world is gone, passing away before our eyes.  It is swirling downward in the vortex with all its man-made abominations and all its adherents… a wicked world which robbed the Church of Her property; tried to rob Her of all Her children, Her Elect; forced Her into exile; suppressed and even outlawed Her solemn Teachings;   committed every sacrilege, every heresy; uttered every blasphemy and cherished in its cold, dead heart every sin.


Just as in the days of Noe, God is going to destroy it all, except for those in the Ark of Salvation, the Glorious Church - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  Noe himself must have counseled his wife and sons to not regard the world, perhaps with the words:  "Look on it not; for it will be no more."  One should not wish the same end as Lot's wife, who, when told not to look back at the world she left, a world which was to be destroyed for its crimes, did look back with attachment to it; therefore was she made a permanent fixture of the very salt dome overlooking that perverted city.


The Whore of Babylon


Subject: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


Dear Brothers,

… I believe this video alone is sufficient in proving beyond doubt that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church. It's a powerful wake-up call for souls. You really did an amazing job exposing the false Bride, the Whore of Babylon so full of unspeakable abominations. All the mockery, insult and utter hatred of Jesus Christ and His Church are laid bare here for all to see. "Woe to them that call evil good!" So many souls are being deceived because they want to be deceived. They know it's a vicious lie and yet they cling to it because they love men more than God. People need to wake up. There's absolutely NOTHING Catholic about the Vatican II sect. As you said, life is short and Hell is forever.

Apocalypse 18:4- "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins..."

Apocalypse 6:9-10- "And... I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. And they cried out with a loud voice, saying: How long, O Lord (Holy and True), dost thou not judge and avenge our blood..."

In Jesus through Mary,




Hello Brothers,


… The one video on Hell changed my life forever. I am so glad I found your website and I thank God for your ministry.  I found the confession of faith and I have said it and committed to it as well as consecrating myself to Jesus thru Mary….


Leslie Carver


Vatican II, New Mass


Subject: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


MHFM, you got me praying the rosary everyday asking Blessed Mary Ever Virgin to pray the Holy Spirit to enlighten us about if what you are saying is true about Vatican II and Novus Ordo Mass….


Jean Alphonsus


MHFM: Praying is crucial.  However, the facts from Catholic teaching demonstrate that what we are saying is correct.  Those who are not convinced by those facts simply have a problem with faith and Catholic teaching.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new version of our video on the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination. 


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


The Vine


Jesus spoke in the Gospels that the branches must remain on the Vine or they shall wither and die.  I wonder what the Vine looks like today through the Eyes of God.  There have been many grafted onto It over the last two thousand years, and many more cut off; or else have been torn away by the countless "little foxes" (heretics) who have tried and still try to destroy It. Sometimes wild beasts or violent winds move the branches about, being delicate and movable as they are; not at their bases, where they are all connected to the same Vine, but in their outward growth.  Every branch is unique, though similar.  Some have many leaves, flowers and fruits; some have only a few leaves.  Some have grown very long and full; others are small and sparse.  Again, some are strong; others are weak.  Whatever It may look like at present, It will be full grown and complete at the end.  One need only be concerned that one is a branch that has remained on the Vine.  May God grant all true Catholics final perseverance, through Jesus, Mary and Joseph.




Dear mhfm

I was reading your e-exchanges yesterday and read the Pharmacy email about your web site being the best and most researched traditionalist website and it's FREE!  I agree 100% your website showed me that this apostasy came from the man I thought was the pope and not just through same modernist bishops.  The video presentation led me to the true position Sedevacantism… from john the XXXIII to Francis are heretics.  I have spoken to many false traditionalists and Vatican ii sect (‘Catholics’) and ultimately all they really care about are having somewhere to go for mass on Sundays and people.  I thank God through Our Lady that he sent your monastery to preach the TRUTH in this abominable time which we call the great apostasy.  God bless mhfm.

From Guy.




