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Quote of the Day
“During the reign of [King] Achaz the people of Juda were visited with a terrible calamity.  That unhappy king had sacrificed his own children to the idol Moloch, one of the chief gods of the Gentiles.  He had closed the gates of the Temple, and broken the sacred vessels.  The Lord therefore delivered him into the hands of the king of Syria, who slew in one day a hundred and twenty thousand men of Juda, while two hundred thousand women and children were carried into captivity.” (2 Paralip. 29-32 - Bishop Frederick Justus Knecht, A Practical Commentary on Holy Scripture, p. 314.)                              
Pope St. Pius X (1904): “Men even go so far as to impugn the arguments for the existence of God, denying with unparalleled audacity and against the first principles of reason the invincible force of the proof which from the effects ascends to their cause, that is God, and to the notion of His infinite attributes.  ‘For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made: his eternal power and divinity’ (Rom. 1:20).” (Iucunda sane #15)                                              


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