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E-Exchanges on various issues


*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


I would like to thank you for all that you have done with your youtube videos and website regarding the state of the church as well counteracting all the heresies and apostasies that are circulating around. Day in and day out you show the traditions, the dogmas and how the bible supports Catholicism. In these last days… humanity is going against God… God is loving and merciful yet many people walk in darkness including my family…  All the worldly possessions fail in contrast as to the awe and wonder of God. It should be a no brainer but the devil and his allies keep those people in the dark and away from The Lord's Light. If the soul is rotten it will reap bad fruit and a bad harvest, but if the soul is for The Lord's then the fruit will be plentiful and a good harvest… God does not like deceitful people, liars, or those whose intentions are not for The Lord. God tries to make it easy for people to have salvation but people don't want to listen to Him or follow Him. They are bad willed people. I pray that more and more people find this website and God's truth for salvation. God's judgments are fair and they show His perfect justice. He will judge all mankind according to their works. 


In this day where the saying do what you please is the language of people, God is not moved by this. These people use their free will to… please themselves in sexual immortality and rejecting God and His teachings and being under the control of the devil and his allies. When God comes and judges mankind God will say go into hell which was prepared for the devil and his angels. Many many people will not be saved... It's scary that the majority of mankind will be dammed FOREVER! The believer is not alarmed by this because Jesus gave us these warnings well in advanced as to the Final Judgment on all of humanity... The blessed Virgin Mary also stated that Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist. She gave us this warning as well. She gave us the Rosary to pray as well as dedication to her immaculate heart, for she can help us to get to heaven. God's Goodness will prevail. All forms evil, darkness, and false hope that the devil tries to deceive and ruin souls will not succeed. I am grateful that there are people like yourselves exist and show what one must do if they want to reach heaven. May God bless you in your work.


Sincerely, Roman Garza        




MHFM: If there’s a traditional Catholic near Waldorf, Maryland, who is interested in helping with a baptism, please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com.


Want to


The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


I want to become Catholic...I want one strong church but how can I join when the leader of Jesuits makes heretical claims. Satan does exist and he has legions of demons. I must join a church but I do not know what to do.


Bruce Tonkin


MHFM: The material explains how to convert: The Steps to Convert and for those coming from the Novus Ordo.  It's imperative that you become convinced on the issues and become a true (that is, a traditional) Catholic.  It’s necessary for salvation.  He’s not the leader of the Jesuits, but the leader of the Vatican II sect’s fake Jesuits, as the material explains.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, but the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


At her death the whole world sang her praises.  That itself is sufficient proof she was of the world.


C Fitz




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


The Reformed Protestant, John Piper, mentioned in this video is a massive heretic…. Great video!...






Antipope Francis covers cross, bows to please Jewish (Israeli) secretary 




John R




False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times.


This is so sad and unbelievable… I cannot believe that we are in such an apostasy that a person who should be a bishop is not sure if there is anyone in hell.  Unbelievable!!!!!


Marko Bagic




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


This is AWESOME!!!


Michael Garceau




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


Wow this video just made me realise how heretical are the popes... Thank God that he gave Mother Teresa to India instead of some headstrong catholic monopolist.


Adam Yixiao Wang


MHFM: Since you think that popes and dogmas defined by them are heretical, and thus reject Christianity, the revelation of God and Christ’s Church, it’s not a surprise that you like the non-Catholic apostate Mother Teresa.




Dear Brothers,


While reading in your book 'Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation' about the concept of invincible ignorance used by BOD heretics,  the following text from the Bible came into my mind.


St. Matthew 7:7-8, 11, "Ask, and it shall be given you: seek and you shall find: knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth: and he that seeketh, findeth: and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened.  If you then being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children: how much more will your Father, who is in heaven, give good things to them that ask him?”


St. Thomas Aquinas: "In the case of a man who seeks good and shuns evil, by the leading of natural reason, God would either reveal to him through internal inspiration what had to be believed, or would send some preacher of the faith to him…


While these heretics maintain that one in a non-catholic religion who “has a good will… submits to God, has a good interior disposition, etc.” can be saved in (the practice of) their idolatry, they imply that in spite of these people searching for truth God leaves them in darkness, but at the end of the day they may be saved anyway.

If this is not a mockery of Christ's words, I don't know what is.


God bless you!

Jos Valkering




Accepting Francis = Apostasy 


I am not Catholic, but I don't believe this current Pope is even Christian? I've heard some of the things he has said, and I don't think he has read the Bible.


John Smith


MHFM: First, he's not a pope but an antipope.  Second, he's certainly not Christian.  Christian and Catholic are one and the same, by the way.  There's no such thing as a non-Catholic Christian.  Catholicism is the one true faith of Christ, and it's necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.  This situation with Antipope Francis and the Vatican II sect was prophesied.  We strongly urge you to consult these videos, among others, on the biblical proof for Catholicism.


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 

Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary 

The Bible Proves the Papacy

Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!  


Turin Shroud, Still Reaching Out


Turin Shroud is stained with the blood of a torture victim, new research reveals


Dear Brothers:


Hearing this news makes me feel very sad.  It is as if God is still reaching out to people (even at this late hour) to get them to open their eyes and recognize that Our Lord Jesus Christ is real and true, and that in fact, by His Life, Death and Resurrection (exactly as we pray in the Rosary) He has purchased for us the rewards of eternal salvation.   How ironic it is that the Great Apostasy should occur when mankind has more empirical evidence than ever before --  and more than men could ever have imagined would one day be exist.  Yet, incredibly, the majority of people totally ignore these proofs and continue to deny the true God, preferring their false gods, false philosophies, and false religions (which they sometimes try to pass off as "science").    Even those persons who claim to be "Catholic"  or "Christian" disregard Our Lord's clear warning that to be saved,  people must be baptized and must believe (accept) all things which Our Lord taught and entrusted to the only Church He founded,  the traditional Catholic Church.    It almost shuts the mind down to think about how perverse and degenerate mankind has become in these last days.


Lee Ann


Newly Converted


Vatican II “Catholic” Church Exposed


Dear Brothers,


I am Jose Rex Atinan, from the Philippines, newly converted to Catholicism by the Grace of God since 2015 when I have read and watched your inspired materials… our group… we are growing in number by the Grace of God. With this we thank you brothers and may God continue to inspire you to defend and propagate the Truth to the Whole World for the love and glory of Him, the Most High...




What Francis Really Believes


Hi, can I respectfully ask you a question? I'm a teen who has been born and raised Catholic, so I openly admit that I still have a lot to learn about my faith, but I have a question for you (Sedevacantist). How do you reconcile the seat being empty with Jesus promising to be with the Church and previous councils indicating that there shall be someone in the seat till the end of time (Don't know which council it was... as I said, still a young, dumb teen :P ) . My problem is that the belief that the chair is empty would intrinsically disprove Christ's claims. Thank you.




MHFM: Hello.  The Chair of Peter has been vacant hundreds of times in Church history.  It is vacant each time a pope dies.  It has been vacant for years in Church history.  The vacancy of the Chair of St. Peter for a period of time or repeated periods of time does not contradict Christ’s promises to His Church.  Rather, the notion that a pope could authoritatively teach false doctrines or that Christ’s Church could become heretical contradicts Christ’s promises.  The latter is what is maintained by those who wrongly think that the Vatican II apostate antipopes (who publicly embrace and teach a false religion and a false gospel) are true popes.  We address this issue in this file: Responses to 19 of the Most Common Objections Against Sedevacantism [PDF file]


The Council you are thinking of is Vatican I.  The relevant passages are covered in the aforementioned file.  They don’t teach what many think, namely, that there will always be a pope.  There hasn’t always been a pope at every moment of Church history.  Rather, the canons teach that until the end time of time, whenever there is a pope or a Bishop of Rome, he is perpetually a successor of St. Peter with the same primacy and authority as St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles.   


We strongly encourage you to read the file.  It answers the objections.  This entire situation was prophesied.  On this matter, we suggest that you watch these videos, among others.


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis

Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!


If you continue to look over the material and you want the truth, we are confident that you will recognize that what we are promoting is correct.  You should also read this for important introductory principles: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  It’s also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  People should also avoid the invalid New Mass under pain of grave sin.


Apostate Marx


“Cardinal Marx: Homosexuals deserve an apology from the Church”


... This V2 Rainbow Sect mouthpiece Marx should take notice of the recent sex abuse scandal at the German boys' choir run by Antipope Ratzinger's brother.






