The Crusades and Inquisition in Catholic Church History

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The Crusades, Inquisition and Catholic Church History

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What were the Crusades, and were they justified [50 min. video]

What were the Crusades? What are the major objections against the Crusades? Was the First Crusade miraculous? Why did the Christians sometimes lose to the Muslims? This important, well-researched and interesting video answers these questions, and much more. With a special emphasis on the First Crusade and the Great Battle of Antioch, this video covers various angles of the issue and focuses on some of the most interesting moments of the exciting and miraculous First Crusade. Note for those with a short attention span: some of the most interesting parts come near the middle or end of the video. The beginning deals with important background information. This video could also be called, “The First Crusade and the Great Battle of Antioch.”

Catholic Inquisition Myths Busted [11 min. video]

This video refutes common myths about the Catholic Inquisition and the Spanish Inquisition. How many people were killed? Were millions killed? How about hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands? Hear the facts which destroy the lies. Ignorance of this issue has given rise to shocking claims with no basis in reality. You will be very surprised to hear the truth. Documentation from a secular and unbiased historian destroys common misconceptions about the Inquisition, including falsehoods about how many people were killed. The video corrects the lies that have been spread against the Catholic Church, explains what the Inquisition was, and the rationale behind it.

What you don’t know about Martin Luther! [10 min.]

An extremely important and revealing look at the life of the first Protestant… This video covers how Martin Luther, the first recognizable Protestant and the progenitor of all non-Catholic denominations, “discovered” and invented his doctrines by the day. It shows how he still claimed to be a Catholic at the very time that most Protestants believed he began the Protestant “reformation.” It explains how he came upon his beliefs later than you might think. It covers Indulgences, and more. It shows how all Protestants are following Martin Luther’s man-created religion.

The Amazing and Miraculous Image of Guadalupe [22 min. video]

This is a highly acclaimed video about the inexplicable and miraculous image of Guadalupe, and how it converted millions to the Catholic faith in the 16th century.

Martin Luther, the Devil and Denominations [11 min. video]

An important and interesting look at the shocking and outrageous statements of Martin Luther, the first Protestant. It covers his interaction with the Devil. It also examines the formation of the many non-Catholic, so-called “Christian” denominations, all of which were created by men and ultimately came from Luther.

Our Lady of Guadalupe overcomes the Mexican Serpent [11 min. video]

This video discusses the amazing and fascinating period of history prior to Our Lady of Guadalupe’s appearance, including the Aztec Empire and Cortes. It contains shocking pictures and descriptions of the Mexican culture before arrival of the conquistadors.

Cortes’ Amazing Conquest of the Aztec Empire [15 min. video]

This is a follow-up to our video, “Our Lady of Guadalupe overcomes the Mexican Serpent.” It’s a fascinating look at the history of Mexico, the unparalleled wickedness of the Aztec Empire, and how it came to an end by the miraculous success of the Catholic conquistadors.

Is the World about to End? – the Apocalypse Explained?

This video covers how the Antichrist, the beast of revelation, the mark of the beast, 666, the great harlot, the great red dragon, etc. might have already been fulfilled. A must-see presentation on the Apocalypse that covers how the Roman Empire, the European Union, and more are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. History, prophecy and the faith are all covered in this video.

Catholicism and America [33 min. video]

This is a video about the history of Catholicism in America. It covers the state of the Church when the country began, how the Church grew, and how things drastically changed after Vatican II. It discusses some very interesting facts on this topic, including Pope Leo XIII, Fulton Sheen, the changes in confession practice, John Paul II, and much more.

Were the Spanish Conquistadors only motivated by greed and lust? [9 min. video]

This is a response to an arrogant letter someone sent to us concerning our video on Cortes’ Amazing Conquest. In responding to his letter, numerous facts about the conquistadors’ spiritual motivation are brought out.

The Fall of Constantinople [11 min. video]

Why Rome is now the Whore of Babylon [11 min. video]

King Louis XIV, the “Sun King” Disgrace [7 min. video]

The Good Thief, the Old Testament Saints, and the Necessity of Baptism [11 min. video]

Proof for Catholicism in St. Justin Martyr’s First Apology (2nd Century) [24 min. video]

See how this ancient Christian writer and martyr, who is acknowledged as an ancient Christian even by those in non-Catholic denominations, taught Catholicism.

The Agony of Jesus in the Garden [12 min. video]

The Scourging of Jesus Christ [4 min. video]

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