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 E-Exchanges on the Catholic Church and other issues

E-Exchanges on various issues


*This section of our website (which is updated daily) contains some less formal – and short – e-mail exchanges that we’ve had which we feel may be of value to our readers.  We will include those portions of the exchanges we deem relevant and valuable.  We often add bolding and underlining which are not necessarily that of the other party.  This section also frequently includes, not only e-exchanges we have, but also our notes, updates and comments.  Section containing some important recent posts.*




“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies 


Truly distraught and totally confused !!! JP II is a Pope I really is love and respect… Just totally confused at this point. Literally!!!


Carla Neupauer


MHFM: You need to look over more of our material.  It explains what's going on.  JPII was a wicked antipope and much more.  He plays a key role in apocalyptic prophecy.  JPII embraced and tried to implement the worst heresies in Vatican II.  If you watched this video, you should already be convinced that JP2 was a horrible heretic. You should not respect him.


You should read this file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.


You should also watch these videos (in addition to looking at more material on our site):







We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




What were the Crusades, and were they justified 


This is a wonderful video that I recommend to everyone. Listening to it is like taking an advanced college history course, only much more gripping and entertaining. Makes me wish I had been at the Battle of Antioch myself. First rate.


Mike M


Alarming Bill




MHFM: This bill (which must be opposed) is outrageous, disgusting, alarming and sad.  It’s an outright attack on Christianity - an attempt to impose perversion. The antichrist Democrats (and a few Republicans) are trying to eliminate the ability to adhere to any kind of biblical morality. 




MHFM: Jesus reveals why so many false traditionalists, etc. are not granted the grace of faith.  They seek glory and approval from men rather than from God.  “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” (John 5:44)


The Heretic ‘Athanasius’ Schneider


MHFM: The fake priest, fake bishop and heretic ‘Athanasius’ Schneider is a hero to false conservatives.  But he’s really a faithless tool of Satan who gives people false hope in the Counter Church.  He doesn’t understand or have the Catholic faith.


”Bp. Schneider: Open letter accusing Pope Francis of heresy ‘went too far’”


On Judging


St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Pt. 1, Q. 57, A. 4: “A secret thought can be known in two ways: first, in effect. In this way it can be known not only by an angel, but also by man. For thought is sometimes discovered not merely by outward act, but also by change of countenance…”




Up to 80 percent of V2 Sect “seminarians” in Brazil are active sodomites? – 17 second video


I'm from Brazil, and that's horrible. A few years ago, there was a case in our country that became "famous", and was even broadcast on open TV. A validly ordained priest (ordained in the 1960s) was abusing his "acolytes," and was filmed. The images are strong and scary. The Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church, but the prophesied end-times counter-church.


Alysson Gabriel




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


I went to Catholic Church this Sunday......very left. Sermon felt more like I was back in college with a liberal professor too liberal for me. Where’s the gospel?




MHFM: The New Mass is not Catholic, and it must be avoided.  You need to be a traditional Catholic, which is simply a true Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that and what is going on in Rome now.  This situation was prophesied.  The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church but the end-times Counter Church.  You need to embrace and practice the traditional Catholic faith to be saved.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


If she loves all religions (her own words), then by definition she loves satanism. She also loves Judaism, whose holy book - the Talmud - says Jesus is burning in excrement.


Imagine the tens of thousands of dying people that passed before her, all with the potential to be saved by converting to the true faith before dying ... And she let them all go to hell by choosing not to try and convert them.






Woman loses her job for saying men are not women – 32 second video


This is just absurd - but we should come to expect such illogical behavior from bad willed people who align themselves with or who practice lawlessness.






Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


This [woman] was a wicked agent of satan… Those who consider her not only a Catholic but also a saint are deceived. Thank you for exposing this wicked apostate infidel. She surely regrets the day she was born.


Isaac Tipene




What were the Crusades, and were they justified 


Well done. This video should be required watching.






Up to 80 percent of V2 Sect “seminarians” in Brazil are active sodomites? – 17 second video


This is disgusting! Almost unbelievable but with so many stories in the news about pervert “priests” soliciting gay sex with other “clergy” I am inclined to believe this is true. The percentage may be even higher since some people who know what they’re doing is wrong are probably too ashamed to admit it even in these anonymous surveys.


The fact that nearly every “diocese” in the world has active sodomite abominations amongst the “priests” is just proof the Vatican 2 sect is not the Holy Catholic Church…






“France’s Macron, New Zealand’s Ardern host Paris summit against online extremism”


Macron and Jacinta are of the Devil.


Lucas Guelfi


At this point


Antipope Francis explicitly told Anglican “clergyman” who wanted to “convert” that he should not convert – video


… At this point, there ought not to be any "confusion" regarding anti-pope Francis' actions and his heretical teachings. He isn't Catholic and he doesn't hold any jurisdiction within the Catholic Church.


Paige Barent


Came Across


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery


... I came across your videos about a year ago, when I was still a modernist "Catholic". At first, I thought you were just a bunch of lunatics (that was my opinion about all Traditional Catholics) but after watching your videos and reading the articles on your website about Vatican 2, the Novus Ordo, the conciliar "Church" and the Vatican 2 Antipopes, I realised how blind I was and how truly evil and satanic the conciliar "Church" was, fully embracing Sedevacantism and condemning my previous beliefs… As you could probably tell by my name, I am Polish…


Kazimir Franciszek Waszczuk






Francis: It's OK To Organize Pilgrimages To Medjugorje


Anti-pope "oks" visit to false apparition site of the devil.




False Religions


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for the Feeney quote.  It is one of my favorites and one I agree with wholeheartedly.  I believe that we might also add that there is not a single adherent of a false religion who does not know in his heart that his religion is false and that he does not worship the true God…


... While most false religions try to imply some sort of "divine inspiration", the facts of their origins and beliefs prove the opposite.  One way or another, false religions provide a license to sin -- and everyone knows sin, because everyone knows death.  The adherents of the "Orthodox", Protestant and V2 Sects -- like the Jews -- would claim authenticity and antiquity by pretending to be Biblical and historical when in fact, they have no continuity with the Scriptures or with history.  False Christians are outside the Church established by Christ, and every offering of the Hebrew religion -- since the days of patriarchal worship -- foretold Calvary, the Catholic Church and the Eucharistic Sacrifice.  Without Christ and His one true Catholic Church, the Scriptures (both Old Testament and New) are effectively rendered meaningless, and history is falsified.    While Holy Mother Church in her decrees specifically classifies those who are outside of her -- as heretics, schismatics, pagans, Jews.-- she does this in order to warn and instruct such persons and call them to the Ark of Salvation.  But every false religion is actually a form of idolatry, abominable in the sight of Almighty God.  It seems to me that, for those who claim to love God, it should not be hard to understand why there can be no salvation outside the true Catholic Church. 