“California Proposes Jail Time For Using The Wrong Pronoun For Transgenders”


Such guys speak of tolerance, to be tolerant with everybody, but here is another demonstration of their false tolerance. They, in truth, aren't tolerant with everybody. They are liars. They are intolerant with those who don't bear them.






“California Proposes Jail Time For Using The Wrong Pronoun For Transgenders”


… This bill is unconstitutional and null & void. What a bunch of idiots running California! Jail time & fines for using a pronoun they must be nuts! Sorry but whatever gender you are born with is the gender you are deal with it!




Impostor Lucia


The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition)


It is awful the imposter Sister Lucia. It is wicked the way the Catholic Church allowed this gross lie to be implemented. I want the Real Sister Lucia to be properly honoured and made a Saint. It is awful the imposter Lucia being buried in the Fatima Basilica. Disgusting.


Margaret Thompson


MHFM: It was not the Catholic Church that perpetrated this lie, but the Vatican II sect.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church but the end-times Counter Church.  It’s crucial to distinguish.  This situation was prophesied. 




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups


Have been shaken by what your video showed... has been right before my eyes…


I am grateful to you for your diligence, and thank you.






Francis’ Apostasy in the Blue Mosque 


Bergoglio regularly praises Islam, but he has no problem ripping into Jesus Christ, or the one, true Church that Christ founded.  Bergoglio is a heretic and a hypocrite.


Pre-Vatican II Catholic


Sat there


Subject: Another priest enters eternity




Father Bernard Malone, ordained in 1951, the man that allowed the breakup of my family, who sat there while a "deacon" said that "we don't know if Jesus said that" in reference to Matthew 18 v 17, who spoke incoherently, literally, while trying to explain "baptism of desire," died today at 1:30 Central Time...






Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


I hope you're right. You're incredibly logically convincing. I go to a non sedevacantist… Traditional Latin mass only church. If I miss mass there should I skip the Novus Ordo...?




MHFM: We're glad that you are watching the videos and looking over the material.  It contains the truth that God wants you to see.  It's also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  Yes, we are correct.  You can know that because our positions are based on the teaching of the Magisterium.


One must never go to the New Mass under any circumstances.  It's an invalid non-Catholic service.  Also, one can't just go to any Latin Mass.  That's because, among other reasons, they often use 'priests' ordained in the invalid New Rite of Ordination.  We are in the prophesied Great Apostasy.  There is no obligation to attend Mass on Sunday when the Church does not provide you with a proper option in your area.  So, you should stay at home on Sunday, become convinced on the issues, and then apply the guidelines on where to receive sacraments or we can help you with where to make a confession.


Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.


The Steps to Convert and for those coming from the Novus Ordo

Where To Receive Sacraments


Lost on them


What Francis Really Believes (4th edition)


Most novus ordites…don't even know they're not Catholic. Not only have they lost the faith but they've even lost the ability to think. I've had several of them tell me that they believe ALL that the Church has taught throughout the ages and ALL that has been taught during and since Vatican II! The principle of contradiction is lost on them and without it they have no power to reason. For those who still have the faith, the video should be a strong warning to stay away from the novus ordo.




MHFM: The principle of non-contradiction is lost on those who obstinately adhere to the Vatican II religion because they are liars at heart.  They are not of the truth, but of the Devil. 


John 8:44- “You are of your father the devil… He… does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.




Teachers must keep child’s ‘transgenderism’ a secret from parents: Ontario school boards


A total outrage! The devil hates innocence and purity and so do all those he possesses. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!




Philadelphia, V2 Sect


On Australian TV last night the Four Corners program was about the Philadelphia priesthood cover up of thousands of abused children. What a mess.


Mark Douglas




What Francis Really Believes (4th edition)


Thanks for posting these videos.  … such a period of degradation and apostasy right now because of Vatican 2.


Travis Delaney




What Francis Really Believes (4th edition)


… These details are so outrageous I fear for our world's tolerance of any man doing these things!..






The False Apparitions of Maria Simma of Austria


… we clearly do not worship the same God....




MHFM: No, we don't.  We worship the true God: the God of the Catholic Church.  You worship the false god of the Vatican II sect, which is the same 'god' that Islam worships (i.e. the Devil), as the official teaching of Vatican II and your antipopes makes clear. 


Antipope John Paul II, Homily, Oct. 13, 1989: “… the followers of Islam who believe in the same good and just God.”


Pope Eugene IV, 1434: “… there is hope that very many from the abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith.”


Pope Callixtus III, 1455: “... the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet [Islam] in the East.”


Can’t Be


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


This can't be Catholic Church.


Rosemary Okonkwo


MHFM: We assume you mean the Vatican II sect that offers the abominable New Mass.  If so, you are correct.  It's the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  See these videos, among others: This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


My name is Joseph, I am a lost child in the wilderness of this World… I was raised as one of Jehovah's Witnesses ....By the time I was 15...I knew in my heart this cult was a hoax... In 1996 I became a long distance Trucker...


I went back to study with the J.W's...but it ended quickly because I refused to use their books...I wanted to Study the BIBLE, not the Witchtower.  In 2012 a Born again friend of mine invited me to his Bible church… Disappointed, I left and started to study and pray on my own...


 …. Then I met a Catholic Woman... This woman was only Catholic by tradition, and also a wiccan, she had no love for God at all...but goddesses and a pro homosexual....I studied the Early Church fathers, The histories, the Saints.... It’s 2015....I am bound and determined to become a Catholic, so I can join my Family and Worship my Beloved Lord...But doubt entered my mind when Francis said "who am I too judge"? I thought to myself ..." you represent Christ...REBUKE the homosexuals"!! That who you are supposed to be...


Then...yesterday I found your Videos... All the pieces of the puzzle I had in front of me had just been welded together...I agree with you 100% I believe In the True Church Of our Lord…






Thank you for the obviously very time-consuming spiritual care you continue to offer through your (newly discovered by me) you tube channel; your careful attention to trying to ensure painstaking argumentative accuracy in your debates, as well as your creative productions, are a reassuring departure from much of the nonsense out there nowadays. 


I was baptized a Catholic on long island in 1974 and have been looking for other like-minded believers outside the post Vatican II "church". 


Keep up your fantastic work gentlemen. I feel you are an immense credit to your vocation. 


Warmest regards in Christ,

Jennifer Briggs-Brabson


Vatican II Sect’s Abominations


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for posting the various articles exposing the Vatican II sect's homosexual abominations.  The writing is on the wall for the world when one sees headlines like this: “‘Married’ homosexual serves on parish council in pro-LGBT bishop’s diocese”; “Malta to legalise gay marriage and ban gendered words in legislation”; “Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan brings kids to Gay Pride parade”; “Canadian Baby Is World’s First Child To Have Gender Marked As ‘Unknown’”; “Canada passes radical law forcing gender theory acceptance”.  How obvious does it have to be for people to wake up and accept that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church and that its claimants to the Papacy are Antichrist Antipopes?!  These abominations are the direct result of this counterfeit Church's idolatry and apostasy.  It is ironic that the 'LGBT' cult uses the rainbow flag as its banner, when the rainbow was given by God as a sign that He would not destroy the world by a flood again, but not as a promise that he would not destroy the world by fire like he destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah: "But the heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of the ungodly men." (2 Peter 3:7).  One wonders whether the 100th Anniversary of the miracle of Fatima on October 13 this year will have any connection with such punishments.

God Bless,
Mr. & Mrs. White


Reading, Watching


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


I've been reading your materials and watching your videos for a few months. I'm still making up my mind but I am increasingly learning that the Sedevacantist position is the only sane & rational one. To wit, I attended a Vatican II 'mass' tonight. I didn't take 'Communion' I simply attended to see if what you claim is true. Not that I doubt you but I am something of a Doubting Thomas -- seeing is believing. Well, you were proven 100% correct on ALL accounts. The 'altar' looked like a Masonic Lodge (presider chairs, a table instead of an altar, the 'tabernacle' off to the side) there were women involved and all over the 'altar'. Not to mention most of the women attending 15-30 years of age were dressed VERY immodestly as were some of the men. I'd never seen so many Hawaiian shirts, shorts and the like outside of a casual Friday day at the office. The homily of the priest was almost straight out of Manly P. Hall. The 'priest' -- who looked old enough to have been ordained before Vatican II -- actually used the term 'Cosmic Christ' and held it up as a 'catholic' belief not to mention extolling the 'virtues' of Socialism and Communism - just not the atheistic Soviet model. The whole service seemed hollow, tepid yet insidious. I'll never attend another 'mass' at that church or any other.




