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E-Exchanges Archive, First of 2018




Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness


I could see that the left had become totally lawless and immoral didn't fully understand why until seeing this.






Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness


Great video!...






Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness


I'm applauding that this direct exposé against the Left has been published.






Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness


Another outstanding video from Most Holy Family Monastery. God bless you and your life changing Christian ministry.


Catholic Convert


Nailed it


Why The Left Rages Against Trump & For Lawlessness


Great video you absolutely nailed it!...


Jimmy C




“‘Catholic’ Irish minister who campaigned for abortion leads Communion service”


“When a priest failed to show up to say Mass this weekend, a female member of the parish — who coordinated the Government’s campaign to legalize abortion — took control of the sanctuary...


This could only happen with the abominable 'New Mass', which is the unholy pretending to be holy, the false pretending to be true; whereas it could never happen with the true Mass, for then everyone would know the... usurper was committing sacrilege.






I thank you so much for the work… you are doing... for the name of God.


Claudia Verardi




MHFM: We hope to post a new video soon, perhaps within the next day or two.




Antipope Francis teaches that converting people “no longer functions” and “does not work today”


This man is utterly abominable...


Kenneth Patrick McKechnie


By the way


MHFM: In one of the new articles on Antipope Francis’ recent heresies, a word filtering program automatically changed the word “damnation” to “dangnation”.  So if people saw that and thought it looked strange, that’s why.  The issue has been corrected now.


After seeing


Hi there, 

I've come across your material on YouTube and am very grateful for it.

I'm a Ukrainian living in Australia. I have recently come back to my church (Orthodox Christianity) but after seeing your material I am considering converting to Catholicism. However, since most churches are now heretical do you even recommend going to church at all? 

Thanks in advance.



MHFM: We’re glad you are looking at the material.  God definitely wanted you to see it, and He wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  It’s the one true faith.  You may have seen this video, but it shows why ‘Orthodoxy’ is not true Christianity: Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God.  With regard to converting, these are the steps to convert.  We also recommend that you pray the Hail Mary frequently for graces to convert.  (We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.)  With regard to going to church, as our material explains, at this stage of the Great Apostasy there are almost no options for Communion.  But there are options for confession.  We can help you with this matter when you are convinced and ready.




“Cardinal” Theodore McCarrick removed from public “ministry” after sex abuse allegation “was found to be credible and substantiated” – 1 minute video


This apostate is also strongly opposed to proselytism.  This is discussed here (pdf):


Rafael Centeio


Manifest Heretic


Antipope Francis teaches that converting people “no longer functions” and “does not work today”


The manifest heretic Bergoglio blatantly contradicts the Bible's teaching, Catholic tradition, and defined dogma when he rejects the need to evangelize.






Antipope Francis Teaches That Atheists Can Go To Heaven


... boy being lied to. Pray for him that he doesn't end up as a lost soul also.


Alex Yoyo


New Video Posted


Antipope Francis Teaches That Atheists Can Go To Heaven (video)


New Articles Posted


Antipope Francis receives the “Sacred Book” of Buddhists – calls it “precious”, and says he esteems Buddhism (article)


Antipope Francis teaches that converting people “no longer functions” and “does not work today” (article)


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from May 2018 (article)




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


Thank you for doing this. It really opened my eyes to see what is really going on in the world of magic. It makes the Bible seem so much more clear


Manuel Fernandez


MHFM: Also please check out this section with videos on the biblical proof for the Catholic faith, as well as our videos that explain what's happening in Rome now.




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


I put my hands over the light bulb that Blackstone threw towards me, no string!


Richie Rodriguez


Who Die


Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism 


I got a question concerning the necessity of baptism: what about those who die without having heard of the salvation through Jesus and his Church, and those who don't get to know enough about Catholicism as for instance those iving in such countries where they can hardly be directly preached which keeps them from developing a correct conception of Catholicism? Could they at least get to Purgatory? Thanks.


Gonzalo Morales                                                                   


MHFM: Those who die in ignorance of Christ, and without baptism, are lost.  They were left in ignorance because they were not deemed worthy of the Gospel.  The Church dogmatically teaches that all who die as pagans and unbelievers are not saved.  Our book and materials on salvation cover this issue.


St. Augustine (428): “… God foreknew that if they had lived and the gospel had been preached to them, they would have heard it without belief.”




“Bodyguard Of Chicago’s Most Famous Anti-Gun Priest Caught With Illegal Gun”


… the hypocrite Pfleger couldn't have it known by public record that his bodyguard had a firearm card and a concealed carry license, so he had to keep it illegal. The blatant hypocrisies of the anti-gun sector are coming to light. Hopefully, this will reduce support for their agenda.




Angelica, Francis


The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN 


Sad some people believe…. that the pope is not catholic,. Mother angelica was a holy woman I agree with pope francis.


Mat Strazz


MHFM: Since you agree with the apostate Antipope Francis, who preaches religious indifferentism and denies dogmas, it’s not a surprise that you consider Mother Angelica to have been holy.  True Catholics who see this information know that both were/are heretics.


Mother Teresa


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


I see her as a saint. I am an atheist as I don't have a stable\don't have a belief. I still get inspired by her and I hope she rests in peace.


Leeza Chan


MHFM: It's not a surprise that an atheist would consider her a saint.  A Catholic/Christian who sees this information knows she was a horrible apostate.


Drowning in Wickedness


“Canadian Judge Recognizes Two Men In Polyamorous Relationship With Woman As Parents Of Child”


This is incitement to hatred against God, the natural law, the Sacrament of Marriage, the familiy which is the basic unit of society, reason and morality. It is total war against Our Lord Jesus Christ and the wiping out of any vestiges of His contributions to Canada. Living and enforcing monumental lies is unsustainable. It produces collapse, implosion, disintegration. Canada is in the throes of death; drowning in its wickedness. It is a cultish, idolatrous, sodomist-honoring pseudo-society that is staying afloat due to the few vestiges it still has of the society that previously existed. In Christianity, June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart.


Christiana et Fidelis




Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way


After watching your videos, I've come to the conclusion that Vatican II church is not the real Catholic church. I want to embrace the Traditional (true) Catholic faith… Thank you for everything and God bless!


Nikola Gamulin




“Police issue Canada-wide arrest warrant for Christian accused of LGBT ‘hate’ crimes”


These simply are not "hate" crimes. The man is simply telling the sodomites the truth. To quote Saint Augustine, "the greatest kindness one can render to any man is lead him to truth".


F and M




“Police issue Canada-wide arrest warrant for Christian accused of LGBT ‘hate’ crimes”


MHFM: What has happened in Canada is truly outrageous.


Came Across


Subject: Your website and video Babylon Has fallen, fallen!!


I came across your website when I was searching about Sedevacantism, I am trying to understand more about what it is and what it stands for.


I am a Catholic, born in 1968, I see there is something very wrong with the Catholic Church leadership and the church since Vatican 2 is a disaster, people have lost the faith, they all believe they are Liberal catholics and that means they can do what they want, in short a disaster.


I have been watching some of your videos, which I have found very interesting.


What are the practical steps to do this. I am sure there is something very wrong with the leadership of the Catholic Church and their teachings, Pope Francis has made us aware of this, his ideas and confusion make it profoundly clear there is something wrong and when I started reading  PJ2 Catechism it just didn’t make sense.


I do not want to leave the Barque of St Peter outside of which there is no salvation, therefore I tread very carefully but I am very interested to understand what it is that you mean we should practically do. When you say at the end of your video " its crucial to get focused on your salvation now, get out of the new Mass and the Vatican 2 sect now, reject its heretical anti Popes and embrace the traditional Catholic Faith the One True Faith of Jesus Christ outside of which there is no salvation now”. What are the practical steps to do this, where do we go to Mass? Where do we receive the sacraments? And are we stepping out of the bark of St Peter? 


These Popes are bad men, this is clear , but are they still the Pope? these men are heretics, but are we as lay people allowed to declare this? Or are we to resist their bad ways and their bad ideas and be a witness to the Truth and remain in the Catholic Church.


I thank you for any advice that you can give me, 


God bless


Paul Bays


MHFM: Paul, we're glad you are looking at the material.  You will find that the issues you raise are addressed in the material.  No, Francis and the other post-Vatican II claimants to the Papacy are not true popes because heretics automatically lose membership in the Church.  Heretics cannot hold office in the Catholic Church.  That's Catholic teaching.


We recommend these videos and files, among others: Accepting Francis = Apostasy; False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times;


By rejecting Francis, you are not leaving the Barque of Peter.  On the contrary, you are acting in fidelity to it.  Francis, who is a notorious apostate and a non-Christian, is not a representative of St. Peter.  This situation was predicted.  Our material also explains about what to do in terms of confession, but one must agree on all the issues first.  It's covered in our 'Where to Receive Sacraments' File.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  That's strongly recommended.




Spain Chooses Anti-Catholic Atheist Prime Minister


The godless European Union is the end times Beast, so this makes perfect sense with where we are in history. And to think that Spain was once a bastion of Catholicism.






“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 




Annikie Monareng




Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!




Dreksiss Meridius


In the Vatican


Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way 


I am a traditional catholic but I have a problem with pope francis practicing judaism in the vatican I mean that's heresy and a mortal sin isn't it ?




MHFM: Yes, it's heresy and a mortal sin.  Francis is not a pope but an apostate antipope.  That's proven in our material. Please consult more of it.




The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) 




Jana Stuller




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


As a proud Greek Orthodox, I disagree with you and your thesis.




MHFM: You disagree because you are resisting the truth, but you can’t refute it.  Among other things, the video proves that you deny God’s immutability.  You hold that God changes in the “uncreated energies”, and that is anathematized by Nicea.  The video also proves, among other things, that you deny that there is one God.  You worship a “god” who you admit is exceeded and surpassed by the divine essence.  That is heresy.  You really should stop resisting the truth, for recognizing that you are wrong is better than going to Hell forever (which is where you are headed).




China may try to target “other U.S. interests” in trade war – 3 minute video


MHFM: Even though China might start an actual war over it, Trump needs to be supported in the trade war with China.  It’s a wicked communist country that rips off the U.S., forces abortions, etc.  Ideally, we shouldn’t trade with China at all; but Trump simply wanted to decrease the trade deficit and China unreasonably rejected it.




Hello Most Holy Family Monastery,


After watching approximately a dozen or more MHFM videos, hours on end, over a number of days, and reading through your website, I am looking to make my confession… My family have been devout Catholics for several generations and Vatican II was a dramatic turn of events, to say the least, within my immediate and extended family (on both sides)…


… Until viewing your videos I rejected the Catholic Church entirely for most of my adult life, although in hindsight it was the Vatican II Sect I disdained (intuitively, I felt since then that John Paul II was a fraud and possibly evil, throughout my adult life). In all that time I was assuming that the current counter-Catholic Church, the Vatican II Sect, was the actual Catholic Church, not having considered the words of St. Athanasius, "We have the Faith, they have the buildings" was as relevant to the current situation as it was in opposition to Arianism.  


Abandoning what I thought was the Catholic Church… by true Catholic Church standards since then, despite sincere efforts and periodic returns to embracing the Word of God in scripture in an attempt to connect with the Alpha and Omega, what folks of good will would consider God. Short version, despite my best efforts, I found no salvation outside the Catholic Church.


Apologies.  For what was meant to be a quick question on a location to make confession has turned into a lengthy note…


Thank you for reading through this and for all your work, faith, and guidance.






What Francis Really Believes (4th Edition)


How can anyone follow this Satan lover. Very evil man. Can't believe the church lets this go on.


Teresa Conchenour


MHFM: The Church doesn't allow it.  The Vatican II Sect does.  As the material shows, the Vatican II Sect (currently operating under Antipope Francis) is not the Catholic Church but the end-times Counter Church.  This situation was prophesied.  See these videos, among others:  Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!! This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis.  It's necessary to become a traditional Catholic.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times 


I wish everyone would watch this video at the 46:30 minute mark and going forward because it is so incredibly powerful in understanding what the Catholic Church is.  And this true understanding would make it so clear, that the Catholic Church is a society of believers and that the Catholic buildings are the place of sacrificial worship and that they are occupied by apostates, who are masquerading in Catholic robes, which is the Vatican II sect in Rome and around the world...


This true understanding of the Catholic Church would make it so clear, that God allowed the buildings to be usurped and profaned by these men [supreme punishment] because of sins against the Catholic faith itself e.g. denying Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and the absolute necessity of water baptism among other outrageous heresies…







Liberal abominations in Argentina celebrate new bill that will “allow” women to kill their unborn babies


Frightening scene of so many people cheering on the Devil. One can only imagine the shock they will experience at... Judgment unless they repent.




Have Seen


“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


I have seen a number of the sorcerers online - I am NOT a Christian, believe in God, and knew these "magicians" were evil. I have seen vast numbers of fish pour out of a small bucket, water change color in closed bottles, and many more "advanced" tricks that are definitely evil - not "sleight of hand" or CGI. horrible stuff...........


Dr. Elizabeth Martin


MHFM: In charity we tell you that you need to become a true Christian (that is, a traditional Catholic) to be saved.  Our material explains how to do that and covers the evidence for Catholicism.




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie 


Powerful. Admittedly, I had trouble staying focused on the first 15 minutes as I wasn't sure where it was going. Stay with the argument (the presentation) to the end. It completely, by the summation, successfully repudiates Protestant justification entirely.






This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


Pope Francis and his false Religion and false Church are not driving me out of our Church either, I'm in this battle for the long haul, and will not back down. This is our Church and we will never give up on it, we'll fight until the very end. The true Catholic Church is still alive inside of each one of us, who is fighting for it's survival, and awaiting it's triumphant return.




MHFM: Francis is not a pope but an apostate antipope.  By staying with him, you are definitely not staying with the Catholic Church.  You are staying with buildings currently occupied by leaders of a non-Catholic sect, and you are defying the teaching of Scripture and the Church (e.g. Gal. 1:8-9) that you must reject people who preach a false Gospel (e.g. Antipope Francis).  Many false traditionalists think that the Church is identified by buildings rather than by the Catholics who visibly profess the true faith.  That’s a grievous error.  You should watch 46:30 and following of this video.  It addresses that very issue: False Traditionalism & The Church In The End Times (video).




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


Just great, this investigation! Wow! Thank you! At first, I thought it would be too long but no, it could have lasted hours like that, with the same interest, astonishment… awesome!...






Hello Brothers,


I have been binge-watching your videos over the past couple weeks in hopes of making sense of this mess that has come about since the second Vatican council.


Many thoughts and questions have come to my mind during this time, but there's one that particularly sticks out to me at the moment:


How are those who reject the post-V2 authorities to take part in the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist?...


Hope to hear back from you soon,




MHFM: We're glad that you are looking at the material.  It's important to realize the situation today (during the Great Apostasy).  It is one in which basically all the churches are either heretical Vatican II churches or 'traditionalist' churches where the priest is heretical in some way.  Thus, there aren't any churches that are fully Catholic, where one can join, regard the priest as Catholic and support the church.  There are options for receiving the sacrament of confession today (which is obviously crucial), but almost no options for receiving Communion.  That’s explained in this file: Where To Receive Sacraments.  Before receiving the sacraments, one needs to be convinced on all the issues.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. 




The Bible Proves The Papacy


Need expert advice. A few Traditional Latin Masses are still being held in my area. Would it be wrong to attend these?




