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E-Exchanges on various issues


*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*


New Article Posted


MHFM: This is an important new article.  It explains how we are seeing another fulfillment of apocalyptic prophecy about the Beast and the Whore of Babylon right now.


Antipope Francis Appoints Pro-Homosexual Activist And The Counter Church Expresses Apocalyptic Wonder (new article)


Look at This


MHFM: A day after we published the new article, which explains how the Apocalypse prophesies the wonder and shock of false conservatives and others as they follow the Beast, a false conservative organization – an organization that’s a prime example of the false conservatives who follow the Whore and the Beast – publishes an article quoting its co-founder stating:


“For decades now, he continued, pro-life and pro-family activists have always felt that they could rely on the Vatican to provide clarity and support, even when they might have lacked support in their own parishes and dioceses.  But many have been left feeling uncertain in the wake of the obscure statements and signals in recent years.  ‘We have sometimes been shocked by things that we have heard,’ he said.  He highlighted the pope’s statement in an interview shortly after his election, in which the pontiff said that Catholics should not speak about the issues of abortion, contraception, and homosexuality ‘all the time.’”




From our new article: “They are shocked to see what’s transpiring in Rome and what it has spread throughout Europe and to the rest of the world.  They simply can’t explain or understand it, and they don’t know where it’s all headed.  They can only wonder with astonishment and amazement, and think: ‘What in the world is going on?  It’s as if the ‘Catholic Church’ has gone pagan.  Why is this happening?’…


Since the false conservatives and false traditionalists who follow the Great Harlot are unable to see the truth of the situation with the eyes of faith, they are left shocked, bewildered, disturbed, and awestruck to see allegedly Catholic Rome acting like pagan Rome under the Roman Empire.  They are at a loss to explain what’s happening.  They are hopeless and uninformed – through their own fault and their own resistance to the truth.  They wonder as they follow the Beast.  




Subject: “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner Dies Of A Heart Attack – What Catholics Should Think Of Him (article)


"Fr" Gruner was, from inside out, a very very wicked man who walked the path of evil, deceived his followers, supported the antichrist (John Paul II), wrongly professed to be a valid priest, endorsed anti-Catholic Vatican II and more.  Day after day and year after year, Mr Gruner threw a bouquet of flowers at evil men who claimed to be the pope…






MHFM: This is another sad example of the transformation of Europe.


Vienna’s ‘gay’-themed traffic signals to stay permanently


Catholic vs. Lutheran Questions


Subject: Catholic vs. Lutheran Questions for You


Dear Brothers,


I have stumbled across your YouTube videos this week, and let me just start by saying that I am currently a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. I just finished watching your documentary on Justification and I felt a strong desire to contact you. There are many things about my synod (doctrinal-speaking) that I don't a.) agree with and b.) understand completely. I do know that we agree with your teaching against the Baptists' "Once Saved, Always Saved" teaching. When I heard the Baptist ministers preaching that you could be a bank robber, or kill someone, and still be saved my jaw hit the floor. Are they actually teaching that?? 


Anyway, to make a long story short, half of my family is Catholic, though I fear they may be in the Vatican II Sect...but my question is, how can I know? And moreover, I'd like to talk to a priest that shares your views of Catholic, the Traditional Catholic views that you speak of on your website and YouTube channel. Is that something I can get at any Catholic church, or can you perhaps give me a listing of churches/parishes that may be in my area or close to me that I can visit? 


Blessings to you in your ministry. Thank you so much for your time.


Eric Mortl


MHFM: Eric, we're glad that you came across the information.  If you watch some more of our videos, you will get the full picture of what's happening.  We recommend watching these videos right away, but obviously there are many others that will explain what has happened.


Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?

The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition) – An Overview of the Entire Vatican II Apostasy

The Bible Proves The Papacy


With regard to your family, if they acknowledge Francis as pope, attend the local English 'Mass', or recognize the local diocese, they are following the Vatican II sect.  The traditional Catholic views (i.e. the positions of the true faith) are held by people all over the world, but there aren't local churches where you can just show up and find a priest who is fully Catholic.  (There are places to receive certain sacraments, however.)  We are in the prophesied Great Apostasy.  That's what the first video above covers, as well as many other things on our website and in our videos.  It's crucial that you look into this information, become convinced, and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  It's the one true faith, and it's absolutely necessary for salvation to have it.  You felt a strong desire to contact us because God is giving you the grace to see that the information we put out is true.


You should also begin to pray to God for the grace to see the true faith of Christ.  If you are sincere in praying for that intention, God will give you the grace to recognize that the Catholic faith is the one true faith of Christ, and that we are putting out the truth.  We also recommend that you begin to pray the Hail Mary about ten times a day (prayer attached).  If so, you will get powerful graces to embrace the truth. 


When you get a rosary, you should follow this file on how to pray it: How to Pray the Rosary [PDF].  Here are the steps to convert:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic Faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


It's crucial that you look into this information and act upon it.  We're glad that you watched the video and contacted us.


Conversion, General Confession


Subject: General Confession after Conversion to the true Catholic Faith


Dear Brothers,


I have been making my general confessions since 1984 to validly ordained priests of the Society of Saint Pius X when I went in with lists of all my past sins and confessed all those sins seeking and being granted absolution.


Now that I have recently converted and reject all the apostates after Pius XII and agree with yourselves on all the issues, including the dogma “Outside the Church there is No Salvation” (without exception) and no NFP, I would like to know, in the light of the heretical deviations from the Faith by the SSPX in which I myself believed until recently, whether I have to go over all those confessions again?


Thank you for your excellent work, Brothers.



Peadar (Ireland)


MHFM: It’s great to hear that you agree.  The answer to your question is this: if someone was not denying the facts of Catholic teaching, but operating faithfully while simply unware of aspects of what’s happening, and then became fully convinced once he saw the truth (for example, the information we put out), then no, it would not be necessary to re-confess grave sins (if there were any) that have already been confessed to a valid priest, unless there was some other defect in the confession that rendered it invalid (such as deliberately withholding a grave sin.)


However, if someone was in fact resisting or denying Catholic teaching in one or more ways, or adhering to heretical positions in the face of the facts, then yes, in that case, any and all mortal sins committed in one’s life after baptism (including those previously confessed to a valid priest while one was denying or resisting the truth of Catholic teaching) should be re-confessed in a general confession.  If someone is not sure, then it’s safer to just make the general confession now that one understands the full truth. 


“Fr.” Timothy Radcliffe


Subject: “Fr.” Timothy Radcliffe




Your recent article on ‘Fr.’ Timothy Radcliffe is quite remarkable.  The latest possible convert and cheerleader for the Vatican II Sect is Raul Castro of Cuba after his "wondrous" visit with anti-pope Francis.  People of the world are drinking the "New Wine" and are caught up in a drunken stupor…




Deuteronomy 29:4; And the Lord hath not given you a heart to understand, and eyes to see, and ears that may hear, unto this present day.


God Bless,

Tom Miles




Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the valuable insight into the false methodology of "baptism of desire" and "invincible ignorance" heretics.  The notion that all one needs to believe for salvation is that God exists and that He is a rewarder is astoundingly blasphemous.  One need only to think how many Church councils, encyclicals and other writings have been issued by the Magisterium or Church men to see how important and critical precision and thoroughness is in holding the Catholic faith.  In characteristic shallowness, many atheists also believe someone is a "Christian" or "Catholic" merely because a person claims they are.  A mere claim is not proof.  A person proves their faith by professing the Catholic faith whole and inviolate and by living in accord with Catholic faith and morals…

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


‘Bishop’ of Metz


Subject: Outrageous ‘Mass’ of the ‘Bishop’ of Metz


Dear Brothers,


The videos and documents you're providing worldwide are excellent, and after having viewed a lot of them, I need to thank you for all you efforts and tell you that it is not in vain: you really convinced me. So thank you very much for what you're doing, God bless you.


A friend of mine let me know that the Bishop of Metz (east of France), recently celebrated a very special "mass"... I think this one should make a great entrance in the top 10 of the most anti-catholic so-called masses: This event literally took place on a carousel, and children brought the bread and the wine... in a bumper car!...


Stunning... Thanks again.


God bless,


Christophe Foltzenlogel





MHFM: We are currently working on three major new videos.  Such projects take quite a bit of time.  As a result, there have not been as many updates to our website as there were.  We ask people to be patient with the website updates as these videos are completed.  However, we will continue to update the website (e.g. E-Exchanges, News, etc.) basically daily.


‘Transgender’, Girl Scouts, Manager


Subject: Girl Scouts Now Welcoming ‘Transgender’ Boys


I encountered my first 'transgender' at a store the other day. He was a manager and was in full female attire down to makeup, earrings and lipstick. I was in shock! I noticed that he could not look us in the eye… He had this very dark spirit about him and you could tell he was sinister. It is so sad that society is following lucifer and promoting his agenda and all these poor souls are going to be lost. Every day I try to be so careful to think before I act and to keep myself as close to Mother Mary as possible and then you see all this sin around you and they just love it and think they are above you because they accept every sin out there. Disgusting.






Subject: Sacrament Options for a convinced Catholic on all issues


Hello Brothers of the Most Holy Family Monastery,


I am a traditional Catholic Man who has recently become thoroughly convinced on the issues of BoD and NFP.  I have been a 'traditional' Catholic for about 2 years, and your videos and articles helped me convert, although I wasn't at the time convinced of the rejection of NFP and BoD, but I became a sedevacantist.  For about a year now, I have thought about BoD/Invincible Ignorance and whether it was Catholic or heresy.  In the past couple of months I have firmly come to the conclusion that both BoD and NFP are wrong...  And likewise I believe in the positions you have proven in all your other articles such as jurisdiction, Fr. Feeney's error on justification, Fatima, and where to receive the sacraments, which is what I would like to discuss with you.


In your articles regarding sacraments and priests, you usually say at the end, when you have become convinced of these issues you can contact us about where specifically you can receive sacraments from.  So I am hoping that you can help me, I pray my rosary every day, and on sundays in addition to praying I read the missal; but I have been trying to find out if there is somewhere I can receive sacraments from, if there is nothing near me I can accept that, but I hope with your help we can find somewhere where it will be licit for me to receive sacraments from.  


I am not sure if you prefer to talk on the phone or email, but I will give you information on myself right now, and if you would prefer to answer me by phone, that is okay with me, just email me that you want to do that.  I live in St. Louis County, MO… I hope that you can help me find somewhere to receive sacraments from, also if you believe there are no options in my area, if you know of places I can receive sacraments from that are within a day's driving distance (8 hours or so) I would be interested in you letting me know.  


May God Bless You,

J.T. D. 


MHFM: That’s great to hear.  It seems like you agree on all the issues.  We assume you also agree that one must not financially support any of the priests since they don't hold the proper positions.  What you could do is call here and/or apply the guidelines in this file to the options in your area.  As the file explains, there are few options for Communion but more for confession.


Where To Receive Sacraments (article)


Options for confession include: an old Novus Ordo priest ordained before 1968, who says: “I absolve you from your sins, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”; a priest ordained in the Eastern Rite; a non-imposing independent “traditional” priest; etc.  Also, the New Rite of Ordination is invalid.  It was instituted by the Vatican II sect on June 18, 1968.  Almost all diocesan (i.e., non-independent, non-Eastern Rite priests) ordained since that time were ordained in it.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest, once a person is prepared for confession.  To investigate potential options for confession, people can also look in their telephone books for “Catholic church” or “Eastern Catholic church” or “Byzantine Catholic church” (not “Orthodox”) listings in cities or towns in their area.  Looking up those churches, and calling them, might aid in a search for validly ordained priests (either ordained in the Eastern Rite or before 1968) to whom one might go to confession.  It’s also important to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day (if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.




Subject: Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 




Excellent video. And Protestants are of such bad will that they don't realize that they contradict themselves. They included the Athanasian Creed in the Lutheran Confessions. Not only does this creed declare that one must hold the Catholic faith undefiled to be saved, but it also refutes Sola Fide in two quotes: "At His (Christ) coming, all people will rise again with their bodies and give an account concerning their own DEEDS."


"And those who have DONE good will enter into eternal life, and those who have DONE evil into eternal fire."


Lutherans and other Protestants are of such bad will that they ignore these quotes of the creed that they themselves included in the Lutheran Confessions. They are willfully denying the most important doctrine in the Christian faith and Hell awaits them.




SSPX Priests


Subject: SSPX priests


No one who values their soul should attend the SSPX Chapel at Foys Lake in Montana… In a conversation with an SSPX priest, I asked; 'how can anyone maintain that the current magisterium is the [authority] of the Church of Christ when they lead people into sinful practices like attending other 'churches' and receiving so called sacraments at these?'  I mentioned Pope Leo XIII's encyclical that states that… heresy severs one from the Church. I was told by an SSPX priest that Francis is not a heretic, that he does not commit heresy, and that he takes his ordination from Francis and without that he would not be a priest.

I was also told that Francis was just like a bad father leading his children into sin but he must still be respected and followed.

I was told that 'who am I to judge'… This priest would not absolve anyone who was not in agreement that Francis was a pope.  So he is not an option for confession.  He wouldn't talk with me any further when I started to relate the Arian crisis and the Catholic lay person's reaction to the Nestorius which was to say 'we have no bishop'.  So I had to leave.

I was quite honestly so stunned by his blatantly non Catholic answers at the time but upon reflection I realized that he was blaspheming… when he rejects the truth… These wolves in sheep's clothing are leading the masses just like the Novus Ordo 'priests' to the slaughter and in just the same ways; the 'You Can't Judge' heresy.  They just put on more traditional garb but are as dangerous to people's souls… this evil den of vipers…

To Jesus, and Blessed Mary, I pray that they wake up to the truth before it is too late. Thank you MHFM, for your hard work to bring the Truth to light.


Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne


MHFM: Yes, they are faithless and heretical, as this video proves: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups.  The sad truth is that the dominant reason most of them even enter the SSPX seminary is to achieve a certain status.  It’s about externals, status, and community.  Only a completely faithless and wicked person (with no love for God and no fidelity to the truths of faith) could assert that the utter apostate Francis is not a heretic in the face of the evidence presented.  The priest has no idea what he’s talking about, and he doesn’t want to learn the truth.  Moreover, as the aforementioned video discusses, the priest is definitely a schismatic (in addition to being a heretic) for demanding that people recognize Antipope Francis (in the face of the evidence proving that Francis has no authority) while he stubbornly refuses to spiritually communicate with Francis and his ‘bishops’. 


