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Antipope Francis (the new manifest heretic who leads the Counter Church)

By Bro. Michael Dimond and Bro. Peter Dimond


They Have An Antipope – Raging Liberal Apostate Francis named new antipope of the Vatican II sect


1 minute video: Proof Antipope Francis is a Freemason? 


4 minute video: Antipope Francis' Message to Jews rejects Colossians 1


2 minute video: Antipope Francis celebrated Hanukkah with Argentinian Jews in December of 2012


4 minute video: Antipope Francis gave 'Communion' to Pro-Aborts 


1 minute video: Antipope Francis meets with first Protestant leader


A few months ago Antipope Francis explicitly permitted a homosexual couple to adopt a child


Antipope Francis promotes a rabbi’s books: "his job is the one of the rabbi who as our master helps us"


Antipope Francis prays before the body of the deceased leader of the Islamic Center in Argentina


Antipope Francis calls deceased Muslim leader a “believer” and prays that God “repay for all the good he did


June 29, 2010: Antipope Francis visited an Islamic Center


Antipope Francis participated in a Jewish service inside a Synagogue in 2004


June 7, 2010: Antipope Francis visited Jewish Center and calls them the “chosen people”


Antipope Francis calls a schismatic “a Successor of the Apostles” and says that there are schismatic “martyrs”


Antipope Francis as “Cardinal” Bergoglio holds an interreligious meeting in Argentina in 2002


Antipope Francis concelebrates religious ceremonies with a schismatic inside a schismatic “church”


Antipope Francis held his own interreligious prayer meeting in 2011


Antipope Francis participates in an interreligious prayer meeting at the foot of an Obelisk


Argentinian Rabbi sends letter of congratulations to Antipope Francis


Antipope Francis refers to “Muslim Brothers” on Good Friday


Antipope Francis: He still goes by "Bergoglio" when speaking to friends


Antipope Francis included women, Muslims for first time in "Holy Thursday rite"


Antipope Francis: 'I Am Thinking Particularly of Dialogue With Islam'


Antipope Francis: He's "Pope" But Doesn't Want To Say So


Antipope Francis' "Holy Thursday Mass" to be "simple"


Antipope Francis Chooses Not To Live In The "Papal" Apartment


Antipope Francis writes to Rabbi for "the Feast of Passover" and asks Christ-rejecting Jews to "pray for me"


Antipope Francis to consider closing Vatican bank


Antipope Francis in 2010: ‘I’m in favor of gay rights and in any case, I also favor civil unions for homosexuals’


In 2010 Antipope Francis talked about those who break their vows of celibacy - doesn't say they commit any sin


Antipope visited deathbed of ex-priest who would concelebrate "Mass" with his wife


Antipope Wants to Partner With Islam To Tackle Poverty


Antipope Francis showing himself to be just a regular layman as he sits with the rest of the people


Antipope Francis in no hurry to move into "papal" apartment


A historic first: "Orthodox" schismatic patriarch attends antipope’s installation in Rome


1 minute video: Antipope Francis' Schismatic 'Installation'


3 minute video: Antipope Francis Meets with Religious Leaders, Affirms Commitment to Vatican II's Ecumenism

 Antipope Francis Signals New Course For "The Papacy"


Antipope Francis approved of the false apparition of Medjugorje


In His Angelus, Antipope Francis Praises Notorious Apostate "Cardinal" Walter Kasper


Antipope Francis was often quiet on Argentine sex abuse cases as "archbishop"


Antipope Francis greets Jesuit superior general: “He insisted I treat him like any other Jesuit”


2 minute video: Antipope Francis as “Cardinal” Bergoglio commemorates “Jewish victims of the Holocaust”  


4 minute video: Antipope Francis gave 'Communion' to Pro-Aborts


Antipope Francis Supported Homosexual Unions in 2010 as "Cardinal"


Pro-Abortion Biden and Pelosi Received "Communion" at "Mass" for Antipope Francis


Very interesting: Rabbi talks about his 20-year close friendship with Antipope Francis


Antipope Francis 'a friend of the Islamic community'


Interfaith leaders see hope in Antipope Francis


Antipope Francis didn't publicly confront the dictators who ruled Argentina


For the first time since the Great Schism, “ecumenical patriarch” to attend antipope's inaugural Mass

Antipope Francis opening statement has more meaning than he realizes: cardinals went to ‘end of the world’ to find me


Antipope Francis was "very happy" his fellow "Archbishop" went to Medjugorje (false apparition)


Lutheran "Bishop": Antipope Francis Has Ties to the Lutheran Church


Antipope Francis was just “elected," and chooses to circle back to pay hotel bill and get bags


Pro-Abortion “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi to Attend Antipope Francis Inaugural


 Jews worldwide see ally in Antipope Francis


Jewish Leaders Welcome Antipope Francis


Antipope Francis Writes Rome's Chief Rabbi


Antipope Francis claims he chose his name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi


Must read: ADL applauds choice of new antipope, documenting his acts of apostasy


"Cardinal Bergoglio maintained a close relationship with the Jewish community in Argentina. He has celebrated various Jewish holidays with the Argentinian Jewish community, including Chanukah where he lit a candle on the menorah, attended a Buenos Aires synagogue for Slichot, a pre-Rosh Hashana service, the Jewish New Year, as well as a commemoration of Kristallnacht, the wave of violent Nazi attacks against Jews before World War II.