MHFM: The problem is that many of those 'Masses' are offered by 'priests' who were not validly ordained.  There are other problems as well.  Our file called ‘Where to Receive Sacraments’ covers the issue.  There are options for confession today, once a person agrees on the issues, but almost no options for Communion.  There is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass in this situation. You should stay at home, and when you are ready go to confession.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Liberal abominations in Argentina celebrate new bill that will “allow” women to kill their unborn babies


What a horrific scene.  Those idolatrous women have marked themselves as followers of the old serpent's lie, and even dispersed green smoke into their midst.  No, Bergoglio will not condemn this, nor express any sorrow over it...







Liberal abominations in Argentina celebrate new bill that will “allow” women to kill their unborn babies


MHFM: Of course, the liberal apostate Jorge Bergoglio (Antipope Francis) says nothing.




“California bans state-funded travel to Oklahoma over its anti-LGBT adoption law”


California is simply condemning itself. It is amazing how far these law makers who honor Satan as their "god" will go to push this antichrist LGBTQ agenda on its citizens. It was bad enough to make sodomite "marriage" the law of their land and persecute those who reject its sinfulness, but to place travel bans on other states that resist the agenda even a little bit is another level of perversity.


F and M


Call himself


Accepting Francis = Apostasy 


Joe Biden can call himself Catholic until his throat is raw. He's no Catholic. He can attend liturgy all he wants… That doesn't make him a Catholic. I don't know who his god is, maybe the LGBT, maybe Planned Parenthood or N.O.W. or someone else he feels can benefit him politically. But it sure isn't the Trinity. Apparently, he and many other so called "Catholics" don't realize that baptism doesn't guarantee them a ticket to Heaven. Catholicism is not lip service. Anyone who professes to be a Catholic but supports a cause that runs contrary to Her Teachings, is giving God lip service... With God, it's either yes or no. It's not an open-ended question.


Carol Fischbach


MHFM: The same applies to Antipope Francis and his apostate ‘bishops’.




Hello, I watched your videos, and I see that what you are saying about the Vatican II sect is true. I want to make a good confession… I supposedly received the sacraments in the Vatican II sect. I have a husband and 5 children. We need help. THANK YOU, in Christ, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Sincerely, Erin




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


I've been to a David Copperfield show years ago. When he was levitating a woman, she broke out of her trance in midair. She began growling and writhing around in the air. Her body was jerking all over while she was still in the air as he was trying to float her around him. David looked upset as if he didn't have control of the situation. He had to quickly lower her and dismiss her. He was clearly unhappy that the "trick" did not go well. He quickly apologized at then moved onto the next act.






Accepting Francis = Apostasy 


… your video is spot on and shows what it takes to really be Catholic.


Zac Landeros




Subject: Successful Conversion to Sedevacantism


Hello Vatican Catholic,


Your videos in conjunction with a friend of mine have impacted me greatly as a Protestant. I was brought up as a dispensational, Pentecostal, evangelical, non-denominationalist and later converted to Reformed theology. I have been talking to my friend for a year now about why traditional non-Vatican II Catholicism is the one and only true form of Christianity and this final ascent has, however, really shaken my family relationships to the core. My dad won’t talk to me and my sister says things like”who has bewitched you?”  It’s been tough, and while I can see that there is so much truth in Catholicism, my mom sent me this vicious refutation regarding the Eucharist...


There are a few other lingering questions I have but I am so eager to believe and be brought into the fold…

Best regards, 

Jonathan Munn


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the material.  There’s no doubt that Scripture and the early Church taught that Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist.  Transubstantiation is simply a more precise way of defining the same truth that the Eucharist is the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ – analogous to how the Third Council of Constantinople in the 7th century declared that Jesus Christ has two wills (one for the divine nature and one for the human nature), which flows directly from the more basic affirmation that He is God and man.


Here is St. Justin Martyr, in about AD 155, teaching that the Eucharist is the flesh and blood of Jesus.  Also notice the reference to baptismal regeneration:


"And this food is called among us Eucharistia [the Eucharist], of which no one is allowed to partake but the man who believes that the things which we teach are true, and who has been washed with the washing that is for the remission of sins, and unto regeneration, and who is so living as Christ has enjoined.  For not as common bread and common drink do we receive these; but in like manner as Jesus Christ our Saviour, having been made flesh by the Word of God, had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so likewise have we been taught that the food which is blessed by the prayer of His word, and from which our blood and flesh by transmutation are nourished, is the flesh and blood of that Jesus who was made flesh." - (First Apology, 66)


We recommend that you pray the Hail Mary frequently.  You will need a devotion to the Blessed Mother to complete your conversion.  We recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. 


To speak


“LGBT-pushing Fr. James Martin to speak at Vatican’s World Meeting of Families”


Another wake up call for the people within the Novus Ordo.


Sean K




What's your opinion on the Catechism saying you can be saved by your conscience without Jesus Christ?




MHFM: That's heresy.  That's in the New 'Catechism' promulgated by Antipope John Paul II, who was not a valid pope.  It contains a number of heresies.  The Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church, as the material covers in detail.  We recommend that you continue to look at it. 




Subject: Thank You


I recently read an article about homosexuality.  Currently I am struggling with this in my family. I’ve also recently discovered that many friends of my children declare themselves as homosexual or bisexual.

Unfortunately everyone looks at me as a religious fanatic.  There was one family member in particular who I prayed for often. However the entire family, cousins, relatives etc. are very upset with me because I care about this young man’s soul 

I know homosexuality is wrong and immoral. Unfortunately it is spreading like wildfire… Anyway I want to thank you for the article because it just strengthens me and helps me understand that God created us as loving creatures but we have to be careful that our love does not become disordered…




MHFM: There has been a proliferation of homosexual abominations and unnatural inclinations (e.g. same-sex ‘attraction’) in our day because (among other reasons) millions of people are looking at pornography (which is a mortal sin) and committing unnatural vices (which is a mortal sin).




Blind To Benedict XVI – Fraternity Of St. Peter 


I can't tell you how much I've learned from watching your videos. They're excellent. Thank you for helping me find the Truth.






“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


This is the best most complete video of demon magicians. I live in Las Vegas, so I have seen them all, and it is real.


Luis Vazquez




“Global fitness franchise fires local operator for saying LGBT Pride is a ‘sin’”


MHFM: This is a frightening sign of the current state of the culture.




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God



This is an amazing video... Thank you so much for this work. It has helped me better understand that these people adhering to "Orthodoxy" are truly spiritually poisonous. Your work also brings into clear relief, once again, the inherent truth of the Catholic faith - an indispensable requirement for all who would call Christ our Lord.

Godspeed to you in your work.







Excellent work on your latest video, "Eastern "Orthodoxy" Exposed:  Their Heretical Doctrine Of God"… I now have a better understanding of the dangers associated with the "Orthodoxy"…

Also, Anti-pope Francis comments on Gay people and atheists going to Heaven should be like a loud trumpet wake-up call for the Vatican II Sect and the rest of the world.  It’s so obvious that the Vatican II Sect does not believe in God, nor His words in the Bible… even if the dead were to come back and announce the truths of the Catholic Faith, there would still be unbelievers.


Luke 16:31; And he said to him:  If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they believe, if one rise again from the dead.


God Bless,





CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) attempting to brainwash extremely young children to celebrate “LGBTQ” agenda – 2 minute video


Very sad and very disgusting ...






“U.S. gov’t gives pro-LGBT researcher $1 million to study, encourage transgenderism in kids”


This is demonic and unscientific.




Paul VI


“Blessed” Paul VI’s Heresies


I'm beginning to wonder if even any of these heretic, apostate, anti Popes, were actually even truly Catholic, at all.


Vaya Condios


MHFM: A heretic and an apostate are, by definition, not Catholic.  No, the Vatican II antipopes were/are not Catholic. This video proves that Antipope Paul VI was not Catholic.




“Catholic university bans ‘proselytizing’ on campus”


Amazing! Based on the standards of this 'Catholic' university, you couldn't even tell someone that all non-catholic religions are of the devil as it would be 'uncharitable' and it would 'ignore the religious identities of other faith traditions.' If merely sharing the sanctifying Catholic faith to someone is banned, then it prompts you to wonder what they mean by 'evangelizing'.


Last time I checked, Matthew 28:19-20 says: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you..." not "go out and keep people in the darkness of ignorance, omitting to tell them the Divine Truth of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, since it is more charitable to let them die a slave of the devil than to offend them and make them uncomfortable."


F and M




Ireland’s Apostasy


Dear Brothers,


… the Irish people voted 70/30 in favour of the introduction of abortion in Ireland, elevating the “right” to personal choice and convenience above the right to life, by obliterating the right to life of all unborn children from our constitution. 


I have never felt more ashamed of being Irish, with this development following hot on the heels of the introduction of Gay “Marriage”, and Divorce prior to that. 


Anti-abortion advocates were regarded by the pro’s as backward, less than intelligent, uncaring, and regressive, and the referendum result regarded as evidence that the pro’s were right simply because they were in the majority. If enough people believe something then it apparently must be true and right! 


Their blindness is staggering and their arrogance frightening… 


It is a crime that people put their personal choice and convenience above the needs and rights of the person of a baby in the womb, and madness to then still claim to be Christian after rejecting their duty to carry their cross (if that’s how they see their pregnant state), and a mortal sin to kill a defenseless human being.


Our Christian duty if we want to follow Christ is to carry our crosses just as He did, and “When it is all over you will not regret having suffered; rather you will regret having suffered so little, and suffered that little so badly”. St. Sebastian Valfre.


Thank you for everything.




The Exodus


Evidence Of The Red Sea Crossing – The Exodus Revealed – 1 hour video


This video contains so many interesting details and facts, and the evidence is thrilling. Have always liked this video, so thank you for making it available to watch on your site.




MHFM: Along with Jesus and the Shroud of Turin, it’s one of the best videos we’ve ever seen.  We also sell it on DVD:




Bakeries in Colorado were asked to bake cakes opposing “gay marriage” and they refused - no consequences – 6 minute video


This rank hypocrisy and dissembling shouldn't be surprising. These people who promote and abet Sodomitical 'lifestyles' are followers of the Father of Lies.






 thank you for your recent videos and the easy to follow format. Keep up the excellent work…


Chris F.




Pope St. Leo The Great Directly Contradicts ‘Baptism Of Blood’ And ‘Baptism Of Desire’


Hello Brothers,


I mainly lean towards this teaching... But there was a case of a catechumen, virgin and martyr, Saint Emerentiana, follower of Saint Agnes, who was stoned to death while praying at St. Agnes' tomb… baptized in her own blood. There are other cases, such as St. Genesius of Arles. Is there any insight on the Church's teaching about these cases of canonized saints who have not received a formal baptism?...


Thank you.


MHFM: As our book on the issue mentions, the Catholic Church has never taught that St. Emerentiana or any other saint died unbaptized.  On the contrary, the Church has dogmatically declared that all the “martyrs” in the Christian period who went to Heaven received “the sacred baptism of Christ” (which is what the Sacrament is called), the same baptism received by infants.  The following dogmatic definition is extremely important in this regard.


Pope Benedict XII, Benedictus Deus, 1336, ex cathedra: “By this Constitution, which will remain valid for perpetuity, We define with apostolic authority that, according to the universal ordering of God, [i.] the souls of all holy men who departed from this world before the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, [ii.] as also those of the holy Apostles, martyrs, confessors, virgins and other faithful who died following their reception of the sacred baptism of Christ, in whom nothing was to be purged when they departed, nor should be when they depart in the future, or if there was at that time, or should be, anything to be purged in the same, then, when they shall have been purged after their death, [iii.], and the souls of children reborn in that same baptism of Christ and of those to be baptized when they shall have been baptized, dying before the use of their free will, immediately after their death and the aforesaid purgation of those who stood in need of a purgation of this kind, even before the resumption of their bodies and the General Judgment, following the Ascension of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into Heaven, have been, are, and will be in Heaven, in the Kingdom of Heaven and in the Celestial Paradise with Christ…”


Notice, the Church teaches that all the martyrs, etc. who get to Heaven have received baptism.  If there were ever a chance for “baptism of blood” to be taught as an exception, it would have been in Pope Benedict XII’s Bull Benedictus Deus.  It specifically refers to martyrs who got to Heaven, but of course neither “baptism of desire” nor “baptism of blood” is taught.  On the contrary, it declares that all the martyrs, virgins, etc. who were saved received baptism – the same baptism received by infants.  Talk about invisible doctrines.  Yes, “baptism of desire” and “baptism of blood” are invisible in magisterial pronouncements because they are false.  The Council of Vienne also taught that all those “baptized in Christ” have received the unique baptism of water.


Pope Clement V, The Council of Vienne, 1311-1312: “In addition to this, one sole baptism, regenerating all who are baptized in Christ, must, just like one God and one sole faith, be faithfully confessed by all; which, celebrated in water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, we believe to be the perfect remedy unto salvation for both adults and children alike.”


Everyone baptized in Christ has been regenerated in water baptism, but one must be “baptized in Christ” to be saved.  Therefore, no one can be saved without water baptism.


Also, the words "baptized in his or her own blood" do not, in themselves, mean or prove that someone died without baptism.  Those words were sometimes applied to baptized people who died as martyrs.  Moreover, the Roman Martyrology is not infallible.  It was revised and corrected several times.


Further, in the very article on which you commented, Pope Leo the Great teaches that for unbaptized catechumens in the distress of persecution (in persecutionis angustiis) “the only safeguard of true salvation” (verae salutis singulare praesidium) is water baptism.  That would of course not be true if “baptism of blood” were a way to be justified.  So, anyone who says that there are “three ways”, or a way other than water baptism, for unbaptized catechumens in the danger of persecution to be saved, is contradicting the Church’s teaching.  The Church teaches that water baptism is the “singular” or “only” (singulare) way for such a person to be saved.  You can read more about Pope Benedict XII’s solemn definition and related matters here: Cornelius, The Gift Of Languages & The Necessity Of Baptism (video).  The rule of faith, which Catholics must profess, is that no one can be saved without water baptism.




Amazing Evidence For God


An absolutely amazing video displaying the magnificence and Glory Of... God's Creation…


Graeme L




“New Museum Invites Visitors to Desecrate Image of Virgin Mary”


Dear Brothers:


I am reading a beautiful book entitled "The Mother of God and Her Glorious Feasts" by a Fr. H. O'Laverty (originally published in 1908).   O'Laverty believed that it is possible that Our Lady did not see Jesus after the Resurrection (an idea that other spiritual writers mention and which took me by aback the first time I heard it), but this author puts forth a very thought-provoking and beautiful explanation why Mary was left by God without consolations in her life on earth.  It was, he says, to acquire greater and greater merit and graces for her unique role as Mother of the Church.   But it is the following statement that brought to mind the sickening but accurate representation of Protestantism which was the subject of a news item that appeared some time ago.   Speaking of Our Lady's days on earth after the Burial of Jesus, Fr. O'Laverty almost seems to be speaking to us when he says:


          "All her time was given to the love of God and to the work of the salvation of souls.  She prayed very much for the welfare of the Church and she prayed that the faithful, till the End of Time, might persevere and that the Church might triumph over all heresy and schism.  How she prayed for the unity of the Church and the destruction of all heresies!  We may now see the reason behind all the hatred of heretics for Mary.  Her prayers have rendered them powerless to destroy the Church of God."


