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*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*

After Finding


Grüß Gott dear Brothers,


I am born 1960 baptized at birth and raised a catholic in a small village close to Vienna (Austria). I have very fond memories of my First Communion in 1967. After entering Gymnasium in Vienna 1969 my enthusiasm for attending mass was more and more reduced. In 1975 I stopped going to sunday mass. It didn't feel right anymore. Nevertheless I felt guilt. My last confession was in 1985. 


After finding your website last week I have been studying your material for many hours every day. The insights gained from your material have reawakened my faith similar to what it was at the time of my First Communion. I am therefore eternally grateful for your work.


… I was very fortunate to find your website and gain access to your priceless information about this counterchurch…


God bless you!!!


Herbert Gindl


Billy Graham


MHFM: If a false traditionalist tells you that you’re ‘Protestant’ for rejecting the Vatican II Counter Church and its apostate antipopes, just send the person a link to this.  This statement by the apostate and fake U.S. ‘Catholic Bishops’ is not only a total repudiation of the dogma Outside The Church There Is No Salvation, but it’s an endorsement of Protestantism, faith alone, etc.  It's another striking example of why the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church but a heretical sect.


Apostate U.S. “Bishops” Thank God “For the Ministry” Of Heretic Billy Graham


Paul VI


Antipope Francis says Antipope Paul VI will be “canonized” this year – 1 minute video  “Blessed” Paul VI’s Heresies


This video, "Blessed" Paul VI's Heresies, is a great documentary and exposition of Antipope Paul VI, who... did... spiritual damage to souls by dismantling the sacraments of the Catholic Church in the 1960s and in so doing, deprived so many of the faithful of validly ordained priests.






Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary 


Powerful. Thank you for sharing!


Aida Ruilova




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


I am grateful to this channel. I used to admire Mother Teresa.


Stephen D’Mello




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


This video is totally wrong !!! She is a saint and she was an amazing person.


Isabella Henry


MHFM: No, it's all true and documented.  You can't identify one thing in it that's inaccurate.  You are simply an apostate who rejects the truth and defends religious indifferentism.


Massive Cover-Up


David Hogg can’t remember his lines when “interviewed” for Florida “school shooting” – 59 second video


MHFM: YouTube is now massively censoring information and videos on this and similar events, with an aggression and at a rate we've never seen before.  It is a massive cover-up.  They've probably removed tens of thousands of videos on this matter in the past few days or week.  So, if you want to see this video, you should watch it now.  We've already had to switch the link twice.  Some people might also want to download this.  You can download it here: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/david-hogg-cant-remember-his-lines-florida.mp4  There’s a good chance that this video of fake witness David Hogg practicing his lines was secretly leaked by a whistleblower to expose the fraud, yet the whistleblower was afraid to come out publicly and reveal that he is the source.


No Longer


The Exact Location Of The End-Times Temple Of God


Yes, you are right. I am no longer going to one of these fake masses...


Francis Caviani




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Makes so much sense. This particular verse always left me puzzled, even as a protestant. As a Catholic I accepted it as I had always been taught even to the point of wondering if this video could possibly convince me otherwise. It did. Thank you!


Amanda W




Death and the Journey into Hell (3rd edition)


Terrifying video.


Kurt Korrigan




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Outstanding documentary, it's a must watch!  RIP Protestantism.






David Hogg can’t remember his lines when “interviewed” for Florida “school shooting” – 59 second video




“Student”/Crisis Actor/Agent Of Florida Fake “Shooting” Still Hasn’t Figured Out “His School” Is Stoneman Douglas, Not Stillman Douglas – 43 second video


NBC's 'Meet the Press' actually went with this piece? It could not be clearer that he's got the name of 'his' school wrong, and he almost couldn't remember the name of 'his' schoolmate a/k/a "the shooter" (and had to look down at his notes in his hand--that is obviously what he did). Plainly this scene was scripted beforehand and these are only actors and not students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Yes, Brothers, these crisis actor 'activists' are sadly agents: agents and dupes of an incorrigible Luciferian sect.




MHFM: Yes, it’s a hoax (an extremely elaborate one featuring many crisis actors/agents, but a hoax).  This Florida hoax might be their biggest operation yet, and they are poised to use it to push their agenda through.  It seemed to have featured orchestrated commotion in the school as part of the drill (and the firing of blanks), so that actual students think they witnessed an event or heard something but no one was a witness to an actual shooting.  They did something similar at Vegas (where they played the noise of gunfire over the loudspeakers) and the Boston Marathon bombing hoax.  They are becoming more experienced and multi-faceted with these events, after the transparent debacle of Sandy Hook.  But God allows the treasonous crisis actors to still give it away.  Florida fake shooting hoax crisis actor calls his school “Stillman-Douglas” three times; it’s “Stoneman-Douglas”! – 3 minute video


Babylon Objection Refuted


MHFM: A certain demonic fool wrote to us with a terrible objection to information we have published about the apocalyptic Whore of Babylon.  This short post has a few comments in refutation of his nonsense:


Babylon Objection Refuted




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Dear Brothers,

… your presentation of the "rebuke of Cephas" was an excellent lesson. You unpacked the language, timelines, and historical understanding of the subject with wisdom…

Thanks for your work…

Sincerely, Patrick


New Video Posted


Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2? (new video)


MHFM: This is a new video.  It covers this extremely important theological issue in depth.  It also covers an interesting point about the end times ‘mark of the beast’, among many other things.




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups 


Your video on this subject shows conclusively that the eccesiological doctrines of the SSPX are ridiculous if not ludicrous... Yet the SSPX persists in peddling the poppycock that the "Vat 2 popes," --- as odious and apostate though they be --- are still somehow true popes!  It's rubbish… I thank you Brothers for this superb explanation and presentation of the contradictory SSPX stance, which has unfortunately even led the Society itself into ecclesiological heresy  ---  heresy from the traditional Catholic faith, quite independent of the whole host of errors of Vat 2 and following.  Hence the SSPX needs to be prayed for, that the veil from their hearts may be lifted… once they recognize the absurdity of their leadership's position and the recklessness of their quest.


Alan T Harvey


Have Left


I have left the Vatican II sect after reading your website thoroughly. The issue, however, is that I do not have a way to get to the traditional Mass, since I do not drive. Everyone in my family believes the Vatican II sect is true and refuses to drive me. What am I to do?




MHFM: You should stay at home.  There’s no obligation to attend Mass in this situation.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  There should be an option for confession somewhere in your area.  The principles are explained here: Where To Receive Sacraments.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc. 




