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E-Exchanges on various issues


*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.  Although one should not need it (because the evidence is in front of our eyes), what Padre Pio said (around 1960) that Satan would soon come to rule a false Church (in reference to the Third Secret of Fatima) is a total and striking confirmation of what we have covered concerning the apocalyptic prophecies, the end-times Counter Church (the Whore of Babylon), etc.


Padre Pio: “Satan” Would “Come To Rule A False Church” (video)




“California elementary schools to use pro-LGBT history textbooks”




Antipope rebukes “climate deniers as ‘perverse’ in Bonn message”


The fake pope, Francis, is well known for his failure in theology, so it should be no surprise to anyone that he fails miserably in meteorology, climatology, cosmic science (the sun with its rays in cloud formation), modern satellite data collecting technology (no significant global warming for 20 years), mathematics (climate models used were grossly inaccurate), common sense ( mindless weekly diatribes over silly unimportant things), etc., as he waddles his way around the Vatican like a silly goose, spouting off atrocities and blasphemies against God and His Church, at the drop of a hat, in keeping with the antipope he truly is!






38 second video: Married Ohio representative resigns after being confronted by House leaders


He exploited traditional values in order to secure a cushy position for himself, but he was exposed and lost it all. Thanks be to God. May the lying sodomite repent.






Padre Pio: “Satan” Would “Come To Rule A False Church”


Great video! Thanks for putting out such informative and important videos. You guys have taught me and continue to teach me what it is to be Catholic.


Michelle A




Padre Pio: “Satan” Would “Come To Rule A False Church”


Outstanding presentation.  Thank you MHFM.


Jose Luis




“Aussies Say ‘Yes’ To Gay Marriage, Paving Way For Law Change”




Firstly, thank you for your content and videos. I have received a lot of striking as well as true information from this website… I am a Maronite Catholic and from Australia. I have fought against this LGBT lobby since they began corrupting the hearts of Australians. I was devastated at school when I found the results to be in favour of yes. I cannot believe the apostasy roaming around the country. Every Catholic friend of mine lost hope. I told everyone that the hour of Satan has begun in Australia. The Church has lost power.




MHFM: We're glad you found the material.  It's important to realize that the Maronites are in communion with Antipope Francis.  They also accept Vatican II.  They hold heretical positions.  Further, the Maronites today are frequently the most liberal among the Eastern Rites churches that profess to be Catholic.  One must not agree with their positions or support them.  Moreover, one should, in almost all cases, only perhaps be receiving confession from one of their priests, assuming he was ordained in the Eastern Rite.  The principles are explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  One also needs to agree on all the issues before receiving sacraments.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.


With regard to your friends having lost hope, you should recommend our website and materials to them.  You need to explain to them that the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church and that this situation was prophesied.


With regard to your statement, "The Church has lost power", one must distinguish between the Vatican II Sect (which is not the Catholic Church) and the Catholic Church.  One could correctly say that the Church has lost influence in a particular country, but one should not say "The Church has lost power" in the sense that the Catholic Church has failed or ceased to exist.   We also recommend that people pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


The video is awesome. That's some amazing research and work. The only question I have is do u truly think the Catholic church is not evil today? Not back then, and not about the deaths or killing. Strictly the evil... pope, and the heresies they teach today?


Jeremy D


MHFM: We’re glad you liked the video.  The Catholic Church is not evil.  It’s the one true Church founded by Christ, and it’s necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic.  However, to your question: the Vatican II Sect which is currently operating under Francis (which most people wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church) is evil and apostate.  It is not the Catholic Church, but rather the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  This situation was predicted.  Francis is not a true pope but an antipope.  This is explained in our material.  Below are just two videos which explain how this situation was prophesied, although there are others to watch.  We strongly encourage you to look at more of the material because the fulfillment of these prophecies – what’s happening in Rome now – further proves the Catholic faith.  It proves that the apocalyptic deception and prophecies concern the rise of an end-times Counter Church in Rome.  The deception and prophecies concern what happens in Rome in the end times because Catholicism is the one true faith.


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis

Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen




Justification Debate


Calvinism utterly rekt.




Truly Abominable


“Aussies Say ‘Yes’ To Gay Marriage, Paving Way For Law Change”




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


Thank you MHFM for exposing these monstrous and abominable advocates of the Devil…


Nansen Louisa


Evolution Nonsense




“Prehistoric, Dinosaur-Era Shark With Insane Teeth Found Swimming Off Coast of Portugal”


“The rare frilled shark is considered a “living fossil,” as its makeup has remained unchanged for 80 million years.”


This article hilarious.  The author admits the shark exactly matches 80 million year old fossils.  Radiometric dating doesn't support the 80 million year claim, however it’s funny to see evolutionists’ tacit admission that the data shows God made each species and it doesn't become another species.


So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.  God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth."  And there was evening, and there was morning--the fifth day.And God said, "Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind." And it was so.  Gen 1: 21-24




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups


I like this video and it's very informative…


Michael Brown




1 minute video: Man who already identifies as “Transsexual”, now also considers himself Filipino – even though he was born white


… wild madness… Pretty soon they will be accepting grown men into kindergartens as long as they identify themselves as non-conforming with their biological age and try to more or less emulate the behavior of children (it doesn't even need to be convincing). And those who dare to voice their disagreement will no doubt be harassed, threatened and bullied in the most cruel and unjust ways for being discriminatory and "perpetuating hatred".


A large portion of society just bows down. That tale, "the emperor's new clothes" has never been more true and in line with current events on the western world.  Such a decadent society has lost all notion of objectivity, common sense and reality. People are so cowardly apathetic, self-centered and fearful of what others may think that they just embrace the common trending lie. All in the name of letting others pursue their own happiness, molding their own identity, creating their own truth. It's a sick, perverted world.


In any other (saner) place and time these people experiencing dysphoria of any kind that goes against biological reality would be simply (and correctly) treated as severe cases of mental illness, sufferers from delusion.


In the old days, if John Doe started saying that he was Napoleon people would simply direct him to the proper medical care. Nowadays, people would applaud him, start calling him by this name and also start a movement to buy him a sword and a white horse.  Sickening. And all under the twisted excuse of spreading love and compassion.




MHFM: You make some good points.  With regard to 'medical care', one must keep in mind that such cases are connected to demonic spiritual problems, a rejection of God, and a rejection of the true faith.




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Thank you for smashing this snake... 


Paul R




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


These Protestant ‘Pastors’ are Satan’s Ministers in disguise…


Adam Sandhoff




Most Holy Family Monastery, 


I have been watching your videos for a long time and I agree with traditional Catholicism, as a matter of doctrine. My problem is that I don't believe in God, although I would like to. My mind, which has always been cynical and secular, won't accept the idea of God even though I sincerely want to have faith. Do you know of a way to overcome this?





MHFM: You should start to pray the Hail Mary many times in the day.  Also, it's likely that (in addition to your sin against faith) you are committing another mortal sin or sins.  Not only does that put or keep a person in the state of damnation, but God will sometimes withdraw basic graces of faith from people for such sins.  We also recommend: Amazing Evidence For God.




Do You Evangelize? 


As regards your page on evangelisation, some years ago at a regular Prayer Meeting at my home, one of the attendees handed me one of your free DVDs and in that way, I obtained your Monastery's contact details which I probably wouldn't have known otherwise, so that was in effect the example of evangelisation referred to in your text.


God bless,


James Cusack


Co. Kildare





Hello Brothers...


I thought today's quotes of the day - 11/13/17 - went together perfectly.




St. Francis Xavier: “Again and again I have thought of going around the universities of Europe, and everywhere crying out… ‘What a tragedy! How many souls are being shut out of Heaven and falling into Hell because of you!’”




Pope Pius X (1905): “And so Our Predecessor, Benedict XIV, had just cause to write: ‘We declare that a great number of those who are condemned to eternal punishment suffer that everlasting calamity because of ignorance of those mysteries of faith which must be known and believed in order to be numbered among the elect.’” (Acerbo Nimis #2)


The quote on doctrine shows us the impossibility of the existence of the concept of invincible ignorance, and the spirituality quote shows the failure of the universities - even in St. Francis Xavier's time - which were Christian institutions whose primary duty was presumably to proselytize and teach the faith.  This is so much more the case in our times, especially since universities are largely no longer Christian institutions, but rather atheistic and demonic institutions which spout errors.  How many thousands of souls must be perishing in eternal damnation as a result of today's errors and hatred of the truth!