Lee Ann




Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution 


Atheists “complain” that the enormous amount of “encoded” information in the cell is not really “digital information.” They are wrong of course, but even if they were correct, their argument would STILL not refute the incredible complexities of protein synthesis, geometric complexity and functions. These facts FORCED me by reason alone away from atheism...


San Jose Mike




MHFM: This is a short new post on Ireland.


Ireland’s Apostasy


Trailer/Trailer Park Lie


MHFM: Certain liars have said that our monastery, Most Holy Family Monastery, is a trailer or in a trailer park.  That's a lie spread by people who can't refute what we publish.  Also, there aren't just two members of our monastery.  Here's a picture of various buildings at MHFM.






I wanted to email you to thank you. My husband and Father in-law introduced me to your videos and your site.  I wanted to thank you for all you do for the Faithful out there. Teaching everyone the right things. I am a convert. I grew up Protestant and converted to Catholic when I met my husband when we were dating. That was about 4 or so years ago. On Friday it will be our 3 year wedding anniversary.


So I am new to the faith and i'm still learning and I'm so happy for your videos and what you're doing. I am learning a lot and it's helped to open my eyes to what is really going on around there.


I have so much more i'd like to say but I don't want this email to be so long. I thank you again for all you do. I thank God for Catholics like you.  You helped us to get away from the evil Vatican 2 Sect...


Please keep our family in your prayers.


Thank you,

Jessica Olinsky




Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way


I'm not Catholic, but I've been moving closer and closer to Catholicism recently because of my issues with Protestant arguments for justification by faith alone and by grace alone. However, stuff like the Pope himself being a massive liberal heretic really dampens that. It's hard for me to see how Christ's "one, true church" would devolve like this. If Vatican 2 is a heretical and satanic sect, what exactly is my alternative?




MHFM: What you need to do is become a traditional Catholic, which simply means an authentic Catholic who rejects the Vatican II Sect.  Catholicism is the true faith, but the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church.  What has happened in Rome after Vatican II (and currently with Antipope Francis) is the fulfillment of end-times prophecy about the Whore of Babylon (i.e. the end-times Counter Church) and the Beast.  Watch these videos, among others: Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!! This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis.  The fulfillment of these prophecies proves, rather than disproves, Catholicism.  To be saved it's necessary to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.




“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


This is unspeakable and very eye opening. I gave my son a magic kit when he was young and pray that God forgives me. I had no idea. This is very upsetting because the devil is bold and letting you know he is real…


Terry Moore


MHFM: To be forgiven you need to embrace the traditional Catholic faith and receive forgiveness in baptism or confession.  Our material explains how to embrace the traditional Catholic faith.




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Great work you're doing. God bless you.


Jack Alope




Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way


… Thank you for exposing the many heresies, for what they are, and illuminating us on the one true faith- the traditional Catholic faith that it's necessary to belong to for salvation.






Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way


Once again, Antipope Bergoglio has committed blasphemy.






Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way


Francis is now speaking like Lady Gaga...




New Video Posted


Antipope Francis Tells Homosexual He Was Made That Way (video)


New Articles


Francis teaches that those who die as atheists can go to Heaven and be prayed for (article)


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from March to April 2018 (article)


To take


Thanks bro for replying.  I have watched your videos and that is why I am moving towards your position.  However could you please comment on my individual questions. I am deeply anxious and perplexed.  I am beginning to take a more strident view on the sspx and others close to them however I need categorical answers from you.





MHFM: We’re glad you are looking at the material.  With regard to Bellarmine, the priest is wrong.  The issue of heresy and loss of office is covered here:


Heresy, Judging Heretics & Sedevacantism (video and article)


Accepting Francis = Apostasy (video)




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Excellent presentation…


JP Castillo




Justification Debate


I'm not impressed with the protestant position. My decision has been made.


Evan Gallion


MHFM: It’s necessary to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Wow, I just watched the video and was blown away!... Thank you.  I will share this with my Eastern Orthodox neighbors.  Also, I have another friend I'm trying to revert to the Catholic faith.  He belonged to the FSSP and their ridiculous position of Recognize and resist ended up confusing him about the faith…




Started to be


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis 


In 1965 I was 12 years old when this heresy started to be introduced. And I HATED it from the getgo. I had received confirmation by that age and I believe it was/is the Holy Spirit crying out against the heresies. Thank you for describing accurately what is going on.


B Gal




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God




The new video is… exceptional --- excellent.






Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


You have hate in your heart. Catholics are not the only ones who go to heaven.




MHFM: No, you have hate in your heart because you reject Jesus Christ and His revelation.


Pope Gregory XVI, Summo Iugiter Studio, May 27, 1832, on no salvation outside the Church: “Finally some of these misguided people attempt to persuade themselves and others that men are not saved only in the Catholic religionbut that even heretics may attain eternal life…  You know how zealously Our predecessors taught that article of faith which these dare to deny, namely the necessity of the Catholic faith and of unity for salvation… Omitting other appropriate passages which are almost numberless in the writings of the Fathers, We shall praise St. Gregory the Great who expressly testifies that THIS IS INDEED THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.  He says: ‘The holy universal Church teaches that it is not possible to worship God truly except in her and asserts that all who are outside of her will not be saved.’  Official acts of the Church proclaim the same dogma.  Thus, in the decree on faith which Innocent III published with the synod of Lateran IV, these things are written: ‘There is one universal Church of all the faithful outside of which no one is saved.’  Finally the same dogma is also expressly mentioned in the profession of faith proposed by the Apostolic See, not only that which all Latin churches use, but also that which… other Eastern Catholics use.  We did not mention these selected testimonies because We thought you were ignorant of that article of faith and in need of Our instruction.  Far be it from Us to have such an absurd and insulting suspicion about you.  But We are so concerned about this serious and well known dogma, which has been attacked with such remarkable audacity, that We could not restrain Our pen from reinforcing this truth with many testimonies.”




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Dear Brothers,

Great work on the new video, Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God.  This is a very special video.  It exposes the idolatrous heart of the "Orthodox" religion.  This video really drives home the fact that the "Orthodox" are promoting pagan polytheism and don't even believe in the Holy Trinity.  The Vatican II sect and its Antipopes' union with the "Orthodox" proves that it is not the Catholic Church, but the end times Counter Church.

God Bless,
Mr. & Mrs. White


New Video Posted


MHFM: This is a new video.


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God (new video)


Clarification on previous answer about South America


And what about someone that lived in South America before Christ - how could he be saved?




MHFM: When we initially answered your question, we thought you were asking about whether people who lived in South America during the Christian period but in ignorance of the Gospel could be saved.  As our answer mentioned, they could only be saved through baptism and the Catholic faith; and all who died in ignorance of the Gospel were damned.  But in re-reading your question, we realize that you were asking about how a person who lived in South America before Christ was born [i.e. in the Old Testament period] could be saved.  The answer is that it's not as clearly defined what the requirements were for salvation prior to the coming of Christ, but a person would have to have believed in one God, avoided or repented of mortal sin, avoided or repented of idolatry, etc.


St. John Chrysostom (390): “So the Machabees are honored in that they preferred to die rather than betray the Law… Then [in the Old Law] it sufficed to salvation to know God alone.  Now it is no longer so; the knowledge of Christ is necessary to salvation…



Following the promulgation of the Gospel, a person must be baptized and have the Catholic faith to be saved.  The people who lived and died in ignorance of the Gospel in the Christian period were left in ignorance because they were not of good will.  They were lost for grave sins in matters that concern the natural law.


St. Augustine (428): “… God foreknew that if they had lived and the gospel had been preached to them, they would have heard it without belief.”


Pope Eugene IV defined as a dogma that all who die as pagans go to Hell.  In his Bull Sublimus Dei, Pope Paul III mentioned Indians in the “recently discovered” New World.  Speaking in the context of those above the age of reason, Pope Paul III declared that they were capable of receiving the faith, and he reiterated the teaching of the Church that not one of them can be saved without faith in Jesus Christ.


Pope Paul III, Sublimus Dei, May 29, 1537: “The sublime God so loved the human race that He created man in such wise that he might participate, not only in the good that other creatures enjoy, but endowed him with capacity to attain to the inaccessible and invisible Supreme Good and behold it face to face; and since man, according to the testimony of the sacred scriptures, has been created to enjoy eternal life and happiness, which none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is necessary that he should possess the nature and faculties enabling him to receive that faith; and that whoever is thus endowed should be capable of receiving that same faith. Nor is it credible that any one should possess so little understanding as to desire the faith and yet be destitute of the most necessary faculty to enable him to receive it. Hence Christ, who is the Truth itself, that has never failed and can never fail, said to the preachers of the faith whom He chose for that office 'Go ye and teach all nations.' He said all, without exception, for all are capable of receiving the doctrines of the faith…By virtue of Our apostolic authority We define and declare by these present letters… that the said Indians and other peoples should be converted to the faith of Jesus Christ by preaching the word of God and by the example of good and holy living.”




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Great video…


Da Whovian




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


… so many people nowadays think it's "okay" to just throw the book of Genesis out the window… Then they seriously turn around and dishonestly act like that's always been the teaching of the Church.




Thank u very much for the explanation regarding the history of our lady of Guadalupe Our lady of Guadalupe pray for us




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Dear Brothers,     


I cannot thank you enough for this blockbuster video on the Eastern Orthodox, what a precious information filled jewel this is!  I have been sparring with my Russian Ortho friend for some time now and have always felt too  inferior in knowledge to be able to 'do battle' with him.  I always knew that they must have picked up some Muslim or pagan religious ideas of some kind, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  Your in depth revelation of this fact, is a far cry from the usual watered down explanation of why the Eastern split came about, which usually puts a positive spin on the " poor Easterners being bullied by that  big bad Catholic Church". 


I had never heard of this Barlaam, who I'm glad had sense enough to Convert to the Catholic Church, after turning over that rock and finding a horrifying menagerie  of  navel gazers  pretending to be Christians!  Why more of them don't follow in his footsteps I don't know. Although this is primarily about the "Orthodox" it is invaluable in teaching  other modern  heretic Sects  who God IS and who He Isn't; a  fact that seems to be extremely blurred beyond recognition  today.  Needless to say,  this same folding in of the Eastern Pagan religions was going strong with the Vatican 2 Sect, especially during the height of the  Transcendental Meditation craze, with even older priests I knew thinking there was nothing wrong with it ?  Which led me to yank my Son from their clutches when I discovered how they were running their So Called Catholic CCD classes! (Boys and girls laying on the floor together in the dark with a few little candles and Eastern pagan music playing when I arrived and hit the ceiling!)…


Carol D. 




Hi Bro Dimond


I just returned from a resistance sspx mass in melbourne and the priest said that sedevacantists are worse than novus ordo people. Please comment…. He went on to say that Our Lady of Fatima promised that the Pope will eventually consecrate Russia, so there must be a Pope… I would appreciate if you would enlighten me about these positions.  I am not yet a sedevancantist but I love going through all your material and it makes a lot of sense especially your position on baptism of desire and baptism of blood. I firmly believe that water baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation no ifs or buts.


I await your response.


God Bless



MHFM: John, as this video proves, those ‘Resistance’ groups are schismatics and heretics.  They reject Catholic teaching on the Papacy and more: The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups.  They are not Catholic.  Also, since they are imposing heretics, one must not go to their Masses.  Their ridiculous assertion that sedevacantists are worse than adherents of the Novus Ordo provides another example of their diabolical malice.  They are Lefebvrists, not Catholics.  They are desperate to cling to their schismatic position.  With regard to Fatima, they are wrong on that as well.  The issue is covered here: The Whole Truth about the Consecration and Conversion of Russia and the Impostor Sr. Lucy.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.  We recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


That's a great video that exposes once and for all the heretical "Orthodox" schismatics. It clearly illustrates Jesus' teaching that when a branch is cut from the vine, it bears no fruit. It may keep its outward appearance, but in reality it serves for nothing but to be burned. Because they rejected clear biblical and Church teaching, even from dogmatic councils they claim to accept, God left them desolate and allowed them to fall into idolatry and nonsensical heresy…


May this video be a wake up message also to the SSPX members. As one can see in the video, exteriors do not guarantee holiness, and may in fact be a disguise for idolatry and rejection of God... keep up the good work.


Rafael Centeio


Do not see


Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


… the breakaway eastern "orthodox" do not see the deceptive and unclean spirit at work in the Palamite theology that they've adopted. How can contemplative prayer... involve… superstitious breathing techniques and certain body positioning with the main focus directed at the naval (of all things) and be a Christian form of praise and worship that is pleasing to a holy God? This is another Luciferian lie...


Louisa N



Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


You have provided such a clear picture of the true nature of “Eastern Orthodoxy” that I see its heretical departure from Catholicism with absolute certainty! It humbles me that I have been given such a clear understanding… and I shall always appreciate this very great, essential, and powerful gift. It is my earnest prayer that as many as possible may see this video.


James from The Bronx



Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Dear Brothers:


This is an excellent video and thought-provoking for a number of reasons.  For one thing, I suspect that most people are unfamiliar with "Orthodoxy" and imagine that it is "close to" Catholicism.  What a shock it will be to any good-willed person to find out that the Orthodox hold these bizarre, anti-scriptural beliefs.  This video is a powerful lesson on the danger of being content (or even just impressed) with externals like those that characterize "Orthodoxy" or any other false religion.   Another point that your video brings to mind is that once you rip away those externals, the common denominator of all false religions is really the same:  the rejection of God and the worship of self.  But above all,  this video illustrates how enormously, enormously bloated with pride men must be to imagine that they can define the Nature of God while rejecting with disdain the Papacy -- which is the only source explicitly authorized by God to define His Nature without error.  You have proven, yet again, that Catholicism is not one religion of many -- but the only true religion which the whole world must accept and follow for salvation.  Thanks for another great video.


Lee Ann




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Awesome video...






Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Brilliant presentation. Hopefully the Orthodox will see the error of their ways, and rejoin the Church that Christ started, the Roman Catholic Church.






Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Well researched. A wealth of information. Thank you.


D Gramson




Eastern “Orthodoxy” Exposed: Their Heretical Doctrine Of God


Excellent video!...


Mateo Canabal


Are not


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


Spot on!


Paul C




Amazing Evidence For God


Super quality, great video. Thanks for sharing.






Our Lady led me on a long journey to the Truth… It was a growth process Our Lady was requiring of me. I never desired to be here in these circumstances but I must accept reality for what it is. It’s not what I envisioned but it is the Truth where the only happiness is the will of God.  Please accept my gratitude for all the charitable work you brothers put into professing the Faith and making the facts available to poor sinners like myself.


Thank you.


James Wustrack




Sodomite says Francis’ statement that God made people “gay” “is changing my life” – 2 minute video


"No matter what divides us, his words unite us". This statement blatantly shows the state of the world in a true fashion. The world is united to Francis in his blasphemies against God and in his apostasy from the Catholic faith.


F and M




Amazing Evidence For God


This is an amazing video which truly demolishes… the antichristian pseudoscience.






Vatican II sect allows rock concert inside historic Shrine of the Visitation in Germany – 18 second video


... abomination... The lead performer was reportedly an 'altar-server' in the 'V2' sect, but is now an atheist…






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary 


Once saved always saved comes from the devil…


Oliver Newton


Antipope, “Gay” Man


Antipope Francis tells “gay” man: “God made you like this” and “You have to be happy with who you are”


Blasphemy! Francis falsely attributes to God what scripture denies.

