The Holocaust Hoax and Propaganda

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Facts which contradict the official “Holocaust” story

-The propaganda hoax which has been so effectively used to cement Jewish power and influence in the world, and to silence any questioning of Jewish activities, support for Israel or a Jewish agenda-

INTRODUCTORY NOTE: Let us preface this by saying that we are not “anti-Semitic” and we desire the conversion and eternal happiness of all Jews. We condemn all forms of racism, etc. As Catholics, we also hold firmly that no Jew (or any other non-Catholic) can be saved without baptism and the Catholic faith; and we work to expose Jewish domination and evil Jewish enterprises in the world, which (one must say) constitute the main power of the secular conspiracy. That being made clear, there are some interesting facts about the Holocaust which we’d like to share with our readers. This is relevant to how a Catholic should consider many events in the world today and in recent history.

This file will contain three things:1) quick discussions of facts which contradict the official “Holocaust story” (as well as interesting video and audio links); 2) news links which show how the Holocaust hoax has become the super-dogma of the nations; 3) comments and discussion from readers about this issue. Combined with the control and influence of the Jews, the Holocaust hoax has effectively created a world-wide ambience in which even supposed Catholics and Christians are terrified at the thought of offending Jews or questioning their beliefs.

It’s illegal in at least 14 countries to deny the official “Holocaust” story. Holocaust denial is illegal in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland. Think about that for a moment, and then ask yourself who is really in power. It’s illegal to question the official story of the “Holocaust,” even though it’s perfectly legal in those countries to deny the Divinity and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. That means that those countries are truly Jewish states, for their laws uphold and imprison those who deny beliefs dear to Jews, but not to people of other religions.

Amazing Book Reveals The Buried Truth About “The Holocaust”

22 minute video: “Six million Jews” placed in newspapers decades before Hitler and World War II

10 minute video: American gas chamber expert puts forward the forensic evidence against “The Holocaust”

A Jew debunks the Auschwitz “Gas Chamber,” the official Holocaust Story, and many other aspects of the Holocaust

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz, by David Cole – Part 1 [30 min.]

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz, by David Cole – Part 2 [30 min.]

Video: “Holocaust” Debunked

This is a very interesting video debunking the official Jewish version of the “Holocaust” (10 minutes each part). It was done by a person named Mark Weber. (We do not necessarily endorse any of his other views, just the facts he brings out refuting the official “Holocaust” story.) There are some very important points raised in this presentation. It’s important for people to stick with this especially until the 7-minute mark (starting about 7:20 to be exact) because that’s when he gets into how the official story has changed.

Among the important points covered in this presentation are: -how it was officially claimed and supposedly proved at Nuremberg (and “verified” by governments) that there were gassings of Jews at camps in Germany proper, such as Dachau. That is now completely rejected by everyone. Now it is only claimed that there were gassings at six camps in what is now Poland. (The only reason that people still claim gassings at those camps in Poland is because those camps came under Soviet control after the war and couldn’t be investigated by the West.) As this individual points out, the “evidence” for the so-called gassings at the camps in Poland is neither qualitatively different nor more abundant than the already discredited and rejected “evidence” for gassings at camps in Germany proper (which no one believes).

-He covers and refutes the so-called confession of Rudolph Hoess and many other important points, including how it was officially claimed at Nuremberg that Jews were steamed to death in steam chambers (a lie which no one, including the Jewish “Holocaust” community, now believes). Part 4, which is not linked to here, contains the final few minutes of his presentation.


Anyway, the official Jewish Holocaust dogma (which people can be jailed for denying in many countries) is that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during World War II. The official story also declared that about 4 million of those 6 million were murdered at the Auschwitz camp in Poland.

Here’s the plaque which was displayed at Auschwitz for many years to commemorate the supposedly 4 million who died there. The claim that 4 million died at Auschwitz was part of official Holocaust dogma for decades.

Auschwitz figure officially decreased from 4 million to 1.1 million


In 1990, however, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Israel and the Auschwitz Holocaust Museum decided that they would come out and publicly admit that 4 million did not die at Auschwitz. They officially revised the total to about 1.1 million. That’s quite a revision, isn’t it? Here’s the new plaque, which was put up at Auschwitz after 1990. It says that 1.5 million died there (apparently they rounded the 1.1 million figure up to 1.5 million).