Lee Ann




Film companies announce boycott of Georgia to protest new heartbeat abortion law


St. Caesarius of Arles [A.D. 468-542], Sermon 44: “Moreover, women must not take diabolical draughts [contraceptive drugs] with the purpose of not being able to conceive children. A woman who does this ought to realize that she will be guilty of as many murders as the number of children she might have borne.”…


Christiana et Fidelis


New Article


St. Athanasius Against The Calvinist View Of “Limited Atonement”


Did not know


The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition)


Thank you for sharing. I did not know, (or forgot) all of the miracles attached to Our Lady of Guadalupe! I love her.


Rose Stotzer




Antipope Francis explicitly told Anglican “clergyman” who wanted to “convert” that he should not convert – video


The heretic… on the first video keeps saying "it's confusing". It shouldn't be confusing to him. He is dealing with the apostasy of Bergoglio for a long time now. He has no excuse for not realizing Francis is an apostate antipope. He is another example of someone wondering at the sight of the Beast. 


Rafael Centeio




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Unbelievable… This was foretold by Jesus himself how terrible things would get before the end…






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


This video needed to be made.






Outside The Church There Is No Salvation


Hello… I also have a question. I remember that you said one should not attend the Vatican II masses. On the other hand there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Can you please explain me what Jesus meant when he said: the gates of hell will not prevail his Church.




MHFM: Hello.  Your question is addressed in the first part of this file: Answers To Objections.  We also recommend that you read this: The Great Western Schism (1378-1417) and what it teaches us about the post-Vatican II apostasy.




“Judge orders boy with cancer to get chemotherapy against parents’ wishes” – 57 second video


Parents have the final say about their child's wellbeing, not the government...


Simon Turac




Police chief issues public commitment to the “LGBTQ2S+ community” to stand against “homophobia” and “transphobia” – 36 second video


This police chief is "standing" on the wrong side and has blasphemed God by doing so.




Brought up


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


I love this, thank you. I was brought up in very traditional Lutheran church. I also went to Catholic high school for 2 years because there was no other religious school near my home when we moved... I love what I experienced there, & from what I have observed & experienced, Lutheran is the closest sister to Catholicism. Do you agree?




MHFM: We're glad that you liked the video.  However, Lutheranism is not true Christianity.  Only traditional Catholicism is true Christianity.  Please see the biblical proof for Catholicism (and a refutation of Lutheranism) here: https://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com/catholicchurch/bible/


It’s necessary for salvation to be a traditional Catholic.  Our material also explains what’s going on in Rome now.



“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


Great documentary.....God bless you.


Kwamez Waye


Makes Sense


Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness 


I never thought about it like that but it really makes sense.








So I am a bit confused about converting and hopefully if you have time you can clear some things up.  I know basically zero about Catholicism's procedures etc and I don't think I have ever set foot in a Catholic church...


I was considering converting to Orthodox until I saw VaticanCatholic.com youtube videos and I have been binge watching them and they make so much sense and I really didn't realize how much I didn't know about Christianity.


I was raised in a protestant home and I was baptized at around age 10-11… I have a copy of the catechism which I will start on probably today and I am going to buy a rosary and start learning to pray the rosary.


So my questions are: How do I find a good catholic church that isn't Vatican 2?... I live in Thailand for work at the moment…


Thank you for your time and God bless you,

William Glover.




Former Pentagon official says U.S. intends to provoke Iran for Israel’s sake – 1 minute video


The mostly jewish-controlled political, economical and communicational apparatus in the US wants another war in the Middle East, so that Americans and other "goyim" (as some of them call non-jewish persons) may shed their blood, be maimed and traumatized for the rest of their lives, leave their family and burden the next generations with another trillionaire debt: all for the Jewish state of Israel. I would not be surprised if a false flag attack on US troops deployed to the Middle East would happen soon.


Rafael Centeio




“Gay” activist desecrates image of Our Lady of Częstochowa – 26 second video


Just the kind of people that Bergoglio desperately tries to please at every opportunity.  How's that working out?








I've read quite a bit of your material, and your expose' of Steven Anderson really sold me on the true faith. 


I was baptized in the Baptist church. Does this count for conversion to the True Church, or shall I be baptized following the procedures listed on your website? 


Thank you very much for all you do, 






“Gay” activist desecrates image of Our Lady of Częstochowa – 26 second video


This is such an abomination!...


Nick Colaiano




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


King James Bible Only fascinates me. It's so absurd you can't believe people really believe in such a dogma.






Accepting Francis = Apostasy


This is very convincing and I think it’s true...


Kyle Bainhauer




Amazing Evidence For God


This is the best video I have seen.  These godless scientists talk so much nonsense about evolution, they cannot see that everything is intelligent design, everywhere is wisdom.


Gerald Callender




“Catholic Bishop” predicts that new “radical changes” are coming in the V2 Sect (the whore of Babylon) – 28 second video




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


… Great video.


Lesmond Bond




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


I have to tell you that you saved this Catholic from becoming an Orthodox, and I thank you. Dominus Vobiscum.


Malik Ore




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”



Powerful video. Only a completely dishonest person can watch this video and conclude that the Eastern schismatics maintain a reasonable position when their own (ill-defined) criteria for an ecumenical council was obviously satisfied with the Council of Florence. As MHFM states, it reveals how bad will is a root issue. 

Something else stood out. The video demonstrates how truths on Earth reflect the truths of heaven and that God allows heretics to twist even the statements of ecumenical councils to their destruction. A similar heretical twisting occurred with the Council of Trent and Session 6, Chapter 4 which is hoisted up in support of Baptism of Desire. Obviously the BOD supporters ignore the entire dogmatic history of the Church, the numerous cannons in the Council of Trent, and the explanation provided in the same session about what was meant by desire. However, an even simpler point came to mind when watching your video.

Baptism is about new life. It is absurd to think that there can be spiritual life without water just as it is absurd to think there can be earthly life without water. Or, to borrow from the phrasing of St. Gregory Nazianzen, if a desire to drink water has equal power with actually drinking water, then a thirsty man should be content with a mere desire to drink as if that were drinking itself. What harm is done to the thirsty man by not obtaining an actual drink of water as long as he desired it? 





St. John Chrysostom, Hom. xxi on John: "... it was fitting that He [Christ] should not begin to work wonders from His early years: for men would have deemed the Incarnation to be imaginary and would have crucified Him before the proper time."