Romans 1- "For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error… they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.”


Scripture says that God DELIVERED them to these affections as a RESULT of the sin of idolatry. God does not create man's desires to be against nature. Rather it is a punishment...


F and M




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


What would be the steps of conversion to the true faith?


Matt Batt


MHFM: They are here: the steps to convert.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc.




The Heresies of Benedict XVI 


Shattering, can any soul survive unharmed this horrible breakdown?


Peter Pim


MHFM: Yes, by embracing and practicing the traditional Catholic faith without compromise.  Among other things, we also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently. 




The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Wow this makes scary sense!!!...


Alison Lauzon




Paul VI accused Archbishop Lefebvre of acting like an “antipope”


Dear Brothers,


…  The heretical Lefebvre and the SSPX have (for so many years) put themselves forward as the voice of traditional Catholicism, while brazenly denying the dogma that the Catholic faith is necessary for salvation.   The proud fools of the SSPX have been working for the devil by attacking MHFM and the true sedevacantist position, encouraging so many people to reject the true positions without even examining them.   Now it appears that the heretic Lefebvre is still working for the devil; perhaps the "suffering" he is said to have caused Paul VI might be claimed as a basis for the "canonization" of this antipope.   I wonder if anyone in the SSPX is still able to be awakened by this, or if their minds have become too rotted out by their obstinate bad will.


Lee Ann 


Vatican II


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis 


Vatican 2 is of Lucifer!...


Michael Lepka




“Roman Catholic St. Ambrose University Opens Prayer Space For Muslim Students”


The apostasy is through the roof.




MHFM: Yes, that’s the Vatican II apostasy.  It’s another example of why those who obstinately defend the Vatican II antipopes in the face of the evidence and/or the heretical teaching of Vatican II (of which this is simply an implementation) are wicked and blind heretics.




Paul VI accused Archbishop Lefebvre of acting like an “antipope”


This article is interesting in many respects, but I believe those are the main ones: 1) it shows clearly how untenable is the position of the SSPX and similar groups by not rejecting Communion with the Vatican II sect; 2) it shows the demonic cynicism of Antipope Paul VI when he pretends that there's nothing wrong with the Council itself, but only with the "interpretations" of it (a position adopted by many false traditionalists today), while he was himself putting the apostasy of the council into practice at such a fast pace and with such effectiveness.


Rafael Centeio




“Maryland outlaws therapy for minors who want to overcome same-sex attraction”


It is such a shame that Maryland, a state one considered a safe haven for Catholics in protestant America has succumbed to this antichrist madness…


F and M




“Maryland outlaws therapy for minors who want to overcome same-sex attraction”


MHFM: This is an abomination, and it was signed by a ‘Republican’ governor.




“Roman Catholic St. Ambrose University Opens Prayer Space For Muslim Students”




MHFM: This is very bad.


U.S. State Passes Law Defining Criticism Of Jews Or Israel Or “Holocaust” Denial, Etc. As “Anti-Semitic” Just As Israel Kills 60 Civilians




Francis Prays in African Mosque – Apostasy 


Hérésie et apostasie.


Jules Bertrand Penka


Bus, Rome


On 05/08/2018 two public busses burnt down in Rome, one of them in the town centre and the other in the periphery. Here's a self-explanatory image of the former (ie. Giudizio Universale, Universal Judgement, surrounded by flames, in Rome).




Will take place


Francis Gives Medal Of Honor To Dutch Pro-Abortion Activist Lilianne Ploumen


On 25 May a referendum will take place in Ireland. The current constitution states that the unborn has the right to life. If repealed, the unborn will have no rights and abortion will be permitted without restriction up to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks it will still be permitted on many various grounds.






“Cardinal Dolan: Met Gala was not ‘offensive or blasphemous at all’”


Piers Morgan of all people found this offensive and criticised it. The fact that a heretic like Morgan criticises this, and a "cardinal" doesn't says a lot about the sad state of things.


Sean K




“Catholics castigate ‘tasteless, indecent, blasphemous’ Met Gala”


It is amazing that these Vatican II followers who could sense that there was something inherently wrong with the Met Gala as it was blasphemous can recognize the ones who made it possible and condone it as Catholic. Time is running out for them to wake up.


F and M




Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


Excellent video…






Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People


Yes, I totally agree...  


Matthew 21:42-43 "Jesus saith to them: Have you never read in the Scriptures: The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner? By the Lord this has been done; and it is wonderful in our eyes.  Therefore I say to you, that the kingdom of God shall be taken from youand shall be given to a nation yielding the fruits thereof."


… I believe it would also be noteworthy to cite the attempt made by the Talmuds, with the help of Julian the apostate in 363 A.D. to rebuild the temple.  Talmuds are always in the ears of political leaders.  But Jesus performed great miracles to put an end to it, as you… stated [4:30-6:40 minute mark].


The Temple Of God In Prophecy (2 Thess. 2:4) Is Not Jewish 








MHFM: Concerning the event in Jerusalem today, it is relevant to recall that:


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People




Antipope Francis covers cross, bows to please Jewish (Israeli) secretary 


He does whatever is necessary to appease the people he is interacting with! He is… one of the evil one’s cronies!...






Dear MHFM,


… I’m watching a 60 Minutes piece [on Bergoglio]… and it showcased a clip of him seemingly (and slightly ambiguously) praising the Jews for resting on Saturday instead of Sunday… 


Sincerely, Thomas




Natural Family Planning: A Birth Control Deception


I agree 100 percent with what the video shows....the sad part is that most… couples are using NFP to avoid having children all the time. They are choosing the number of children they want to have. Even though when they were married they did a pact with GOD that the marriage was going to be for procreation




Social Service


“Texas: Police accept ID cards issued by Catholic Church to illegal immigrants”


This Novus Ordo church ("Mary Immaculate") and "Bishop" Burns are so pathetic that they have to resort to sanctuary policies (aiding illegal aliens) likely to boost their diminishing membership because the Vatican II is devoid of faith and no longer represents the true Catholic Faith but is merely just another social service that does not promote conversion or living the Faith. It has become a method for criminals to obtain an illegal ID, and... that's mainly all it's about, not salvation.


Steven Coronado




Francis Gives Medal Of Honor To Dutch Pro-Abortion Activist Lilianne Ploumen


Anti-Pope Francis is satanic!!!


Mike Mcglaughlin


Met Gala


Subject: Met Gala Blasphemy

Some Indian media have reported that two Hindu actresses from India, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone took part in the blasphemous event in New York. The Hindus would never allow such an event that mocked their religion.





30,000 protest as German police granted powers to open mail under new laws


Germany just took reception of an 18 ft tall statue of Karl Marx gifted by Communist China; their lead 'bishop' who bears the same name of Marx recently praised the bloody Communist Manifesto; their 'emeritus pope' spent his entire career undermining traditional Catholic teaching and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; they either follow the heresiarch Luther or accept Lutheranism as a valid religion (not counting any faithful Catholics suffering currently in Germany, beautiful Germany, once so virile and true, once so wholesome and valiant; now filled with infidels and covered with infamy).







My name is Lachlan… I've in the past year been studying and have also found your channel…

Due to me only now following further in the Catholic faith I've started to want to go to church. The problem is that the only true latin mass in my city is an hour of transit across the city via public transport, I've not told my parents that I want to go to church or that I pray because they are not Christians. The commute by myself across the city and back isn't a likely thought to me but I was wondering if it is ok if I were to attend an SSPX or Novus Ordo mass...


Thanks and keep up the great content, 


MHFM: Lachlan, we're glad that you are looking at the material.  You need to profess your faith to your parents and try to convert them.  You should share our website and material with them.  Also, there's no obligation to attend Mass in this situation, as the material explains.  The principles are covered in our 'where to receive sacraments' file.  One must not go to the New Mass, and no you should not go to the SSPX for Sunday Mass.  You should stay at home on Sundays.  There are options for confession, however, for one who is convinced on all the issues.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.





I am writing to you from the UK having followed your material for some years now in these times of such great confusion….

Many thanks for all your videos and hard work and research, as disturbing as they are you certainly know your stuff and I can’t fault any of your research… keep up the good work.

My best wishes to you 
Ray Cura




The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN 


Condeming or saying such thing about her is not something we should do we are ALL sinful people she might have done it correctly or incorrectly im not gonna judge that is not up to me i still think she is a saint even jesus hanged around people with different faith maybe that is what she was doing its better if we just pray for each other and NOT give judgement to one another besides even if she did mess up we got one thing out of her brave efforts EWTN.


Lourdes Vidal


MHFM: You are clearly devoid of faith and your position is heretical.  To be saved, one must profess the Catholic faith whole and undefiled.  Heretics also need to be exposed and condemned.  The problem is you simply don’t care about the revelation of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Catholic Church.  You have no idea what is necessary to get to Heaven.  As the video demonstrates from Catholic teaching, EWTN and Angelica lead/led souls to Hell by their promotion of heresies and a false religion.  You are rejecting the truth that’s available to you.




“Belgian diocese won’t deny cardinal endorsed homosexuality”








“Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation”


The level of absurdity is off the charts…






“Vatican invites Katy Perry to talk about Transcendental Meditation”


So, the Novus Ordo cult enthusiatically invites... members of all false religions to speak, but would never allow a Catholic to speak about the sedevacante position or how the practice of false faiths is apostasy. That says a lot…


Interestingly, the anti-pontifical council for culture acknowledges: "current challenges to the Faith in healthcare settings". They know that many pagans are not accepting or tolerant of the lifestyle that accords with Gospel ethics and tenets. They know that many pagans just love imposing themselves and their immorality on others. The very tolerance for paganism and bigots that the anti-papal council for culture promotes is the kind that creates the challenges (to the Christian lifestyle) that they acknowledge.


Christiana et Fidelis




The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (2nd edition) 


Truly Amazing




Won’t Deny


“Belgian diocese won’t deny cardinal endorsed homosexuality”


Living in Deception


Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Great video. So many people are living in deception and on the road to Hell. Hopefully more and more people will find the true Catholic teaching at MHFM.


Francis Guelfi


To be


“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


These sad souls don't know what they are giving up just to be famous during this (very short) life on earth. Their afterlife will be horrible, and full of regrets they won't be able to get rid of. Imagine an eternity of suffering and torments. They will hate themselves beyond measure. If they do not realize what they've done, and repent... it's hell.






Amazing Evidence For God


Very interesting. Thank you.  There is no question about it that there is an intelligent creator who made life so orderly & beautiful…






Dear Brother, 


I am watching and reading our videos and articles on your website. I must admit that they are very accurate following the teaching of the H. Cat. Church, sustained by the writing of councils and H. Popes before 1965. It is very much teaching me of the truth of the Catholic faith, which is very dear to me. I am living in Belgium…





Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


This video is false and is teaching heresy. Read your catechism. Page 235 818. We are to promote love truth and unity. The church DOES recognize all who have been justified by faith in Baptism as Christians! It further goes on to explain that the lord uses other Christian churches as means of salvation. Yes Catholic answers is correctly stating facts and this video is heretical.


James Williams


MHFM: No, you have totally embraced the heresy of Vatican II and rejected Catholic dogma in the process.  You are not Catholic.  The 'Catechism' you are citing is the Catechism of the Vatican II Counter Church, which was promulgated by the notorious heretic Antipope John Paul II.  It teaches heresies.  It contradicts the teaching of the Magisterium.  It is not Catholic.  The Catholic Church infallibly teaches that heretics (i.e. baptized persons who dissent from a dogma of the Catholic faith) are outside the Body of Christ.  Here’s the teaching of the Catholic Church which you reject (quotes are also found in this file: Notorious heresy in Francis’ Joint Statement commemorating the ‘Reformation’).


Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, Bull “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra: “It [the Holy Roman Church] condemns, rejects and anathematizes all who think opposed and contrary things, and declares them to be aliens from the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”


This first statement comes, in context, after a dogmatic definition about the Filioque and other truths about the Trinity.  It thus proves that the Eastern ‘Orthodox’ who reject it are outside the Body of Christ, directly contrary to the teaching of Vatican II and your sect.


Pope Pius VI, Charitas (# 32), April 13, 1791: “Finally, in one word, stay close to Us.  For no one can be in the Church of Christ without being in unity with its visible head and founded on the See of Peter.”


Pope Pius IX, Amantissimus (# 3), April 8, 1862: “There are other, almost countless, proofs drawn from the most trustworthy witnesses which clearly and openly testify with great faith, exactitude, respect and obedience that all who want to belong to the true and only Church of Christ must honor and obey this Apostolic See and the Roman Pontiff.”


Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum (# 9), June 29, 1896: “The practice of the Church has always been the same, and that with the consenting judgment [i.e. consensus] of the holy fathers who certainly were accustomed to hold as having no part of Catholic communion and as banished from the Church whoever had departed in even the least way from the doctrine proposed by the authentic Magisterium.”


Pope Pius XI, Mortalium Animos (# 11), Jan. 6, 1928: “Furthermore, in this one Church of Christ no man can be or remain who does not accept, recognize and obey the authority and supremacy of Peter and his legitimate successors.”


Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (# 23), June 29, 1943: “For not every offense, although it may be a grave evil, is such as by its very own nature to sever a man from the Body of the Churchas does schism or heresy or apostasy.


Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis Christi (#22), June 29, 1943: “Actually only those are to be included as members of the Church who have received the laver of regeneration and profess the true faith.


Your position that non-Catholic religions are a means of salvation is also a rejection of the Church’s dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.


Bone of Clement


Subject: “Bone of Pope St. Clement Found in Bin”


Very interesting that the bone of the Pope who wrote the earliest non-Biblical papal document currently in existence was just allegedly discovered. And discovered in a trash bin no less. 

Pope Clement's first epistle proves the primacy of the Bishop of Rome given his authoritative tone and message coupled with the fact that an Apostle, St. John, was still alive and closer to Corinth. Yet those in the Corinthian Church appealed to Rome to settle their issue which speaks volumes.

It is also interesting that the waste disposal people are appealing to the public for requests to "find a new home" for the relic so as to provide a "final resting place." Given the apostasy of those currently occupying the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica, I suppose the answer to their request is no longer obvious.





“Magicians” Prove A Spiritual World Exists 


These are "magicians" in the biblical sense... sorcerers!








How sad this U.S. has become with the wars... due to the multitude of its sins.  The U.S. is inching its way toward another war, this time with Iran, all no-thanks to the continued instigation of Israel and their greater plans to conquer the Middle East and will most likely be the cause of Armageddon with China and Russia.  The fate of the world seems to hang on the pompous POTUS as he wades deeper into the "swamp", allowing the attacks and distractions by the deep state and the other liberal Israeli bedfellows to once again get away with their crimes; all the while, the Vatican II and its anti-popes continue to spew more nonsense to the point of being silent.






World famous “DJ” who “struggled with thoughts about meaning, life” kills himself using broken glass – 1 minute video


This speaks volumes for the younger generations. Many people are suffering from "disorders" lack of meaning/purpose… Even if one simply contemplated the fact that Jesus suffered and died to save them, they would find meaning. It means that we are valuable enough that the second person of the Holy Trinity, would become a man, suffer and die to save us. Knowing this, how could anyone think that they are worthless? Sadly most people will not partake in the merits of the redemption but it is open to all if they truly seek it.