Thank you for the continued quotes…


Kind regards,

~Benedict Atchley 




Amazing Evidence For God


This video… answers so many questions.


Thomas Hand




The Antichrist Identified 


Amazing video.






The Heresies of Benedict XVI 


Utterly astounding that people think Ratzinger… is a traditional Catholic. This man is a devil in disguise…


Theo W




The Last Days & Lies 


The SSPX is schismatic and heretical...


Tito B. Yotoko


New Zealand


“New Zealand Removes Jesus’ Name From Parliament Prayer”


I think New Zealand had a foretaste of that with the 2010/2011 unexpected earthquakes to strike the one city in N.Z. that bears the name of Christ, a city which could not boast of one solitary Catholic Church in the entire country, and whose Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was one of the hardest hit structures to be destroyed, during those devastating quakes, that proud city. called Christchurch in the South Island of N.Z. which more fittingly should have been called 'Christ-church-less' after Vatican II. Of course there was the follow up seismic event in November 2015, when Kaikoura and surroundings including the capital in Wellington were were given a nasty reminder with a 7.8M Quake.


We now have a Labour/N.Z. First Coalition Party running our country…






42 second video: “Catholic priest” celebrates “Mass” for people celebrating a pagan “holiday”


How repugnant…






“New Zealand Removes Jesus’ Name From Parliament Prayer”


But there is salvation in no other Name. NZ will surely not go unpunished, but will suffer the fate of every nation that refuses to submit to the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ.


Rachel R




Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!


This is INCREDIBLE. WOW!... Excellent video presentation. Thank you.


Ian from UK




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This is a great video…


David Sostre


Help, Convert


Francis and the Seven Kings of the Apocalypse


HELP!!!!!! I'm a Protestant and have been all of my life! I've recently realised my errors and I want to join the Catholic Church but what do I do??... I feel like it's too late for me ... I'm only 17, I wish I was born in a different era ...




MHFM: It's not too late for you.  You need to become a traditional Catholic.  The steps to convert are here.  You should also begin to pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That's very important.  Soon you should be praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  How to Pray the Rosary [PDF]




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


… This video definitely is an eye opener.


Stewart David


New Post


MHFM: Someone commented on the translation of John 3:36 in our recent video.  We have put the comment and our response into a short new post.


The King James Translation And John 3:36 (post)




Hey Brothers,


I have been looking at a lot of your videos as of late. I am a former Catholic trying to get back into the swing of things… I have started saying the rosary again for the first time since I was a child and have finally said 15 decades. So there is progress.


I keep getting drawn to your videos, I don't know how I found the first one but I can definitely say they have brought me back to the faith. I've read more about religion in the last 2 weeks than I have in my whole life...


Thanks for doing what you do. Hopefully in a few weeks/months I'll be able to say I am Catholic again and I'll be saying 15 decades each day. It's a lot to take in from the first step. God Bless brothers.






Dear Brothers Dimond,


Thank you for your information covering the essential issues of the Catholic faith. I find your interpretations both logical and inspired.  As a former Novus Ordo adherent I can only be currently thankful by spreading the information and praying for lost souls.


Thanks sincerely,

C. Farley 




Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With De Niro?


Vaccines are the reason! Harvey Weinstein's... misbehaviors were covered up by Hollywood and the media.... until... he was going public against vaccines! The NWO wants vaccines to REDUCE population, said Bill Gates. So clearly vaccines are NOT about health.


Patricia Koenig




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Thanks for exposing this heretic...


Eugene Kim




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


Excellent work, slam dunk. Yes, the so called magicians are getting help from demons… Thank for exposing evil and the works of darkness.


Dennis Gannon




Accepting Francis = Apostasy


In my lifetime, I've seen 3 pseudo popes: the-not-so-saintly John Paul II, Benedict 16th, and the current one, and it is very clear that these pseudo-popes aren't even Christians to begin with let alone popes. You can see it from their works as Jesus said, "You will know them by their fruits." The pseudo popes are apostates whose futile attempt to destroy the church of Jesus Christ will come to naught.


Blender Fabrica




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


… I didn't realize Steven contradicts himself so much.


Ken Brome




Hello. I just want too first say how grateful I am with all you have done, with all the information you have provided… My very close friend has watched all of your videos for years… and also introduced me to the correct teachings. That's when I decided to pick up the Bible and start reading it. That was about 15 months ago. After a few weeks of reading or so, I took a leap of faith and decided to accept Jesus back into my heart, and embrace the true Catholic Faith. I then with my friend’s guidance, began watching your videos. All of them eventually. I noticed my life began to change. I memorized the prayers of the Rosary… I'm still learning, and my faith is still growing… My family thinks I've gone off the deep end, but that's ok. I even have a little prayer station set up at home… The Dimond bros have played a very important role in my life for almost 2 years now. God Bless you.








“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Dear Brothers:


The demonic pride of this blind fool almost takes one's breath away… While the positions these heretics hold may differ from each another -- and while some shout them out for effect while others whisper them -- every obstinate heretic is animated by pride and by hatred of Christ and His Church.   Usually heretics attempt to portray themselves as humble, holy and reasonable, but the moment they are presented with the truth about their man-made "religion", their anger begins to surface like uncontrollable flatulence.  Then, just before they walk off in a huff, they will inform you about some important ministry God has called them to in their man-made Church…


Thank you once again for another excellent documentary.


Lee Ann




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


… this video covers so so much…


David M


New Video Posted


Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With De Niro? (video)




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


… Great job exposing him.


Ran Tor




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I am an ex homosexual. Christ saved me! His blood cleanses all sin. Is that false teacher implying Christ will not or cannot redeem this sin? What a wolf!


Lafayette Kinkaid


MHFM: We're glad that you have changed in that regard.  To be truly saved and cleansed by the blood of Christ, however, one needs to come into the one true faith of Christ, the traditional Catholic faith, as the material explains.




“Vatican announces stamp of Martin Luther on 500th anniversary of Reformation”


More tangible evidence that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church...


Francis Cizmar




Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With De Niro?


I think you may be onto something here. De Niro copped a lot of flak when he began wading into the vaccine issue…






Was Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Making Anti-Vaccine Documentary With De Niro?


I just knew there was something weird about the attacks on Weinstein






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This is great!


Devan B




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Dear Brothers-


Thank you for the excellent video expose on Steven Anderson…


May God Bless you,




Luther, Vatican


“Vatican announces stamp of Martin Luther on 500th anniversary of Reformation”


“The Vatican today announced it will be issuing a special postage stamp depicting Luther at the foot of the Cross, to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation…”




Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


I just want to thank you for your tireless work in defending the Catholic Faith. I was recently in a debate with a protestant who was denying the necessity of Baptism. As a busy layman, I don't have the time to look up papal decrees or re-work arguments from scripture, but thanks to your book, "Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely no Salvation," I had absolutely nothing to fear. I had all the necessary resources at my fingertips to easily shut her down and render her completely mute. Slam dunk!






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Fantastic video…


Myles N




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I needed this video...


Tim Daily




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Crushed. Complete wake up call to the false prophet Anderson and his supporters. I literally clapped at the end.

Thank you,




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Dear MHFM,

Another brilliant video. I would never have been made aware of just how evil Protestantism is without your work… these videos show Protestantism as being the product of a real malice - a true hatred of God. Steven Anderson, speaking of reformation Protestants in England stamping on the consecrated host, shows himself to be possessed of this malice. The malice is also evident when he advises homosexuals to kill themselves (Imagine that... Suicide, the one sin for which there can never be any atonement!) - he is very clearly an instrument of the devil.


But it's not just Anderson… or any of the others that you have documented, it is the belief system itself that is completely corrupt - as your videos make clear. It strikes me that Luther was probably susceptible to Satan delivering to him the false doctrine of 'foreign' or 'eternal' justification because he knew in his heart that his actions were not consistent with him remaining in a state of justification. That is, it seems likely that he was an habitual sinner who did not properly pray for the grace to overcome the inclination to sin. And this is likely why the false doctrine had such an allure for him - the righteousness of Christ would save him "despite his failure to resist temptation"…


Godspeed to you in your work.








“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Excellent work…!


Michael Dougherty




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Thank you for uploading this video. I was under the impression that Mr. Anderson was a true Christian...controversial but a genuine Christian. This video has changed my opinion of Mr. Anderson…


Central Scrutinizer




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for another superb and most excellent video in your tireless fight against these demonic heretics… Anderson's doctrine is indeed the filthy and despicable doctrine of devils.  He will perish, sadly, along with all who believe as he does and follow him (and others like him), unless they be converted to the ONE TRUE faith before their death.