The Holocaust Hoax

Since 4 million of the 6 million supposedly came from Auschwitz, and now even the Holocaust museums have decreased the Auschwitz death totals by about 3 million, we would say that’s problematic for the idea that 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, wouldn’t you?

4 million decreased to 1.1 million eliminates 2.9 million

6 million – 2.9 million = 3.1 million (that’s if you accept every other part of the story)

Therefore, the revised total would have to be (even if one assumed, for the sake of argument, that everything else they claim is true) about 3 million, not 6 million. But the official story remains unchanged and binding upon nations: 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

This is not to suggest that we believe that 3 million Jews were murdered in what is called the Holocaust. It is simply to refute the official story from official Jewish sources and to point out how this outrageous piece of propaganda is being spread and used. There are many other points to be raised on this matter, and we will be raising them in the future.

The Bishop Williamson Interview

This is the 5-minute interview which has created so much controversy recently. While we are glad that he spoke out against the Holocaust Hoax, we obviously do not agree with all of his theological positions, as our file on the Society of St. Pius X explains.

Treblinka was not an extermination camp

Here’s a 3-minute video clip on why Treblinka (one of the supposed extermination camps) was not an extermination camp.

Another “Holocaust” story now an admitted hoax

“A heartwarming Holocaust memoir that is to become a big-budget film has been exposed as a hoax by a Jewish survivor in Britain only weeks before it was due to be published.”

Not surprisingly, this story had been aggressively promoted by the major media for a long time. A major book, a motion picture and even a children’s book were all based on it! “The two had told their love story for years and years, inspiring a book deal, an upcoming movie, and stories across the globe on television, in papers and on the Internet. A children’s book, “Angel Girl,” was also based on their love story.”

Author of best-selling “Holocaust” survival-story admits whole thing was made up

“Defonseca, a Belgian writer now living in Massachusetts, admitted through her lawyers this week that her best-selling book, “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years,” was an elaborate fantasy she kept repeating, even as the book was translated into 18 languages and made into a feature film in France.”

The article also mentions that the woman only came forward with the truth (that her story was a lie) when researchers began to pile pieces of evidence together which didn’t seem to fit with the account. In other words, if they hadn’t scrutinized the story the lie might not have been uncovered at all. Perhaps now we know why Jewish groups have applied such pressure that even questioning the official “Holocaust” story is now a crime in much of the world. “Holocaust denial” is now a crime in 14 countries, as we have documented in our: Jewish Power and Control Watch. Researchers say that the popular figure of six million is every bit the hoax that this woman’s story turned out to be.

French chemical engineer sentenced to prison for “denying the Holocaust”

Description: Description: C:\Users\mhfm\Desktop\Vote_Fraud\News_Commentary_pictures\holocaust_prisoner.jpg

“Vincent Reynouard, 38-year-old French chemical engineer, shown above, was sentenced in a Paris courtroom to one year in prison and fined 10,000 euros ($14,600) for ‘denying the Holocaust’ in his 16-page pamphlet printed in 2005 entitled: Holocaust? The Hidden Facts. It is the heaviest sentence handed down to date for Holocaust denial in France.” (The American Free Press, Washington DC, Dec. 24, 2007, p. 2.)

Austrian gets 6 1/2 yrs. for “denying Holocaust”

KY “Holocaust” education bill signed into law

This has been added to our: Jewish Power and Control Watch.

Italy about to outlaw Holocaust denial and send violaters to prison – Jewish power watch

This is scary. The Jewish version of history (essentially an article of faith in their false religion) is becoming the law in country after country. Under the new law it will be a four year prison sentence to deny the Holocaust in Italy! Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium already have similar laws. And if their control in America continues, it will soon be a crime to deny the Holocaust here, too. The union of Synagogue and State is slowly spreading around the globe. The article also has a link to another article which mentions that the UN is denouncing Holocaust denial and screening films about it. This has been added to our Jewish Power and Control Watch. The fact that the union of Synagogue and State is occurring now in Italy – which was once the heart of Christendom – is a major sign of how short the time is and where we are in history.

Apostate Vatican speaks out on Iran’s Holocaust Conference

Isn’t it interesting that the apostate Vatican immediately speaks out in defense of the Jewish view of the “Holocaust,” but does nothing about pro-abortion politicians receiving “Communion”? That’s quite telling.