Young generations are now suffering from lack of meaning and purpose, they turn to alcohol, drugs, music festivals etc to escape it all. Escape what? Escape that sting in the conscience that calls out to meaning and ultimately is calling to God. Now we have generations who believe there is no such thing as truth. How can anyone have hope if they don't believe in truth? Anyone looking for meaning and purpose must seek God and the truth, in the Catholic Faith. There, they will find a fulfilled purpose and meaning which carries over into all aspects of life.


"Mental illness" is becoming an epidemic for young men here in Ireland, I know it's the lack of a strong faith in God that is causing this problem, I see it enough here in my country. Until we turn back to God, our problems will only become worse.


Sean K




“Newly discovered building in Jerusalem could prove Biblical King David’s existence”


This is truly exciting information…






MHFM: We are currently working on a major new video on an important topic.  We hope, God willing, that it will be released in May. 


Tell me


Please tell me which magisterial and dogmatic teachings of the popes have been done away with since Vatican II? I am not aware of any…


Josephine Harkay


MHFM: You really need to wake up.  The abundant evidence is found in these files: The Heresies of Vatican II; The Heresies of the Antipopes, among others.  But to name just a few in Vatican II itself: Vatican II denies the dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church by teaching that non-Catholic religions are a means of salvation; it denies the dogma that all who deny the Papacy are outside the Body of Christ by teaching that Protestants and schismatics who deny the Papacy (and other Catholic teachings) are in the Body of Christ; it denies the dogma that Jews are rejected by God by teaching that Jews are not to be considered as rejected by God; it denies the Catholic Church’s teaching that religious liberty should not be a universal civil right by teaching that religious liberty should be a universal civil right; and more. 




German ‘Cardinal’ criticizes plan to display crosses in gov’t buildings


The first sentence speaks volumes about the 'V2' hierarchy and the article contains more details of their dirty doings: Marx actually removed his pectoral cross (of which he is clearly ashamed) while visiting the so-called 'Jewish Wailing Wall' (not part of the totally destroyed temple) where the most abominable perversions are committed by 'jews', and while also visiting the so-called 'Dome of the Rock!...






Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People 


This is a great video. The truth…






How To Tell You Need New Tires


Thanks for posting this useful and potentially life-saving information.






German ‘Cardinal’ criticizes plan to display crosses in gov’t buildings




‘Born Again’ Refutes ‘Faith Alone’


Thank You for your presentation. You've given me a lot to think about…


Silent Observer




Dear Brothers,


Ireland is a hotbed of sodomites [and] vicious heretics… as you may already know. Young girls at a local so-called catholic grammar school, Thornhill College, Derry, as young as 11 and 12 years old declare their murderous desires by calling for the right to be pro-abortion against a member of staff, most likely a teacher though not specified, who came to public attention in the media for voicing his pro-life position, in light of the pending referendum on the removal of the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, which protects the Unborn, scheduled for 25th May.  Mere children calling for the blood of their fellow children. The motto of that school being "Adveniat Regnum Tuum", but it's Satan's kingdom they lust after now, not Almighty God's, in that training establishment of heretical communists.


This fraudulent referendum against the fifth Commandment, to be financed again by the worlds' richest satanic billionaire, George Soros, whose "Atlantic Philanthropies" intervention in the sodomite Civil Partnership Bill 2010, with massive financial assistance to the sodomite groups pushing their evil plans, aims to further the satanic agenda in this country to a level unforeseen in its history, even surpassing the darkest era of celtic/occult paganism, also on a national scale.  Amnesty International, fronted by sodomite, Colm O'Gorman, who adopted children with his partner protested recently that the 137, 000 Euro donation from the Open Society, a philanthropic group funded by Soros again, would not be used to repeal the 8th amendment. Believe that and you'll believe anything!


An old friend once said to me that if St Patrick were to come back to Ireland again he would use the Crozier to beat them. Sadly, not even a beating would have any effect on these harbingers of blood thirsty evil. They are legion...


Ireland, red now, no longer green.


Jennifer Barber, sedevacantist.




I'm so glad I found your website. I've held on to my St. Joseph Daily Missal, copyright 1959 and my hymnal copyright 1925 since elementary school from which I graduated in 1962. All this time, I haven't been able to attend Mass and I didn't know why I'd go infrequently but I found it almost painful to see and hear what was going on…

VR Anderson
Dania Beach, FL


Vatican II


Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


I understand what the author of this presentation is saying but what about Vatican II? I’m referring to the idea of other Christians as being brethren.




MHFM: Vatican II was a heretical false council.  It was not a true Catholic council.  Our material covers that in detail.  It taught new and heretical things on non-Catholics who claim to be Christian, such as: that they are in the Body of Christ; that some of them may receive Communion; that they can be saved; that joint worship with them is permitted; etc.  All of that is contrary to Catholic teaching, as this file shows: The Heresies of Vatican II.  This situation was predicted, as the material covers.  We encourage you to look over more of it.  Also, only Catholics are Christians. 


Pope Pius IX, Etsi Multa, Nov. 21, 1873, #25: "Therefore the holy martyr Cyprian, writing about schism, denied to the pseudobishop Novatian even the title of Christian, on the grounds that he was cut off and separated from the Church of Christ. ‘Whoever he is,’ he says, ‘and whatever sort he is, he is not a Christian who is not in the Church of Christ...” 




How is your position regarding Sspx priests different from the condemned heresy of donatism?


James Delaney


MHFM: Donatists held that sacraments were invalid if performed by a wicked minister.  As Catholics, we of course don't hold that heresy.  But just because a priest might confect a sacrament validly does not mean that he is a true Catholic or that he should necessarily be approached.




The Temple Of God In Prophecy (2 Thess. 2:4) Is Not Jewish 


Your videos are brilliantly proficient at explaining complex Biblical verses in such a way that an average layman like myself can easily understand. Thank you.






I Come From A Protestant Background… How Do I Become A Traditional Catholic?


This is fantastic news. God bless mhfm for all your work to help souls. I know I have been helped enormously by your apostolate.






Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Thanks for the exposition


David D’Adamo




I Come From A Protestant Background… How Do I Become A Traditional Catholic? (post)


Ended up


[This is a reader’s comment about an anti-Catholic Protestant ‘minister’ who distributed a tract against Catholicism.  He ended up dying in prison after being convicted of heinous crimes.]


Dear Brothers, 

… I come across heretical flyers, newsletters, tracts, etc… The following quotes come from one such newsletter which is very revealing. It's titled 'The Depths of Satan,' and was written by a possessed Protestant "pastor."

"Do you really think you know the depths of Satan? Do you think you know the height, the depth, the width, and the breadth of how ugly, wicked, corrupt, and damning the ruler of this world is?"

"Now the depths of Satan are really all that is going on in the world today."…

I can't count the number of times I've heard people say that Protestant heretics are doing the work of God in this world. No, they are doing the work of Satan in this world, leading… many souls to Hell… with their diabolical heresies.

Source: Tony Alamo 2012 newsletter "Christian" Ministries Worldwide

I've never heard of this "pastor" before today, so just now typed his name online. A news article reports that he died in prison in 2017 for heinous crimes against children…

Sincerely in Jesus through Mary,





Baby Alfie Evan’s Appeal Rejected By EU Beast Death Panel – 3 minute video


The UK refused to let baby Alfie receive treatment because of they advocate Convention on the Rights of the Child. This means that children's rights are protected by the state and not by the parents. In other words, the state determines what is the best interest for children rather than parents and in this case the UK decided it was best for Alfie to die. This is a blatant hallmark of Communism which is anti-family. What is interesting that with the exception of the United States, pretty much every single nation has signed this. Let us hope the U.S. doesn't formally adopt this ideology as one.


F and M


Has Died


Baby Alfie Evan’s Appeal Rejected By EU Beast Death Panel – 3 minute video


… Alfie has died, due to his life support being removed. What a horrible crime!  Thankfully he was baptised prior to his death and has now gone to eternal life with God in Heaven.


Sean K




What Francis Really Believes (4th Edition)


… he [says] "We must protect our mother earth", yet he does nothing to protect our 'Mother Church'…






Baby Alfie Evan’s Appeal Rejected By EU Beast Death Panel – 3 minute video


This cries to Heaven for vengeance, as the horror of abortion. The EU Beast becomes more vicious by the day....






The Antichrist Identified


John Paul ll was the great pope, very successful in ecumenism…


Suzana Kranjcina


MHFM: You are an apostate, very clueless about Catholicism (despite the fact that the Church’s actual teaching, which condemns the false ecumenism of Antipope John Paul II, is available to you.)




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Excellent discourse!!.... Halloween!!! That's the Satanic Holy day of the year!!...


David R




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


I always felt that the answer from Akin about Halloween wasn't accurate and now learning that he has a New Age backstory and a fear of hell makes it click. Trent and Tim Staples are alright by what I've heard. Staples can sometimes be a bit off, but I never heard Akin to be much accurate.


HB Pax


MHFM: Fear of Hell is a good thing.  Also, how can you say that Staples is alright?  Did you even watch the video?  Like Akin, he's a total heretic and a false convert who, among many other things, teaches the heresy that Protestants are in the Body of Christ and may receive Communion.  That’s covered in the video.




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


I have the same problem they still go to mass I can’t to keep my faith I stay away I will not accept Vatican 2.


Craig Fox


MHFM: You need to keep the true Catholic faith and you can only do so by adhering to the traditional teachings of the Church.  Our material explains how to do that.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




“New York Catholic LGBT ministry holding event at raunchy gay bar…again”


The Vatican 2 counter Catholic Church is truly an evil sect. Shame on all of their queer antics.




No longer


Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


I am 17 with Catholic parents and I consider myself Catholic as well. However, I can no longer agree with the Vatican II Counter-Church. I wish to know what I may do to follow the true faith…


Louise Valliere


I turned away


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!  


I'm a lapsed Catholic. I turned away from the church because I could see the corruption while in my heart I knew that true Catholicism is the true church of Christ. I have lived a life of sin… the typical sins of my generation (i was born in the 70s). I want to turn back to Christ but because the church is in apostasy I don't know where to turn. I live in Europe (Ireland since I was 11) and most people here are agnostic now and I don't know how to find a traditional pre vatican 2 priest or fellowship. I'm in great need of spiritual help and would appreciate any advice. Thank you.


Thais Holt


MHFM: We're glad that you came across our material.  It contains the truth you need to see, and it explains how to embrace the true (traditional) Catholic faith.  These are the steps to convert once you are convinced on all the issues:  What you need to do is continue to look over the material, familiarize yourself and become fully convinced.  It's also very important for you to immediately begin to pray the Hail Mary many times a day.  We recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  The situation we are currently living through was prophesied, as the material shows.  In this situation, there are almost no options for Communion.  However, there are options for confession, once you are convinced and ready.   A conditional baptism is also recommended if there is a doubt about whether you were properly baptized.  This is also an important file for introductory principles:  It's necessary for your salvation to embrace the traditional Catholic faith.




“New York Catholic LGBT ministry holding event at raunchy gay bar…again”


Isn't it interesting that this "parish" takes its name from Saint Paul yet holds values and teachings completely opposite of him.

Romans 1- "For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error… they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.”


This article makes mention that their acts are "countertraditions". All true Christians should then make note and remember what Saint Paul said.

2 Thessalonians 2:15 "So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter".


F and M




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Good video. The necessity of exposing such an obvious apostate is a sign of the end-times in itself.


Rafael Centeio


As a


“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Great work… as a new convert to the true faith, the Catholic, I learn more and more from your videos full of truth… keep on making videos, people like this guy Steven Anderson need to be exposed because they are leading people straight into the lake of fire.


Reece Murray




Amazing Evidence For God


Amazing going through a hard time with my health very depressed low in vitamin D and wow just as I am typing this message and listening to this clip… it mentioned about vitamin D how it affects your health, I was starting to doubt God thank you for such a fascinating educational advice...




MHFM: We're glad you liked the video.  Please also check out our other videos and material.  They contain crucial information about the true faith of Christ necessary for salvation (i.e. the traditional Catholic faith).




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Great video. Yeah Jimmy always seemed more "akin" to the new age protestant movement than Catholicism ;)


The Azure




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Thank you for exposing this.


Paul Ruther


What a liar


Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


All these remarks were taken out of context….


R Soldier


MHFM: No, actually none of them were.  Your claim (which of course you don’t even try to back up with one example) is an outrageous lie.  It’s remarkable how you people lie.  The Counter Church is filled with bad-willed liars like you.  You remain in the Vatican II Sect because you are simply not of the truth.  Your false claim is an act of bearing false witness.



Dear Bros,

I retired to the Philippines because I thought it was a Catholic country. How wrong I was, it is firmly in the grip of the evil Vatican II empire. I have yet to meet a genuine Catholic here. Where I live the children do not know even the most basic prayers. The number of homosexuals and effeminate people is staggering…

Philippines is the only Catholic country in the world that created three (3) laws "favouring", "respecting" and "financing" the religion of ISLAM. Then made it unlawful to finance any other religion. The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government expense PAID by the taxes of the Non-Muslims.

God Bless,


To See


Dear brothers, 

I’d first like to thank you for your ministry. I truly believe God wanted me to see your site to gather the information to expose the anti-popes and lead others to the true Catholic faith. I’ve used your articles to debate many fake “Christians” and also strengthen my own beliefs. 


Peace in Christ, Alex




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


… Wow. Thorough refutation. Best I have seen and studied.


J. B. McThree




Amazing Evidence For God


Breath taking evidence !! thank you for this !!






Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


So by your very many statements you're claiming that Christ is a liar by saying the church is in error when Christ himself said hell would not prevail against his church.


Jacqueline York


MHFM: No, you don’t know what you are talking about.  You don’t understand Catholic teaching in general or teaching on indefectibility in particular.  Here are some relevant files:


It is actually your position that holds the Catholic Church is in error and has defected, not ours; for you consider manifest heretics who officially teach the opposite of the Catholic Church (on non-Catholic religions, on the Church, on salvation, etc.) to have been true popes.  But it's not possible for such men to be true popes, according to Catholic teaching.  The Church teaches that heretics are the Gates of Hell (see the first file above).  You are the one who is in communion with the ‘Gates of Hell’ (i.e. heretics), and you believe that they are leading your ‘Church’.  True Catholic teaching, however, makes it clear that a heretic is not a member of the Church and cannot be a valid pope.  Read our article about the Great Western Schism (which featured multiple antipopes) and how what happened did not contradict indefectibility:


The situation we are currently living through (i.e. the post-Vatican II apostasy in Rome) was prophesied, as our videos on the Apocalypse show.  In case you haven’t noticed, the entire ‘hierarchy’ of the Vatican II Sect is heretical and apostate.  Francis is an astounding heretic who constantly preaches religious indifferentism.  He is not remotely Catholic.  Your sect denies Catholic dogmas, teaches religious indifferentism, allows divorce and ‘remarriage’, etc.  It is not Catholic.  By defending the Vatican II Sect, you are not defending the Catholic Church but the prophesied end-times Counter Church.   You are confusing buildings with the Church.  But heretics are not members of the Catholic Church, and they cannot hold authority in the Catholic Church, even if they claim to be Catholic and occupy buildings that were previously Catholic.  If you want to embrace the true Catholic faith, our material explains how to do that.


