Vatican II “Catholic” Church Exposed

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Vatican II “Catholic” Church Exposed

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The Catholic Church is the true Church, but the post-Vatican II “Catholic” Church is not the real Catholic Church. It’s the Counter Church of the last days. It purports to be Catholic, but it is not. It’s presided over by antipopes and heretics, as this website proves.   The other sections listed above in our header deal specifically with the heresies of the leaders (the supposed “popes”) of the Vatican II sect and their main council. This section focuses on the rotten fruits, other heresies, and other important points about the post-Vatican II “Catholic” Church and its members.

The Great Apostasy and a Counterfeit Church predicted in the New Testament and in Catholic Prophecy [section]

Is the Vatican II sect the Whore of Babylon prophesied in the Apocalypse?

This article gives the stunning evidence that the Vatican II sect, a counterfeit Church which opposes the true Catholic Church in the last days, is the Whore of Babylon prophesied in Apocalypse chapters 17 and 18

The Vatican II sect’s Protestant Revolution: the 1999 Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification [PDF File]

The Vatican II Church actually agreed with the Lutherans on Justification… see the proof here

The Vatican II sect vs. the Catholic Church on partaking in non-Catholic worship [PDF]

This article shows that the Vatican II sect now officially recommends what the true popes of the Catholic Church forbade under pain of mortal sin

The Seminaries of the Vatican II sect are unspeakable cesspools of homosexuality and heresy [PDF File]

The Vatican II sect promotes idolatry by its general worship of man, by its particular worship of man in the New Mass, and by its promotion of idolatrous religions [PDF File]

One can be pro-abortion and part of the Vatican II sect at the same time [PDF File]

The Religious Orders in the Vatican II sect: Totally Apostate [PDF File]

This article includes a section on the apostasy of Mother Teresa and her religious order, The Missionaries of Charity

The Apostasy of the Hierarchy and prominent members of the Vatican II sect – is this your hierarchy? [PDF File]

This article covers the astounding heresies and apostasy of the “bishops” and other prominent members of the Vatican II sect – the Counter Church – as well as the Catholic teaching that heretics immediately lose authority in the Catholic Church

Vatican II sect exposed

John Paul II at the interfaith prayer-meeting at Assisi in 1986, which constituted a complete rejection of Catholic teaching which totally condemns such events

The Massive Sex Scandal among the Vatican II/Novus Ordo “priests” [PDF File]

The Catholic Church’s enemies, Communists and Freemasons, made an organized effort to infiltrate her [PDF]

The Deplorable State of “Catholic” Colleges and Universities [PDF File]

The Deplorable State of “Catholic” Parochial and High Schools [PDF File]

The Annulment Fiasco – The Vatican II sect’s De Facto acceptance of Divorce and Remarriage [PDF File]

The Idolatry of the Vatican II sect is connected with its rampant homosexuality [PDF File]

Was the most powerful “Cardinal” in America after Vatican II a secret Satanist? [PDF]

The Statistics on the Post-Vatican II Decline [PDF File]

Why the New Rite of Ordination is Invalid [PDF File]

This article explains why the New Rite of Ordination – which was instituted by Paul VI on June 18, 1968 after Vatican II – is not valid.)

The New Rite of Consecration of Bishops [PDF file]

This article explains the changes that Paul VI made to the rite of consecrating bishops after Vatican II.)

The Changes to the Other Sacraments [PDF file]

This article explains the changes that Paul VI made to the rites of Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Marriage and Extreme Unction after Vatican II.

The New Mass is The Abomination of Desolation – and the (first) Four Vatican II Antipopes parallel the Four False High Priests at the time of the Abomination of Desolation in the Machabees

Post-Vatican II Church Miscellaneous Photo Gallery

new pictures: Mother Teresa Worshipping Buddha; and apostate nuns in Santa Fe pray the “Our Father/Our Mother”

The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II Audio Program, Part 1, Part 2 [Audios]

Book: The Truth about What Really Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II

You can order the 658-page book here for only $15.00

This book has 200 color photographs and over 1,700 references; it also reads like a manual so that even those just flipping through it will learn a lot

Vatican II sect exposed

Vatican II

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