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


I've been waiting for this video for a while. I'm glad it was finished and published. It's great! It's the best video on YouTube about the Bible's teachings on the Trinity.


Christopher de la Viesca




“Televangelist” Says He Needs A New $54 Million Jet – video


All of these false preachers are, of course, evil, but Kenneth Copeland really stands out to me as one of the most demonic. In this clip alone he is caught in a lie and lashes out at the reporter. I've seen clips of him "speaking in tongues" and it just sounds like the howling of devils. Hopefully the people in their congregation wake up and accept the traditional Catholic faith. These "preachers" are total wolves.






The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Compelling arguments. This is a tremendous help...


Joseph Percy




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


I first want to say that your latest video is one of your best. Your arguments clearly articulate how the EO position is contrary to Scripture…


Thank you again for all your hard work defending the Catholic faith.


God bless, Alex 




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Dear Brothers:


Thank you for your excellent video on the Trinity & the Filioque.  It is a thorough refutation of the shocking heresy of the self-styled "Orthodox" who -- having proudly rejected the Papacy -- have denied the one and only real principle of orthodoxy which was instituted and guaranteed by Christ… this video proves to the good-willed viewer that ever since the Incarnation of Christ and the establishment of His Church, Catholic dogmatic teaching is the Revelation of Almighty God.  The true Catholic Church alone has the exclusive right to teach Religion to the world,  and to expound upon the truths which flow from it.   Not only the "Orthodox", but all people who claim to be "Christian" should watch this video.  


Lee Ann




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


This video is a must-see. Those Eastern "Orthodox" who watch this video and don't convert to the true faith are blind!


Alysson Gabriel




“Museum Forced To Adopt ‘Gender Neutral’ Pronouns For Ships After Offended SJWs Vandalize Signs”


The Filioque


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the excellent new video, The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern "Orthodoxy".  This is by far the most comprehensive and precise refutation of the "Orthodox". Bro. Peter's explanation of the Holy Trinity is stunningly clear, and the exposure of the contradictions and errors of the "Orthodox" position is crushing.  Great insight about how the Muslims gained control over the "Orthodox" territories as punishment for their heresies.  They were given over to those who, like themselves, rejected the truth about God.


God Bless,


Mr. & Mrs. White


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”




“Cardinal” Tobin & The Counter Church In Newark, New Jersey


"Nighty-night, baby. I love you". What ???? How can this man make such a tweet and remain a Cardinal??? ... "Francis is the product of the Holy Spirit" ????? What ???? ... Why is HERETIC Tobin a Cardinal ??? ... Pray for the conversion of our Church leaders.

Oscar Noriega


MHFM: He's not a true cardinal.  He's a leader in the Vatican II Sect.  The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church, as our material explains.  Please read this and look at more material on our site.


The Glossary of Terms and Principles



“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


Great documentary, it goes to show that magic is not real unless you make a deal with the devil...

Lidia Ugrevska




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


This is excellent thank you so much for this...






The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


Great video!


Rene Sarabia




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


This documentary is packed with so much information…


Luke Brasting




The Trinity & The Filioque: Catholicism Refutes Eastern “Orthodoxy”


I was raised an orthodox heretic. I am now a Catholic because of your videos. Thank you and God bless.


Joey Davies




What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians


Really informative and awesome video, thank you…




Good news


“‘Landmark’ Victory For First Amendment As Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-BDS Law”


MHFM: This is good news.




UK “Bishops” Endorse “Transgenderism”


Abomination and heresy....






The Bible Proves The Papacy 


... Thank you so much for this one!!! It's a gem.


Pina Mawya


New Articles Posted


Antipope Francis Says The Diversity Of Religions Is Willed By God

Antipope Francis Says Efforts To Convert People “Always” Lead To Nowhere

Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from February and March 2019




… I looked your material inside out, I see and understand why you have to be so strict… It is a true miracle that your website exists. It is a miracle that a former heretic like me is seeking catholic and loves Our Lady. Last year I was under the spell of Pastor Anderson.


Thanks for your effort, time…


Sincerely in Christ,


Kristian Keller




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


I am so happy I have accepted the traditional Catholic Faith, these Vatican 2 Catholic are not truly Roman Catholic…


Reece Murray




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Thank you for this truly excellent video.  A rabbi calls the Christ-rejecting Dolan "a living Torah" -- when, in fact, Dolan is "a living apocalypse".  Wait till they find out… Dolan knows very well what Catholic doctrine is, but will brook no discussion of it.  Watching this evil and disgusting apostate in action is like watching Henry 8th, Luther and all the other heretics who ever lived all rolled into one.  Great job.


Lee Ann



“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


It’s demon power, the dark side is helping them, but for a price of their souls…






“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


This is an outstanding video…






“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Dolan gleefully accommodates sin… Unbelievable just listening to him. He is definitely not a Catholic... An in-your-face apostate alright.






“Canada Unveils New One-Dollar Coin Featuring Two Men Kissing” – 1 minute video


This abomination is made possible by the administration of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, another member of the Vatican 2 sect spreading evil throughout different parts of the world. Not only does he promote sodomy, but he is a supporter of abortion and drug use. Trudeau has also taken part in non-Catholic worship at pagan temples. I hope he repents and converts but there are many demons controlling this apostate's actions.








I met a woman who told me she’s attending RCIA.  She told me that the “Priest” told them that when an unbaptized baby dies, we’re really not sure where it goes and that there’s no such thing as limbo. -Absurd!   She also said that whenever she would ask the “Priest” teaching the class a question about church matters, he would either dodge the question and or not want to address it.   I gave her your book and DVD and some instruction.  Then I was recently was talking to an old N.O. priest who was ordained in 1963, we somehow got on the topic of Purgatory and he said “Hogwash! Purgatory is a scam and not real, the medieval church invented it in order to raise money from indulgences to build St. Peters!” 


Wow, if people can’t see that Vatican II is a break off religion and that we're in the great apostasy just how people are acting and what’s coming out of Rome, then I don’t know what else to say!  Also many people who claim to be traditional don’t even have many of the basics down about the church, sacramentals or devotions.  It’s very sad.






“Montana calls porn public health crisis, becoming 13th state to pass resolution” – 33 second video


MHFM: A big reason that so many have become homosexual, pro-‘LGBT’, etc. is porn.  Porn use is A MORTAL SIN that drags countless souls into Hell, destroys nations, etc.  It should be outlawed.  It's also why so many have basically become lawless and liberal loons.


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)




MHFM: Canada has become a horrible abomination.