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Dear Brothers,

Great work on the new video, Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?  This is a really impressive video.  Bro. Peter breaks down the arguments and facts in such a clear way that we believe that anyone who is of good will who watches this will conclude that is was not St. Peter, but someone else named Cephas who was rebuked in Galatians 2.

Mr. & Mrs. White




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Thank you for your scholarly and clear explanation. It is obviously correct and strengthens our faith in the Papacy.


Rand Miller




“Cardinal Zen: ‘A schismatic church with the Pope’s blessing will be horrible!’”


What this moron doesn't understand is that the schismatic “church” already exists and that he is a member of it. Also, Francis, following the footsteps of the past antipopes, have been “blessing” schismatic “churches” for years. See herehere and here, for example. So, what's his surprise?


Rafael Centeio




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Great work…!


Theodore Mozeleski




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


I loving being Catholic and will always practice my Catholic faith and continue to go to Mass, but we need another Pope like Pope John Paul the 2nd the true Catholic Church needs to comeback the church doesn't need a Jesuit telling us satan is fake because satan is real he is trying to lead the whole world to hell. We need to start bringing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world we need A true Pope like John Paul the 2nd. God bless and God Bless the Holy Catholic Church.


Reece Murray


MHFM: You really need to wake up and look at more of the material.  The New Mass is not Catholic and it must be avoided under pain of grave sin, as this video shows: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid  Antipope John Paul II was a wicked manifest heretic and an apostate whose demonic role was specifically prophesied.  See, for instance, this video: The Antichrist Identified.  It shows how his idolatrous prayer meeting at Assisi precisely matches the prophecy of 2 Thess. 2:3-4 about the man of sin.


Also see these videos: “Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies   “Saint” John Paul II Exposed.


John Paul II was not good or a valid pope.  He promoted many heresies and taught religious indifferentism.  He was a wicked antipope who led the Vatican II Sect, the end times Counter Church.  You need to recognize that the Vatican II ‘Church’ is not Catholic and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  Also, the Catholic Church doesn’t need to come back because it can’t cease to exist.  It exists with true Catholics who maintain the faith, but not with the Vatican II Sect.




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


… This splendid and lucid explication further demonstrates this phenomenon in the very conflicting words coming from preachers. It is telling that the early "reformers" denied Scripture to support Luther's understanding of justification, as they did with various and sundry other of his and Calvin's views...


John Morris




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Thank you for your informative videos, Brother Dimond. Your video exposing Steven Anderson really broke the spell of that man's false teachings over me...


Castle Bravo




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Great video…






“Catholic School Backs Down, Won’t Expel Student Who Promoted Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz”


MHFM: This is a total outrage.  It's also interesting that they are using Vatican II's heresy of 'freedom of expression/religion' in an attempt to justify allowing a student to promote the murder of children in the 'Catholic' school.  This is another example of the apostasy of the Vatican II Sect's institutions and why the Vatican II Sect is the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  It also shows us how the failure to have courage or backbone in the face of the complaints and cries of demonic people (which will surely come when evil is opposed in any form) allows evil to triumph.  When weakness is shown in the face of evil, evil rushes in and prevails.  Evil needs to be stomped, crushed and cut off.   We see the same thing in politics: e.g. when 'conservatives' are quick to recuse themselves or remove themselves from certain matters where they could have a positive impact, because liberals have complained, while liberals don't hesitate to use the full force of their influence to promote lies and evil.  It is disgraceful and disgusting how so many people cave to the whining of liars and demonic individuals.  The school should reject all of the complaints about expelling the girl, even if a million people protested outside the school. 


If there were a Catholic bishop in the area, he would step in and demand that the school expel the child; and even if the entire faculty and student body walked out in protest, he would not change his view.  He would shut down the school rather than allowing the murder of children to be celebrated in it.  This is a disgraceful, disgusting and outrageous abomination that speaks volumes about the Vatican II Sect (i.e. the Whore of Babylon, the end-times Counter Church).




Elementary School Principal Who Is Married And Has 3 Children Comes Out As “Transgender” – “Entire School Stands Behind” His Decision – 2 minute video


… the people voicing support and approval are pathetic and a reflection of a demonic, decadent and darkened world heading for its much deserved destruction... 






Elementary School Principal Who Is Married And Has 3 Children Comes Out As “Transgender” – “Entire School Stands Behind” His Decision – 2 minute video


Those persons in his community expressing support for him are… led away into an approval for sin.






Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Fantastic! Thank you for producing such an important video.


Sean K


Wicked Liberal City


City Fines Landlord $2 Million Because They Offered Homeless & Disabled Veterans Cheap Rent


Leave it to San Francisco, the most deranged liberal city in the country, which loves and protects illegal aliens and perverts. Stories like this show the true character of the "progressives" that run the city. Their outward show of "tolerance" and compassion actually masks a malice so profound that is difficult for normal people to comprehend. It's like a preternaturally inspired malice. This story gives tangible meaning to the expression "depravity of sin". But we won't be seeing it on network news. The smiling faces on Good Morning America won't be calling out San Fran's sodomite mayor.


Bill Mulligan


Stands By


Elementary School Principal Who Is Married And Has 3 Children Comes Out As “Transgender” – “Entire School Stands Behind” His Decision – 2 minute video


As the "entire school" stands by this misguided man's decision to announce he is "transgender," God stands by His decision to condemn all who reject the truth about human biology. It is sad that the parents and others interviewed in this clip see nothing wrong with this abomination. Further, it is telling that the school must now supply special books to explain this deviation from what a K-4th grader can obviously see is against nature.






Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


This is an outstanding video; all Catholics should study and deeply ponder this information.






Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Outstanding video.


Northern Italian




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Great video. I had always thought that the Cephas in that scripture verse was Peter but this completely changed my position. Thanks.






Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Wow. I was wrong. Thanks for opening our eyes. I understand it now.


Francisco Ramos




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?




Thank you for the very insightful Traditional Catholic explanation of Galatians and Acts in the bible.  It's always a pleasure listening to a logical sequence of events that are true to form.  The key to understanding the bible has always been the Traditional Catholic Faith and you have unlocked the wisdom behind this and many other topics of the bible.  The Traditional Catholic Faith is so important to avoid the errors taught by the multitude of false religions in these last days.


God Bless,





Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Am loving the teaching...Thank you for sharing.


Dominique Kyembo




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Great video.


Jakob Heidenreich




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


Thank you for this excellent presentation.


D Lourdes




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Thank you for sharing all the verses it helped me very much !!


