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More Outrageous Heresies spread on EWTN

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EWTN says that the Church has never taught that non-Catholics cannot be saved

[from 10/28/05]

Good morning,

Turned on EWTN this morning. I find myself occasionally viewing the Novus Ordo service during this my decision process, i.e., what to do (relative to my Catholic Faith). I heard the “main celebrant” Fr. Francis state: ‘…the Church never said other Christians will not receive salvation…those that say this are liars or misinformed…the Catholic Church is like a five course meal, if you want the whole meal, come to the Church..’

The day’s homily is available online (I think next day). Perhaps you can use this statement, after you verify, as your “Heresy of the Week”. This “doctrine” has gone, realtime, to untold numbers. If not included as a “Heresy” installment – send the poor fellow a copy of your “No Salvation” book…

MHFM: Thank you for your e-mail.  That’s quite a heresy.  I wonder if any of the EWTN supporters who heard or watched the sermon ever deeply considered its implications: what it means about their presence at church, their entire effort to attend “Mass,” etc.  I wonder if it hit any of them that this means that being a Catholic, praying the Rosary, going to Confession, etc. is pointless.

We certainly hope for the conversion of “Fr.” Francis, but we must say that he is too blinded by his apostasy to realize his foolishness.  He is too blinded to realize that he holds that his own “priesthood” – the entire EWTN Network – is a complete waste of time.  If you believe what EWTN and “Fr.” Francis do, you would have to be a complete idiot to be Catholic. You could just head down to the local Lutheran church, confess your faith in Jesus as Lord, and head on your way.

So don’t be fooled by externals.  Heretics have always had externals to one degree or another.  Don’t be fooled by those who claim to have some attachment to the Catholic faith, Our Lord, Our Lady or the Saints, but reject a dogma.  Unless they accept the entire truth, they are phonies.  “Fr.” Francis sometimes speaks of bringing the young to Christ on his show “Life on the Rock.”  Sounds great and devoted, doesn’t it?  But then he publicly commented on, and praised, Benedict XVI’s Christ-denying visit to the Synagogue and his endorsement of the Jewish religion.  He speaks of bringing the young to Christ when he believes that Christ is meaningless.

Your e-mail shows us again that phonies mix an attachment to some things Catholic with a rejection of its truth.  They act as if they are devoted to God, and surely say some good and conservative things, but they are abominations in God’s sight.


Since we’re speaking of phonies, mention must be made of “Fr.” John Corapi.  Those who have seen him know that Corapi gives talks as if he is devoted to Our Lord and the Catholic Faith – “thundering” against sin and defending the Eucharist in his melodramatic fashion.  He is an utter phony, for he holds that it is all meaningless.  He holds that you can be a Protestant who completely rejects Our Lady, the Papacy and the Eucharist, or even a Jew who completely rejects Christ.

They are like “whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.  [They] outwardly appear righteous to men, but within are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.” (Matthew 23:28)

We actually called “Fr.” Corapi’s secretary once, and asked her: “Is it necessary to be a Catholic to be saved?”  She responded with the blunt answer: “No.”  We then said, “they why be a Catholic?”  She said: “Because it is the fullness of truth.”  We said: “But it’s not necessary.”  She agreed.  Behold the emptiness, the stupidity and the evil of the Vatican II religion.

Mother Angelica says the dogma that you have to be Catholic to be saved is actually heresy

FYI – While flipping through the channel lineup on TV this morning, I came across Mother Angelica Live on EWTN.  If anyone ever needs evidence that proves she believes in Universal Salvation, you can find her speaking about it from the May 16, 2000 episode, which came on as a rerun.  She firmly and deceivingly claims that it is the teaching of the Church and supports this heresy whole-heartedly.



Relative to your most recent radio broadcast (Dolan’s discussion of Father Feeney and the dogma of No Salvation):

I view EWTN periodically with the intent of having specific cases to use in discussion with various people trying to hold tight to a belief because EWTN said it was so and they can’t be wrong (I also use your material which is far more insightful than anything I am capable of doing).