MHFM: Yes, it’s crucial that you never go to the New Mass again.  We recommend that you continue to look over the material, pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day, and pray the Hail Mary frequently.  In addition to the videos that explain how this situation was prophesied, we recommend that you watch some of the key foundational videos on each of the antipopes.  They demonstrate what complete and total apostates they were.  We will list a few of those videos below.  We also have sections in writing on those issues.  Generally speaking, once people grasp what utter apostates and non-Catholics the Vatican II antipopes are – once they see the overwhelming evidence of their heresies and apostasy, which is in our material – the true position becomes quite obvious.  The problem with many people is that they lack the grace or attention span to even look at the evidence against the Vatican II antipopes, and they remain in the Counter Church or in false positions as a result.  We also recommend that you consult our material on the heresies of Vatican II.


Accepting Francis = Apostasy (video)

What Francis Really Believes (4th edition) (video)

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope (video)

The Heresies of Benedict XVI (video)

“Saint” John Paul II Exposed

“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies (video)

The Antichrist Identified! (video)

“Blessed” Paul VI’s Heresies  (video)

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) (video)

Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!  (video)

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy (video)




I have been really interested with the Catholic faith recently. And I recently found your video concerning that the New Mass is invalid. Please teach me how to become a Traditional and true Catholic. God bless! Praying for an answer!!




MHFM: We’re glad you found the material.  The steps to convert are here: The Steps to Convert and for those coming from the Novus Ordo.  We also recommend that people pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Truly Incredible


“‘Married’ homosexual serves on parish council in pro-LGBT bishop’s diocese”


“Peruse the online biographies of the St. Clare Parish Council in California and one comes across this line: ‘John and his husband Willie are the parents of twin third graders at St. Clare School.’  As it turns out, not only is ‘John’ a member of the parish council, this man who is ‘married’ to another man is also employed by Catholic Charities, ‘training psychology interns and providing bilingual mental health services.’”


Complete Heretic


What Francis Really Believes (4th edition)


Wow. A complete heretic. This is extremely frightening!...


Heather Nolan




The False Apparitions of Maria Simma of Austria


This group is not the true catholic group. They believe in only PRE-Vatican. THey have broke away from the church....their teachings are false...and sad :(




MHFM: Actually, you are not Catholic.  You don't understand what constitutes the Church.  You are in communion with a notorious heretic who agrees with Martin Luther on justification and thinks that longtime fornication is a 'true marriage'.  You have left the Church.  You are following an apostate Vatican II sect that rejects papal teaching and embraces false religions.  Learn some Catholic principles by reading this file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  You also state that our 'teachings are false'.  That's a lie.  You can't specify anything that's false.  You are simply rejecting the truth.  You are not staying with the Catholic Church, but with a building of heretics.  This video is also relevant to understanding the Church in the end times: False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times.




“‘Married’ homosexual serves on parish council in pro-LGBT bishop’s diocese”


McGrath is a member of the V2 Rainbow Sect, and issued his immoral, unholy directive on June 29, the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. McGrath is animated by a demon that denounces divinely revealed truth as mere "policies" "which can be confusing" just like the serpent in the garden: "No, you shall not die the death" (Gen. 3:4).






1 minute video: The World’s First Educational “Transgender” Toy


Sam the transgender toy = Satan.


Effjay schumacher




“Florida Police Officer To Receive Letter Of Reprimand For Marking ‘Transgender’ As Male On Citation”


This has gone beyond insanity!


Sean K


Planned Parenthood


Woman says Planned Parenthood abortionists told her: If born alive, ‘we would break the baby’s neck’


Pope Sixtus V (Effraenatam, Oct.29th, 1588): "For who would not detest a crime so execrable as this - a crime whose consequence is that not just bodies, but - still worse! - even souls, are, as it were, cast away? The soul of the unborn infant bears the imprint of God's image! It is a soul for whose redemption Christ our Lord shed His precious blood, a soul capable of eternal blessedness and destined for the company of angels! Who, therefore, would not condemn and punish with the utmost severity the desecration committed by one who has excluded such a soul from the blessed vision of God? Such a one has done all he or she could possibly have done to prevent this soul from reaching the place prepared for it in heaven, and has deprived God of the service of His own creature."






“Malta to legalise gay marriage and ban gendered words in legislation”


Once Catholic Malta now a leader on 'LGBT' issues--just like Francis (its Rainbow 'Pope'): another day in the Pagan Roman Empire.


Rachel R


False traditionalists


… Recently I received a "newsletter" from a false traditionalist enterprise… The newsletter actually promotes no news, and no love for Our Lady, or for the Catholic Church and its papacy, or for Sacred Scriptures.   Instead, their "apostolate" is based entirely on a mix of approved and unapproved apparitions, and on what this priest thinks, or what that priest thought.    Thus, they have no problem attributing to Our Lady a "message" which contradicts dogmatic teaching and Sacred Scripture.  In particular, they hold that the heretic Francis is a true pope, they consider the Vatican 2 sect to be the true Catholic Church -- even though it holds and promotes every heresy and abomination under the sun… Several years ago when I discovered your Monastery (and did not yet know much about bad will), I wrote to them and recommended your website.    I never heard anything in response, so I would later send them one of your videos.   They were apparently not interested in that either, and now (in their latest newsletter) they write the following of what they believe to be the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ without spot:


    "...all of this sugary sap-filled nonsense that is being spewed forth from the bosom of the Church and blasphemously and sacrilegiously uttered in Fatima at the feet of Our Lady with an empty nonsense prayer..."  According to these false traditionalists (like so many others), the Catholic Church spews nonsense and commits blasphemy and sacrilege. 


The false traditionalists' repugnance for truth has turned them into fools (as it does all heretics)…


Lee Ann 




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


They are in a pact with the devil.


Alarik Crnjanksi


Florida ‘Transgender’ Citation


“Florida Police Officer To Receive Letter Of Reprimand For Marking ‘Transgender’ As Male On Citation”


This officer did nothing wrong. He did not misgender this individual by calling him a man when indeed he is.




MHFM: It's really a bad sign when now they are trying to force police officers to violate the basic distinction between male and female. 


Jesus said: "But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’” (Mark 10:6)


Atrocious – Pagan Europe


“Malta to legalise gay marriage and ban gendered words in legislation”


“Malta is on the verge of legalising gay marriage after the government brought forward legislation to scrap gendered references to marriage in the country’s legal system.  The draft law, which has received the backing of the centre-right opposition Nationalist Party, will abolish gendered terms such as ‘husband’, ‘wife’, ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from the country’s Marriage Act and other laws and replace them with gender-neutral terminology.


It will also be made legal for gay couples to adopt children.  It marks the latest in a series of reforms designed to increase equality in the traditionally Catholic country.  Last year, Malta became the first nation to ban so-called ‘gay cure’ conversion therapy, making it illegal to try to ‘change, repress or eliminate a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression’.”




How To Overcome Mortal Sin


That was a great response on how to come out of mortal sin. I hope the person takes your advice to heart and fights temptation. Catholicism isn't just for Sundays or… during your Rosary. It is all day every day. That's why frequent Hail Marys are so important.







1 minute video: “State approved” recreational Marijuana supply for godless residents in Nevada dwindles – Nevada Governor declares State of Emergency


Nevada has huge demonic problems: Las Vegas, Area 51, and now this--all demonic activity.






Antipope Bergoglio is so repulsive.  He's faithless and compromised.






Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


Great video!




New Post


MHFM: This is a new post in response to someone who e-mailed us.


How To Overcome Mortal Sin (post)




My Greetings,

I'm a catholic, I live in africa in the DRC. It's been a year since I started reading from you, watching your videos online and downloading your articles.  Based on my discernment, my insight of what's going on in the world, I believe in what you've said about the church on your website and was really enriched by many of your pdfs that I've read… To finish, I would like to encourage you for all your endeavors to keep us awake. I thank you for everything and may our Lord Jesus keep blessing you and being with you all along this struggle… Peace.




… If these accounts of Pope Benedict are true, I'm glad he stepped away from the Church. The Catechism states clearly Paragraph 845, 'outside the Church there is no salvation.'  A teaching contrary to what will provide salvation and one who doesn't recount is, simply put, a heresy. Probably best for Cardinal Ratzinger to remain as such.