Alisa Lauzon


Feb. 11


MHFM: Feb. 11 was the anniversary of the double lightning strike at the top of St. Peter’s Basilica on the day that Antipope Benedict XVI resigned (Feb. 11, 2013).  This video explains the significance of the event and how it was specifically foretold in apocalyptic prophecy.


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen




“Walgreens Has Adopted A Transgender-Inclusive Bathroom Policy”


They not only fail to oppose the wicked but also endorse the shocking behavior of these spiritually afflicted individuals…






“Walgreens Has Adopted A Transgender-Inclusive Bathroom Policy”


It has "a 100% rating" as an employer "for LGBT workplace equality." This is what is important to businesses in 2018, that they rank as high as possible for LGBT workplace equality. It is really an artificial society of the devil.






Dear Brothers,


What are your thoughts on attending a wedding at an indult Mass or at an SSPX Mass chapel?




MHFM: One must not attend such a wedding.


To the Mountains


Millions of monarch butterflies flutter to the mountains in Mexico every October – 6 minute video


How beautiful. At 2:40 into the clip we hear the narrator ask: "How does this happen? No one really knows." People with eyes of faith know that God knows how it happens.






“Vatican asks legitimate Chinese bishops to step down in favor of communist-picked bishops: report”


… Francis has openly and completely revealed himself to be utterly evil, much to the chagrin of the false traditionalists who nevertheless continue to accept this putrid heretical and antichrist pig as "pope".  Men who obstinately label the Vatican 2 Sect as "the Catholic Church" are blasphemously (and knowingly) conflating Christ's true Church -- His Kingdom -- with a cesspool of iniquity...


What strikes me as interesting is that, while the world has certainly been in a rapid downward spiral ever since the end-times Counterfeit Church arose in the '60s (and evil becomes bolder by the day),  the particular theme of the times especially since Bergoglio's "election" seems to be evil unmasked… Interesting, too, are the Children of Satan advertisements which have been appearing lately on TV happily proclaiming  the "ecumenical" brotherhood of man and his false religions -- all of whom are operating under the banner of Satan, their king.


Lee Ann




The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN


… Having a Jewish service in a Roman Catholic Church is a desecration...


Subway Girl NYC


Want To Ask


“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I just want to say this video blew my mind and you did a stellar job of shutting this wicked man down. I was wanting to ask you how I can be saved? I've never been baptized and I have never truly felt like a true Christian, at most all I did was go to end of term sermons at the local Presbyterian church when I was a child. Can I be saved? I want to change my life, thank you and god bless.




MHFM: We’re glad you saw the video.  You need to embrace the traditional Catholic faith and be baptized (when you are ready) to be saved.  The material explains how to do that: the steps to convert.




“Portuguese Bishop Allows Divorced Couples To Discern Reception Of Holy Eucharist”


This Jorge Ortiga is extremely wicked and heretical. He is a perfect example of someone who imbibed the religion of man of the Vatican II sect. Also, he allowed the organization of something called "Village of the Religions" where a bunch of pagan and false religions were promoted.


Rafael Centeio




“Magician” “The Sacred Riana” proves a spiritual world exists – 3 minute video


She keeps twitching her head, you also notice people doing that in these "pentacostal" churches during their services. Twitchings of the head seem to be a trait of demonic influence/possession.






“Portuguese Bishop Allows Divorced Couples To Discern Reception Of Holy Eucharist”


It is really a wonder that it was only now that some Novus Ordo dupes started to realize that something must be wrong.


The V-2 diabolical sect has allowed for decades that people who won't even profess to be Catholics (like the 'Orthodox' and Protestants) as well as openly pro-gay lobby and pro-abortion politicians to receive their so-called 'Holy Eucharist'.


This just serves to emphasize that to the V2 adherents the necessity to profess the Catholic Faith is meaningless. Whenever these hypocrites have some issue with Francis is almost always because of morality or disciplinary matters, or accusations of exposing a Communist mentality. It's almost never about deviating from the Catholic Faith. For the same reason they believed Ratzinger to be great. They would never say a word of reproach about his blatant heresies and acts of apostasy... At this point in time, I think one can safely say that they get what they deserve. It's all a big communion of lies.






Justin Trudeau “corrects” a woman who uses the term “mankind” instead of “peoplekind” – 28 second video


That liberal Vatican II heretic would have to condemn the Nicene Creed.


"...Who for us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven, and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and made man..."


Saying men doesn't exclude women from salvation and thus mankind doesn't exclude women of course. As feminism increases so too does effeminacy in men.






The Trump/Russia memo has a surprising connection to Planned Parenthood


A very important article that connects the dots. The more exposure, the more hideous it all becomes.






“Portuguese Bishop Allows Divorced Couples To Discern Reception Of Holy Eucharist”




Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People 


Good job on this analysis straight from scripture. St. Peter and Paul lay it down very clearly!...


Steve McCormick


To Learn


Abomination: Vatican Issues Stamp Of Heretic Martin Luther!


Thank you for all the hard work you do to save others. I am currently trying to obtain the Penny Catechism so I can learn traditional Catholicism and be baptised. Though I was very foolish before realizing the truth…






“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


… Wow.






MHFM: We hope to post a new video soon.




“Magician” “The Sacred Riana” proves a spiritual world exists – 3 minute video


She is clearly possessed by one or more demons, yet people applaud her. Amazing.






Your materials are great…


Ashwin Kumar Kispotta




“The Sacred Riana” is asked how she feels after the judges say her performance was “amazing”. She responds: “We are happy” – 25 second video


More evidence of the demonic. Ephesians 6:12: "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places."






“Magician” “The Sacred Riana” proves a spiritual world exists – 3 minute video


… Not one person there shows any inclination to help this young girl who is obviously demonically possessed, but instead they entertain themselves at her expense and care nothing about her soul. Our Blessed Lord and the Apostles delivered souls from diabolical possession… but now the darkness of sin covering the world is so thick and heavy that the worst thing that could befall a person (excepting eternal damnation), i.e., diabolical possession, has become mainstream entertainment! This is both a tragedy and an abomination.