Thank you again!!






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Great Video…






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Fantastic documentary…! Thank you MHFM!


Sean K


Become a member


I address you from Lincoln, NE as an 18 year old young man trying to find the truth.  I have been raised "Catholic" my whole life (obviously Novus Ordo), but because of the evident heresies of anti-Pope Francis, as well as the modernist infiltration of the Church, I found myself drift from the Catholic Church entirely and into Protestantism.  Although, I never attended a Protestant service, I believed in my heart that I was going to heaven based purely on my faith in Christ Jesus for several months.  Then, I rediscovered Vatican Catholic.  I remember seeing advertisements on Twitter almost regularly from you some time back and I scoffed at them in my ignorance.  However, by the grace of God, I recently devoted time into researching what being a Traditionalist Catholic meant and how I truly am drawn to such a cause.  You have certainly been the primary influence on my spiritual discernment of true Catholicism.  I thank you for your great work and sacrifice in helping me.  I only pray my family will have their eyes opened to the false Vatican II Counter-Church.  To close, I ask what I am to do spiritually to become a true member of the Church & perhaps where to go from there.  Thank you and God bless!

Sincerely, Tyler


MHFM: That's great to hear.  These are the steps to convert.  It's important to know the basic catechism (we offer one) and be convinced on all the issues.  We also recommend this file:  The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  Further, you should begin to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That's very important.  How to Pray the Rosary [PDF]




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Excellent work, Brothers! Sadly, I was once a follower of Anderson. But now, thanks to you, I have the true, Catholic faith.


Pablo Wilhelm




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This video is so thoughtful and well-sourced, and truthful.  It totally eviscerates the heretic Steven Anderson, a so-called preacher.  Thank you for this insightful expose' of this evil man.


Rex Albright




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary








“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Great video!...


Samuel Deber


New Video Posted


“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


MHFM: This video, although it focuses primarily on one man, covers many extremely important topics that are relevant to multitudes.  Thus we strongly encourage people to watch all of it.  Note that one section of this video (from 1:23:36 to 1:45:41) is the video that we previously posted called Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant.  If you’ve already seen that video, and you come to that section in this video and wish to pass over it, note that the new content resumes at the 1:45:41 mark.  Further, you don’t want to miss the final sections of this video.  They are very revealing; but to recognize their full significance one needs to see the rest of the video, which covers many important topics.


New Article


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from August to September 2017


The real reason Weinstein was exposed now?


Robert De Niro on Vaccines: “Harvey Weinstein and I Are Working on Doing a Documentary” – Article From 2016


Tell me


I left the Catholic Church and have wandered endlessly as a baptist.

Please tell me is there hope for me still, what about all other baptists?...




MHFM: There’s no hope for you or anyone else as a Baptist.  You need to look over the material, become convinced, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  That is your only hope for salvation.  This contains biblical proof for Catholicism: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/bible/




False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times


This is shocking…


Jennifer Ambroziak




Subject: Saint Raphael Archangel


Hi Brothers,


It is Saint Raphael's Feast Day, our beloved angelic brother who is also called "medicine of God."  Here is a hymn from the Ambrosian Missal composed in his honor: "O Raphael, divinely sent guide, graciously receive the hymn we suppliants address to thee with joyful voice.  Make straight for us the way of salvation, and forward our steps: lest at any time we wander astray, and turn from the path to heaven.  Look down upon us from on high; reflect into our souls the splendor shining from above, from the holy Father of lights.  Give perfect health to the sick, dispel the darkness of the blind: and while driving away diseases of the body, give spiritual strength to our souls.  Thou who standest before the sovereign Judge, plead for the pardon of our crimes: and as a trusty advocate appease the avenging wrath of the Most High.  Renewer of the great battle, crush our proud enemy: against the rebel spirits give us strength, and increase our grace.  To God the Father be glory, and to His only Son, together with the Paraclete Spirit, now and for evermore.  Amen."…




2 minute video: California Is A Liberal Lunatic Wasteland


Dear Brothers:


This video is a stark reminder that the world is the Kingdom of Satan, into which every human being (except the Virgin Mary) has been born since the fall of Adam.   Even the faithful of the Old Testament understood this, and that is why they were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Redeemer and, in particular, the two eternally-consequential things He would establish on earth:  Baptism and the Kingdom of God.  They were eagerly awaiting these things, because they knew these would be the only means by which mankind could escape from the clutches of Satan.  Our Lord commissioned His Apostles to establish His Kingdom on earth -- the true Catholic Church -- and to baptize and teach all nations.  Jesus made it clear that His kingdom was in opposition to the kingdom of the world, and that every man belonged to one or the other -- but could not belong to both.   Every heretic and schismatic rejects membership in Christ's kingdom and, therefore, belongs to the kingdom of Satan.   And this includes the false traditionalists who, contrary to Our Lord's direct teaching, demonically insist that men do not need actual water baptism and the true Catholic faith for salvation…


Lee Ann 


Truly Incredible


2 minute video: California Is A Liberal Lunatic Wasteland


Incorrupt Saints


The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


250+ Catholic Saints so far have been exhumed and found to have incorrupted bodies - the fingerprint of God and another certification of the Catholic Church…


Gerard Trip


Colonel Suspended


“Colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman’s ‘spouse’”




NMA panel suggests no American has the right to refuse experimental vaccinations and children must be held down by police while injected


This could also affect the American workplace. If employers in the United States start pushing mandatory vaccinations on their employees, many of us who refuse to be vaccinated and are fired as a result, will have to find innovative ways to earn a living.






Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


Growing up in the early 70's, I watched as my father was tortured by all this, abruptly getting up and marching right out of church down the center aisle, every week… He was bullied by the parish school principal (a nun), the liberal priests, deacon and religious education coordinator, when he boldly spoke out against hat was going on…




MHFM: It's important to realize that the New Mass is not Catholic and that it must be avoided.  One needs to be a traditional Catholic.  The material explains how to do that.  We also recommend that people pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.






I would like to express a little bit about my story and the ways in which you have helped to illuminate my Catholic faith:


… Your Paul VI and John XXIII written articles were incredibly eye opening and helpful, there are so many blasphemies they proferred and although I was very reticent in doing so, I had to agree, and painfully come into terms with the fact we haven't had a pope ever since John XXIII automatically anathematized himself due to his heresies and their successors' attempts to change doctrine which are anyhow invalid since they were not popes to begin with.


Due to your articles, I am now also praying the full 15 decades of the Rosary daily, in fact I had to reinvent my life, centering my daily routines around the Rosary. It was difficult at first, and unnatural, but as I persevered I started receiving incredible graces that I would have never imagined in my life, out of nowhere. I was shocked as to the coincidence of them as they started a few weeks after praying the Rosary and remained ever since!


Currently I am reading your Padre Pio's book…


Thank you Brothers, for the wonderful content and the effect it had on my life…




North Carolina


North Carolina governor signs order forcing businesses to allow men to enter women’s bathrooms


Sr. Lucy


The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) 


Subject: Two Sister Lucys


Dear Brothers,

I think your video on the Two Sister Lucys is very compelling…

Dan Guilderson




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


Another serious blow to the heresy known as Protestantism.






MHFM: We hope to post a new video soon.




“Impending doom? ‘Eerie’ red sun linked to #StormOphelia freaks out Twitter”


Subject: Apocalypse Skies Over London




On Monday 16 October I saw the amazing and very disturbing orange sky above London.  It appeared within a short time as I got on a metro train in one part of town and within twenty minutes or so I got out in central London to a weird scene: an orange sky like I have never seen before and people standing still in a busy part of town looking up and some were photographing the sky. The light was so strange it hurt my eyes.  Through the eyes of Faith I believe this to be a sign from God, a strong intrusion to worldlings' routines and a wake up call to everyone, and it certainly grabbed people's attention for a while. I have no doubt that this sky was an austere warning of how close we are now… and one of the series of signs that are appearing more frequently. These phenomena are consistent with an analysis which places us in the end times and the degree of diabolical influence and abominations in this world has reached a peak which cannot be sustained much longer.






“Impending doom? ‘Eerie’ red sun linked to #StormOphelia freaks out Twitter”


It was very strange in Ireland, unusually warm and dark out. The higher the sun rose in the UK the darker it got. One news article stated that people could smell sulphur in the air in the UK!...