Friday 7/6/07; re-broadcast of “Mother Angelica Live” from the year 2000

The last caller of the program asked, ‘Will people of other religions lose their souls if they do not eat the Body of Christ?’

“Mother” Angelica answered:

“God judges by your light.”

She quotes Luke 12:47,48: She says, ‘There is a passage in Luke 12 where it speaks of the servant who knows what his master wants, he will receive many stripes but the one who does not know but deserves to be beaten will receive less.’ ‘You see, if you don’t know, how can you be held …’

And then she wraps everything around her next statement, ‘There was a heresy a few years back that you had to be Catholic to go to Heaven. The Church does not teach that.  All people are saved by the merits of Jesus through the Church.’

She continues, ‘Nobody has told them, back to your question (the caller asking about the Eucharist). We will be judged only by what they have been told and the graces we have.’

Some additional paraphrases: The degree (of grace?) given to priests, religious, and bishops means that more is expected of them.

There are other people we must save – Jesus and the Church want all people to go to heaven My judgment will be different than others because I am religious and more is expected. You have light and knowledge by what you have been told – to whom is given a great deal much is expected, but, if you haven’t been given a great deal …


This was a carbon-copy of the many examples of heresy you have provided to Catholics pertaining to the deceit or ill-will or ignorance that people in leadership positions (as with Dolan) pass-off as authentically Catholic. Makes me recall a number of years ago how I yearned for my cable company to provide EWTN so that I would have access to true Catholic teaching – THANK YOU – for opening my eyes to the many angles the counter-church uses to subvert Catholic Teaching and Tradition.

Regarding the scripture passage from Luke – the Haydock commentary provides: “Shall be beaten with few stripes. Ignorance, when it proceeds from a person’s own fault, doth not excuse, but only diminsheth the fault”  That is quite different from the interpretation “Mother” offered.


MHFM:  That’s quite a heresy.  The fact that Mother Angelica called the seven-times defined dogma of the faith (i.e. Outside the Church There is No Salvation) a heresy and said that the Church “does not teach that” is so heretical that it’s difficult to find the words to describe how bad it is.  It further proves that she is outside the Church, that she is a false prophet, that her network is not remotely Catholic.  Despite some truth, it’s a vehicle of the Devil to lead conservative-minded individuals into the Counter Church he has constructed.


It’s also interesting to note that her programs are typically so lacking in substance, so worthless, so boring, so focused on trivial matters or making her audience laugh at unimportant things, that they are, in our view, pathetic.  This is not to suggest that laughing at unimportant things is wrong, but if it provides the bulk or a large portion of one’s message to the people then there’s a big problem.  Her programs are usually worthless because they are the products of a dead soul.  What’s amazing is that so many people have remained glued to them (and thus frozen in the Conciliar Church) rather than losing interest in her lifeless message, and searching instead for things which provide more substance, more material relevant to the hard-hitting truths of God and the Catholic Faith.  It speaks to the sad fact of how few savor the truth and are attracted to what’s important.

Fr. Groeschel says on EWTN that there are non-Catholic saints, including Martin Luther King

Dear Dimond Brothers,

I just finished watching Sunday Night With Father Groeshel on EWTN.  His guest was a “priest” (forgot his name)  who is the postulator for the “canonization” of Cardinal Cooke.  A caller called in and asked if the Catholic Church would ever consider canonizing a non-Catholic such as Martin Luther King.  The “priest” replied that the person must be a Catholic for canonization but it doesn’t mean that there are not saints in other faiths!  Father Groeshel agreed with him and what Father Groeshel said next revealed his blatant apostasy.  He said that a good candidate for canonization is William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army!  A Protestant heretic!