Spanish Law


“Spanish law mandates LGBT indoctrination for Catholic schools and families”


Dear Brothers,


It's interesting that in the Visigothic Code (old Spanish Law) from the seventh century, it states in Book 3 (Concerning Marriage), Title 5 (Concerning Incest, Apostasy, and Pederasty), #6: "The doctrine of the orthodox faith requires us to place our censure upon vicious practices, and to restrain those who are addicted to carnal offences. For we counsel well for the benefit of our people and our country, when we take measures to utterly extirpate the crimes of wicked men, and put an end to the evil deeds of vice. For this reason we shall attempt to abolish the horrible crime of sodomy, which is as contrary to Divine precept as it is to chastity. And although the authority of the Holy Scriptures, and the censure of earthly laws, alike, prohibit offences of this kind, it is nevertheless necessary to condemn them by a new decree; lest if timely correction be deferred, still greater vices may arise. Therefore, we establish by this law, that if any man whosoever, of any age, or race, whether he belongs to the clergy, or to the laity, should be convicted, by competent evidence, of the commission of the crime of sodomy, he shall, by order of the king, or of any judge, not only suffer emasculation, but also the penalty prescribed by ecclesiastical decree for such offences, and promulgated in the third year of our reign."


It's outrageous that Spain now has laws defending LGBT abominations rather than punishing them.  It's more evidence of the disgraceful consequences of the Vatican II apostasy.


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




“Vatican asks legitimate Chinese bishops to step down in favor of communist-picked bishops: report”


Dear MHFM,

This news story about the Vatican asking bishops in China to step down in favor of communist party appointed bishops is a real eye-opener - it is simply outrageous.

"Regarding the surprising demands of the Vatican as it acquiesces to the communist Chinese government, one underground priest told AsiaNews, ‘We of course feel hard to accept but do we have the rights to oppose the Vatican?’ He added that if things actually go this way, ‘I may consider to quit and leave my priesthood.’…" 

It should be obvious that the Church exists to promote the faith received from Christ, not the ideals of Chinese communists. That the Vatican would delegate the ministry of revealed truth to a pack of atheists, indicates how deep we are into the great apostasy. It is nothing less than a complete abrogation of responsibility, an unbelievable dereliction of duty, manifest apostasy... 

What is amazing, is the priest asking whether he has the right to oppose the Vatican... He has not only the right, but the duty to oppose the Vatican - in the interests of protecting people from the teaching of error. In this case, the error is the policy of the Vatican itself, and it is from this evil that the faithful require protection.

… The apostasy in Rome appears to know no limits. The persecution of the early Church could have been avoided altogether if Christ had simply entrusted his ministry to the pharisees. But Christ chose instead to die on the cross for our salvation - entrusting His flock to hand-picked ministers. This move by the Vatican turns that on its head - the Catholic faith for sale.


Godspeed to you in your work,



How many


U.S. Senate rejects banning late-term abortions of babies who feel pain


... people who went silent all these years... all for comfort and ''success'' in their lives, now it has reached a point of no return. How many souls rejected doing God's work the past decades? For insulting God and killing His children like that they will burn eternally.


Lucas Guelfi


Convinced to become


Hello, I'm happy to tell you that you two brothers have convinced me to become a traditional Catholic... Probably not the first time you've gotten an email like this, but you sure are effective at getting the message across in a logical way, something I can't say for any Protestant nor any practitioner of any other religion. It's funny that Protestants say their faith is not a religion in an attempt to differentiate themselves from Catholics and any other religion, when they have the most fanatical adherence to certain ideas that are clearly not supported anywhere outside of their own delusional minds. But I digress. I wanna tell you more about myself (not out of egotism, but to perhaps provide some information that you yourself may not have been exposed to yet, and that may be helpful towards your evangelical career). I debated with myself whether I should share all this, but I figure you might as well know how… life can get when you don't have God in it…


I grew up in the former Yugoslavia in a poor village in Croatia (a country that now embraces Vatican II) but my family professed themselves to be Orthodox, or in Serbian--"Pravoslavci"…


Srdjan Chokorac




Planned Parenthood accidentally tweets about “baby” doctors saved while in the womb


This is manifestly something that God allowed in order for Planned Parenthood and the lying New York Times to condemn and expose themselves.


Rafael Centeio


Impurity & Pride


“Catholic parish’s ‘LGBT ministry’ to hold meeting in gay drag bar”


Jesuit Biblical scholar Cornelius a Lapide (1567-1637) says: "Impurity is a punishment for pride, just as humility is the reward for chastity. This is the just order established by God, and if man submits his mind to God, so also his body will be submitted to God. On the contrary, when man rebels against God, his body also rebels against him, as St. Gregory (lib. XXVI, Morals, xii) beautifully teaches...Indeed, if one submits piously to God, one's flesh will not rise illicitly against the spirit. That's why Adam, the first to disobey, covered himself as soon as he had committed the sin of pride." (Commentaria in Scripturam Sacram)


The demonically sacrilegious, viciously anti-Catholic Novus Ordo pagan sect cult is a fusion of Sodom with the world's fantasy conception of what "the Church" is.


Christiana et Fidelis




“Spanish law mandates LGBT indoctrination for Catholic schools and families”


And to think that Spain was once one of the most Catholic countries in the world...


Nick Colaiano


MHFM: Yes, it’s another example of the fulfillment of the prophecy about the beast (pagan Rome/pagan Europe) returning: This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis.




“Parish cancels talk by pro-LGBT priest”


This "priest" [‘Fr.’ James Martin] as I'm finding out more and more from my usual perusal of MHFM's news section is such a disgusting apostate. Utterly reprehensible that I genuinely get angry whenever I read more about what he's doing next to offend Our Lord.


Steven Coronado




Wherever your eyes look, your eardrums move along with eyeballs – 33 second video








Just adding to a topic I saw in the E-exchanges. As a Vermonter Ill testify to how deplorable this state has become. We just legalized marijuana, THE gateway drug, in the midst of a terrible opioid crisis. Who was thinking that one through? 




City of Man


Hi Brothers,


At 1:01:50 in the "Saint" John Paul II Exposed video (link here) you quote the following:

Antipope John Paul II, General Audience, Sept. 15, 1982: “Jerusalem can become also the city of man …”


The article containing the same is here: http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/john-paul-ii-antichrist/#.Wm6IEzRG3IU).


This is a quote I've missed in all the times I've listened to this and other videos on Antichrist John Paul II.  How very interesting that Antichrist would suggest Jerusalem as "the city of man"--"man" whom he also equates with God!  The city guilty of Deicide, which is opposed to the city of God, the Antichrist suggests is the Messianic city--that is clear in the context of all his other statements you quoted in the video.  How can anyone possibly believe he was a true pope, a "Marian" pope, or, most unbelievable of all, a "Saint"?!