Sean K




“Impending doom? ‘Eerie’ red sun linked to #StormOphelia freaks out Twitter”


The 'sun' image is truly spectacular, and apocalyptic…


Rachel R


New Video Posted


Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican “Church” In 2017


MHFM: We also hope to post another new video (which is over two hours long) soon.




Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican “Church” In 2017


Dear Brothers:


It is not surprising that the Anglican "churches" would be a favorite haunt of the devils.  When the Anglicans revolted against Almighty God, they didn't build "Anglican" churches -- they stole Catholic churches (and Catholic monasteries, convents, and orphanages).   And while heretics have always tried to steal the property of the Catholic Church, what happened in England seems to have been a kind of a demonic foreshadowing of what would happen in Rome (and the world)  some 500 years later. 


Lee Ann




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Can anyone tell me why [you have] the authority to claim who is or not an antipope? I can understand rejecting false teachings and rejecting what is not found in Tradition or contrary to Tradition. And even opposing a Pope. But it seems pretty clear to me from what I know, that only a future Pope can make this claim or of course God Himself. So does anyone have an answer?


Rob Ricau


MHFM: You should watch these videos:


Accepting Francis = Apostasy 

On Recognizing Heretics & Sedevacantism

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered Pope


You are wrong to think that one is free to accept Francis and the Vatican II antipopes without a future pope declaring them to be antipopes.  They must be rejected as antipopes now.  It comes down to professing the true faith and rejecting heretics.  In short, a person has no authority to recognize a man who preaches a false gospel as a Catholic or a pope (Galatians 1:8-9).


The Catholic Church teaches that someone who departs from the Catholic Church’s authoritative teaching, embraces notorious heresy or professes a false faith is to be rejected as a heretic.  A Catholic may only consider those who profess the true faith to be inside the Catholic Church.  The Church teaches that heretics cannot be valid popes.  The Vatican II antipopes are and have been notorious heretics.  They don’t profess the true faith but promote a false religion.  According to Catholic teaching, they cannot be valid popes and they are to be rejected as non-Catholic heretics.  The aforementioned videos cover the Church’s teaching on this matter.  Moreover, the idea that Francis and the other Vatican II antipopes are valid popes is incompatible with the Church's teaching on the infallibility of the Magisterium, for the Vatican II Sect has authoritatively imposed the false teachings of Vatican II.  That is impossible for true popes to do.




1 minute video: Las Vegas Shooting Hoax Collapsing – “Security Guard Vanishes” Right Before Big TV Interviews




1 minute video: “A significant change to the timeline” in Las Vegas shooting hoax




Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican “Church” In 2017


What a disgrace!






“California Law Includes Jail Time For Using Wrong Pronoun For Transgenders”


This law is most definitely unconstitutional!... Jerry Brown is... evil to the core!


F Mac1




Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show Held In Anglican “Church” In 2017


Yes. It's blatant.


Trish Robinson


Gregory Nazianzen and Baptism


St. Gregory Nazianzen Rejected “Baptism of Desire” (article)


Subject: Gregory Nazianzen and Baptism


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

I once had an argument with a "traditional Catholic" who ludicrously maintained that St. Gregory Nazianzen was actually a proponent of baptism of desire. (Interestingly, this person recently defected from even the idea of the Catholic Church, as he became some brand of Eastern "Orthodox".)

So I found it illuminating when I came across this passage in a short bio:

"St. Nonna took her firstborn, the future Church Doctor, to the church, and placed his little hands on the altar missal, dedicating him to God's service. Yet despite this early dedication, Gregory was not baptized until young adulthood. During a terrible 20 day storm at sea, Gregory was in agony over the danger to his unbaptized soul. He implored God's mercy, promising to dedicate himself entirely to God if he survived.  This he did at his baptism." (The 33 Doctors of the Church, Christopher Rengers)

St. Gregory's mother was a saint, and his father a bishop. He was obviously raised in a Catholic household, knew the truths of the Faith, and wanted to be baptized. Yet he knew that mere desire for baptism could not suffice for baptism itself.

God Bless,


Padre Pio


Padre Pio: “Satan Will Come To Rule A False Church”


Dear Brothers:


Wow!  This is like a bomb falling from Heaven, especially on the false traditionalists.  It is very interesting that God did not allow this revelation about Padre Pio to become public until this important year -- the 100th anniversary of Fatima.  It will be very interesting to see how the false traditionalists react to this…


Lee Ann




Satanist takes abortion rights case to the Missouri Supreme Court


"All who hate Me love death." Proverbs 8:36


Francis Cizmar




“Pope Francis: The Ten Commandments Are Optional”


At Boston College--it figures. That ivy-covered harbor of heretics was the epicenter used by the hounds of hell for their springboarding of the heresy against the EENS dogma. Now they are using it to promote the lie that the Ten Commandments cannot "be followed in every instance" and that "it is no longer possible to judge" those who do not follow the Commandments. It is amazing how confident they are in their rebellion, showing no fear of the Divine Wrath--but God is saving up His terrible anger against them.






Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


I watched your video and it's very insightful I might add, and nicely put. Great job!...






Francis: There is “Holiness” Without Jesus Christ (Heresy) 


This guy is no pope…






“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


I've seriously thought, Dynamo was a chalice full of spirits. Glad I'm not the only one. Great documentary!


Michael Boris




Antipope Francis covers cross, bows to please Jewish (Israeli) secretary 


Reminds me of when John Paul II reverenced and kissed one of the most heretical dangerous and blasphemous books on the planet, the so called Noble Qur'an. Francis' humility is a false one. He is an anti-pope. He covered his pectoral cross once before when meeting with Orthodox Rabbinim in Jerusalem. Jesus said if you are ashamed of Me you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Very sad.


Francis Barca




27 second video: “Transgender” Teen “Crowned” Homecoming “King” At His Brand New School




41 second video: Las Vegas “shooting event witness” goes back to serious facial expression immediately after cracking a smile


New Post


Photo Of Couple Crouching At Las Vegas ‘Shooting’ Further Indicates It Was A Staged Hoax & More




Hi Most Holy Family Monastery,


My name is Joseph… First I would love to thank you for all the amazing content that you have given us, it has really helped me deepen my faith… to thank not only you but Jesus Christ and his Immaculate mother for opening my eyes and showing me to the narrow gate.


… I've started evangelizing and I've noticed how hard it is to convert a protestant. I use some of the bible verses you use which have helped me make some ground. I can prove to them the necessary of Baptism, once saved always saved is false, the Holy Eucharist and also the miracles attributed to it. Although when I stump them on all these issues they just sweep it under the rug…




MHFM: We hope to post a new video soon.




54 second video: Blood of apostate Antipope John Paul II to be brought to America to be “venerated”


Shame on the devil and all his cohorts including Antipope JPII. Shame on all involved in bringing that abomination JPII's blood… to the shrine of the Immaculate Conception to desecrate it...


Peace K




41 second video: Vegas “Shooting Victim” With “Punctured Lung” Laughs & Uses “Shoulder” That Was “Shot”


Wish they'd stop making these ridiculous hospital scenes. Wearing make-up, laughing and cheering--did you notice the bed shaking with her movements? No voice impairment after the anesthesia that must have been administered before surgery to remove bullet? It's almost like they want people to see it's fake, but knowing God is in charge, one is inclined to believe He has allowed them to bungle their false flag so badly that even the most inexperienced, with enough good will, will see it is just a hoax. Of course, the same is true about the 'V2' Sect.






39 second video: Las Vegas Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor’s “Who Was Shot Three Times” Pictures “After Surgery” Compared To Pictures Of People Who Really Went Through Major Surgery


Yes it was a hoax event. No bullets found, no bullet holes found, no bullet marks even on the pavement or grass. If the media had one "JFK" like shot, they would show it over and over, because the lying media loves death and gore. But there is none. No pics of anyone GETTING shot. No pics of anyone getting splattered by blood anywhere. All the CSI shows on TV, you would think the public had heard of "ballistics". But a few crisis actors and lying media whores and fake media polls, give some… pause to think there was a shooting. No one knows how many people know it was a hoax, and how many people just don't care.


Dennis G




3 minute video: Trump Administration Rolls Back Obamanation’s Birth Control Mandate


Good news, I'm really happy to see that! How awful is it that the "Catholic" (heretic) Pelosi objects to this. Shows how diabolical the Vatican II sect is.