Luxembourg Gay ‘Marriage’


'Catholic' Luxembourg’s Prime Minister has a gay 'marriage' under the country’s new law


MHFM: The European leader's same-sex 'marriage' in Luxembourg (formerly a very Catholic country) is another manifestation of what's covered in these videos:


Is the World about to End? (2nd Edition)

The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


The Beast that Was, and Is Not (i.e. pagan, anti-Christian Europe under the Roman Empire) has returned in a new form (i.e. as pagan, anti-Christian Europe under the European Union).  And, of course, the veneration of the image of the pagan Roman king who claimed to be Lord and God and brought idolatry into the empire (i.e. John Paul II) is another aspect of the prophesied end-times Beast that mirrors the pagan Roman Empire.




Subject: Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


All I can say to that is WOW… Thank you.






MHFM: This is a short new post about certain points that were covered in our article on Van Noort’s book.  It’s important to remind people that the difference between those who hold the correct position on Baptism and salvation in our day and those who don’t (i.e. people who believe in ‘baptism of desire,’ ‘invincible ignorance’, etc.) frequently comes down to, and is often best defined by, a difference in methodology.  The article on Van Noort’s book also discusses (and refutes) what many supporters of BOD, I.I. etc. teach about ‘supernatural faith’.  Their position that ‘supernatural faith’ (which they define as simply believing that God exists and that He’s a rewarder) is sufficient for salvation denies Catholic dogma on the necessity of ‘Catholic faith’ for salvation.  To read more, click here:


Methodology (post)


The new post above discusses the article below:


The Revealing Heresies in Msgr. Van Noort’s Pre-Vatican II Dogmatic Theology Manual (article)




Subject: Marriage “Equality" Referendum in Ireland


Dear Brothers,


It has been said that about 80% of those who are voting in the upcoming "Marriage Equality" Referendum in Ireland scheduled for May 22nd of this month, which will legalize gay "marriage", are coming out in favor of it.  What an utter and total abomination this is.  The fact that this is even occurring or that it was even brought into question to begin with speaks of the complete apostasy not only of the people, but of the Vatican II sect and its apostate leaders in particular.  They say that Ireland is known for its many saints and scholars. However, in our day, it can only be known for its many apostates and perverts.


Yours in the Holy Family,

Kieran Stainsby


MHFM: Yes, this never could have happened without the apostasy of Europe led by the Vatican II sect.


Is the World about to End? (2nd Edition) (video)


Ireland and Gay “Marriage”


Dear Brothers,

As you may be aware there is an upcoming referendum here in Ireland planned for the 22nd May 2015 entitled the Marriage Equality Referendum, seeking to give equal legal marriage and family rights to Gay and Lesbian "couples" as to heterosexual couples. All of the Political Parties are strongly promoting a YES vote as is every television and radio station in the country. Even organisations such as the Garda Representative body GSOC, The Gaelic Athletic Association, The Industrial Development Authority etc etc have announced their support for a YES vote. A couple of poorly funded organizations, and only two… journalists it would appear are prepared and enabled to print anything in the newspapers that would resemble offering the truth about the proposed amendment to the Constitution. All support for a YES Vote is emotion/sympathy based. No debate of the core issues, no debate about the fact that the proposed wording of the amendment will actually create an absurdity in the article in the Constitution when read in the whole, an absurdity, and no debate about the impact of the amendment including entitling Gays to state funded gender change operations etc…




Funeral Mass?


I am a traditional roman catholic aged 85, and I am at a loss as to what I can do about my funeral mass, please can you help me.  I live in England.




MHFM: A Catholic may not have a heretical priest say a funeral Mass.  Since you cannot find a true Catholic priest to offer such a Mass, you would simply go without a funeral Mass.  You can just have someone give you a regular burial. 


But really, the focus should not be on whether you have a Mass offered for you after you are dead and judged.  The focus must be on whether you are in the state of grace now and whether you remain in that state.  As Jesus said:


Matthew 6:34- “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.


Luke 9:60- “And Jesus said to him, ‘Leave the dead to bury their own dead.  But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.’”


To die in the state of grace (which should be the primary focus of a Catholic) one must be convinced on all the issues and practice the traditional Catholic faith.  It’s also crucial to pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently. 




Subject: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Great presentation...keep opening eyes.


Quillan Burks, Sr.


Francis, Receiving


Subject: Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


Pope Francis looks more reverent and moved when he's embracing or receiving blessings from the clergy of other faiths than when he says Mass. When celebrating Mass, Francis appears to be insouciant and unaffected. Also, I've never heard him say a thing about Catholicism that could be considered even remotely illuminating. Instead, he panders to select audiences and then says some mundane thing that everyone already knows or SHOULD know. The crowds go wild. For what, I don't know.


Sandra Lavini


MHFM: He’s not the pope, and the ‘Mass’ he says is not a Mass.  That’s covered in the material.  An apostate such as Francis, who rejects converting atheists and Jews, can’t have any reverence for God.




Subject: Francis’ Apostasy in the Blue Mosque  (video)


He is flirting with every religion and cult. The Modern Vatican II Sect is not interested in converting people to the Catholic faith, they are acting like a secular charity from my experience.


Stacy Lynn


Was it Appropriate to Condemn Nicholas Gruner on the Day of His Death? - YES


Subject: “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner Dies Of A Heart Attack – What Catholics Should Think Of Him (article)


Vaticancatholic.com = crazy sedevacantist nuts. To spit on the memory of a good priest just the day after he died is really disgusting.


Rodrigo BC


MHFM: No, you don’t know what you are talking about.  If someone was indeed wicked (as Gruner was), it’s absolutely appropriate to criticize/condemn him on the day of his death.  We could post an article just on that point.  It’s the wisdom of the world, not the wisdom of God, which says that no one should speak negatively about a person on the day of his death – or that such a time is “not the appropriate time.”  The wisdom of the world is foolishness in the sight of God.


1 Cor. 3:19- “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight.”


That’s what you and numerous other false traditionalists (who don’t know God, don’t love Him, and don’t hate evil) repeat: the wisdom of the world.  It’s foolishness in His sight.


In fact, the day on which an influential and publicly wicked man dies (or just after) is one of the most important times on which to point out that he was not good.  For that’s when the person is in the news, or in people’s thoughts and commentaries.  It’s when so many misinformed and deceived people will be falsely stating that the person was good, or that his example is one to follow.  Therefore, it becomes necessary for a Catholic to ‘correct the record’ and point out that, no, he actually was not good.  That’s essential so that others do not follow his bad spiritual model of compromise, heresy, and dishonesty.  That’s especially true in the case of Gruner, who deceived so many ‘traditionalists’ and ‘conservatives’.  People also need to be reminded that the result of such evil deeds and compromise is spiritual death. (By the way, we also refuted Gruner, and pointed out his many problems, numerous times while he was alive.)


Moreover, typical of heretics, you don’t attempt to refute even one fact we bring forward on the issue.  That’s because you can’t.  If we debated someone about whether Gruner was evil, according to his actions and Catholic teaching, the other side would be crushed.  You can’t argue with any of the facts.  Your criticism is a pathetic, easily refuted ad hominem.  It simply demonstrates that you don’t care about the truths of faith Gruner denied, the way he lied, and the way he misled countless people about the current situation.  That’s the bottom-line: you (and so many like you) don’t care about the Catholic faith and faithfully presenting the truth.  You serve the world, and you spit on the truths of God.  False traditionalists, know this: As sure as there is a God in Heaven, Gruner was wicked.  We wish Gruner had chosen to be a different person, but he decided to be what he was.


However, if someone doesn’t care about consistency and honesty, then that person won’t recognize the truth in what we are saying about Gruner.  He won’t see it.


If being ‘ordained’ in the New Rite of Ordination (which is clearly invalid according to Catholic teaching) doesn’t bother you – and therefore whether a ‘priest’ actually offers a valid Mass doesn’t matter to you – then you won’t recognize the truth in what we are saying about Gruner.  If you don’t see the utter evil and mortal sin involved in accepting John Paul II as a ‘saint’ (explained here: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned), which Gruner led countless people to do, then you won’t recognize the truth in what we are saying about Gruner.  


If you don’t see a problem with failing to let people who attend the New Mass know that they must not go there, then you won’t see the truth in what we are saying about Gruner. 


In short, if you don’t care about the Catholic faith, and whether one hides the truth and lies, then you won’t see the truth in what we are saying about Gruner.  Since you don’t believe, you are unable to see things as they really are.  You are blind.  As a consequence, you repeat and embrace the lies of the world.  You echo the false narrative created by those who don’t know God or adhere to the faith.


St. Anselm, Doctor of the Church, Prosologion, Chap. 1: “For I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand.  For this also I believe, that unless I believed, I should not understand.”


Sadly, by defending him, in the face of the facts available to you, you prove that you are on the path to damnation and an enemy of God just like Gruner was.


Proverbs 17:15- “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.




Subject: CDC Report: 35,369 Vehicle Accident Deaths, 505 Gun Accident Deaths


Abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States. But the powers-that-be won't allow that statistic in any mainstream 'news' outlet they own since it suits their agenda that tens of millions, in the U.S. alone, have been killed since the Roe v. Wade travesty.






I have read many false-trads… pine for the death of Francis. It so pains them when he appoints liberal (even by V2 sect standards) "bishop" after liberal "bishop", that they write that they hope "The Lord calls him home soon". Even if a conservative form of the V2 religion were to somehow be considered true by them, do they not see their cause is doomed!? Remaining in the V2 sect and recognizing that always openly and unambiguously foul, diabolical, blaspheming wretch of an excuse for a man as pope, equates to remaining in a death funnel. Time is short for them to make that equation. Never before Francis has the damnable bad will and wickedness of the false-traddys ever been more apparent. His death wouldn't solve their problems. 

Sincerely, Michael Rudnicki




… I'm very blessed to have found your website, and Praise the Lord I have become a Traditional Roman Catholic, (Baptized and affirmed the Declaration of the council of Trent for converts).


I left the Novus Ordo sect, of which I was a catechumen for three years. 


I was first introduced to Catholic Tradition through a follower of Bayside Apparitions who was a Lefebvrist, I came across your site when looking further into Catholic Tradition. 


Sadly the Lefebvrists (SSPX, Schismatic Attitude) have the monopoly on the name of Catholic Tradition in my city. 


The information you have made it very clear to me what True Catholicism is, and what it is not. (The Vatican II Pseudo Catholic Church, the antichrist, resembling the True Church… but teaching the exact opposite, devoid of faith)… The effort and consistency and logical, Catholic proofs is what eventually caused me to become a Sedevacantist… The Truth never changes…


Neil Schlichting




Subject: Antipope Francis Meets and Prays With Pentecostal ‘Pastors’


They seek a manufactured unity, a unity in the unholy spirit of Lucifer. They deny the glorious and inamissible Unity of Faith that Christ won for His Church not because they are ignorant of it but because they hate it.




Antipope Francis, Pentecostal ‘Pastors’


Antipope Francis Meets and Prays With Pentecostal ‘Pastors’


Mother Teresa


… I watched a video… saying that you need to basically be a professed Catholic to be saved.  I know that Mother Teresa had very few conversions and only desired that those she helped to be the best of their religion:  as in, she wanted a Buddhist to be the best Buddhist he/she could be.  Also, isn't it written somewhere, probably in the Catholic Catechism, that people can be saved in three ways?  One being dying for Our Faith?...




MHFM: We’re glad that you contacted us.  You need to see this file: Outside the Catholic Church There is Absolutely No Salvation - book.  It covers the Catholic Church’s dogmatic teaching that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and without the Catholic faith.  The position of Mother Teresa was heresy and apostasy.  It was a rejection of Jesus Christ, His necessity, and the Catholic faith.  She did not have the true faith.  The position you are articulating and asking about (i.e. the position of Mother Teresa, etc.) is that of the Vatican II ‘Church’.  The Vatican II ‘Church’ is actually not the Catholic Church.  It’s a Counter Church that arose with the heretical Second Vatican Council.  This entire situation was prophesied, as our material explains.  You should see this video (and the other materials on the site) for an explanation of the situation: The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition).  The Catechism you mention is a catechism of the Counter Church, not the Catholic Church.  It denies traditional Catholic teaching in many ways.   It is not reliable. 


There is only one way to be saved: to be a baptized Catholic and die in the state of grace.


Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio, May 27, 1832, on no salvation outside the Church: “You know how zealously Our predecessors taught that article of faith which these dare to deny, namely the necessity of the Catholic faith and of unity for salvation… Omitting other appropriate passages which are almost numberless in the writings of the Fathers, We shall praise St. Gregory the Great who expressly testifies that THIS IS INDEED THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  He says: ‘The holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all who are outside of her will not be saved.’  Official acts of the Church proclaim the same dogma. Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: ‘There is one universal Church of all the faithful outside of which no one is saved.’ Finally the same dogma is also expressly mentioned in the profession of faith proposed by the Apostolic See, not only that which all Latin churches use, but also that which… other Eastern Catholics use. We did not mention these selected testimonies because We thought you were ignorant of that article of faith and in need of Our instruction.  Far be it from Us to have such an absurd and insulting suspicion about you. But We are so concerned about this serious and well known dogma, which has been attacked with such remarkable audacity, that We could not restrain Our pen from reinforcing this truth with many testimonies.”


Pope Leo XII, Ubi Primum (# 14), May 5, 1824: “It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and the Rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members… by divine faith we hold one Lord, one faith, one baptism This is why we profess that there is no salvation outside the Church.”




Subject: ‘The Eucharist’ and Non-Catholics


Dear Bros:


I was recently hospitalized in a so called Catholic Hospital.  A "lay minister" would go around and offer the Eucharist to patients who were not Catholic, but Protestant, and they would receive the Eucharist.  I refused the Eucharist from the lay minister and I asked her why she was giving the Eucharist to non-Catholics and she told me "so as not to offend anyone".  I told her that I grew up in the Church in the 1950s and was always taught that non-Catholics were NOT to receive the Eucharist.  I also told her that I was taught that one did not go into a Church that was NOT Catholic.  She told me that the Church had changed those restrictions.  I told her that God does not change and that I would not be a part of this apostasy.


Also, on a daily basis a Protestant female Chaplain would go around and ask if anyone needed "Spiritual counsel".  Her so called "Spiritual counsel" was New Age nonsense.


The hospital chapel which was quite nice had a sign that a Muslim worship service was being held there during certain hours.  After reading that sign I actually got nauseous.  


Thanks Bros. for the work you do and for standing up and telling the truth in these last days.  





MHFM: That’s an interesting example of the heresies of the Vatican II sect in action.  Since it’s invalid, the host they carry around and offer is not the Eucharist.  (Also, when one discusses those matters with a person such as the woman you mentioned, it’s important to recommend the website and material in addition to clearly pointing out that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church.)




