Why would you say that “Fr.” Gruner is a schismatic?

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Why would you say that “Fr.” Gruner is a schismatic?

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By Bro. Peter Dimond, O.S.B.

Why would you say that Fr. Gruner is a schismatic? Just wondering. I think he is a good Priest.


First of all, it should be pointed out that “Fr.” Gruner was ordained in 1976, after Paul VI’s dubious New Rite of Ordination was introduced.  Nicholas Gruner’s good friend, “Fr.” Paul Leonard Kramer, told me himself that he, Nicholas Gruner and “Fr.” Gregory Hesse were all ordained in the New Rite.  Thus, none of them can be considered valid priests.

Regarding why Nicholas Gruner is a schismatic, it’s very simple.  Nicholas Gruner is not only a schismatic, but a heretic and an apostate.  Gruner knows that Joseph Ratzinger, Antipope Benedict XVI, signed the book which states that the Jews wait not in vain for the Messiah.  Yet, he holds a communion of faith with Ratzinger and accepts him as pope. (Remember, the Church is a communion of faith and government.)  Therefore, Nicholas Gruner holds communion and shares faith with those who deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.  Nicholas Gruner is an apostate.  His acceptance of the Vatican II apostates as Catholics proves that Nicholas Gruner has no faith whatsoever.  The same is true of all who are aware of Ratzinger’s total apostasy and still accept him as a Catholic.

Gruner also accepted Antipope John Paul II as a Catholic after seeing loads of his apostasy.  Gruner never once denounced him as a heretic, even though John Paul II promoted false religions, salvation outside the Church, and total apostasy again and again.  Nicholas Gruner is a phony apostate.

John Paul II also taught that we shouldn’t convert schismatics.  Nevertheless, Gruner accepted him as his fellow Catholic and leader.  This shows that Gruner is also a schismatic for holding communion with John Paul, who was a schismatic.  Gruner also had pictures of John Paul II in a positive way in his magazines for years and years, well after he was aware of John Paul II’s apostasy.  Don’t be deceived by the ostensible spirituality he claims to have or the spiritual truths he does emphasize.  The Devil uses people like this, who mix truth with error and give the appearance of ascetism, to lead people astray.  The heretic Arius – the originator of Arianism, which ravaged almost the entire Christian world – was effective in deceiving multitudes by his appearance of ascetism.  Arius effectively deceived large numbers of brides of Christ (female religious) by his appearance of asceticism and spirituality, and they became one of his most effective means of spreading his heresy. 

When a person mixes truth with apostasy or corrupts the truths of Christ, you know that his devotion is phony and insincere.  Nicholas Gruner is that kind of phony.  The truth is that he doesn’t have true devotion to Our Lady; if he did he would denounce apostates who deny that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and he would not accept them as Catholics.  He often cries in his talks.  Give me a break.  He can cry all he wants if he’s telling people the truth, thus showing that he really cares; but when he spills forth lies such as the following, he proves himself to be a big phony who is used by the Devil:

Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Crusader, Summer 2000, “The Third Secret Release Raises More Questions”: “However, I want to make something perfectly clear here and now. I absolutely do not suggest that the Holy Father [John Paul II] would deliberately and knowingly suppress some portion of the Third Secret of his own free will. There would have to be some other explanation.”

If there are two texts of the Third Secret of Fatima (we reject this idea, but this is what Nicholas Gruner claims) and John Paul II read both texts, as Gruner admits, then obviously John Paul II knew that the public was defrauded of the other text and John Paul II therefore lied to the public!  So what Gruner says here is simply wicked dishonesty.

Here’s another evil quote from Gruner’s publication.  In the quote, it is denied that John Paul II is without Catholic faith; in other words, The Fatima Crusader is asserting that he does have the Catholic faith.

“Fr.” Paul Kramer, in The Fatima Crusader, Winter 2004, p. 32: “The Secret of Fatima tells us, Our Lady tells us, the Mother of God reveals that the great apostasy in the Church will begin from there, from the Vatican.  We can therefore surmise, and it has been prophesied down through the ages by the saints, that eventually Rome will be taken over by an Anti-pope, who will be entirely without Catholic faith, entirely heretical, unlike the present occupant of the See of Peter, who in his heart wishes to preserve and save the Church, but in his intellect, behaves as if he were the Church’s worst enemy, by promoting the very things which will lead to the destruction of the Church.”

