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Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed (video)


....  anyone who actually believes this video is not Catholic.... This is a typical atheist tactic - picking words and phrases out of contexts instead of understanding them *in context". That is just what ahtiests do with the Bible....




MHFM: No, you are just a pure liar.  You can’t refute one word of the video.  It’s all documented and proven from his writings.  That’s why you don’t give even one example of something you believe is out of context.  If you tried, you would be refuted.  John Paul II taught that the Son of God became everyone in the Incarnation, and therefore that everyone is the God-man.  That’s a fact.  (That’s why he defined Christianity as the amazement at man.)  Yet, fools like you are so blind and stupid (as a result of bad will) that you will reject the facts made available to you and follow the devil.  You deserve every bit of the deception in which you labor.  Indeed, God has sent it to you precisely because you don’t love the truth.


2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: “Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying.  That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.”


‘Divine Mercy Devotion’


Subject: The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) (video)


What about the Divine Mercy devotion which Pope Paul declared the Mercy Sunday… many miracles are attributed this devotion…




MHFM: You really need to more carefully consult the video to which you refer, and the other material on our site.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.  Faustina’s ‘Divine Mercy Devotion’ is false.  Please consult this file: 


False Apparitions (Divine Mercy, Bayside, Medjugorje)


John Paul II was a manifest heretic, an antipope, and more.  That was covered in the video you should have viewed.  See these videos for more evidence:


“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies  (video)

The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned  (video)

“Saint” John Paul II Exposed (video)


Any ‘miracles’ attributed to the ‘Divine Mercy Devotion’ are either false/exaggerated claims or demonic false signs – consistent with the prophecies about lying signs and wonders in the great deception.


2 Thessalonians 2:9-12: “Whose coming is according to the working of Satan, in all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.  Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying.  That all may be judged who have not believed the truth, but have consented to iniquity.”




If The Society of St Pius X is heretical then there cannot be even one priest in the world that could be said is validly ordained and we would have to conclude that the gates of hell have triumphed over the Catholic Church, or the Reformation and the Eastern Church have a valid argument.




MHFM: No, you are quite wrong.  First, there are validly ordained priests who are not part of the SSPX.  Second, the Catholic Church continues in the true faithful, even if there aren’t fully Catholic priests in an area.  Third, the SSPX is definitely heretical in numerous ways.  They hold that souls can be saved in false religions, and thus deny the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation.  They recognize public heretics as Catholics, and thus deny the dogma that the Church is one in faith.  They reject the ‘canonizations’ of the man they consider pope.  They refuse to operate in communion with the man they consider pope, and much more.  Their positions are schismatic and theologically ridiculous.  The fact that anyone adheres to their absurd positions at this point is a testimony to the astounding faithlessness and widespread bad will of people, including many ‘traditionalists’.


The Society of St. Pius X (section)




We are Christians because of you and we want to thank you.


Amaël Benistand-Hector





Subject: Same as in Rome


The same problem as Alessandro in Rome described is and has been going on in Atlantic City NJ USA with the most perverted tran sexual prostitutes etc. congregating in front of the really gorgeous old Catholic church there esp. In the wee hours of the morning.  It seems their father the devil compels them to attempt to profane what once was a holy place, now a notorious hang out for unimaginable perversions.  The abomination of desolation brings with it all the unclean.






… Poor Ukraine, which has suffered so much, especially during WWII.  Those Uniate Catholics were devastated by the coldness of godless, lying men.  5,000,000 Ukrainians starved to death (actually, probably more like 6 million)!  Now only Russia is protecting Ukraine from being swallowed by the EU and the West:  Russia, once an enemy, now a consecrated to the Immaculate Heart protector of the weak… That is more than can be said for the apostate EU nations: nations who have lived in decadence, in defiance of God's laws, and have amalgamated to support what is insupportable; for they have rejected God and the life of His grace.  And no one forced it on them, but they chose it in faithlessness.


It does appear that Russia is poised to act as an instrument of justice, either directly or indirectly, against those nations who have preyed on the weak, usurped their natural resources and left them weaker--without remorse or atonement. …






I was curious to know whether the documentary is still in the works. God bless and regards.




MHFM: Yes, it will hopefully be done within one week.


Info on Rome’s Red Light Plan


Subject: Info on Rome's red light district plan


I just wanted to mention that I saw the news of Rome's mayor wanting to set up a red light district on the MHFM website. I am quite familiar with the issue for I live in that area and, alas, not 400 metres away from my balcony stand transvestites at night. Mind you, it is a very residential area (just to show how Babylonic Rome has become).


It's incredible that instead of banning prostitution… men propose to legalise it in order to control it. Italy, France and Spain are full of these despicable "radical chics".


Anyways, the worst part is that currently the peak of fornication in the area (called Universal exposition Rome 42') is happening right before this fifth Basilica (as Romans call it) of Saints Peter and Paul, at all times of the day behind these bushes on the sides of these steps. 


I don't think it is a coincidence that the apex of mortal sinfulness and insolence perpetrated towards the Divine Majesty happens right before a Catholic church, now governed by satanists…


In Christ and Mary,




My Old Church


Subject: My Old Church


Dear Brothers,


I sometimes take time to listen to recorded homilies on the Internet from my old Vatican II Church to see just how bad it has gotten. This same Church was one the strictest and most respected Catholic Churches back in the 1950's. It had some of the most beautiful statues and pictures as well as famous stained glass windows. Here is a summary of what I now hear;


- Sermons that have nothing to do with how to attain salvation or what one must avoid to attain salvation. Detachment is never talked about.


- Sermons that average about seven or eight minutes long. This includes jokes or… stories that most Vatican II "Priests" throw into the sermons to liven things up and get the crowd’s attention. This leaves about five minutes or less for a "homily".


- Sermons that never include the word hell or damnation.


- Sermons that include daily experiences of the "Priest" that have little if anything to do with the gospel or epistle of the day.


- One "Priest" I listened to on more than one occasion slurred his words repeatedly and he is the youngest one of four there.


The current state of all Vatican II abominable Churches could not prove more clearly that God has left the building. Then you throw in a clown "Pope" who mocks the Church and God every time he opens his mouth and one has absolutely no excuse for remaining inside. Yet many remain simply because they have friends and family who stay with it.


God bless your efforts,




MHFM: That’s the true desolation, the true punishment and impact of the end-times apostasy: the removal of God from the churches, the complete emptiness, and the absolute spiritual slaughter on the local level. 




Subject: "Priest" Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral (video)


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, “Priest” Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral.  The "priest" and the three others falling into the ditch is an example of how the physical world sometimes reflects spiritual realities… it's also interesting that in the Old Testament three men, Core, Dathan and Abiron were leaders of the rebellion against Moses and Aaron, and that the earth opened up and swallowed them and their followers (Num. 16).  It shows the immense danger that the followers of Francis and the other Vatican II antipopes are in.  They are following the modern versions of Core, Dathan and Abiron to hell. It is a warning for false traditionalists too, since they stand on the side of the antipopes, hurling false accusations of "heresy" at true Catholics who defend the EENS and baptism dogmas and sedevacantism - the truth.  They are fighting against God: "But if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it, lest perhaps you be found even to fight against God..." (Acts Of Apostles 5:39)

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


“Catholic” U


MHFM: This is truly outrageous.  It’s another example of how those who don’t think we are in the prophesied Great Apostasy are blind.


Students encouraged to bring same-sex “dates” to “Rainbow Prom” at “Catholic” Santa Clara University




Subject: The Latest in Atrocious Supreme Court Decisions – Only 2 Justices Stand Up for Your Rights


We'll then they need to stop pushing these vaccines. We decided after our son was diagnosed with autism to reject anymore vaccines, I try to share with people about the dangers but some people feel that if their doctor says they should then they just do it. It is sad when they put their child at that risk to put a poison in their bodies after all the news on how unsafe they are and yet they say you are the ones that are putting society at risk for not vaccinating. They are blind in all aspects of life.






Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned  (video)


As someone in my early 30's I can tell you that I wandered away from the Catholic Faith and the Christian faith thanks to the failures of the Church. I lived without Christ and fell heavily in this new age movement. I believed God and I were one. Yes, I actually believed I had the power to think like a billionaire and it will come to me. I was told that, forget your past...God will not punish you. I believed there was no hell. I was told not to worry about wars and injustices around the world, it was all in my head and I made it worse by thinking about it as I released the energies to make it worse. Even my parents know nothing about the Catholic Church. They don't attend mass, nor do they believe in hell. To be frank, they don't even believe in life after death. This is alarming at so many levels. After returning to the faith it is clear that Vatican II did a great job of making us blind. To think since I was in my teens I have been searching for the truth about God so desperately. If only I knew what I know today back in the day, I would have served the Lord so much better and would not have sinned the way I did. It breaks my heart! I lived without a purpose...until now. I keep praying and praying for God to forgive me and for me to fight back hard and make up for all my prior mistakes.


Angelo R.


MHFM: With regard to your first line, one must not attribute falling away from the faith to the Church.  It’s not the Church’s fault.  It’s the fault of the person who decides to give up the faith.  We’re glad that you are viewing the material.  It’s crucial to embrace all the true positions, recognize that the entity following Vatican II is not the true Catholic Church (but the prophesied end-times Counter Church), pray the Hail Mary frequently and 15 decades of the Rosary each day, and practice the traditional Catholic faith.  Once convinced on all the issues, you would need to make a confession.  The website covers the steps for how to do that today.




Subject: Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd edition) (video)


Quite simply the greatest YouTube video I've ever seen…






Subject: Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd edition) (video)


Well according to this nearly everyone is going to hell. So God created us all to throw us into hell. God is all loving all forgiving all merciful but this is making god out to be a real monster. Who would throw their own children into an eternal inferno for committing a few sins. This is scare tactics plain and simple and I'm a catholic myself. Shame on you vatican catholic. Is it any wonder ppl are leaving the church in their droves.




MHFM: The Lord taught that few are saved.  God gives men free will, and most people are sadly of bad will.  Yes, He is God and if people commit mortal sin He sometimes decides, in His justice, that their time is up.  That can happen at a young age, for He knows the degree to which a person has rebelled against Him.  You are simply a person who rejects the faith of God.  In your profound arrogance and faithlessness, you subordinate His truth to what you want.  Unless you humble yourself, and pray for the true faith, you will go to Hell as well.  You also describe truthful Christian warnings to one’s fellow man about eternal damnation as “scare tactics.”  You imply that such messages or warnings are evil.  That is a blasphemous insult to the Lord, who spoke frequently about Hell.


Matthew 7:13-14 “Enter ye in at the narrow gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there are who go in thereat.  How narrow is the gate, and strait is the way that leadeth to life, and few there are that find it!


Lucia found Jacinta sitting alone, still and very pensive, gazing at nothing.  ‘What are you thinking of, Jacinta?’  ‘Of the war that is going to come.  So many people are going to die.  And almost all of them are going to Hell.’” (Our Lady of Fatima, p. 94)


Matthew 13:41-42, 49-50 “The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all law-breakers, and throw them into the fiery furnace.  In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth… So it will be at the end of the world.  The angels will come out and separate the evil from the righteous and throw them into the fiery furnace. In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”


Mark 9:43, 48-49 “And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.  It is better for you to enter life crippled than with two hands to go to hell, to the unquenchable firewhere their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched.’  For everyone will be salted with fire.”




