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‘Catholic’ Answers sits in Darkness

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October 16, 2013

Subject: ‘Catholic’ Answers

I just wanted to share this picture with you… You could spread Judaism and Protestantism and Orthodoxy all day long on their site but if you promote truth, you get banned and they never defend their position… Catholic Answers is garbage!



MHFM: Thanks for the information.  That’s very interesting.  You can really see their hatred of the truth.  As you rightly point out, they allow evil and heresies ‘all day long,’ but act quickly to suppress actual Catholic information about the current crisis.  In fact, while they quickly oust true Catholics, their radio hosts have repeatedly praised Protestants.  They present Protestants as if they are true Christians.  They are demonic.

‘Catholic’ Answers and those who support them are in darkness.  They remain totally and contently oblivious to the complete apostasy of their leaders, the Vatican II antipopes.  When we consider the heretical positions, blindness and bad will of  ‘Catholic’ Answers, the description of Ephesians 2:1-2 comes to mind:

And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.

In context, Ephesians 2:1-2 describes the state of people prior to baptism – when they are ‘dead’, unregenerated non-Christians.  However, it applies quite well to ‘Catholic’ Answers.  They are so spiritually ‘dead’ that they haven’t even figured out there is a crisis.  They will talk for hundreds of hours about Catholic things and the current state of the Church, without telling even five minutes of truth about the actual beliefs and actions of the Vatican II antipopes.  Can you imagine that?  How could anyone who claims to care about the Catholic faith do such a thing?

They have no problem living in a fairy-tale world where their leaders don’t reject the necessity for non-Catholics to convert, don’t esteem pagan religions, don’t go to synagogues, don’t participate in false worship – don’t render EVERYTHING  ‘CATHOLIC’ ANSWERS PROMOTES ABOUT CATHOLICISM MEANINGLESS.  They are dead.

For them, the documented and abominable apostasy of the antipopes simply doesn’t exist, and their outrageous and scandalous activity simply doesn’t occur.  Unfortunately CA’s listeners are, in general, just as dead as their heretical representatives.  They apparently don’t care at all about the fact that what’s really going on with the Vatican II antipopes is never addressed by CA – or, if it is, that it is quickly and dishonestly explained away as bearing a Catholic meaning. The gaping hole in CA’s message doesn’t bother them, or move them to seek out real Catholic answers for the devastation that is obvious in every diocese.

Like the heretical representatives of CA, the listeners haven’t yet discovered that Vatican II was a blatant rupture with Catholic teaching, despite its obviously rotten fruits which send a fetid odor all over the formerly Christian world.  They neglect to search out the abundant proof that the texts of Vatican II are heretical – a fact further confirmed by the meaning those texts have been given in the post-Vatican II sect.  It is simply appalling how some so-called ‘conservative’ Catholics imbibe the blatantly false message of ‘Catholic’ Answers – that the man in Rome is Catholic, that the ‘bishops’ are Catholic, and that Vatican II is completely consistent with Tradition – without the slightest disturbance.

In the future we will have more to say about CA’s heretical representatives, false arguments and false positions.

What Francis Really Believes (2nd edition)

Vatican II’s Protestant Heresy


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