“Canada Unveils New One-Dollar Coin Featuring Two Men Kissing” – 1 minute video


Notre Dame Altar


Notre Dame Cathedral Altar Destruction & The Abomination of Desolation




Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof


I was a fallen away Catholic. I watched this video, and now feel the need to pray the Rosary. This video has done a great thing for me. Thank you!


Drazic Milat


MHFM: We're glad to hear that.  We recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  It's crucial that you look over more of the material on our channel and website and embrace the traditional Catholic faith.  Our material explains how to do that and what's going on in Rome now.  The Vatican II Church is not Catholic, as our material explains.  When you are convinced, then we can help you with where to go to confession.




AG of California, Xavier Becerra (who is a vocal supporter of Planned Parenthood and identifies as “Catholic”) is trying to criminally charge pro-lifers – 37 second video


It's very interesting (though not surprising) that almost all of the politicians at the forefront of (including the most "extreme" fringes of) the "pro-choice" movement... are not Protestants or atheists, but members of the Vatican II sect.


Michael Simmons




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Dolan is truly a wicked heretic and apostate!...


Le Huy Nguyen




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Wow. This heretic… denies Christ and His Church.


Alysson Gabriel




“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


Dolan is headed straight to Hell !


Casey Sierhuis


V2 Sect


“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)


We watch as the V2 sect goes into its destruction…




Counter Church


“Cardinal” Dolan & The Counter Church In New York City (NYC)



Jefferson Andrés Araujo Mendoza




Amazing Evidence For God


This video gave me so much joy and peace, well actually God did but he used the video to do it , God bless you for making and or uploading this video.


Chris Cole


MHFM: Chris, we're glad you liked the video.  Please check out the videos in this file for the biblical proof for Catholicism, the one true faith necessary for salvation.  Also, to be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic.  Our material also explains what's going on in Rome now.




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


… They dress up in fancy vestments and portray themselves as legitimate heirs of Christ and the guardians and maintainers of the deposit of faith as transmitted by the Apostles, but their theology is riddled with inconsistencies and errors. How can their priests stand there and tell people that they… are the one true Church of Christ and do it with a straight face?


Luke Brasting



“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


Great video... Scary but great video.


Ulizez Mateo




The Shroud of Turin – Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – video


MHFM: This is a very powerful video with further proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.




MHFM: Why it was fitting that Christ’s death was a public event:


St. Athanasius: “Or how were His disciples to have boldness in speaking of the Resurrection, were they not able to say that He first died?  Or how could they be believed, saying that death had first taken place and then the Resurrection, had they not had as witnesses of His death the men before whom they spoke with boldness?(On the Incarnation #23, AD 318)




The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition)


This is a beautiful and a deeply moving presentation that should be watched by all.






St. Athanasius: “For He made even the creation break silence: in that even at His death, marvelous to relate, or rather at His actual trophy over death — the Cross I mean — all creation was confessing that He that was made manifest and suffered in the body was not man merely, but the Son of God and Savior of all.  For the sun hid its face, and the earth quaked and the mountains were rent: all men were awed.  Now these things showed that Christ on the Cross was God, while all creation was His slave, and was witnessing by its fear to its Master's presence.” (On The Incarnation #19, AD 318)




… In my childhood, I read a book about jp2 (which corrupted my faith, provided I ever had one), and I basically began to believe that all religions were praiseworthy and good. My parents always admired jp2 and sadly, they still do. We have pictures of traditional saints (a few), but also plenty of jp2 and even ''St Faustina's merciful Jesus'' (I noticed that, for the adherents of the v2 sect, jp2 basically replaced every other traditional saint in the area of iconography: it's like a flood). I warned them: ''he promoted the masonic idea that all religions are good, universalism, no need for explicit belief in Christ'' ad nauseam, but no result…


Vatican II


Accepting Francis = Apostasy


Vatican II is blasphemy to God period.


Michael Daniel Lynch




“Cardinal” Cupich & The Counter Church In Chicago


This Cupich… is a total apostate, a traitor to... Catholic doctrine and teachings.


Fernado Gomez


Holy Week Changes


MHFM: A number of heretical priestly groups that deny Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and take the sedevacantist position (Sanborn, Cekada, etc.) don’t use Pius XII’s Holy Week changes.  They consider them to be modernist.  At the same time they hold that one must not reject any non-infallible thing approved in Rome.  They are hypocrites (and heretics).




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


I always heard about the different take on Justification between Catholic and mainstream Protestantism but I hardly understood the nuance. I finally get it now!...


Eric Gatera


Farmers’ Market


“Attorneys seek relief for farmer expelled from farmers’ market for Catholic beliefs on marriage”


This sort of occurrence is commonplace nowadays: people who are perceived as being faithful to Christianity are de facto banned or prevented from meaningfully participating in the public square. Their social rights are increasingly not being recognized.


It reminds me of a Priest who told me that in the past he had a job with the firefighters. He was being coerced by his employer to ride in the firefighter truck to celebrate the sodomist pride parade. He refused and was fired even though he explained that it was contrary to faith and morals for him to participate... Due to the inhumanity and callousness of bigoted pagans it truly struck us that we were surrounded by vicious enemies— and are in effect refugees among those whom we live.


St. Paul “...we are made as the refuse of this world, the offscouring of all even until now...” (1 Cor. 4:13)


Pope Pius XII, Encyclical Evangelii Praecones, June 2nd, 1951 (#33): “Christians dwell in their native countries as though aliens...every foreign nation is their home and the land of their birth is foreign soil.”...


Christiana et Fidelis


St. Athanasius On Homosexuality


St. Athanasius On Homosexuality




Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – 1 minute video


It is somewhat poetic that the altar installed after the heretical Vatican II Council was utterly destroyed, whereas the original altar is still intact.






Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – 1 minute video


As I said to my mother:... maybe Our Lord is tired to see this place in the hands of the heretics of V2. As a french, as a catholic I feel sad of course to see in this misery. But I feel more sad when I see the counter-church in it. Hopefully, the Crown of Thorns is safe, but another fact is that the "fowl" (in french "coq"), who was at top of the cathedral and contain a shard of the Crown of Thorns, and two relics of saints ( 1 of Ste Geneviève, 1 of St Denis ) have been found quietly safe, and all the relics Inside were safe. (sorry for my English)


Hervé Quelennec 


Rescued From


Thank you... Years, decades, in so many sects and even Eastern philosophies that I believe I have been plucked from / rescued from the pit of destruction - I could go on!  But God Who is rich in mercy has seen fit, at the age of 71, to bring to my eyes and heart Truth and it is through your work...