… I am glad I found your website, or I would be lost for eternity.


Thank you. Paul Fahey




Subject: “Pope Francis: Church must welcome gays, divorced”


Jorge's "catholic" church is not the one Saint Peter died for...




“Hard not to sin gravely”


… It's hard for me not to sin gravely, but I keep trying and I guess I'm resisting more with time…




MHFM: You are clearly not trying hard enough.  You lack the first degree of humility.  You don't fear God. 


St. Benedict (c. 520): “The first degree of humility, then, is that a man always have the fear of God before his eyes, shunning all forgetfulness and that he be ever mindful of all that God hath commanded, that he always considers in his mind how those who despise God will burn in hell for their sins, and that life everlasting is prepared for those who fear God.”


You need to take action right away and cut off the occasion that is causing you to fall into sin.  You need to begin to pray the Hail Mary frequently, and 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  Also, your statement that you will resist “more with time” is a deception of the Devil.  You need to stop committing the sin right now, not “with time”.  God is giving you the grace to change now.  If you don't accept it at this time, you may never get another chance.


Ecclesiasticus 5:8-9- “Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it not from day to day.  For His wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of vengeance He will destroy thee.”




Subject: “Pope Francis: Church must welcome gays, divorced”


Roncalli 'opened the windows' and now Bergoglio is going further and 'opening the doors'. What a farce! Yet these metaphors have duped billions of souls into entertaining the preposterous notion that the Church may be compared to a stuffy, deoxygenated, malodorous building needing to be purified and regaled by the fresh, invigorating air of the secular world, a world controlled by the Prince of this World! To the Vatican II apostates, Satan is not just a light-bearer, he's the ultimate air-freshener!




Rome’s New Red Lamps


Subject: Rome’s “New Red Lamps”


Re: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/news/rome-setting-up-red-light-districts-for-prostitution-says-mayor/#.VOaRN7kg_IU


How fitting is it that apostate Rome is setting up 'Red Light' Districts?!  Rome: Seat of Antichrist, and His Whore!


Apocalypse 18:21, 23: "And a mighty Angel took up a stone, as it were a great mill-stone, and cast it into the sea, saying:  With this violence shall Babylon, that great city, be thrown down, and shall now be found no more...And the light of the lamp shall shine no more in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride shall be heard no more in thee..."


Rome is now setting up new red antichrist lamps to proclaim its whoredom.   Rome is glorying in its fornications and apostasy!  Is this not a sign of its very bitter end?


There will surely be no word of condemnation of this iniquity from Antipope Francis, for he is the evil opposite of Pope St. Pius V, who vigorously opposed and rid the Holy City of all plagues of immorality.  No, Francis is too busy promoting climate change and trying to tear down the family institution and natural law.  He should read the Apocalypse!




Darwin Day


Subject: "Priest" Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral (video)


The Vatican II priests are not the only problem. Delaware's governor Markell declared February 12 as Charles Darwin day. So far this past week Delaware was hit by a snow storm, 20 year record low Delaware river flow, new record low temperatures. The blind leading the blind seems to have consequences both eternal and immediate. p.s. This is a stretch but "catholic" VP Joe Biden recently led… Obama to the Charcoal Pit restaurant here in Wilmington, Delaware. Talk about the blind leading the blind to the pit.




Antipope Francis Pushes Climate Change


Subject: Antipope Francis Pushes the Climate Change Scam


Dear Brothers,


… Frank is aiding and abetting the U.N… plan, using the weather to control this planet et al... the truth is out and has been for some time...there has been no warming for going on 18 years and three or more months and counting....thus the name change...they are desperate and now going for broke  ...and we have to expose them all...!


God Bless






Subject: Former Catholic church turned into entertainment space


The same thing happened in Duluth, MN and elsewhere; thank God there are not Novus Ordo messes being said there.


Bruce Blommel


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


"Priest" Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral (video)


Antipope Francis, “LGBT”


"LGBT Catholic group" gets special seating during Antipope Francis’ weekly address


Vaccines, Decision


Subject: The Latest in Atrocious Supreme Court Decisions – Only 2 Justices Stand Up for Your Rights


I have 4 children, ALL of whom were vaccinated, as 'required' by schools/gov't. Back then, I complied w/vaccine requirements. My children have had numerous flu shots, over the years - they ALL contracted flu, despite vaccinations. My 12 yo has autism, likely, the result of vaccinations and boosters. I will be responsible for his care, for the rest of his life. In my ignorance… complying w/those who commanded that he be vaccinated. The point is, vaccinations DO NOT prevent the illnesses they purport to 'protect' against. DO NOT vaccinate your children, our children depend upon us for protection. Protect them against this evil sham, called vaccines. How I wish I knew then, what I know, now.




Francis, Apologetics


Subject: Francis AND False Traditionalists Reject Catholic Apologetics


… the N.O. so-called 'apologists' should be scared by Francis' 'declaration' that apologetics should be rejected; that he is basically saying that what they're doing is pointless (if they were true Catholics, anyway)… I would like to include the false traditionalists (for a different reason, however) by way of their acceptance of Francis as their pope.  His public rejections of apologetics, in word and deed, don't really bother them.  Because if they were truly Catholic, it would bother them to call a non-Catholic a pope… Those faithless cowards will no longer have to feel guilty about this dereliction of Catholic duty; Francis has let them off its hook.  Unless the false traditionalists stand up and acknowledge that the men who are heading the N.O. mass and sacraments they reject must be entirely rejected themselves, their false traditionalist consciences will stop working altogether (if there is even any life left in them, one cannot help but wonder).




Subject: Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd edition) (video)


Interesting but I do not fear because I've been saved in Jesus name.


Roberta Kennedy


MHFM: No, actually you haven’t.  Your position is not Christian.  On that particular issue, you need to see this video: The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (video)


You also need to see the material in the ‘Refuting Protestantism’ section for more biblical proof of the traditional Catholic faith.  To avoid Hell it’s necessary for you to embrace the one true faith of Christ, the traditional Catholic faith.


Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy (video)




Subject: The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church


Can a 52 year old… still do communion and confirmation?




MHFM: We’re glad that you found the material.  It's important to realize the situation at this time (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic, and support the church.  There are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments One must be in agreement on all the issues before receiving sacraments.  It’s also very important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  When a person is convinced on the issues, we can help him or her with further specifics on this issue.  However, the aforementioned file covers the guidelines.




Subject: 5 minute video: Was J.R.R. Tolkien a Catholic?


Dear Brothers:


I enjoyed… "Was J.R.R. Tolkien a Catholic?".  It's interesting to note how Tolkien described the Gospel as a 'fairy story' and that man was redeemed by 'a moving story'.  Since Tolkien wrote fairy stories, he set himself up as a co-author and co-redeemer of mankind.  It's true, as the video explains, that Tolkien was trying to replace Jesus Christ with satanic fantasy stories.


Unfortunately, I was introduced to some of Tolkien's works in my youth by a novus ordo cousin.  I believe that this mislead me into more satanic fantasies in my mid-twenties such as modern psychology.  It was only by the Grace of God that I was able to leave that cult, which, like a broken cistern, could hold no water as compared to the True Gospel of Jesus Christ.


"For my people have done two evils. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and have digged to themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water." (Jeremias 2:13)




Genetically Modified Organisms


… I truly believe that GMOs will cause the destruction of the natural world and thus the destruction of God's creation. I cannot believe that the Vatican supports the use of these weapons against nature. The very nature of these organisms is to change nature, therefore causing the world to become dependent on companies like Monsanto. God made our planet perfect, and changing it at the cellular level is obviously an evil act…


Thank you, 


April Barcenas


Marquette, Muhammad


Subject: Marquette


Speaking of Marquette University, today their Muslim Student Association will be hosting a defense of the "prophet" Muhammad. They want the community to be able to respond to those who attack this creature of evil.  So it's no surprise that this spawn of Satan running under the guise of a Jesuit Catholic university doesn't defend traditional marriage.





Subject: Bill would ban abortion after Down Syndrome diagnosis


Since these people have NO moral compass, everything is relative. Either abortion is right, or wrong, no matter what. Since parents frequently abort based upon the sex of a child, what argumentation could they present (in line w/their argumentation) to dis-allow parents from murdering their child, with Down Syndrome?




J.R.R. Tolkien



5 minute video: Was J.R.R. Tolkien a Catholic?



Vaccines, Media




Re: the Vaccine 'debate' so prominent in the media, one of the facts they are omitting is, I think, an important one.  The MMR vaccine contains live strains of the mumps virus (where did they get them, I wonder?), and they want to inject anyone who has never received an MMR vaccine with live strains of the mumps virus?  The mumps virus is known to be a cause of male sterility.  People used to know this information.  Every person I know who has had the MMR vaccine, including myself and siblings, has also 'come down with' the mumps.  It was usually just a matter of clock-work from the time of vaccination:  you have it; you stay home; then it's gone.  Now, why would it be necessary to expose anyone to this viral cycle by mandated vaccination when it is proven to cause sterility in males?  I think this is one of the key goals of the pro-vaccine faction, i.e., reproductive sterility.  What is to stop them from concocting a potion that causes reproductive failure, and calling it something like 'emergency virus protection' (or EVP), if vaccination becomes universally mandated?  Then the media jerks can bombard their viewers with:  "Make sure you get your EVPs folks!"…






Subject: Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


This should scare people in the Novus Ordo apologetics camp... Their own "pope" is basically saying that what they're doing (or at least attempting to do) is pointless. Not that they really defended the true faith anyways since they're heretics. But when you have their own "pope" saying it (although for a different reason), it's very striking.


Wesley Brittain


Anti-Papal ‘Mass’


Subject: 1 minute video: Distribution of “Holy Communion” at Francis’ “Papal Mass” in Manila




Luis Mantaras


The Apostate Benedict XVI


… You also don't recognize the effort of Benedict XVI in bringing back the old mass... or explaining that the Catholic Church is the Church of Christ...




MHFM: You are so easily deceived.  Watch this video and see that Benedict XVI was a complete and total apostate.  He was an utterly wicked antipope.  We know it’s difficult for people like you, who are so lacking in good will.  You so quickly resist God’s grace to see the truth.  But watch the entire video.  Pay attention to the facts.  Consider them honestly, in sincerity and humility.  For instance, if you took the time to look at the facts, and did so honestly, you would realize that Benedict XVI taught that Protestants and schismatics who reject the Papacy and Catholic dogmas are in the Church of Christ.  He even taught that this heretical position is the official and binding teaching of his (Vatican II) sect.  He also taught that non-Catholics don’t need conversion.  Wake up.


The Heresies of Benedict XVI (video)


Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) (complete section with articles) 


By the way, the first and second-to-last heresies covered in this article (consider them together) are extremely important.  They prove that Benedict XVI not only held that Protestants and schismatics who reject the Papacy are in the Church of Christ (a condemned heresy that constitutes a complete rejection of Vatican I and all Catholic dogma on the Papacy as the binding principle of Church unity), but that such a position is the official and binding teaching of Vatican II and his sect.  It refutes the false traditionalists who think they can ignore or avoid the heretical teachings of Vatican II while acknowledging the antipopes.


Numerous significant heresies in Benedict XVI’s 2010 book Light of the World




Subject: Major Homosexual Activist Arrested For Pederasty With A 15-Year-Old Boy (video)


More people need to see the trend toward normalizing pedophilia. It's the next "sexual freedom revolution" Remember the gays let NAMBLA in their pride march. That's no mistake.