Related: check out our new feature (which we will update from time to time) called Jewish Power and Control Watch. We have three new updates.

Did you know that the U.S. State Department has an Office of Global “Anti-Semitism?” to keep track of “Holocaust denial”!

This is an actual office of the state department – the U.S. government – to officially oppose “global anti-Semitism”! The Jew Gregg Rickman was sworn in by Condoleezza Rice. This is a union of Synagogue and State. This is a total outrage, and very revealing about the full scope of Jewish control. It is to, in effect, make Judaism a religion that is specially protected by our government – which is a violation of the constitution.

“Several years ago the State Department claimed it already adequately monitored global human rights abuses and promoted Holocaust remembrance. Yet Jewish lobbyists persuaded Congress 18 months ago to create a special federal agency dedicated solely to silencing “virulent criticism” of Israel and matters Jewish or questioning the six million figure of alleged Holocaust victims.”

Jews have already succeeded in Germany and other countries in making it an actual crime to deny the Jewish “Holocaust.” We’re heading in that direction. The union of Synagogue and State is here.

Jewish Power – Man gets 3 years for denying “Holocaust”

Documented Deaths



TOTAL                              296,081

AUSCHWITZ                  60,056

BERGEN-BELSEN        6,853

BUCHENWALD            20,687

DACHAU                        18,456

FLOSSENBURG            18,334

GROSS-ROSEN            10,951

MAJDANEK                  8,831

MAUTHAUSEN            78,859

MITTELBAU                  7,468

NATZWEILER               4,431

NEUENGAMME            5,785

RAVENSBRUCK            3,639


STUTTHOF                     12,634


OTHER CAMPS            4,704


MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail, and for quoting all the specific data. We were familiar with the Red Cross angle to the issue, but it’s good to have the specifics here.

SSPX Bishop feels compelled to apologize for expressing his opinion on the Holocaust


Here is an article on the SSPX and its bishop’s “apology” for his “holocaust” remarks. I had a feeling this was coming.



MHFM: Thanks for the e-mail. That’s really terrible and pathetic. He apologizes for the distress that he has caused the arch-apostate Antipope Benedict XVI! This shows us again what we already knew: that Williamson is a total heretic. Moreover, notice how almost everyone is terrified of displeasing the Jews! This is sickening. Williamson obviously believes what he said, but he’s apologizing for it simply because of the reaction it caused. He doesn’t have the fortitude to even stand up for what he thinks. The Jews are intimidating almost everyone into submission. It’s really pathetic. Basically, what the SSPX is doing is consenting to the idea that the Jewish version of the Holocaust is a super-dogma that everyone must believe under pain of being ridiculed and despised, if not jailed. And apostate evil “Catholics” assist them in creating a world of Jewish supremacy.

John 7:13- “Yet no man spoke openly of him, for fear of the Jews.”

Israeli Jews welcome Benedict XVI’s words imposing “Holocaust dogma”

Anti-Pope Benedict XVI on “Holocaust”

“Benedict XVI’s strong stand against denying the Holocaust was welcomed Wednesday by the highest Jewish authority in Israeli, which had threatened to sever ties indefinitely with the Vatican. The Chief Rabbinate’s action was in protest to the pope’s decision to lift the excommunication for a traditionalist bishop who denied the existence of the Holocaust.

“Speaking at his Wednesday audience, Benedict reiterated his full support for his ”Jewish brothers” and said the Holocaust must not be denied because ”the memory of the Shoah regenerates our humanity and helps us reflect on the unexpected power which evil can exert on the hearts of man”. The importance of the Shoah, the German-born Benedict XVI added, ”cannot be denied nor diminished because violence committed against even one man is violence against all men”.

According to Antipope Benedict XVI, the Jewish version of the Holocaust cannot be denied, but Protestants don’t have to accept Vatican I or the Council of Trent; and Jews don’t have to accept Jesus Christ. That’s quite revealing. Benedict XVI has strong words for “Holocaust” denial, but does nothing about pro-abortion “Catholic” figures who promote abortion and contraception or other forms of immorality.