Spanish Law


“Spanish law mandates LGBT indoctrination for Catholic schools and families”




Interesting facts... Vermontian drug abusers who sought treatment increased from 650 to 7,500 persons in a mere 5 year span... That's an overwhelming increase.  This shows that recreational drug use is one of the many massive gateways to the Satanic preternatural domination over souls. Clearly Satan is a tyrant and vice is a cruel mistress.  With seeming suicidal indifference the anti-God pagans are abusing weird drug concoctions. The void in their souls can be removed by God alone.


Christiana et Fidelis




Vermont high school to fly Black Lives Matter flag for the entire month of February – 1 minute video


"... In 2009, 12.6% of people [in Vermont] over 15 were divorced. This was the fifth highest percentage in the nation... Vermont leads US states with the highest rates of LGBT identification, at 5.3%. Its LGBT population density is second in the US only to the District of Columbia. Following national trends for opioid use which has roughly tripled, addicts seeking treatment in Vermont have increased from 650 in 2011 to 7,500 in 2016."


Benoit Gallez




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I don’t think I have every listened to a more in-depth, well researched explanation on anything before. Your use of video showing his stating one thing then saying something completely different, along with the use of scripture and using it in context were thorough and easy to understand. I have followed Anderson off and on for many years… I was also beginning to believe in his interpretation of once saved, you can even murder or continue on sin. We are to love the Lord with all our strength, mind and spirit. Christ said if you love me you will keep my commands. We are to pick up the Cross daily and follow him… Thank You. God bless. This was an eye opener and one that may have saved my soul


Brian Dietrich


MHFM: We’re glad that you viewed the video.  To be saved you need to embrace the one true faith of Christ, the traditional Catholic faith.  The material explains how to do that: the steps to convert.  It also explains what is happening in Rome now. 


Euthanasia Netherlands


“Elderly Woman Resists Being Euthanized When She Sees The Needle, So Her Family Held Her Down”


Christian (Catholic) Europe is gone...






“University to spend $28k on renovations for new LGBTQ Center”




Why Hell Must Be Eternal (new edition) 


Thank God I found the true traditional faith!


Zach Jefson




Man Fired By UK Government Body For Saying There Are “Only Two Genders”


I believe we're living in the post-truth era predicted by the Apostle in 2 Timothy 4.


Rafael Centeio




Hello Bro. Dimond,


My name is Loretta and I view your videos often and have read some the materials that I have purchased from your website. 


I have the upmost appreciation for the work that you do and all the time you put into researching the material. You have opened my eyes to what I should have known years ago but like all sleeping catholics, I allowed myself to be guided down the wrong path.  After many years of being a church goer of the wrong mass, I have decided to leave the Novus Ordo…


God Bless you.


Warm Regards,


Loretta Gallegos




MHFM: We hope to post a new video soon.


To Convert


Dear MHFM Brothers,

My name is Devan and I called… and asked about the sspx and so forth. I’d like to convert and receive correct sacraments. What am I to do? 

God bless.



Man Fired By UK Government Body For Saying There Are “Only Two Genders”


Disgraceful! Imagine firing someone for stating a biological fact about gender! The culture is in complete chaos!


Sean K




Google Home Censors Jesus Christ


This is really relevant, because Google (and its services) are really the lens used for most people to get their information... If they can manipulate the first results of our searches in order to favor one view in detriment of another opposing view, this can certainly color people's perceptions…




Truly Horrible


Man Fired By UK Government Body For Saying There Are “Only Two Genders”




Google Home Censors Jesus Christ




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary 


Fantastic, thank you…


Theodore Mozeleski




Abomination: Vatican Issues Stamp Of Heretic Martin Luther!


Please help! I was born an Eastern Orthodox Christian. How do I convert to traditional Catholicism? I don't want to burn in Hell! Thank you!


Alex Smith


MHFM: You need to become convinced on all the issues (i.e. all the teachings of the Catholic Church and that the Vatican II Sect is not Catholic) and follow these steps to convert.  Eastern 'Orthodoxy' is definitely not true Christianity, but heresy.  You should also be praying the Hail Mary many times in the day.  You should begin to pray the Rosary daily.  Eventually you should be praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.





My name is Noah, I am not a catholic but am looking to become one. In a video of yours (about the Heretical Apostate « mother » Teresa) you suggested to someone to pray 15 decades on their rosary every day. I have been trying to do 5 daily, for guidance from Holy Mother Mary and her Son our Christ, would 15 help me more? I need guidance as I have learned through scripture and reason that there may not be salvation outside of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Would the 15 decades help me more? How does praying the same thing over 50 or a 150 times help more than praying it once?

I also presume that praying the luminous mysteries is not useful as they were introduced by a false pope. I have not done them ever yet because I was confused about them not being given by Mary to someone. 

Thank you,


MHFM: Yes, praying more of it will help you greatly.  You should also say the Hail Mary prayer itself frequently (many times in the day).  It will give you important graces to accept the truth and move toward conversion.  It's necessary for salvation to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that: Steps to Convert.  Thus, when you convert you must not join the Vatican II Sect.


You should not say the Luminous Mysteries.  Also, you need to be convinced of the dogma Outside the Church There Is No Salvation to become a true Catholic.  This file also covers important terms and principles: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.




Antipope Francis says that God cannot do all things 


Everyone that I've shown your videos to has left the blasphemous Novus Ordo organization, and embraced the Traditional Catholic Church.  You MHFM are doing the work of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray for your blessed monastery every day.


Jose Luis


Diabolical Hypocrite & Heretic


The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN


You’re a crazy lunatic and a Pharisee! You have no right to condemn someone to hell or that their bad! Woe to you! Snake of the pit speaking with the devils tounge, woe to you and I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! She was one of the finest women I ever knew and truly good and would never judge you!!!!! Viper!


Anna Marie Holmberg


MHFM: No, you are just a liar and a heretic who rejects the facts and the teaching of the Church that’s right in front of your face.  Typical of diabolical heretics, you are also a stunning hypocrite.  In the very same paragraph in which you vehemently argue that one cannot judge another person to be bad or declare that person to be on the road to Hell, you call us “viper”, “snake”, “lunatic” and “Pharisee”.  You also say that we speak with the “devils [sic] tounge [sic]”.  You also pronounce a judgment/condemnation when you write: “woe to you.”  Hence, your argument that one must not declare someone else to be evil or on the road to perdition is refuted by your own foolish words.  You are a dishonest abomination, a liar, and a heretic on the road to Hell.  You hate the truth, and you hate the teaching of the Catholic Church.  You can't refute even one point made in the video.  The video proves that Mother Angelica was sadly an apostate who accepted heresies and religious indifferentism.  She was not a fine woman, but an evil one like you. 