Chantall Scherer




Subject: Marquette firing tenured prof. who defended student who stood up for traditional marriage


Vatican II 'universities' showing their real claws now! Animated by the spirit of Satan, they openly spit on the Church and bully those who defend her teaching. Those who employ illuminati-speak to calumniate others prove that they are of the Evil One.






… I first discovered you on You Tube about two months ago… I watched the ones on Fatima, the End of the World Series and the ones on the crises in the Church etc. 


Your videos gave me a lot to think about and I began to question whether I had any faith left.  I have always been a Catholic (I was born in 1954) and grew up in the pre-Vatican II church.  I remember the changes coming in over the years but never started to question anything until the 1980’s when I moved to a larger town and found myself shopping around for the more traditional churches…


I have spent the last 20 years drifting from church to church, attending parish retreats with both Catholics and Protestants and reading books on false apparitions and messages.  The more I searched for the truth, the more I got led astray.  Most of my older children have left the Church... I started to pray the rosary and wear the brown scapular again.  I had never stopped believing in Fatima but had neglected it….I feel that you have the truth and are someone that I can trust.


Thank you



MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  The material explains what the true positions are, what people need to do, and the options that exist for sacraments in our time.


No Salvation


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Fabianmary, a member of the traditional catholic here in Nigeria. Please bro Michael and Peter Dimond, can you explain more for me, the reason why any non catholic can't gain salvation. I will be glad to hear from you soon. Ave!


MHFM: Simply put, everyone who is of the truth hears Christ’s voice and believes in Him (John 18:37), and everyone who sincerely believes in Christ will accept all of His core teachings and be brought into His one true Church. 


Saint Bede the Venerable (c. 720): "Just as all within the Ark were saved and all outside of it were carried away when the flood came, so when all who are pre-ordained to eternal life have entered the Church, the end of the world will come and all will perish who are found outside." (Hexaemeron)


Synod, The V2 Sect




A Catholic World News - January 21, 2015 article on John Dew, the 'Archbishop' of NZ, now one of Francis' new 'Cardinals' (as of his 'consistory' of Feb. 14), says that Dew blogged from the 2014 Sin-nod of 'Bishops' on the family the following: 


“I gave my own Intervention today and it seemed to be well received by most,” he wrote on October 8. “I basically said that we have to change the language which is used in various Church documents so that people do not see and hear the Church judging or condemning, passing out rules and laws, but rather showing concern and compassion and reaching out to help people discover God in their lives.”


“I would say that overall there is a great sense of hope not that things are going to change immediately, but that at least we can talk about some of these issues that in the past we haven’t been able to talk about,” he told Vatican Radio on October 10. “Nine years ago at the Synod on the Eucharist I talked about the possibility of Communion for the divorced and remarried and got a lot of criticism. Now at this Synod it’s being talked about openly by many, many people.”


In fact, his language in 2005 was very strong in opposition to dogmatic Catholic teaching…






Subject: Francis’ Apostasy in the Blue Mosque (video)


I think most Muslims mean well and love God, but they are following a Mohammedan cult which was spread by violence and threats of violence. This pope… needs to go !




MHFM: No, they don’t love God.  They are following a diabolical false religion that rejects the true God, and they are not on the road to salvation.


Jesus answered: “For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world—to bear witness to the truth.  Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” (John 18:37)


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Basel, 1434: “… there is hope that very many from the abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith.”


Pope Callixtus III: “I vow to… exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet [Islam] in the East.”


As the material covers, Francis is not a pope.  He’s an antipope. 




Subject: “Priest” Announces He’s “Gay” During “Mass,” Receives Standing Ovation (video)


Is this sodomite's cheering section, not the same group, who, rightfully condemned the 'vatican 2' pederasts' crimes against children? Today, these apostates cheer for the VERY crimes that they once 'condemned'. These are VERY dangerous people, who have no moral compass, save, that which is deemed 'fashionable', @any given time. Wake up, folks, today, it is sodomites, tomorrow, it's ANYTHING. The pedophiles, beastialitists,...are simply waiting in the wings, for THEIR time. God help us, in Jesus' Name, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Donna Capani




Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned  (video)


John Paul the Second unified Europe from background as EU, thereby fulfilled Prophecy.


Zakaria Kamal


The Gates of Hell


… I was speaking to one of my teachers yesterday (he believes that Anti-Pope Francis is the true Pope) His argument was, that if Sedevacantists are right, then it means that Christ's prophecy that  "The gates of hell will never corrupt the church" was  not fulfilled. What is your answer to this?





MHFM: It’s an argument that’s commonly made by people with a shallow or basically no grasp of Catholic teaching on the Papacy, indefectibility, etc.  It’s of course totally wrong.  The objection is addressed and refuted here: Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism [PDF file] 


To put it simply: the truth is just the opposite of what he said.  It is those who accept Antipope Francis (or the other Vatican II antipopes) who hold that the gates of Hell have prevailed against the Church; for they hold that the Catholic Church is led by heretics (who are actually ‘the gates of Hell’ in Catholic teaching – see below), and that the Catholic Church has officially changed its teaching on numerous issues (e.g. at Vatican II).  Since the Church cannot contradict itself, and a true pope cannot authoritatively approve false teachings at an ecumenical council that is binding on the whole Church, it’s impossible that the men who approved and implemented Vatican II were or are true popes.  To maintain that they are valid popes is to deny indefectibility and Christ’s promises to the Church. 


However, Christ's promises don't rule out the possibility of antipopes, a vacancy of the Papal See, or a widespread and profound deception in the final days.  This article is also relevant, and further refutes his false claims: The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy – massive confusion, multiple antipopes, antipopes in Rome, an antipope recognized by all the cardinals; The Great Western Schism proves that a line of antipopes at the heart of the post-Vatican II crisis is absolutely possible.


To put it another way: Antipope Francis represents the gates of Hell.  Those who think he’s the pope are in communion with the gates of Hell, and they hold that the gates of Hell run the Catholic Church.  On the other hand, those who correctly denounce him for the non-Christian heretic that he is correctly distinguish the Church of Christ from the gates of Hell.


Pope St. Leo IX: “The holy Church built upon a rock, that is Christ, and upon Peter or Cephas, the son of John who first was called Simon, because by the gates of Hell, that is, by the disputations of heretics which lead the vain to destruction, it would never be overcome.” (In terra pax hominibus, Sept. 2, 1053)


Pope Vigilius, Second Council of Constantinople, 553: “… we bear in mind what was promised about the holy Church and Him who said the gates of hell will not prevail against it (by these we understand the death-dealing tongues of heretics)…”


St. Thomas Aquinas (c. 1250): “…[that] Wisdom may fill the hearts of the faithful, and put to silence the dread folly of heretics, fittingly referred to as the gates of hell.”


Pope Innocent III, Eius exemplo, Dec. 18, 1208: “By the heart we believe and by the mouth we confess the one Church, not of heretics, but the Holy Roman, Catholic, and Apostolic Church outside of which we believe that no one is saved.”


To Karen


To Karen Pointer;


The truth is that God has already judged. God has revealed that those who are saved must fall within a certain category: they must be baptized, have the Catholic faith, and stay in a state of justification. Hence, those who have the faith, true Catholics, believe and can profess that people who have died outside the Church are lost. If someone is a heretic like Francis, then that person is not in the Church because they believe something different and reject the true Catholic faith which one must believe and profess.  We must judge who is in the Church and who is not according to scripture:


Psalms 105:3 - "Blessed are they that keep judgment, and do justice at all times."

Proverbs 21:7 - "The robberies of the wicked shall be their downfall, because they would not do judgment."

Proverbs 21:15 - "It is joy to the just to do judgment: and dread to them that work iniquity."

Micheas (Micah) 6:8 - "I will shew thee, O man, what is good, and what the Lord requireth of thee: Verily, to do judgment, and to love mercy, and to walk solicitous with thy God."


So if you believe that Francis I is a pope, then you trash and deny the truths professed and proclaimed by… Pope Benedict XIV, Pope Eugene IV, the Council of Florence, the Gospel, doctors of the Church and many other popes and twenty ecumenical councils over two thousand years of Catholic Church history and you are, therefore, not Catholic. Ask yourself, can all these popes be wrong throughout two thousand years of Church history? Would Christ expose, through the Vatican II Anti-popes, the multitude of contradictions 1965 years after the Church was established? It is absurd to even imagine! The Truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow as God is the same. Truth does not evolve!  Christ promised to always be with His Church till the end of the world and He is in the one True Catholic Faith that exists in the remnant who still believe in the dogmas held for centuries.


I pray for your conversion to the Truth.





Subject: Faithless


Dear Brothers,


The world right now is pretty faithless. No true supernatural faith.  The fact that many people are still following Antipope Francis.  A total wicked public heretic.  Thank you.  


From Mark v


Francis, Judging


Subject: What Francis Really Believes (3rd edition) (video)


You all will burn for judging. You all should be praying for the church YOU ARE NOT OF GOD!


Karen Pointer


MHFM: No, barring an extraordinary conversion, you will definitely burn in Hell for your heresy, for your denial of Catholic teaching, and for defending the wicked.


Proverbs 17:15- “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just are both alike an abomination to the Lord.


Isaiah 5:20- “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness…” 


Moreover, you refute your entire argument when you say: “You all will burn for judging.”  So, you are allowed to judge us?  You assign yourself the authority to judge and condemn people when it pleases you – for example, when you want to defend Francis’ wicked anti-Catholicism: i.e. his denial of Jesus Christ via the endorsement of false religions, his rejection of Catholic dogmas, etc.  Yet, you say Catholics aren’t allowed to judge and condemn a manifest heretic such as Francis (or someone acting like him) when that person denies the necessity of Christ, etc.  You are a total abomination.  Anyone who can watch that video and think that Francis is a Catholic – and not reject him as utterly wicked and faithless – is an antichrist.  That’s what you are.  You know nothing about God or Christian teaching on judging.  You are simply a truth-hater who rejects the Catholic faith.


Jesus said: “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.” (John 7:24)




Subject: Is the World about to End? (2nd Edition) 


This was fascinating and I agree 100% with what you outlined, very detailed and is unmistakable…


Trey Tolbert




Subject: “Saint” John Paul II Exposed (video)


At first I didn't understand why you are so against the Vatican today, but now I am beginning to see why.


Stacy Lynn




… After watching your videos (love them!), I have many questions with one really big one: as someone who was baptized and recently confirmed under the Vatican II way, how can I (and others like me) worship God the way he commands us, and how can we ultimately be saved? Or are we beyond salvation?


When my parish does Eucharist, they say the “This is my body…” without the “the mystery of faith” in the middle of it, but they say it after the congregation says “Amen.” Does this still change the meaning, therefore make it idolatrous?


Finally, what makes a mass illegitimate? Is it if the Eucharist isn’t performed properly, or can it happen when the priest was ordained under Vatican II?


Thanks and keep up the good work,



MHFM: We’re glad that you are watching the videos.  The answer to your question is covered clearly in the material:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


It seems that you still go to the New Mass.  Obviously you need to get out of it.  It’s invalid and must be avoided under pain of mortal sin.  To your question about “the mystery of faith,” the answer is yes: its removal means that one cannot consider the New Mass valid.  (The New Mass is also a non-Catholic service, and the ‘priest’ saying it is almost always invalid anyway.)


