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“The prophet Daniel once saw an angel, and he was so terror-struck at his appearance, that he fell to the ground like one dead.  If such an effect was produced on him by the sight of a single angel, whose errand was one of comfort and consolation, what will become of us, when so many hundreds of thousands of heavenly princes draw nigh to us [on Judgment Day] with wrathful countenances?  St. Ephrem, speaking of this says: ‘The angels will stand there with a menacing demeanor, their eyes flashing with the sacred fire of just indignation, roused by the iniquities of mankind.’” (Fr. Martin von Cochem, The Four Last Things, p. 66.)
St. Aphraates (336): “But still, it is for us a certainty that our Lord Jesus is God, the Son of God; and the King, the Son of the King; Light from Light; Creator, and Counsellor, and Guide, and the Way, and the Savior, and the Shepherd, and the Gatherer, and the Gate, and the Pearl, and the Lamp.”  


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