Richard Hull


MHFM: The facts we bring forward about Antipope Benedict XVI are absolutely true.  He is a complete and total apostate.  You also cite the New Catechism.  The New Catechism is a heretical document of the Vatican II sect.  It teaches many of the heresies of Vatican II.  It denies the dogma Outside the Church There Is No Salvation in various ways.  It does not uphold Catholic teaching on it.  It teaches that Protestantism is a means of salvation, etc.  It is typical for heretics who deny Outside The Church There Is No Salvation to claim to believe it in the context of contradicting and denying it.  You really need to look at more of the material and recognize that the entire Vatican II sect and its antipopes are heretical.  The New Mass is invalid, and it must be avoided.  Concerning Benedict XVI, you should consult these materials.


The Heresies of Benedict XVI (video)

Blind To Benedict XVI – Fraternity Of St. Peter (video)

Benedict XVI (The Heresies of Benedict XVI File) (section)


V-2 Sect – ‘Gay Pride’ Parade


“Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan brings kids to Gay Pride parade”


“Faithful Catholics who love laughing at Jim Gaffigan will be disappointed to learn that the comedian, whose bag of jokes is often influenced by his Catholicism, allowed his kids to watch New York’s Gay Pride Parade over the weekend and tweeted out a picture of them waving rainbow flags. 


‘I’m so proud of my gay kids. Happy #pride2017 #pridenyc,’ he tweeted on Sunday… The comedian has received accolades from Catholic News Agency, Aleteia, and National Catholic Register. When Francis visited the U.S. in 2015, Gaffigan was honored as being the lone comedian in a warmup act prior to the Pope’s appearance at the Festival of Families.”


‘Old Faithful’


Yellowstone reaches 878 earthquakes in just two weeks as scientists wonder when the volcano will blow


Interesting: geyser "Old Faithful" was named by expeditionary man on September 18, 1870: two days before Rome overthrown and taken from Pope, leader of Faithful, on September 20, 1870. See 'Respicientes,' Nov. 1, 1870. Scientist believed "Old Faithful" predictable, benign--but earthquakes since 1939 may be cause of activity increase.


Rachel R




“Canadian Baby Is World’s First Child To Have Gender Marked As ‘Unknown’”




Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


Excellent presentation that should be viewed by every Novus Ordo devotee.


Theo Weath


Son not praying


I ask my son to pray the rosary with me every day and he always says “later mom”… What else can I do?




MHFM: You should be punishing him if he won't pray.  You should take things away from him.  You cannot allow him to just not pray, or to live like a pagan.  Then you become responsible.  Also, he should not be given unfettered or unsupervised access to the internet.  This applies, generally speaking, to other kids as well.




“Swedish PM: Priests unwilling to ‘marry’ same-sex couples should ‘do something else’”


This abomination, another sign of the End, receives protection under Antipope Francis' rainbow umbrella.


Rachel R




Is CNN simply a Jewish “News” Network?


This is quite eye-opening…






Is CNN simply a Jewish “News” Network?


New to Website


Hello. My name is Ciprian Nitulescu and I am 38 years old from Romania. I am Catholic. I am new to your site and your articles raised a lot of questions.  You say everything after the second Vatican council is wrong. That means the masses I attend to don’t have any value?


MHFM: We’re glad you found the material.  The Second Vatican Council was a heretical false council.  The New Mass is a non-Catholic service.  It is not a true Mass, and it must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  You will find information on that as you continue to look at the material.  It’s also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. 


What must?


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


This is indeed disturbing. What must an average catholic, as myself, is to do if nothing else but the novus ordo is available? Is it preferable not to attend a church at all? Is that truly what you want me to do? I have an issue with that. How to obtain the eucharist then? Do you know you áre causing great concern, dissention and confusión? What is the solution you offer to the problem you present? I live outside the US. I live in tijuana, baja, in México. Where do i go?


Mo Elrawi


MHFM: Yes, if the only option is the New Mass, you must stay home.  There is no obligation to attend Mass on Sunday when the Church does not provide you with a fully Catholic option in your area.  There were many situations in Church history in which Catholics had nowhere to attend Mass or receive the Eucharist.  There are places to make a confession today, but few options for Communion, as our file on where to receive sacraments covers.


The New Mass is a non-Catholic service that must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  With regard to the solution to the problem, you need to embrace and practice the true Catholic faith if you want to be saved.  The material explains how to do that.  See the sections of our website on 'the steps to convert' and 'where to receive sacraments'.  We are in the Great Apostasy.


Also, before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  With regard to your statement about 'concern, dissension, and confusion', it is not our material, but adherence to the false and heretical Vatican II sect that causes confusion and dissent from the Magisterium.  The material we present brings hope, clarity and knowledge about how to attain salvation in the true Catholic faith.  It's also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  You should look at more of the material and videos to get the full picture of what's happening.


SSPX, Vatican II


“Pope Francis: SSPX Must Accept Vatican Council II And The New Mass”


As was to be expected.




MHFM: Yes, it’s another confirmation in practice of what we proved here (and elsewhere): Was Vatican II Infallible? (video/article)




“Macron Declares He Will Govern Like A Roman God”


Macron sees himself as a god and why should anyone be surprised? He is a leader in the revived Pagan Roman Empire!






On “Fr.” Gruner, The Last Days & Lies 






Refuting Evolution


May Christ's peace be with you, 


Thank you for many of the wonderful videos you have produced regarding the serious errors of Protestantism. I was inquiring as to whether or not you have any resources regarding the following...: 


Creation vs Darwinian Evolution 


Thank you for any resources you can provide. 


Pax Christi, 




MHFM:  Yes, there are these items:  Amazing Evidence For God; Creation and Miracles – Condensed Version; Book: In The Beginning - Compelling Evidence For Creation And The Flood; Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution.




“Priest” Falls Into Grave While Leading Funeral 


I agree. What a great lesson and warning to all in the Vatican 2 sect.  Let the… dead bury the dead.


Nansen Louisa




Revelation 18:2 Just Happened 




Carolyn Nunes


No Longer


Amazing Evidence For God


Amazing ! I no longer believe in Evolution after watching this video even though I am a Christian.




MHFM: We’re glad you liked the video.  To be a true Christian and be saved it’s necessary to be a traditional Catholic.  See the biblical proof for Catholicism here: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/bible/




Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


… I am sick to my stomach at this… But your information is mind blowing.


Joseph Armstrong


Sect of Sodom – San Jose


“U.S. bishop: Unrepentant homosexuals can receive Communion and funerals here”


“San Jose Bishop Patrick McGrath told practicing homosexuals that they will not be refused Holy Communion or a Christian burial in his diocese, as long as they request them in ‘good faith.’… McGrath justified admitting ‘anyone’ to Holy Communion by quoting Pope Francis.”


Truly Horrible


3 minute video: “Catholic priest” James Martin tells a national TV audience that the “Catholic Church” needs to “listen to the experiences of LGBT Catholics”


Absolutely disgusting and abominable.






The Bible Proves The Papacy


This is a great video justifying the doctrine of the papacy; I had never noticed the correspondence with the Chronicles passage and it's good to know...




The Vatican


Hello Brothers-


Police break up gay orgy at home of one of Francis’ advisers


The article notes that the flat where the party was held belongs to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (previously Holy Office), which is in charge of tackling sexual abuse among the clergy!


The article also says that this is the latest scandal to hit the Vatican and comes after its finance chief "Cardinal" George Pell was charged with historic sexual offences.


Not surprisingly, the article concludes by informing us that the "pope" is doing all he can to hold those under him to high moral standards.






“Public library hosts children’s storytime led by drag queens dressed as nuns”


Unbelievable. What a shame for those poor children... This is disgusting.






“Public library hosts children’s storytime led by drag queens dressed as nuns”


All people responsible for this are abominations.




Ready to Convert




I've been following your website for quite some time and have reviewed a great amount of your material. I am finally ready to convert to the one true Catholic faith. I was raised Protestant and I credit you with being the primary reason for my conversion. I sincerely thank you. No one teaches or presents the Catholic faith as well, logically, and truly as what I have seen from your monastery. 


… I live in Belcamp, MD… Thank you and God bless you.





I watch a lot of your videos and read the literature, I just have a question and was wondering if you could help.  The question is, in the fatima apparitions our lady says her immaculate heart will triumph and there would be an era of peace 1: when would this take place 2: how does this fit into prophecy. Thanks for your time, keep up the good work

Yours sincerely
Anthony Wallis


MHFM: That’s covered in this article: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy.  We also recommend that you watch this video: The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition).