It is interesting the Death and Journey Into Hell video came up twice in… e-mail exchanges.  I watched it again this week, the updated version.  I think there are some significant changes in the updated version.  I will always continue to keep on watching this video.  It is something.....inexplicable....that touches the soul, with Truth.  For me personally, this last time I just watched it left an impression in my soul unlike anything else I have viewed.  I had a strange and lingering feeling ever since viewing it that is persistent in its effects. Like a powerful remedy for the soul, intellect and will.  The closest I can get to describing this in words is that it represents a COMPLETE transformation in what one has always considered "real" in this life and world, making that former belief seem that what one has experienced so far in life here in this world is little more than a dream.  A vapor.  Smoke which passes away, bright summer flowers that wilt...... and true REALITY is not to be found here.  This world is passing away and everything in one's life is passing away.  The heavens and the earth will pass away but Jesus said HIS WORD will never pass away…. Yes, there is something supernatural operating in this video on Hell, as well as all the other MHFM videos, books, articles etc. and I believe your info has and will continue to convert many. 




Subject: The Ferguson Riots are Connected to the Selection of the First Openly “Gay” NFL Player  (video)


Wow. You are a deluded freak.


Rage Quitter


MHFM: No, it’s called truth.  However…


“… the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1 Cor. 1:18)


Conversion, Confession


Subject: Conversion to Catholicism and how to make a confession


Thank you brother Dimond for your ministry ..


… I want to convert to Catholicism and reunite my soul with the Living God.


In one of your sermons you mention that what condemns most Catholics is a bad confession. Can you please elaborate on this and help me differentiate between a good and a bad confession.


How will a man like me who previously wasn't catholic go about this (confession)?


Thank you


Thiga Memia John

Nairobi, Kenya


MHFM: We're glad you found the material.  You should pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible, and follow these steps to embrace the true faith:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


A bad confession is typically made when a person either 1) deliberately fails to mention a mortal sin in confession, or 2) does not have the firm purpose of amendment: the resolve to cease committing a sin.  Prior to making a confession, you need to make sure that you are validly baptized (as explained in the file above).  Then you should make a general confession of all mortal sins committed after your first potentially valid baptism, and mention the approximate number of times you committed them.  You should ask Our Lady for help, and pray Hail Marys for the specific intention of making a good confession.


(Note: for someone who has definitely not been baptized before, a confession is obviously not necessary prior to baptism.  However, in the case of someone who is not sure about the validity of a baptism, a general confession follows the conditional baptism.)




Subject: Pharmacy


Hello Brothers Peter and Michael Dimond,


First I would like to thank you for the wealth of information you have put up for free.  Of all of the "traditionalist" groups that exist, and the few truly anti-V2, your information is by far the most thoroughly researched and articulate, and your arguments are the most sound (since you, more than most anybody else, put the most weight in dogma and provide an immense amount of citations to it; also by a firm grasp on common sense and logic).


The topic of this email, however, is my future.  I am a student in university and I've been studying microbiology for years, and at this point I've been doing summer rounds at a pharmacy in a cancer treatment and research center.  I have an interest in pharmacy school.  It just dawned on me that if I became a pharmacist, at some point I will have to deal with contraceptives (and possibly other suspect drug practices such as those of psychiatric treatment of ADD and overprescription of drugs like adderall).  Obviously the pharmaceutical industry has made hormonal contraceptives a massive 10+ billion dollar global industry, and obviously ALL contraception (literally everything that subverts the PRIMARY goal of matrimony and copulation, that is anything that abstracts fertility from the act) is mortally sinful.


So, an important question is: if I become a pharmacist and work in a pharmacy that stocks contraceptives, and personally hand out those contraceptives, will I commit mortal sin?  My initial thought is that I would be complicit in their mortal sin (thus committing mortal sin) and exhibit hypocrisy.  It is clear that contraceptives are a massive source of revenue and I've read that some small private pharmacies that do not stock contraceptives do not stay in business, potentially because of malicious online reviews and word of mouth that seeks to boycott them and/or because of the drop in revenue.  It appears that the world is massively in favor of "women's choice" and it may be difficult to find work as a pharmacist without conforming to the evil of this world.