Most sincerely, L. Antoinette (Toni) Anderson


Would not differ


Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


How would the "orthodox" reception theory differ in practice from Protestants on Sola Scriptura, where an invisible unity of believers are led to agree on the correct canon of books? The visible church being somehow inscrutably led to an acceptance of the correct councils over the centuries without the obvious criterion of papal ratification seems very much the same in effect. This defeats the reason for Christ establishing an infallible magisterium in the first place.


Kurt Corrigan


MHFM: Right.  It's essentially the same as Protestant, sola scriptura subjectivism.  It denies that there is any objective standard by which one can know that the Church is certainly teaching.  In the process it denies the authority that Christ conferred on the Church to teach the faithful in a manner that demands their assent at specific times.  It’s heresy.  That’s why it’s not taught in any council.




Rugby player fired, loses $4 million and banned from rugby after he posted that “gays” will go to Hell if they don’t “repent” – video


MHFM: The world is largely becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah, but it's even worse because this is after the Incarnation and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.



Thank you! Your website has been very helpful. 





Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – 1 minute video


In this cathedral, they have been trampling upon the doctrines of Jesus Christ for decades already with their ''don't judge anybody'' heresies and their ecumenical celebrations (to the point where, a few years ago, at ''cardinal'' Andre-vingt-trois' invitation, a rabbi delivered a speech in this building (He might've been interrupted by a bunch of ''traditionalists''). Indeed, I'm saddened when I think that true Catholics built this magnificent place of worship. On the other hand, I believe God might use this sign to wake some people up by telling them that simple and salvific message : ''I don't care about the beauty of the structure, the rose windows, and all the externals when you profess false beliefs, make concessions in matters of faith and morals, and commit fornication with other religions''.


Juliano Melio


Notre Dame Cathedral burns


Fire engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris – 1 minute video


MHFM: In one sense the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is very sad and tragic.  In another it’s a fitting symbol and a sign of how the false traditionalists’ adherence to the externals and the buildings of the Counter Church without the true faith leads to destruction and the flames.




Hello, I'm from Paris. I converted from the Novus Ordo sect to the true Faith thanks to your material. I genuinely believe in all the traditional teachings of the Church. Do you know if there is any Catholic and validly ordained priest who could hear my confession in this city (or in its conurbation) ?  Your zeal for the salvation of souls is worthy of praise. I strongly support your ministry.  Thank you.


1) the name displayed is not my real one (I'm really suspicious of Google and other big companies and I don't want them to collect my personal information and sell it to anyone).


2) I'm also willing to train myself in matters of Catholic apologetics and Scriptures in order to spread salvation in my college… I'm studying law at ''Paris 2 Assas university''. Sadly, some sodomitical associations have even crept into this prestigious college. They'll do anything to advance their diabolical agenda (they've already normalized it in France unfortunately). And there are people who have been brainwashed to such a degree... it's really hard to reason with them.




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Great video! Very interesting, enlightening, and concerning.


Jack Aubrey




“Cardinal” Tobin & The Counter Church In Newark, New Jersey


I am so sick of the LBGTQ agenda being rammed down my throat in the secular world. Now it's being pushed down my throat in the Church.


Pat C


MHFM: It's crucial to recognize that the 'Church' that accepts the 'LGBT' agenda is the Vatican II Sect, not the Catholic Church.  This is explained in our material.  To be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic, avoid the New Mass, etc. as our material explains.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. You should also read this: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.




The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Dear Brothers:


If anyone (after watching this excellent video) is not convinced that JP 2 was the Antichrist (and that he and his counterfeit church must be completely rejected as you explain), said individual should carefully read at least the book of Deuteronomy.  It will provide a kind of illustration of just what God thinks about idolatry.  Perhaps it will help people to see that the pagan Assisi gatherings were a complete rejection and mockery of the true God;  a complete rejection of Sacred Scripture (Old Testament and New);  a complete rejection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (of Whom Moses was a type); and a complete rejection of the true Catholic Church (of which the Israelite nation was a type). 


From the beginning of time, God commanded that His creation, man, love and fear Him as God (a just command), and obey and do all of the ordinances and ceremonies which He would prescribe.  Again and again, Moses warned Israel that if they committed the sin of idolatry they themselves would be destroyed.  Moses saw to it that they also understood that God was using them as an instrument to defeat and crush certain nations because those nations were guilty of idolatry and other abominations.  Not only was Israel commanded to have nothing to do with idolatrous nations, they were also instructed that if any person among their own ranks were to become an idolater or false prophet -- even if it were a friend or family member -- the transgressor was not to be tolerated but stoned to death, and without pity. (Chapter 12)  The reason: such idolaters would draw people away from the true God and the true religion.  The warning and penalty were severe because the stakes were high, and hell hung in the balance.


After reading Deuteronomy and watching your video, it should not be hard to imagine how God views John Paul II and the Assisi events -- as well as those who continue to call JP2  "Pope", "Saint" or even "Catholic".


Lee Ann 




The stunning video that proves Francis believes that fornication can be marriage – 2 minute video


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for posting the video proving that Antipope Francis believes fornication can be marriage.  His heresy that one can be "married" without receiving the sacrament of matrimony is similar to "baptism of desire".  Just as one cannot be baptized merely by desire, neither can one be married merely by desire.  To say that one can be a member of the Mystical Bride of Christ, the Catholic Church, by desire without the sacrament of baptism, is like saying cohabiting "couples" can have a true marriage without the sacrament of matrimony.  The spiritual harlotry, the adulterating of truth, that is advanced by "baptism of desire" heretics is of the same spirit as the apostasy of Francis and the Vatican II sect, the diabolical fornicating Whore of Babylon.


Pope Pius IV, Council of Trent, Sess. 24, Chap. 8: "It is a grievous sin for unmarried men to have concubines... these concubinaries, whether unmarried or married, of whatsoever state, dignity, and condition they may be, if, after having been three times admonished on this subject by the Ordinary, even ex officio, they shall not have put away their concubines, and have separated themselves from all connection with them, they shall be smitten with excommunication... But if, regardless of this censure, they shall continue in concubinage during a year, they shall be proceeded against with severity by the Ordinary, according to the character of the crime. Women, whether married or single, who publicly live with adulterers or with concubinaries, if, after having been three times admonished, they shall not obey, shall be rigorously punished, according to the measure of their guilt, by the Ordinaries of the places... and they shall be cast forth from the city or diocese, if the Ordinaries shall think fit, calling in the aid of the Secular arm, if need be..."