The Apostate Groeschel


Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Heretic of the Vatican II Sect, Dies at Age 81


You have to be kidding... Father Groeschel was blessed... and helped guide countless souls to salvation. I am one of them...You should be ashamed of your false declaration against such a blessed soul as Father Benedict Groeschel. He is a saint.


Anne Navarra


MHFM: Did you read the article or watch this video? The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN.  Groeschel was a total heretic, and so are you.  He endorsed condemned false ecumenism and rejected the dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, to name just a few things.  That makes him an apostate, according to Catholic teaching.  You understand nothing about the Catholic faith, and you reject the truth.  You are not on the road to salvation, but on the road to Hell.  However, the truth is available to you in our material.




45 second video: U.S. House Of Representatives “Catholic Chaplain” Says Catholic Teaching On Homosexuality A “Dead End”


From the statements of this "priest" of the Vatican II sect... they now accept, condone, and fully support the mortally sinful practice of homosexuality…




Disgusting Abomination


45 second video: U.S. House Of Representatives “Catholic Chaplain” Says Catholic Teaching On Homosexuality A “Dead End”




Antipope Francis Says He Accepts “Transgender Marriage”


… It could not be clearer. I am speechless after reading this.






Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


The potency of the doctrinal truth articulated in this video presentation can only come from the Holy Ghost… Thanks be to God for such works as this one and "Mary's Sinlessness..." and the other works on MHFM's site--which is a virtual Catholic Library and classroom.  These excellent instructions also bring the following Scripture verses to mind: 


Luke 24:45: Then he opened their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures.

Colossians 2:2: That their hearts may be comforted, being instructed in charity, and unto all riches of fulness of understanding, unto the knowledge of the mystery of God the Father and of Christ Jesus:

Wisdom 7:16: For in his hand are both we, and our words, and all wisdom, and the knowledge and skill of works.


Many thanks also for the great quotes contained in this video--they are invaluable.  Your videos never disappoint.




Having come across


Good day, 


I write to you after having come across your material, although I haven't watched it all yet, on YouTube and wanted to thank you for the information about the heretical church/Vatican II. 


What would your advice be if say your local Catholic church (which there's only one of in my town) adheres to Vatican II protocol and you don't have the opportunity to move in the near future do to certain circumstances? I live in the town of Sønderborg, Denmark and from what I could tell (although it only be one picture of the chapel) is that the church here doesn't have any pictures of Saints or statues, so I don't know if that's an indicator that they have bought in to the hole Novus Ordo? The priest is on vacation for now so I won't really know until next week, and there isn't much info on their webpage either on this particular matter. 


Best regards, 


Kenneth N. Jensen


Sønderborg, DK


MHFM: We're glad you came across the material.  It explains that one must not go to the New Mass.  It’s not Catholic and it must be avoided.  So, if that’s your only option you should stay at home on Sundays.  There are options for confession but few options for Communion, as the file on where to receive sacraments explains.  It's also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  One needs to be in agreement on all the issues before receiving a sacrament.


In regard to


Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


Thanks be to the Holy Ghost and our lady, for this video.  I am so grateful for this greek word [γεγεννηται] because as you postulated of St. John, the Popes and the saints in regards to believing and loving, which is the continuing result in the present, is only possible with the action completed in the past [1 John 5:1]. 

And talk about hidden in plain sight, the word for word, incontrovertible refutation of baptism of desire or blood i.e. John 1:12-13, Wow!




New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism (new video)




Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


… great video!






Did you realize that the Crusades also killed bible believing Christians. Like the Waldisians


Robert Johnson


MHFM: The Waldensians were not Bible-believing Christians.  They were heretics.




Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for this video; it is a masterpiece of Biblical and Catholic scholarship.  It reveals how really bad-willed are those false "Christians" who exert so much energy and effort to deceive themselves and others, by denying that water baptism and the true Catholic faith are necessary for salvation.  Your clear explanation of the Biblical teaching also demonstrates, once again, that the so called "scholars" of Protestantism are liars… that the so-called "charismatic movement" blasphemes Almighty God and is straight from Hell, and that the false traditionalists who obstinately (and repeatedly) reject the truth have built for themselves and others a revolving door with no exit.   Hope many people will watch your excellent video and embrace the true faith.


Lee Ann 




Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


Great video…


Sam Velasquez




Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism


That was the best teaching on Baptism on the internet...




Precious Blood




The July 1st Feast of the Precious Blood comes this year on the First Saturday of July.  The Feast was instituted by Pope Pius IX in 1849: "The Pope had been driven from Rome by revolutionists.  At the time it seemed doubtful that the Sovereign Pontiff would ever be permitted to return to the Eternal City; but after the Holy Father had promised to extend the celebration of the Feast of the Precious Blood over the entire world, his return to Rome was unexpectedly effected.  Henceforth one of his favorite mottoes was:  'Place on thy heart one drop of the Precious Blood--and fear nothing.'"…




The Bible Proves The Papacy


Great video…


Le Huy Nguyen


Robert Barron


False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times


Barron you are an absolute disgrace, absolute. Are you even Catholic? Mortal sin puts you in Hell Barron, sodomy is without question a mortal sin… why don't you act like a Catholic Bishop instead of a Vatican 2 chimp.


Michael Allen


MHFM: He’s not a Catholic, and he’s not a bishop.  He’s a Vatican II apostate.




Thanks to God and to you guys for your website, and for taking me back to our true Catholic Faith... It's good to be back.  And now, the task is for me to grow in our faith, and for conversion of the rest of my family.


Patrick Cuming 


Berlin ‘State of Emergency’ Day Before Marriage Vote


Tomorrow the parliament in Berlin will vote on abolishing traditional marriage in Germany.

Today they experience an official "state of emergency".

Here you can see the pictures:


And it is said to get worse over night!

God is sending a message!






‘Disgusting:’ McDonald’s introduces ‘gay pride’ fries


"Lovin' Is Lovin" supporters are only dancing, singing, smiling, laughing their way to HELL.


Susan Kersh




Francis meets same-sex ‘couple’: hugs ‘gay’ friend, kisses his ‘partner’ 


If Bergoglio was a true Pope, he would recite 1 Corinthians 6:9 to them, and tell them to immediately stop engaging in homosexuality, which is separating them from God.






… I stumbled onto [a] page… and tried to tell [the people promoting it] that they are in error for calling Mother Teresa a saint.  They keep sending me the same answer as you can see below. 


“She’s a canonized Saint and you’re in error.”


I have tried to direct them to your web site.  How foolish people are to claim to be Catholic and yet hold up someone like Mother Teresa as a saint.  How blind the father of lies has made them! All the devil will allow them to see is that she filled some temporal needs for the people in India but they are blind to the spiritual needs that were right before her and that she neglected...  Thank you for your commitment to spreading God's truth.


Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne




“Saint” John Paul II Exposed


Thanks this is really eye opening.


Samuel Fawdry


Francis, Muslims


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from April 2017


Was reading your newest post, Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from April 2017, and had to add something I have witnessed.  I can say that there are men around here where I am living that have embraced Islam--Francis would congratulate them, I'm sure.  Some of these men keep more than one woman at a time, abuse the woman they are with, repeatedly break her phones, break her car, terrorize her, all while talking of 'Allah' who, as we know, is their father Devil: and they act just like him.  Yet Francis is having an illicit affair with this false religion.  Yes, he is disgustingly drooling at the feet of the Mahometans--it's so revolting. Francis is a capital 'A' Adulterer who fornicates with every false Bride while he despises the One true Bride of Christ.  Francis is a capital 'P' Polygamist.  That is why he is so heartless when it comes to marriage--sacramental marriage and marital fidelity, more specifically.  He could not care less about Catholic Matrimony.  In fact, he hates the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Francis is a capital 'M' Misogynist who loves all the false religions of the Devil--who was the first Woman-hater; none of which have Holy Mary as their Mother.  I will be so happy, happy, happy to see her final triumph over the crescent and over every heresy and the whole Antichrist Vatican II Sect.





I literally cannot stomach the things Bergolio is doing, or even… the things that the previous antipopes have done… My point is I understand now why these actions are referred to as bad fruits. God speed.




New Article


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from April 2017 (article)


After Learning, Able to Convert


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


After learning this information about Mother Teresa, all images that I could find of her were removed from my home along with the same book mentioned in the video. I was fooled into thinking she was such a role model. By the grace of God and with the help of Most Holy Family Monastery, I was able to convert to true Catholicism and also learn of what other heretical materials needed to be discarded...!