Are Not


Jews Are Not Israel Or The Chosen People 


Incredibly accurate!!! A M E N!!!


George Golfinopoulos




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Very telling that Akin expresses "love", "acceptance", and tolerance for every type of heretic... He expresses such hatred and vitriol for those who hold the true Catholic position - sedevacantism. Thank you for posting this extremely important expose' on Akin and his movement, which undoubtedly leads many souls to hell.


Donald Hollenger



New Video Posted


Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed (new video)


Vatican II


Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


I'm fine with VII but I really dislike Jimmy Akin too. He has so much judaizing material it's crazy.




MHFM: You shouldn't be fine with Vatican II.  It contains heresies.  See this file: The Heresies of Vatican II.  It was a false council of the Devil, and apostates like Akin are simply following its false teachings on ecumenism, non-Catholic religions, ecclesiology, etc. and denying Catholic dogma by doing so.




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


If any protestant views this, really views this and takes it to heart there is NO WAY he would remain a protestant, if he or she is of bad will and stays in their false religion, then they will remain condemned… thank you for these theologically rich and profound videos. You have definitely been blessed by the Lord.


Bob Gentz




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Great video!...


F and M




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Thank you for this.


Carlos Melendez




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Yeah, he’s a false prophet for sure...he is lost..and it’s sad..but i rebuke the fact that u say he is teaching.. he is misleading, not teaching but u r right in saying he is corrupted… but god bless, and i love u..i have watched many of ur videos and i enjoy them….  good job exposing this heretic.




MHFM: So, you agree with the video except for the fact that it describes a person who promotes heresies and falsehood as 'teaching'.  Well, there's no basis for such a criticism.  The verb 'teach' does not mean that what the person promotes is necessarily true.  In fact, notice that Scripture describes Jezebel, who was misleading people, as 'teaching'.


"But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols" (Revelation 2:20).   


The word used there is διδάσκει, which means 'is teaching'.  Since Jesus uses the verb 'teach' in this context, of course it's permissible and correct to describe someone who advances or promotes false positions as 'teaching'.  You are wrong on that matter.




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Wow. Good video! It is scary how many heresies a person can promote and people will still think he's Catholic.


Alysson Gabriel




Hello MHFM, I have been converted to true Catholicism for over a year thanks to watching your videos…






Dear Brothers


Thank you for instructing everyone to pray the full Crown of Roses each day.  Prior to our being told to do this by MHFM, I had never heard anyone else recommend praying the Rosary in this manner.  I know from experience how much your truly wise advice has helped me, but today something else caught my eye.


I was... reading the Gospel... in which Jesus instructs the Apostles (after they had caught nothing) to cast the net off the right side of the boat.  They did so, and caught 153 fishes.  The author of the Liturgical Year says that while the fishes represent Christians, he does not know what the 153 signifies and believes that men might never know until the day of Judgment reveals the secret.  It is interesting that 153 is the number of Hail Mary's we pray when we recite the full Rosary…


Lee Ann




A priest of the SSPX Resistance is said to have celebrated Mass for the soul of JPII-Wojtyla.  Can a priest who recognizes the Vatican II hierarchy celebrate Mass for the soul of a man which the very same hierarchy has declared to be a saint?




MHFM: Obviously he’s not a saint, and no true Catholic may pray for him or say a Mass for him.  The fact that one of those priests offered a Mass for him is just another example of how they are heretical and faithless.  The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups 




Jimmy Akin Of “Catholic Answers” Exposed


Very eye opening…


Patrick McCreight




But how do you explain most of Romans?


Matthew Kepha


MHFM: You should watch this video.




Hello Brothers,


First I'd like to thank you for all your work, I've watched practically all your videos and read many of your articles. I would also state I agree with your stand and have intrinsically been aware of the issues for several years, although not actually recognising them until finding your ministry.


I have a simple question which has been put to me by many and I find myself wanting in answering correctly. The question being; What church dogmas have been changed by the Vatican II sect, or since its inception magisterially?


I thank you in advance of your response.


God Bless.




MHFM: We’re glad that you are looking at the material.  Since it is not possible for dogmas to be changed (and the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church), strictly speaking the Vatican II Sect cannot change dogmas but only deny them or try to change them.  But in regard to which dogmas the Vatican II Sect denies or has tried to change, one will find abundant evidence on that matter in these files:


The Heresies of Anti-Pope Francis, Benedict XVI, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, and John XXIII – Antipopes of the Vatican II Counter Church [section]


The Heresies in Vatican Council II [section]


To give just one example here, we would cite the dogma that baptized persons who dissent from or reject the Papacy or another Catholic dogma are outside the Body of Christ.  Vatican II officially teaches the opposite.  In Unitatis Redintegratio, it teaches that baptized persons who dissent from the Papacy and other Catholic teachings are inside the Body of Christ.  This heresy is discussed in this video:


Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy (video)


This heresy is the official teaching of the Vatican II Counter Church.




Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope 


Righto you nutter. By declaring Francis the anti-pope I’m quite sure the magisterium would classify you a heretic. The Church contradicts itself. Get used to it. By challenging the authority of the Pope, you are challenging the means by which the Church and her tradition claim to be the “apostolic” Church. You are seriously arguing that Francis is not a Catholic…. Do you think the last 265 popes all “professed” the exact same faith? No they have not. Our church would be a scary monster under your papacy.


Emil Chandran


MHFM: Your blindness is remarkable.  You are surprised that anyone could seriously argue that Francis is not a Catholic, when anyone who understands Catholicism and is familiar with Francis knows that he’s not remotely Catholic.  You are a fool in spiritual darkness.  The Church does not contradict itself.  Your words demonstrate that you don’t have the Catholic faith.  Yes, all the true popes professed the same faith; and no, you are not part of the Catholic Church, because you reject the dogma that Catholic teaching does not change, among other things.




Apocalypse 17:8 Fulfilled 


The information provided in your videos is really life-changing. Every time I finish watching one of your videos, I honestly feel like I've just gotten closer to God.


Legally Resisting Tyranny


Vatican II


Was Vatican II Infallible?


If John XXIII says the Council is infallible, that doesn't make the Council infallible, irrespective of whether John XXIII was a valid pope or not. Facts are facts: Vatican II cannot be infallible because Vatican II contains heresy. Good video.


Mark Williams


MHFM: Yes, it is a fact that Vatican II was not infallible.  It contains heresy and false doctrine.  It was a false council called by an antipope and confirmed by an antipope.  But, as the video and article show, if Antipope Paul VI had been a true pope, then Vatican II would have been official Catholic teaching; for Paul VI definitely attempted to promulgate Vatican II’s false doctrines to the universal Church at an ‘ecumenical council’ with the fullness of his ‘authority’.  Vatican II has also been treated as official magisterial teaching by subsequent antipopes.  The fact that a true pope could never promulgate the false teachings of Vatican II as binding on the universal Church proves that Paul VI was not a true pope.




“David Buckel, prominent gay rights lawyer, burns himself to death in New York to protest global warming”


He had clear spiritual problems and after a life of making a mockery of the… natural union between man and woman sadly spent his last minutes on Earth rejecting God's grace by committing the mortal sin of suicide. Another life wasted and in hell...


F and M




Hello Bros. Peter and Michael Dimond. I have been following your material for a long time and it convinced me out of Protestantism and into the true Catholic faith. I had a friend (who I am working on also converting) baptize me using the guide that you provided… Thanks so much for all the information you’ve provided in these dark times. God bless.






Francis Gives Medal Of Honor To Dutch Pro-Abortion Activist Lilianne Ploumen


What should traditional Catholics do in light of what is going on in the church? Stop going to church?... I don't know what to do.


Robert Dale


MHFM: As the material covers, one must not go to the New Mass ever.  You should stay at home on Sundays, become convinced on all the issues, and then we can help you with where to make a confession.  The principles are also covered in our ‘where to receive sacraments’ file.  There is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass in this situation (i.e. when there isn't a fully Catholic option).  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Perpetual Death


I found a good citation against invincible ignorance.


Pope St. Leo the Great; Sermon #9:  

Upon the Collections, IV.

I. The devil's wickedness in leading men astray is now counteracted by the work of redemption in restoring them to the truth.


But that the creature formed in God's image might not any longer through ignorance of the Truth be driven on to the precipice of perpetual death, He inserted in the Gospel-pages the nature of His judgment that it might recover every man from the snares of the crafty foe; for now all would know what rewards the good might hope for and what punishments the evil must fear.








Why Mother Teresa Was Not A Saint 


Wow! Great video! This was shocking. Thank you for exposing this truly evil apostate.


Michael Mann




What Francis Really Believes (4th Edition)


Horrifying! This man elected by at least 251 cardinals, is worse than a heretic, he is a defectionist and apostatic. So it is impossible to tell who is the true Pontifex… and the true church of Christ today.


Peter Pim


MHFM: Heretics cannot be validly elected pope.  Francis is and has been a heretic.  He is not a pope but an antipope, according to Catholic teaching.  You need to reject the Vatican II Sect and be a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that.  The Catholic Church still exists, but it is not the Vatican II Sect.  We encourage you to look over more of the material.   We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Excellent video on the true teachings of Christianity.




I’ve Been


Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Brother I’ve been praying the verse James 1:5. I keep coming across your videos since I have. Praise God!




Convinced me


Babylon Has Fallen, Fallen!!  


Superb presentation! Your videos and the articles on your website convinced me and my family to leave the Vatican II counter-church, and return to the Traditional Catholic Church. Thank you and God bless you.




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


Fantastic documentary, absolutely amazing coverage of the topic of Our Mother… Thank you again, Brothers, for leading the people of God in this dark time. I constantly refer people to this channel in my ventures in Catholic Apologetics, and am very thankful you make these.


Trevor Binning




This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis


I can’t believe it’s been a year since this outstanding video was published. Great job, Brothers! If one does not get it by now, then....  I have a subscription to MM's periodical, but I am letting it expire. It's remarkable how many of the articles in it end with questions! I want to yell at the paper, "You should KNOW the ANSWER!"


Daniel Smith




Mary’s Sinlessness: A Biblical Documentary


Very informative and straight to the point.


Musaka Mukunkami




The Deception of Mother Angelica & EWTN 


You are delusional.




MHFM: No, you are delusional, and you can't cite one thing in the video that is false.  You simply reject the truth because you are of bad will.




Trump faces calls from Israel first GOP to strike back on Syria – 1 minute video


The hypocrisy and complete disregard for the value of human life and Britain are clearly shown in the willingness of their governments to risk a third world (nuclear war) by lying and demonizing others to serve the private interests of their ruling billionaire elite. Is it a surprise? No : these countries have been waging a deadly war, and yes, often with chemical weapons, against the defenseless unborn for 50 + years. and have denied the right to life and slaughtered between them at least 60,000,000 human beings, a number that beggars the imagination...


Alexander Newman




Hey. Been away from Church for a while. Looking to jump back in seeing what's going on in the world. Should I receive any Sacraments from a mainstream Vatican ii church or is it invalid?




MHFM: Hello.  You must not join a mainstream Vatican II 'Church'.  You need to become a traditional Catholic.  Our material explains how to do that: the steps to convert.  When you are convinced on the issues, we can also help you with where to make a confession, etc.  To receive graces to move back to the Church, it’s important for you to pray the Hail Mary frequently.  We recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Chinese Government Bans Online Retailers From Selling Bibles – 1 minute video


And they will encounter no opposition whatsoever from the non-Catholic Vatican's faithless... officials...


Rachel R




Trump faces calls from Israel first GOP to strike back on Syria – 1 minute video


Isn't it interesting that President Trump has said he wants to leave Syria. Then there is a "chemical attack" in Syria, which means the US will stay there. Clearly another false flag, without any doubt.


Sean K






First thanks for the information on your website.


I would like to know if you or somebody you know could tell me where one can receive the sacraments (...confession and eucharist if possible) in France or Switzerland. It is not simple to find complete information on the internet.


Thank you very much for your answer and your work.


Frédéric Nussbaum


MHFM: We’re glad that you came across the material.  Before receiving a sacrament, one must reach the point where one is committed never to attend the New Mass again, rejects the Vatican II sect and its antipopes as non-Catholic, believes in Outside the Church There is No Salvation without exception (no “baptism of desire”, no salvation for those “invincibly ignorant” of the Catholic faith), rejects NFP, won’t support any heretical priests, etc. 


At this time of the Great Apostasy, there is almost nowhere to receive Communion.  However, options for confession include an old Novus Ordo priest (ordained before 1968) who says the proper words of absolution or a priest ordained in the Eastern Rite.  There can also be, occasionally, other options for confession among ‘traditional’ priests ordained in the traditional rite, but since almost all of them are heretics and so many of them are imposing heretics an old Novus Ordo priest or a priest ordained in the Eastern Rite are almost always better options for confession.  The principles are covered in our file called Where To Receive Sacraments.  Thus, when you are ready and convinced on all the issues, you should look in your area for an old Novus Ordo priest or a priest ordained in the Eastern Rite to whom you could go to confession.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  




Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid 


… these masses are awful... God is very upset


James Duque


MHFM: As the material points out, the New Mass is not a Mass and it must be avoided.




Justification Debate


… This puts the James White-Robert Sungenis debate on justification to shame...


Phil Andrew




Accepting Francis = Apostasy 


Interesting was the part about politicians who promote late term abortion, sex outside marriage, etc. are still considered members of the church in good standing… That is so evil. The Novus Ordo church is corrupt…


Sharon Burke


John Paul II


“Saint” John Paul II Exposed


… John Paul ll was a holy man and no kind of lies can change it.


Suzana Kranjcina


MHFM: First, John Paul II was not a pope but an apostate antipope who taught religious indifferentism and much more. Second, the quotes from him that we expose are not 'lies' but things he stated.  He was a total heretic who taught that man is God and much more.  He also fulfilled prophecy, as the material covers.  Stop lying and actually look at the facts that are presented.  You are calling evil good and that is an abomination.


The Novus Ordo


Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid 


Long live the novus ordo mass.


Gregg Denrei Acera


MHFM: It’s not a Mass and failure to reject it leads to eternal death, not eternal life.


Show me


Please show me one scripture from the bible where a man appointed by GOD can forgive the sins of men…


Leary Haywood


MHFM: “If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained" (John 20:23).  Also see this file:


Deep State, China


Dear Brothers:


The Deep State that has been running America since Communism was established in the world (regardless of who is president) has made itself exceedingly rich by selling to Americans (at inflated prices) goods that were cheaply manufactured in China.  This is why the middle class is disappearing.   The Deep State and Friends couldn't care less that China is a communist country with godless and immoral policies, since these "Americans" are equally godless.  The use of slave labor to enrich themselves is part of their creed;  it is what catapults them into their "ruling" status…


Lee Ann




The Bible Proves The Papacy


I am so happy to be Catholic now, Brother Peter thank you for this informative video, I want to start... spreading the truth of the Gospel to all nations and tell them the truth about traditional Catholicism and why the Catholic Church is the true church of Jesus Christ, God Bless you and God Bless The Holy Catholic Church.


Reece Murray




German police union chief proposes taking children away from “anti-Semitic parents”


Meanwhile, homosexual "couples" get to adopt children. Not to mention the case of feminists that decide to raise their children "gender free" or even dressing them with clothes from the opposite gender.