Rome will be taken over by an Anti-pope, who will be entirely without Catholic faith, entirely heretical…”  Hmmm?  Who could that possibly be?  Could it be the man who removes the crucifixes from Catholic churches and allows Voodoo high-priests to preach to the people?  Hmmm… could it be the man who declares that all men are saved and that the Holy Ghost is responsible for false religions of Satan?  Hmmm… the man who kisses the Koran and asks St. John the Baptist to protect Islam?  Could it be the man who praises Martin Luther, the United Nations and the Social Justice of Communist China?  How about the man who teaches that there are saints and martyrs in false religions, and that Holy Communion should be given to heretics?  How about the man who says that Masses are valid which have no words of Consecration?  Hmmm… the man who declares that Christianity is the deep amazement at each man and that man is the Christ, the Son of the Living God?  Could it possibly be the man who overturns the Council of Trent, gives donations and relics to non-Catholic sects, and prays with the Jews for the coming of the Messiah?

Do the people at The Fatima Crusader think that the Antipopes who will overtake Rome will carry signs saying: “I am a heretic!”  Do they think that they will announce to the people, “We are the satanic antipopes who are to come!”  Any sincere person aware of the facts can immediately recognize that Antipope John Paul II and Antipope Bendict XVI are “entirely without Catholic faith, entirely heretical…”  John Paul II denied the entire Catholic faith and approved of every false religion.  Ratzinger denies that Christ is the Messiah!  The statement by Paul Kramer in The Fatima Crusader, approved by Gruner, that Antipope John Paul II is not the heretical Antipope who is entirely without Catholic faith is evil.

Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Crusader, Summer 2000, “The Third Secret Release Raises More Questions”: “We are supposed to believe that if the Pope is told not to mention Russia in the Consecration, then the “Magisterium” has spoken, and no one may suggest that the advice given to the Pope is wrong.”

Gruner here is implying that it’s not John Paul II who was primarily responsible for the failure to Consecrate Russia, but rather it’s the people around him who are primarily responsible.  In my view, he clearly made this statement because he didn’t want to offend the Novus Ordo heretics on his mailing list who wouldn’t like it if he placed the blame squarely on Antipope John Paul II.

Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Crusader, Summer 2000, “The Third Secret Vision Explained”: [Regarding The Devil Draging Down the Clergy]:http://www.fatima.org/library/images/spacer.gif“Pope John Paul II goes further. He doesn’t suggest; he affirms it. So both Popes are pointing us to that chapter of the book of the Apocalypse of the Bible. Pope John Paul II goes further; it’s quite extraordinary what he says in his homily… He gives us a pointer. He quotes Chapter 12, verse 3 and 4, in which the verses he quotes is, “and the dragon,” meaning the devil, “drags down one third of the stars of Heaven.”

Nicholas Gruner, The Fatima Crusader, Summer 2000, “The Third Secret Raises More Questions”: “The Vatican Secretary of State clearly did not want to risk embarrassing Mr. Gorbachev, promoter of abortion around the world. It would spoil the illusion that we have entered the post-Fatima era of peace and brotherhood if some Catholic journalist were to stand up and make note of the fact that Gorbachev personifies the very culture of death the Pope has spent the past 20 years condemning.”

One “traditionalist” priest once correctly described The Fatima Crusader magazine as an evil mélange (mixture) of truth with error.  Yes indeed, The Fatima Crusader is an evil mélange of truth with error.  In one part of the magazine it correctly labels the apostasy at the Fatima Shrine as an “abomination,” while in the same issue it has two pictures of John Paul II, a quote from him on the Rosary, and tells us to “Follow his directive…” (p. 23).  So, while they declare the event in Fatima an “abomination,” and even “the abomination of desolation,” they promote in a positive light the man who is ultimately responsible for this abomination and whose interreligious actions of a similar nature at Assisi form the very basis and justification for the “abomination of desolation” in Fatima.  Thus, The Fatima Crusader mixes Our Lady of Fatima with apostasy; it condemns the abomination in Fatima while it promotes again and again the man ultimately responsible for it (Antipope John Paul II).  It finally mentions John Paul II as teaching a “heresy” in Winter 2004, while in the same issue it declares that John Paul II is not the heretical antipope who is entirely without Catholic faith.  It lures its readers in by some beautiful truth on spiritual matters and Our Lady, while at the same time it leads them right back to the very sources of the apostasy.

