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Quote of the Day
“Lucia found Jacinta sitting alone, still and very pensive, gazing at nothing.  ‘What are you thinking of, Jacinta?’  ‘Of the war that is going to come.  So many people are going to die.  And almost all of them are going to Hell.’” (William Thomas Walsh, Our Lady of Fatima, p. 94)                                        
Pope Martin V: “This holy synod… declares, defines and decrees that the said John Wyclif was a notorious and obstinate heretic who died in heresy, and it anathematizes him and condemns his memory.  It decrees and orders that his body and bones are to be exhumed, if they can be identified among the corpses of the faithful, and to be scattered far from a burial place of the church…” (Council of Constance, Session 8, “Condemnation of Wyclif,” May 4, 1415)        


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