Sean K




41 second video: Vegas “Shooting Victim” With “Punctured Lung” Laughs & Uses “Shoulder” That Was “Shot”






The feast of our Lady of the Rosary was instituted in commemoration of the victory of Lepanto on Sunday, October 7, 1571.  Through the recitation of the rosary, the forces of Islam were broken, while trying to invade Europe. The feast was extended to the Catholic world in 1716 by Clement XI, after another triumph over Islam in Hungary.  Fast forward to today's pagan Europe and you have Islam invading and triumphing over Europe through migration, without any act of war being declared…


God bless,





The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


It is scary to see the complete apostasy of these obstinate heretics. Amazing how the followers of this evil sect are not concerned with this incredible and stubborn denial of dogma. Impossible to say that this sect is the Catholic Church. To say this is to say that the gates of hell prevailed [which is impossible].






3 minute video: Trump Administration Rolls Back Obamanation’s Birth Control Mandate


Vatican II Sect


“Pope’s New Book Features Preface By Gender Theory Activist”


One thing that is interesting is that Antipope Benedict XVI was a scandalous apostate and anti-Christian as Francis is but the media covered up his actions and hired (or invited) phony ''Catholic'' ''specialists'' to spread the false idea that Benedict XVI was somehow conservative, pro-tradition, etc. People with good-faith should realize that the entire Vatican II sect is anti-Catholic just like Francis.




Phony Apostates


Is FSSP valid? I'm confused with all this stuff going around.


Snow Ice


MHFM: They are a heretical group of phonies who accept the heresies of Vatican II, false ecumenism, salvation outside the Church, the idolater Antipope John Paul II as a ‘saint’, etc.  They are not Catholic.  They use 'bishops' who were 'consecrated' in the invalid New Rite of Consecration.  They are not an option for the sacraments.




The Bible Proves the Papacy


I haven’t noticed the parallels of the Church and David’s kingdom before! So cool!


Retro A




“Pope’s New Book Features Preface By Gender Theory Activist”


Satan is the father of lies. Antipope Francis is a heretic.


Francis Cizmar




Francis: There is “Holiness” Without Jesus Christ (Heresy) 


It is on display, with Francis (as an example), that there is no holiness without Jesus Christ!






The Bible Proves the Papacy




Karen Bling




Dear Brothers

I would like to thank you for bringing the faith to us here in Nigeria. A friend and a brother in the faith has promised to show me where to make a confession… may God continue His protections on you.





“Pope’s New Book Features Preface By Gender Theory Activist”


Note that the article calls this a "bizarre" position for Francis. The poor, blind fools...






1 minute video: Mike Cronk Las Vegas shooting hoax crisis agent/actor reunites with his “buddy” who was supposedly “shot three times in the chest”


They just make Cronk's story more ridiculous with this amateur scene --very sloppy hoax.




‘Gender Theory’


Antipope Francis' New Book “Features Preface By Gender Theory Activist”


Total Lie


13 minute video: Analyst with machine gun and long weapons’ expertise says “official story” on “Las Vegas shooting” is a total lie


New Post


Photo Of Police At Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Event Suggests It Was A Hoax (post)




3 minute video: Las Vegas “shooting survivor” says his good friend was shot three times in the chest – but his friend told him he is “going to be good”


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

… the Las Vegas shooting hoax is another false flag operation… the man’s eyes kept moving over to his right and he wasn't really looking into the camera. It was as if he was trying to fake his sorrow or as if he was trying to get a cue off camera like reading a script. Also there wasn't even a bit of sadness in his voice. It just shows the bad will in many people and how the devil uses them to deceive more and more. The people who were behind it are horrible people. They exploit these types of events to take away freedoms from Americans and to scare people that all guns leads to this type of violence and that people who own guns will turn out like him. It also shows how people are gullible and they love not the truth and how easily they're deceived.

We're living through some of the worst dark days ever since God created the world and as it was in the days of Noe so will it be before the return of Jesus; it echoes louder and louder each day. Evil people will do anything to keep the truth from coming out by any means. This example, the false sister Lucia, and the phony third secret of Fatima released by the Vatican are just a few examples. The truth is out there. One has to be tough enough to search through all the lies, deceits, and falsehoods. God will show one the perfect truth if he or she is looking for it and accepts it. God wants and will reveal His truths by any means necessary. Most if not almost all people live in darkness and they hate the truth or any truth related to God and His Church, His teachings or how He'll judge mankind for their works on the last day. If one wants to be saved they must devote their lives to God. God wants people to worship Him, love Him, follow Him, and follow all of His teachings in regards to their salvation. May God continue to bless Most Holy Family Monastery's work. They give glory to God and they're leading people to God's Light in these dark last days.

Roman Garza




3 minute video: Las Vegas “shooting survivor” says his good friend was shot three times in the chest – but his friend told him he is “going to be good”


… Almost no one is of the truth anymore so Satan's crew isn't as concerned with how believable they are or not, e.g., Antipope Francis--and they are entirely without scruples. Saint Robert Bellarmine said that at the General Judgment, Christ will bring in His enemies, whether demons or sinners, guilty of injustice and imbecility. Ultimately, the hoax is on the bad-willed hoaxers, but until the last day, the Devil's side will push…






Dear Brothers:


The other day I somehow accidently clicked on your video about the importance of Solitude and I was very happy to watch it again; solitude was the word I had been looking for.  After Irma, we were 10 days awaiting the power to be turned back on.  Yet, when I observed on the 9th day that the power company was beginning its work on our street, I have to admit that I experienced not just relief, but also a bit of sadness.   From the point of view of solitude -- and all the good things solitude brings -- life was better without the power.   Storms can and should be a humbling experience in which people of good will are reminded that all of nature and creation is a kind of catechism, that its study is very delightful, and that those who oppose the truth about God (which it so clearly teaches) are arrogant and gigantic fools.  Like those who promote evolution or deny the necessity of water baptism for salvation.


When the community learns that a storm is coming, bottled water flies off the grocery shelves in no time flat.  It is naturally the first thing people think about, and they go from store to store looking for it.  To avoid panic, the stores/media/government assure people that more bottled water is on the way.   Now imagine if the grocer placed a sign on that empty shelf which said:  No water, but don't worry.  You can save yourselves by a desire for it.   He would be put out of business just as quickly as the heretical false traditionalists should be.  The planet's entire water system (like the rest of Creation) teaches men about the Omnipotence and Wisdom of God, and the truth of His revelations.  Only liars deny it. 


I have certainly had an opportunity to see how powerful solitude can be.  Therefore, I would like to recommend your excellent video on Solitude to any of your followers -- especially to newcomers who may not have yet seen it.  I believe everyone can profit from it.


Lee Ann


Las Vegas ‘Event’


3 minute video: Las Vegas “shooting survivor” says his good friend was shot three times in the chest – but his friend told him he is “going to be good”


Amazing - The guy ['survivor'] could barely keep a straight face.




MHFM: Yes, his story is not plausible and his demeanor is revealing.  He appears to be searching for ‘the truth’.  There is almost no chance that a ‘shooter’ from a hotel spraying a large crowd with bullets would hit the same guy in a small area three times and that the man hit three times in the chest by a high-powered rifle would survive.  Further, according to that fairy-tale, the same ‘shooter’ who wasn’t even able to kill that man with three shots to the chest also manages to fire enough shots to wound 500-plus other people and kill 59.  There is compelling evidence that the Las Vegas event was another staged event/hoax that utilized crisis actors similar to Sandy Hoax, etc.  However, YouTube can hardly delete the videos that expose it as a hoax fast enough.  We expose these hoaxes because 1) truth matters, 2) these lies have been and will be used to take away people’s freedoms and change the country, and 3) unless people wake up they will run more of them to push through their agenda. 




Francis ‘Blesses’ Colombian President’s Adulterous Civil Union 


Thank you for your efforts on opening our eyes to the heresies of this counter-Church…






Francis ‘Blesses’ Colombian President’s Adulterous Civil Union 


[Many of those] claiming to be Catholic are numb to the disgrace antipope Francis heaps... you can’t bless a mortal sin, you can’t bless a union condemned by Catholic doctrine…  Romans 1:18 “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the truth of God in injustice”.


S 1




This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


I’m scared realizing being born in this time of apostasy… a lot of churches are closing down, even in my country the church I used to attend when I was young, I visited recently (I lived overseas now) looks dead and cold, and it’s a redemptorist church where still people go most every day.




MHFM: The Vatican II Sect is dead and cold.




Francis ‘Blesses’ Colombian President’s Adulterous Civil Union 


Yes I agree as well. What should we do? How do we hold the faith when evil is here? It is all being brought down. This place is going down. Far. What should we do?