MHFM: That’s quite a heresy.  It’s also what John Paul II taught in Ut Unum Sint.  If that doesn’t show someone that EWTN and similar groups are not Catholic, we don’t know what will.  Groeschel is an outrageous apostate; he’s almost at the level of history’s notorious Protestant “reformers.”  In addition to other astounding utterances of heresy, Groeschel has said that he “never bought” the Church’s teaching that it’s necessary for salvation to be Catholic.  The fact that EWTN continues to present Fr. Groeschel is abominable, but it’s not surprising.  They put him on because they agree with him.  Considering his beliefs, for them to put him out there to teach “the faith” is a major mortal sin.  It demonstrates that they are a network of apostasy, despite some of the true and interesting things they do.

EWTN’s program, Catholicism on Campus, teaches that Protestants and other non-Catholics are saved

[This post has significance even for those who are unfamiliar with EWTN, for it demonstrates what the Vatican II sect of Benedict XVI represents in the everyday lives of people.]

In EWTN’s program Catholicism on Campus, which aired on Feb. 23, host “Msgr.” Stuart Swetland fielded a number of questions on salvation from college students.  He was asked: is it necessary for salvation to be Catholic?  In his answers, “Msgr.” Swetland said that non-Catholics can be saved, even those who don’t believe in Christ.  He said that the Protestants can be saved, that they are incorporated into the Church at baptism.  He made no qualification whatsoever; the message was that all Protestants are going to Heaven.  He also said that Muslims and others can be saved.  He also told the college students that Vatican II teaches (in Lumen Gentium 16) that those who don’t even believe in God can be saved.  (By the way, this refutes a heretic whose initials are B.S.  B.S. went out of his way to argue that Lumen Gentium 16 doesn’t teach that atheists can be saved, after we proved that it does.  As we can see, Swetland agrees with us.)

“Msgr.” Swetland was also asked about once saved always saved, held by many Protestants.  He said that Catholics and Protestants believe the same thing on that issue, but just express it differently.  It’s all a matter of language, you see.  (Again, these were college students who took the time to get – and were probably thirsting for – answers to these critical questions on salvation from one they think is a conservative “Catholic” monsignor.)  As “proof” that Catholics and Protestants have the same view of salvation/justification/once saved, etc., EWTN’s “monsignor” pointed to the Joint Declaration with the Lutherans on Justification.  He said that Catholics and Protestants believe the same thing on justification. (This again demonstrates what we’ve proven, in contradiction to the claims of many heretics who have attempted to deny the undeniable: that the Vatican II sect agrees with the Lutherans on justification.)

After he gave his explanation, that essentially the members of all religions can be saved, and that it’s not necessary to be Catholic, Swetland was also asked if evil people can be saved.  He responded by stating that the Bible teaches that we are all evil; and that he won’t say that anyone is in Hell.

How empty, how heretical, how horrible, and how definitely Hell-bound is this apostate who calls himself a “monsignor,” and who is featured as a beacon of truth on EWTN!  How certainly Hell-bound are also all those who promote, defend or excuse such heresy and heretics by either obstinately professing communion with them and their sect, or by failing to condemn and expose their sect when they can!  How sad that these college students are being fed this spiritual poison, being left out to (spiritually) dry because they aren’t hearing the truth and don’t have the interest to search it out themselves!

If only they were hearing the simple, true and traditional teachings of the Church, it would probably spark something within some of them to take a deep interest in the faith and change their lives.  As the missionaries (e.g. St. Francis Xavier) and Sacred Scripture (Isaias 5:13) point out, people do perish because of lack of knowledge.  That means that some would have responded and would have been saved if they had heard the truth, but they were lost because they didn’t.  That’s why, for example, spreading this new book we have on the Counter Church is so important; and it seems to have generated interest among people so far.