Subject: Antipope Francis on Non-Catholic “Saints” and “Martyrs” (video)


What an unbelieving apostate! How can people continue, to blindly support this masonic infiltrator? Were it not for your site… The Catholic Faith/truth and Teachings, would not be readily accessible for those of good will, seeking the truth. Your commitment to exposing The Faith, and the forces that wish to destroy Faith, are very much appreciated. I know of no other resource that speaks the truth of our Faith, such are the evil times in which we live.


Donald Hollenger




Hello Brothers,


Thanks as always for all your work.  The recent videos you've released have been amazing and extremely helpful.  It's been about a year since we converted to the Catholic Church from the Vatican II religion, thanks to the Holy Spirit and the material on your site.  We are truly blessed…


- Gibran




31 more V-2 “Catholic” churches in NYC to merge




Dear Brothers,


I see the German "Catholic" Church is relaxing its laws on hiring adulterers and homosexuals for their diocese.


German “Catholic Church” changes labor law to accommodate “gays” and the divorced


It's just one more step to Francis approving reception of their Eucharist to remarried heterosexuals and homosexuals this coming autumn.


“‘The new rule opens the way for decisions that do justice to the situations people live in,’ Alois Glueck, head of the lay Central Committee of German Catholics, said after the decision on new labor guidelines was announced on Tuesday.”


What these blind people don't realize is that the situations people live in these days are UNJUST to God's rule.




New Mass, New Age


In the past 2 months I’ve experienced a lot of new age liturgy going on in the new mass. The worst abuse was after the Gospel the priest segued to a large screen which began playing a rock group singing "I believe" my stomach ached and I could feel my blood pressure rise to a frantic pace. All I could think of, how the Good Lord Jesus is maligned by this infiltration of protestantism. To keep this shenanigan defacement going forward would have been the death of my spiritual life. Since I began wearing the scapular every day is a new beginning and encounter with The Lord. Thank you Brothers.


Patrick Gohl


MHFM: We’re glad you came across the information.  We assume this line means you recognize that the New Mass must not be attended: “To keep this shenanigan defacement going forward would have been the death of my spiritual life.”  Of course, it's invalid, non-Catholic, and it must be avoided under pain of grave sin.


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid  (video)


Discussion with ‘Nun’


Subject: Antipope Francis says that people in the 'church' should bow for the poor people


Dear Brothers,
This is of course ridiculous. I know some poor people, but most of them truly hate God and the Catholic Church. This 'church' Antipope Francis is talking about is of course secular and of Satan.  The eastern orthodox and the protestants… are allowed in there.
I was discussing 'martyrdom' of heretics and schismatics with a heretical nun. I told her they will go, even though they shed their blood for the name of Christ, into the everlasting fire, because that is a dogma. She replied that they do not die for their heresies, but for Christ. I replied that they do not, because in their faith is something that is not of God, but of men, so they do not have the faith of Christ.


To Join


Subject: I want to join the Church




I'm Jewish, but after seeing all the good material you have as well as a spiritual vision of Christ, I want to covert to the one true faith; would you like to hear my story.


My name is Kfir, which is in Biblical Hebrew a juvenile lion. Thank you for you wonderful works!...


MHFM: Sure, you could send it.  We’re glad to hear that you want to convert.  What you need to do is start praying the Hail Mary and the Rosary each day, and follow the steps to convert.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic Faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


You should immediately start to say ten Hail Marys each day, and five Our Fathers.  When you get a rosary, you should follow the file below on how to pray it.  (Prayers attached.)  How to Pray the Rosary [PDF].  Eventually people should pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.


The False Convert Michael Coren


Coren apparently believes that the Anglicans have the Eucharist, which is why he feels no guilt over separating from (what he believes to be) the Catholic Church...all due to his unabashed love for sodomites.  What a perverse and wicked fool...




Link: http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com//news/religion/i-felt-a-hypocrite-author-michael-coren-on-why-he-left-the-catholic-church-for-anglicanism


MHFM: This is a new post with some quick thoughts on that matter.


The False Convert Michael Coren (new post)


Seattle, Vatican II, Exchange with Mary


Dear Holy Family Monastery,


I appreciate your videos and articles very much. My question is this. If Vatican II is false, where is the Catholic to attend Mass? Here in Seattle there is a North American Martyrs church, which delivers masses only in Latin. I feel fairly confident that the priest there is righteous. However, North American Martyrs is accepted by the archdiocese and the Vatican.


Thus, where would a Catholic go to Mass these days? 


Thank you for answering this puzzling question.




MHFM: We're glad that you contacted us.  Sadly, no, if the priest is part of the ‘diocese,’ he's not righteous.  He accepts the heresies of Vatican II, salvation outside the Church, the antipopes, false ecumenism, etc.  That's all explained and documented in our material.  What you need to do is stay home on Sunday.  There’s no obligation to attend Sunday Mass in this situation.  Pray the Rosary every day, all 15 decades.  Continue to look at the material and become convinced on all the issues and, when you are, we can help you with where to make a confession, etc.


Dear MHFM,


Thanks for responding promptly. I will continue to study the material and contact you about receiving future sacraments.


It is a hard task to avoid church, as I feel that the church, even in its muted and abased form, still functions as a kind of bulwark to contemporary nihilism and immorality. And with the concerted attacks on religious freedoms today, I feel that joining a church would be a way to help make a stand against the heresies of secular society.

But, I realize and understand that we are talking about the grave disposition of the soul and its future state.


In any case, I really appreciate your work and will continue to absorb it with a receptive heart, bearing in mind the essential aspect of eternal salvation.

Thanks again very much,



MHFM: Mary, you write: “It is a hard task to avoid church, as I feel that the church, even in its muted and abased form, still functions as a kind of bulwark to contemporary nihilism and immorality. And with the concerted attacks on religious freedoms today, I feel that joining a church would be a way to help make a stand against the heresies of secular society.”


That line reveals that your outlook is not where it needs to be in the area of faith.  Salvation and following God is not about joining something that serves as a “kind of bulwark” against contemporary immorality, etc.  Salvation and following God is about accepting the one true faith of Jesus Christ, adhering to it whole and undefiled, and doing what God has laid down as necessary for salvation. 


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Sess. 8, Nov. 22, 1439: “Whoever wishes to be saved, needs above all to hold the Catholic faith; unless each one preserves this whole and inviolate, he will without a doubt perish in eternity.”


To dissent in even one point from a divinely revealed truth is to reject all faith (see the quote below).  Someone who rejects even one teaching that Christ has revealed is rejected by Him and can’t be saved.  That’s why believing and maintaining the entire faith is essential.


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896: “So, with every reason for doubting removed, can it be lawful for anyone to reject any of those truths without thereby sending himself headlong into open heresy? without thereby separating himself from the Church and in one sweeping act repudiating the entirety of Christian doctrine?… he who dissents in even one point from divinely received truths has most truly cast off the faith completely, since he refuses to revere God as the supreme truth and proper motive of faith.”


Therefore, it won’t profit you anything to join the heretical Vatican II sect.  Moreover, the Vatican II sect is the reason contemporary culture is being overrun by evil.  Since the Vatican II sect doesn’t preach the truth, condemn evil, and excommunicate dissenters, wickedness rushes into the vacuum and dominates.  We recommend that you read this file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.


How then?


Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


So then how should a faithful catholic laity, follow the church? do we follow tradition or church? If tradition where should we go if most parishes are more novus ordos.




MHFM: The Church’s teaching is perfectly in line with true Christian Tradition.  Hence, there cannot be a contradiction between following the Church’s teaching and authentic Tradition.  The Novus Ordo is invalid and non-Catholic.  It must be avoided under pain of grave sin, according to the Church’s teaching.  Our site explains what people need to do.  You need to stay home on Sundays and we can help you with where to make a confession, etc. once you look over the material and agree on the issues.


Consecration of Russia


Subject: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia


However, although Pope Pius XII did the consecration, there was the second part and you have not addressed it. The second part is that the consecration was to be done in union with all the bishops of the world. So, explain that part since obviously that was not done.  It wasn't done in union with all the bishops of the world.




MHFM: No, you are not correct.  You need to put out just a little bit more effort and actually read the article.  The issue is addressed in detail in the article.  A sincere person will recognize that all the points are addressed.  In response, we quote from the article, which specifically addressed the matter:


“But didn’t Our Lady promise that Russia would be consecrated in union with all the Bishops of the world?  No!  This is a key point.  Our Lady requested that Russia be consecrated in union with all the Bishops of the world, but on July 13 she only promised that In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.  The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to meand it will be converted and a certain period of peace will be granted to the world.”  Notice that Our Lady didn’t promise: “The Holy Father and all the Bishops will consecrate Russia to me…”  Further, heaven revealed that the actual fulfillment of the consecration of Russia would not be fully in accord with heaven’s original wishes; for instance, it would be “late” (more on this in a bit).” article


Gay “Marriage,” Supreme Court


Dear Brothers,


This June the Supreme Court is expected to make a decision on whether or not gay ‘marriage’ is unconstitutional. It seems pretty obvious to me what their decision will be considering they are judging a moral issue with a secular document.


I find it interesting that homosexuals are fighting for something that young heterosexuals are now fleeing from, marriage. I can name you at least three young adults who work with me and are either living with their significant other, or pregnant and living with their significant other. They have no plans on getting married. The girls get an engagement ring and call themselves married (I am embarrassed to say my sister falls in this category).


There are many reasons for this, but I think the biggest one is commitment. Since no one believes that marriage is for life, why bother going through the pain and expense of a divorce when all you have to do now is walk away…






… Thanks for your answers and for the important work you do through your website. It is through the information you give that I've come to recognize many heresies. I will continue to read your material. Also I'm really glad to have seen the video about Our Lady of Guadalupe and its miraculous image.

God bless



Antipope Francis, Female Lutheran ‘Archbishop’


Antipope Francis receives his “dear sister”, head of the Lutheran “Church” of Sweden


MHFM: Professions of faith can be made in both word and in deed.  An action like this by Antipope Francis is a public profession that he regards her ‘ministry’ as authentic.  He therefore endorses female ‘bishops’ and holds that heretics are in the Church of Christ.  In short, his external profession of ‘faith’ is that female Lutheran ‘bishops’ have a legitimate ministry and membership in the Church of Christ – heresy and blasphemy.  It’s more infallible proof that Francis is a manifest heretic and not the pope.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. I-II, Q. 103, A. 4: “Now man can make profession of his inward faith, by deeds as well as by words: and in either profession, if he make a false declaration, he sins mortally.”


What a sick joke that anyone would consider him to be the pope in the face of the evidence.


Bruce Jenner, Abortion


Subject: Bruce Jenner


Dear Brothers:
The case of Bruce Jenner's "gender reassignment" is the media's current pet project.   The media goes on and on about Jenner's "strength" and "courage" and they cite people who describe him as "such a great person." 
Well here's an excerpt from a 1981 article about Jenner's "first" wife (Chrystie Jenner), in which she describes details of their then-impending divorce:
"When I found out I was pregnant Bruce raised the issue of an abortion, and I went along with him just as I always did. I had all the tests and had even paid for the operation. But one night I was out to dinner and my friend asked me why I wanted an abortion. I told him, "I don't want the abortion." He said, "Why are you having it?" And I said, "Because Bruce wants it." He said, "You are having the abortion because the man that you are not going to be living with wants you to have it?" I thought, what an idiot I am. I wanted the child very, very much. But I was conditioned to make decisions that were best for him. It was totally my choice to have the baby."
- Mike


MHFM: Those are the kinds of sins that can result in God giving a person over to the demonic influences Jenner suffers from.



Been watching your videos. Excellent work… Do you have an opinion on NDEs (Near Death Experiences)? Watched one a few years ago about a guy who went from atheist to pastor (Howard Storm). He says at the end, "If you doubt my story say this prayer and ask yourself!" Ever since, all heaven broke loose, and I see signs all the time and have even asked questions. Is this how the church used to be run? They say prayers, and receive signs from the Holy Spirit? Seems simple enough if you are connected and actually trying. It saddens me to no end that they aren't even trying anymore. I guess they have been silenced like everyone else. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Your brother in Christ,

Chris Coffel


MHFM: We’re glad that you are looking at the material.  The NDEs are, in almost every case, deceptions of the Devil.  They lead people into a false salvation message.  The way one knows whether a message is true or false is by determining whether it’s consistent with God’s revelation and the one true faith (the traditional Catholic faith).  It’s crucial for people to become convinced of the traditional Catholic faith on all issues (as explained in our material), pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day, avoid mortal sin, and practice the faith.


Birthday Parties


Dear Brothers,


I know that catholics are not supposed to attend non catholic weddings, funerals etc.  Is it ok to attend non catholic birthday parties or parties after someone's death?  I know this sounds strange but I have a friend who is not catholic & her brother passed away & he stated that he just wanted a big party when he died so that's what his wife did.  I did not attend it but my family members who call themselves catholic (novus ordo) all went to this party where there was lots of alcohol being served.  I don't know if they called it a "celebration of life".


God Bless you, thank you & I appreciate all you do in trying to save souls.



MHFM: No, that would not be permissible, as a birthday party is a celebration of the person’s life.  A Catholic should not celebrate the life of a person who rejects the true faith and is currently on the road to Hell or has died outside the faith.




I was very young when the mass was changed. I never agreed with all the changes, considering what my Catholic mother taught me during the 50's and 60's in a hostile Protestant Oklahoma environment. Where in the Sapulpa/Tulsa, Oklahoma area may I receive the correct sacraments.


Fred Greeson


MHFM: We’re glad that you contacted us.  We can help you with where to make a confession, etc. once you look over the material and agree on the issues.


John Hus


Antipope Francis appoints envoy for 600th anniversary of John Hus’ death


MHFM: John Hus was condemned as a heretic by the Catholic Church at the Council of Constance.  The Vatican II Counter Church and its antipopes, however, celebrate and praise him.




Subject: Gruner


Dear Brothers,

Nicholas Gruner was arguably the most dishonest person in the traditional movement… Years ago before I was aware of the heretic and phony he was, I attended one of his conferences… Gruner was a wolf in sheep's clothing because he posed as a traditional Catholic while having his supporters believe that the antipopes were legitimate popes.  I think the Devil used him to deceive people into thinking that we are not in the end times because the consecration of Russia has yet to take place.  My common sense told me that God could not allow a heretical antipope to consecrate Russia.  Your article about the consecration of Russia by Pius XII made a lot of sense and explained the whole thing clearly.  I eventually wrote to Gruner's organization and requested to be removed from their correspondence owing to Gruner's false position on the antipopes and his invalid ordination…





MHFM: There’s a woman in St. Petersburg, Florida looking for help with a baptism.  If a true Catholic in the area is interested in helping with that, please e-mail us at mhfm1@aol.com.