Opposite of 9/11: 2 Buildings In 48 Hours Engulfed In Flames, Neither Collapses Into Its Own Footprint


What more needs to be said or written about the great 9/11 hoax that will convince any remaining skeptics?




SSPX Heretics


Why would you say that “Fr.” Gruner is a schismatic?


SSPX is the ONLY place of True Catholicism today -- READ Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's: "Open Letter to Confused Catholics" for the whole truth of the Catholic church.




MHFM: You are quite blind and deceived.  What you state is flat out false.  The SSPX is a horribly heretical and schismatic group.  They obstinately profess communion with the apostate Antipope Francis and the other notorious heretics of the Vatican II sect.  In the process they reject Jesus Christ and deny Catholic teaching on the Church, the unity of faith, that heretics must be rejected, etc.  They also schismatically reject basically everything that comes from the 'Magisterium' they consider Catholic, including the solemn 'canonizations' proclaimed by their 'popes'.  They have done this for many years.  They deny Catholic teaching on the infallibility of the Church and the Magisterium.  During that time they have taught and displayed their false position that Catholics may obstinately and indefinitely ignore and remain separate from the ‘hierarchy’ they consider Catholic, which is schismatic.  They are more like schismatic ‘Old Catholics’ or the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ than true Catholics.  They also blatantly deny the defined dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation.  For instance, in the book you reference, Open Letter to Confused Catholics, we find this blatant heresy by Marcel Lefebvre.


Open Letter to Confused Catholics, by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, pp. 73-74: “Does this mean that no Protestant, no Muslim, no Buddhist or animist will be saved? No, it would be a second error to think that…”


This is clear heresy.  It's the opposite of defined dogma.  The Church teaches that all who die outside the Church and without the Catholic faith are not saved.  You are deceived.  Watch this video for a thorough examination and refutation of the false positions of the SSPX.  You need to wake up, stop rejecting the truth, and come out of your heresy.  For you will surely lose your soul if you continue to follow the SSPX.


The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (video)



“Canada passes radical law forcing gender theory acceptance”




Amazing Evidence For God


This is amazing Brother Dimond! Thanks so very very much for putting this together!!


Robert Moore




Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope 


What a great video! What an excellent and clear presentation of the facts and the true Roman Catholic faith!... Thank you for explaining the true faith and leaving no doubt in people's minds as to what Francis the so-called Pope really is…


Charles Steiner


Clueless and Bad-Willed


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


I can't believe you. Without the Church we all are lost. I don't care what you say is wrong with Vatican II. THIS is heresy. You can't be [sic] call yourself a Catholic without excepting [sic] ALL presented to you by the Church! (law of Integral good) and thing staying [sic] from the faith is ONLY your opinion. Stick with the church and you stick with Christ. I will pray that you realize what you are doing… Please think about what you are doing.


Alex Temple


MHFM: Your problem, Alex, is that you don’t understand the Catholic faith.  You are demonstrating bad will, and you are totally wrong.  We are the ones who accept all of the Church’s teaching.  You don’t.  You don’t know what you are talking about, and you are rejecting the truth.  You are not staying with the Catholic Church by staying with the pagan apostate Antipope Francis and the non-Catholic Vatican II sect.  You are rejecting the Catholic Church.  You are staying with a building and aligning yourself with a heretical non-Catholic sect.  Heretics are not members of the Church.  They don’t hold any authority in the true Church.  Catholics don’t profess communion with a notorious heretic (i.e. Antipope Francis) who says that Martin Luther was correct on justification and teaches many other heresies.  Learn some of the relevant principles.  It is out of fidelity to Catholic teaching that we, as Catholics, take the positions that we do.  Do you have any idea what’s going on?  You are clueless.  We recommend that you watch this video and look at this file, among other things: False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times; The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  Learn what the Church is and what it is not.  You need to embrace Catholic principles and stop resisting the truth, for you are in heresy and on the road to Hell. 


The Apostate ‘Cardinal’ Burke


Hello Brothers, 


Just a few thoughts after I saw a short clip about "Card." Burke. It's an interview in French done very recently, this month… 


Aside the usual deceiving talks about Fatima, the Consecration of Russia, the false Mass, what caught more my attention is when the interview speaks about Amoris Laetitia. Burke, by his attitude and the way he speaks, expresses how much he wonders why Francis is not answering him after his imploration to whom he wrongly thinks is the Pope.  Although it is clear for common sense people that Francis writes heresy in this diabolical document, Burke only speaks about its "just interpretation"…


Burke says Francis' doc. brought confusion to the Church (V-II Sect), and he feels indeed helpless to explain it. All the uncomfortable position in which Burke finds himself is accentuated by the questions of the interviewer, who by the way cannot care less how absurd all this actually is. The latter indeed smiles as if he is enjoying the ambiance and not the seriousness of the issue… Burke… goes on to speak about priests ("priests") who found themselves in a difficult situation, because now illegal couples go to these and ask to receive what they wrongly believe to be Communion, because they feel justified by Francis' evil doc. This shows how Amoris Laetitia is to be judged as heretical… But Burke and others cannot see and conclude that Francis is an apostate. They prefer contradiction and follow the guy who they believe brings "confusion" to the Church and encourages couples to pursue a style of living believed by Burke and Co. to touch with the "salvation of souls". 


Pathetic. The attraction for the decorum is once again palpable in this interview… They close the meeting by saying they shouldn't discourage themselves, feeling good to think that Jesus is still with them, despite their open rebellion against Him. It's sad, and at the same time I'm mad to see them acting so foolishly, because it's so obvious… what is already proven against the condemned Vatican II Sect… Accepting Francis = Apostasy ! 


Take care








RE your Spirituality Quote of the Day: St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies, c. 185: “And the heretics, indeed, who bring strange fire to the altar of God – namely, strange doctrines – shall be burned up by the fire from heaven, as were Nadab and Abiud.  But such as rise in opposition to the truth, and exhort others against the Church of God, [shall] remain among those in hell, being swallowed up by an earthquake, even as those who were with Core, Dathan, and Abiron.”

As we can see, nothing has changed since the days of St. Irenaeus.  You have, in the past, also brought out the oft-times connection between a person's name and occupation or m.o.  Relating this to your daily spiritual quote, I would like to add the following:


After overhearing an EWTN News segment one day, I could not help but compare that program and that whole sect to waterless lava ducts.  One obvious example is the host of EWTN News, Raymond Arroyo, whose surname describes his occupation in the V2 Sect, an 'arroyo' being a kind of ditch, gutter, or duct.  According to an online dictionary, 'arroyo' is defined as:


noun, plural arroyos. 1. (chiefly in southwest U.S.) a small steep-sided watercourse or gulch with a nearly flat floor: usually dry except after heavy rains.


But the 'arroyos' of the V2 lava gulpers, "who bring strange fire to the altar of God--namely strange doctrines," are no longer used for water, because they no longer ask for nor receive the pure doctrines of Holy Mother Church.  The numerous passages in Sacred Scripture relating water to salvation are meaningless to them--even if those passages were used in a dogmatic definition, e.g. John 3:5.


They no longer seek Christ, the Living Water.  He's been 'shut off,' so now all they have is lava--which they all imbibe with gusto until they, too, become waterless lava ducts, burying the earth under a filthy layer of their bubbling, bobble-headed babble… Using the term "waterless lava ducts" is not intended to mean 'waterless wash ducts,' but the intended meaning is that molten volcanic rock that results when water is no longer present, which, in our modern English language, is usually referred to as 'lava.'


Indeed, Biblical prophecy indicates that the earth will be 'washed' a second time--not with water--with lava, and "by the fire from heaven."  In the end, God gives everyone what they truly desire.






“Public board orders Christian school to stop reading ‘offensive’ Bible passages”


Well now it has been done. The bible has been officially declared a hate crime. In parts of Canada at least. Insanity beyond all imagination.


Joshua Gilbert




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


At last. A real Catholic, who is willing to speak the truth about Mother Teresa…






Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope 


Well stated, pure truth.


Conservative D




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


He must have missed Sunday school and not read the bible. So sad…


Olga Pena


MHFM: He’s just a heretic who denies the teaching of the Church and the Bible. 




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


… the Bible… says that Satan is the ruler of this world and that he… roams the earth like a lion seeking who to devour....






Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


I feel you are mixing words I believe mother tersea [sic] is a saint may God forgive you.


Mark Gillespie


MHFM: You are so blind.  Did you even watch the video?  Mother Teresa was a total apostate.  The facts are clear to all non-liars.