They have hit a new low…




Thank you


Creation and Miracles – Condensed Version


Thank you my faith was fading, my care for my salvation and for God was fading as well. I needed this kind of reality…








… The possessed Francis who thinks he can… extinguish hell's fires… would have everyone believe, without the punishments of hell, there is no need for religion or prayer as there is no consequence for one's actions.


... anyone with a smidgen of good-will left in the Vatican II Sect should be exiting and moving to higher ground, the Traditional Catholic Faith, outside of, there is absolutely no salvation.


God Bless your work,





Amazing Evidence For God


This was an amazing video. All facts. Thank you.


Sean Lavi




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Protestants, Lutherans etc. also contradict themselves in that they believe in Sola Scriptura… it is dumbfounding that they cannot see their error. Thank you mhfm for the excellent video. I just noticed… Piper's laugh after stating "No...we are not under the Law" ...What a diabolical liar!!


Flgrum 3




Ohio Sued For Refusing To Allow “Transgender” People To “Change” Their Birth Certificates – 1 minute video


These servants of Satan are desperately trying to obliterate the obvious truth that… "Male and female He created them."






Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope 


Anti-Pope Francis blindly supported LGBT perverts as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, appointed gay-friendly bishops…


Anthony Pragasam


MHFM: It’s also important to recognize that he wasn’t a true archbishop.




The Antichrist Revealed: The Beast that Was, and Is Not, Has Returned


Excellent explanation! This is a very profound video.


Crux Fidelis


MHFM: We’re glad you liked the video.  Besides English, this video (among others) is also available in Spanish, French and Italian.  Also, our video The Antichrist Identified, which focuses on 2 Thess. 2:3-4 (something not covered in the video on which you commented), is available in English, Spanish and French.  We also have videos on various topics available in Portuguese and other languages.


Begun the Process


My name is Mark, I'm 19 years old and have begun the process of converting to the Catholic faith. Your videos are a blessing. I know that many people don't like your videos because of the "harsh" language featured, but it's exactly what I needed to wake up to the truth; that Jesus Christ founded only one Church, outside of which there is no salvation. 


That aside, I've read the Penny Catechism and begun praying the Rosary. Now I need to receive a conditional baptism, as I was baptized in the Lutheran church, but have doubts about its validity…  I live in the Chicago-land area, in a suburb just north of O'hare airport. 


Thanks in advance,


God bless. 




Dear Brothers.


Blessings to you in this the most Holy time of the year.  I hope you don't mind my enquiry.  Having browsed through your website and viewing some of the content of your YouTube channel, I've come to the conclusion that I would like to practice the true Catholic faith.


I know you have a lot of generic information available which I have looked at, but if you would be so kind as to try and advise me specific to my own situation. I was born in 1969 in England and was baptized shortly after birth into a local parish church (non-catholic). My parents sent me to Sunday School as soon as I was able to walk and talk. My early life was centred around church activities but as I entered teenage years, I drifted away from all religious activities. Fast forwarding to now, having rediscovered my love of Christ, but not going to church, I started watching lots of YouTube videos and browsing different websites, desperately searching for the true faith….


I'm fortunate in that I live very close to some of the most wonderful ancient Christian sites in Northern England.  Durham Cathedral is 10 minutes away from my home, as is Finchale Abbey, the work of Saint Godric. The tombs of both Saint Cuthbert and Saint Bede are housed in Durham Cathedral… Many more ancient sites and homes of Saints are scattered throughout my locality…  Do you have any advice as to how I could become a true Catholic, specific to my locality and previous upbringing ? I realise that you probably get lots of questions but I would really appreciate some help from people of much greater knowledge and experience than myself.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Best wishes

Mark Errington


MHFM: Mark, we're glad that you came across the material.  God definitely wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  It is the one true faith of Christ.  These are the steps to convert.  Given the current situation, you will not be able to join a local church in your area.  It’s also not necessary to attend or join a church in your local area to convert.


What you should do is continue to look at the material, become convinced on all the issues and follow the steps to convert.  We generally recommend a conditional baptism for those converting from Protestantism.  It's also important that you pray the Hail Mary frequently.  This is necessary to get the graces to follow through with your conversion.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  (Attached are some crucial videos.)


Has not


Antipope Francis Says Hell Does Not Exist In New Interview


… Francis is a notorious non-Catholic heretical false "Pope" who has not the faith of St. Peter thus is not his successor. Simple.






“Pastor” Steven Anderson Exposed – Documentary


Meanwhile your pope says hell doesnt exist…


Fernando Flores


MHFM: No, he’s not a pope but an apostate antipope, as our material shows.  The Vatican II apostasy was also prophesied.  [This person’s comment is another example of how those who accept the Vatican II Counter Church cannot consistently or effectively present the Catholic faith to non-Catholics; for a sect that is led by Bergoglio is obviously false and heretical.]


To See


On “Fr.” Gruner, The Last Days & Lies 


Wow, it was truly was amazing to see the clear hand of God at work with the lawsuit issue settled in your favour with the 'Final Judgment' on the feast day of St Benedict.


Peter Matthews


RELATED: Amazing: The “Final Judgment” Ending Our “Benedictine Fraud” Lawsuit Was Issued On The Feast Of St. Benedict – March 21, 2014! 


The Astounding and Epic Apostasy of Eric Hoyle [PDF]


By the way, this PDF, which contains many interesting and revealing facts, covers how the person mentioned therein refused to answer the simple question about which monasteries he considers Benedictine for quite some time.  He only finally answered the question when he was ordered to do so, and he committed apostasy in the process.


More on the Lawsuit Victory


Medjugorje, Vatican II


What Does Medjugorje Say? Its message proves that it is a false apparition


One of the messages said that all faiths are equal. Isn't this against the Catholic Church's beliefs?


There was a question asked of Our Lady in October 1981 which was: Are all religions the same? Our Lady answered: "Members of all faiths are equal before God. God rules over each faith just like a sovereign over his kingdom..."


The difficulty that some Catholics have had with this answer is based on the belief that the only salvation is within the Catholic Church itself. But the Catholic Church does not teach this. In fact, Vatican II in its Dogmatic Constitution on the Church "Lumen Genitum" says this: "Those also can attain to salvation who through no fault of their own do not know the Gospel of Christ or His Church, yet sincerely seek God, and moved by grace strive by their deeds to do His will as it is known to them through the dictates of conscience. Nor does Divine Providence deny the helps necessary for salvation to those who, without blame on their part, have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God and with His grace strive to live a good life."




MHFM: The idea that members of all faiths are equal before God, or that people can be saved outside the Church, is blatant heresy.  So yes, that message proves that Medjugorje was a false apparition.  With regard to your statement about Lumen Gentium, you are adopting heresy.  Vatican II was not a Catholic council.  It was a false council that taught heresies.  See the proof here: The Heresies in Vatican Council II.


It's a dogma that there is no salvation outside the Church, and that one must believe in Jesus Christ and have the Catholic faith to be saved.  Your statement that the Church does not teach that is heretical.  The passage from Lumen Gentium, which you quote and accept, also denies that dogma.  You are denying the Church’s dogmatic teaching.  You will not be saved unless you stop rejecting the truth, abandon your heresy and convert.  See our book on salvation for the Church's actual teaching on the issue.


Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos (# 13), Aug. 15, 1832: “With the admonition of the apostle that ‘there is one God, one faith, one baptism’ (Eph. 4:5) may those fear who contrive the notion that the safe harbor of salvation is open to persons of any religion whatever. They should consider the testimony of Christ Himself that ‘those who are not with Christ are against Him,’ (Lk. 11:23) and that they disperse unhappily who do not gather with Him. Therefore, ‘without a doubt, they will perish forever, unless they hold the Catholic faith whole and inviolate” (Athanasian Creed).


Pope Paul III, Sublimus Dei, May 29, 1537: “… since man, according to the testimony of the sacred scriptures, has been created to enjoy eternal life and happiness, which none may obtain save through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ…”




Antipope Francis is a blaspheming heretic, just like 'sin boldly' Martin Luther was.


Crux Fidelis






I stumbled upon your videos and wanted to thank you for posting them. My name is Maire and I'm writing because I'm trying to better understand the Catholic faith because I am at a point in my life where I am trying to find God. I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school but I did not follow God's teachings. I hit rock bottom and was wondering if you offer... further videos for me to study.


My level of fear leaving the Church although I am not a good Catholic terrifies me. My boyfriend explains how the Church is the Anti Christ but there are some principles I respect such as the forgiveness of sins and Holy Communion.


I am just confused and lost in the process of the finding Faith.


Thank you for your time,




MHFM: We're glad that you came across the material.  God wants you to become a traditional Catholic.  It's the one true faith of Christ and it's necessary for salvation.  The Vatican II 'Church' is not the Catholic Church, as the material explains.  You can find the biblical proof for Catholicism here.  This is also an important file with introductory principles: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  We recommend that you look over the material and become convinced on all the issues.  When you are, you should follow the steps to convert: the steps to convert.  We also offer a catechism, which contains information people should know.  Also, it's very important for you to pray the Hail Mary many times a day.  Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to guide you to the true faith and help you avoid Hell.  When you are convinced on all the issues, we can help you with more specifics on how to convert.  The material also explains what's happening in Rome now and how it was prophesied.




Antipope Francis Says Hell Does Not Exist In New Interview


With Antipope Francis' latest outburst attacking traditional Catholic teaching on Hell, his denial of that eternal place of punishment reserved for unrepentant sinners, is actually to deny Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who spoke more about Hell than Heaven…


God bless,

David (New Zealand)




The Shroud of Turin – Proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ – video




Antipope Francis Says Hell Does Not Exist In New Interview


This is not only a complete denial of the Fatima apparitions - in which the children were shown a vision of hell and told flat out that they have seen where the souls of poor sinners go - it is also a denial of the crucifixion, because if Jesus didn't die for our sins in order that we would not go to hell, then what did he die for? Why go through being beaten, scourged and crucified if there's no hell...?


This should be the last straw for anyone who still believes this clown is a valid pope. I can't imagine anyone with half a brain hearing about this and still professing this guy to be the pope. Then again, knowing the stupidity of the masses, I can imagine it.




Notre Dame


“Fr. Jenkins: ‘The university will provide coverage … for simple contraceptives’”


Dear Brothers,


I felt compelled to write on this solemn day, Good Friday, 2018, concerning that demonic institution, Notre Dame University.


Regarding the article you posted, the fact that President John Jenkins will supply contraception comes as no surprise. According to their website, Notre Dame goes out of its way to support Protestantism, Judaism (including Seder dinners), Muslim worship, Islamic holidays, and interfaith services. It… advertises Protestant institutions, and proudly provides homosexual retreats and "Gay and Catholic" discussions. 


It seems obvious that Note Dame is simply a Vatican II institution that has nothing to do with actual Catholicism. The fact that this snake pit is named after Our Lady infuriates me.


One can only imagine what abomination Jenkins will come up with next. 




Mary Ann Benedetto






First off I’d just like to thank you. A few months ago I ordered one of your packages to my home in New Jersey and found it all fascinating, informative, and relevant. It allowed me to make the conscious decision to stop attending the new mass.


Fast forward a few month later, now I am currently deployed overseas and I’m looking for guidance on how or what I can do to express my faith here. Obviously I cannot attend service here at the chapel, but would it be incorrect or sinful to pray the rosary in the chapel during the off hours? I’m still learning.


Also if I were to order more from the website will you ship to APO?


Thanks in advance, and God Bless.




MHFM: We’re glad that you got the information.  The way you can evangelize over there is by recommending our website, videos, etc.  You can also talk to people about the true Catholic faith and its necessity.  You can discuss current issues and what is happening.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.  With regard to praying in that chapel, we would not recommend it.




Dear Brothers, 


Antipope Francis' statement that there is no Hell has far deeper meaning than simply another contradiction of Catholic teaching, it cuts to the root of the meaning of Catholicism, because it gives no meaning to Christ’ suffering and death on the Cross, the culmination of His life’s work, to save our Souls FROM HELL, and makes Jesus Himself appear foolish, and His life’s actions pointless. If I… find Antipope Francis’ denial of the existence of Hell so deeply hurtful, I cannot imagine the offence his words are to God...

On a lighter note, I would also like to say that I love to read emails of people who have recently found your website and who simply devour all you have presented about the true Catholic faith. The relief they feel in realizing that they have at last found the Truth that they were looking for is palpable in their words and reminds me of how I felt when I first found it. Our Lord’ words to “seek and you shall find” wasn’t a suggestion, it was an instruction. If you don’t seek you won’t find, but until your website was available, there was nowhere to find the Truth. 


I am eternally grateful to you for that.




Niall Walshe


“Sister” Jean



… one of the main themes dominating the current NCAA basketball tournament is the celebrity status of "Sister" Jean and her team's unlikely advance to the Final Four. Instead of using the massive stage to promote Christ, she's totally inverted what's important. For example, she allegedly "gave up losing" for Lent. 

What's interesting is that "Sister" Jean's team, Loyola, is playing the University of Michigan who has "Father" Ben on their side. Again, the Faith has taken a sideline to basketball. An article popped up on my news feed that was particularly revealing/striking. The article contained an interview with "Fr" Ben. His response to the question about whether he would watching the game was quite interesting:

"So will Father Ben be watching his two schools go at it Saturday night?  “Is the Pope Catholic?”  But then he paused, and remembered the date. No, he won’t be."

"Fr" Ben's knee-jerk reaction to use that phrase--and subsequent realization that the answer actually had to be NO--is actually his own mouth condemning his false belief and support of Antipope Francis as being a true Catholic. See Matthew 12:37. You can read the entire article here:


Instead of recognizing what a complete embarrassment "Sr." Jean and "Fr." Ben are to the Catholic faith, as they whole-heartedly embrace the world and not Christ, the masses blindly cheer on these two caricatures. It's truly shameful as the timing of it all should be a massive wakeup call.

Thank you for all your work and I look forward to your next video as always.

Vincent Vitatoe

Francis Says There’s No Hell


Antipope Francis Says Hell Does Not Exist In New Interview


MHFM: It's also interesting that this came out on Holy Thursday, the day on which Jesus pronounced that it would be better for Judas never to have been born (indicating the existence of eternal punishment in reference to Judas).


Matthew 26:23-24- “... He who has dipped his hand in the dish with me will betray me.  The Son of Man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed!  It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.”


Francis' statement will also cause more shock and wonder among followers of the beast, in fulfillment of prophecy:


This Explains The Post-Vatican II Confusion & Crisis (video)


Apocalypse 17:8 Fulfilled (video)


Graham, Barron


Dear Brothers:


Heretics like Graham and Barron  bring to mind Our Lord's words from Matt. 23:15.  "Wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites:  because you go round about sea and land to make one proselyte:  and when he is made, you make him the child of hell two-fold more than yourselves."  The Pharisees would have taught some things about the Mosaic Law and the Promise of a Redeemer but, like the heretics of today,  they would have given the proselyte a totally distorted understanding of the Messiah and the spiritual Kingdom He would one day establish for the salvation of men.  The Pharisees were filling the Jews'  minds with their poisonous lies in order to deceive them and deprive them of the truth.   This was why the Parables of Our Lord were so often about the Kingdom of God -- to help people out of the confusion the Pharisees had created by denying and perverting the Old Testament Scriptures. 