MHFM: By the way, the recent posts in e-exchanges dealing with Gruner have been incorporated into the article on him.


Nicholas Gruner Dies – New Article Posted


MHFM: This is a new article.  It contains the truth that you won’t hear almost anywhere else.


“Fr.” Nicholas Gruner Dies Of A Heart Attack – What Catholics Should Think Of Him (article)


Gruner, EWTN


Subject: A Review of the book EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong – its positive points as well as its real purpose, its dangers, its falsehoods and its big lie


Excellent analysis, devastating closing paragraph….


William Mulligan


MHFM: It really demonstrates how spiritually slimy they are.  After Mother Angelica was removed from power at EWTN, they saw a prime opportunity to reel in EWTN’s huge benefactors who loved Mother Angelica and donated to EWTN largely because of her.  So, they began a very aggressive campaign to attack EWTN (sending out free copies of the book) while claiming that it went bad after Mother Angelica was out of control (a total lie).  The book portrays her as staunch and “counter-modernist” while promoting Gruner and casting him as the ally of Angelica.  The purpose was to grow Gruner’s operation and lure in potentially huge financial support, at the expense of the truth.  That’s how spiritually impure their intentions are.  They falsify the truth on the highest matters: matters of faith.  But they don’t get away with it before God, and the wicked Gruner is not getting away with it anymore.




Subject: Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy (video)


Great video, congratulations…




Man says we are “the Antichrist”, worse than the Church of Satan, for criticizing Gruner


You are the most evil organization that I have ever heard of.  Fr. Gruner may not have been perfect, (as no one ever is or was, other than Jesus Christ), but he was an awful lot more Christian /Catholic like than you.  I have followed Fr. Gruner for many years and met with him personally. However he was the world's greatest proponent of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Fatima.  And there is nothing evil about promoting the Blessed Virgin Mary or Fatima.  That is a lot more than I can say about your organization.


Stanley Jesik.


MHFM: According to Stanley, since we tell the truth about the wicked Gruner (with irrefutable facts demonstrating why he was evil), we are worse than the ‘Church of Satan’, the Illuminati, etc.  It’s a striking example of how Gruner’s followers are totally deceived, and what a false prophet he was.  Like so many of Gruner’s followers, Stanley might go to the New Mass and accept John Paul II as a ‘saint.’  As stated in our article, we were contacted by so many people over the years who followed Gruner, while simultaneously attending the New Mass, defending the Counter Church, believing that John Paul II was good, etc.  They saw no incompatibility between Gruner’s teachings and the aforementioned positions because Gruner was not telling the truth about the Counter Church.  He was, rather, hiding the truth about it, lying about John Paul II, etc.  He was presenting a message that appealed to large Novus Ordo audiences.  Our response to Stanley is as follows:


No, you are just a clueless heretic.  You don’t care about the faith or the truth.  We promote the Rosary.  We promote the Blessed Mother.  We promote Fatima.  Just because someone promotes the Blessed Virgin doesn't mean, by that very fact, that the person is good.  Promoting Fatima or the Blessed Mother doesn’t allow a person to lie, hide the truth, promote heresy, defend wicked people, mislead people on matters of faith, etc.  Gruner was a liar, a deceiver, and a heretic without any doubt.  You can't dispute the facts about his sins against the faith, but you simply don't care about the facts or the faith.  And no, he was not the world's greatest proponent of Fatima.  He promoted many errors on the meaning of Fatima.  See this article: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy.  You were brainwashed by him.  However, Gruner’s errors on Fatima were not what primarily convicted him before God.  His sins in the areas of faith (e.g. lying about, not condemning, and repeatedly promoting the idolater John Paul II), hiding the truth about the Counter Church and the New Mass, etc. ad nauseam are what primarily convicted him. 


Stanley also wrote:


You are the anti-Christ!!!!!!!...


Stanley Jesik.


The truth is that Gruner was actually an agent, defender, and protector of the Antichrist.  See this video: The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned.  To this day countless people remain in the Counter Church, remain at the New Mass, accept John Paul II as a ‘saint’ (and thus accept idolatry), etc. because of him.   (Although this is an extremely minor consideration in comparison to the doctrinal points discussed, it’s also interesting to note that Gruner’s organization itself links its success or legitimacy with John Paul II’s encouragement.  As our article points out, Gruner’s organization states: “In 1980, Pope John Paul II directly encouraged Father Gruner in his Fatima work…”  That makes perfect sense.  Since Gruner played such a role in protecting John Paul II, it makes sense that he would have been spiritually touched or encouraged by the Antichrist himself.  That gave Gruner the necessary diabolical assistance to grow and carry out his deception in the area of ‘conservatives’, similar to how the deceiver John Corapi was himself ‘ordained’ or spiritually touched by John Paul II.)


Gruner was also not a priest, and he was in possession of the information that enabled him to realize that fact.  That means that Gruner’s invalid ‘Masses’ constituted direct idolatry: he worshipped a piece of bread as if it were the Lord Jesus Christ, and he encouraged others to do so.  It makes sense that a man who was so instrumental in leading ‘conservatives’ – those who have slightly more interest, some devotion to the Blessed Mother, etc. – into idolatry, and keeping them on the path to idolatry, was himself a non-priest who regularly engaged in idolatry through his invalid ‘Masses.’ 


It’s also interesting that some false traditionalists distance themselves from the New Rite of Ordination, fearing its invalidity.  Some of them want nothing to do with it.  Yet, when it comes to Gruner, many of those people give him a free pass on the matter.  They ignore the fact that Gruner was also ‘ordained’ in the clearly invalid New Rite of Ordination.  Moreover, if some of those false traditionalists have no confidence in the ‘saints’ canonized by their ‘popes’ (e.g. ‘Saint’ John Paul II,  ‘Saint’ John XXIII), then how can they be sure that the rite of ordination approved by those ‘popes’ is valid?  They can’t, of course. 


The New Rite of Ordination is so obviously invalid that even the very blind Michael Davies admitted that the arguments against its validity were very strong.  After all, it removes the same prayers that the invalid Anglican Rite did, and that pattern of deletion is why Pope Leo XIII declared the Anglican Rite invalid!  See: Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid (article) and The New Rite of Ordination is Invalid (video).  Davies only accepted the New Rite of Ordination as valid because he accepted Paul VI as the pope.  This video shows why such a conclusion is utterly foolish: “Blessed” Paul VI’s Heresies  (video).


According To


Subject: Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


So according to Antipope Francis, when inquisitor saints like Pius V and Dominic dispatched stubborn heretics, actually the heretics were saints who died for Christ and the inquisitors were murderers. The heretics went to heaven and the inquisitors went to hell.




Dawned on me


I have studied your material for a long time and it has dawned on me that you are telling the truth and the catholic faith is the true one.  There is something truly sinister going on in the Vatican 2 council, the antipopes, the changes to the mass, even the changes rite of exorcism, and the world overall.  It's sad that many don't believe in the devil, but those who have the eyes to see can see otherwise.  Not only can you see Satan's hand in the church but within society, the music industry, governments, and you can just see how backwards things are becoming. Realizing these things I want to become a more serious catholic and leave my past that is filled with sins. Do you have any idea where I can go to confession, under a valid priest? And if not, what do I do? And where I can go to church?...




MHFM: We’re glad that you are starting to see the truth.  It’s crucial that you pray the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  When you refer to “Satan’s hand in the church,” it’s crucial to distinguish between the Vatican II sect (which is a Counter Church) and the true Catholic Church.  Satan’s hand is in control of the former, but not the latter.


It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  There are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  We can help you with specifics on that when you are convinced on all the issues.  We recommend that you follow these steps.


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts




Subject: “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner Dies Of A Heart Attack – What Catholics Should Think Of Him (article)


I completely agree.  There is no doubt.  He was a tool of the devil.

Sincerely yours,



Gruner, Francis


Subject: Gruner, Francis


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the article exposing "Fr." Nicholas Gruner… The damage to souls this man did is incalculable.  Countless false traditionalists have followed this man to their eternal destruction (unless they convert before death).  It's an interesting observation of his mouth snarling when he spoke as a manifestation of a diabolical spirit.  He reaped what he sowed when he defended the Antichrist and the Vatican II sect for so many years.  "A hard heart shall fear evil at the last: and he that loveth danger shall perish in it." (Ecclesiasticus 3:27)

Thank you also for the excellent video exposing Antipope Francis' recent heresy that “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic.  Francis' "baptism of blood" apostasy is clearly seen here.  According to Francis, it makes no difference whether one worships God or the devil, or whether one goes to heaven or hell since he holds the gates of hell, heretics, to be equal to Catholics.  Francis blasphemes Jesus Christ, whose Sacred Blood was shed for the salvation of souls - "it makes no difference" according to Francis.  He believes it is man's blood, the "communion of blood" that saves, not Jesus Christ's Blood.  It is Antichrist.  Those who obstinately hold Francis to be "pope" have the blood on their hands of the Martyrs who were killed by Protestants and the "Orthodox".

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Subject: Help/Advice


I am from Liverpool and am planning to become a Roman Catholic. The problem though is that I'm 20 years old, jobless and still living with my Muslim family. I've been trying to be patient in finding a full time job so I can move out first before taking Catechism classes but I haven't made any progress which to be honest is dampening my will. Please if you have any advice on what to do in my situation right now that would be very helpful and much appreciated.


Thanks and regards,




MHFM: A very important thing for you to do is begin to pray the Hail Mary frequently, and the Rosary each day.  Eventually, and very soon, you should begin to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  If you do that sincerely, you will get the graces to recognize what you should do.  You can also pray three Hail Marys for specific intentions (such as what to do in a particular situation).  That's very effective.


How to Pray the Rosary [PDF]


(At the end of this email, we have also attached some important prayers and creeds.)


You should try to get away from your family, if you can.  You should not be taking catechism classes.  Do you realize that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church?  That's covered in our material.  You can receive all the catechetical information you need to convert right where you are.  You should follow these steps:


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


It's crucial that you continue to look at the information on our site, become fully convinced, and take the steps to convert.






The information on your website is a great arsenal for the defense against the lies of the devil and his false prophets.  The latest article on Gruner is excellent information that can be used to dissolve the evil lies spread by "Grunerists".  Amazing how many lies comprise the belief systems of the many deceived in the world today.  When talking with people about the true faith and the current situation in Rome, I'm amazed at what comes out of people’s mouths, as if fire itself were flowing out like lava to ensnare the unknowing.  The Traditional Catholic Faith is like an island country surrounded by the protective waters of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


God Bless,

Tom Miles




Dear Brothers,


Nicolas Gruner for many years was always sending us his letters and materials.  And sadly unfortunately I too was deceived by him before in the past, but no longer… Also Russia has already been consecrated in 1952 by Pius XII… Thank you very much for telling people the truth about him.   In St Benedict.   




By the way


MHFM: By the way, the people who are familiar with the relevant issues (e.g. the apostasy of the antipopes, sedevacantism, etc.), Gruner’s views, and the facts in our new article, and still defend him, not only obviously commit mortal sin but they become abominations before the Lord.  They make themselves cooperators in his heresies and his many grave sins against the faith.


Proverbs 17:15- “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.




MHFM: If someone has not read this article, it’s worth taking the time to read.  It provides a very revealing look at the impure intentions and wicked agenda of Gruner and those like him.


A Review of the book EWTN: A Network Gone Wrong – its positive points as well as its real purpose, its dangers, its falsehoods and its big lie


(Note the print icon near the top if you want to print the article.) 


Gruner, Deceit


Subject: “Fr.” Nicholas Gruner


We wrote to Nicholas Gruner some years ago inquiring about "Pope Benedict" (Josef Ratzinger), and his handling of the Fatima Consecration. For many years Gruner had claimed that "Pope John Paul II", (Karol Wojtyla), was being undermined by "Cardinal" Ratzinger, and the "bishops", and that "Pope" John Paul II, was not to be blamed for not doing the consecration. Then Ratzinger lays claim to the Papacy and the Gruner spin continued, "It's not Ratzinger's fault about the consecration, but the "bishops" who are undermining him. Gruner's role was to protect the false claimants to the Papacy at all costs, while placing the blame on the "bishops" who were undermining the "Holy Father". It was as if suddenly we were supposed to believe that Ratzinger was fighting for the consecration. Deceit at every corner with Gruner!..




MHFM: That’s correct.  He was an utterly wicked individual – a deceiver who played a prime role for the Devil.  The fact that so many ‘traditionalists’ think he was good (or even great) reveals how utterly deceived, faithless, uninformed, and wicked so many of them are.  If you come across a crowd that thinks he was good, you know that crowd is deceived and has no real grasp of how God views these matters.  They don’t care about the truths of faith, consistency, honesty, etc., and they serve the world.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


Baltimore Riots


Dear Brothers:


… Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are really one large metropolitan area.  Not unlike Ferguson and St. Louis, Mo.  Indeed, the border line between D.C. and Maryland is quite confusing, even for people living in the small corridor between the two cities.


And while Baltimore, once the great bastion of true Roman Catholicism… of course today, like everywhere else, Baltimore is novus ordo.  The Supreme Court, in D.C., is working on legalizing sodomy, euphemistically being called "gay marriage".  So here again is an instance where sodomy is condoned--soon to be legalized--and riots have broken out.  God has allowed these riots to wake people up.






Subject: Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


Thank you Brothers for this video. Antipope Francis is getting more despicable by the minute. I especially loved that quote at the end by St. Ignatius of Antioch, it’s particularly meaningful considering that the first recorded use of the term 'Catholic Church' comes from him. You'd think he was speaking exactly of Antipope Francis. Thank you again. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless and protect you and all other True Catholics.


Tanner Wintters




Subject: Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


A single click is all it needs to deny Christ! Whether they actually watched this video or not, those who thumbed it down committed an act of apostasy.  They said, 'We follow Antipope Francis in this matter, not the Catholic Church and her Popes Eugene IV and Pelagius II'. And they do ... they follow him to Hell.






Subject: Antipope Francis: “It Makes No Difference” Whether One Is Catholic (video)


Unbelievable !!!




MHFM: Imagine someone maintaining that Francis is not a heretic in the face of such a statement (not to mention all the other evidence).  It’s truly a horrible sin.


Vaccines, Evolution


Subject: Vaccines, Evolution

Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comments about the horrible law in Australia that strips families of payments if they refuse to vaccinate their children.  Similar moves are happening in California.  It shows the result of the rejection of the Catholic faith and the nation's almost total embrace of evolution.  The vaccines are held up like some kind of "scientific sacrament." 

Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, Mar. 19, 1937, #9: "According to this doctrine there is in the world only one reality, matter, the blind forces of which evolve into plant, animal and man. Even human society is nothing but a phenomenon and form of matter, evolving in the same way. By a law of inexorable necessity and through a perpetual conflict of forces, matter moves towards the final synthesis of a classless society. In such a doctrine, as is evident, there is no room for the idea of God; there is no difference between matter and spirit, between soul and body; there is neither survival of the soul after death nor any hope in a future life. Insisting on the dialectical aspect of their materialism, the Communists claim that the conflict which carries the world towards its final synthesis can be accelerated by man. Hence they endeavor to sharpen the antagonisms which arise between the various classes of society. Thus the class struggle with its consequent violent hate and destruction takes on the aspects of a crusade for the progress of humanity. On the other hand, all other forces whatever, as long as they resist such systematic violence, must be annihilated as hostile to the human race."

Eugenics was linked to Darwinism from the earliest stages, and vaccinations are connected to eugenics as proven by Bill Gates saying the world population can be reduced “if we do a really great job on new vaccines” (see at 2:35 mins.): 3 minute video: Bill Gates EXPOSED! Wants Depopulation Through Vaccines -
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gROhNaJoGzI .  People who believe in evolution should not be surprised when their "elite" evolutionist governments start deceiving and destroying their own people.  It is simply a "natural process" according to them.  They believe they have the "right to survive" since they are the "elite".  They are trying to "weed the garden of humanity".  It is truly satanic.  It's what happens when almost the entire world rejects the Catholic faith and the sacrament of baptism, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Studying Catholicism


I am a Protestant who has been studying Catholicism for some time now, and have come to see that the modern Roman Catholic Church seems to be off base in terms of its stances.  For instance, in attending some RCIA classes a year ago, I saw that the Catechism opposed the death penalty, quoting a work from John Paul II.  But clearly the Roman Catholic Church has not opposed the death penalty in the past - and Thomas Aquinas explicitly supported it.  I also see a general drift toward secularism, as evidenced by almost half of the bishops at the last Synod of the Family voting to allow gay couples access to the Eucharist.  And of course Pope Francis' comments are without a doubt cause for concern.


So my question is this:  if the Catholic church is the true church, but has been taken over by "anti-popes", where the heck am I supposed to take my family to worship God.  Because if that is true, then none of the churches will be teaching the truth - Protestant or Catholic - none.  It seems pretty hopeless to me.





MHFM: We’re glad that you contacted us.  The Catholic Church is definitely the one true Church of Christ, and it’s necessary for salvation to belong to it.  You will find biblical proof for that in our ‘Refuting Protestantism’ section.  Protestantism is unbiblical and false.  Please consult these materials, among others.


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 

Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy


The Vatican II sect under Francis is also definitely not the Catholic Church, but the prophesied end-times Counter Church.  If one fails to realize that Antipope Francis’ wicked and empty sect is not the Catholic Church, then yes, one is left in a hopeless state.  But for those who have a proper understanding and knowledge of the situation in the light of faith, the situation is not hopeless.  You really need to be praying the Rosary each day (all 15 decades if possible) and the Hail Mary frequently.  How to Pray the Rosary [PDF].


With regard to where to worship: it's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  There are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  Therefore, there are options for you to get what you need to get for salvation: e.g. a valid absolution.  


When you are convinced of the Catholic faith, you should worship at home, and we can help you with where to make a confession, etc.  Yes, this is an unprecedented situation in terms of the level of apostasy that exists almost everywhere.  But that’s what’s predicted to happen.  You should consult this video for an explanation of how this situation was prophesied:


Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?


It’s crucial that you become fully convinced of the Catholic faith and take these steps to embrace it: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic Faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts.




Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


It does no good to criticize the paradoxical doctrines of a sedevacantist body when you yourself are a competing sedevacantist with at least as many paradoxes in your own theology.




MHFM: The SSPX is not sedevacantist.  In fact, as the video explains, that’s one of their big problems.  Maybe you should actually watch the video, and get a clue what you are talking about, before commenting on it.  Also, the Catholic position (which we hold and teach) is consistent; but you wouldn’t know since you obviously haven’t looked into it.


“The perverse are hard to be corrected, and the number of fools is infinite” (Ecclesiastes 1:15).




I'm in a tough situation with my wife who would have brought my daughters to a novus order church for their first communion if she had her way, we did it at a sspx and money was given. I know you consider this a mortal sin…


MHFM: Since you are aware of their false doctrines and their heresies, and you’ve been informed that one must not support them, by doing so you indeed commit mortal sin.  The fact that you are supporting the SSPX is a total disgrace, and shows that you couldn't care less about the Catholic faith.


Also, part of your problem is that you don't run your house but you are cowed by your heretical wife.  You should never let your wife bring your daughters to a Novus Ordo ‘Mass’ (or determine that your family supports a heretical group) and, if she insists, you would have to let her leave or kick her out. 


(For those who agree on the issues, this covers the principles of where to receive, and not to receive, sacraments in our time.)




Subject: Francis’ Apostasy in the Blue Mosque  (video)


I keep hearing novus ordo apostates, and others who claim that while sodomy is 'objectively disordered', BUT, sodomites 'should be treated with dignity and respect'...oh, really? How did God treat the sodomites of sodom and gomorah? So much, for 'dignity and respect'...


Donald Hollenger


MHFM: Also, their message on that matter frequently bleeds into respect for the abominable activity.  That was seen in the midterm report of Antipope Francis’ recent synod.  Likewise, the antipopes’ constant expression of respect for leaders of false religions cannot be separated from the antipopes’ teaching that false religions themselves are to be respected.  (That heresy is also taught in Vatican II.)




Subject: Antipope Francis praises deceased Rabbi of Rome


How can Bergoglio praise this Rabbi ...“a man of peace and dialogue”, when in the Pharisees’ Babylonian Talmud these perfidious Jews declare that Jesus is immersed in a cauldron of boiling human feces in Hell, and the Blessed Virgin Mary is a whore? There is a very low level in Hell for this... Bergoglio...






Just wanted to drop you folks a line and tell you I consider your videos I have seen so far fantastic.


I am not a Roman Catholic but have learned so much about its teachings from your videos. 


…  I must say you seem to have the greatest logical position on the Vatican II departure.  One of my sisters is "Roman Catholic" ... at least the Vatican II type.  She only goes to please her mother in law.  She knows little to nothing of the faith, and especially about the details you mention.  I have been around a LOT of different protestant groups over the years.  I find maybe 5% to have any idea as to the reasons behind their beliefs.  Most go to be a part of a larger group of people.  Doctrine is the last thing on their mind.  I suppose that is the case with most Roman Catholics as well.


… The end of the Catholic Church as known in the past seems over, and Francis suggests it too.  Some of the things you point out about his actions, or lack thereof, in the "Is the world about to end?" video are shockingly amazing!...


Anyway, thanks for your videos and information.




MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the material.  However, you need to realize that the Catholic faith is the one true faith, and that it’s necessary for salvation to embrace it.  You should consult these videos and our ‘Refuting Protestantism’ section.


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 

Stunning: Acts 15 Proves the Papacy


The actions of Francis and the Vatican II sect, which you describe as “the end of the Catholic Church as known in the past,” are actually the fulfillment of prophecy about the end times Counter Church.  That’s why all of this is happening.  The Catholic Church still exists in a remnant of true Catholics.  The fact that all of this is happening in Rome proves, rather than disproves, the authenticity of the Catholic Church.


Is the World about to End? – The Apocalypse Explained?

The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned 


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Chile Declares Red Alert As Calbuco Volcano Erupts (video)




Subject: Regarding the SSPX


Dear MHFM,

Thanks for your excellent work!

By now, with regard to your recent work exposing and refuting the SSPX I think people should see them and they should be regarded completely as the orthodox schismatics....


Joseph M Ezeogerenya


MHFM: In some ways they are different.  However, their position on papal infallibility at this point (i.e. their denial of it) is comparable to what the ‘Orthodox’ schismatics or ‘Old Catholics’ hold.  That’s also the case with many other false traditionalists who maintain that Francis or Benedict XVI is the pope.  It’s the disastrous spiritual consequence of not embracing the true position.




God Bless you and your mission. I've found the information in your videos, devastating, but I am grateful that true Catholics still remain with the courage to tell the truth and expose the lies…


I am in the process of learning everything I can about the true Catholic faith, while trying to discover the devil's attempts to lead me into the false religion you speak of in your videos… I now have greater knowledge, which I have shared with my Father. Your proof about John Paul II shocked him deeply. My Grandmother loved him, and my Father believed him to be a good pope. The devil truly is vile with the pain he causes…


I am afraid of confessing to a man who is not a true priest of the faith. I am especially afraid of receiving the false absolution from someone who does not serve our Lord in Heaven. I hope you can understand where I am coming from… I have already confessed my sins directly to our Father in Heaven. But I have not learned to pray correctly, yet. My prayers are clumsy. I have very limited means of transportation… and never before have I had this feeling, that I am running short on time and I can no longer wait. I must… focus completely on my studies and then present the truth to my daughter, so that when our Lord speaks to her in His way, she will listen. She is surrounded by people who not only do not believe, but are subtly against those who do (atheists). I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me on identifying a true priest of the faith, and if that is impossible for me to find, how to confess my sins in a time of crisis. Which we are in. I thank you and I will keep you in my prayers…


I am Anthony Sean White. Please say a prayer for my father and my daughter. May God continue to bless you…


MHFM: It’s great that you came across the information.  It’s crucial that you begin to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day (and the Hail Mary frequently), stop going to the New Mass (if you still go there), and become fully convinced on all the issues.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed to never attend the New Mass again, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire,” no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc. 


As the material explains, there are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  We can also help a person with more specifics on this matter once he or she is convinced on all the issues and ready for confession.  


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts


Once convinced, people should also make the traditional profession of faith from the Council of Trent.  It can be accessed from the aforementioned file.  Further, it should be understood that the priests who were ordained in The New Rite of Ordination [PDF File] were not validly ordained.  Since “priests” ordained in the New Rite of Ordination are invalid, any mortal sins confessed to such “priests” must be confessed again to a valid priest once a person is prepared for confession.  We’re glad to hear about your interest and we hope you follow these steps. 




Subject: Antipope Francis praises deceased Rabbi of Rome


Forward, 04/15/2005: “Pope Wojtyla wanted to indicate a road aimed at further destroying all the obstacles that have divided Jews and Christians through the centuries,” Toaff told the Italian daily la Repubblica, referring to the late Polish Pope by his family name, Karol Wojtyla. “It is a significant and profound gesture for Jews. But I think it is also an indication to the Catholic world.”


Karol destroying the obstacles...hmm...would you be trying to destroy the stone the builders rejected, you remember...the One that became the Cornerstone?... please quit pretending to be a pope, Jorge. You're not even Catholic.






Subject: Study: Contraceptive Pill Can Shrink Women’s Brains


Perhaps a visible manifestation of obstinate sin leading to a literal darkening of the intellect.




Volcano Eruption in Chile


Subject: Volcano Eruption in Chile


Dear Brothers: 
The pictures of the eruption of the volcano in Chile were quite spectacular and ominous.  "Unrelated" to that, here are a few more recent headlines from Chile:
From March 18:
"Chile’s new bill to ease blanket abortion ban likely to pass, rights group says"


From April 13: Chile approves gay unions: president pushes for gay 'marriage'


"With the welcome of the gay lobby, the president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, promulgated a law April 13 that recognizes same-sex unions, to take effect in October. However, she warned that it was merely a first step....Just two days later, Bachelet took ‘one more step’ when she created a Ministerial Bureau for the purpose of bringing about so-called “marriage equality” in the country."
From April 15: "Much anger in southern Chile over bishop appointment"

"In the month since Bishop Juan Barros was installed in Osorno, the priest has had to sneak out of back exits, call on riot police to shepherd him from the city’s cathedral, and coordinate movements with bodyguards and police canine units.  Such is the public routine of the bishop who is denounced by his opponents as having shielded Chile’s most notorious pedophile priest.   For his part, Barros says relations are improving.
The appointment of Barros by Pope Francis has unleashed an unprecedented protest, with more than 1,300 church members, 30 diocesan priests, and nearly half of Chile’s Parliament sending letters urging the pope to reconsider.

At least three men say Barros was present when they were sexually molested in the 1980s and 1990s by the Rev. Fernando Karadima.  Karadima was sanctioned by the Vatican in 2011 for sexually abusing minors, ordered to live out his life cloistered in a nun’s convent.  Barros has said he knew nothing of Karadima’s abuses."



Subject: Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Great explanation of the protestant beliefs of osas and faith alone.




Jewish Heresy, “Feeneyism”


Subject: Vatican II’s Jewish Heresy (video)


Dear Ray, okay I wanted to dissect this video right now but it became too difficult I am sending it to you because it is excellent. I do not support the people who put the video together. They support the heresy of Feeneyism. Let me know what you think.


Spencer Colgan


MHFM: Spencer commented on our video, as shown above.  At first tried he tried to refute the video.  He then realized that he couldn’t.  So, he decided to send it to his friend, with a caveat that he doesn’t agree with us on other things.  That’s an example of how spiritually weak so many people are.  They can hardly watch something of pure truth and share it without almost issuing an apology to their heretical friends.  There’s a lack of grace there.  He also asks his friend what he thinks.  We see that frequently: e.g. people who see the truth, but are almost waiting/hoping for a friend or acquaintance to talk them out of it.  The lack of faith and spiritual independence (i.e. the ability to think for yourself, root yourself in God’s truth, and not care what detractors or scoffers say) is sad.


Manifesting his ignorance of the salvation issue (which is clearly the result of heretical brainwashing and his own reluctance to accept the dogma), he falsely associates adherence to the salvation dogma with ‘Feeneyism’.  It has nothing to do with Fr. Feeney.  If he looked at the material on the salvation and baptism issues, and was sincere, he would discover that just as he was wrong about Vatican II, he’s wrong on that issue as well.  However, his comment is another example of how effective the Devil has been in using heretics to misrepresent the true position on salvation.  The Devil has used them to spread heresy and divert from the dogmatic facts at the heart of the matter. 


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” (video)

The Latin Text of the Oldest Surviving Papal Decree Rejects “Baptism of Desire” (video)





Subject: About This Website


I have been raised without any real religious background. I was christened in a Methodist church as a baby, and baptized in a Baptist church as a young child, I do have a strong belief that Jesus is my Savior and through him is the only true way to Heaven. I believe the Bible is the word of God. I have been watching your videos on You Tube and actually believe what you are saying. It all makes perfect sense... I just don't understand exactly why you have to be Catholic to be true to Christ. Why aren't other Christians who believe his word and believe abortion, homosexuality, paganism, etc. are not acceptable and accept Jesus as their savior part of the "Chosen"? I have never been asked to become Catholic, I actually know very little about the faith other than what I have seen on TV and am learning from your videos.