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White


Dishonest & Faithless


The Best Argument Against “Baptism of Desire” 


Your best refutation is nonsense. The council of Trent did not say that "one cannot be put into a state of grace without rebirth", It was more literally saying "men are guilty of original sin, and will go to hell for this crime, unless it is forgiven through Christ's passion." This only implies what you say if you take it in an idiotic legalistic sense and throw authors intent out the window. It clearly did not say that original sin could not be forgiven through some other means…




MHFM: Your stupid comments reveal bad will, dishonesty and blindness.  One of your problems is that you don’t believe in papal infallibility.  You believe that there are exceptions to dogmatic statements, but that idea is heretical.  You are directly denying the infallible words of Trent.  It states:


Council of Trent, Sess. 6, Chap. 3: “But though He died for all, yet all do not receive the benefit of His death, but those only to whom the merit of His passion is communicated; because as truly as men would not be born unjust, if they were not born through propagation of the seed of Adam, since by that propagation they contract through him, when they are conceived, injustice as their own, SO UNLESS THEY WERE BORN AGAIN IN CHRIST THEY WOULD NEVER BE JUSTIFIEDsince by that new birth through the merit of His passion the grace by which they become just is bestowed upon them.”


In case you can’t read, that means that you must be born again to be justified.  You can’t be put into a state of grace without being justified.  Thus, you must be born again to be put into a state of grace for the first time.  Further, the Council of Vienne teaches that there is a unique baptism “regenerating all those baptized in Christ.”  Thus, to be baptized into Christ means to be regenerated.  In addition, Scripture teaches that you must be “born again” (John 3:3), and that if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come” (2 Cor. 5:17).  Consider those words carefully.  To be justified by Christ for the first time necessarily results in a new creation (i.e. regeneration).  That’s the teaching of the New Testament on justification.  Hence, 1 John 5:1 says: “Everyone believing that Jesus is the Christ has been born of God.”  Again, we see that to be in Christ necessarily means that one has been born of God (regenerated).  So, in your futile attempt to defend ‘baptism of desire’ and the false view that one can be justified without regeneration, you are denying dogmatic teaching and Scripture’s teaching.  The Church certainly teaches that you cannot be initially justified without regeneration.  However, the false theory of ‘baptism of desire’ (as it is commonly explained) denies that, which is one of its fatal flaws.


In addition, by arguing that one doesn’t need regeneration or the grace of baptism, you are asserting that one can be saved without the sacrament of baptism, without the mark/character of baptism, and without even the grace of baptism (which is regeneration).  How is something that does not contain the sacrament, the sacramental character or even the grace of the sacrament still the ‘one baptism’ which all must have to be saved?  It’s not.




“Cleveland” attempts to force independent school to hire active homosexuals – could face “fines or jail time” if they don’t – 26 second video


Since Francis hires homosexual priests or activist priests who protect them, Francis empowers the homosexual agenda throughout the world.


Ruben Ortiz


MHFM: Yes.  It's also important to recognize that the New Rite of Ordination is invalid.  Thus, many of those purporting to be priests in the Vatican II Sect are not priests at all.  Our material gives the full picture of what's going on.


Francis on fornication


The stunning video that proves Francis believes that fornication can be marriage – 2 minute video


… What a totally scandalous apostate.




Abortion, Allowed




The spiritual quote from St. Basil the Great on the destruction of the fetus is further proof the Vatican II Sect is not Catholic.  For 50+ years the Vatican II Sect has turned a blind eye and deaf ear toward abortion.  This allowed Satan and his pawns to pass the 1973 Roe V. Wade decision that extended the 14th amendment right, to allow women the decision to have abortions.  Furthermore, Planned Parenthood was established and became financed by taxpayers’ dollars under the guise of being women's health care.


We are seeing envy and pride consuming the pagan "no holds barred" world today.  Feminists kill their babies in order to further a career; parents are scamming their way into "elite colleges" to be like other "elites"; hate crimes are faked to further ulterior motives and socialist liberals are burning with hatred toward President Trump for his presidential win and policy successes. 


The chair in Rome is definitively vacant in these last days.


St. Basil the Great (374): “A woman who has deliberately destroyed a fetus must pay the penalty for murder… Those also who give drugs causing abortions are murderers themselves, as well as those who receive the poison which kills the fetus.”


God Bless,





Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Absolutely irrefutable video, all the dislikes are from extreme bad willed heretics who are in denial! The heretic Timothy Ware in his book that you quoted also says "precisely what makes a council ecumenical is not so clear" Well if he was a Catholic and not a heretic he would know.


"How can you call a council ecumenical when The Bishop of Rome has not given his consent, and the canons forbid ecclesiastical affairs to be decided without The Pope of Rome?" [753 A.D. St. Stephen the Younger to the heretical "bishops" at the robber council of Hieria, PG 100,1144]


Also the 7th Ecumenical council which they claim to accept, explicitly says in the 6th session regarding the robber council of Heiria: "And how can a council be 'great and ecumenical' when it received neither recognition nor assent from the primates of the other churches, but they consigned it to anathema? It did not enjoy the cooperation of the then pope of Rome or his priests, neither by means of his representatives or an encyclical letter, AS IS THE RULE FOR COUNCILS..."


Papal Soldier




According to John Calvin, the fall of mankind and the damnation of many was positively willed by God before the foundation of the world :


« I admit that by the will of God all the sons of Adam fell into that state of wretchedness in which they are now involved » Institutes, book III, chapter 23, #4


and again : « he arranges all things by his sovereign counsel, in such a way that individuals are born, WHO ARE DOOMED FROM THE WOMB TO CERTAIN DEATH, and are to glorify him by their destruction » III, 23, #6


Truly diabolical.






“Cardinal” Schönborn & The Counter Church In Vienna, Austria


That is very terrible and terrifying.






2020 presidential candidate says if you have a problem with him being a “married homosexual” you have a problem with God – 2 minute video


This video was revolting to witness. It is a sight to behold how sick our society really is. It makes me angry to watch evil being unchallenged, especially by VP Pence.


Steven Coronado




What Millions Of Fake Christians Get Wrong About Ephesians


Really enjoyed the video!


Al-Juan Pedro Dela Cruz




The Man Who Believed He Was A Cat Committed Suicide – 1 minute video


Really sad, one more soul that satan has taken with him to the eternal torment.


Bruno Ferreira




2020 presidential candidate says if you have a problem with him being a “married homosexual” you have a problem with God – 2 minute video


They are trying to normalize this! This is disgusting!


Nick Colaiano


Man Worshippers


MHFM: This video covers the strong evidence that it wasn't St. Peter whom St. Paul rebuked (Gal. 2:11-14).  Yet, many false traditionalists dismiss this evidence because certain saints (some of whom worked from inferior manuscripts) thought that it was St. Peter.  They worship man.


Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups


100% the truth.


Joseph Field




Amazing Evidence For God


I hate it when people say there’s no evidence of God, how much do they need. The arrogance in presuming everything just fell into place by chance is staggering. Out of all our solar system earth is the only one that can sustain life, it’s our own planet with our own moon created especially for us. Awesome evidence of God's work.


Kate Ellis




Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness 


Excellent video…






Amazing Evidence For God


Impressive video…


Freddie Graves




False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times 


A tour-de-force…


Joseph Boyat




Just saw MHFM post on e exchanges re FB blocking....not only has FB been blocking most of my FB posts promoting MHFM But now FB has started blocking even my messenger on FB I use messenger to evangelize online sending ppl your links I usually send www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com but FB has started blocking these messages claiming it is " abusive"!! No FB spreading the Gospel via MHFM links is not abusive but FB censorship is!!...





I always notice that when I refer your website to people, for their edification while on FB or Twitter, an unwanted pop up image automatically appears next to your web address.  In the most recent case, it is an image of the antipope, Francis. 


I believe that, for people who desperately need sensible and sound Catholic advice in these latter days, but are not yet personally familiar with you or your organization, an accompanying picture of the antipope shown next to your website, might very well serve as a distasteful deterrent to them, which in turn will have the effect of their not seeking you out after all, and subsequently will have the very reverse effect from that of your intended motive, that of instructing the ignorant or providing succor, before you can even know who they are, or represent.


As to who's responsible for this vile encroachment upon your website, I can only guess!... Thank you.




Barron & Pro-“LGBT” “Bishop”


“Bishop” Robert Barron applauds the selection of pro-“LGBT” Wilton Gregory to “Archdiocese” of Washington DC – 34 second video


Facebook & Instagram


Facebook and Instagram are blocking links to www.vaticancatholic.com!


Chicago, Corruption


First openly “gay” person “elected Chicago mayor” – 42 second video


She is alleged to have won some 3/4 of the votes. Chicago is swimming in a cesspool of corruption... Sodomitesses are unfit for leadership and cannot be reckoned prudent…


St. Bernardine of Siena: “...this [sodomite] vice disturbs the intellect...agitated by an insatiable craving for pleasure, the person follows not reason but frenzy...their thoughts...are broken down and reduced to vile and useless and putrid things...” (Sermon XXXIX in Prediche volgari)


Christiana et Fidelis




“Pope appoints pro-LGBT Wilton Gregory to Archdiocese of Washington”


"Some conservatives are unhappy with the choice..." is an oxymoron when used to describe some Vatican II sect followers. These same "conservatives" still make the grave error of considering Francis a legitimate Catholic Pope when he is anything but.


Steven Coronado




Tourist falls into Grand Canyon trying for selfie – 1 minute video


I saw these sorts of things when I went to the Grand Canyon. The majority of the people on my tour were Chinese tourists. I saw some of them lean over the edge to take pictures while another one of them would hold onto their belt.






Pence, Pompeo and Pelosi assure AIPAC that they have an unwavering commitment to serve Israel – videos


The zionist cult has tentacles everywhere.





“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


Amazing video on magicians (devils).


Md Tayeb




If no legitimate pope can ever teach heresy while pope, what is your view of Pope Honorius, who was anathematized posthumously (By a Saint Pope and 3 ecumenical councils)?




MHFM: Certain false traditionalists recently brought up the case of Honorius, Pope John XXII, and the issue of ‘no one can judge a pope’ in an attempt to defend their false position that Francis is the pope.  We refute all of those objections in our material.  See these articles:


Refuting The Objection Concerning Pope Honorius

Refuting The Objection Concerning John XXII

No One Can Judge the Holy See - Objection Refuted


The Church teaches that no one can be a heretic and remain pope.  The case of Honorius does not contradict that fact.  The full response is found in the article.  However, a key point is that in the same paragraph in which St. Francis De Sales (Doctor of the Church) mentions Pope Honorius and John XXII, he states unequivocally that a pope who would become a heretic would cease to be pope.  St. Francis De Sales wasn’t sure if Pope Honorius was a heretic or merely failed to stamp out heresy.  Yet, St. Francis knew that the case of Honorius didn’t affect the truth that heretics cannot be popes.


St. Francis De Sales (17th century), Doctor of the Church, The Catholic Controversy, pp. 305-306:  “Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinions, as did John XXII; or be altogether a heretic, as perhaps Honorius was.  Now when he [the Pope] is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church…”


You should also see this video: Accepting Francis = Apostasy.  It explains why Francis must not be considered pope.  Indeed, those who consider Francis to be the pope hold that a person who claims to be Catholic can believe literally anything, and repeatedly deny Catholic teaching, and still be inside the Church.  That is contrary to Catholic teaching.  Adherence to the Vatican II antipopes involves many other problems as well.


Revealed Truth


Dear Brothers:


To me, it's the Irony of the Age (or at least one of them).   Political Conservatives are rightfully appalled at the Left's wild-eyed indignation and obstinate refusal to accept the truth of the Mueller report.  But try presenting those same "Conservatives" with God's Revealed Truth about the faith, the Church and end-times prophecy -- and suddenly many of these "conservatives" begin to resemble the raging Left.  They would mock and laugh the truth to scorn.  Said conservatives have been programmed by their false religions to think that God has little or nothing to do with national or governmental affairs -- a tenet of Masonry and Protestantism which is now held by the V2 sect and all false "Christians".   Parroting the antichrist doctrine of the Vatican 2 sect, they would tell you that religion does not belong in the public arena, because religion is really between you and God.  It's just a spiritual thing. What does God know or care about economics or politics?.  And what could Our Lady Queen of Prophets really understand about communism, international affairs or war?   "King of Kings" is just a slogan to such "conservatives"...  Very sad and very frightening.


Lee Ann




“Fr.” James Martin proves Antipope Francis and the Vatican II Sect endorse homosexuality and “transgenderism”


Our Pope is a Heretic promoting heretics!!!!


Anne S


MHFM: Francis is a heretic, and he promotes heretics.  But he’s not the pope.  Heretics cannot be popes.  He’s an antipope.  Please consult more of the material.




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Dear Brothers,


Thank you for the new video, Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils.  There are some really powerful points made in this video, and a lot to be gleaned about how logically inconsistent the "Orthodox" position is… The fact that they still reject Florence and other Catholic truths is outrageous.