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


This video is amazingly accurate explanation and clarification of Protestants' false theology and interpretation of the Bible


Mar Pag




Maybe you can please help me.  As part of consecration to Mary one must go to confession and communion. Of course this is probably not going to be possible because of the invalid Mass. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Thank You Jerry Korab


MHFM: There are options for confession, as the material explains: Where To Receive Sacraments.  However, there are few options for Communion.  Therefore, if you don’t have an acceptable option for receiving Communion, you could just follow the steps and make a spiritual communion instead.


Demonic Mother In Law


Subject: Vat II Mother In Law


Hi Bros,

Your website has opened my eyes and I am still continuing to read through the vast array of information. We tried to show my husband's mother your DVD on Journey into Hell and she refused it instantly. She is a Vatican II cheerleader and constantly tells me that the Church has changed since VAT II and she believes everything they teach which has led to various disagreements. The last visit she said she did not want me to Talk about God and that I think I am holier than everybody and she has blamed me for 35 years for taking her son away from her. The last visit, she spewed all her anger out at me which my husband heard in its entirety. We packed up and left from that trip, we apologized and said we forgive her for all her hatred and anger, but how do we handle her, since God says Honor your parents. We do not want to hardly visit there but this is my husband's mother who has tried to break us up for 35 years. How should we handle this Vatican II MIL who has completely lost her faith and is full of hatred. She even said she cursed Donald Trump! She is 76 years and fiery with her hatred of me but the commandment says Honor your parents. Please help. How do we handle this situation?




MHFM: You should completely avoid her.  You should not visit her at all.  Also, you shouldn't say you forgive her until she apologizes and repents.  With some non-Catholic family members some contact might, in certain circumstances, be able to be maintained, but when a person acts in the way that she acts then all contact should be cut off, unless she expresses interest in changing and converting.  You should not visit her or talk to her.  You should tell her that she's wicked and on the road to Hell.  Also, you should not have apologized to her unless you wronged her in some way.  The way to honor her is to tell her the truth: she's a heretic and on the road to Hell, and until she expresses interest in converting to the true faith you won't have anything to do with her.


Moreover, it's not a surprise that she instantly rejected your offer to see Death and the Journey Into Hell.  The demonic presence that dominates her couldn’t tolerate having her consider what’s most important and where she's headed.  In other words, she's too lacking in grace to even be able to watch it.  She’s a rebel against God.  She’s under the power of the Devil, and she hates the truth.




Thank you for all that you do. I am one of the many souls which you have set upon the right path. 


Have a blessed day.



Paige Barent   




Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


I just started going to a Catholic Church because I loved the way they worship (solemn Catholic Hymns) what is going on with the Catholic Church???


Joseph Park


MHFM: You need to see this video, This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis, and the other material we put out.  It answers your question.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.  Francis is an antipope.   The New Mass is a false service, not a true Mass.  It must be avoided under pain of grave sin.  This entire situation was prophesied.  You need to become a traditional Catholic.  The material explains how to do it.  Also, the primary reason one needs to be Catholic is that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ to which one must belong to be saved.  This file contains the biblical proof for Catholicism: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/bible/  However, to be a true Catholic one needs to be a traditional Catholic and reject the Vatican II sect, as the material explains.




Major Forest Fire Near Fatima, Portugal, Evokes Images Of The Vision Of Hell


The signs of the end times are very apparent for those with eyes to see.






Vatican defends new pro-abortion appointee at pro-life academy: abortion not his ‘focus’




Major Forest Fire Near Fatima, Portugal, Evokes Images Of The Vision Of Hell (post)


Rousseau and SSPX


Subject: Rousseau and SSPX


Dear Brothers,


I have just been reading about Jean Jacques Rousseau and it appears he shares common ground with the obstinate SSPX supporters on the denial and hatred of the Salvation Dogma.


Rousseau says people who adhere to this dogma should be driven from the state, as people are driven from the congregations of the SSPX.


Isn’t it ironic that many SSPX followers rightly denounce the villain Rousseau while they are propagating the same heresy and exhibiting a similar hatred towards true Catholics who hold that there is absolutely no salvation outside the Catholic Church and that the only way into it is by water baptism.






False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times.


I often feel despair when I think about the massive loss of faith in my country. My grandfather was a deeply religious catholic. So was my grandmother… Belgium, especially Flanders, used to be very catholic back then, the fact that there are so many church buildings here still testify to this. But it was Belgian clergymen who were responsible for the promotion of Vatican II and later… people like cardinals Suenens and Danneels. Their connection to freemasonry, and open promotion of freemason teachings, isn't that surprising when you consider that especially Flanders has a very strong freemasonry ever since the 1960s. The masons swore to de-catholise our land and they have succeeded in it in merely two generations.




MHFM: Freemasonry has played a role in certain places, but the biggest factor is simply a loss of faith through heresy and apostasy (and, of course, the bad lives of people and the lack of interest in what's most important).  Moreover, people should not despair when they see the loss of faith in a place such as Belgium.  Rather, they should recognize that this is the fulfillment of prophecy about the Great Apostasy and embrace the true Catholic faith.




Francis Is Featured In New Videos Promoting Religious Indifferentism

In light of Jesus saying that I am the way, the truth, and the life, it really is a mystery of iniquity in regards to Francis, while in character and costume [robes], perverting the one true faith of God and then promoting the doctrines of the devil and at the same time, the majority of people, see and hear him as authentic…

But as you said, it is a matter of indifferentism [not caring] about and preserving the things of God.  All those of the world, they only want to hold and preserve the things of the world, heresy and lies.  It is tragic and so sad, truly…






Francis Is Featured In New Videos Promoting Religious Indifferentism


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for posting the above videos along with the picture of the leaders of the false religions of the world -- all posing for their Satanic yearbook in this important year.


In the second of the two videos (around the 5 minute mark) Bergoglio, the Satanist posing as a "Catholic", refers to the Jews' Christ-rejecting religion as "the revelation"  --  and then refers to the Catholic religion as "the Christian stance"!   This would indicate that the Jews' Christ-denying religion is of God since it has been revealed,  whereas the Catholic religion is merely an opinion of men.    Every time I see this snake in action, he not only sickens me as he does all true Catholics, but he also brings to mind all the big-mouthed agents of hell who dare to call themselves "traditionalists" or  "conservatives"  while they continue to accept (and lead others to accept)  "Pope Francis" and the rest of the counterfeit, Christ-denying Vatican 2 sect.    It's the end-times soul train to hell. 


Lee Ann




Greetings Dimond brothers,


l just wanted to thank you for your work. l became a Catholic... Your narrative is so powerful and articulate and everything is laid before the viewer so cleverly that even the simplest of souls (such as myself) can understand it.


Please keep up your brilliant work.


Kind Regards Steven Moore




Francis Is Featured In New Videos Promoting Religious Indifferentism


Both of the new videos on Francis' Religious Indifferentism are quite frightful and truly a sign of the end of the End.  He is really putting it in our faces now.


At 4:10, in the video alone with Skorka, Francis' voice became strangely deepened, almost gutteral, when he said: "a deep religious spirit" and at 4:15 he actually stated "I thank God for allowing this to happen...for being with us on this journey."


St. Augustine (De div. quaes., 79) formally attributes the prodigies wrought by magicians to 'contracts' properly so called… and he explains why the devils, desirous of being honored, show themselves faithful to their promises.  He adds that “if, in the sacrilegious rites of the worship of evil spirits, the holy name of God is found mixed up, the success of the operation is not on that account a grace from on high, but rather a terrible punishment.  For this is the way of blindness and of hardness." 


Saint Augustine said if the holy name of God is found mixed up in a successful false operation that it is a "terrible punishment" and "the way of blindness and hardness."  It is not the way of truth and charity. 


The false peace and friendship message of the world's most prominent religious leaders… will surely be well received by the effeminized world.


Thank you for this important update.






Francis Is Featured In New Videos Promoting Religious Indifferentism


More proof that Francis is not Catholic. Just imagine what a pope such as Pope St Pius V would think of this!


Sean K


New Post


Francis Is Featured In New Videos Promoting Religious Indifferentism (post)




Amazing Evidence For God


A fine presentation. The question posed near the end concerning the SETI Institute sums it up: "Those searching for E. T's [extra-terrestrials] have said that if they did pick up even one complex signal it would prove that an intelligence must have produced it, but why don't they apply that same standard and employ the same thought process to DNA?"