Those who imbibe these Vatican II heresies, promoted by Swetland and EWTN  – the heresies that is promoted from corner to corner of the Counter Church by “priests,” nuns, catechists, etc. – do not have the faith they need for salvation.  One could tell by the line of questioning of the college students that they could see, at least in a certain way, that it didn’t make sense.  They knew, deep down, that his answers constituted an inconsistent fraud.  For after the “monsignor” gave his explanation, one of them asked: “…if all men are saved, why send missionaries to other countries, why be Catholic?”  The heretic responded by saying that it’s important to make explicit the implicit faith they have.

EWTN assures people that Muslims can be saved

Dear Brothers,

Here is a recent Question and Answer on the EWTN website:

muslims in heaven- Question from ray busacco on 10/22/2007:

My son-in-law is now a Christian, however his Mom & Dad were of Muslim faith from Iran and recently passed away.  He is struggling with thinking that they are lost and  not able to enter heaven and also thinks that it will do no good to pray for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. We are not sure how to console him.  I appreciate your response.


Ray Busacco

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 10/23/2007: Ray, Our Church teaches that non-Catholics may well be saved if they lived good upright lives according to their own traditions, said their prayers regularly, considered their own faith valid. There are 5 billion people on earth who today will never even hear the word, Jesus, or anything about him. God is good and we can hope and pray for the saving of these who neverhave been told of Christ. -Fr. Bob Levis

If what Levis said was true, then why would anyone bother to go to the ends of the earth preaching the Gospel and converting people to the Catholic Faith like the missionaries did, even going so far as to be martyred, rather than tell them what Levis just stated? What a heretic!


MHFM: Yes, and the pathetic part about this is that almost all sedevacantist priests who believe in baptism of desire would give basically the same heretical answer.

Fr. Mitch Pacwa spreads religious indifferentism on EWTN

Dear Brothers,

I’m not sure if you caught this or not — but EWTN has a weekly show by a Maronite Jesuit in Mitch Pacwa. During his show… there were numerous heresies being thrown around by Pacwa; e.g. that God uses other churches as sources for salvation, praising Protestant preaching, how the Orthodox sects are “true Churches,” that Protestants have the gift of faith, etc. all mainly based on the documents of Vatican II. It was sickening. How anyone can support this network financially and be called Catholic is beyond me.
God Bless,


MHFM: Thanks for the update.  We also have a file on EWTN: EWTN and the Charismatic Movement [PDF File.]

EWTN applies and promotes John Paul II’s heresy that all humanity is united to God


If you need more info about heresy, catch the latest show of Carmelite spirituality on EWTN.  I just watched your movie about how JPII taught all people are God, and the first thing I watch on ewtn after that this, priest says thru Christ incarnation, all humanity is united to God, under various different forms, under different symbols.  He was teaching universal salvation and hinting at all people are God.

Bill from Comstock Park Michigan

MHFM: Very interesting e-mail… thanks for sending it.  It’s also very interesting that you came across this particular heresy right after watching our video: John Paul II preached the Gospel of the Antichrist, in which we exposed how John Paul II taught that very heresy.  That doesn’t sound like an accident, but sounds like a providential confirmation of how the Antichrist doctrine which was exposed on the video is being circulated and imbibed in the Vatican II sect.

EWTN hides, ignores and omits the spiritual crimes of the Vatican II antipopes

Dear Brother:

Speaking of EWTN, yesterday morning I was watching their “Mass” and “Fr.” Miguel Marie was the presider.  His homily was about the Chair of Peter and the Pope being the head of the Church.  Everything he said was ok until he started to talk about “Pope” Benedict XVI and how God has entrusted him to be the leader of the faithful, etc.  What really turns me off about EWTN besides the fact that they are Novus Ordo is that they completely evade and ignore all the facts about the V2 antipopes.  They pick out things that the antipopes say that may seem conservative or in-line with Catholic teaching but never make any mention of the heresies of the antipopes and the terrible acts of apostasy that they’ve committed.  This morning I mailed a letter to “Fr.” Miguel expressing my feelings about his evasive attitude about the antipopes.  In the letter I also informed him about the Church’s teaching that a heretic cannot be a valid Pope.