There is a defined and established form, received from Tradition, in the Roman Rite.  That form includes the words mysterium fidei (“the mystery of faith”).  Those words have an established and declared meaning in the form.  They signify the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  The New Mass purports to be the Mass of the Roman Rite, yet deliberately removes the words mysterium fidei from the form It removes them from the form and takes them to a place outside the form.  It also gives them an entirely different meaning.  When heretics remove things from the form of an established and traditional rite, especially words that signify the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the presumption of validity is lost.


You need to watch this video, look at the other material, and become convinced on all the issues.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, as you should be able to clearly see from the facts presented.  It’s also crucial to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid  (video)


I need help


Subject: I need help


Dear brothers,


First of all, pardon my bad English. I'm Brazilian, so I'm not using my native language, as you certainly know.


Brothers, I'm an apostate, blasphemer and fornicator. I mean, I want to be forgiven, but I have no place to go, I think. I live in Tangará da Serra, a countryside city in Mato Grosso (state). It's like 2.500 km from Săo Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and I have no idea where I could find a valid ordered priest.


In my diocese there are no priests, actually, they are all friars. They are Franciscans and tend to act as if liberation theology were true. I just don't know what to do. There is no confessional, and as far as I know, people don't have to kneel down either. I don't know if the absolution formula is used, but as they are certainly not validly ordered, that wouldn't be the only problem...


Tell me, what should I do? Where should I go? Help me, for I regret what I did and want to be saved. I will tell you more details:


I was born in a catholic family and properly baptized. I was a religious boy until about the age of 15, more or less (I'm now 28 yo). I did receive Holy Communion, or so I thought. I remember confessing my sins only once in my life, it was before my first Communion, and it was not in a confessional, it was seated in a church bench, side by side with a friar.


I was about 15, the age of Confirmation (crisma), when I became an atheist, reading Nietzsche (I'm not confirmed). And an atheist I remained until about 2 or 3 years ago. But since my coming in terms with the catholic faith I didn't go to the church, partly because the situation described above, and partly because I was trying to understand what happened to me (I think I was/am depressed).


I keep trying to grow in knowledge of the true faith, that's how I ended up watching your youtube channel and the site (good work, by the way). But apart from that, I need the sacraments. What to do?


Please, pray for me.






MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  God is giving you the grace to embrace the traditional Catholic faith and move toward the state of grace.  Obviously you need to cease committing mortal sins right away.  You should then follow these steps, once you are convinced.  It’s also crucial that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


There are options for confession, as our material explains.  An example would be a priest ordained before 1968 who says the words: “I absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”  If you start praying the Rosary and the Hail Mary frequently, and get into the state of grace, you will no longer be depressed.  However, you of course need to be convinced on all the issues, and resolved to stop committing the sins, before going to confession.  Also, as the file explains, if a person has any doubt about whether a baptism was validly performed, a conditional baptism should be done.


“Who am I to Judge”


Subject: Who am I to Judge?


Dear Brothers,


I was watching the movie "Beckett" over the weekend and I was struck by what the ordaining Bishop said to Thomas Beckett while he was being ordained a Bishop. The ordaining Bishop told Beckett that the duty of a Bishop is to pass judgement, etc, etc.


It reminded me of that idiot in Rome who hasn't a clue what it means to be a Bishop of the Catholic Church, let alone a Pope.




MHFM: In addition to all the sins that were encouraged/endorsed by his wicked statement, “Who am I to judge?”, there were of course serious doctrinal implications.  One of the doctrinal implications was mentioned in this video: Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview (video).  It concerns the fact that a pope is “the supreme judge of the faithful”, according to the express teaching of Vatican I.  Thus, Francis’ statement (“Who am I to judge?”) was equivalent to saying: “Who am I, the Pope?”  It’s just another subtle way in which God has allowed Antipope Francis to reveal that he’s not the pope.




Brothers, I can't find the topic about cremation on your website.  I wanted to print it out from your website and pass it out.  Would you please let me know where it is located.

Thank you.




MHFM: If you do a search for ‘cremation’ on our website, you will find information on the matter.  Here are some points from other articles and posts:


The Catholic Church traditionally forbade the faithful from requesting cremation.  The Vatican II sect, on the contrary, allows it.  This is an interesting quote about the early medieval Catholic view of the matter, which of course completely opposes the Vatican II sect’s position.


“Cremation was taboo among early medieval Christians.  For instance, around 780 Charlemagne legislated the death penalty for those burning their dead.  He did so because cremation was intimately associated with paganism.” (Anders Winroth, The Conversion of Scandinavia, p. 132.)




“Cardinal” Joseph Ratzinger, God and the World, 2000, p. 436: “Q. Is it permissible to have dead bodies cremated, or is that just a heathen ritual?  A… Right up to the Second Vatican Council, cremation was subject to penalties.  In view of all the circumstances of the modern world, the Church has abandoned this. ”


Benedict XVI is acknowledging the radical teaching of John Paul II’s 1983 Code of Canon Law in this regard.


1983 Code of Canon Law, Canon 1176 § 3: “The Church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burying the dead be observed; it does not, however, forbid cremation unless it has been chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching.”


So, as long you claim that you are not getting cremated for the express purpose of contradicting a dogma – but rather, for instance, because you want your ashes to rest on your favorite golf course – cremation is allowed by the Vatican II sect.  This is a very serious issue because the teaching of the Catholic Church has forbidden cremation under pain of mortal sin.  It has further taught that those who requested it cannot receive Christian burial.  This shows us a clear difference between the two religions.


1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 1203 § 1-2: “The bodies of the faithful departed shall be buried, their cremation being reprobated.  2. If anyone by any manner orders that his body be cremated, it is illicit to execute that desire; and if this was added to any contract or testament or any other act.”


1917 Code of Canon Law, Canon 1240 § 1-5: “Unless they gave before death a sign of repentance, the following are deprived of ecclesiastical burial: 1. Notorious apostates from the Christian faith, or those who notoriously gave their name to heretical sects or schismatic or Masonic sects, or other societies of this sort; 2. Excommunicates or those under interdict after a condemnatory sentence; 3. Those who killed themselves by deliberate counsel; 4. Those who died in a duel, or from wounds related thereto; 5. Those who ordered that their body be handed over for cremation; 6. Other public and manifest sinners.”


The Blessed Virgin


Subject: The Earth as a Type of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Dear MHFM,         

I totally agree with the opinion of the earth (before Adam’s fall) being a type of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  In 1 Kings 18 when Elijah was at Mount Carmel a cloud appeared and rain fell there once Elijah proved that the God of Israel was the only true God and defeated the prophets of Baal.   How interesting is it that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared on Mount Carmel with the Brown Scapular to St. Simon Stock to manifest God’s glory and defeat evil.   In the encyclical Ad Caeli Reginam, Pius XII compares the Blessed Virgin Mary to the rainbow God displays as a covenant of peace.    In Ineffabilis Deus, Pius IX mentions how the church fathers call her a lily among thorns, incorruptible wood, and the land perfectly intact.  She is known as the mystical rose, house of gold, and the list just goes on and on…



Wife divorced husband


Subject: Wife divorced husband because he wanted to keep son born with Down syndrome


The mom of Samuel Forrest's child is despicable for hating her own child.


Melina Wisky


MHFM: It’s just pure selfishness.




Subject: Vaccines cause sudden death, proves document hidden by Big Pharma for two years


The 100 years of concealment and fraud is now slowly being resurfaced. It is almost time. May the Blessed Virgin Mary protect us.




‘Martyr’ for the Vatican II sect




It is now official. A member of a "Pontifical" commission of the Vatican II sect said the following about the "bishop" Oscar Romero: “[Archbishop Oscar Romero] is a martyr of the Church of the Second Vatican Council. In killing him, they wanted to hit the Church that flowed from the Second Vatican Council”. (http://americamagazine.org/content/dispatches/archbishop-romero-martyr-church-vatican-ii)



Rafael Centeio


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Nuke goes off in Ukraine? (video)


New Video Posted


MHFM: While two new videos are in the works (including a major documentary that will hopefully be completed in about three weeks), this is a new video.


Homosexuality and Logical Standards (video)


‘Climate’ of the Novus Ordo


Subject: ‘Climate’ of the ‘Novus Ordo’




Almost all of the religious and political leaders… are on the 'climate change' bandwagon.  They clearly have a common agenda.  What is that agenda?  Well, Jesus told us what their agenda is, when He told the Pharisees that their father is the devil… they… must be snickering behind closed doors after every time they parade and campaign for 'climate change' support; for, as the Elect know, the REAL 'climate change' has been, and is, the oppression of humanity and the subversion of Christian theology and morality, i.e., the eclipse of the Church.  I don't know of anyone who expresses alarm or even the slightest concern about 'climate change' as it pertains to the weather inside the earth's atmosphere--no one--except for the campaigners, who hold world meetings about it, that is.  But the campaigners are not concerned about the earth's climate change, even while pretending they have absolute power to control it.  It's true that the corrupt earth itself is their Church, where they plan to reign forever, but it is their 'reign' that is what is really at the center of their 'climate change' campaign--not the weather.  The Elect can only shake their heads at such a foolish and earthly religion, and its adherents, who will never be able to leave their 'Church'; mainly because they don't understand, in their profound blindness, that they need to.


Undeniably, as you've shown:  it is the result of the 'Vatican II' apostasy.  The so-called 'Novus Ordo Missae' or 'New Mass' is an abomination.  I'm grateful that you so thoroughly answered Gabriel's false claims about it.  We who understand why we stopped going to the N.O. still need to re-hear the Voice of the Church, the Voice of Peter; to remind us of the supreme greatness of the eternal and holy Catholic Faith.


(BTW: You have probably also noted that with the 'new mass' for 'spiritual food' there are also the 'fast food chains' for 'temporal food'--and the two are comparably prepared, served and consumed--in every town, city, province and nation!  One only need watch the insane  1 minute video: Distribution of “Holy Communion” at Francis’ “Papal Mass” in Manila for some proof.)






Subject: Homosexuality & Society’s “Standard”


Dear mhfm,

Thank you for your most recent video. It's a fantastic video for people to watch, especially the non-religious in my opinion, it's logical and to the point. Sister Lucia said to Fr. Fuentes "the devil knows what it is that offends God the most, and which in a short space of time will gain for him the greatest number of souls..." I believe we are coming close to the end now, personally based on your information, I would not believe the world has another ten years. Which is why I believe issues like "gay marriage" has been accelerated at such a rapid speed. I'm convinced that the Devil knows it's nearly over and he wants to offend God in the most awful ways and leave the world with no leg to stand on, come judgment day. I mean, wouldn't it be fair to say that most of the world has become Sodom & Gomorrah? It's a sad fact that, people have to look to Islamic countries to behold a state that actually upholds that Sodomy is wrong, while formally Christian countries are debating to legalize a repulsive union. I believe this abomination is something that will play a key role in the second coming of Christ. God will not be mocked.

God Bless





Subject: Homosexuality and Logical Standards (video)


I sent a link to your clear, truthful and decisive video about homosexuality and standards to a woman I know with the CMRI.  This was the answer I received: "I heard one priest tell me that he would never give a sermon on homosexuality.  It falls into the category of things unmentioned.  They will make reference to the sin of sodomy when speaking of Sodom and Gomorrah..."