Barron, Graham and all the rest of  the fake Christians (including the false traditionalists)  do exactly the same thing today  by rejecting the clear and infallible teachings of the Catholic Church -- and the clear teachings of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures as well.   These blind leaders profess that Christ's clear words and the rest of Sacred Scripture  (as well as the infallible teachings of the Popes) should be rejected by others exactly as these heretics themselves reject them.  And... these heretics masquerade as faithful preachers of a Redeemer and a Kingdom they hate.  " But wo to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites:  because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men:  for you go not in yourselves:  and those that are going in, you suffer not to enter."  (Matt. 23:13).


Lee Ann



‘Born Again’ Refutes ‘Faith Alone’


Thanks for this great explanation video Bro.


Mark Leonor Llamera




“Catholic Bishop” of Los Angeles Robert Barron talks about heretic Billy Graham’s “great ministry in the life of the Church” – 8 minute video


I think Barron is an enemy of the Catholic Church from watching the video about his "PAL", deceased, in Hell, Lucifer's... friend, BILLY GRAHAM...


Barry Saunders




Accepting Francis = Apostasy


FRANCIS is someone who does not call out homosexuality as a sin. He has no backbone.




MHFM: He has no faith.  He’s not Catholic.




The Truth About The SSPX, The SSPX-MC, And Similar Groups 


Pope Francis is preaching something against the gospel bcoz our Lord Jesus Christ said go and preach and baptise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen and anyone who teaches against the gospel let him be anathema so Pope Francis is anathema and heretic.


Anthony Braganza


MHFM: Yes, Francis is a heretic and anathema.  That’s why he’s not a valid pope.




The Head Of The ‘Jesuits’ Says The Devil Doesn’t Exist 


Please tell your opinion on/about St. Faustina.


Reynaldo Velasco


MHFM: In the 1950s Faustina's 'Divine Mercy Devotion' was suppressed.  Her Diary was also on the Index of Forbidden Books.  Her writings and messages display serious problems, as this article shows: Her 'Devotion' and writings should be avoided, and she is not a canonized saint.



You are shattering my old views, ingrained by my surroundings since before I can remember. Every "common sense" opinion and false dichotomy meant to obscure become easier to discern day by day. Thank you for your steadfast determination, especially in your denouncing of "faith alone" protestantism and of course, the current state of Babylon in Rome...

- Thomas 




Amazing Evidence For God


This is a great video… The science community will do anything to take God out of science. But the evidence is right there! Even the Bible says that creation is evidence and people have no excuse for their disbelief.






“LGBT activists attack Chilean congressman with rocks, bottles for defending real marriage”


It just goes to show how… hateful the ‘LGBT’ themselves are.


EJ Lombard




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Credit where it is due. I am a schismatic, a former Roman Catholic who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy due to the abomination that Vatican II created. I converted 16 years ago. Anyhow, your arguments against protestant heresy is brilliantly constructed.




MHFM: We’re glad you liked the arguments, but to be saved you need to return to the true (traditional) Catholic faith.  The Vatican II apostasy was prophesied, as our material explains.  The Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ outside of which there is no salvation.  Eastern Orthodoxy is definitely not true Christianity but a heretical sect, as our material shows.




Abomination: Vatican Issues Stamp Of Heretic Martin Luther!


A literal stamp of approval.




Came Across


I am a Catholic religious sister of the congregation of the Ursulines of Mary Immaculate. 


I came across your articles and video 4 days since.  And it has left my heart very heavy with deep pain.  I would like to know if these errors as you have said in your video about the new mass and ordination have been set right by the church or are we the poor faithful living in sin that we have no hand at all.  Please reply to this mail as I am pleading the mercy of God before he would sit on His throne of judgment 


In Christ 

Sr. Udaya umi 


MHFM: Hello.  We're glad that you came across the material.  It contains the truth God wants you to see.  It's crucial to recognize that the Vatican II Sect is not the Catholic Church, but the prophesied end-times Counter Church, as the material explains.  The New Mass is not Catholic.  It still lacks the words mysterium fidei ('the mystery of faith') in the form of consecration (which are in the traditional form for the Roman Rite).  The New Rite of Ordination has not been corrected.  It remains essentially the same invalid rite they’ve been using since the reign of Antipope Paul VI.  One must not go to the New Mass or be a part of the Vatican II Sect.  


We hope that you continue to look at the material, become convinced on all the issues and embrace the true positions. We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.


Barron, Billy Graham


“Catholic Bishop” of Los Angeles Robert Barron talks about heretic Billy Graham’s “great ministry in the life of the Church” – 8 minute video


... Barron's promotion of this abominable religion of man, cultivated so shamelessly by the 'V2' sect, is thoroughly disgusting... what a wicked heretic!






“Catholic Bishop” of Los Angeles Robert Barron talks about heretic Billy Graham’s “great ministry in the life of the Church” – 8 minute video


As usual, the apostate V2 sect is selling poison as food, and spiritual death as life. Just another day at the Pan-Religious Novus Ordo institution.






“LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology”


It is a sewer!


Edward Kish



The Third Secret of Fatima (3rd edition)


This video is a tome.


Haji Al


New Article Posted


Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from February 2018




House Passes 2,232-Page Omnibus Spending Bill That No One Read


What is also disgusting about this is that Trump justified signing the bill saying that it's good for the military, as if this could make up for the continuation of the funding for the satanic Planned Parenthood, among the other evils...


Rafael Centeio




Documentary: Protestantism’s Big Justification Lie


Satan's big horrendous lie being preached to the multitudes over the years by his appointed ministers has been effectively and articulately exposed!!


Louisa N


Senate Rule


It seems that it takes only a majority vote in the senate to pass a bill.  In other words, 51 votes is all it takes.  If they tie (50/50), then the VP can cast the tie-breaking vote.  But it would be better if 60 votes were required, or a 3/5 majority.  Did they change it?




MHFM: No, there is a rule in place called the Senate filibuster rule.  It requires 60 votes for general legislation, even though that is not required by the Constitution.  The Senate filibuster rule was implemented some decades ago.  Mitch McConnell could simply change the rule.  It's sometimes called employing the 'nuclear option'.  It would lower the threshold from 60 votes to a simple majority (i.e. 51).  He did so to get Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.  If he changed the rule, then only 50 votes (plus the Vice President) would be needed to defund Planned Parenthood.  Currently there are 51 Republican senators; there were 52 last year, when he also could have changed the rule.  Changing the rule would enable him to avoid the demonic Democrats on general legislation.  That would have an incredible impact.  But he refuses to change the rule.  It's one of the most idiotic things in the history of politics.


In fact, the reason they got the Tax Reform bill passed is because it went through the budget reconciliation process of an existing revenue or tax law, and that did not fall under the 60-vote rule.  If the Tax Reform bill had required 60 votes, then it would have failed as well.  If the demonic McConnell would simply change the rule, then they could repeal Obamacare, possibly defund Planned Parenthood (depending upon how certain people would vote), and pass many things without Democratic support (because they have just over 50 Republican votes).  But he doesn't, apparently because he doesn't want criticism from the left.  So, instead he chooses to enter into horrible agreements with the Democrats (in order to get 60 votes to pass bills).  He is truly an epic stooge for Satan.


Now I understand.  This explains a lot of things!  It is truly unfortunate that only the senate majority leader can make that decision.  The fact that he won't do it to defund Planned Parenthood really says a lot about the man.  He won't even do it to repeal Obamascare, which they promised to do.  I couldn't feel more disgusted with the man.  Thank you for providing me with this explanation.




Mother of God


Mary: Mother Of God & Ark Of The New Covenant – Absolute Proof! 


This typing hand is a scattered sheep as are the multitudes of confused Catholics after 60 years suffered under the deliberate destructive work of an interrupted succession of 6 antipopes. The term "Mother of God" repeated in the Ave Maria's, or "Ark of the Covenant" said during the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was, admittedly, not fully understood by this sheep, but nevertheless, those terms instinctively felt as being "right". This sheep without a shepherd had once violently rejected Satan, and his filth; his empty promises and his lies, all promulgated by his servants (verily pirates occupying the Vatican) who are all either sirens or ship wreckers. Instinctively this sheep, this poor soul, cried for help. It was cries in the likes of "Jesus, Mary, I love you save souls" at first, then followed by long moans in the forms of the 153 Hail Marie's of the Most Holy Rosary.


Those humble cries for help were interrupted by readings of the Holy Scriptures and by the writings of a few saintly Doctors of the Church, then completed with meditations upon those said readings at large, or upon concentrates of holy doctrine such as the Athanasian Creed... in fine, a rigorous regiment of prayers… which has led this soul close to the veil which still is hiding the Christ Jesus and His Mother...


This 1/2 hr presentation tears the veil! The eye of this once lost soul can see the Mother of God, the Ark of the Covenant, as clearly as this sheep without a shepherd can see the icon (used for this presentation) of Our Lady of Good Council with Her divine Son Jesus Christ…






Accepting Francis = Apostasy


Great video. All those bigmouth "catholic" politicians don't even realize they have excommunicated themselves and proudly try and drag others along with them…


Shawn Lague


Planned Parenthood, New Bill


MHFM: The new spending bill again funds the demonic, baby-killing organization Planned Parenthood.  All who voted for the bill have the blood of unborn children on their hands.  But Mitch McConnell is especially guilty, for he could change the rule that requires 60 votes in the Senate.


In Practice


“LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology”


"Who am I to judge?" in practice.


Vice being taught as if it were just an alternative style of virtue. As if the whole fiasco involving fornication weren't enough... With each passing day the mask of the Vatican 2 sect suffers a gradual and increasing crack. As time goes by, she looks less and less like a deceiving false bride and more and more like the scandalous, diabolical, immoral, filthy whore that she is.






… thank you for continuing to expose Francis... Please continue to expose evil like this.


David Rice


Sounds like


“Texas Bomber Suspect Was Homeschooled, Aspiring Missionary”


The official story on this sounds like total propaganda from the 'Deep State' that is crafted to dehumanize and demonize as "terrorists" and "dangerous" their political opponents.


Targeted groups? Homeschoolers, 'conservatives', those who wish to spread the Gospel, advocates of capital punishment, 'survivalists,' supporters of the 1st Amendment, quiet people, deep thinkers, the "strictly religious"; being outspoken about issues not supported by the mainstream, those who do not live a mainstream life, those who are against abortion, and anyone who opposes sodomites and their filthy anti-Marriage abomination rites.


Christiana et Fidelis


LA ‘Archdiocese’


“LA archdiocese’s religious ed conference infested with transgender ideology”


The Vatican 2 catechism fruits!!








My husband and I are Catholic and have raised our 2 (now adult) children in the Catholic Faith. We currently live in Bradenton, Florida and read the email exchanges regularly….


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the education, encouragement & support you have provided us through your website and materials over the years...


God Bless you…


Kay (Kathleen Mary Flynn) Huddleston 

Doug (Douglas Steven) Huddleston




Abortionist: Babies can’t scream while I abort them because I cut their cords first


Assuming that female abortionist is sincere, does her false conscience absolve her of deliberate murdering a developing baby (or, better yet, a "slew (sic) of babies")? I believe the answer is negative, because she refuses to assent to immutable declared truths of the Faith. From her testimony she maintains her opponents are guilty of "blind hatred and ignorance." --- ignorance culpable, to boot, to her way of thinking.




MHFM: Your comment here is horrible.  First, you should not describe a baby killer as 'sincere'.  Second, you ask whether her conscience absolves her of deliberately murdering babies (as if there is some legitimate question about this), and you say: "I believe the answer is negative."  But there's no doubt that she's guilty.  So why would you present it as if it's an open question?  Further, you say that her failure to assent to revealed truths indicates that she's not absolved by her 'conscience', as if she might be absolved if she did assent to revealed truths.  But that's wrong.  Even if she did accept truths of faith, she would obviously still be guilty of mortal sin for aborting children.  Your terrible statement implies that it's possible to participate in abortions and not be guilty.  If you are the person who was inclined to defend the heretical SSPX, that would explain your post.  We would not be surprised if you believe that souls can be saved in false religions, as that heretical group does.




Dear Brothers:


Lou's comment got me thinking about the Woes men will endure because they, like Satan, despised God's truth.  All of nature will rise up to convict the pagan (ancient and modern)  because all of nature speaks of the Majesty of God the Creator.  The Old Testament Scriptures will convict the Jews, because those same Scriptures -- which the Apostate Jews knew by heart --spoke with crystal clarity about God the Redeemer and the spiritual kingdom, the Catholic Church, which He would establish on earth.  The true popes of history will rise up to convict those schismatics who imagine they can create their false religions by denying the infallible papacy instituted by Christ.  The New Testament will convict those Protestants -- with their legions of man-made sects and man-made doctrines -- because the New Testament proves the very Kingdom of God that these so-called "Bible Christians" reject.  And as for the false traditionalists and other apostate "Catholics" of these last days?    All of the... missionaries will convict them, because they spent their lives bringing the true religion all over the world.   And perhaps most especially of all,  the martyrs of the faith will convict these false Catholics, because they gave their lives rather than accept even just one of the hundreds of heresies and abominations that the adherents of the Vatican 2 Sect accept.


Woe indeed.


Lee Ann




Antipope Francis Teaches That Judas May Not Be In Hell


Jesus’ words in reference to Judas were ever so clear and yet antipope Francis is teaching absolute error and a denial of what Jesus actually said. It is truly astounding that this non-catholic wolf in sheep's clothing is fooling his blind congregation... this end time church. Woe to the man who denies the true teachings of the Son of Man!


Lou Nansen


A Moment Of Conversion


Subject: A Moment Of Conversion


Dear Most Holy Family Monastery,


My name is Cory Tesch. I hail from Minnesota. Currently I am attending St. John's University in Minnesota (a place filled with modernism). I am ready to rid myself of the falsehoods of the Vatican 2 sect. I am ready to accept the Catholic Faith in its entirety. 


For at least five years your message has grabbed my attention, I can no longer reject the truth…


Sincerely, Cory.




Hello Brothers,


I have been reading and watching your videos. I agree on everything you present. I have found that over the past year I like solitude and keeping away from family and people. I have found that walking and praying in a Forest preserve in my area very relaxing. I reflect on my past actions and my future…








… I was recently reintroduced to some of your reading material by a colleague of mine. We discussed some of your main points about Vatican II and the anti-popes…


I was born and baptized in 1962. My First Communion was in 1970 and Confirmation in 1978…


So, my questions are thus:


1. Does a firm foundation in Vatican I teachings bode well for a person?...


May God continue to richly bless you,


Robert Carpenter


MHFM: Hello.  A firm foundation in the dogmas and traditional teachings in general (not just Vatican I) is crucial in preserving the faith and rejecting false doctrines.  This is especially true of the salvation dogma (which is covered in our book and articles on the topic) and the dogmas that concern the unity of the Church and rejecting heretics.  This is an important file: The Glossary of Terms and Principles.  We also recommend that Catholics pray 15 decades of the Rosary each day and the Hail Mary frequently.




Antipope Francis’ Notable Heresies and Apostasy from January 2018


This thoroughly satanic anti-Catholic, imposter anti-pope, is an ultra-apostate thousands of times over. With fanaticism he continually practices formal idolatry (total open apostasy from the true Faith) by respecting, praising, promoting or joining the worship of the false gods and false religions. He attacks Catholic Faith and practice with ferocity...