MHFM: Yes, that’s exactly right.  They don’t even criticize them at all, not even for such things as kissing the Koran or going to the synagogue or going to the mosque.  In this regard one thinks not only of the EWTN “priests,” but people like Scott Hahn, etc.  They know very well that much of what the Vatican II antipopes have done is a betrayal of the basic teachings of Our Lord, but you won’t hear them even speak negatively about things they have done.  These outrageous omissions are what will primarily convict them before the Judgment Seat of Christ.  It’s utterly dishonest and actually idolatrous.  This is not to say, of course, that those who do criticize the Vatican II antipopes, but obstinately maintain that they are popes, are justified.  They are horrible as well.

Mother Angelica says that John XXIII was inspired to call Vatican II

Dear Dimond Brothers

I read your article about the EWTN book.  I would like to add that Mother Angelica had great admiration for Antipope John XXIII.  I heard her say on one of her episodes of EWTN live that “the Holy Ghost inspired him (John XXIII) to open up the Council (Vatican II).


MHFM: Yes, what was mentioned in the article about Mother Angelica was just the tip of the iceberg as far as her apostasy goes.  That’s why those who are just a little bit familiar with it can see what an outrageous lie is being pushed in this new book on EWTN, that she was “counter-modernist.”  Mother Angelica was a major false prophet for the devil, whose network has been very important in encouraging “conservative” members of the Novus Ordo to accept the Vatican II religion – a religion which rejects Jesus Christ.  It’s interesting to note that Mother Angelica claimed visions along the way of establishing her network.  There is no doubt that those ‘visions’ were more of the false signs and wonders spoken of in Scripture, to deceive those who receive not the love of the truth.

EWTN host attempts to justify Benedict XVI’s pagan Aboriginal Dance

Recently representatives of a new group of religious sisters, formerly of the CMRI, appeared on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” show which is geared for youth.  They had attended the recent World Youth Day in Sydney and were aglow at “finally being part of the church”.  Obviously the hosts were in a bind because they had to reconcile pre and post Vatican II together.  One of the hosts, “Father” Mark Mary mention of the salvation dogma but spun everything in their direction.  The emphasis of the show was on “trusting authority” and “bringing reverance back into the liturgy”.  It was Divine irony that the first question emailed in (before the sisters even came on) was about the Catholicity of Aboriginal dancing on the sanctuary as the warm-up for a “papal event”.  The co-host, Mr. Doug Barry, said something like (my paraphrase) “we don’t know what they could mean by those dances”.  In other words, dancing around nearly naked on the “sanctuary” could be an act of worship to The Holy Trinity akin to a Catholic praying in union with the True Church. This tells me that some of the youth who grow up with poor catechesis at their NO parishes and schools are beginning to ask questions (based on obvious religious pluralism and downright demonic activity shown at such youth events) and God willing they will find the answers thanks to apostolates like yours.  Keep up the excellent work.


MHFM: That’s quite interesting, and despicable.  It disgusts us just to think of their bad will and their apostasy.  It should be pointed out that, in addition to their horrible bad will, there was another factor which contributed to the apostasy of those nuns.  Shortly before their decision to embrace the Vatican II sect, their heretical sedevacantist group (which denies the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation) subjected them to a presentation/argument for the sedevacantist position by a heretical pseudo-sedevacantist.  In making his arguments, this individual did a very poor job of presenting evidence of the heresies which have been taught by the Vatican II antipopes.  The presentation on the whole was defensive and powerless.  This caused the already-faithless nuns to feel that the arguments for sedevacantism are rather weak.