Call Me Pax 777


MHFM: You need to reject the Vatican II Sect, the New Mass, etc.  You need to become convinced on all the issues and embrace and practice the traditional Catholic faith.  Our material explains how to do that.  You also should pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  Further, when you say 'this place is going down', it's crucial to distinguish between the Vatican II Sect and the Catholic Church.  The Vatican II Sect, which is apostate and led by Antipope Francis, is not the Catholic Church but the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  The true Catholic Church still exists and has not 'gone down', even though it has been reduced to a remnant.




Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid


What can we do???? This video has great information many things to consider. But as faithful Catholics what should we do?




MHFM: You need to stop going to the New Mass, look over the material, become convinced on all the issues, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  The material explains how to do that.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


To Hear


Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


I'm a proud Catholic. I am part of the Maronite Church… I am not happy to hear about this news.


Anthony Khoury


MHFM: Anthony, you need to look over more of the material and become convinced on all the issues.  The Maronites have adopted the heresies of Vatican II.  They follow the false Vatican II Church.  To be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that and what is going on.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Unbelievable what's happening.






The Last Days & Lies 


It's such a puzzle to me, anyway......that for example St Pope John Paul II goes to Fatima many times to adore Our Lady on one hand and on the other hand we see him in another picture of him kissing the Koran? These are two spiritual mind sets and could not be compatible.....surely?




MHFM: First, he’s not a saint.  He was a demonic and apostate antipope.  Second, don’t be so easily deceived. Demonically led people will, especially during the deception of the Great Apostasy, display some externals to make people think that they care about some aspects of Catholicism.  In this way they deceive people who receive not the love of the truth and don’t judge things according to the revelation of Christ and the rule of faith.  When people embrace heresies and idolatry, as Antipope John Paul II did, it doesn’t matter what else they might do.  They are not of God but of the Devil.  You need to see more of our material on Antipope John Paul II, such as the videos below.  Further, you used the word ‘adore’.  Even though ‘adore’ can mean to honor and love or to worship, since many people think it necessarily means ‘worship’ in the sense of what is given to God, it should be pointed out that Catholics venerate Mary.  We don’t worship her. 


The Antichrist Identified 

“St.” John Paul II’s Heresies

“Saint” John Paul II Exposed

The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


The 100 other times these Vatican 2 anti-popes overturned Catholic Tradition based on Scriptures... from jews... to Luther's justification by faith alone. These are "all fine" with the Vatican 2 Church. All those other times God was mocked were ok with the neo-trads. But communion for adulterers, this is "the one time and only time these Vatican 2 Cafeteria popes and bishops ever contradicted the bible". How bad willed do these neo-trads have to be? They love the apostasy and they love the smoke of Satan, but on adultery, they begin coughing on it.






Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!


... This is an amazing fulfillment...


Andrew Mango




Chile’s pro-abortion, pro-LGBT socialist president to speak at Vatican conference


It is interesting that the apostate Francis, who likes to talk about human trafficking in order to pose as a caring person, apparently has no issue with this Jerry Brown trying to prosecute and censure a man who is exposing traffic of aborted baby body parts. He is a disgusting hypocrite, who has no morals whatsoever. He can smile all day, he will only fool those who did not receive the love of truth. And he will deserve every bit of it in Hell. As MHFM said, true Catholics thirst for justice against these demonic people.


Rafael Centeio


True Faith


I am very appreciative of your work for the holy church and I would like to thank you for introducing me to sedevacantism and the true faith…


Yours faithfully in Christ 

Brandon Senior 




Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism 


Thank You for your easy to understand, well thought of videos… You seem to hit the nail perfectly on the head. Just by following the traditional way, everything makes perfect sense. The problem is so many people refuse to believe what has happened…


Kerlan Pollock




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


Shocking! I did not know all these facts.... thanks.


Flo Float


New Video Posted


Francis ‘Blesses’ Colombian President’s Adulterous Civil Union (video)



Blood of Antipope John Paul II


54 second video: Blood of apostate Antipope John Paul II to be brought to America to be “venerated”


Veneration given to the beast!


Sean K




Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof


Fantastic! God Bless.






Dear Brothers:


It is really bizarre (in many respects) to watch the contention brewing over the NFL players kneeling instead of standing during the playing of the national anthem.  First of all, kneeling is a posture associated with praying before Almighty God… Instead, like everything else in these demonic end times, rebellion has become its own reason for being.   When these players and their sympathizers are asked why they are "protesting", the answer seems to keep changing.  For some it's race, or cops, or Trump or Trump's words, or whatever.  The problem is that the NFL has proven itself to be… under the control of Satan.  Within just the past few years, the NFL has not only accepted and actively promoted sodomy, it has also gone out of its way to become an advocate for "transgenders" -- even threatening to bring financial loss to those states who would pass laws that protect women and girls by prohibiting men from using women's restrooms.   


Lee Ann


No doubt


Francis: There is “Holiness” Without Jesus Christ (Heresy) 


There can be no doubt, he is a dogged apostate, a heretic…


Kate R




The Antichrist Identified 


Great research, unbelievable amount of evidence…


Sidney Mentile






I have watched most of your videos and agree 100%. I believe in the Catholic Church, that Mary is the sinless Mother of God, that only true Catholics who… have been baptized may enter heaven. I am not yet baptized… I… wish only to do the will of God. Please write back as soon as possible with advice on where to be baptized. 


Thank you, Axel




MHFM: If there is a traditional Catholic in the area of Asheville, North Carolina, who would be interested in helping with a baptism, please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com.




What Francis Really Believes (4th edition) 


Great video. Thank you!


Daniel Chmarzynski




Justification Debate


… even if the facts actually scream in his face he just can’t get it... it has been presented like basic arithmetic and yet he still can’t get it... poor calvinist




Australian ‘Bishop’


Australian law bans speech vilifying opponents in gay ‘marriage’ debate




I find this article is pretty distressing.


“An Australian bishop says he believes there’s a valid ‘common good’ argument for the government to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’...


‘The question about any proposed law is not whether it squares with church teaching or a moral ideal, but whether it is a good practical rule for people living in this society at this time,’ the bishop argues in his September 6 article…"


... This puts 'the majority' before God. It puts the desires of man, dressed up as the 'common good', before the will of God. Instead of following the precepts of God, the “Bishop” would have us follow the precepts of man. There is no way to dress this up as anything other than what it is – poisonous antichrist filth, pure evil!


Pope St. Pius X, E Supremi Apostolatus, Oct. 4, 1903: “While, on the other hand, and this according to the same apostle is the distinguishing mark of Antichrist, man has with infinite temerity put himself in the place of God.”


Godspeed to you in your work.






Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


I used to think that Mother Teresa was a saint, until I watched this video.  Thanks for the truth.






“Satanic Fashion Show Inside A Church At London Fashion Week”


Hideous Antichrist abomination which the Anglicans allowed in a building they acquired by heresy and schism.






Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Some Cases = All Cases


Patricia Koenig


MHFM: Yes, in the Vatican II Sect, what is introduced as an exception or a departure from the 'standard' (e.g. 'Communion' in the hand, altar girls) quickly becomes what is normal and regular.  But even if Antipope Francis' false teaching on this matter, that those living in invalid second 'marriages' may receive Communion, were limited to just a few cases (which of course is not what's happening), it would still be just as heretical.




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Notice no "conservative" Cardinals/Bishops signed that letter. Is it because they're afraid of losing their high ranking positions? Does standing for Catholic truth mean nothing to them?


Robert Edwards


MHFM: Yes, standing for truth means nothing to them.  They are not Catholic.  The 'cardinals' and 'bishops' of the Vatican II Sect are, like the pagan Francis, apostates who accept the heresies of Vatican II and the heresies in the New Catechism.  They accept false ecumenism and the heresy of salvation outside the Church.  They consider the idolater JP2 to be a 'saint', etc.  The Vatican II Sect is a Counter Church from top to bottom.  It is the prophesied end-times Counter Church, the Whore of Babylon.  People need to realize that there's no hope in it or with its false hierarchy.  There is only hope in being a true (traditional) Catholic who completely rejects it.  But with regard to the letter you mention, no true Catholic signed it.  It was signed by false traditionalists who have a false understanding of the current situation and obstinately reject the truth that the Vatican II claimants to the Papacy have been antipopes. 




The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) 


All of your videos are very inspiring and make me want to rededicate my life to Christ, especially this one.


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Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers (video)




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Outstanding video, it's pretty bad when even the liberal, MSM is shocked by antipope Francis' clear apostasy.






Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


Anti-pope Francis. Period.


Charles Hortley




Francis on Amoris Laetitia: “There are no other interpretations” than Communion for Adulterers


He is an antipope.




King James


Is the King James Bible Infallible? – King James Onlyism Exposed


Martin Luther waits for protestants in hell.


Kenny Laborde


Vatican II


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy 


I completely agree with this doctrinally true video.  The antipope Paul VI mass is a Protestant service.


Ex Protestant


Body of Christ


Patrick Madrid’s Jaw-Dropping Heresy 


He [the anti-Catholic Protestant referred to in the video] was baptized...he is part of the Body of Christ...


Tim Perry


MHFM: No, you don't get it.  A baptized heretic is not part of the Body of Christ.  That's a defined dogma.  The position of Madrid and other members of the Vatican II sect, that all the baptized are part of the Body of Christ, is the opposite of the Catholic Church on this matter.  People who reject the Papacy or any Catholic dogma are outside the Body of Christ, even if they were baptized.  You must be a Catholic to be in the Body of Christ.


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Bull “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra: “It [the Holy Roman Church] condemns, rejects and anathematizes all who think opposed and contrary things, and declares them to be aliens from the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”


Pope Pius VI, Charitas (# 32), April 13, 1791: “Finally, in one word, stay close to Us.  For no one can be in the Church of Christ without being in unity with its visible head and founded on the See of Peter.”




2 minute video: Terrified Mexicans run from crumbling buildings during Mexico’s 7.1 earthquake which occurred right after an 8.1 earthquake (biggest in a century)


That is so frightening. The power of God is a force you cannot grapple with once His wrath has been kindled. I hope the Mexican people, esp. in Mexico, will remember Our Lady of Guadalupe and God's great grace which He bestowed upon the people of Juan Diego's days. It looked as if nowhere was safe. What if the ground under that river opened up? They were spared that day...






2 minute video: Terrified Mexicans run from crumbling buildings during Mexico’s 7.1 earthquake which occurred right after an 8.1 earthquake (biggest in a century)


... It is disheartening to see the total apostasy of people of Mexican origins since I expect so much from them, due to the Catholic history in Mexico. Now I consider many Novus Ordites the same, country Catholic history notwithstanding... The fact many persons generally speaking have Rosaries on their car mirrors means absolutely nothing. In fact I read that many cars in parking lots of infanticidal businesses have Rosaries prominently displayed inside.


It is interesting that a then category 5 Hurricane named "Maria", hit the French controlled Island of Guadeloupe, causing mighty damage with winds and killing 2 people (the media said yesterday). Today the death toll climbed to 9. 'Guadalupe' is an alternate spelling of the place. The Marian imagery is astounding, also the fact that the Fatima apparitions happened 100 years ago. This is the month of Our Lady's nativity, and she seems to be allowing her Son to punish the apostates in what were Christian lands.






Dear brothers,


I have found your website at a very important moment in my life. I am now sitting in front of the Holy Sacred Hosts at the Chapel of the Sagradas Formas un Alcalá de Henares, Madrid.


These Sacred Hosts were once stolen and then retrieved, and the story is the eternal battlefield account of the fight between Lux and tenebrae...


Earlier on today I was at another profanated parish, at Virgen de Belén, where I saw yet again the sempiternally disquieting painting of sister Kowalska's particular "Jesús". It is omnipresent in dried-up churches, like a gateway for evil and for the desecration of worship. Yesterday this mark was also to be found in the now closed, weaned Corpus Christi church... It does not comfort nor induce to piety... Rather, it is a Trojan horse, the terrible angel disguised pathetically as our Saviour, and will be terribly misleading for many, as it is slowly devouring the true Rosary and the devotion towards the True Sacred Heart of Jesus...


I had a spiritual nightmare in which the devil appeared dressed as this figure, a false mercy, and this led me to revise sister Faustina's book... The jumping host [in Faustina’s writings] disturbed me, and thus I found you...


I am a Spanish 40 year old... This divine mercy substitute for piety is slowly drying up our Catholic faith, and I want to know more...


Thank you for your website...




MHFM: We’re glad that you found the material.  As the material explains, one must not go to the New Mass under pain of grave sin.  Further, even at a true Mass, one should not be using his or her phone, computer, etc. in the church.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint


… she's even worse than I thought! It is as Jesus said, "If you cause these little ones to stumble, it is better for a millstone to be hung around your neck and to be cast into the sea."






“Priest gives Communion to pro-abortion, non-Catholic politician at funeral”


Public scandal, like giving 'communion' to heretics, is a mark of the 'V2' Sect, and this 'priest' only imitated Antipope Ratzinger's notorious act of giving 'communion' to heretical sect founder Roger Schütz in 2005.






EU Prepares To Criminalize Pro-Life Views


"If they [EU member states] fail to [guarantee comprehensive sexuality education], it is implied they could be complicit in “forced pregnancy”, which the report asserts is “defined as a crime against humanity in Article 7 of the Rome Statute”." It is truly amazing how the Devil has so twisted his subjects' thinking…




Francis on Humanity


“Francis: Hurricanes show humanity will ‘go down’ if it does not address climate change”


What an idiot.




MHFM: It really is a remarkable statement when one considers both the falsehood asserted and the obvious truth omitted.  Its outrage is only magnified when one considers the position he falsely claims to hold (i.e. the pope). ‘Climate Change’ is a hoax; and the vast majority of humanity is obviously going down for sins against God and unbelief.  But even though he claims to be the pope, and thus pretends to occupy a position that should put admonitions about offending God at the forefront of his mind and message, the execrable pagan Antipope Francis fails to mention sins as the cause of humanity’s problems but blames ‘Climate Change’ instead.  Truly incredible and revealing.


Antipope Francis even stressed that 'scientists' have laid out the path people must follow, when of course the path humanity must follow has been laid out by Jesus Christ and His Church.  Francis also emphasized the 'moral responsibility' to address 'Climate Change', while saying nothing about the true moral responsibility to follow God's laws and accept His truth.  Such an astounding inversion of truth, emanating from one who purports to occupy the highest position in the Church, is another manifestation of the apocalyptic Counter Church that occupies Rome in our day.


Funeral, V2 Sect


“Priest gives Communion to pro-abortion, non-Catholic politician at funeral”




Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,

I like your new video Mary the Ark of the New Covenant. It demonstrates that she is the Mother of God. Jesus was and is one divine person with two natures fully human and fully God… Failure to show her respect will lead one to the pits of hell… The more we pray to her the more God will hear our prayers and grant us His merits. May God bless your work in these final dark days in the Great Apostasy.

Roman Garza


Vatican II


Was Vatican II Infallible?


There were many Councils that are not considered "infallible". They are infallible only when they do it right. They certainly did not do it right at Vatican II. It will most definitely go down in history as one of the worst, albeit that Vatican I was probably the worst.




MHFM: First, your statement that Vatican I was "probably the worst" clearly implies that you believe the First Vatican Council officially endorsed or taught false doctrine.  That's heresy, and it shows that you are not a true Catholic.  Second, if you watched this video, you would realize that Antipope Paul VI promulgated Vatican II in a manner that would be authoritative and protected if he had been a true pope.  The fact that it was not protected by God, but rather contained false doctrine and heresy, proves that Paul VI was not a true pope but an antipope.  You need to stop resisting the truth.




The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) 


Wow that was beautiful…


Marisilina Compain




The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” 


… it is likely they are so vehemently rabid about BOD specifically because it lets them include infidels, who only implicitly desire "it" (not sure what) as (possibly) saved. In other words: they need BOD for their selfish wishful thinking about Salvation outside the Church...


Marco Arecibo


MHFM: That is definitely a reason why many people so aggressively promote and defend the false doctrine that people can be saved without baptism.  But any form of 'BOD' is incompatible with dogmatic truths.




False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times


Bishop Barron is beyond a joke. If that's conservatism what is liberalism? Showing up in the interview dressed as a woman.


Frank Certo




Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof




Francisco Ramos




Blind To Benedict XVI – Fraternity Of St. Peter 


FSSP… accept the false ecumenical… Vatican 2 documents.


Theo Weath


New Post


San Diego ‘Diocese’ To Hold ‘Mass’ For Families Of The ‘LGBT’ Community – Abomination




San Diego Diocese To Hold ‘Mass’ For Families Of The ‘LGBT’ Community – Abomination


Members of the Antichrist V2 Sect have been active for many years, with one agenda after another. Boston was the epicenter for the propagation of heresies against baptism and against the necessity of the Catholic Faith for salvation; now California seems to be the epicenter for the Vatican II Sect's propagation of the LGBT agenda.