I am convinced that these blind people will follow the false traditional groups into anything they are led. They are sheep to the slaughter.  I thank God everyday that He has removed my blinders and pray for others to be given this grace as well.




MHFM: It’s sad, but that group just does not have the true faith.


No Standard


Subject: No Standard


… your new video, Homosexuality and Logical Standards.  Not only is your video logical, but it is simply charitable.  A big bonus is that in only five minutes you also disintegrated the illogical and antichrist interpretation of the Bible and Catholic teaching on this subject being propagated by the communion of devils on earth… If those reprobate are confronted by someone who has watched your video, they will have to make up more illogical lies and contradict themselves further until they are swallowed up by hell.  "No standard," which is what you said they are choosing when they reject God's standard, and I fully agree, means no center, no beginning and no end, i.e., man is God.  Yet you showed in five short minutes that to have no standard is totally illogical.  Only God the Creator has no beginning and no end, as the source of all life.  The vociferous propagators of the 'no standard' position, if left to their own devices, would die out in one 'generation's' time since they cannot procreate.  Is that what they want?  I commend you for putting your information out there.  May God in His infinite mercy inspire many to watch and convert.




“Cathedral School”


Subject: 2 minute video: “Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School students rally against new ‘morality clauses'”


In the past the masonic V2 sect needed people like Cordileone - people who retained some vestigial Catholic morality - to dupe their followers into believing that they were Catholic. But no longer. All these petulant teenage apostates have to do is write to… Francis, and he'll squash their nasty 'archbishop'!




New Mass Invalid


This analysis of the New Mass consecration is interesting but places excessive importance on words, important though they be. It is wrong to think that the Consecration will be made void just because "all" is used rather than "many." God does not operate on that level, our faith should tell us that; but the proof this argument is false is in John 6:41-51, which ends: "The bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world." For the life of THE WORLD--i.e., for ALL. Jesus is the sacrament, the words of consecration are not the sacrament. Read please the entire passage:


The Jews then complained about Him, because He said, "I am the bread which came down from heaven." And they said, "Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? How is it then that He says, 'I have come down from heaven'?" Jesus therefore answered and said to them, "Do not murmur among yourselves. No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day. It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall all be taught by God.' Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me. Not that anyone has seen the Father, except He who is from God; He has seen the Father. Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me has everlasting life. I am the bread of life. Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which comes down from heaven, that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world."


Certainly this passage debunks the "many versus all" argument on this page. The New Mass Eucharist is not invalid and it is a pity that such a harmful notion has been foisted on… many… the truth hurts…




MHFM: Your e-mail is another example of how pride begets blindness and keeps people deceived.  First, you say that the analysis “places excessive importance on words”.  No, the Church dogmatically teaches that the proper “words” are necessary for a sacrament to be effected.  This fact was covered in the material.  Thus, your statement is false.  It contradicts the Church’s dogmatic teaching that the proper words are essential. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, 1439: "All these sacraments are made up of three elements: namely, things as the matter, words as the form, and the person of the minister who confers the sacrament with the intention of doing what the Church does.  If any of these is lacking, the sacrament is not effected.”


Second, in your pride, you think that the argument doesn’t factor in something as basic as Jesus Christ’s teaching in John 6.  You are quite wrong.  You should have paid more attention to the facts covered.  You would have learned what you clearly don’t recognize, namely, the distinction between the sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice and the efficacy of Christ’s sacrifice.  Even though Christ shed His blood for all men (the sufficiency aspect), not all receive the benefit of His death (the efficacy aspect).  Through their own fault countless people fail to receive the fruit of His passion.  The effect of the Eucharist is union of people with Christ. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” On the Eucharist, 1439: “Finally, this is a fitting way to signify the effect of this sacrament, that is, the union of the Christian people with Christ.”


Since the Eucharist effects union with Christ, it pertains to those for whom Christ’s sacrifice is effective (i.e. many, not all).  Moreover, a sacramental form must signify that sacrament’s effect.  


Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, Sept. 13, 1896: “All know that the sacraments of the New Law, as sensible and efficient signs of invisible grace, must both signify the grace which they effect and effect the grace which they signify Although the signification ought to be found in the whole essential rite, that is to say, in the ‘matter and form’, it still pertains chiefly to the ‘form’


Pope Leo XIII, Apostolicae Curae, Sept. 13, 1896: "It is then impossible for a form to be suitable and sufficient for a sacrament if it suppresses that which it ought distinctively to signify."


Since the effect of the Eucharist is for many (not all), and its form must signify its effect, the form of the Eucharist must signify many (those for whom Christ’s sacrifice is effective), not all (those for whom it is sufficient).  This is precisely why we find the following teaching directly AGAINST the idea that all could be used in the form of the Eucharist. 


The Catechism of the Council of Trent, On the Form of the Eucharist: "The additional words for you and for many, are taken, some from Matthew, some from Luke, but were joined together by the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Spirit of God.  They serve to declare the fruit and advantage of His Passion.  For if we look to its value, we must confess that the Redeemer shed His Blood for the salvation of all; but if we look to the fruit which mankind has received from it, we shall easily find that it pertains not unto all, but to many of the human race.  When therefore (our Lord) said: For you, He meant either those who were present, or those chosen from among the Judeans, such as were, with the exception of Judas, the disciples with whom He was speaking.  When He added, And for many, He wished to be understood to mean the remainder of the elect from among the Judeans and Gentiles.  WITH REASON, THEREFORE, WERE THE WORDS FOR ALL NOT USED, as in this place the fruits of the Passion are alone spoken of, and to the elect only did His Passion bring the fruit of salvation."


St. Alphonsus Liguori, Treatise on the Holy Eucharist: "The words for you and for many are used to distinguish the virtue of the Blood of Christ from its fruits: for the Blood of Our Savior is of sufficient value to save all men but its fruits are applied only to a certain number and not to all, and this is their own fault...


These facts should show you that you are wrong.  The utilization of all in the consecration of the New Mass without any doubt gave its form a false signification and resulted in invalidity.  (The New Mass also has a problem with validity because it lacks mysterium fidei – as well as, in almost every case, a valid priest.)   You should look more carefully and honestly at the material on the website, get out of the invalid New Mass, reject the Vatican II sect, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  You won’t be saved if you don’t do so.


Pope St. Pius V, De Defectibus: "The words of Consecration, which are the FORM of this Sacrament, are these: FOR THIS IS MY BODY.  And: FOR THIS IS THE CHALICE OF MY BLOOD, OF THE NEW AND ETERNAL TESTAMENT: THE MYSTERY OF FAITH, WHICH SHALL BE SHED FOR YOU AND FOR MANY UNTO THE REMISSION OF SINS.  Now if one were to remove, or change anything in the FORM of the consecration of the Body and Blood, and in that very change of words the [new] wording would fail to mean the same thing, he would not consecrate the sacrament."




Subject: Homosexuality and Logical Standards (video)


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, Homosexuality and Logical Standards.  Turner implies that homosexuals are born that way, which is false of course.  He equates homosexuality with race, as if "gays" were of an entirely different genetic makeup.  Homosexuality is fundamentally opposed to nature.  The world and society has no immutable standard.  It is seated in wickedness.  God, who created nature and put the natural law in man's heart, does not change...  If society continues this way then pedophilia and pederasty - child abuse - will be protected by law.  The world puts man in the place of God, and so it tends towards self-destruction, since man is not unchangeable and he is bent towards evil without the Catholic faith.  It is the result of the Vatican II apostasy.  What an abomination.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Thank you for your videos. I find them very informative. I'm writing with a question, and wondering if you could provide some guidance if you have the time.

I was raised in a non denominational church. Haven't been baptized yet. I'm interested in joining the Catholic Church. However, I am completely against Vatican II. What steps can I take to be baptized into the Church, and sidestep Vatican II. Is that even an option?  

Thank you for your work,


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  These are the steps to convert to the Catholic faith:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


It’s also very important to pray the Rosary and the Hail Mary frequently.  A person who is completely new to praying should begin by saying numerous Hail Marys each day.  He should quickly work his way up to praying five decades of the Rosary each day, and then 15 decades of the Rosary each day. 


“Son of Man”


Dear Brother Dimond:



I am Amin from Iran, who was in correspondence with you a couple of months ago. I have been reading and researching about Christian faith.

I have a question from the text of the Gospel. The term “Son of Man” is my question. Does it merely mean “one human being” or it has another meaning or connotation beyond that?


Thank you,
Yours in the path of Christ,


MHFM: The answer is that its meaning depends upon the context.  For instance, God refers to Ezekiel as a “son of man”.  Yet, it’s also clearly a title used of Jesus Christ (the God-man).  Jesus calls Himself “the son of man” dozens of times in the New Testament.  He does so because it was a messianic title, and Daniel described the Messiah as “one like a son of man”.


Daniel 7:13- “I beheld therefore in the vision of the night, and lo, one like a son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and he came even to the Ancient of days: and they presented him before him. And he gave him power, and glory, and a kingdom: and all peoples, tribes, and tongues shall serve him: his power is an everlasting power that shall not be taken away: and his kingdom shall not be destroyed."


You need to start praying the Rosary, become convinced, and follow the steps to convert.


Luke 18:8 - “But, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?"




I showed the new MHFM video about gay people, (how discrimination against them and their behavior is not comparable to… imprisoning all black people) to an agnostic I know online. I sent it and asked, "Do you think this video about gay people is true?". Anyone of good will would have said "yes". But he said, "no". I asked, "did you finish it?" and he answered, "No. I was disgusted by it." Isn't it interesting that it's homosexuality he should find disgusting, not condemnation and repudiation of the abominable behavior, anathema to God.


Michael Rudnicki


MHFM: That’s a common occurrence.  Many people who are deceived or in darkness are given the opportunity/grace to look at information that would bring truth to their minds; but in so many cases they refuse to even look at it.  The same is true of many false traditionalists and people in the Novus Ordo.  They might come across a video, for instance.  However, instead of actually considering the information and the facts presented, they will frequently reject the grace God gave them to see the truth.  They might shut off a video within a minute or two because they don’t want to hear something they consider ‘upsetting’.  Another example is people who place orders but, when a heretical friend or someone else speaks to them or they come across something they deem ‘hard,’ they react by canceling the order.  They are given a chance to hear truth, but they don’t follow through with it and they reject the grace.  Many people are lost that way.  In other words, they have a chance to hear the word, but it’s not received in good soil: the cares of the world, human respect or the concerns of this life steal the word away.




Subject: E-Exchanges


Great responses to the two latest E-mails attacking the Church and God.  The Protestant doesn't have the slightest clue what he's talking about.  What he says is not historically accurate in the least, yet it doesn't faze him one bit.  This is what you get when you feed false doctrines to a dumbed down, spiritually lazy and corrupt generation.  They will go after the big lie even though it doesn't make one shred of sense, yet they've lost the will to think logically on these matters, for as you so truly put it, "their foolish hearts were darkened."  May God bless you, Brothers.




Video on Homosexuality


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for your video on Homosexuality and Logical Standards which clearly articulates an important principle at the crux of every evil.  In one of his Sunday Sermons, St. Alphonsus makes a pertinent comment, although the society in which he lived was a far cry from what exists everywhere in these last days.  Saint Alphonsus remarks :  "… why do we allow ourselves to be so easily deceived by the Devil?  'There is,' says the Prophet Osee, 'a deceitful balance in his hand'. (12:7)  We do not weigh things in the balance of God, which cannot deceive, but in the balance of Satan, who seeks only to deceive us, that he may bring us with himself into Hell". 


