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Quote of the Day
Fr. Martin Von Cochem (1900): “The Society of the damned consists of devils and lost souls.  Both of these are countless in number.  As for the society of devils, this is so detestable that it may be reckoned as the worst penalty of the lost in hell.  The place of torment would be far less deserving of this name were there no devils in it.  On account of the multitude of demons there, such confusion, such grief, such misery, such tyranny prevails, that it is heartbreaking even to think of it.” (The Four Last Things, pp. 106-107)                    
Pope Martin I, First Lateran Council, 649, Can. 3: “If anyone does not properly and truly confess in accord with the holy Fathers, that the holy Mother of God and ever Virgin and immaculate Mary… her virginity remaining indestructible even after His birth, let him be condemned.” (Denz. 256)                                            


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