Rachel R




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


This is... simply a treasure of wisdom and knowledge!...




Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Doctrinal Quote for… Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Sept. 14, 2017)


“And they took Jesus, and led him forth.  And bearing his own cross, he went forth to that place which is called Calvary, but in Hebrew Golgotha.  Where they crucified him, and with him two others, one on each side, and Jesus in the midst.  And Pilate wrote a title also, and he put it upon the cross. And the writing was: JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JUDEANS.  This title therefore many of the Judeans did read: because the place where Jesus was crucified was nigh to the city: and it was written in Hebrew, in Greek, and in Latin.  Then the chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate: Write not, The King of the Judeans; but that he said, I am the King of the Judeans.  Pilate answered: What I have written, I have written.” (John 19:16-22)


In a recent video about the Shroud of Turin, posted on MHFM's site, I learned that the title, placed on the Cross over Jesus' Sacred Head, was actually His 'crime.'  I did not know this.  I did not know that a title was placed over the head of every person crucified, naming their crime or reason for crucifixion, but I thought it was only something Pilate did in the case of Jesus, without my understanding why he did it, other than to assume it was the Divine Will... It was such a delight to me to be presented with this truth which had been 'hidden' from me, and in learning this fact my Faith was augmented:  new matter for meditation.  However, even if I did not know the actual reason for the title, Christ's enemies did know, and even to this day they repeat the words the chief priests of the Jews said to Pilate.




Swedish Police “Cannot Cope” With Huge Numbers of Rapes Since Migrants Arrived




Sean K




Anti-vax doctor John Piesse suspended by medical board


The injustice! Hell is going to be so overcrowded.






Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People 


Great video.






I recently saw Patty Gallagher Mansfield on EWTN.  I had no idea who she was and then it was mentioned that she is the "foundress" of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.


This confused me.  I was schooled by religious sisters in Chicago in the 1950s.


We were taught that "speaking in tongues" was a phenomenon given to the apostles so that they could spread the gospel.  We were taught that it was actual "languages" that the apostles used.  The proof being that those who were listening "understood".  


I checked the topic out and was led to your web page.  I have one question, if Pope Francis, Benedict and John Paul II were not the pope, who is at this time?


Thank you.




MHFM: We strongly encourage you to look over the material.  It will give you an understanding of what’s going on.  The Charismatic Movement is not of God, but of the Devil.  The 'speaking in tongues' that occurs in it is of Satan, not the Holy Spirit.  You should consult these materials:


Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism 

EWTN Exposed: EWTN and the Charismatic Movement

The Charismatic Deception 


With regard to your question about the apostate Francis, the answer is that the Chair of St. Peter is vacant.  We are in the prophesied Great Apostasy.  The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, but the end-times Counter Church.  It's necessary to become convinced on all the issues and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Michigan, JP2



A few days ago, in Warren, Michigan (borders Detroit) a man sadly allegedly murdered his aunt and uncle in their home.  I became aware of this, because I have an acquaintance who was friends with the victims.  

The alleged killer is Joseph Lawrence Borowiak.  I can't link his Facebook page here, but I highly recommend that you look up his Facebook page and study his various posts.  It is amazing yet disturbing to behold. 

Most people believe that Mr Borowiak is schizophrenic, mentally ill, and/or on drugs.  I am convinced, however, that this man is almost certainly severely possessed by a demon.  In various Facebook posts, he repeatedly shows traditional Catholic imagery.   In addition, he repeatedly shows photos of his local Novus Ordo parish. 

What's interesting is that several times in different posts, he (or perhaps more accurately, a demon speaking through him) equates Jesus with Lucifer, and says that "Jesus/Lucifer" is "God."  He also refers to himself as God, as being connected to Jesus and Lucifer.  In descriptions of the Trinity, he inverts the Divine Persons (e.g. saying the Holy Ghost is Christ's Father, that Jesus is the Father, and much more). 

The main thing I wanted to mention here, is that although he could seldom compose a coherent sentence, and often speaks of strange concepts and terms no one can comprehend.... he oddly says the following in a post, out of the blue, about John Paul II.   The sentence, while containing misspelled words, is unusually coherent for this man to write.  It is very odd that in the cesspool of words and posts on this page, that Borowiak would be familiar with the Luminous Mysteries, and praise JPII.  I think God allowed this as a unique sign that Borowiak is possessed, and how a demon views John Paul II.  I also think the misspelling of "slain" as "slayin" may not just be a mistake. 

"God bless you, John Paul II.   For the revelations of Jesus Christ, and the expanded Luminus [sic] mysteries, vision of the compleation [sic] of Revelations, the Bride of the Lamb, the Lamb that was slayin [sic]".    (Post of August 27, 2017)






I an a 49 year old single mother to a 21 year old son living in Australia…


I converted to Catholicism 2 years ago and wishing to learn as much about my faith as possible, began to realise that Vatican ll was so very wrong.  I have stopped going to my Novus Ordo Masses but as I’m in a rural country town in South Australia, there are no Traditional Churches near me to attend.


I am so very lost now for spiritual direction and guidance.  I have not been baptised in the Catholic Church and am so very concerned for my soul if I die unbaptised.  What can I do if anything about this?


What else should I do besides watch your videos? (I have ordered some recently).  How else can I live daily to get myself in the right place before God?... I would appreciate any advice or suggestions – thank you for your time and consideration.


Yours Sincerely,


Erica Hoffmann


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the material.  You need to become convinced on all the issues and follow these steps for those converting and coming out of the Novus Ordo: Steps to convert.  You should also pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That’s very important.  When you are convinced, you will need to receive a baptism or a conditional baptism (depending upon what’s applicable to you).  There are options for confession, as the ‘where to receive sacraments’ file explains.  There is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass in this situation, so you can stay at home on Sundays.  You need to embrace the Catholic faith, get baptized, practice the faith, etc.  




Catholics have not always condemned Freemasonry, I know several Catholic Freemasons, including the Roman Catholic Pope.




MHFM: You are wrong.  The Catholic Church has always condemned Freemasonry.  The Church has condemned Freemasonry more prominently and frequently than any other group or organization has condemned it.  Further, the Catholic Church has been the primary enemy of the Freemasons.  A person who claims to be Catholic who joins Freemasonry is automatically excommunicated.  With regard to Antipope Francis, he’s not a pope but an apostate antipope, as the material explains.


Vatican Conference


Chile’s pro-abortion, pro-LGBT socialist president to speak at Vatican conference




‘Born Again’ Refutes ‘Faith Alone’


Awesome video!  Protestantism completely repudiated…






“The dark symbolism of the ceiling collapsing in Malta’s oldest Catholic church”


Coincidence? I think not.




Apostate Bergoglio


Apostate Jorge Bergoglio celebrating “mass” in Argentina in 2008 that included a tango dance in front of the altar


Considering Conversion, Patriotism


Hello MHFM, 


I am considering converting to the Catholic faith and I have been reading the Gospels as you suggested.  I watched your video about the French Revolution and I am wondering how a Catholic should view the American Revolution… is the Constitution something to be admired? Also, can a traditional Catholic be a patriot? 


Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,




MHFM: One can be a traditional Catholic and a patriot within certain bounds.  It's necessary for your salvation to embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  You should make becoming convinced and converting your priority.  Our material explains how to convert.  You should also immediately start to pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  Soon you should be praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Steps to convert

How to Pray the Rosary [PDF] 


The Constitution is obviously not ideal.  It does not give a unique status to the Catholic Church, and it allows false religions to spread lies without hindrance.  The idea that religious liberty should be a universal civil right in an ideal society is of course a heresy.  However, the fact that (in theory) the Constitution gives Catholics the ability to practice and spread the faith without hindrance makes it preferable to many other forms of government.  As Leo XIII put it:


Pope Leo XIII, Longinqua #6, 1895: “But, moreover (a fact which it gives pleasure to acknowledge), thanks are due to the equity of the laws which obtain in America and to the customs of the well-ordered Republic. For the Church amongst you, unopposed by the Constitution and government of your nation, fettered by no hostile legislation, protected against violence by the common laws and the impartiality of the tribunals, is free to live and act without hindrance. Yet, though all this is true, it would be very erroneous to draw the conclusion that in America is to be sought the type of the most desirable status of the Church, or that it would be universally lawful or expedient for State and Church to be, as in America, dissevered and divorced.”



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