When I recently read this quote, I thought primarily about the false Christians and the you-can't-judge people, but your video demonstrates how applicable it is to homosexuality and all of the abominations which society today accepts and attempts to force the acceptance of.  God bless MHFM for yet another great video which helps us to more lucidly explain and defend the Christian position.


Lee Ann


The Catholic Church


how anyone has faith in the Catholic Church.. how anyone Ever trusted the Catholic Church.. it was always from the beginning made to be the cornerstone of the antichrist. Anyone who had times where they were faithful to the Catholic Church were, in those same times, not interested in reading the bible.


Richard Amantite


MHFM: You are just a bad-willed fool.  The Bible clearly teaches Catholic doctrines.  The Catholic Church is clearly the one Church founded by Christ upon St. Peter, extending through history.  You can’t even identify the canon of the Bible without the Church.  You simply hate Christ, and thus you hate His Church.  Your false views are utterly refuted by the teaching of the Bible.  You are headed for Hell, where all liars go.


“Gay” Priest


Subject: “Priest” Announces He’s “Gay” During “Mass,” Receives Standing Ovation (video)


Hey dude,relax and leave the gay priest alone. While he broke the rules of a religion (wich in itslelf is garbage bundled up with lies and fiction) its his choice if he wants to be gay or not. I have a friend who is bi and while i wouldnt practice it as im straight i fully support his descision. Its that guys choice not gods choice!


Mission Gingey


MHFM: You are clearly a reprobate.  As a result of sins and bad will, you have lost all sense of morality.  There’s a reason homosexual activity is not procreative.  It’s not natural, and it was not intended by God.  Since you endorse the abominable activity, you are about as bad as those who engage in it.  As a consequence of rebellion against the Creator, your foolish heart has been darkened.


Romans 1:21- For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.


Modernism, Pre-Vatican II


Subject: “Catholic Dictionary”


Dear Brothers,


I own a Marian Year Edition of the Holy Bible originally printed by The Chicago Press around 1954 (the commemorative edition Catholic bible of the one hundredth anniversary of the defined Immaculate Conception dogma).  At the end of this bible, there is a Catholic Dictionary.


I find it interesting (without surprise) that much of the information on your website pertaining to the modernism leading up to Vatican II is evident in explanations of terms in this Catholic Dictionary.  Note, the list of popes found in the said dictionary stops with Antipope John XXIII and has no definition for "Vatican II", which indicates to me that the information in the dictionary was written pre-Vatican II but likely reflects the mentality of Church theologians and clergy just before this revolutionary "council".


For example, this purportedly Catholic dictionary mentions the following terms: Baptisms, Three types of: which include of baptism of water, desire, and blood.  It notes that baptism of desire and blood remove original sin and sanctifying grace is thus infused into the soul, but that both types (i.e., desire and blood) are not sacraments themselves.  Ironically, the definition above this one is "Baptism, Necessity of", which clearly states that no one can be saved without the sacrament of baptism.  How this contradiction inherent in the definition of "Baptisms, Three types of" was allowed to be printed as such could only be attributed to the modernism and bad will of the dictionary's writers and popular sentiment in the clergy at the time.


In addition, I found it revealing that the definition for "Liturgical Language" mentions that a "strong movement within the Church for the use of the vernacular in the liturgy" existed…


I can't help but think that this was… an impetus to the acceptance of a new "Mass" conducted entirely in the vernacular…


Thank you for your work,


The Church, St. John Chrysostom


Subject: St. John Chrysostom’s Exile Speech




Very recently, I read a speech given by Saint John Chrysostom to his faithful flock, immediately before his final banishment by heretics, whereafter said banishment he died a most saintly death, as a conqueror for Christ.  Since the… Church is in an exile now, or, "eclipse," though she retains all Her power and brightness even when men refuse Her liberty, out of hatred for Her Spouse, St. Chrysostom's words are relevant.  For even if the Church is now in eclipse, it is only an eclipse for those who do not love Her and do not seek Her: the true faithful see Her and know Her and love Her and do what She says.  She is not hidden to us, but only from those of bad will.  She will show Herself to those who persevere with good will in seeking Her…


St. Chrysostom's 'golden' words are as follows (he quotes Scripture profusely):  "Many are the waves, and threatening are the storms, but I fear them not; for I am standing on the Rock.  Let the sea roar; it cannot wash away the Rock: Let the billows mount as they will; they cannot sink the bark of our Lord Jesus Christ.  And tell me, what would you have me fear?  Death?  To me, to live is Christ; and to die, is gain.  Exile?  The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof.  Confiscation of my goods?  We brought nothing into this world; and, certainly, we can carry nothing out.  No--the evils of this world are contemptible, and its goods deserve but to be laughed at.  I fear not poverty, I desire not riches; I neither fear to die, nor wish to live, save for your advantage sake.  Your interest alone induces me to speak of these things, and to ask of you, by the love you bear me, to take courage.


For, no one can separate us; no human power can part what God has united.  It is said of husband and wife:  Wherefore, a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall be two in one flesh: Therefore, what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.  Thou canst not, O man, dissolve the nuptial tie--how hopest thou to divide the Church of God?  It is she whom thou attackest, because thou canst not reach him whom thou fain wouldst strike.  Thou makest me more glorious, and thou but wastest thy strength in warring against me, for it is hard for thee to kick against the sharp goad.  Thou canst not blunt its point, and thou makest thine own foot bleed, just as the billows, when they dash against the rock, fall back mere empty froth.


Believe me, O man, there is no power like the power of the Church.  Cease thy battling, lest thou lose thy strength; wage not war with heaven.  When it is with man thou warrest, thou mayest win or lose; but when thy fighting is against the Church, it is impossible thou shouldst conquer, for God is above all in strength....The Church is stronger than heaven itself:  Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.  What words?  Thou art Peter; and upon this Rock will I build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


If thou wilt not believe his word, believe facts.  How many tyrants have sought to crush the Church?  They had their gridirons, and fiery furnaces, and wild beasts, and swords--and all failed.  Where are those enemies now?  Buried and forgotten.  And the Church?  Brighter than the sun.  All they had is now past; but her riches are immortal....Wonder not at it; for the Church is dearer unto God, than the very heavens.  He took flesh not from heaven, but from his Church on earth; and heaven is for the Church, not the Church for heaven.


Be not troubled at what has happened.  I ask this favor of you--be firm in your faith...The devil no sooner saw that your City was tranquilized, than he plotted how he might disturb the Church.  Thou wicked and most impious spirit! thou couldst not throw down the walls of a City; and thinkest thou thou canst make the Church fall?  Does the Church consist of walls?  The Church consists of the multitude of the Faithful.  Look at her pillars, and see how solid they are, fastened, not by iron, but by faith.  Not only is the great multitude itself more vehement than fire, but even one single Christian would conquer thee...


I have his pledge, and on that I trust, not on my own strength.  I have his written promise.  That is my staff, and my guarantee, and my tranquil port.  What matters it to me if the whole world be upset--have I not his written word? have I not his letters?  There is my rampart and there my defense.  What letters?  I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.  Christ is with me--of whom shall I be afraid?  Though stormy billows should rise up against me, though the sea should open to swallow me, though the wrath of kings should be enkindles against me--I will heed them no more, than if they were so many spider's webs.  Had not my love for you kept me, I would have started this very day on my exile, for this is my constant prayer:  'O Lord! thy will be done; I will do thy will; not what such or such an one may will, but what thou willest.'  This is my tower of strength, this is my firm rock, this is my trusty staff. If God will that I go, I will go. If he will me to remain here, I will give him thanks.  Yea, whithersoever he wills me to go, I will bless his holy name." (End of quote from St. Chrysostom)…




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


More on ‘Family’


I see. Thank you. Yes, they have used birth control…


In Christ Jesus,





Hi Brothers

Thank you for posting the calendar… I especially need it for ember days… Isn't it important for everyone to avoid meat on Friday as soon as possible in their conversion?  They may not know this on their own.  Thank you for all that you do to get the truth out.



MHFM: The link to the calendar is here: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/catholic-calendar/  If a person doesn’t believe in or practice the Catholic faith, it’s not necessary to focus on getting that non-Catholic to not eat meat on Friday.  One should first try to convert the person to the traditional Catholic faith.  When the person shows interest in being a traditional Catholic, then one can cover the other obligations (e.g., fast and abstinence laws).  That’s not to say that it couldn’t be mentioned to a non-Catholic, but the point is that it’s not necessary to focus on it with a non-Catholic who rejects the faith itself.




Subject: No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church.


Brothers, most of my family is protestant. My dad was raised catholic in the Vatican II sect, but has left the church and has since hated everything about it. My mom was raised Baptist. My parents truly seem like believers. They seem like saved people… Are they still not saved? Please, help me out. I am so confused.


In Christ Jesus,



MHFM: No, they are not saved.  They won’t be saved unless they embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  They adhere to a false gospel of salvation and they reject the Church Christ established.  There are also numerous questions that could be asked which would almost certainly reveal that they commit clear mortal sins in various other areas.  For instance, did they use birth control (which is condemned in the Bible)?  Obviously you need to embrace the truth yourself so that you can identify what the road to salvation is and what it is not.  We recommend these materials, as well as others in our ‘Refuting Protestantism’ section.


Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy

The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone


Baptists are also particularly anti-Catholic.  That means they adhere to a sect that’s particularly hostile to the true faith of Jesus Christ.  A person can’t just go through life, claim to believe in Jesus, reject core truths He revealed, remain uninterested in the one Church of history, and be saved.  You need to convert to the true faith and encourage them to do so as well.  We recommend praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  We also don’t understand why you would be confused considering that your dad hates the Catholic Church.  Obviously he’s in mortal sin, and his rebellion against God is manifested by his hatred of God’s Church.  (That’s why so many Protestants and other non-Catholics are viciously anti-Catholic, by the way.  The Catholic Church represents the voice of God in the world.  Since they are in rebellion against God and His commandments, they lash out against the Catholic Church.)




Subject: Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy (video)


Dear MHFM,

Wonderful job on your video "Acts 15 proves the papacy".  It is truly stunning evidence which shows a direct connection between St. Peter as leader of the new Israel and King David as leader of the old Israel.  On top of the fact that it gives further proof of St. Peter being the first pope of the Catholic Church, it lends further credence to your theory about the seven kings of the apocalypse being the last seven claimants to the papacy.  It's very interesting how 1 Paralipomenon 15:27 mentions King David wearing a linen ephod which high priests would wear in the Old Testament and in Catholic tradition/history popes are known as priest-kings.  This also fits with your theory that antipope Francis is not one of the kings as he is not a priest.  It's just truly amazing how when one follows the Catholic faith everything falls into place and it's so clear to see what God wants us to do and believe.   No man or angel could have ever made this up, God laid out all the pieces in this way so that good-willed faithful people could still be led to the right path in spite of Satan's many tricks and the death-dealing tongues of heretics.







