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Quote of the Day
“Here he [St. Ansgar – 9th century] dwelt with a few companions and, as often as he could get free of preaching and ecclesiastical duties and the disturbances caused by the heathen, he dwelt here alone, but he never allowed his own convenience, or his love of solitude, to interfere with the interests of the flock that had been entrusted to him.”  (Ansgar, The Apostle of the North)                                          
Pope St. Gelasius, Epistle 42, A.D. 495: “…the most blessed Paul the Apostle, the vessel of election, who not at a different time, as the heretics say, but at the one time, on one and the same day, while contending for the prize together with Peter was crowned with a glorious death under Caesar Nero in the City of Rome…” (Denz. 163)              


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Recent Featured Videos and Articles
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