Should I continue in the direction of pharmacy? Am I correct in thinking that distributing contraceptives would be hypocritical and mortally sinful? Should I become a pharmacist and operate morally at the cost of networking, job opportunities, income, etc.?  


Thank you and God bless,

Mark Maldonado


MHFM: We’re glad you look at the information.  Yes, it would be forbidden under pain of grave sin to give people contraceptives, etc.  So, if the profession is going to require it, you need to seek out a different one.


SSPX Priest’s Amazing Blindness


Subject: SSPX Priest’s Amazing Blindness


Hi brothers,

While reading an article by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud of the FSSPX about the "canonization" of John Paul II, we were confronted by an almost unbelievable level of blindness. Their mortally sinful self-deception makes them state something that only serves to further show the ridiculous status of their doctrine. The aforementioned priest, while proposing himself to refute the true position that the false canonization of John Paul II is absolute proof that Francis is not a true pope, he makes the following statements:

"Both liberals and sedevacantists would likely agree that canonizations (and in some lesser way beatifications) involve papal infallibility. [...] Saint Thomas, explains that a particular canonization is between general truths (dogmas) and judgments of particular cases because the Church could err based on false witnesses. 'Since the honor given to the saints is a certain profession of faith by which we believe in the glory of the saints, we need to believe piously that in this also, the judgment of the Church cannot err.' So, although his judgment is favorable, it is hardly a plain and simple yes.”

Are we seeing what we think we are seeing? He first says that canonizations involve papal infalibility; then says that the Church can err in the process of canonization; then he quotes Saint Thomas Aquinas to susbtantiate his position but, rather, Saint Thomas contradicts him; then he concludes from what Saint Thomas said precisely the contrary of what the saint said!

But he proceeds: "... when theologians would speak of “infallible canonizations,” they meant precisely that canonizations rely firstly on the doctrinal test." In other words, when Saint Thomas said that the Church cannot err, he didn't mean what he said.

In face of this, that's not strange to find out that when the Council of Trent says that the sacrament of baptism is necessary for salvation, they conclude "see? it's not necessary for salvation."


Vitor & Rafael


MHFM: If they believed in papal infallibility, which they don’t, they would know that God protects a true pope when he makes such solemn declarations, regardless of the study in which he engaged or the process he utilized.  That’s papal infallibility: God protects a true pope in such acts.  But since they are heretics, they don’t believe in papal infallibility.  In fact, at this point all false traditionalists, who still claim that Francis is the Pope, but reject teachings of Vatican II, the ‘canonization’ of Antipope John Paul II, etc. have fallen into a position that’s equivalent to the schismatic “Old Catholics” or the Eastern “Orthodox.”




Subject: Death and the Journey Into Hell (3rd edition)


am a catholic. I am NOT a sedevacantist. I pray for our Pope and for the preservation of traditional catholicism and traditional catholic values, HOWEVER. I must admit, this is ONE of the MOST important VIDEOS I have ever seen in my life!!!




MHFM: We’re glad you viewed the video.  However, you are quite wrong about the sedevacantist issue.  Actually, in charity we must say that while you think you adhere to the Catholic position, you definitely don’t.  You need to learn the Church’s teaching and the facts on this issue. 


First, Francis is a manifest heretic without any doubt.  He professes that Judaism can be practiced (heresy opposed to defined dogma), that non-Christians can be saved (heresy opposed to defined dogma), and that it’s not necessary to join the Catholic Church (heresy opposed to defined dogma), to name just a few.  He therefore does not profess the true faith in the external forum.  He professes a false faith.  The Catholic Church teaches that only those who profess the true faith can be considered in the Church.  To consider him in the Church, therefore, is to contradict Catholic teaching.


In fact, to identify him as a Catholic (as your position does) is to declare that Francis professes the true faith.  That necessarily means that, according to you, professing that Judaism can be practiced, that non-Christians can be saved, and that non-Catholics don’t need conversion, is the TRUE FAITH.  But such a position is heretical, blasphemous and mortally sinful.