MHFM: Tina, we're glad that you came across the material.  The reason other 'Christians' can't be saved is that they don't adhere to key teachings of Jesus.  As a result, they are actually not real Christians.  They reject His revelation in numerous areas.  One must accept all of what Jesus taught to be saved (Mt. 28:19-20).  One must also hear His Church to be saved (Mt. 18:17).  He only founded one Church, and that was the Catholic Church.  That's explained in the material and in the 'Refuting Protestantism' section.  All other denominations are man-made sects that came centuries after Christ founded the one true Church.  Attached are some prayers you should say and some creeds you should familiarize yourself with.  You should immediately begin to pray the Hail Mary frequently and the Rosary each day.  (At some point soon you should begin to pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.)  This file explains how to pray the Rosary: How to Pray the Rosary [PDF].  (Some very important videos are also attached.)


It’s crucial that you familiarize yourself with the material and, once you are convinced, follow through with the steps to convert.  It’s necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic. 


The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic Faith and for those leaving the New Mass - Baptism and Conditional Baptism - the Council of Trent's Profession of Faith for Converts


We also think that by viewing this video you will better understand the answer to your question: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie.


New Video Posted


The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


MHFM: This is a must-see new video.  Anyone who is interested in traditional Catholicism at all needs to see this entire video.  Many extremely important issues are covered.  Many individuals are discussed.  The video contains many revealing video clips, and much more.


Since all of our new videos are available in high definition, those with a fast internet connection might want to select a higher quality setting for viewing the video: e.g. instead of 480p, you could select 720p or 1080p or even higher if you have an extremely fast connection.  The ‘settings’ under the little wheel icon provide options for the highest quality viewing of the video.  The little wheel icon shows up at the bottom right corner of the YouTube video screen when one begins to view the video.




Subject: Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Great video. John MacArthur is exposed for his false doctrine of faith alone and once saved always saved. I finally fully understand the protestant reasoning. And, the protestant reasoning is so flawed.


Kevin DeBault




Subject: Kansas Gov. Signs Law Banning Use of Welfare on Cruise Ships, Tattoos, etc.


Excellent move, indeed.


Silmer Calas


Lefebvre, SSPX, etc.


Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


Excellent Job on the new video. Attachment to Archbishop Lefebvre, besides lack of faith, seems to be the only reason for their failure to arrive at the sedevacantist position. Perhaps, as you mentioned, if I understood well, if Lefebvre had made the public and clear declaration of Sedevacantism, all these guys would now be sedevacantists.


About this nonsense of Fr. Pfeiffer about «communion with Francis, but not with his papacy», I would add that Pius IX taught that those who want to belong to the One Church of Christ, must honour and obey the Apostolic See also, not just the Roman Pontiff. There is no such a thing as being in communion with the person but not with the office. So, if Francis were the true pope, according to Pius IX people would still not belong to the Church if they were to follow Fr. Pfeiffer's junk theology. But, as you say in the video, HE SIMPLY DOESN'T CARE. He is not in the mood to make the effort to comprehend these simple things.


Another thing that I would say is that for someone who is making an analogy between the Matrimony and the Papacy (which doesn't work, as explained in the video) it is foolish to then separate the Pope from the Office of the Papacy — marriage is precisely the contrary of separation.


Pope Pius IX, Amantissimus (# 3), April 8, 1862: “There are other, almost countless, proofs drawn from the most trustworthy witnesses which clearly and openly testify with great faith, exactitude, respect and obedience that all who want to belong to the true and only Church of Christ must honor and obey this Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff.” (http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/light-of-the-world-anti-pope-benedict-xvi/)...



Rafael Centeio


New Video on SSPX


Dear Brothers:


Your new video on the SSPX and other false traditionalist sects really brings their double-talking duplicity into sharp focus.  I had known that these groups were bad, but I never realized how bad.  If anyone needed proof that obstinate bad will blinds, this video will certainly provide it… All false religions are self-contradicting and absurd, and false traditionalism is no exception. False traditionalists make a mockery of Christ and the true Faith.


When I was listening to the clips of these false shepherds who willfully reject Catholic doctrine, I was reminded that every heretic/false religion requires false assurances.  There could be no false religions without false assurances, and the Father of Lies always provides his stooges with plenty of them.  The Russellites (aka Jehovah's Witnesses) assure themselves that there is no Hell, and thus they have no need for a Redeemer.  The Protestants assure themselves that they have already been declared saved, and thus they have no need to follow Christ's Church.  And the neo-protestant, false traditionalists who reject the infallible magisterium of the Catholic Church in preference to the teaching of Lefebvre -- especially regarding the necessity of being inside the Church for salvation -- end up, as a consequence of their heresy, imagining that they are inside the Catholic Church when, in fact, they are outside of it. 


Many of us have come through the SSPX or similar avenues which we now know, infallibly, to be false.  We thank God for the Brothers of the Most Holy Family Monastery who have taught us the true Catholic Faith, and thus delivered us from that maze of madness and ruin which exists in false traditionalism.  Great Video.


Lee Ann



Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent video, The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups… These priests hide their elaborate system of ropes and pulleys of schism, heresy and apostasy behind a thin curtain of "tradition."… they declare Francis "impounded", as if a true successor of St. Peter (whom Francis obviously is not) - the one who was given the keys to bind and loose - could be imprisoned in his own office.  What a fantasy story! Perhaps the SSPX sees itself as the knight in shining armor who saves the "impounded pope."  What an abomination… These groups are dangerous.  They are the blind leading the blind… The SSPX and similar groups go to extraordinary lengths to conceal the truth from their followers…

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


The Devil is Active in False Traditionalism


MHFM: This is an interesting exchange we had with a false traditionalist who didn’t like our recent video.  However, one doubts if he even watched the video rather than just making assumptions about it based on the title.  That’s because many people, who are similar to the man mentioned below, lack the grace to even watch a video like that.  They are just too evil and demonic to even subject themselves to the truth covered in it.  It’s so true: “The perverse are hard to be corrected, and the number of fools is infinite” (Ecclesiastes 1:15).  Nevertheless, he commented:


Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


This makes me sick. Why work to keep people from the True Mass and Sacraments. The Dimond brothers are evil and doing the work of Satan.


Bernie Kunkel


Our response:


The true faith makes you sick because you are just a heretic.  The Mass and the sacraments aren't enough.  Haven't you figured that out yet?  The 'Orthodox' schismatics have a valid liturgy, too; but since they reject Catholic teaching in certain areas they can't be saved.  One must have the true faith for salvation.  But you don't care about the true faith.  You are of bad will and on the road to Hell.  You are the one who is evil without any doubt.




We also wrote to him, among other things:


If you can look at the facts we present, which cover true Catholic teaching, and disagree with the conclusions, that just proves that you couldn't care less about the teaching of the Magisterium and the revelation of Jesus Christ.  All you care about is where someone shows up at Mass.  That's the attitude of a heretic devoid of the true faith. 


You simply reject the teaching of the Church.  You hold that it doesn't matter.  Someone cannot be saved with that attitude.  You hate the truth.  That's why you hate the Catholic truth we put out.




He responded:


… Go take a long walk off a short pier you reprobate !!


Bernie Kunkel


We responded:


You just encouraged a person to commit suicide.  That's a mortal sin.  To encourage others to do such a thing is a mortal sin.  Thus, your statement by itself proves that you are of the Devil.  You are so blind and so wrong.  Begone, Satan.




Even though someone who can swim (and that’s true in our case) would not die from taking a long walk off a short pier, the person making such a statement doesn’t know that and the idiom means: go kill yourself.  Thus, the fact that such wickedness comes from his heart further demonstrates that he’s not of God, but of the Devil. 


Luke 6:45- “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”


People such as the man mentioned above are in such rebellion against God and the truth – they are so filled with hatred, bad will, and a lack of charity – that they will lash out without any regard for whether their claims are true or whether their words remain within God’s standards.  (Notice also how it’s all ad hominem nonsense, rather than an attempt to address even one fact covered in the video.)  Since they are upset by the truth presented, they can’t refrain from saying things that attack a person putting out the truth, without due regard for what they are saying.  That’s a reflection of how their beliefs on doctrinal issues also fail to remain within the bounds of God’s laws, teachings, and standards (such as what the Church teaches about the Papacy, etc.).


There are major devils in false traditionalism.  There are true schismatics and heretics who hate the truth and those who promote it with a passion, and they won’t let it into their quarters.  They are so impurely attached to their externals, their friends, and their communities (rather than God) that they must shut out the truth, when it threatens to alter the status quo.  People are often deceived because many of those demonic, bad-willed unbelievers (who rebel against God) go to a traditional Mass, pretend to be ‘traditional’, or comment on ‘traditional matters’.  Many of them even pretend to be traditional Catholic writers or leaders.  The truth is that they don’t serve God, they don’t have the faith, they hate the truth, and their interiors are corrupt to the core.




Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


This completely shatters, once and for all, the erroneous positions of the SSPX and its offshoot groups. There is absolutely no room for any doubt on this matter in the future, in light of what is presented in this video.  This video is powerful, and has moved my heart and my mind deeply, even though I got out of the SSPX over 8 years ago and have already renounced their erroneous positions.


Michael Simmons


Truth About


Subject: “The Truth About SSPX Video”




Your video on the heretical followers of Lefebvre… was extremely powerful and revealing… The conclusion of your video was very telling and immediately put something into perspective for me… the message of Our Lady of La Salette – “It is time; the sun is darkening; Faith alone will survive”.  Thank you for all your efforts and may God continue to bless you as you continue to convert many souls to the One True Faith, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ.


Peter Inglima






Your recent video is truly a must-see video by everyone, including the SSPX "Lefebvrists" and the modernist VII Sect…


God Bless your works,

Tom Miles




Thank you for your great video on the truth about the SSPX, etc…








I've been saying for a time now that it seems that the only reason that the false traditionalist priests exist is to dispense the Sacraments. But after watching your latest excellent and superb video regarding the truth of the SSPX and its offshoots, it seems to me that these false trad groups are also in place to act as a "breakwater" of sorts against the continued "waves of truth" that are "pounding" against the post Vatican II apostate sect, which emanates primarily from Most Holy Family Monastery.


I look forward to the day when the SSPX "breakwater" is totally destroyed and "carried out to sea".







Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


Right through the heart of the matter.


Pedro Henrique Barreto de Lima




Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)



The new video is excellent and totally irrefutable… The MC and their affiliates all deserve to be exposed for the outrageous heretics they are… the SSPX is 'principled' enough to follow their heresies to their logical conclusions by 'reuniting' with the apostates in Rome, whereas the MC is just a cesspool of contradiction and stupidity. However, both groups are obviously on a clean trajectory straight to hell... Thank you for all your hard work.  I look forward to re-watching & sharing this video.





Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


An important monumental work which needs to be viewed and reviewed for the depth of its content aimed at so-called traditional groups, principally the SSPX and its off-springs...






Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


Another slam dunk, thank you.  It was utter absurdity for the heretic Pfeiffer to equate the binding nature of the sacrament of matrimony, with the office of the Papacy… the SSPX, to believe that, in spite of someone being outside the Catholic Church, people can be saved because of the Catholic Church, is completely absurd.  That’s like saying, a person, who is stranded and floating in the ocean, who never gets picked up by the saving ship, will not die.  It’s the same, with the eight people who were saved, inside the Ark of Noe, but everyone outside the Ark, perished…


Sincerely yours,






Excellent video. This really helps you see how the SSPX really believe. They contradict themselves as if they are playing both sides...






Subject: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)


Thank you for this information packed video… The "traditionalist" heretics are truly Protestants. They just pick and choose. They follow a particular statement from a pseudo-cardinal which says the SSPX is not schismatic. Yet they not only reject almost every other statement of that pseudo-cardinal, but they ignore and reject the view of the super majority of pseudo-cardinals who consider the SSPX to be in schism…






Dear MHFM,

Thank you for your good work that your apostolate is doing.  This is a beautiful passage from Exodus 4:24-26 refuting non Catholics on Infant Baptism since in Colossians 2:11-12 scripture makes it clear that baptism takes the place of Circumcision which must be done on the eight day of the birth of a child (Gen 17:12)

This is the Haydock Bible Commentary on Exodus 4:24. The Lord met him, and would have killed him. This was an angel representing the Lord, who treated Moses in this manner, for having neglected the circumcision of his younger son: which his wife understanding, circumcised her child upon the spot, upon which the Angel let Moses go. (Challoner) --- Both his children were born about this time. But Eliezer, the younger, had not been circumcised; and therefore remained under the power of the destroying angel. (Origen, contra Cels. v.) Others think the angel was going to kill Moses. (Calmet)






Subject: V-2 Malta “Priest” “Blesses” Rings at “Gay” Engagement Ceremony


Where's the excommunication for this "priest"?


I forgot, there's no such thing since the V2 'priest' is a heretic and he's basically an adherent of one of the tenets of the Vatican II Church also known as the Conciliar Church (The power of the gay lobby over this false Church is evident by the fact that a "priest" can openly support homosexual unions).




New and Updated Link


MHFM: By the way, some people might have seen a version of our video that was posted for a few hours early on Thursday.  Please note that it has been replaced with this new version.  Thus, if you shared, ‘liked’, ’favorited’ or linked to the previous video, please do the same with the new version.  Thanks.  The Truth About the SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups (Video)




I've been plowing through the histories of Kazaria, Masons, Illuminati, etc. trying to sort out the truth from half-truths, in a hurricane of satanic madness and am very grateful to God for your work!  The great calm in the eye of the storm is your insistence on God’s Truth to be viewed with good will… I've seen no greater Charity.  Helping people claw out of this pit prepared for the evil one is the work Christ our Lord prepared you for and we are thankful!...

 Sincerely, Patrick Joyce and family


Note - Update


MHFM: We hope to post an important new video on Thursday.


More Women


Subject: More U.S. Women Are Going Childless


Birth control in any methodology is evil. No one has the right to control births. God opens and shuts the womb and we should not interfere with God's designs. Also, the cohabitation thing... is... evil as well.


Melina Wisky


“Ecumenical Service”


Subject: Presbyterian “Church” Hosts Rally to Celebrate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


As if "blessing" the "marriages" of homosexuals, and "ordaining" homosexuals, was not bad enough... the PC(USA) is now openly, publicly, and strongly supporting all forms of abortion, as demonstrated by this rally. This is the height of demonic, diabolical, and evil. Interesting fact: Two of the "clergy" (the "pastor" and a "deacon") from this exact same "church" in Louisiana (First Presbyterian "Church" of New Orleans) recently participated in a "Christian Unity Ecumenical Service" at Holy Name of Jesus "Catholic" Church. "Catholic" (Novus Ordo) "Archbishop" Aymer was present at this "Service". Combined choirs from local "Catholic" parishes sang. Members of the "Knights of St Peter Claver" were present as well, as were numerous Eastern "Orthodox" and Protestant "clergy." The Novus Ordo "Archbishop" was actually praying for "Christian Unity" with the "clergy" from this extremely pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Presbyterian "church" in New Orleans… Amazing, unbelievable, and sickening !