Vatican II is a problem for those who love the Lord. But dear friend what before then, and what of the Church's dark ages and Inquisition ? What original Church have you referred to ? The original Catholic church must be something I am unaware of. Because the original was established by nefarious men during the Council of Nicea. But the same mentality is the legacy of the founders' history that endured throughout the dark ages. When was the purer faith hi-jacked ? Was it pre 326 ACE or Vatican II ? What of the other Gospels rejected by the Founders ? Respectfully, I do not understand what you hope to restore. If earlier, then you support the Specifications, and particulars of the Council of Trent which is filled with anathemas of intent to commit crimes against Humanity, and the Verona Treat which is a "terrorist" plan to change and attack foreign free peoples not under the powers of the Papacy..


I have listened to you before about true faith restoration. Is the true Catholic faith something unknown to people ? As with most true histories is it jealously guarded as well by special interests ? 


I really do not know what you a referring to when you speak on certain talk radio shows about restoration of the true faith. Even Christ said," Love your enemies". The Council of Trent and Verona Treaty is about intolerance and hatred similar to Muslim Jihad scriptures of the Koran.  


If you choose not to respond I shall understand.




Randy Cable


MHFM: The claim that the Catholic Church was established at the Council of Nicea is totally false.  See our 'Refuting Protestantism' section for the audios on the early Papacy if you want detailed information covering the evidence for the Papacy in the ancient Church.  The Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Christ upon St. Peter.  See this video: Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy


You mention the Inquisition.  There are countless non-Catholic lies and myths about it.  We have a video that discusses the matter.  You are obviously very confused.  You need to put aside your preconceived notions and learn the actual facts from the material on the website.  You should also begin to pray Hail Marys each day for light.  If you don't look into this information, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith, you will definitely be lost.


You also say the Council of Trent issued anathemas "of intent to commit crimes against humanity."  That's completely untrue.  It contained anathemas against false doctrines that deny the teaching of Jesus Christ.


Although we obviously want to spread the Catholic faith, we don't speak of the restoration of the Catholic Church.  The Church, strictly speaking, cannot require restoration. 


Pope Gregory XVI (1832): “…it is obviously absurd and injurious to propose a certain 'restoration and regeneration' for her [the Church] as though necessary for her safety and growth, as if she could be considered subject to defect or obscuration or other misfortune." (Mirari Vos #10)


Rather, the Church has simply been reduced to a remnant in the final days in fulfillment of prophecy.  The true Catholic faith is what the Church has always taught and what the Magisterium has authoritatively set forth.  Since you are clearly incorrect on these matters, you need to put aside your ideas of what you think you know and actually learn the truth.






I attentively watched your new video: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/francis-rejects-apologetics/


… With many words, in typical heretic fashion, Francis and his antipope predecessors have re-written all truth: they have contradicted the Bible, the authoritative teachings of the Church, all the true popes - the very Chair of Peter!  Francis and his antipope predecessors cannot be the Magisterium for they deny the two-thousand years of Apostolic authority!...






Subject: Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics.  Francis is an abominable apostate.  It is amazing that so many people are duped into thinking he is a pope.  He arranges whole meetings in order to try to destroy the Catholic faith.  He rejects "
all polemical or apologetic approaches," "subtle theoretical discussions in which each party tries to convince the other of the soundness of their opinions" and "proselytism and competition in all their forms."  In other words, he wants everyone to be a heretic… He said at the beginning of his homily: "[Jesus] has no problem dealing with Samaritans, who were considered by the Jews to be heretics, schismatics, others... Unity happens when we walk together."  Francis is openly admitting that he is in union with "heretics, schismatics and others."  What an apostate!!  Francis welcomed the transsexual "daughter of the devil" because he is a son of the devil.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: “Pupils at Christian school branded ‘bigots’ because one boy didn’t know what a Muslim was – and now inspectors have ordered it to close”


This is not right! I would like to know who are the people who are inspecting these schools. They need to be fired! How dare they treat people that way. They should not be allowed to even question these children in regards to Muslims or lesbians. There is nothing normal about being gay and it never will be. And Muslims who believe in sharia law need to go back from where they came!...






Subject: Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


The Anglican through me over the edge. Wow.


Brandy Kathleen Rieffer


Manila ‘Communion’


Subject: 1 minute video: Distribution of “Holy Communion” at Francis’ “Papal Mass” in Manila


The only good thing is that this is invalid and it is not really Jesus that they are just tossing around without respect. How in the world can you even dare put your hands on what you believe to be the body and blood of your lord. They see nothing wrong with this? It is so obvious, but the truth is not convenient to them.






Subject: Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


Powerful, necessary, and awesome new video ! Thank you ! One hopes that people will finally learn, finally figure it out, and finally get out of the apostate Vatican II sect for good !




Put Aside


Subject: Antipope Francis Rejects Catholic Apologetics (video)


He wants to "put aside polemical and apologetic approaches", and wants to "seek instead to grasp more fully what unites" not us but him...with all the other non-catholic heretics and apostates he fawns over so obsequiously… this evil man. He loves all religions but the true one, which his actions and words say he despises.


Joannes D




Subject: Antipope Francis


Francis's recent acts of false ecumenism and his statements send a wicked message:


 There's no point in converting to Catholicism. Conversion is useless. It won't do you any good…






Dear Brothers,


With reference to writer Khater D. Mohamad I wish to stress my Christian and humble feelings towards this person, how great is the love and power of the one true living God our Lord Jesus Christ who is always ready to recompense the humble who patiently search the truth and wait with sincerity, He will never leave us orphans but will fill the soul with the finest delicacies. My prayers go to the writer and all Muslims that many be Baptized and convert to the true traditional Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, not the modern “Vatican II false Church” and be worthy of Christ`s promise….Romans 8:17 … And if sons, heirs also; heirs indeed of God, and joint heirs with Christ: yet so, if we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified with Him…



In J.M.J.

M.Fernanda da Silva


Convert from Islam


Dear Brothers


I am currently a Sophomore in high school, and I wanted to tell you about my conversion to the Catholic faith. I was raised in a Muslim family, but over the past 3 years, I have gone through an intensive study of religion. I have read the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and the Book of Mormon. I have studied countless denominations of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Through all of that study, I have come up with one conclusion. Jesus Christ is my son of God, and is my Lord and savior. The only true faith, is the Roman Catholic faith. Most Holy Family Monastery has helped me understand Catholicism, and has led me to Christ. Now I am unsure of how to go through the process of conversion. I am personally a Sedevacant  Catholic (I believe the last few Popes have been very corrupt) They are openly committing heresy after heresy, and no one seems to notice.  I know that most churches these days do not follow the true Catholic faith. Where should I go to start the process of conversion?


Thank you so much

Khater D. Mohamad


PS- If it is possible, I would really appreciate it if you could share my story on your website, and youtube channel. I want Muslims (and all people who are not part of the Church) to understand that they are on a path to hell, and the (true) Roman Catholic Church is the only way to salvation. Let me know if you need any more information.


MHFM: That’s great to hear.  You can convert right where you are.  You just need to follow these steps: 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


Since you realize that the Chair of St. Peter is vacant, you should avoid calling the Vatican II antipopes ‘popes.’  Obviously it’s crucial that you get baptized, as the steps to convert cover.  It’s also extremely important that you pray the Rosary each day, all 15 decades if possible.  Before you get baptized, you need to stop going by the last name ‘Mohamad.’  You should have your name legally changed from ‘Mohamad’ when you are able to do so.  You should also take a Christian name when you get baptized.  This papal quote pertains to the issue:


Pope Benedict XIV, Quod Provinciale, Aug. 1, 1754: “The Provincial Council of your province of Albania… decreed most solemnly in its third canon, among other matters, as you know, that Turkish or Mohammedan names should not be given either to children or adults in baptism… This should not be hard for any one of you, venerable brothers, for none of the schismatics and heretics has been rash enough to take a Mohammedan name, and unless your justice abounds more than theirs, you shall not enter the kingdom of God.”


We’re very glad that you want to embrace the true faith.  You should pray the Hail Mary frequently and follow through with the steps to convert.  We also recommend that you read over the Athanasian Creed.  It’s a tremendous summary of some of the primary truths of the Christian faith.




Subject: The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (video)




… In regards to your recent video, "Best Bible Passage To Refute Once Saved Always Saved," this is another great video to arm the members of the Church Militant against the heresies that surround us.  Thank you.


Another favorite passage of mine in this regard, which I know you've discussed on your site, is Hebrews 10:26-31.  I have had Protestants stare at me clueless when confronted with this passage, for even their own beloved King James Version says this:


"For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.  He that despised Moses' law died without mercy under two or three witnesses:  Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God, and hath counted the blood of the covenant, wherewith he was sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace?  For we know him that hath said, Vengeance belongeth unto me, I will recompense (repay), saith the Lord.  And again, The Lord shall judge his people.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."


This passage demolishes so much Protestant heresy in just a few lines, it's amazing.  Of course, all the Protestants I've confronted with this have yet to provide me an explanation, but still they remain in their false religion.  I pray they will begin to love truth, so they can stop believing the lie.  I recently purchased large quantities of some of your material, and I know this will aid me in trying to convert my friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, random people, and anyone else God puts in my path.  Thank you MHFM for making these tools of evangelization so affordable!


May the Peace of Christ be with you,




MHFM: It’s a very good passage on the issue.  Some Protestants will argue that “he was sanctified” refers to the Son of God, rather than the believer.  But that argument doesn’t work. 


The Blessed Mother


Subject: G. Kidd


Dear Brothers:


The recent writer who had questions about our Blessed Mother should also watch your videos: Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant: http://youtu.be/Z-0WywmkQCw and The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds7nD_QNeKA




Showers and Haircuts for the Homeless at the Vatican


MHFM: This is interesting.


Showers and haircuts for the homeless coming soon at the Vatican (article)


St. Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes and Antipopes (2nd edition) (video)




Subject: Antipope Francis Receives Spanish "Transsexual"


Birds of a feather flock together.


Joannes D




Subject: Antipope Francis Receives Spanish "Transsexual"


Why is "the pope" standing up for this woman who is living in sin through a homosexual lifestyle. He should be standing up for those who abide by God’s word.




MHFM: Because he’s demonic and he’s not the pope, as the material on the website covers.




MHFM: While a bigger video is in the works, we hope to post a new video on Friday.




Hello again. Thanks for taking the time to send me prayers to do. I was baptised Roman Catholic but I have to be honest, i'm not too sure if I consider Mary the queen of heaven. Only because Jesus said ''the only mediator between me and god is me''. So I think he meant the only way your prayers can get to God is by talking to his sacrificed son. Please tell me if I have anything wrong there. I have been thinking about rejoining the Roman Catholic church but I haven’t been confirmed as I left the UK before I did, so technically I can’t eat the bread during mass. Do you think it is important to pray to Mary, because technically the only people who can stop us going to heaven is Jesus, God, and the holy spirit, so is it necessary to pray for Mary to help God forgive our sins? I pray the Lord’s prayer every night before I go to sleep, i'm thinking about praying the prayer you sent me, but I need to know more about how Mary fits into the picture, because after all she wasn't without sin so how can she hear our prayers that are meant for God.


G. Kidd


MHFM: Yes, it's extremely important and powerful to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  You should say the prayer we sent.  Mary was sinless.  You need to read this file on the biblical proof for Marian doctrines.  It's from our book, The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church. 