Raymond Clarke






… important question:


I attended a Tridentine Mass for the first time but was informed that the priest that conducted the Mass was ordained with post Vatican II Ordination Rites.  Now, does transubstantiation take place in such a situation? 


I come from Singapore and this is the only Mass that allows for a Tridentine Mass as the Church normally conducts the Novus Ordo Mass.  Need your advice on this matter…


God Bless




MHFM: Since the New Rite of Ordination is invalid, no, it's not a valid Mass.  It lacks a valid minister.  It's not an option.  The principles on receiving sacraments in this situation are covered in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.


Baptism, Oklahoma


MHFM: If there is a traditional Catholic in the area of Enid, Oklahoma, who is willing to help with a baptism, please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com.




May one passively attend non-Catholic funerals or weddings? No.


My good friend at work gave me an invitation to her civil ceremony. Drinks reception beforehand in a hotel. Because I'm a practicing Catholic. I will be declining. How do you decline politely? + The group of friends whom I work with and go to break with are all going to the Wedding. None of them know my feelings about this. Please help without causing a rift. I also read that it is a mortal sin if a practicing Catholic attends a civil ceremony. Thanks for reading...Kind Regards




MHFM: You should tell them that as a (traditional) Catholic you may not go to a non-Catholic wedding.  You should also tell them about the necessity of the Catholic faith, the one true faith of Christ, and recommend our website.  You need to evangelize them.  It's also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




U.S. “cardinal” writes foreword to new book approving “Communion” for adulterers


Cupich the heretic should be denied Holy Communion.


Sedevacantist Catholic


MHFM: Well, he’s not actually receiving or distributing Communion at his fake ‘Masses’.


Non-Catholic Sect


U.S. “cardinal” writes foreword to new book approving “Communion” for adulterers




Greetings Brother Dimond,

In the last two weeks I have devoured the information on your website. I recently placed an order from your store for a few books to assist in my devotions. I have shared your website with my mother, my brothers and my dear friend.


… Bless you for your powerful insight and ability to communicate the truths so effectively. I am overwhelmed… I prayed 7 years ago that I would have increased fervor for a devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary. I am in tears, as it finally has taken root in my sinful soul. I cannot thank you enough for this gift, as it was your videos and words that softened my hardened heart.

… Please continue your videos... I am eternally grateful for your works…

Colorado Springs, Colorado




This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


This is a highly revealing and accurate description…


Jacob Nathaniel




7 minute video: Incredible Admission About Vaccines On The News In 1971


It's also worth mentioning that they use aborted fetus cells in some vaccines, which is clearly immoral.






The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition)


Your videos are extraordinary…


Beaux Barron


Encyclical Letters


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


False accusations. Shame of you. Those encyclical letters are obsolete. so [expletive deleted] traditionalist.


Brent N


MHFM: No, the papal documents we cite are not obsolete.  They contain the unchanging teaching of the Magisterium, which you reject.  You reject them because you are a heretic.  You also lie when you say that the video contains false accusations.  No, it doesn’t.  It’s all true.  That’s why you can’t point to one thing in the video that’s false.  You are headed for the lake of fire, where all liars go.


Apocalypse 21:8 –“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”




MHFM: We’re currently working on a major new video.  We hope that it will be completed soon.




Antipope Francis covers cross, bows to please Jewish (Israeli) secretary 


Rabbi Bergoglio just showing his true colors.


Joseph L B


Demonic Vatican II Sect


Subject: Demonic Vatican II Sect


Dear Brothers,


“U.K. diocese tells Catholics how to venerate pagan ‘deities’”

Wow! How much clearer can it be for people to see that the Vatican II sect is absolutely NOT the Catholic Church but is, in fact, the end-times Counter-Church?

Sadly, most people are of bad will and do not want the truth.







The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


Ecumenism is a horrible abomination.


George Penton


‘Object vehemently’


3 minute video: People Dancing At The New “Mass”


Where is this taking place? I would like to object most vehemently. The priest who is responsible for this needs to be suspended ASAP!


Kathryn Woeppel


MHFM: Kathryn, you need to realize that the entire diocesan structure, following Antipope Francis and the Vatican II sect, is not Catholic.  It's the end-times Counter Church.  So, even if they removed that 'priest', they would simply replace him with another heretic.  You need to look at the material and get up to speed on the issues.  The New Mass is not Catholic and it must be avoided.  The New Rite of Ordination isn't valid.  Vatican II was a false council, and Francis is an apostate antipope.  You need to become a traditional Catholic (which means being a Catholic who adheres to all of the Church's teachings and the true positions) and reject the Vatican II Counter Church.  We hope that you continue to look at the material, including the videos on what's happening now and how it was prophesied.




Francis says the position of the Catholic Church is against the death penalty


Anti-pope Bergoglio, as the notorious heretic and demoniac that he is... [is guilty of] open, notorious, habitual heresy, and confirming others in their sins... Frank's false appeals to... "mercy" - actually blasphemies in disguise - are more evidence of Bergoglio's service to the devil!


Pete O’Brien


Don’t want


“Catholic parish celebrates homosexuality, sells Gay Pride t-shirts after Mass”


So sad. They are looking to be accepted but they don't want to accept the truth of the Catholic Church. What is it they want? They want to be part of a church they don't believe in? They deny all that Christ is, they can go anywhere… but yet they want to try to swoop in and take what is not theirs. They can claim to be catholic all they want but it is false. We as true Catholics are the church and we do not waiver, we do not change. You want to be part of the Catholic Church then you change yourself to accept the truth and accept Christ as he is. Not what you want him to be for your own selfishness.






The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


Dear Brothers:


… excellent video on the apostate head of the fake "Jesuits"… when people lose the faith and reject the truth… they cannot see the foolishness of their own positions.   Like the false traditionalists who cannot recognize the never-ending "points of no return"  which occur day in and day out, because they obstinately cling to their favorite heresies like "baptism of desire" or "invincible ignorance".  Sadly, such individuals would probably not be too concerned about this man's remarks about the devil (at least not for more than a few minutes) because, for all practical purposes, they already embrace the lie of universal salvation so, to them, the devil does not really matter that much one way or the other.


It is especially ironic that this demonic and fake "Jesuit"  has the audacity to proclaim to his fellow men that Lucifer does not exist and thus the thought of him should be dismissed --  just as Lucifer dared to proclaim to his fellow angels that Our Lord should be dismissed  when the Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word was proposed to the angels for their adoration.   And once again -- following Lucifer whose existence they try to deny -- man attempts to place himself above God.  One can almost hear the clock ticking.


Lee Ann  




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 




Rufo D’Souza 


Planned Parenthood


4 minute video: The video Planned Parenthood does not want shown




Homosexuality and Logical Standards 


Brothers- you created this video 2 years ago and I was very skeptical that pedophilia would ever be accepted by any "sane" human being. Well I was totally wrong… this disgusting perversion is gaining support from more and more people every day. I tried reaching out to [someone]… by explaining the reason for the moral corruption in our society is because of the lack of Christian faith and gave him your material. The articles you posted should have been enough proof that you were right and I was such a fool for thinking that the world hasn't become morally bankrupt and completely submitted to the devil with the exception of the remnant Church.


Marie Anne




What Francis Really Believes (4th edition)


My impression is that antipope Francis sees the Faith as a modern supermarket. You walk in and fill your basket with what is most to your own liking. As long as we can all sing kumbaya afterwards.






“Catholic” parish celebrates homosexuality, sells “Gay Pride” t-shirts after “Mass”




I first saw some of these videos a few yrs back. Overwhelming content, but over time make more and more sense. I believe we are in the great apostasy and have little patience for those content to watch horrors of Vatican with silence...or approval.


John Raymond




The Bible Proves The Papacy


Thank you for posting this.  It's very inspiring.






The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


Dear Brothers,

Great work on the new video, The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist.  This is more proof that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church and that its adherents don't have any supernatural faith.  The pagan basis of modernism, naturalism and evolution is clearly seen by statements such as the head of the "Jesuits" recently made, that the devil is merely a 'symbol' created by man.  It's typical of the Vatican II man-worshippers to attribute things that God has or did, to man - such as the creation of the devil.  Their attitude is not far removed from atheism, which is clearly satanic.

God Bless,
Mr. & Mrs. White




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist


Your videos are outstanding and have brought me closer to our Lord Jesus Christ… Thanks and God bless…






“Gender-fluid police officer in UK is allowed to switch between male and female identities daily”


Madness, utter and complete madness.





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