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Richard Dawkins acknowledges Intelligent Design (5 minute video)

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This is a very interesting 5-minute video clip from the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed by Ben Stein. We recommend this interesting documentary. In this short clip, we see that Richard Dawkins, the notorious atheist and promoter of evolution, admits that scientific evidence could suggest intelligent design. However, Dawkins says that the evidences of design might have come from some “evolved” alien civilization which did the designing. Okay, so the evidence might show intelligent design, according to Dawkins, as long one doesn’t think that God is the designer… very interesting. This is quite an admission by the notorious atheist.

Despite his learning and his pretension to intellectual sophistication, Richard Dawkins is actually a wicked fool (see Psalm 52:1). In one simple five-minute interview, his arguments against the existence of God (the Intelligent Designer) crumble as he contradicts himself. Sadly, this reminds us of some in the traditionalist movement. Like Dawkins (though perhaps not to the same decree), they savor the things of intellectual pride rather than the truth. Examples of this would be credentialists and pedants. As a result, God blinds them to the simple truths; and, in the final analysis, they are actually dumb like Dawkins. Just as Dawkins is so sophisticated, yet so dumb that he cannot figure out that God exists – and he completely contradicts himself in making his arguments – these people cannot see that Benedict XVI is not Catholic or the simple truths on salvation or on some other issue; for they savor the things of intellectual pride and not the things of God.

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