Nicholas Gruner is not a Catholic.  He’s in communion with the apostate Vatican II sect, which denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.  He’s loyal to Antipope Benedict XVI, who denies that Jesus Christ is the Messiah.  Gruner is an apostate; one really doesn’t need to say more.  Of course, no Catholic could donate a penny to him or his heretical magazine, The Fatima Crusader.

In addition to his deadly mixture of truth with error, one of the ways by which “Fr.” Gruner’s apostolate has become so influential is by propaganda.  Here are some of the things that you can find on the website of his apostolate: His website (Fatima.org) calls his magazine “Our Lady’s magazine.”  It states: “Click here to read more about Our Lady’s magazine…”!  Boy, who would want to disagree with or not support “Our Lady’s magazine” – the magazine of Our Lady herself!

He calls his Book Service “Our Lady’s Book Service”!  Wow, we wish we could have the privilege of being “Our Lady’s Book Service.”  He calls his radio program “Our Lady’s Radio Program”!  And – yes, you guessed it – he calls his Apostolate, not just a Fatima Apostolate, but “Our Lady’s Apostolate”!  His website states: “Shortly following the formation of Our Lady’s Apostolate, Father Gruner began publishing the Fatima Crusader magazine. In 1980, Pope John Paul II directly encouraged Father Gruner in his Fatima work and the periodical has grown…”

Wow, he must be some “priest” to run “Our Lady’s Apostolate” – the Apostolate of Our Lady herself! – as well as her Radio Program, her magazine and her Book Service.  Does anyone fail to see how presumptuous – and arguably blasphemous – this is?  Oh, never mind… it’s okay… I almost forgot… Gruner is, according to his Apostolate (i.e. “Our Lady’s” Apostolate), “the Fatima Priest”!

In truth, this is simply propaganda from a false prophet, and that is why “Fr.” Gruner has had such an influence on what people think about Fatima and the present situation.  Propaganda is defined as “…organized scheme, for propagation of a doctrine or practice.”  To dub almost every aspect of his apostolate “Our Lady’s” is an organized scheme on the part of his apostolate to build itself up as the voice of Our Lady herself.

Besides being wickedly presumptuous, this propaganda brainwashes people just like the propaganda from the mainstream media.  When they hear this stuff over and over – this is “Our Lady’s apostolate” and “Our Lady’s magazine” and “Our Lady’s Book Service” – they are often brainwashed to follow everything he says on Fatima, support him vigorously (for who wouldn’t want to support Our Lady?) or consider Gruner to be Our Lady’s personal representative.  Since people are so gullible, it has been a major factor in how big his apostolate has become.  That is why his apostolate continues to use this type of propaganda so often.  It’s why so many have been brainwashed not to consider anything on this issue that doesn’t conform to “Fr.” Gruner’s views.

By the way, Gruner stated in one of his letters that he wants to send the book “Fatima Priest” (which is the story of his life) to every “bishop” in the world!  What a complete waste.  The book Fatima Priest, which is replete with pictures of Gruner from throughout his life including as a baby, which is basically all about him and what a hero he supposedly is, has been translated into various languages to spread the “Good News” of Nicholas Gruner around the world.

All of this explains why Gruner consistently promoted pictures of Antipope John Paul II in his magazine for years (in a positive light) after he was aware of John Paul II’s apostasy.  For Gruner, it wasn’t about telling people the truth; it was about keeping himself popular and seen as a hero with a somewhat mainstream “Catholic” audience – by promoting John Paul II and Fatima at the same time.  Only a very wicked man would not have denounced John Paul II once he became aware of his apostasy, and that’s exactly what Nicholas Gruner is.


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