Moreover, your position is heretical because it denies the defined dogma that heretics automatically cease to be members of the Catholic Church and automatically lose authority in the Church. 


For these reasons, among others, your position is not consistent with Catholic teaching.  It is contrary to it.  You need to consult the materials below, and learn the truth on this issue.


Anti-Pope Francis: Videos, Heresies and Evidence [section]


Catholic teaching on heresy, judging heretics, and sedevacantism - refuting false traditionalists (video)


Your position also contradicts Catholic teaching on papal infallibility and the Magisterium’s immunity from error.  See this video.


Was Vatican II Infallible? (video)


Christian Position


Subject: Christian Position


When "baptism of desire" heretics see and hear the truth of what you say about the absurdity of BOD: they know in their hearts that they have witnessed a dismantling… It is in essence a total squash of the BOD idea. Heretics with the sacerdotal character have been spreading the BOD heresy in 500+ page theological manuals for the past however-many years (such books ruin the faith and for the most part my day- since most sections are accurately written) but seeing these heretics and their fellow cowardly BOD heretics and their heresy completely manhandled and decimated in a resolutely persistent fashion- is groundbreaking, thrilling, and invigorating… Seeing the BOD error mauled from beginning to end feels good every time it happens. It is so spiritually healthy.


As we all know however it should be kept in mind that just because Christians do discuss objections for "baptism of desire" frequently and in detail: one should not get the impression that the arguments for "baptism of desire" have merit. Rather Christians address all the objections for "baptism of desire" generously and in great detail simply because we can! We have the true position. Therefore we can demonstrate that the Christian position is consistent with all the facts. However the heretics cannot address anything because their position is false. Their position is an absurdity. Their position is inconsistent with the facts and the principles of Christian Teaching. 




Subject: Death and the Journey Into Hell (3rd edition)


How would i get this…. i would like to share it with everyone.


Antoinette Brown


MHFM: You can obtain copies on DVD from our store http://www.mhfm1store.com/ It’s also crucial to consult the other material on our site concerning the true positions one must take for salvation.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Ferguson Riots are Connected to the Selection of the First Openly “Gay” NFL Player [video]




Subject: Suicide is not an impediment to Heaven




Here's what this apostate "priest" said about Robin Williams' suicide in an article on "Catholic News Service" entitled, "Actor Robin Williams' death reignites questions about suicide."


"The church's official teaching in the catechism still lists suicide as a sin but they do add that in most instances there are extenuating circumstances that could severely impair culpability," said Father Rubey told Catholic News Service in a phone interview.


When loved ones ask him the inevitable question: is my loved one in heaven? "That's a common question people have. My response is always: 'Sure they are.'"


In his view, "outside the novus ordo all men are saved except for traditional Catholics." In his view "go and sin no more" becomes "go and sin some more."




MHFM: “Christian burial is refused to suicides (this prohibition is as old as the fourth century)…” (The Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, p. 72)  It’s very interesting that when asked if someone is in Heaven, his response is always: “Sure they are.”  His position accurately reflects the salvation theology of the antipopes and the Vatican II sect. 




Subject: You are right!  NFP is evil.  Thank you!


I just found this.  Thank you for having the wisdom and courage and for making the sacrifice of so much study and work to provide us with this webpage against birth control and NFP.  YOU ARE RIGHT!  God bless you!...


Mark Goodell



MHFM: Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception (video)




Subject: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid [video]


… I learned with shock from this video that a lot of Catholic Churches are actually set up like masonic lodges.  Soul chilling.  GOD help us and pity them.  They have no clue what awaits them.


Aaron Hojnacki


MHFM: They are actually churches of the Vatican II sect.