"In 2010, during a commemoration of the 1994 bombing, Cardinal Bergogolio called it 'a house of solidarity' and added 'God bless them and help them accomplish their work,' which showed his dedication and support in standing up against extremism.


"In 2010, he together with Argentinian Rabbi Abraham Skorka, published the book “On Heaven and Earth” addressing issues of interfaith dialogue. The new Pope’s sensitivity to the Jews emerges from this work in his comments on the Church’s approach to the Jewish people since Vatican II, the Holocaust and the Arab-Israeli conflict."


15 minute video for those interested: Antipope Francis celebrates a modernist kiddie 'Mass'


Francis in a 2006 interreligious prayer meeting - he kneels to be “blessed” by a Protestant “minister”


 Antipope Francis I takes part in an interreligious prayer meeting and kneels to be “blessed” by a Protestant “minister”Antipope Francis I celebrated Hanukkah with Argentinian Jews in December of 2012



Antipope Francis to have schismatic 'Orthodox' Patriarch of Constantinople at his installation 'Mass'


This is huge.  There are also reports that Antipope Francis will concelebrate with the schismatic Patriarch.  While the previous antipopes committed countless heresies vis-ŕ-vis the ‘Orthodox’ (including concelebrating ‘Masses’ with them, as we’ve documented), this extremely significant and symbolic step represents the formal repudiation of the claim to papal supremacy and universal jurisdiction by the leader of the Vatican II sect; for Francis is being installed in the presence of his fellow schismatics who reject a Roman Pontiff’s primacy of universal jurisdiction. Antipope Francis is thus characterizing his own position from the outset by an acknowledgement that he is just one ‘Orthodox’ schismatic who makes no pretension to authority over his fellow schismatics The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I will attend Pope Francis's inaugural Mass. The Ecumenical Patriarchate Press Office informed AsiaNews about the decision, noting that this is the first time such an event occurs since the Catholic-Orthodox split in 1054… The ecumenical patriarch will be accompanied by IoannisZizioulas, metropolitan of Pergamon and co-president of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church, as well as Tarassios, Orthodox Metropolitan of Argentina, and Gennadios, Orthodox Metropolitan of Italy.”


Antipope Francis said the Church needs Anglicans


At his March 17 Angelus Address, Antipope Francis singled out 'Cardinal' Kasper and called him a 'superb theologian'


Francis referred to a book on the subject of mercy by German Cardinal Walter Kasper, retired president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, whom he described as a ‘superb theologian.’”


For those who don’t know, “Cardinal” Kasper is one of the most open and notorious heretics in the entire Counter Church.  Here’s just one example of his apostasy: “… today we no longer understand ecumenism in the sense of a return, by which the others would ‘be converted’ and return to being Catholics.  This was expressly abandoned by Vatican II.” (“Cardinal” Walter Kasper, Adista, Feb. 26, 2001.)


Antipope Francis gives 'blessing' silently to avoid offending non-Catholics (scroll to bottom); he also says everyone is a 'child of God'


His statement that everyone (including non-Catholics) is a ‘child of God’ rejects the teaching of the Gospel and Catholic dogma on how one becomes a child of God (i.e., by incorporation into the Church).  He also shouldn’t even be giving a ‘blessing’ to non-Catholics: “I told you I was cordially imparting my blessing. Since many of you are not members of the Catholic Church, and others are not believers, I cordially give this blessing silently, to each of you, respecting the conscience of each, but in the knowledge that each of you is a child of God. May God bless you!


MHFM: The Vatican II sect has made quite a selection in electing ‘Cardinal’ Jorge Mario Bergoglio as antipope.  On many levels, this is tremendous news for true Catholics and sedevacantistsfor it completely tears the mask off the Counter Church.  This is the Vatican II sect unveiled: its faithlessness, indifferentism, modernism and filth presented for all to see, without even the crafty efforts at subterfuge (and continuity with Tradition) which were made by the previous antipopes (the False Prophet & the Antichrist).  It’s a fitting end to (and a fitting choice for) the Counter Church in the very last stage of the Great Apostasy.  Bergoglio is an unabashed supporter of interfaith activity, false ecumenism, etc. He is also liturgically revolutionary.  He’s a liberal, even by the standards of the Vatican II sect.  (Ignore various media reports stating that he’s conservative; they describe anyone who is not openly in favor of abortion, female ‘priests’ and gay ‘marriage’ as ‘conservative.’)


According to the assessment of false traditionalists who are consumed with Latin Masses under the authority of the Counter Church, Antipope Francis is a fierce enemy of the traditional Mass.  He is perhaps the biggest enemy of the traditional Mass among the ‘cardinals.’  He is considered a nightmare choice for false traditionalists who accept the antipopes.  True Catholics should rejoice; for it further vindicates our position and makes a complete mockery of the position of false traditionalists (and all others) who have obstinately defended the Counter Church or the antipopes as valid popes – and rejected God and the faith in the process.  It only makes our job of exposing the Counter Church much easier.