Outrage: SSPX silences bishop for questioning “Holocaust”

SSPX silences bishop for questioning “Holocaust”

The heretical Bishop Bernard Fellay of the SSPX who has silenced a member of his group because he dared to offend the Jews

This is truly outrageous. The control and influence of the Jews has created a world-wide ambience in which even supposed Catholics and Christians are terrified at the thought of offending Jews or questioning their beliefs. The official story of the Holocaust is refuted even by Jewish sources, as we’ve discussed. But even if one isn’t convinced on that point, certainly inquiry and divergent opinions in this area are acceptable for a Catholic. But no… the heretical leadership of the SSPX is so ashamed of offending the Jews that they feel obliged to silence a bishop of their society for simply expressing his opinion on the matter. Think about this! In so doing, they have essentially elevated belief in the Jewish version of the Holocaust to the status of a dogma which one cannot question.

If we continue on this path, in just a short time it will probably be illegal basically everywhere to question anything the Jews do or believe. If this comes to pass, it will be, in large part, as a result of weak and phony “Christians,” as well as the machinations of those who wield Jewish power and influence. Here’s a headline which captures where we are headed: “Holocaust denial violates Catholic teaching”

“Bishop Bernard Fellay… said that he had disciplined the bishop who made the statement, British-born Richard Williamson, and ordered him not to speak out again on any political or historical issues. Williamson’s remarks on the Holocaust, most recently on Swedish TV last week, provoked widespread criticism by Jews who said he had wiped out nearly half a century of dialogue with Catholics.”

A big reason for this outrageous action is the vanity of Bishop Fellay of the SSPX. Not only is Fellay a horrible heretic (as our section on the SSPX covers), but he is consumed with vanity. He is consumed with being a world-wide and well-known figure whose name is in the news. He is consumed with being considered respectable and a “big deal” by the media. That’s why he cows to the Jews and cannot handle the criticism which has come to his group as a result of these statements. He wants to remain “mainstream” and not appear radical. He is an abomination and a phony.

Abe Foxman says “Holocaust” was assault on God Himself – thus, according to him, the Jews = God

As an example of how the “Holocaust” is now replacing the Crucifixion as the central event of history, the Jew Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League wrote this:

Abraham Foxman, ADL on the Frontline, January 1994 Issue: “The Holocaust is something different. It is a singular event. It is not simply one example of genocide but a near successful attempt on the life of God’s chosen children and thus, on God Himself. It is an event that is the antithesis of Creation as recorded in the Bible; and like its direct opposite, which is relived weekly with the Sabbath and yearly with Torah, it must be remembered from generation to generation.”

He says that the “Holocaust” is an attack on God Himself. What was the Crucifixion? It was an attack on God Himself. This is the replacement of Christ with the Jews.


Dear Brothers,

Regarding the Holocaust body count; In Roger Garaudy’s book, “The Founding Myths of Modern Israel,” he indicated that the Dachau camp had to publically state that there were no gas chambers. This admission coming after decades of parading school children and tourists through the camp expounding on the “horrors of the gas chambers,” and that every city had a crematorium, which obviously had to have ovens to burn the remains of the bodies. That is what crematoriums are for. The number 6 million is roughly the amount of German p.o.w.s who were starved by the American, French, British and Russian governments. This charade must be kept up by the Jewish power elite, as it covers their near-genocidal crimes against God & humanity… and keeps people off balance in general, even today…



MHFM: Yes, you bring up a very good point about the Dachau camp. In fact, in 1945 it was part of the official Holocaust story that there were 22 camps that had gas chambers. Sometime later that was completely abandoned and only six of those 22 camps were claimed to have had gas chambers. 16 of the camps had been eliminated because those camps were able to be investigated.

“Holocaust” represents replacement of Crucifixion as central event of history

A real missed opportunity here. I never hear anyone talking about the real “holocaust” (or shall we say “plight”) of the Jews. I saw pictures of Jews during WW2 – obviously distressed, whether they were gassed or not, and the idea crossed my mind how horrible was their situation, because when they die, they go to hell, and suffer even worse than death on earth for rejecting God. It is hard to even fathom the pain of the rejection of hell. There are no public museums or mandatory education regarding this, but it is far more important than even the worst estimates of suffering of the Jews during WWII.

Also, if Williamson had said the sky was not blue (or was blue), would a Pope say that he can not be in the Church? What does one’s ideas about the Jewish “holocaust” have to do with whether one is a Catholic or not? Yet, the Vatican says Ratzinger said that he would not have “lifted” the “excommunications” (as if he had the power to do so) if he had known of Williamson’s views. If people cannot see that the Vatican and Ratzinger are not Catholic after this, how will they ever?