Michael Simmons


MHFM: That’s very interesting that the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual ‘pastor’ and ‘deacon’ participated in an ‘ecumenical service’ at a church of the Vatican II sect.




Subject: This is Sick: White House under Obama opens its first “gender-neutral” restroom


I actually encountered a restroom like this, in a local high school where I used to work, back in the late 1990's. I found it highly unusual, to say the least. This bathroom was in one wing of the building and was mostly geared toward the faculty. Needless to say, after one trip to that restroom, I never used it again. It probably could accommodate 8 people at a time, but people of either gender could enter simultaneously.  There were also actually a number of openly "LGBT" students at this school at the time (even back then, 15 to 17 years ago), not to mention kids who openly practiced "Wicca", etc. It was an odd place to work. Gladly I got out of there... the only reason the government is doing this is to push the sick "LGBT" agenda.


Michael Simmons




Subject: Presbyterian “Church” Hosts Rally to Celebrate Planned Parenthood Abortion Business


Wow. If you… watch the videos planned parenthood is pushing you will be shock. They are so evil, all these people are brainwashed and they mistake it as being informed. That is the last thing they are. They are all so uninformed and lost in darkness and dragging other souls with them every time they promote birth control, abortion and so many other things. They are leading so many young and old to hell, as they lead others in a chain. Oh how a lie can spread like a wildfire and consume everyone in its path. So sad.




Colin’s E-Mail


Subject: Colin’s E-Mail


Dear Brothers:


Colin Rummage definitely needs to see your video on the Protestant lie of Forensic Justification.  Even when I was still in the Counterfeit Church, I couldn't help but notice that whatever garbled beliefs the various Protestants held (and they were always garbled), all of the many sects of perdition had one thing in common.  While they could more or less tolerate each other, they always had hatred for the One and only Church founded by Christ and for the faith He delivered to the Saints.   That used to puzzle me, but now it makes sense.  Your video demonstrates clearly that Protestants don't just misunderstand Sacred Scripture, they hate it and whether they realize it or not, these non-Catholic sects who falsely imagine themselves to be "Christian" all  base their teaching on Luther's satanic doctrine of "justification".  And this despite the fact that they all know that Luther was conversant with the Devil (and in the toilet, no less).   Your video, by the way, really demonstrates the horror of heresy, the horror of Protestantism, and the horror of the Counterfeit Church.  When I think about the gravity of the situation the world is in, it takes my breath away. 


As a result of your video, I can now better understand why people like Rummage -- once they start spewing their garbage -- always sound to me like people possessed.  According to Our Lord, they are possessed -- since one can only be with Christ or against Him.  People like Colin Rummage need to wake up very quickly and recognize with whom they are standing, or they will be standing against Christ for all eternity.


Lee Ann  


1 Tim. 4, Protestants, Dualists


Subject: 1 Timothy 4:3 Article


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the excellent article about 1 Timothy 4:3.  These Protestants don't pause to consider that the Catholic Church put the Bible together, and so how foolish it would have been for the Church to include books that contradict (what they think is) its own teaching.  Protestants twist the scriptures to their own destruction (2 Pet. 3:16), just as the devil did in tempting Jesus (Matt. 4:3-10).  1 Timothy 4:3 does not say that one "must always marry" or that one "must always eat meat".  Surely most Protestants would agree.  One recent Vatican II defender even said that James 2:24 proves that Jews and Muslims can be saved, as if the scripture meant one is saved "by works only and not by any faith at all" - absurd nonsense!  Since Protestants reject the principle of unity in the Church - the Papacy, not the Bible (Vatican I, Matt. 16:18) - they are doctrinally scattered in the conceit of their heart (Luke 1:51).  Pope Leo XIII commented on the fact that it was the dualist sects who aimed at the destruction of marriage: "Again, in the very beginning of the Christian Church were repulsed and defeated, with the like unremitting determination, the efforts of many who aimed at the destruction of Christian marriage, such as the Gnostics, Manicheans, and Montanists; and in our own time Mormons, St. Simonians, phalansterians, and communists." (Arcanum, #13)  Our Lord explicitly indicated that some have chosen chastity or celibacy ("eunuchs") for the Kingdom of heaven: "For there are eunuchs, who were born so from their mother' s womb: and there are eunuchs, who were made so by men: and there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven. He that can take, let him take it." (Matthew 19:12)  Protestants are led by the spirit of lies.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Timothy Dolan


Saw Timothy Dolan… giving an interview about religious extremism, spewing forth his lies, he endorses everything the church has condemned, for example religious liberty.  He is a modernist weasel... Also he is non-ordained and non-consecrated just a layman posing as bishop of New York.  Thank you...  


From Mark V


MHFM: Just think that obstinate false traditionalists consider Dolan to be the ‘Catholic bishop’ and leader of the Catholic Church in NYC – the one to whose authority Catholics need to submit and the person with whom Catholics must profess a union of faith.  What a mockery of Catholic teaching.


Seeks to Ban “Gay” Conversion Therapy


Subject: New move by anti-God Obama


Dear Brothers,


I see where Obama now has signed a petition to disallow any treatment or therapy meant to help homosexuals overcome their spiritual affliction. A cure is readily available for anyone who is looking for one. I guess he never heard of the means available to all inside the Catholic Church via the sacraments and the Holy Rosary. He would rather allow the spiritually sick to die in a state of sin… He is… evil… He is definitely bent on destroying any remaining moral thread among Americans and thereby further weakening an already weak and dying nation…






Subject: Georgia Florist Won’t Serve “Gays”


Sad to see how the media and activists are imposing their heretical and anti-Christian views on the immense majority who know that homosexuality is a perversion...






MHFM: Some people have asked whether the recent documentary, Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie, will be available on DVD.  In the next few months, we hope to have a new primary DVD that will still include almost of the videos on the current 9 in 1 DVD, the new Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie video, the recent video on the Papacy, and a major project Bro. Michael is working on.


(Also, very soon – possibly in the next few days – we hope to post another important new video.)


New Post


MHFM: This is a short new post in response to a heretic who wrote in and abused 1 Timothy 4:3.  1 Timothy 4:1-5 is frequently misused and misunderstood by Protestants.


Does 1 Timothy 4:3 (They Forbid to Marry & Abstain from Meats) Refer to Catholics?  (post)




Dear Bros:


I came across an article on Alcoholics Anonymous on your website and wanted to share my experience with AA.


I started drinking in my teens on almost a daily basis and drank for 17 yrs.  I decided I needed to quit drinking and just quit cold turkey.  I listened to some people who told me I couldn't do this by myself and that I needed to go to Alcoholics Anonymous.  Well, I listened to these people and went to A.A. and it ended up being one of the worst experiences of my life.  First they tell you that "you need to get a higher power".  According to A.A. any "higher power" will do - according to them it can be "the light bulb in the ceiling" or "anything outside of yourself."  Secondly they tell you that you need to get a sponsor and "work the 12 steps" with emphasis being on "step 4".  Step 4 is "making a fearless and moral inventory" and then sharing it all with your sponsor or "confessing to your sponsor"… After they get you to "confess" they then work on you to break you down and control you.  Most everybody walks around parroting "slogans" that they memorized which sound good but there is no substance to them.  They are just empty words and no real change is taking place.  


A.A. came out of the Oxford Group a Protestant sect founded by a Dr. Buchman in Europe.  Dr. Bob one of the co-founders of A.A. was a Free Mason and studied and practiced the occult.  Dr. Bob claims that the 12 steps were "divinely given to him by God".   A.A. makes no mention of Jesus in their literature or their "Big Book" which they call their "bible."  A.A.'s god is none other than lucifer that old deceiver pretending he is an angel of light.  A.A. may sound good on the surface, but beneath that surface is… the devil.  


A.A. is full of new age nonsense and the belief that any higher power one chooses is justified even if the "higher power is a light bulb".  


Needless to say after I ran as fast as I could from A.A., I ran right into a Novus Ordo service where the priest was quoting the A.A. 12 steps!!!!!  I knew that those 12 steps were diabolical and so was the new age movement and here I thought I was leaving the new age movement behind when I decided to go back to the Catholic Church and ran right into it again.   It absolutely confounded and confused me.  Needless to say I quit going to the new mass and it wasn't until I saw your website that the confusion lifted and I could see what had happened.


Thank you Bros. for telling the truth.


Very truly,



“Forbidding to Marry”


… Catholic deceit. Do you think Protestants suffered at the hands of the harlot Rome on shaky doctrine. We are bereans we know the truth of the solas. Now go bow down to your idols and pay your indulgences to your mammon deception system "forbidding to marry" priests. When your satanic cult sees a command in the bible it does the opposite… Dear Roman Catholics save your souls and find the direct relationship with the savior, which Francis forbids.


Colin Rummage


MHFM: You are simply not of good will.  Your demand that a person worship idols demonstrates that what comes from your heart is evil, not good.  You cite 1 Tim. 4:3 in an attempt to refute Catholic teaching, but you abuse the passage.  It does not refer to Catholic teaching at all.  You should read this post and learn:


Does 1 Timothy 4:3 (They Forbid to Marry & Abstain from Meats) Refer to Catholics?  (post)


Of course, your claim that Catholics worship idols is a total lie.  You actually worship the antichrists and the men who founded your false religion of Protestantism.  Also, Francis is not a pope but an antipope, as the material shows. 


Indiana, Chaput, ‘You Can’t Judge’


Subject: Georgia Florist Won’t Serve “Gays”


Interestingly the Indiana religious freedom bill… was actually about the government not forcing 'religious' schools with 'religious objections' to teach their students in the medical field how to murder babies. The bill would also allow persons to wear their hair the way they want to and would also respect the wishes of families opposed to an autopsy being done on a loved one. Now the implications of the bill was that private businesses with a religious objection would obviously have the ability to decline rendering their services to homo celebrations etc. It is noteworthy how the anti-Christ homo worshipping media made everything revolve around the homo abomination even though the bill was broad in its scope, and designed to protect individuals and private companies with religious objections from government coercion.  Unfortunately, under pressure the Indiana governor amended the 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' and it now explicitly states that homos cannot be refused services by businesses, and it ridiculously even adds race, gender, age, and disability right next to the homo orientation label as if being homo is an immutable characteristic. This past Easter the ABC network aired an interview with pseudo-archbishop Chaput. The network heavily promoted the homo abomination, even calling it "marriage", and all Chaput simply did was utter the 'you can't judge' heresy in support of homo abomination, which gladdened the interviewer. CNN also aired that same ABC interview…






Apostate V-2 “Priest” Apologizes for Saying That “Gays” Can Be Cured


MHFM: This is horrible.  It’s another example of the apostasy and evil of the Vatican II sect.


I Feel Moved


Subject: I feel moved


I feel so moved by your videos and your message. I am currently a novus ordo convert. However, I feel that your message is true. I feel that Francis is a Antipope. I want everything from that heretical Vatican II to be reversed.  I do have two questions. What do I need to do to be apart of the True Church? What must I do to truly be saved?


Thanks for your time!




Maudeb Maybin


MHFM: We’re glad that you have interest in the truth.


It’s crucial that you stop attending the New Mass immediately, and pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  You should be staying home on Sunday and, when you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with where to make a confession.  These are the steps for people coming out of the Novus Ordo, etc.: The Steps to convert to the traditional Catholic faith and for those leaving the New Mass – Baptism and Conditional Baptism – the Council of Trent’s Profession of Faith for Converts.




Discovered your work by grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Since many, if not all, priests ordinated after Vatican 2 has received invalid ordination, where can a lay Catholic go to obtain the sacraments?  My family live in Houston, TX. 




MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  It’s crucial to recognize that the New Mass is invalid and non-Catholic.  It must not be attended at all under pain of grave sin.  You should see this video: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid  (video)


There are some options for traditional sacraments, but one must be convinced on the issues before receiving them.  What you should do is consult the information on the website and in the videos, become fully convinced that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church (in addition to becoming convinced on other theological issues), and then we can help you with where to make a confession.  But you should stay home on Sunday.  There’s no obligation to attend Mass if there isn’t a fully Catholic option in your area.   You should also pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  (Some crucial videos attached).  The information covers what has happened and what people need to do.


”Baptism of Desire”


Subject: How Can Baptism of Desire Be Contrary to Dogma?


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


This was very informative and made me ponder other issues. 


As the video states, the acquisition and transmission of information, many years ago, was nowhere close to what it is today and, in addition, these people lived prior to the definition of papal infallibility.  They didn't have as clear an idea of when fallibility was applicable and when the Papal Magisterium was definitely operating and when it wasn't.  For example, such and such a saint would ponder 'what this theologian thought and what another thought'.  Henceforth, they were quite susceptible to not intentionally reject certain dogmas and likewise, hold various errors, such as "baptism of desire".  Nowadays, people can go directly to the Papal Magisterium and embrace truth or reject it.  Catholic dogma clearly rejects "baptism of desire" and, even though this heresy appears in some catechisms, never has it been infallibly taught.  To the contrary,


Pope Eugene IV, 1439, ex cathedra: "Holy baptism, which is the gateway to the spiritual life, holds the first place among all the sacraments; through it we are made members of Christ and of the body of the Church.  And since death entered the universe through the first man, 'unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot,' as the Truth says, 'enter into the kingdom of heaven' [John 3:5].  The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water."


Obstinate defenders of "baptism of desire" continue, day after day, strutting, with puffed pride, to Hell because they follow not Catholic teaching, but fallible words of man… they esteem man more than truths fallen from Heaven.  Mind you, the reason why some saints (who held someone could enter Heaven without water baptism, such as St. Alphonsus) were not heretics was NOT because of slow communication or weak technology, but because they believed the essential mysteries of faith needed for salvation (Trinity and Incarnation), did not obstinately reject any dogma presented to them and, by no means, held any position incompatible with Faith in God, the natural law or something they knew to be clearly taught in scripture.  End of story.  The essential truths necessary for salvation have never changed and never will change throughout all history and the future to come.  "Revelation, constituting the object of Catholic faith, was not completed with the apostles." - condemned.  For example, never has it been, nor will it be acceptable to erroneously believe the Father has more power than the Son.  This is covered in the Athanasian Creed.  Likewise, "If anyone does not say that the Son of God is true God [and] He is all-powerful and omniscient and equal to the Father, he is a heretic" (Sources of Catholic Dogma).  On the flip side, a Catholic who believes in "baptism of desire" (who has never encountered the true Catholic teaching that rejects this heresy) is… Catholic… However, once such a person is presented with truth and obstinately rejects truth, they automatically cut themselves from the Body of Christ... Also interesting is that St. Alphonsus didn't even believe "baptism of desire" took away the temporal punishment due to sin or, more directly, it did not provide the grace of spiritual rebirth, which Trent says everyone must have to be justified….