Thanks so much for the updated versions of the videos on the invalidity of the new "mass" (abomination of desolation), the invalidity of the Vatican 2 (un) holy orders, non-ordination of Bishops, non-confirmation and invalid extreme unction. What a horror show the Great Apostasy has been.  I've lived right through it but never knew so til I found your web-site. Thank you for exposing it so thoroughly and accurately so that GOD's mercy is expressed in this way in order to help give humans one last final opportunity to see the truth and repent. The contrast between the mercy and charity shown by those who produced this video, and the wickedness/malice of those depicted in this video, could hardly be more sharply delineated.   




Subject: Another Lie for “Baptism of Desire”: A Perversion of Pope Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus [article]


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article refuting the mistranslation of Pope Leo XIII's Humanum Genus.  The mistranslation really is another lie for "baptism of desire" - "baptism of de liar."  Msgr Joseph Clifford Fenton (
http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/fenton_book.php) gives credence to this lie in an article.  He wrote: "Perhaps the best statement of this aspect of teaching about the Church is brought out in the encyclical Humanum genus, issued by Pope Leo XIII April 20, 1884... It is quite obvious that, in the assertion. Pope Leo XIII was not speaking precisely about membership in the Church. He was describing the work necessary for any person who wished to "adhere" or to be joined to the Church in such a way as to obtain salvation "within" it."  Fenton the heretic is clearly using the mistranslation of adhaerescere (to adhere) to try to justify "baptism of desire," and to say one can be "within but not a member" of the Church.  Absurd.  The correct translation clearly brings out the true meaning about "the ongoing requirements and effort needed for Catholics who are in the Church “to adhere” (adhaerescere) to the Kingdom of God on Earth (the Church), so that they are not swept into the Kingdom of Satan."  The BOD heretics, as you've mentioned before, are characterized by dishonesty…


Thank you for the excellent video, The Ferguson Riots are Connected to the Selection of the First Openly “Gay” NFL Player.  It is a great insight from Bro. Peter that these riots are connected to the community's acceptance of Michael Sam.  It is also terrible to think of this principle, the acceptance of homosexuals, on a wider scale such as nationally and globally, and the massive destruction that will result.  So many today accept and defend "gay marriage."  It is abominable to the extreme.  One also wonders whether the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was a foretype of the end of the world.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


MHFM: That’s an important point that Joseph Clifford Fenton made that argument.  It’s another example of his absurd theology – which included, for example, the idea that one can be ‘inside’ the Church without being a ‘member’ of the Church.  It’s pathetic, yet revealing, that false traditionalists and obstinate BOD heretics hold a modernist dogma denier such as Fenton in high regard.






I just saw on channels TV news that Francis lifts ban on left wing bishop and I don't know what this entails. Perhaps you could be of help.


Augustus Opara. Nigeria


God’s Wrath


Subject: God’s wrath


There is an evil that has descended upon my city. As I watch these devils being let loose every night I cannot help but admit that this city, which was once a great bastion of Catholicism in America but is now a desolate wasteland of Vatican II modernism, deserves the punishment given to Sodom for inviting into it and celebrating that which God calls an abomination. Could you and all true Catholics please pray a rosary and the Litany of St Louis King of France for St Louis tonight so that God's wrath may not be visited upon the faithful Catholics (there are some) who live here.


Chris from St Louis


Missouri Unrest


Subject: Missouri Unrest


Dear Brothers,                 


Great vid on the Gay guy and the riots… Thanks again for your examples of Faith and keep up the Good Works!