The Bible teaches Mary’s Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption, and more [PDF]


A validly consecrated Eucharist is not bread, but the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ.  Also, your local 'Catholic’ churches are not Catholic, as the material explains.  One must not join those churches.  The website explains how to convert to the true Catholic faith.




Subject: Antipope Francis Receives Spanish "Transsexual" (link)


This is sickening.




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (video)




Subject: Powerful Passage Video


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the latest video, "The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone". I fully agree with you that this passage, Galatians 5:19-21, is extremely powerful against this heresy. Protestants have no logical answer…


Keep up the excellent work in defending and promoting the true Christian faith, the Catholic faith.

God bless,
In Jesus and Mary,




… Jesus Christ made it crystal clear one must be baptized in real and natural water to become a child of God.  And if you cross-examine the earth, it's very evident God made water astronomically plentiful.  Even in the desert there is water and, what's more, even if there is no water, God, if He desires, will miraculously spring water from the ground, or from a rock, or from a tree, or from the sky ..... or from wherever He desires.  Water is everywhere, but sadly, many people do not love truth, but gravitate to man, sin and the distractions and noise of the world.  Hence, millions and millions will never be baptized and will remain ignorant and hence, will never behold God's gloriousness in Heaven.  Myself, just the thought of being buried in Hell, for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever is incomprehensibly horrible…




Antipope Francis Receives Transsexual


Antipope Francis Receives Spanish Transsexual (link)


From the Article: “Francis on Saturday received in a private audience a Spanish transsexual and his girlfriend after the man wrote to him saying he had been cast out of the church in his native city, Spanish daily Hoy reported Monday.  The transgender male, Diego Neria Lejarraga, a 48-year-old former woman, wrote to the pope some time ago saying he had been ‘marginalised’ by Church officials in the city of Plasencia, in the southwestern region of Estremadura, Hoy said… Francis phoned him twice in December, setting up Saturday's meeting in St Martha's House, the Vatican guesthouse the pontiff lives in, Hoy said.




Subject: Video: “Self-Communion” at the invalid New “Mass”


Thank God the New Mass of Paul VI is invalid.


Richard Aroza




Subject: The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (video)


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone.  This is an important video.  It… destroys faith alone and once saved always saved.  These verses are also a warning to true Catholics.  All who die in mortal sin will go to hell.  No one should presume on God's mercy, imagining that simply because they know the truth that they are therefore saved… The devil is desperate to keep people in darkness about the state of their own soul.  He does not want anyone to be a Saint. The Vatican II apostasy proves this fact, and its abominable and impure fruits are easy to see.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Of Accepting


Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned  (video)


This is astounding work.  It leaves one almost speechless as to the depth and gravity of accepting him as a saint.  Don't give up your hard work, Brothers, it is converting many to the truth.  God bless you.







Subject: “Priest” Announces He’s “Gay” During “Mass,” Receives Standing Ovation (video)


A striking example of the total depravity of the Vatican II sect. These demonic pigs are glorying in their shame, making a bold statement that they have nothing but contempt for Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church outside of which there is absolutely no salvation.




Francis’ Buffoonery and Roe v. Wade


Subject: Francis’ Buffoonery and Roe v. Wade




Francis and the all the offspring of the Beast, have done everything they could to destroy the two sacraments that Paul VI couldn't destroy: namely, Baptism and Holy Matrimony.  You have defended the Church's teaching on Baptism, against all the heresies invented to attack it.  The Church has spoken.  To those who have faith, no explanation is necessary; but to those who have no faith, no explanation is possible.


Now, once again, Francis is attacking family and motherhood, i.e., Marriage, with his coarse statement; which gives one a clear image of his hateful, cold, dead, antichrist heart. AND, Francis said this just days before January 22, the date so dear to the reprobate who celebrate every year the decision to legalize abortion in Roe v Wade.  Was there any condemnation of abortion by Francis?  Any lamenting the tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of infants with souls murdered since that 'decision' of January 22, 1973? Nope.  What did Francis say instead?  "Catholics shouldn't breed like rabbits."  How can anyone call this obnoxious fool "Pope" or "Holy Father" or "Bishop of Rome"???  God's Justice will be swift and terrible…


This statement by Francis must be causing the false traditionalists to cringe and perhaps they will begin to clamor for Benediktos instead of praying to Jesus Christ the Eternal King.  But wait, what am I saying?  The false traditionalists are working for Francis!  How could they deny it when they teach birth control methods to their adherents--so their adherents don't have to "breed like rabbits"?! It's all so evil.






Subject: Hope



This is in reference to the email from Tony about hope in the end times. I too felt that way when I first woke up to the truth. I spent almost two weeks in a state of shock and horror and felt a horrible despair. Once I started praying the rosary and I read the books you recommended and really started to embrace the faith I was able to search for a priest in my area.  There is hope and an incredible joy that we know the truth. How blessed are we to know. I get chocked up every time I think of how I deserve nothing but hell, but God allowed me to know him and to love him. I have a mother who comforts me and allows me to receive graces that are beyond anything I could ever imagined before. Tony and all of us, we need to rejoice and praise God for knowing the truth, we are no longer blind. What an incredible gift that is, that is our hope. Thank you brothers for sharing the truth with us all. 

Thank you,



MHFM: For those who don’t know, the reference to finding a priest in this e-mail is about finding a valid option for confession.  It does not mean finding a truly Catholic priest, since basically all of them are (sadly) heretics in our day.  Options for confession in our day are explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments (article).




MHFM: On Saturday the 24th we did some website maintenance.  That’s why some people were not be able to view the site for a number of hours.




I’ve been trying to be Catholic since 2008. I ›converted‹ in the military, and ostensibly given a conditional (baptism).  The military, as you likely know, is all N.O.


Then I shifted, gradually, after seeing many apparent contradictions if not what at least seem to be outright deceptions, moving to more ›traditionalist‹ venues such as the Ecclesia Dei, specifically the FSSP.  Lather rinse and repeat. Next stop, ›La Resistance‹ Lather rinse and repeat…


The first order of business seems to be to determine whether or not I am even really baptised, and whether to at least a moral certitude, the metaphysical variety seemingly not an option.


Otherwise, I may be making a sacrilegious confession to a non priest, or I sin in trying to ›rebaptize‹. I’m not sure of who or what to trust. I don’t know or trust you however you seem to be, right or wrong, the straightest shooters out there, in spite of your bad press. I’m not sure what to make of BOD for example… I do not intend to be obstinate in even questioning some of the points you raise.


I just don’t know yet.  That said, it seems that my focus should be, not from you or anyone else studying moral certitude and valid sacraments, particularly at this stage regarding baptism… So please, if you would, any actual relevant church teachings and documents… that I can study to save my soul regarding the above.


I’m tired of thinking that I’ve converted only to find out I’m still lost in a lie. It damages what little faith I may have and tempts to despair…


Please advise. God bless and keep either way.




Todd Michaels.


MHFM: We’re glad that you are at least considering the material.  Your confusion stems from a lack of faith and a failure to recognize how Catholics should be guided.  You say: “I’m not sure who or what to trust.”  The answer is that one needs to trust the teaching of the Church.  That’s what our material provides, as a good-willed person will see.  Countless people are led to Hell because they follow crowds.  Human respect and what others think keep many in heresies or doing things they should not be doing.  People need to consider the issues and the facts without regard for the opinions of others – only in view of what the Church teaches and what God thinks. 


The positions we promote are the Catholic positions.  With regard to ‘baptism of desire,’ it’s not consistent with the magisterial teaching of the Church.  Please consult these materials. 


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” (video)

The Latin Text of the Oldest Surviving Papal Decree Rejects “Baptism of Desire” (video)

http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/outside-the-church-there-is-no-salvation/ (book)


You should pray 15 decades of Rosary each day and continue to look at the material.  A sincere person will see that it’s the teaching of the Church.  When you are convinced on the issues, we can help you with where to receive sacraments.


We also recommend this video: Solitude: Behold where God is found (video).  This file also covers how to have a conditional baptism done.  It should be done, once a person is convinced on the issues, if there is any doubt about whether a baptism was performed validly.  If you focus on praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently, the spiritual issues you mention will disappear.  That’s what you should focus on, in addition to coming to the correct positions on these crucial matters of faith.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone (video)




Jorge Clavellina




Subject: Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception


This is one of the best videos MHF monastery has made, IMHO. I just watched it again and the argument is so solid. I wonder if the original sin points directly to birth control: satan tempts the woman into eating the fruit that she knows she is not to eat. The irony in that situation is that the fruit of the tree is the procreative aspect; the fruit bears the seeds of the next generation. This foreshadows the women of today engaging in what is ostensibly a procreative act, but purposely rendering it sterile. The deception of NFP is that the churchmen, under the guise of authentic Catholic teaching, are telling women that what they are doing is in keeping with God's Word, when in reality it contradicts Catholic dogma.


Christopher M.


Philippines, Antipope Francis


Subject: “Philippines go wild for Francis”


This whole shenanigan has got to be a complete abomination in God's sight. I read that in the Philippines during Francis' visit, (in horrible similarity to Antipope John Paul II's "World Youth Day" atrocities, such as in Denver) that "The invalid bread was passed around like candy from one filthy hand to another....In the process many of the pieces of bread were broken and trampled underfoot in the mud". To the Vatican II antipopes, drawing a wild and adoring crowd of tens of thousands is much more important than worrying about reverence for the Most Blessed Sacrament. Thankfully, the Novus Ordo is not a valid Mass, so at least it's not really Our Lord's Body and Blood that are being carelessly tossed around and trampled underfoot…




Have Come to Realize


As I've spent so much time researching the Roman Catholic Church (I was baptized Catholic as a baby in 1962 - pre=VII) I've come to realize the current organization is apostate.  If there was ever any question then the evidence and arguments you pose on your website and through your books, DVDs, etc. has dispelled that. Also, the late Fr. Malachi Martin's interviews and books are compelling and convincing.

So that established, what is your view on what a person is to do if, like myself, I was confirmed much later than my baptism, and my husband was baptized and confirmed in the new Roman Rite. We were both confirmed in 2005 by a priest who was ordained in the New Rite in 1985. I'm thinking now that my confirmation (which included first holy communion and our formerly secular marriage was brought under the Church at the same time) and my husband's baptism, confirmation, holy communion, marriage is invalid. Is that true?

Just interested in how this stands, from the standpoint of the current Roman Catholic Church as an organization, since the change from Vatican II, is apostate. So where do you find what Fr. Malachi described as the "Underground Church"?

Thanks for all of your diligent work exposing the diabolical truth of the state of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and bringing hearts, minds, and souls to the Heavenly Truth. It takes a lot of faith and courage to pursue this path.

  - M


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the material.  Confirmation and ‘Communion’ in the Vatican II sect are invalid.  Marriage can be valid even without a valid priest.  Heretics can baptize, but when there is any doubt about whether a baptism was performed validly a conditional baptism should be done.  What you need to do is become convinced on all the issues, cease attending the New Mass (if you still attend it), reject the Vatican II sect, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day, and follow these steps:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


Then we can help you with where to make a confession.  Although Malachi Martin said some interesting things, he was not a true Catholic.  He mixed truth with error.  Also, it’s crucial to distinguish between the Catholic Church and the Vatican II sect.  The Vatican II sect, the Counter Church, is in a diabolical state.  The Catholic Church is not.




MHFM: While a bigger video is in the works, we might post a new video tomorrow.



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