Secret Society


High ranking members of the FBI would reportedly hold meetings as part of a special secret society – 3 minute video


The 'Acta Sancta Sedis' of July 13th, 1865 summarizes masonic activity thus: "If one takes into consideration the immense development which these secret societies have attained; their furious aggressiveness; the tenacity with which their members cling to the association, and to the false principles it professes; the persevering mutual cooperation of so many different types of men in the promotion of evil; one can hardly deny that the 'Supreme Architect' of their association (seeing that the cause must be proportionate to the effect) can be none other than he who in the sacred writings is styled the Prince of this World; and that Satan himself, even by his physical cooperation, directs and inspires at least the leaders of these bodies, physically cooperating with them."


Christiana et Fidelis




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Awesome video. It's beyond comprehension that some people are this perverted as to believe in that garbage nefarious heresy.


F and M




“Muslim converts… to Francis: ‘If Islam is a good religion…as you seem to teach, why did we become Catholic?’”


... Antipope Francis fully accepts and promotes religious indifferentism...






Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid 


Thank you for this video. I know God led me to MHFM's website. I was born in 1996.  Do I need to be baptized by a priest that was ordained pre-1968 for a valid baptism?  And if this is a valid baptism do I need to confess mortal sins of my 21 years?


Colin Tinker


MHFM: We’re glad you came across the material.  A heretic can validly baptize, provided he observes proper matter, form, etc.  However, a conditional baptism is generally recommended when people come from Protestantism or the Novus Ordo, as the material explains.  Steps to Convert.  One must agree on all the issues before receiving a sacrament.  We also recommend that you pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  With regard to confession, the answer is yes.  Following the conditional baptism, a general confession of any mortal sins that were committed after the first potentially valid baptism should be made to a validly ordained priest.  It should include the mention of denials of dogma, sacrileges, etc. that might have occurred when one was in the Novus Ordo.




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I'm blown by the work you've done my friend. Although I am not catholic, I do agree that there are many evil "pastors" who use weak people to enrich themselves. From Benny hinn to this monster. Well done man. God bless.


Joey Taplin


MHFM: We're glad you liked the video.  Please consult more of the material.  It shows that the traditional Catholic faith is the one true faith of Christ.  It’s necessary for salvation to embrace it.  Further, the material explains what is happening in Rome now.  Biblical Proof For Catholicism




“U.S. Catholic Bishop refuses to join local March for Life because speaker supports death penalty”


Pseudo-bishop Anthony… is a manifest heretic by omission and commission many times over.  He opposes justice by claiming horrible criminals should not receive justice for their wickedness, if they are no longer committing crime.


Christiana et Fidelis




Dear Brother Dimond,


I don't want to bore you with my background and story, I'm sure you have plenty of emails to respond to. I just watched a video on youtube of yours where you conclude the king james bible is not the preserved word of God. Thank you for your content. If possible can you tell me how to find out what God wants me to do if there are no bible versions for me to read? I only speak english and I come from a Muslim background (non practicing) and so everything christian/catholic is very new to me. I have so far only read the king james bible up to the end of exodus. I have learned many new things just by reading to this point but I'll admit I have also been trying to watch youtube to understand the trinity and I really don't understand how that works at all.


I appreciate any help you can offer…





MHFM: Hello.  We’re glad that you are looking at the material.  You may read a Bible.  The point of the video was that the King James is not a perfect translation and that the manuscripts it was translated from are not perfect.  However, the preservation of the New Testament far surpasses any other text of antiquity in terms of the age of the manuscripts that we possess and the number we possess, even though the copies we have are not perfect in every detail (e.g. there are some manuscript variants, etc., which are extremely minor in almost every case).  The minor errors or variations in manuscripts (which were the result of hand-copying of parts of the text prior to the invention of the printing press) must be distinguished from the autographs or original writings of the Bible, which were inspired by God and inerrant.  God has preserved his true word/teaching in the copies of the Scriptures we do possess, the true tradition of His Church, and the teaching of the Church He established, the Catholic faith.  You should read the Gospels.  We offer a Bible, a Catechism, etc. 


It's necessary for your salvation to embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  It is the one true faith of God.  Also, you should change your name from Mohammed right away, as he was a demonic false prophet and one of the most wicked men in history. 


Further, you need to start praying the Hail Mary many times in the day.  (Prayer attached.)  It will give you important graces to see the truth and move toward conversion. 




“U.S. Catholic Bishop refuses to join local March for Life because speaker supports death penalty”


This clown dressed up as Bishop... God does decree the death penalty on several passages of the Bible for certain transgressions.  But what could one expect from a member of the Vatican II troupe… passing as clergymen?






“U.S. Catholic Bishop refuses to join local March for Life because speaker supports death penalty”


Another example of a 'V2' sect member obstinately opposing the constant teaching of the Apostolic Church.


Rachel R




“U.S. Catholic Bishop refuses to join local March for Life because speaker supports death penalty”


... Individuals like this made me realize that leaving the novus ordo sect is like escaping from a house fire only to watch the structure collapse from a safe distance. The novus ordo is collapsing.






Subject: Disgrace – “Deacon” Wearing Dog Head Mask At N.O. “Mass”




Saw an NFL reporter joyfully reporting that a N.O. "deacon" was delivering the "dogma" from the pulpit while wearing a dog mask in preparation for the NFL playoff game this weekend involving the Philadelphia Eagles. Par for the disgraceful course. Absolutely no shame…






“U.S. Catholic Bishop refuses to join local March for Life because speaker supports death penalty”




“Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword. For I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man's enemies shall be they of his own household.  He that loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loves son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.” - Matthew 10:34-37


Intense truth.






Antipope Francis’ Bombshell Interview 


I've learned so much from watching your videos and reading your articles.  There's no other Catholic group around producing educational material like MHFM, that's really impacting people's lives.  Thank you and God bless you.


Joe B




Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!  


Another amazing video…


Karen Bartlett


Colossians 2:12


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Subtle LIE at 29:05. It quotes Col.2:12 as saying "....raised with him through THE FAITH". That is NOT what it says. It says through YOUR faith...FAITH IS THE MECHANISM...which of course what Catholicism HATES. Instead they use "the faith" in an attempt to make it appear to be the body of Catholic teaching. That is NOT what it is speaking of.


Tim Spangler


MHFM: You don't know what you are talking about.  The Greek of Colossians 2:12 says δι τς πίστεως, which means "through the faith".  Thus our citation was completely accurate.  You are a liar and in heresy.