Also, it is not right for Catholics to accept any non-Catholic holocaust. The only real holocaust is Jesus Christ. All others are counterfeit and should be denied as holocausts. A real holocaust is a sacrifice to God. What did any Jewish suffering during WWII have to do with making a sacrifice to God. Only a Catholic can do that. Even if 6, or 60 million Jews were killed by Nazis, that is not a holocaust. As to how many Jews died at the hands of the Nazis, I am not sure – the research the media hates seems credible, but if I did truly believe that 6 million Jews died, I would still be a Jewish holocaust denier, because I am a Catholic, and Catholics do not believe that people outside of the Catholic faith can be any kind of pleasing sacrifice or holocaust to God.


MHFM: Yes, that’s the real evil here: these Jews are dying without Christ and going to Hell. They are headed for a far worse fate than anything here on Earth. But the Vatican II sect doesn’t preach or believe that, of course, which demonstrates how evil and uncharitable they are to the Jews they purport to please and serve.

Everything has been inverted. The Vatican II sect teaches that the greatest crime in history (the Crucifixion) can be denied by Jews, but no one can deny what the Jews claim to be the greatest crime in history (the fictitious mass murder of 6 million of them). The Vatican II sect teaches that the truths delivered by the crucified and resurrected Lord can be denied, but the truths delivered and made up by the Jews must be believed. We will have more comments on this. But what we are seeing is, no doubt, the “Holocaust” of the Jews replacing the Crucifixion and Resurrection as the central event in history. The Crucifixion and Resurrection (the central event in history) was once protected by the European nations, but now the “Holocaust” is protected by the European nations and cannot be denied. It is the replacement of Christ with the denial of Jesus as the Christ: the replacement of Christ with antichrist, and so many “Catholics” are worshipping it and defending it.

“Church” of the world revealed right before our eyes by imposition of “Holocaust” dogma

MHFM: With Benedict XVI’s recent imposition of faith in the “Holocaust” on those who would be part of his “Church,” we are witnessing something very interesting indeed. God is really making it so clear – for anyone with eyes to see – that the Vatican II Church is not the Church of God, but the “Church” of the world. Indeed, God has arranged and allowed this latest episode in such a way that it both completely mocks the Vatican II sect (highlighting their inestimable hypocrisy) and serves to convict those who fail to denounce and condemn this sect. Scripture teaches us quite clearly that there is an opposition, an irreconcilable division, between the things of God and the things of the world.

James 4:4- “Whosoever therefore will be a friend of this world, becometh an enemy of God.”

John 15:18-19- “If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Now, the “Holocaust” dogma (i.e., the Jewish version of it) is, simply, put, the super-dogma of the world. It is imposed upon countries by force of law, even though the tenets of other religions are not favored by those countries. It is the one religious belief which countries which claim to favor no religion impose. To question it is to be ridiculed and despised by those in control of governments and the press, by those in control of “the world,” by those who savor the things of the world and being loved by the world.

Therefore, as the “Church” of the world, the Vatican II sect is following right along with the world, and necessarily imposing belief in the Jewish version of the “Holocaust” on those who would join its “Church” – lest it be ridiculed by the world and lose its status as the “Church” of the world. It will even exclude someone from its “Church” based on what the world says and thinks. This “Church” of the world binds people to this one issue (faith in the “Holocaust”), even though it happily tolerates all kinds of people who profess to be Catholic but deny true dogmas (e.g., hordes pro-abortion politicians; “Cardinal” Kasper; etc. ad nauseam.) In other words, this “Church” of the world tolerates the denial of true dogmas OF GOD, but will not tolerate the denial of the one dogma of THE WORLD.

Since it is the “Church” of the world, it cannot, of course, be the Catholic Church; for the Catholic Church is the true Church OF GOD. It is, rather, the Counter Church of the last days. If this episode does not make it plain to a person that the Vatican II Church is not Catholic and that Benedict XVI is totally evil, heretical and hypocritical, then that person is extremely blind indeed. The SSPX has also now fully revealed itself to be a part of the “Church” of the world, and not the Church of God, by imposing belief in the dogma of the world on those who would belong to its group.

This file will be expanded as time permits…