Pat the plumber




Dear Mhfm,


It makes sense that major civil unrest is occurring 15 mins away from the location where the first open national football league sodomite has just begun practicing for the football season. Additionally the civil disorders are also 15 mins away from the headquarters of the NFL team that drafted/accepted the sodomite in a notorious fashion by glorifying his unnatural and perverted desires for the world to see and punishing/stifling criticism of the sodomite. The diabolical acceptance of this NFL sodomite by the pagan culture began in Missouri and from there spread. American culture/state virtually universally accepts the crime of Sodom. It punishes businesses that refuse to cater to sodomite celebrations by shutting them down and the owners face heavy fines and imprisonment (some call it homofascism). The sodomites know there are businesses that cater exclusively to them and that there are many others that do not mind servicing them but they specifically target those they know will eschew them in order to vindictively impose their wills on them and close their businesses (by using state power to persecute those who believe differently). The public schools celebrate the "day of silence" annually for the sodomites. 10 states "legalized" sodomite so called civil unions under the label of "marriage" from 2003 to May 2013: which constituted a fundamental negation of reason, logic, and common sense. It was a complete overthrow of morality. However 12 more states did the same thing from May 2013 to May 2014. So the trend was 10 states in a decade then 12 states in one year. What accounts for this? Surely from approximately mid 2013 and beyond there was a massive surge of evil engulfing this culture: just one generation (40 years) after abortion was legislated by the US. This culture is running full speed ahead into its destruction just like its spiritual guide the Vatican II sect: and what happened in Missouri is a prelude, foretaste and warning that this culture will fall apart/collapse/disintegrate inevitably: whether through nuclear strikes, manufactured pandemics, the volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera in Yellowstone National Park which is classified as a supervolcano… Since the culture accepted sodomites the economy has gone drastically down the drain and poverty has skyrocketed (even though the government has spent multi-billions in foreign aid to nations all over the world for the furtherance of socialism, sodomites, abortion, etc)…






Dear Brothers,


My name is Richard Bailey and my wife is Regina.  We'd like to begin by thanking you for your teaching.  You have helped greatly in guiding us to the fullness of the faith and are helping us to move away from error...


Kindest Regards,


Richard & Regina Bailey


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article, for those it might interest.


Another Lie for “Baptism of Desire”: A Perversion of Pope Leo XIII’s Humanum Genus [article]




Dear Brothers,


That is astounding news about Ferguson, MO!!!  Thank you for bringing this to light… Homosexuality is the unnatural lust bred by the abominable sin of idolatry, and, as your materials have demonstrated - in particular, your discussion on Michael Sam - it is a very dark path from which almost no one returns (though we still pray they do).  With legalized "same-sex marriage" engulfing the planet in filth, corruption and violence, permitting no one and nothing in its 'outside-the-Church' arena to publicly condemn or even to insult homosexuality, lesbianism, etc., should we not expect a spreading of the Ferguson 'outbreak'?...




Subject: Ferguson




You made a great connection with your video on Ferguson, MO and the perverted Michael Sam... 


Isaiah 3:11: Woe to the wicked unto evil: for the reward of his hands shall be given him…


Tom Miles




Dear Brothers in Christ,

Thank you for the analysis of yet another example of satanically induced perversion of Catholic teaching on salvation, as found in false traditionalists' misinterpretation of the mistranslated passage in Pope's Leo XIII encyclical Humanum Genus.  It's obvious that the false traditionalists think that two (or more) "mis"-ses make one (or more) true statements. In the false traditionalists' world the mere mentioning of the word "desire" in conjunction with something (doesn't matter what) Catholic means the "baptism of desire" is de fide. A true Catholic man or woman could, and should, desire his/her salvation and salvation of other people. This desire has nothing to do with the "baptism of desire", but it has everything to do with the desire to baptize all non-baptized people… I have no doubt that at the present time the false traditionalists are the Devil's main tool to seduce the remaining true Catholics in the world. The V2 counter-church is not capable to seduce anyone who possesses even an atom of true Faith, so the Devil uses the people who seem to strive for the true Faith in order to propagate his false doctrines throughout the world.  The satanic perversions and twisting the words of the TRUE popes will even multiply up to the end of times.

May our Most Blessed and Assumed Mother Mary protect all true Catholics in the world.

Vladimir from Zagreb, Croatia




Thanks for the new video on the connection between the Michael Sam abomination and the civil unrest in Ferguson MO.  Very astute observations.   I like the statement made in the video… that if the mainstream (NFL) of American culture embraces abominations repulsive to GOD like sodomy/homosexuality/sexual perversions (which is happening now very sadly to the USA's demise) then don't expect law and order to be preserved:  yes,  there IS a connection. Very well stated video, please keep the educational videos coming. 







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