Thanks to this weak presentation (and their bad will), they were persuaded that fidelity to the Papacy rests with the Vatican II antipopes.  This was because the pseudo-sedevacantist didn’t establish or emphasize that it’s just the opposite: the Vatican II antipopes are, in fact, the biggest deniers of the Papacy in the world.  The poor presentation and their own bad will left the heretical nuns with the impression that sedevacantism is based more on nostalgia, an exaggerated opposition to change, and a dissatisfaction with scandals, rather than on solid and irrefutable doctrinal arguments and proofs of heresy.  We are convinced that this was a significant factor in their decision to go forward into the apostasy of the Vatican II sect.  But one can see God’s justice on all sides in this situation.  The heretical nuns (who don’t believe in the necessity of Jesus, to whom they claim to be committed) received the just deserts of their bad will: being spiritually blinded and jumping wholesale into the apostasy.  The heretical group which they left also suffered a just punishment.  Since it chose to enter a spiritual battle (a debate) which it was not equipped to fight – it was not equipped precisely because it is without the true faith: it denies the dogma Outside the Church There is No Salvation – it wound up putting forward a weak and feeble effort.  As a result, its group was mortally wounded (See 1 Machabees 5:56-61).

Finally, people cannot underestimate how evil it is to embrace the Vatican II sect after coming to the knowledge that it is a Counter Church.  It is truly to abandon Christ.

“Fr.” Francis Stone of EWTN took EWTN’s indifferentism to its logical conclusion

Good morning Brothers,

A couple of items:

1) On your recent radio program you mentioned Ann Coulter being labeled as “anti-semitic”. Yesterday, I happened upon a telecast in which Ann was already in the process of explaining her “position” and some of her religious history. She made a number of comments:

a) ‘We don’t need a church – we have Jesus Christ who died for us.’

b) ‘If you are a Muslim or Hindu I would tell you that you have to believe in Jesus Christ. If you are a Jew, I would tell you stay where you are. You have the Old Testament and we have the New which just happens to complete the Old.’

2) There is discussion about Father Francis Mary Stone online, e.g.,

“That Father Francis Mary “was counseling a widow who has small children and he fell in love with her, and has taken a leave of absence to discern his vocation… he was re-thinking his vocation, that we should pray for him and all involved, that God’s mercy is there for all…”

Father Anthony Mary was somber, shocked, and in disbelief…

“Please pray for Father Francis Mary of EWTN, who is re-thinking his Vocation as a Priest, for Our Lord to pour down upon him now, and all involved, His unfathomable love and mercy. Dear Blessed Mother, your Beloved Priest son needs you, please keep him close.”

I think about the content of “Life on the Rock” and his (Stone’s) allowance of immodest dress and silly content that misdirects youth, his praise of WYD (even in the face of its sacriligeous acts), and his telling people that you don’t have to be Catholic.

I pray that he convert to the True Faith and be validly ordained. To find his vocation and minister to Christ’s Church and no longer be part of the counterfeit church.


MHFM: Regarding Coulter’s statements, they demonstrate that she’s a total heretic.  Perhaps she should check out the New Testament and all the places where Jesus says that all men and specifically the Jews must believe in Him for salvation (Jn. 8:23-24; Jn. 3:36; Mk. 16:16; etc.).

Regarding “Fr.” Francis Stone, it’s not a bit surprising that he’s thinking of breaking his vows and abandoning his vocation.  He reported on and vigorously promoted Benedict XVI’s apostate visit to the Synagogue in 2005.  He was a promoter of the worst of the Vatican II sect’s false ecumenism.  He also denounced those who hold the dogma that only those who die as Catholics can be saved.  He was angered by the thought that Protestants and other heretics are not going to be saved, even though they reject the Catholic faith.

So, if he thinks that members of false religions, members of heretical sects and their “ministers” can be saved, even though they practice contraception, don’t receive the sacraments, reject the teachings of the Church, etc., then it only follows that he probably feels that God will have mercy on him if he breaks his priestly vows.  He’s an outrageous heretic who, being excommunicated from the Catholic Church, is “delivered to Satan” (1 Cor. 5:5) – which, according to a common interpretation of 1 Cor. 5:5, is the spiritual effect of being excommunicated.

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