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


The Vatican church knows about molesting, etc. they pay millions of dollars to… their victims.


Jerry Burns


MHFM: That’s the Vatican II Sect, not the Catholic Church, as the material explains.


Creation Science


Subject: Creation Science



I have recently become convinced by people like Walt Brown, Johnathan Wells, Kent Hovind, and Brother Michael that the world is, in fact, young. This is the final change in opinion of mine that I have gone through over the last few months. I was a fairly devout Vatican II Catholic and then I came across your YouTube channel. It took me quite a while to become convinced on the sedevacantism issue, mostly because of bad will on my part. Shortly after being convinced on that I became convinced on the other positions your monastery takes. First it was [the absolute necessity of water baptism], next I rejected NFP, then I agreed with you that the new rite of priestly ordination was invalid, then that the new mass is invalid. The final issue I have become convinced on is the issue of a young earth. I was just wondering if you think that young earth creationism is necessary for salvation? It has never been defined by the magisterium, so that would seem to indicate maybe a true catholic could reject it in good faith, but also it's so obvious from a face value reading of the scriptures that maybe it's effectively a denial of the inspiration of scripture? Anyways, I'd like to know if young earth creationism is necessary for salvation and your reasons why yes or no? 





“VP of German Bishops Conference wants to bless homosexual couples”


Apostasy and Heresy.


Kenneth McKechnie




Antipope Francis Performs “Mid-Air Wedding Ceremony” For Flight Attendants On Plane – 51 second video


The weird and very casual "who am I to judge" antipope doing a..."quick fix" marriage in the air.


Lou Nansen


No Idea


“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies 


I had no idea he preached this stuff.


James Pilrose




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


I must say, this is incredibly eye opening.


Holly Keefer




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This video was very nicely put together and clearly represents the product of careful research and unquestionable accuracy.


Christopher Burton




Thanks to the videos at the vaticancatholic.com youtube channel, I left the end times counter church and the Novus ordo mass. I'm 17 and still very new to the sedevacantist position. So I'm still trying to educate myself. But I am thankful to God, if it weren't for the videos you guys put out I would probably not be a true christian and undoubtedly would be going to hell...


Ernesto Morales




Subject: Converting Protestant


God has called me to cease 'protesting' recently. However after viewing your videos, I'm not sure what to look for in a Catholic church that would indicate it is not following the 'new mass.' Can you give advice? thank you, in Christ,




Is Not


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


Outstanding documentary. It definitively proves how the post Vatican II counter church, is not the same Church that our Lord Jesus Christ established, the Traditional Catholic Church.




New Church


Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy 


Astounding! The veil being lifted, there is no doubt that the Vatican 2 Antipopes and Francis have willingly excommunicated themselves from the Holy Roman Church together with their followers. They have formed a new church and a new religion that is wholly antichrist in spirit and truth. Traditional Catholics have never before witnessed such open rebellion against Almighty God by these wicked and impious men who deliberately mislead souls - true servants of Satan! The powerful anathematization of the Church upon those who willingly disobey and rebel diabolically against the sacred teachings and declarations of Holy Church is already upon them…


Louisa N




What Francis Really Believes (4th edition) 


He’s loving his enemy...the most difficult commandment of all. God Bless this planet.


Jose Garcia


MHFM: No, he's not.  It is not charitable to teach people lies and heresies, or present a false salvation message that leads people into sin and Hell.  Antipope Francis approves mortal sin and he endorses false religions.  He teaches religious indifferentism, notorious heresies and a false salvation message.  True charity is to inform non-Catholics that there is only one path to happiness and Heaven: embrace the true faith of Jesus Christ and the Church which He established (the Catholic Church) and live the life of grace.  Since Antipope Francis teaches people lies, indifferentism and a false gospel, he proves that he hates his neighbors.  You are quite blind at this time.  You are in heresy and on the road to Hell.


Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos #9, Jan. 6, 1928: “Everyone knows that John himself, the Apostle of love, who seems to reveal in his Gospel the secrets of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and who never ceased to impress on the memories of his followers the new commandment ‘Love one another,’ altogether forbade any intercourse with those who professed a mutilated and corrupt form of Christ’s teaching: ‘If any man come to you and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into the house nor say to him: God speed you.’ (II John 10)… The foundation of charity is faith pure and undefiled…”




Homosexuality and Logical Standards 


Much of the Western world is promoting the wicked ways of homosexuality, but Traditional Catholics are well aware that the Holy Bible completely condemns homosexuality.






The Best Bible Passage to Refute Once Saved Always Saved and Faith Alone 


Concise, poignant, and irrefutable. Excellent video. God bless!


Kyle of Canada




Antipope Francis awards architect of safe-abortion fund “pontifical honor”


She is no more a commander in the holy Order through the pretended conference by Antipope Francis than he is a pope. More mockery by the demonic, pro-infanticide 'V2' sect.






Amazing Evidence For God


Praise God.  Your inspiring and moving videos have reinforced my Christian Faith, and confirm that I made the right decision in leaving Protestantism, and becoming a Traditional Catholic.


Ex Protestant




“School Agrees To Pay $800,000 After Transgender Student Born Female Is Denied Use Of Boys’ Bathrooms”


This is nothing less than a government-endorsed extortion racket that is becoming more successful and lucrative by the day.


One would think that lunatic liberals would simply live and let die. But no, like the big hypocrites they are they have to bully everyone around in order to make them comply with their demands (no matter how outrageous), bow to their new dogmas and share in their madness.






CNN Praises MLK For Being A Socialist “Before It Was Cool”


King was a communist and a degenerate who loved neither Christ nor His Church...






Abomination: Vatican Issues Stamp Of Heretic Martin Luther!


The Netflix movie about Luther shows the heretic, Luther-supporter, Timothy Dolan pleasurably animating Luther’s hate, disgust and embarrassment for the One Holy and Apostolic Church. Like Luther, Dolan is an extremist and a heretic who is brainwashed and thereby led into mortal sin by the teachings of Luther via Vatican II Rome, that he believes to be the Roman Catholic Church of Christ. These and other heresies start from Rome and run down into the seminaries where they are then taught in the parish churches and schools throughout the world. 

The “new, young, traditional priests” that are being sold to “conservative Catholics” are other Luthers. They should be tested by the “faithful” but how can they test them when they don’t know enough truth themselves?


How can a billion “Catholics” be so deceived? They can when they don’t know the dogmas of the Faith. How can that be possible? It can be when they refuse to acknowledge their ignorance and study the Doctrines of the Faith and research the encyclicals and teachings of anything that comes BEFORE Vatican II… Because they have been indoctrinated ONLY in the teachings of Vatican II...