MHFM: “St. Alphonsus didn't even believe ‘baptism of desire’ took away the temporal punishment due to sin or, more directly, it did not provide the grace of spiritual rebirth.”  Yes, and that represents a fatal flaw in the idea (as the first video below explains and proves).  The theologians who came to believe in ‘baptism of desire’ – men supporters of BOD rely on and quote for an explanation of their position – repeatedly explained it exactly that way: as providing first justification without granting the grace of regeneration.  Since it’s a truth of divine revelation (a defined dogma and the clear testimony of Holy Writ) that one must be regenerated to be justified, the aforementioned fact about BOD proves without any doubt that it’s a false doctrine invented by men (as the first video below explains).  That’s why it was never taught even once in any document on faith or morals applicable to the universal Church.  God only allowed it to be taught in a few, non-universal (fallible) documents and by fallible individuals, with increasing numbers and wider definitions as we approached the Great Apostasy. 


It’s not permissible for a Catholic to teach that a man can be saved or justified without being regenerated.  It’s incompatible with both dogmatic and biblical teaching.  Yet, many supporters of BOD ignore the facts and do it anyway.  They thus lie.  They are promoting a blatantly false doctrine that would be DEMOLISHED in a debate.  In fact, many of them are so blind that they refuse to even discover or learn the problem in their ‘theory,’ even though the facts that would inform them are available (such as those below).  In their blindness, they think they can just ignore those facts, ignore the proclamations of the Magisterium, and continue to circulate a particular position because it was endorsed by saints or theologians.  They are very mistaken.  The problem with them is that they are ultimately believers in man, not in God.  That’s why they can’t see the truth on this issue.  Since they worship man, rather than God, He rejects them.  They don’t have any real belief in papal infallibility as something truly distinct from what is set forth by non-popes and theologians.  (It’s also not just a coincidence that adherence to this biblical and Catholic truth about regeneration and Baptism provides the key to refuting the entire Protestant doctrine of justification, as the recent documentary covered.  There’s a connection between the truth of our position on regeneration and Baptism and what was covered in the recent documentary.  That should be obvious to people who are not totally blind.)


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” (video)

The Latin Text of the Oldest Surviving Papal Decree Rejects “Baptism of Desire” (video)


Pope Benedict XIV, Apostolica (# 6), June 26, 1749: “The Church’s judgment is preferable to that of a Doctor renowned for his holiness and teaching.”


Errors of the Jansenists, #30: “When anyone finds a doctrine clearly established in Augustine, he can absolutely hold it and teach it, disregarding any bull of the pope.”- Condemned by Pope Alexander VIII


Pope Pius XII, Humani generis (# 21), Aug. 12, 1950: “This deposit of faith our Divine Redeemer has given for authentic interpretation not to each of the faithful, not even to theologians, but only to the Teaching Authority of the Church.”


There are many important and interesting quotes, arguments, etc. we would like to add to our salvation book (which further confirm the true position), but we have not had time, as other projects intervene.  There are also numerous videos that could be done on particular aspects of this issue, and some are perhaps coming very soon in the future.  (By the way, the video we mentioned, which we thought might be posted last week, is very close to being finished.) 


This is the actual teaching of the Magisterium on the issue of Baptism (numerous other quotes could be given):


Pope Eugene IV, The Council of Florence, “Exultate Deo,” Nov. 22, 1439: “Holy baptism, which is the gateway to the spiritual life, holds the first place among all the sacraments; through it we are made members of Christ and of the body of the Church. And since death entered the universe through the first man, ‘unless we are born again of water and the Spirit, we cannot,’ as the Truth says, ‘enter into the kingdom of heaven’ [John 3:5]. The matter of this sacrament is real and natural water.”


Pope Paul III, The Council of Trent, Can. 5 on the Sacrament of Baptism, Sess. 7, 1547: “If anyone says that baptism [the sacrament] is optional, that is, not necessary for salvation: let him be anathema.”


Pope Clement V, The Council of Vienne, 1311-1312: “Besides, only one baptism regenerating all who are baptized in Christ must be faithfully confessed by all just as ‘one God and one faith’ [Eph. 4:5], which celebrated in water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we believe to be the perfect remedy for salvation for both adults and children.”


Pope St. Leo the Great, dogmatic letter to Flavian, The Council of Chalcedon, 451: “Let him heed what the blessed apostle Peter preaches, that sanctification by the Spirit is effected by the sprinkling of Christ’s blood (1 Pet. 1:2); and let him not skip over the same apostle’s words, knowing that you have been redeemed from the empty way of life you inherited from your fathers, not with corruptible gold and silver but by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as of a lamb without stain or spot (1 Pet. 1:18). Nor should he withstand the testimony of blessed John the apostle: and the blood of Jesus, the Son of God, purifies us from every sin (1 Jn. 1:7); and again, This is the victory which conquers the world, our faith. Who is there who conquers the world save one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God? It is He, Jesus Christ, who has come through water and blood, not in water only, but in water and blood. And because the Spirit is truth, it is the Spirit who testifies. For there are three who give testimony – Spirit and water and blood. And the three are one. (1 Jn. 5:4-8) IN OTHER WORDS, THE SPIRIT OF SANCTIFICATION AND THE BLOOD OF REDEMPTION AND THE WATER OF BAPTISM. THESE THREE ARE ONE AND REMAIN INDIVISIBLE. NONE OF THEM IS SEPARABLE FROM ITS LINK WITH THE OTHERS.”


Pope Pius XI, Quas Primas (#15), Dec. 11, 1925, addressed to the universal Church, concerning entrance into the Kingdom of God: “Which Kingdom indeed is set forth in the Gospels as one into which men prepare to enter by doing penance but are unable to enter except through faith and baptismwhich, although it is an external rite, nevertheless signifies and effects an interior regeneration.”


Pope Pius XII Mediator Dei (#47), Nov. 20, 1947, addressed to the universal Church, referring to the Sacrament of Baptism: “… the washing of baptism distinguishes and separates all Christians [christianos omnes] from the rest whom this stream of atonement has not washed and who are not members of Christ…”


Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 22), June 29, 1943, addressed to the universal Church: “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have received the laver of regeneration and profess the true faith…”


Pope St. Siricius, Decree to Himerius, A.D. 385:


LATIN: “Sicut sacram ergo paschalem reverentiam in nullo dicimus esse minuendam, ita infantibus qui necdum loqui poterunt per aetatem vel his, quibus in qualibet necessitate opus fuerit sacra unda baptismatis, omni volumus celeritate succurri, ne ad nostrarum perniciem tendat animarum, si negato desiderantibus fonte salutari exiens unusquisque de saeculo et regnum perdat et vitam.”


“Therefore just as we say that the holy paschal observance is in no way to be diminished, we also say that to infants who will not yet be able to speak on account of their age or to those who in any necessity will need the holy stream of baptism, we wish succor to be brought with all celerity, lest it should tend to the perdition of our souls if the saving font be denied to those desiring it and every single one of them exiting this world lose both the Kingdom and life.”


“Quicumque etiam discrimen naufragii, hostilitatis incursum, obsidionis ambiguum vel cuiuslibet corporalis aegritudinis desperationem inciderint, et sibi unico credulitatis auxilio poposcerint subveniri, eodem quo poscunt momento temporis expetitae regenerationis praemia consequantur. Hactenus erratum in hac parte sufficiat; nunc praefatam regulam omnes teneant sacerdotes, qui nolunt ab apostolicae petrae, super quam Christus universalem construxit Ecclesiam, soliditate divelli.”


“Whoever should fall into the peril of shipwreck, the incursion of an enemy, the uncertainty of a siege or the desperation of any bodily sickness, and should beg to be relieved by the unique help of faith, let them obtain the rewards of the much sought-after regeneration in the same moment of time in which they beg for it. Let the previous error in this matter be enough; [but] now let all priests maintain the aforesaid rule, who do not want to be torn from the solidity of the apostolic rock upon which Christ constructed His universal Church.”


As we can see, Pope St. Siricius authoritatively teaches that even if those adult catechumens who desired Baptism died before receiving it, they could not be saved. That completely and totally rejects the idea of “baptism of desire.”  He also teaches that the Sacrament of Baptism is the only way for them to be saved, and that if there is any danger they should be baptized at once.  Those who teach that people desiring water baptism can be saved without receiving it contradict the rule of Catholic faith.  Those who teach that there is a way to be saved besides receiving the saving font of water baptism contradict the rule of Catholic faith.


As the Pope’s Decree proclaims, receiving water baptism is the unico credulitatis auxilio (the unique help of faith).  Unico, which is a form of unicus, means unique, one-and-only, peerless, unparalleled.  There can be no alternatives, no other kinds of baptism.  According to the Catholic faith, receiving water baptism is the unique (the only) way to be saved, for infants, for those who desire it or happen to be in any kind of predicament, necessity, illness, etc.  That’s the teaching of Pope St. Siricius and the Catholic Church.




Subject: Nations in Scripture


Dear Brothers,

Your interpretation of the prophecy of Fatima, regarding the consecration of Russia as having already been done, is certainly the correct one. As the following quotes show, the meaning of the word "nations" as it appears in scripture is clear (these are just a few of many):

Deuteronomy 4:38, "To destroy at thy coming very great nations, and stronger than thou art, and to bring thee in, and give thee their land for a possession..."
Deuteronomy 8:20, "As the nations, which the Lord destroyed at thy entrance, so shall you also perish, if you be disobedient to the voice of the Lord your God."
Deuteronomy 11:23, "The Lord will destroy all these nations before your face, and you shall possess them, which are greater and stronger than you."
4 Kings (2 Kings) 21:9, "But they hearkened not: but were seduced by Manasses, to do evil more than the nations which the Lord destroyed before the children of Israel."

The nations of Canaan which the Lord destroyed were what is elsewhere termed, "peoples, races, and tongues."

If you travel the world, you will be dismayed at the death of whole cultures, who now find themselves in the grip of an infernal cult-of-man. This is certainly the case in all the countries of Aida (I should say, former "nations"), from which I write to you. I was recently approached by a Buddhist who, animated by an abnormally elated spirit, urged me to join their novel "interfaith prayer for peace." The pathos was palpable; she couldn't even have recognised that the insidious personage who had started that whole march away from distinction of "religions"-- was the former false-claimant to the pontificate of my own Roman Catholic Church, the antipope John Paul II!

And it is interesting to note that the peoples, races, and tongues over whom the Antichrist was given dominion are thus likewise destroyed out of the book of life. This unspeakable tragedy is the result of the rejection of Jesus the Christ on the part of their forefathers, but it is however being confirmed insofar as they accede to the infernal spirit that still prowls throughout the world. He is seeking -- and obtaining -- the ruin of souls.

John 5:43, "I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive."

God bless your efforts,
James Balderston


MHFM: It’s interesting that they had an “interfaith prayer for peace.”  You have may indeed done so, but a person should of course inform that Buddhist about the falsity of her religion and the necessity of embracing the Catholic faith.


Hindus, Cuomo, Benedict XVI


Subject: Hindus, Cuomo, Benedict XVI


Dear Brothers,

Thank you for the comments about the Vatican II sect distancing itself from the comments against Hinduism by Idaho Senator from Cottonwood, Sheryl L. Nuxoll: “Hindu is a false faith with false gods”.  Pope Leo XIII called Hinduism "the myths and vile superstitions of the Brahmans." (Ad Extremas).  Hinduism is satanic.  The Vatican II sect acts as if one is "excommunicated" for criticizing Hinduism…

It's astounding to see the apostate Cuomo push for a ban of travel to Indiana to protest the law allowing businesses to refuse trading with homosexuals.  Cuomo is pure evil.  Businesses have every right to refuse trading with anyone.  No one is forced to do business. Homosexuality is demonic and insane.  The false traditionalists who refuse to condemn such notorious heretics as Cuomo are also an abomination.  They trample on true Papal teaching…

The fact that Benedict XVI is impressed by Antipope Francis makes perfect sense.  They are fellow comrades and antichrists in the assault on the Traditional Catholic faith.

God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


On the Heresies of B16


Subject: Video on the Heresies of B16


Dear Brothers,

Excellent summary of the abominable religious era of desolation we are living through. It is interesting to see the… different representatives of false religions and the confusion and doubt on their faces when confronted with B16 who they think is a real pope (which he of course is not)…. They long to be confronted with the choice to convert or to… stick to their inferior man made sect. The sad thing is that this deceiver won't do that.

Yes, the whore of babylon, the vatican2 sect, is the center of the miserable deceptive time era we are living through.




Traditional Ceremonies


Subject: Traditional Ceremonies


Hello, I found your website.  My mother raised me to stay as traditional as possible. Do you know if Los Angeles\San Fernando area churches conduct traditional confirmations?

I go to mass at a regular Catholic Church since Traditional Church can't be found anymore? I am told now is a time of confusion and this seems to be the way of the world now. I pray Rosary every day when healthy enough. Been ill lately.


Thank You, Roberto M.


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the information.  It’s crucial to recognize that the New Mass is invalid and non-Catholic.  It must not be attended at all under pain of grave sin.  You should see this video: Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid  (video)


There are some options for traditional sacraments, but one must be convinced on the issues before receiving them.  What you should do is consult the information on the website and in the videos, become fully convinced that the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church (in addition to becoming convinced on other theological issues), and then we can help you with where to make a confession.  But you should stay home on Sunday.  There’s no obligation to attend Mass if there isn’t a fully Catholic option in your area.   You should also pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day.  (Some crucial videos attached).  The information covers what has happened and what people need to do.




Subject: “Blood Moon With Total Lunar Eclipse & Eerie Biblical Message Rising Over U.S. Easter Weekend”


Australian media have announced the eclipse for local 2300 (AEST=GMT+10) this Holy Saturday night. I intend to be out praying the Rosary because, after that spectacular aurora last Tuesday 24 March, I am finally really rather spooked.


Michael McDonnell


MHFM: Even though ‘spooked’ can mean ‘frightened’, we think people should use the word ‘frightened’ or ‘concerned’ (or something else) instead of ‘spooked’; for ‘spooked’ can connote being unnerved (or haunted) by a demonic entity.


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