God Bless,

Mr. & Mrs. White




Mandatory “LGBT Sex-Ed” Classes Coming To “Schools” In England – No Parental Opt-Out – 3 minute video


MHFM: This is another example of the growing perversion in society.  The 'election' of Chicago's first openly 'gay' mayor is another terrible example.




Did St. Paul Really Rebuke St. Peter In Galatians 2?


That was quite an invigorating argument!...


Novella Nurney


Found the true faith


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


My name is Jonathan. Over the past several weeks, I have probably watched hundreds of your youtube videos. Everything you say in your videos makes so much sense to me and rings of truth. I was raised the son of a protestant minister in the International Churches of Christ (founded by Kip McKean in the 1970s). The ICOC is an interesting mix of protestant and actually Christian beliefs. For example, they reject "once saved always saved" and insist on the necessity of water baptism for salvation but believe 'sola scriptura,' of course reject the Catholic Church and papacy, and also reject infant baptism.


One thing I have realized in watching your videos is that we live in a time of no faith… All through our school years, we are taught to embody the values of the Enlightenment and Age of Reason, as if this were some great breakthrough rather than the descent into godlessness which it was. The time in European history, it seems to me, in which society was most faithful and pleasing to God, the Middle Ages, are branded the "Dark Ages" (calling evil good and good evil). I realize now that my entire education both public and university made sure to brainwash me against the evil, dark, 'bigoted' Catholic Church. The very words 'dogma' and 'orthodox,' thanks to this type of education, now connotate close-minded authoritarians bent on destroying the beautiful, free-thinking rebels… Yes, I fear things are very bad now.


I cannot imagine that many will extricate themselves from the web of lies the Accuser has spun to entrap us. So many are swayed by what everyone around them thinks and says. And indeed this is what Jesus predicted. G.K. Chesterton wrote, "The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age." The Catholic church is a pillar, a rock, an anchor to which men can cling through the ever-changing tides of social opinion and mores. When I look at the so-called "church" the antipope Francis claims to lead, I see no pillar, no rock. I see a man-made institution swaying with the current of the zeitgeist. It's obvious. And obviously not of God…


Anyway, about 17 years ago, at age 14, I was baptized into the ICOC, but after only a year or so, I rejected Christianity… Over the past two years, I began to study my bible again, repent of my sin, and became more and more serious about my faith until I found your videos, which truly helped me to find the one true faith...


So, now that I have become convinced of the issues, I need to have a conditional baptism preformed?... Where can I go for confession? I am close to Nashville, TN.


Thank you for your time.








Antipope Francis tells “priests” not to try to convert Muslims – 25 second video


He... forbids converting Muslims to the Christian faith.  Does that sound like a pope to you? To me it sounds like he is a sultan.






Antipope Francis tells “priests” not to try to convert Muslims – 25 second video


Just one more in a long list of evil, heretical statements from antipope Francis... What’s unbelievable is that, despite his clear apostasy, all these Novus Ordo fake-Catholics continue to regard him as pope. Niles (and many others) just cover these scandals for hours every day but don’t care about the true Catholic faith otherwise they’d get out of the Vatican 2 sect. At this point, it cannot be any more obvious that it’s a false church.






“Saint” John Paul II’s Heresies 


I didn’t know this.




New Video Posted


Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils (new video)


MHFM: This video is another section of a longer video which, God willing, we hope to publish soon.




Antipope Francis tells “priests” not to try to convert Muslims – 25 second video




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Dear Brothers,


What a fantastic presentation. A real eye-opener for many…


Thank you.


Mary Wrenne



“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists


This documentary is exactly what I needed. My church had a magician entertain us for an event last week. I felt so incredibly uncomfortable and his back story was the same...lonely kid who started performing magic at an early age. He even looked demonic. I already knew it was wrong, but needed to see the full scope of the matter.


Douglas Dasilva


MHFM: We’re glad you liked the video.  You also need to see the material in this file.  It covers the biblical proof for Catholicism, which is the one true faith necessary for salvation.  The material also explains what’s happening in Rome now.




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


Wow as a Protestant (on the way to Catholicism) this is eye opening.


Sam Taylor


MHFM: You should also see the videos and materials in this file.  Catholicism is the one true faith necessary for salvation.  But to be a true Catholic one must be a traditional Catholic, as our material explains.




On Lies In SSPX Book 


Bergolio is a heretic, apostate, and the antipope. Support SSPX.


Randall Livingston


MHFM: Wow, you're blind.  You don’t care about the truth right now.  You are commenting on a video that exposes lies and errors published by the SSPX.  You also say that Bergoglio is an antipope, a position that the SSPX obstinately rejects and condemns.  Yet, you still say to support them.  You are another example of the bad will operating in false traditionalists.  You need to wake up, for you are promoting a heretical group.  No, one must not support the heretical and schismatic SSPX.  For a further exposé of their heresies and false positions, see this video: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


This presentation demonstrates, once again, that E. "Orthodox" it is not true Christianity, but a false religion. Outside the traditional Catholic faith there is absolutely no salvation.


Alysson Gabriel




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


I used to follow many of these teachers. It scared the crap out of me when Piper said we didn’t need to obey the commandments! What!? I never even believed that as a former protestant. I didn’t even know that was part of their teaching unreal this video. I’m really glad I listened to this today.


Andrea Blackshear


MHFM: We hope you are a traditional Catholic.  It's the one true faith necessary for salvation.  You will find more biblical proof for Catholicism here.  Our material also explains what's going on in Rome now.




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Hello. I have been watching your videos for a while now and they have helped me in my journey from agnosticism to Catholicism…


Ivan Vidovic




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Great job, truly enlightening material. God bless you.


Ruzgar Liahnyn




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


I myself have had shakes in The Catholic faith, and even considered Byzantine Orthodoxy as an option, but thank God, you've made this video on the greatest time for me and many others…






Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


What a great presentation. God bless MHFM.


Católico Tradicional




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Your material converted me from Protestantism to the Roman Catholic Church last year. I was originally Eastern Orthodox then Protestant and now I’m Catholic. However I consider Francis to be an Antipope and I reject the Vatican II Council. Your book “The Bible Proves the Teachings of the Catholic Church” has me fully convinced that the Catholic Church is the One True Church.


Stephen Pisano Jr.




Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


The video is truly a slam dunk, on all the lies and excuses that attempt to justify the fallacious tenets of Eastern Orthodoxy. The video testified that each EO church is unto themselves just like all the denominations of the false protestant churches.






Eastern “Orthodoxy’s” Fatal Flaw On Bishops & Ecumenical Councils


Wonderful explanation of why the E. "Orthodox" are sheep without a shepherd; spiritually lost and without Christ. It is a group of men following a democracy of popular vote.


Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne


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