Jane Todd




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Such a great video, Protestantism is horrible.


Hauser Mcclouvinn




“School Agrees To Pay $800,000 After Transgender Student Born Female Is Denied Use Of Boys’ Bathrooms”


This is disgraceful...




Ireland, Abortion and Antipope Francis


Subject: Ireland, Abortion and Antipope Francis


Dear Brothers,


It is proposed by the Government of Ireland to hold a referendum later this year to legalize abortion, unrestricted up to 12 weeks. A referendum is necessary to legalize abortion because the right to life is enshrined in our Constitution, in which is also enshrined that all power and authority comes from the Blessed Trinity. (See extract below). It is important to understand also that Ireland is a Republic, where the People are Sovereign i.e. with no authority over them only God…


With that in mind, the People are being asked to vote for and pay for the killing of children even though the ethos of the Constitution is Christian so even if the vote for abortion succeeds the Constitution cannot condone mortal sins. But, recently the newspapers reported that they will hold off on a date for the abortion referendum until after Francis’ planned visit to Ireland, presumably so that he can “explain” to the Irish people how voting for abortion is a Catholic obligation.  If the vote succeeds, Ireland will be the first country in the world where the People themselves as opposed to the politicians or a Supreme Court have voted for murdering children and Ireland will be the first country where the People will pay for all abortions.


CONSTITUTION OF IRELAND    Bunreacht na hÉireann




In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity, from Whom is all authority and to Whom, as our final end, all actions both of men and States must be referred, We, the people of Éire, Humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ...


Thank you for all your great work,




Horrible Apostasy


Fox News contributor and analyst “Father” Jonathan Morris held interfaith service after Bronx fire – 28 second video


What a disgusting apostate. This is why I despise (from a spiritual and human-respect sense) the world we live in. There is only respect for togetherness and inclusiveness with the novus ordo, and nothing for Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Steven Coronado


MHFM: Yes, it is appalling.  That's the true evil of the Vatican II apostasy on display: a false 'priest' choosing to hold an abominable interfaith service with infidels, pagans and heretics - thereby endorsing idolatry.  He is following the model of Antipope John Paul II and the apostate antipopes.  Morris is a prime example of how apostate Novus Ordo 'priests' are little more than social workers. 




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This video has tons of detailed information!... I look forward to watching and studying more videos and information.


George Smith


The Apostasy


What Francis Really Believes (4th edition) 


This is an excellent, fact-finding presentation.  It brilliantly details the apostasy of antipope Francis.






“VP of German Bishops Conference wants to bless homosexual couples”


Satan, the most abominable reprobate of them all! He wants to make the unnatural and absurd a 'reality' and have it accepted by human society as a "third source of revelation." He is the 'V2' sect's master.






“Francis-appointed cardinal: Pope could ‘name a woman cardinal’”


All of mankind is witnessing Almighty God's patience and love as these abominations are allowed to continue in the end-times counter-church. Let us all make the best use of the time…






Pro-lifers furious New Mexico attorney general won’t investigate baby parts sales


This man's page on "wikipedia" (a widely discredited and anti-Christian rag that lies passionately and loves false religions) refers to him as "a practicing Catholic".  He is a notorious, practicing apostate… His soul? A nesting place for demonic forces… The child killing business is founded on an anti-Sixth and anti-Ninth Commandment atmosphere…


Christiana et Fidelis



This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


EU parliament is modeled on the tower of babel…




The Hail Mary/Rosary


Subject: The Hail Mary/Rosary


Hello Most Holy Family Monastery, 


I have been following your advice to frequently pray the Hail Mary. I have stopped committing a mortal sin that I had been committing for years. I believe that my delivery from this sin was the result of praying the Hail Mary because I only found the willpower to stop after I started to pray. 


Does Most Holy Family Monastery offer rosaries? I do not currently have one but I know how important the Rosary is. Since I grew up in a non-Catholic household I have never prayed a Rosary in my life and I definitely want to start. 


Thank you for all your hard work, 




MHFM: We’re glad to hear that you started to pray the Hail Mary frequently and that you stopped committing a mortal sin.  It’s crucial that you follow through, become convinced on all the issues, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith: Steps to Convert.  This is how to pray the Rosary.  With regard to obtaining a rosary, if you place an order and mention that you need a rosary, we will include one.




I recently watched, on youtube.com, Brother Peter have a conversation with an Assembly of God minister.  Initially I thought Brother Peter was rude but as the video progressed I saw that everything he was saying was truth and it really spoke to my own situation.  

I was born, raised, and baptized Catholic (not a good Catholic....no rosary beads or confession).  Around fourteen I fell away from the Church completely.  When I was a seventeen or eighteen I began reading the Bible (king james version) and I was terrified that my actions would be judged.  I instantly repented and pursued God feverishly.  No more than a month later I met the Pastor of a local Baptist Church (whilst shopping at a Grocery store).  He invited me to his church.

I have been a bible reading protestant ever since.  I was brainwashed into the faith only doctrine as well as sola scriptura.  My actions...however, have fallen away from the Lord more and more since I was "saved".  This should have been a red flag.

Six months ago, I started watching a youtube channel… He claims to 'hate' religion and be unaffiliated with any Church.  His only concern was following the teachings of Jesus.  He spoke to me a lot.  I read all of the Parables and Gospels again and he was right… God WILL judge our good deeds and bad deeds…

Now...here is where you come in...I saw your video with the protestant and it opened my eyes that Catholicism is the only true faith… The Protestants spend so much time speaking ill of Catholics that i never considered Catholicism as a path to the true God…

My questions to you is...how can I find a church or confess to a priest of the old original order?  I live in Rochester new york...i am very afraid of the truths that I think you have uncovered...Now that I have come back to the real Church I am praying that it is STILL the real church...and not just a evil church.

Thank you




MHFM: We’re glad that you found the material and that you are convinced you need to embrace Catholicism.  God wants you to embrace the Catholic faith.  As the material explains, one must become a traditional Catholic to be saved.  The steps to convert are here: Steps to Convert.  It’s also important to begin to pray the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  How to do so is here.  We also recommend that you obtain a catechism from our online store and that you read this file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.


Soon you should be praying 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  There are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  Thus, you should stay at home on Sundays, become convinced on all the issues, follow the steps to convert, be praying each day, undergo a conditional baptism if necessary, and then we can help you with where to go to confession (and the guidelines are covered in the filed linked above).



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